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Shippu Premium Hairstyle now available in the cash shop


Going through back log to add art that was done a long time ago. That being said, this one was player contributed and took quite a bit of reworking to get usable.

I haven't been active for awhile for many reasons, getting back into the groove of working on Nin Online. Forgive the slow updates as I get back into it.


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First feature update in awhile. Still getting back into the groove of adding things to Nin. Mainly targeting smaller features and content that artists have contributed art for as well as fixing bugs.

Random Item Pack
Added a feature to create "Gift Boxes" that give a random item from within it. An example use for this would be to give a random prize after an event.

Check your mail! We've sent you a gift to showcase this feature!

Premium Skin Changer Items
Added a Item Type feature that allows players to double-click/use an item to change their skin to special skins. Eg. Shark Skin. Previously, you had to bring the item to the plastic surgeon NPCs in each hospital. This was alright, but also buggy because you had to choose the right gender. This means that gender changing is now fully compatible with Premium Skins, so we can add more easily.



Shark Skin Skin Item & Yin Yang Skin Item Rework
image.png image.png
They now use the Premium Skin Changer Item type mentioned above. You no longer need to bring them to the plastic surgeon. Instead, you can just double click them. Also - new artwork for them to better see what they are at one glance.


Fixed exploit where Skin Changers along with Gender Change Item (Sexy No Jutsu) could be abused in weird ways to give skins you weren't supposed to have.

Fixed bug where sometimes you could be assigned the wrong Skin Gender, making Paperdolls (Items) render the wrong gender art version.

Fixed chatbox not disabling movement keys when chatbox is clicked on (while it was already fine when triggered using Enter)


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(GM/Admin) Added /clearinv command for easier item debugging (deletes all items in your own inventory)

Added /bless command that can be used to see how much time is remaining for the current server blessing

Added Combat Lock On-screen Action Message to make it clearer while in a combat situation

Portals on the same map to the same map (eg. Sand Theatre backstage) no longer combat lock


Better Combat Lock Messages (Gives Time Remaining)

Fixed sliding quickly on warp tiles while combat locked

Prevent walking onto warp tiles while combat locked at all

Hopefully fixed a rare Gift Box / Item related bug

Fixed some mail related issues

Fixed the following reported issues

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Today's update is meant to promote more accountability for Admins/GM accounts by exposing more moderation actions by admins to the public. In the coming days, we will be sharing a public log of all moderators where players can see every action taken on a GM/Admin account. Along with this, we've improved certain small annoyances like when a Developer edits a map live, it now announces to the map what has happened so as not to scare/confuse everyone as it always historically has.

We've also added a lot of logging, and improved logging details to more easily track abusive behavior or any behavior in general in the game.


Known Issues
In-game Guide is completely broken in latest build
We're currently experiencing MySQL Server Hosting issues causing cash items to not load and degraded login performance.

Accountability Announcements

  • Announcing when a rare item is dropped
  • Announcing when a admins mails items to individual players
  • Announcing when player picks up an item that was dropped by a GM

Logging Changes

  • Logs automatically save to years
  • Logging rare items dropped by mobs and what their drop rate was
  • Logging who or what NPC dropped the item players picked up in their logs
  • Logging where (map name and ID) items are dropped and picked up
  • Logging when events set/give/take items from players and the amount they had before that
  • Logging events leveling players up or setting their levels
  • All data saving (eg. Items, Spells) are saved to the individual player(admin) log.
  • Mails are logged better, showing who it was sent to by name, not just ID
  • Logging Item Pack results
  • Log all warps and getting warped in individual player's logs
  • All players logged actions are logged in both their "event" log and player's individual logs
  • Cleaned up buying and selling item logs (1 line instead of 2)
  • Logging trades within player's individual log files as well as global trade log
  • Starting missions and completing missions are logged
  • Mission rewards are logged

Other changes

  • Prevent players from picking up items dropped by mobs that were killed by GMs
  • Map editing live is announced to server
  • Map editing live is broadcasted on edited map (so people don't panic every time there's a map edit)
  • Fixed items not belonging to right owner if player is concealed
  • Disabled separate LoginLog that was pretty useless
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Issue with MySQL has been resolved by the host. An unfortunate side effect from this was that some players have received replenished (previously used) cash shop items back in their stash. This was due to a code bug and cannot be reversed unfortunately. We would like to appeal to players to let us know if you have received such items and in what quantities so we can remove them from your account.

