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  • Raid reworks
    Raids now happen in cycles of 4 hours instead of 2 hours.
    Raid points will disable after 2 hours into the raid cycle. This is so there is time to rest and there is time to enjoy the bonuses you've earned from the raid.
    Each village has an additional 2 raid points at their guarding locations. This means that each village now has a potential upside of 21% bonus. The downside limit of 5% remains, you cannot lose more than 5% bonus rate.
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  • Rebalanced Phoenix Fireball Rankings
    The progression of Burn has been changed from:
    Burn 1/2/3/1/1/1 to 1/1/2/2/3/3


  • Bot Test for Tanzaku Slots now warps the player into a death pit when they fail the test. This is to prevent exploiting it to warp back to their hospitals safely.
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  • Renamed Arms Bandages to Double Arm Bandages
    Since that's what everyone called it anyway. It was a little confusing since the only difference in it's name from Arm Bandages was one additional "s".


  • Made Dark Clearing map less dark.
  • Adjusted map overlays for better compatibility for Nin Online Inochi.
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Nin Online Inochi is the new C# client that we've been working on for a long time!
A development log with more information should be coming soon.

Since it was announced, we've also added 32-bit support. Dynamically resizable game resolutions and more!

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  • Reduced Blood Tonfas base damage from 45 -> 30, decreased attack speed from 1s -> 1.1s
    I hereby commit to eventually making Taijutsu weapons not work with Fist type buffs like Gentle Fist and Chakra Scalpel Jutsu with a weapon like blood Tonfas. However, that is not within our current features to be able to do so. So for the time being I'm making some bandaid solutions to this being too over powered.
  • Changed Crystal Fan & Blood Iron Fan attack
    1 projectile instead of 3 projectile
    Range increased from 5 tiles to 8 tiles
    Attack speed increased from 2.7s to 2.4s
    Damage increased from 20-22
  • Oriental Fan attack speed reduced from 2.3s to 2.4s

    The focus of the following changes is to reduce reliance on pipe for Non-Bubble users as a "support weapon" while making Bubble Mastery itself stronger for people fully invested in it.
  • Bubble Jutsu base damage increased by 4 across ALL Bubble jutsu
  • Bubble Clone damage increased more so
  • Level 10 Bubble Utilizing Pipe (Level 35 pipe and jutsu snares unaffected)
    Snare reduced from 2s to 1.2s
    Damage reduced from 13 to 11
  • Poison Scalpel Technique changes
    Increased Poison Scalpel Technique cooldown by 1
    Increased Poison Scalpel Damage by 1
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  • Reduced Across The Sea Ship Ride from 5 minutes to 4 minutes.
  • Added 30 seconds waiting time before boarding Across The Sea Ship Ride to prevent using it to escape PvP encounters.
  • Added Supply Boxes that spawn randomly on Across The Sea Ship Ride.
  • Added Straw Dummy on Across The Sea Ship Ride.
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  • 8th Anniversary Event for Leveling up new characters (LevelUp! Event)


  • Added option to skip Genin Test if the player is feeling confident.
  • When you get your forehead protector after finishing the Genin Test, you will be teleported to the mission assignment desk. This should make it clearer for new players what to do, instead of expecting them to find their way there.
  • New Missions Chain Added for New Characters, in line with Event announcement. To make level 1-10 easier while introducing new players to the locations in their villages. Also gives them blood pills to train solo easier.
  • Added Anniversary Summoning Robe time-exclusive cash shop cosmetic.
  • Added Ceramic Furred War Armor time-exclusive cash shop cosmetic.
  • Added Eye Wrapping Bandages cash shop cosmetic.
  • Added Inoshishi Mask cash shop cosmetic.
  • Added free stat resets for all new accounts that reach level 10.
  • Reworked some graphics that were directly referenced from Naruto series.
  • Renamed Leaf Village Aviary to Leaf Aviary to match Mist/Sand.
  • Improved Icon Artwork for Summoning Robe.


  • Fixed Chain Missions feature.


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  • Added Koji mini-boss to "Chilling Corridor" map.
  • Added White Bandit Mask drop to Koji.
  • Added Black Bandit Mask drop to Koji.


