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Village Environmental Agency
Furniture placed in shared areas (villages for now) will now be sent back to the original owner (through mail) of the furniture, when the Kage or any authority "picks it up". This will make it non-risky on the contributor's part to help decorate public areas, as they remain the sole owner of the furniture items.


Halloween 2021 Event Phase 2 Begins!

Trick-Or-Treat Bucket

All mobs (except bosses) will drop Candy from now until 31st October.


Find the Trick-Or-Treat Bucket in each village, fill it up with Candy and watch it explode with tricks (prizes) or treats (better prizes!). Make sure you have at least one empty slot in your inventory each time.

Cosmetic Prizes:
image.png Devil Wings

image.png Skull Mask

image.png Hockey Mask

jiangshihat.png JiangShi Hat

image.png Pumpkin Mask

Furniture Prizes:
image.png Bloodstains

image.png Cobweb I

image.png Cobweb II

image.png Gravestone

image.png Pile-O-Bones

image.png Torture Rack

image.png Bloody Torture Rack

image.png Church Organ

image.png Caged Skeleton

Other Prizes:
Event Coupons, Blank Scrolls, Chakra Pills, Barrier Tags

New Event Prize Shop Item

Added New Halloween Event Shop Item - image.png Wizard Hat 


New Cash Shop Cosmetic

Added New Cash Shop Cosmetic Item - image.png Devil Horns 


Note: This cash item is not a time exclusive item, but will only go on sale during Halloween periods each year! I'm hoping to build a catalogue of seasonal items every year going forward.

New Cash Shop Items designed by players for the Halloween Pixel Art Contest!

A total of 53 new cash shop furniture items designed by

@Adarya @Angelik Date @AlexTFM @Eroyuu @Fuze @Galodar @GROGDRINKER @Indra & Adilson (From Nin Online BR)

Thank you all for the submissions, and good luck! The top sellers will win prizes including a Brand New Nintendo Switch and Razer Accessories.



Best Haunted House Event


This is a showcase of a bunch of things for sale and free for players to earn in-game now! This is poorly put together, and I'm sure you can do much better, so I hope you send us your best Halloween Haunted House for the event! Stand a chance to win a brand new Nintendo Switch Lite, Razer Keyboard or Ninja Credits!

Best Dressed Contest, Halloween Edition

We'll be resuming our best dressed contest, but going straight into our Halloween Edition. Give your Halloween-themed character styles and win a Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headphone. Be creative! You don't have to limit yourself to items from this event, but they could help!

GIF 10-10-2021 5-47-09 AM.gif



Fixed visual bug where you could seemingly add more stat points than you had with Shift + Add. This was purely a visual bug, but could confuse players.

Fixed being able to knockback NPCs through walls.

Fixed login issue for players who have too many cash shop items.

Fixed "None.       Does not exist" error messages.




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Moved Halloween Event Trick-Or-Treat Buckets back to village squares

Halloween Event Trick-Or-Treat Buckets now fill up as many candy as required to fill the bucket automatically at once.

Combined Event Information NPC with the Trick-Or-Treat bucket.


Fixed an NPC dialogue bug where certain dialogue choices that are supposed to end with going back to the choice selection after, wasn't working.
Eg. Scribe -> Information -> Back to choices
was just
Eg. Scribe - Information -> Exit

Fixed Rent Paid message
Spelling error and it now displays time as 60 days 2 hours instead of 60.12 days.

Added debug information for us to more accurately evaluate server performance over time

Added some double checks on death and imprison events
Not sure why, but sometimes it's unreliable and sends players to the wrong hospital or jail. Added some fail safes which hopefully will band-aid the issue for now.

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Fixed server crash if we typed something wrong in the server console

Improved timer system
Will affect Battle Injuries timer
Will fix server delay over time

Edit to explain what happened with the server having a delay:
In yesterday's patch notes we announced that we had "Added debug information for us to more accurately evaluate server performance over time".
Basically, our previous method of evaluating server performance was bound to our timer system. By adding this new more accurate method yesterday, we were able to ascertain that the issue was the timer system.

Because the timer system was both the cause and the method in which we evaluate how to server was performing, our metrics to evaluate the server's performance was also being calculated slower, giving us the same result as if the server's performance was optimal.

Hence, it's easy in hindsight to see that the only place that could've been causing this issue was the timer system because there was no metric being affected, but performance was degrading. Because the timer was going slower over time, things were being "delayed".

This malfunctioning timer system was part of the major updates around a month ago to resolve projectile/cast consistency. While it did do that, it was not reliable over time.

Today we pushed a fix that replaces that method of calculating time (timer) to a new method, and are evaluating it's performance based on this more accurate method. So we should have a better picture of server performance even if the timer system is faulty in the future.

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Testing new UI System
We've implemented a new immediate mode UI system that Wolf created that we will slowly move all our UI over to. For the time being, it is being used for Corps and Houses.

This UI system is highly optimized, once we've completely moved all our UI over to it, it should increase performance (FPS) marginally.

There's still some quirks to work out, like typing in the name input box will open other windows and scroll wheel for scrolling isn't working yet.


  • In-game Corps UI (Previously running on WinForm)


  • Updated House UI (Previously running on WolfUI)


Added TV functionality for players
TVs will only work in Instanced maps (aka. Houses) for the time being.
To display any YouTube video on a TV, copy a youtube URL in your clipboard with CTRL+C, then interact with your TV. It will sync the video with other guests ( but not the time stamp at the moment)


Once again, I'd like to emphasize that Wolf spent his off hours, his own weekend, to add this because he thought it'd be a cool experiment for himself and something fun for players. It wasn't work done in place of feature X, content Y or bug fix Z that you really want or Nin needs.

But by all means, if you feel strongly that we shouldn't bother working over time or have fun while working, keep throwing shade and insults this way.

Added new graphics for Pushball
New blue look and logo for Pushballs to differentiate it from Dodgeball.

Collecting server performance analytics to MongoDB

Moved Blessing Data to MongoDB


Players can now report other players while fainted/incapacitated and waiting for revives.

(Admin Only) GMs can now mute players with spaces in their names with text command.

(Hopefully) Fixed bug where players could not be traded sometimes
The error message "This player is busy!" would appear, even though they weren't.

Names now appear in error messages that say "Player is not online!"
Will instead display "John is not online!".


Removed shadows when sitting down
They didn't make sense.


Removed shadows when lying down
This made it look like they were floating above the bed/floor.

Improved wing animations for both Angel Wings and Devil Wings based on player feedback
They now bob along with the character on all directions.

Fixed the following graphical bugs
Restored quality of Black Shoes paperdolls, they loss a lot of shading in optimizations a year or two ago
Fixed rogue pixels with Black Shoes for female characters while sitting down
Fixed Weasel Kit head turning into wolf head in one sprite pose
Fixed Anniversary Robe color issues for female characters while sitting down and stunned
Fixed Hide Hair functionality on a system level for things like masks that wrap your entire head.

Fixed message "Player's level is too high" spacing, grammar and punctuation issue

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