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Blood Raven Clan (Ketsueki Karasu)

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Blood Raven (Ketsueki Karasu)





After the 4th Great Ninja War their were alot of clans in the Sand Village that were destroyed and demolished. The remaining members of several clans joined together to create a new clan called the Blood Phoenix (Ketsueki Fenikkusu ) . The blood part of the name came from the blood that was spilled before the unity of this clan was made and the hard work it will take to build a strong clan, and the second part of the name represents the fact that it rose out of the ashes. A year later, the name changed to the Blood Ravens as the raven represents power,intellect, and adaptability which the clan learned in time and phoenix stands for the brokenness and destruction that we rose up from with greater strength like a mighty phoenix.Year later the name changed to the blood ravens As the raven represents Power,Intellect and Adaptability which the clan learn't with in time

Current Members;

Clan leader

@Ketsueki BlackKage

Clan heads

@Ketsueki Bmore

@Booty Gang Pinku

@ketsueki Xanax



@Booty the Great


@Ketsueki Akoosh

@Blood Bluesman

@Ketsueki Zaine




How we work

  • We are based inside the sand village, one of our main goals is to protect the suna .
  • we have made every position in the clan attainable  




TO join pm clan head or me or any member (they will contact us) or write here

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