  • Fixed visual bug on "Entrance to Takumi Village" map.
  • Made Blue Short Jacket available to be used by Male ninja. 
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  • Connection Status text now shown during login on the client
    To inform players what's going on in the background while they login.
  • No more Authentication Server
    Removed the need for central authentication server application by using modern database, cloud-based replacement.
    This also means the issue where the server would not "come back online" after automated scheduled maintenances is fixed.
  • Cloud-based Saves
    Rewrote saving of player data from saving to local JSON files to saving into cloud database.
  • Upgraded server to .NET 5, stripped down to lightweight console application
    Faster generally, cross-platform server application.
    Server ported to a Console Application.
  • Replaced ZLib with LZMA
    A Modern, faster compression library, with better compatibility.
    ZLib was causing some players to be unable to run the new client.
  • New oAuth Login System (Social Logins!)
    Rewritten login system to login through OAuth 2.0 standard which allows players to authenticate directly through the forum. This also means social logins is working again after all this time.

    Not just the existing methods of social logins, but we can basically add any service that has oAuth as an authentication method for Nin Online!
  • Map Instancing
    We now have the in-engine functionality to create instanced maps. This for the time being will just used for Player Housing.
  • Player Housing
    Player Housing is now implemented into the Engine, however there are currently no purchasable houses in the world, we'll add them as soon as we ensure the server is stable.
  • Furniture System aka Placeable Objects
    Placeable Objects, there are now items that can be placed into the world (not just houses) like a Chair, or Table.
  • Corporation aka. Corps System
    This is the successor to Official Organizations. Player Organizations will be a completely separate, new system in the future. Corporations is a fully in-game replacement of player organizations.
    Kages can now manage the corps in their village, and assign leaders there. Leaders can manage members.

    Each corporation can have a unique set of roles/titles.
    Each corporation can have a time limit for how long a member can stay in it, and a cooldown for how long before you can rejoin it. This takes effect whether you were kicked or time runs out to prevent abuse.
    The in-game UI for Corps is currently using a temporary UI that only works when running in windowed mode.
  • New Player Reporting System

    The previous report system was essentially useless. You can now Right-click -> Report a player to open a game window that asks you what the player is doing wrong. This will immediately alert any GMs online about it, and save the report to our cloud server, where can handle data better than ever before.
  • Profanity Chat Filter
    In an effort to encourage better player communication, we've added a system that replaces words like the N word to a cleaner alternative.
  • Added 144 FPS cap on the client
    This was missing in the previous versions of the Inochi client.
  • Stat Reset at Level 10
    This is now a permanent, automatic feature because I don't want people feeling that they didn't add the right stats at level 10 and need to buy a stat reset or create a new character. It's too early to take a player's money, and they didn't know any better. So at level 10, your stats automatically reset, no item required.
  • Forum upgraded
    The forum just underwent a major upgrade after quite some years. It should contain a lot of cool new features coming soon!


  • Client now prioritizes 64-bit processing mode.
  • Replaced client fonts.
  • Improved Map Loading times by improving process and using better compression method.
  • Rewrote how Packets are handled on the server, Improving latency by up to 20ms
  • Fixed jerky movement present on the Inochi client by rewriting movement client-side to use Linear Interpolation and time instead of pixel-by-pixel movement.
  • Fixed Blurry Textures after Zooming Bug
  • Possibly fixed the Client bug known as "After Images"
  • Fixed a bug where typing in some UI would trigger HUD and interact with the game.
  • Map Transitions are now Time Based instead of FPS based and should be consistently fast on lower FPS capped clients.
  • Fixed some issues causing the new client to not work on some computers, related to outdated libraries and rare crashes, based on player crash reports.
  • Fixed client grabbing your wrong IPv4 for localhost testing.
  • Fixed some visual flaws in Character Creation with the Mist Village button (No animations).
  • Improved Combat Text to move at a consistent speed on all FPS.
  • Client now Times out during Server Selection if it fails to login after 30 seconds
  • Fixed a bug where Jutsu with cooldowns less then 1 second wouldn't be correctly processed
  • Fix to Slow Cast Jutsu making walking move players backwards
  • Fixed an exploitable bug where two trades could be opened at once
  • Fixed a lot of issues where the Client would disconnect from the server unexpectedly.
  • Rewrote game's time calculations, which Improves Server Responsiveness for attacks and Jutsu.
  • Optimized, refactored login processing to speed up logins dramatically.
  • Halved the server startup times by threading loading of data, allowing for faster server scheduled maintenances restarts.
  • Powerful server Job System, allowing for tasks to be multi-threaded, put simply, This improves server performance.
  • Improved the new UI System (Currently used for options menu, housing menu) rendering performance.
  • Fixed an issue with resizing your client making the cursor invisible on the title bar of the game.
  • Game Masters & Developer Related Changes
    Players can now be muted for longer than 255 hours
    Fixed some of our Live Editors crashing the game on the new client
    /heal can now be used by Game Masters, allowing them to remove Battle Injuries from players
    Clone/Paste functionality has returned to our Live Editors.
    Fixed many Event Management commands not working as intended
    Added /faint to force yourself to faint