Items that are set to be binded will now only be able to be picked up by player who owns the item. Eg. If I kill a boss and it drops a binded item, even after 30s, that item will only belong to me.

Fixed bug where binded items could not be picked up even by rightful owner.

Fixed mail box not displaying mail

Fixed Quick Login not working

Hovering Buffs is now snappier and more optimized

Optimized picking up items of same kind within range code

Fixed In-game Guide not working

Fixed a bug that caused Cash Shop items to become replenished if player logged in during a period where MySQL was inaccessible by the server

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It's update 4.2.0! Blaze it! Today we're adding a long awaited feature to player housing, the ability to use it as a spawn point.

Respawn in House for reduced Battle Injuries for FREE


Take it as respawning in your house is having a Class B (Plan B) Ward for free, and so you're able to use it as both a spawn point and a way to reduce your Battle Injuries to 240s. It's like a subscription, so if you plan on dying, rent a house. But nobody plans on dying right... and it's just a few minutes. But wait - what about @ana primal's Asoki village houses? She has spawn points at Asoki Port Village now? Yes.

Deprecated old death system
We've deprecated the whole "seeing the God in your afterlife" thing. As an explanation, the whole death system used to be a workaround for not having a proper death system, when you died, your character was warped to a map where NPCs/Events ran scripts on your character. Now, we've streamlined, and in turn, sped up the death process and introduced a new Checkpoint System.

Checkpoint System

You can now go to (friendly only) Village hospitals, and Corps Headquarters to set it as your checkpoint. This is where you will respawn when you faint in combat (and you don't have a house, or choose the other options).

Missing Ninja still have the same locations as their checkpoints, whereas for now, Village Ninja can choose between Corp Headquarters or Village Hospital.

Exploring whether/how to make Clan Buildings into spawn points, but this would mean that we cannot allow exiles in anymore.

(Admin/GM) GMs /zone commands are back
Temporarily change map zones

(Admin/GM) /setstats X
Set all stats to certain amount


Chat messages to tell you what happened to the furniture you just removed
It'll indicate if it sent back to the original owner instead of going into your inventory, it used to be a bit unclear.

Players can no longer pick up furniture items placed by GMs/Admins
They will always send back to the original owner even if it's not a binded item. This is to prevent abuse.

Added and improved logging for the following situations

  • Admins/GMs using /heal
  • Map names are listed on GM Warp logs
  • Rare Drops are listed in individual player's logs
  • Team Joining / Leaving is logged in player logs
  • Abandoning Missions
  • Picking up furniture
  • EXP Items are used
  • Blessing is used
  • Title Item is used
  • Stat reset is used
  • Mastery reset (Admin only) is used
  • Set variable/switch item is used
  • Inventory expansion is used

Fixed GM killed monster drops still being picked up by players

Fixed /abandonhouse

Fixed fishing hotkey keybind

Added checks in Mailbox to instantly reflect when items are no longer available to be sent

Updates to In-game guide and more banners


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New type of furniture that allows you to put X (Variable per furniture) amount of Items in them to store them. Some storages can only allow items of specific types eg. Refrigerators will only allow you to store Consumable (Food) items.

Some important behaviors with storages...

  • Storages that are in Village maps can be accessed by Kages.
  • Storages that are in Player's houses can be accessed by Co-owners.
  • Storages can be viewed but not altered by players without permission to do so.
  • If your item is removed from a village map by a Kage, or if you don't pay rent, your storages and all it's contents will be sent to you by Mail.


This is a very difficult feature to add because of the number of things that could go wrong, so we're rolling it out to a select number of Silver Ninja to test out for the time being.

Also added a warning for picking up items with items stored in them.


