Game Filing a Bug Report

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Please follow the guide thoroughly when reporting a bug to ensure it is as helpful to the developers as possible.



If you have a problem, giving an error in text is not good enough. You must take a screenshot of it and tell your system specs, as well as specifying if you have .NET Framework 4 or later installed. Old Operating Systems such as Windows XP have hardly any support from us, you will not be granted any fixes just workarounds. We used to support Windows XP, but we are slowing cutting support for it.




  • How did this bug happen? Explain what you did and take a screenshot of the problem. Outline the steps you did to encounter it.
  • What Operating System are you using? Do you have problems with other games? Is your video card capable of DIrectX8?
  • Have you tried running the game in a virtual machine to see if it is something you did to your computer? Have you looked elsewhere to see if the problem has been reported already? Do not post multiple bug reports, they will be hidden and a warning will be given. This is considered spam.
  • Make sure to cover all these in your bug report, make sure to let us know what you have done to your computer which could cause a compatibility issue. This is drivers, gaming software such as Raptr, AMD Gaming Evolved and Geforce Experience.




  • Do not report exploits. Instead, send us a PM or contact us using this form. Reporting exploits is publicly is prohibited as it makes aware a harmful bug that others may abuse. We look at this as teaching and showing other people to use the exploit, which will worsen the situation.
  • Do not PM staff about all other bug reports. You may use the contact form, but we really suggest using the Bug Report forum, because we don't want people spamming our inbox.
  • Try to search for bugs that have already been reported. Do not report a bug if it is already reported, instead add details to make it more informative to the team.
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