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  • Expand/Contract Chatbox ButtonGIF 8-18-2021 4-31-07 AM.gif
    There's too much text you need to read in Nin Online and not enough chat box space. We've also gone up a lot in terms of resolution support since Nin Online's UI was done. Back then, 9 lines of chat would fill a large portion of the screen already. For now, we've added a button that expands the chatbox to 20 lines which you can toggle when you need to read more or scroll through logs.


  • Blood Iron Fan +1 STR, 22 -> 25 Base Damage
    Rebalanced Blood Iron Fan as per player suggestion.


  • Fixed players accidentally able to use Genin & other promotion papers as if it was a consumable item.
  • Fixed chat channel buttons hover animations and sounds.
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  • Added Transformation feature, transformation jutsu type.
  • Admin FakeLogin Command
    Admins can now summon offline players for testing/debugging them.
  • Added notification message to players when they are added/removed from corps.


  • Added Transformation Technique. Transformation Manual now available!


    Important Notice: The transformation technique currently changes your character to visually use the other player's appearance, but will not yet take the player's name. It will soon also allow you to completely impersonate the player. This is going to be both fun and chaotic, part of this is the reason we added the Report System which you can Right-click > Report a player for their actions directly in-game. This will not reveal who the player actually is, but in the report, we will receive the actual identity of the reported player.
  • Added 3 new Event Shop cosmetics!


  • Fixed possible corps panel related crash.
  • Fixed login crash issue for IP related issue.
  • Fixed Corp leader not being able to promote members bug.
  • Fixed Bingo Book not sorting players (actually this time).
  • Fixed Neo-Akatsuki members not being able to use their corp items.
  • Fixed Tanzaku Slots visual bug with 7 appearing wrongly for a split second.
  • Fixed exploit where players were using "Abandoned Lair Sealed Entrance" map to return quickly to own hospital.
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  • Added a missing feature we needed for instanced housing (house exits)
  • Added error message when player tries to promote a Corp member to a role higher than their own.


  • Improved timing to poof animation when a player logs in.
    Previously, the poof was happening a lot earlier than the character visuals were loading. The animation players exactly when the character is appearing now.
  • Fixed Level up Missions not completing for Missing Ninja.
  • Prevent players from buying an already owned house.
  • Updated /help menu for GMs.
  • Prevent players from transforming into staff.
  • Reverted fix for Tanzaku Slots, it was more bugged.
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  • Added new Puppet Brigade Coat designed by @Poggy
  • Added a few Single-instance houses to each village.
    These kinds of houses will have individual entrances and can only be rented by a single player.
    There will be a second kind of housing which is multi-instance housing, this will take the form of multi-storied buildings with a shared entrance. That kind of housing may either be very cheap or permanently buyable in the future. We are using this rollout to test for issues before introducing more.
  • Added Furniture shops for Leaf, Sand, Mist and Takumi Village.
    Tip: You can use arrow keys to rotate furniture before placing them down.
  • Added spots around each village where players can place furniture.
    Warning: If you place a furniture down in the village, the Kage of each village have authority to pick up your item, so work with them to decorate the village, not just litter stuff around.


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  • 12 new Furniture items now available in the Basic Furniture stores.
  • New Furniture item added to Event Prize Shop.
  • Added Leaf Village (West) Housing District
    Has 48 houses of different sizes for players to rent.
    Similar zones for other villages, including Takumi, coming soon...


  • Fixed exploit where players could use Military Police Force bases to escape PvP encounters.
  • Added failed messages when from different villages try to enter Military Police buildings.
  • Mist Village hospital is now a None Zone.
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