Improved Mission Tasks System


This is mainly for the Developers for now. But I've added more control over a mission's ability to set task/switch/item variables. Time Limit to missions will come in a future update. For now I've decoupled Resetting variables and taking items from being "Daily Missions". It was hardcoded previously to always reset Mission Tasks for Daily Missions and this was a tricky situation and very limiting.


Fixed bug where if you logged out after being spawned in your house and relogged in, you would be where you died.

When using /abandonhouse outside your house, you will no longer be given a prompt to abandon your house. This never worked, but the prompt still showed up.

(Developers) Fixed Village Editor not allowing Index 1 (Leaf Village) to be loaded and edited.

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Two new cash shop items are now available!

Two Tone Water Robes


Injustice Cape


Added 11 new prize shop equipment that can only be obtained with Event Coupons!

Two Tone Water Robe variations, Shisu Shirt variations & Pink Justice Cape.


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Lightning is receiving a few quality of life changes to hitboxes and self stuns. Lightning Senbon is also the perfect jutsu to test drive the new limited pierce mechanic. Taijutsu loses the instant cast interrupt on Seismic Dash in favor of maxing out its speed factor by removing self stuns and giving it a proper move speed buff in Youthful Spring, which no longer silences or gives a % agility buff. Agility weapons rebalanced to compensate for chakra scalpel stacking. Medic changed to give an interrupt to Poison Scalpel and lowered downtime on Chakra Scalpel at the cost of having to re-buff more often. A few reverts of some changes that didn’t pan out, including making the curse seal buff stronger but keeping the long downtime, rather than it staying a weaker buff and getting a shorter cooldown.

Lightning Mastery

Lightning Senbon Technique now limited pierces 1/1/2 targets at ranks 1/2/3
*fix needed, intended to pierce once at ranks 1 and 2 and twice at rank 3 - currently just pierces once at rank 3
Rank 3 Advanced Lightning Cutter now applies Advanced Lightning Current Cast instead of Lightning Current Cast 
Advanced Lightning Current Cast Technique End Cast time decreased from 100ms to 0
Binding Pillars Technique Area of Effect changed from 7x5 X:1 Y:1 offset to 7x7 X:0 Y:0 offset (to match art)
Feast of Lightning Technique range increased from 7/7/8 tiles to 8/8/9 tiles (Was already implemented)
Lightning Technique level requirements changed from levels 10,16,23,28,35,40 to standard levels 10,15,20,25,30,35 (Was already implemented)

Taijutsu Mastery

Seismic Dash Technique Cast Time increased from 0s to 1s 
Seismic Dash Technique range increased from 2 tiles to 3 tiles
Seismic Dash Technique End Cast time decreased from 500ms to 0ms
Seismic Dash Technique Cooldown Time decreased from 14/14/13s to 12/12/11s
Breaking Kick Technique Area of Effect changed from 3x2 to 3x3
Breaking Kick Technique Cooldown Time increased from 8/7/7s to 10/9/9s
Breaking Kick Technique CP Cost decreased from 35/35/35 to 30/30/30
Breaking Kick Technique Knockback decreased from 3 tiles to 2 tiles 
Speed Mirage Technique Cooldown Time increased from 34/34/34s to 40/40/40s 
Youthful Spring Technique Agility Stat Requirement decreased from 65 to 60
Youthful Spring Technique Agility Buff removed across all ranks
Youthful Spring Technique Movespeed Buff increased from 100/110/120 to 130/140/150
Youthful Spring Technique Buff Duration decreased from 15s to 12s across all ranks
Youthful Spring Technique Silencing Backlash removed across all ranks
Youthful Spring Technique rank now casts Youthful Spring Mirage across all ranks
Morning Peacock Technique hitbox changed from 5x5 from player tile to 5x3 offset one tile in front of player (Was already implemented)
Morning Peacock Technique Cooldown Time increased from 18/17/17s to 20/19/19s
Whirlwind Kick Technique Cooldown Time decreased from 24/24/23s to 22/22/21s 

