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Shippu Premium Hairstyle now available in the cash shop


Going through back log to add art that was done a long time ago. That being said, this one was player contributed and took quite a bit of reworking to get usable.

I haven't been active for awhile for many reasons, getting back into the groove of working on Nin Online. Forgive the slow updates as I get back into it.


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First feature update in awhile. Still getting back into the groove of adding things to Nin. Mainly targeting smaller features and content that artists have contributed art for as well as fixing bugs.

Random Item Pack
Added a feature to create "Gift Boxes" that give a random item from within it. An example use for this would be to give a random prize after an event.

Check your mail! We've sent you a gift to showcase this feature!

Premium Skin Changer Items
Added a Item Type feature that allows players to double-click/use an item to change their skin to special skins. Eg. Shark Skin. Previously, you had to bring the item to the plastic surgeon NPCs in each hospital. This was alright, but also buggy because you had to choose the right gender. This means that gender changing is now fully compatible with Premium Skins, so we can add more easily.



Shark Skin Skin Item & Yin Yang Skin Item Rework
image.png image.png
They now use the Premium Skin Changer Item type mentioned above. You no longer need to bring them to the plastic surgeon. Instead, you can just double click them. Also - new artwork for them to better see what they are at one glance.


Fixed exploit where Skin Changers along with Gender Change Item (Sexy No Jutsu) could be abused in weird ways to give skins you weren't supposed to have.

Fixed bug where sometimes you could be assigned the wrong Skin Gender, making Paperdolls (Items) render the wrong gender art version.

Fixed chatbox not disabling movement keys when chatbox is clicked on (while it was already fine when triggered using Enter)


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(GM/Admin) Added /clearinv command for easier item debugging (deletes all items in your own inventory)

Added /bless command that can be used to see how much time is remaining for the current server blessing

Added Combat Lock On-screen Action Message to make it clearer while in a combat situation

Portals on the same map to the same map (eg. Sand Theatre backstage) no longer combat lock


Better Combat Lock Messages (Gives Time Remaining)

Fixed sliding quickly on warp tiles while combat locked

Prevent walking onto warp tiles while combat locked at all

Hopefully fixed a rare Gift Box / Item related bug

Fixed some mail related issues

Fixed the following reported issues

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