Taijutsu (Gentle Fist) Mastery

Pressure Point Needle Technique CP Cost decreased from 96/96/96 to 50/50/50
Pressure Point Needle Technique Base Damage increased from 1/5/9 to 4/8/12
Pressure Point Needle Technique STR Scaling increased from 60% to 70%
Palm Bottom Technique reworked and its art has been updated
Palm Bottom Technique Hitbox changed from 3x2 to 3x3
Palm Bottom Technique CP Cost increased from 16/16/16 to 24/24/24
Palm Bottom Technique no longer knockbacks
Palm Bottom Technique now applies a Slow I debuff at all ranks
(updates current slow debuffs as follows)
(NEW) Slow I: applies a SLOW effect for 2s
(NEW) Slow II: applies a SLOW effect for 4s (Old Slow I)
(NEW) Slow III: applies a SLOW effect for 6s ( Old Slow II)
Vacuum Palm Technique projectiles now limited pierce 1 target across all ranks
Revolving Heavens Technique Knockback changed from 2/2/3 tiles to 1/1/2 tiles
16 Palms Technique End Cast Time increased from 700ms to 800ms
16 Palms Technique Silence debuff decreased from 2500/3000/3000ms to 2000/2500/2500ms

Medical Mastery

Poison Scalpel Technique now interrupts
Poison Scalpel Technique Cooldown Time increased from 7/7/6s to 9/9/8s
Poison Scalpel Technique CP Cost increased from 14/14/14 to 20/20/20
(Revert) Cursed Seal Technique Buff changed from +10/15/20 stat buff to +15/20/25% stat buff
Cursed Seal Technique Buff Duration increased from 30s to 60s at all ranks
Chakra Scalpel Technique CHK Scaling decreased from 30% to 25%
Chakra Scalpel Technique Buff Duration decreased from 50s to 45s across all ranks
Chakra Scalpel Technique Cooldown Time decreased from 60s to 45s across all ranks

Water Mastery

Water Substitution Technique Cooldown Time increased from 37/36/36s to 41/40/40s

Water Mastery (Bubble)

Fixed Bubble Spray Left/Right animation being too far away from player

Weapon Mastery (Tools)

(Revert) Kunai Explosion Intellect Scaling decreased from 75% to 60%
(Revert) Big Kunai Explosion Intellect Scaling decreased from 75% to 60%
(Revert) Shadow Shuriken Technique Intellect Scaling decreased from 75% to 60%

Weapon Changes (Experimental)

Blood Tonfa Health Regen Buff Removed
Blood Tonfa now has 5% Life Steal
Blood Katana Health Regen Buff Removed
Blood Katana now has 8% Life Steal
Blood Iron Fan now has 10% Life Steal
Tonfa Agility Stat Requirement decreased from 70 to 60 
Tonfa no longer knockbacks
Demon Claw Agility Stat Requirement decreased from 110 to 95 
Demon Claw no longer knockbacks
Demon Claw Base Damage decreased from 19 to 15
Blood Tonfa Base Damage decreased from 30 to 25
Blood Tonfa no longer knockbacks
(Experimental) Adamantine Staff Base Damage decreased from 40 to 30
(Experimental) Adamantine Staff Attack Speed decreased from 1.3s -> 1.4s

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Added Map Transition Animation options

Important Notes!!!
You can now opt to use only the first half of the map change animation to get a balanced experienced between visuals and speed.

It disables the second half of the map change animation, where the black paint is swiping out of the screen. Part of this takes place when the map was already ready.

It is still useful to keep it because at the start of you entering a map, if you move too quickly, sometimes you can get desynchronized with the server and cause some rubberbanding. But I added the option so people can see what they like more.

You can also disable map transitions completely, but this is not recommended as your client hangs while the new map is loading and can look and feel bad. There's also no reason to because it doesn't make loading maps any faster.

Server Restart Improvements
Server shutdowns and restarts are now separate commands
Admins can use /restart [X] to restart the server in X seconds
Automated weekly and manual server restarts from in-game commands now take around 30 seconds vs 6-7 minutes
Removed emergency server restart red text warning message false alarms from appearing frequently


Fixed map change bug that has been plaguing AMD graphics card users with up-to-date drivers
AMD users have been having frequently crashes on map change for awhile now. Unfortunately, AMD doesn't seem like it's going to fix it anytime soon, so I changed a part of the code that we found was linked to the crash thanks to @Kelp that sped up map caching (the first time you load each map) slightly, and this should now resolve the issue.

Heavy optimizations to NPCs in relation to Player Clones
Clone Technique is now re-enabled

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Important Notice

Because of the huge reworks done to inventories/items/item stacks/storages, there is a possibility we may have introduced dupe bugs unknowingly. This is unlikely, but there is a possibility. If you find a way to glitch/dupe items, we will reward you with a large cash & ninja credit reward.

Report any such issue here.

Furniture Placing/Pick up Sound Effects
Different furniture play different sounds when placed/picked up.

Blessings from today onwards are now recorded so we can give out rewards in the future


This is part of a plan to reward players who contribute a lot to the game by donating to bless the server and helping newer players. The monk in each village will tell you how many times you've blessed the server to date for now!

Typing Emote


When you are typing, it will now display a "..." emoticon to other players above your head to let them know you are "thinking of something".

Raid-in-Progress Bar


This is still a work in progress and will be improved with your feedback, but when raids are active now, a bar will show up displaying the progress of the raid.

Variable Item Stacks


Items can now be set (by developers) to allow for any amount of items as a maximum stack. For example, Ninja Tools will now be set at 50 max per stack, but allow for as many stacks as the player has free, while as an example, Toad Oils or Blood Pills can be set to a maximum of 200 per stack, and only one stack allowed to be carried at once.

As a reminder, you can split & combine stacks with the shift key + dragging items.

Note: Existing Stacks of Items that are above the limit will not be affected as a way to support legacy accounts without losing data.

Storages Part 2

This is a big round up to changes in the beta storage feature.

Storages can now only store a specific kind of item type. Eg. Consumables, Furniture, Weapons
This will be useful when we want to make it so a weapon rack can only hold weapons and refridgerators can only hold food/potions.

Added Ryo Storage to Storages


Currency and All Item storages can now hold Ryo

Public/Private Storages


Storages can be set by the owner to be public/private, making it so anyone can access the items within it if they have permissions on the map.

Furniture Updates

Click on Furniture for Info

Warning Messages for Picking up Furniture with Items Stored

Furniture to store messages
Signboard Furniture Feature

These are explained later in the patch notes, but basically allow for Furniture to store text and use them in various ways.

New Blank Scroll Sealing System


You will no longer need to go to a Scribe to turn Blank Scrolls into Sealable Scrolls. You now just double click on Blank Scrolls and a menu will come up. Along with this change, Summoning Scrolls are now 1% chance for a single Blank Scroll instead of 10% chance with 10 Summoning Scrolls per roll.

The old system is still there for the time being for people who prefer it.


Sticky Pad Furniture Item

image.png image.gif

Write and leave messages for other players! They are now available for purchase in all Furniture shops.

Ninja Tools rework


You can now hold up as many ninja tools as you can carry in your inventory. Each stack of Ninja Tools (eg. Shurikens, Senbons) can hold 50. You can hold multiple stacks.

Refridgerators can now store Consumable Items


Used Refridgerators have 7 slots. Sparkling Refridgerators have 20 slots.

Tip: Use Alt + Double Click to store entire Item Slot in the storage.

Added Monk To Takumi Village


Monks sell World Blessings.

Kaito from Takumi Village Tools Shop reworked

He now sells packs of Kunai, Shuriken or Senbon at the same price as Item Packs, or a random Tool pack that can contain 100 of either of the 3 tools for an even larger discount!

Storage Fix: Send Stored Items by Mail if Binded
A retroactive fix, Items stored in storages that were binded before would disappear. In the first place, binded items should not be placeable within storages. This has been fixed since.

Mail Mission Rewards if Inventory is Full
Previously, if you finished a mission while your inventory was full, the rewards would drop on the floor or be destroyed. They now get sent to you via mail.

Fix for players getting stuck in old death map with Sage of Six Path if no checkpoint has been set
It will now respect your village's default spawn map.


Fixed Getting on Bed Animation

Old image.gif Fix.gif New

This broke some time in the last few years and I hadn't had the time to fix it.

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Added Rebirths Counter

This will be used in the future (potentially) for a Rebirths rewards system. If you reset your character at max level you'll increase the rebirths counter.

Applied swear filter to Sticky Pads

No more fricks!

Added Hide/Unhide button to Raid-In-Progress bar


Fixed Raid-in-progress bar resetting position every map change

Added more debug information for a bug/issue

Blessing Counter no longer resets when character is reset

Fixed Sealable Scrolls III Blank Scroll Roll giving Sealable Scroll II instead

Fixed /payrent not visually updating on the client side

Fixed Item Counters showing the wrong amount visually on hotbar

Fixed crashing bug that occurs due to targeting, jutsu and map switching


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Fish Rating bonus when fishing in Danger & War Zones
+20% Rare Fish chance when fishing in Danger Zones
+30% Rare Fish chance when fishing in War Zones

Enchanting Blank Scrolls Animation
Enchanting Blank Scrolls Success/Fail message above character (2).gif



Hobo Shop


Introducing Hobo Jo, a new shop NPC that trades Rubbish for his wares!

Fished "Old Boot" Item can now be equipped


Previously, it was just trash. Now it's slightly less trash, but one side is missing, so it's still trash!

Suits Shop


Robyn's Suit and Tailor in Tanzaku Quarters now sells suits for every occasion!

Suit in Cash Shop


Agent Formal Suit set added to Cash Shop!


Suit in Event Shop


Prize Shop now sells Red Suits


Improved responsiveness of Blank Scrolls Enchanting double-click

(Admin Only) Fixed editors not loading certain values that were causing regressions in items (Start Regen/Blessing Variables)

Fixed Muteki Pants graphics when kicking

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Revamped Weather System (+Leaf falling weather)
More optimized, more effects, less random.
Weather now only changes every 10 minutes, so it's less erratic, and with lower chances for rain and quicker ending rain. There's also Leaves falling effects to match each season!

Weather effects also don't end abruptly when the weather stops. (eg. Rain suddenly disappear) It'll finish flying off your screen before disappearing.

Blessing now starts Sakura Petals Effect globally (3).gif

It ignores seasons, so even in winter, sakura petals will fall if a player blesses the server!

(GM/Admins) Added weather commands
GMs can now use /weather <weather type> <0-100> to start weather or /weather stop to stop weather effects.
This will be useful for events if a specific weather is required.

Storms now have lightning visual effects
Screen will flash before thunder sound effect players, storms are rare, stronger rain weather events.


(Admins) Improved Server Console
Blessing broadcast messages are now pink instead of yellow
Storages are re-enabled and stable now!

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Added accessibility option to disable flashing for storms/cutscenes/events in settings

Translation/Localization System



Nin Online is now available to play (on the same client and server) in Polish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Japanese.

Noticeboard UI moved to new UI system (ImGUI)image.png

Quick Login box remade with new UI system (ImGUI)



Added a new mob drop "Hanging Sakkat"


Not giving out where it drops from, but it's probably going to be awhile until someone gets one!

Tree arena has been added to the automatic tournament roster


Maps are selected randomly amongst the current maps and now tree arena.


Reduced brightness intensity of flashes from Storms immensely
Fixed storm and event/cutscene flashes interrupting typing in chatbox
Fixed weather effects not spawning outside of screen when your camera is targeting another player

Nin Online v4.3.0f is released!
Today's update brings a lot of much needed UI improvements, such as finally saving the position of HUD windows, Emoticon Shortcut/Keybinds/Hotkeys and more!


Map Name HUD moved to ImGUI
Position can now be adjusted by dragging it!


Blessing Info HUD moved to ImGUI
Position can now be adjusted by dragging it
Player's sprite displayed now rotates to show off your look 360°
"+ Fame" Button now appears on the Blessing HUD to allow you to easily thank the blesser!

Ninja Time removed since it just wasn't very useful

FPS HUD moved to Debug Menu
A keybind has been added to allow you to quickly toggle the FPS HUD

HUD UI positions (Quest Tracker, Chatbox etc.) now save
You won't need to fiddle with it each login anymore!


Emoticon Shortcuts/Hotkeys
Keybinding available in the Settings Menu. You can click the Emotes button on the chatbox to set which emote is called by each keybind! Right-click to remove them.


New Target HUD made in new UI System (ImGui)
You can now move your target information anywhere on the screen!


Credits Page on Login Screen
With a nice dedication to Robin Perris, my co-founder (Rest in Peace)
If you have contributed to Nin Online in any of the ways listed on the credits page but aren't listed, submit your entry here.


Maps with > 6 people are announced by messenger hawks
Was previously set as 10

Fixed exploit with using walls to cancel directional AoE cooldowns
Fixed village messages with translations
Blessing counts are now sent in global messages when a player blesses the server

Fixed Hide UI keybind setting to wrong default
(Admin Only) Combined /ping /loc /debug /fps into one universal hud panel in ImGui
Title color now displayed correctly on Player Info Menu (Right click menu)
Increased inactive opacity of Quest Tracker background for better visibility

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We've updated the client to use .NET 6 up from .NET Framework 4.7.2

Nin Online no longer relies on .NET Framework 4.7.2 and it's runtimes to be ran on your computer. It's now using .NET 6 and as a Self-contained App. Meaning you won't need to install the runtimes for it to run on your Windows PC. .NET Framework 4.7.2 was released in 2018 and although it has no End support date from Microsoft, Nin Online is here to stay for the long run, so being on modern technology is always a bonus.

This should bring about performance benefits on top of giving us a better development environment and making Cross-platform more possible.

We've also upgraded from SFML Portable 2.5.0 to CSFML 2.5.2, our Input/Rendering Library.
We've also updated ImGUI .NET to latest version 1.89.5.
We've also updated OpenTK to latest version, should be one less barrier to Mac OS client now

All User Interfaces moved to new UI System

Main HUD

Bingo Book

  • You can drag the columns and expand them
  • Rotate characters with your mouse


  • With new and improved Right Click Menu and Drop Prompts

Jutsu UI


  • Stats and Info in separate tabs
  • Hovering Stats explains Blue/Red stat colors
  • Unified Proficiencies Menu into a Tab in there
  • Dragging Items into Equipment Slots now work
  • Right-clicking Equipment Slots now unequips
  • Equipment Slots can now be hovered for Item Details
  • Hover Mastery Icons to see name of Mastery

Mastery Selection


  • Drag into shop to sell
  • Double click items to buy/sell
  • Right click menus now with more functionality


  • Right click menu for amounts

Team/Party HUD

  • Now movable


  • Uses new unified Item/Jutsu Description UI system

Login Screen

Character Creation

  • Zooming Character Preview
  • Randomize Character Button

Server Selection

Others button on bottom right of screen


NPC Dialogues

Broadcast HUD

World Map UI

  • Now also comes with a close button

Mouse Cursor

(Admin Only) Moved lighting editor to new UI System
(Admin Only) GM and Admin Panel combined into one toolbar

Other UI Improvements
Chatbox UI now fades away Text Input box when not in use.
Hovering Buffs now shows consistent Jutsu Description window.
Mouse can be used to rotate characters on UI like Quick Login / Hair Dye
Fixed stutter issue with Item and Jutsu Descriptions
Fixed performance issues with Language Selection
When Right-click PM player, show name appear in Chatbox
Fixed storages not working in previous test client
Chatbox can now be sorted above or under other UI like all other UI
Broadcast Messages fade times now consistent with deltatime
Blessing HUD no longer blocks Menu Buttons
Character preview in Ninja Panel is rotatable with mouse
Music mute button on login screen removed with full Settings Menu
Login screen alerts like "You were kicked!" moved to new UI System
Added Randomize Button in Character Creation

New Installer

Our installer now updated, no longer needing to install .NET Runtimes, it now installs faster as well thanks to InstallTeam's Install Maker software being used instead of InstallForge.


(Hopefully) Fixed FPS capped players running slower than Uncapped

Temporary notice in login screen to notify players with issues clicking UI to alt-tab and return

Fixed ignore lists just being completely broken

Removed Splash Screen and sped up client launch time drastically

Thousands of lines of remnant visual basic code removed

Lots of fixes to window/UI positioning

Fixed Jutsu Ranks bar

JSON reading now unified to use NewtonSoft

Fixed Font issue with some users running out of memory (Disabled Chinese Characters for now)

Fixed Mission Tracker issue with eg. "100/200" amounts

Fix Minimap Toggle Keybind

Fixed "%" in Item Descriptions

Fixed Shop Costs displayed

Fixed Item Rarity color in Item Description not rendering

Fix Target Outline colors

Fixed Fame Blessing Player not working unless they are on the same map as you (Still requires player to be online)

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Added Buttons for Hotkey Pages on Hotbar
This has always been in the game, but without buttons on the hotbar, a lot of people didn't know you could swap between hotbar pages with the ` key.



For most people, client start up should no longer be an issue.
As far as I can tell, map loading should no longer be an issue.
Fixed NPC version of Blank Scroll Enchanting causing client to crash
Fixed dialogue choices with % in them causing crashes

(Experimental, Hopeful) Fix for UI sometimes double clicking when only clicked once
Improve Friends System to work if players change names
Adding/Removing Friends is snappier
Friends Window tabs now highlight properly depending on which tab you are in
Clamp hair dye menu and set position on first open at center of screen
Fixed Target Window appearing for the first time behind chatbox
Fixed Target Window causing screen to go dark if your NPC target is deselected
Consistent position of [X} button on Target Window
Gave Target Window Health Bar a bar background
Target Window no longer changes sizes when health decreases
Fixed Team HUD setting leader and kicking wrong player
Team HUD no longer appearing for the first time behind chatbox
Mute Sound checkbox in settings now immediately mutes all sounds instead of waiting them to run their course
Right-click menu "Whisper" renamed to "PM" to stay consistent with the rest of the game
Right-click rotate character now sets it for everyone, not just you (Regression in new client update)

(Hopefully) Fixed Enemy Battle Music causing client to hang in rare occasions
Fixed White Hanzo Mask causing weapons to render wrongly
Fixed House Guest Book unable to type special charactes
Fixed Mist village broken event leading to empty City of Joy map
Fixed Bears spawning in water area on a certain map
Fixed Bell item being sent to plays via mail if their inventory is full
Fixed name of Horny Beasts missions - renamed to Horned Beasts
Fixed Animation/Hitbox of Bubble Spray Technique to match Jutsu's art
Removed Random box in wall of Hokage Room
Fixed exploitable tile in outskirts of Takumi (bees map) to charge chakra on water
Fixed minor text errors with Lv 20 Quest Line NPC

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Version 4.4.2h Client Released with the following changes


Send Ryo in Mail
Mail is taxed by 5% when sent via mail


Set OpenGL version to 3.1 instead of using higher versions as some players have old graphics cards which don't support newer versions still
This might help users whom can't run the game due to OpenGL errors.

Fixes to notifications
(Hopefully) Fixed the issue where they were invisible sometimes

  • Fixed [X] Buttons not working
  • Increase width slightly
  • Crop texts better

(Hopefully) Fix SPartyUpdate error spam in logs
Escape Menu no longer flickers positions on first appearing

(Hopeful, Experimental) Clicks sometimes double clicking fix
Fix Friends/Block Menu not being able to type names
Fix to buffs with missing buff icons hanging game
Anti-Multiclient Fixed
Notification Messages Translatable
Changed position of Abandon Button on Mission Log

(GM/Admin) Added shortcuts to Quick Warps
(Admin) Added "Start Mission" Section in Admin Menu
(Admin) Added Faint command in Admin Menu
(Admin) Added Shutdown/Restart Server commands in Admin Menu

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