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The Hiruzen Clan (update)

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BulletPoint.PNG.b9487b7bff0953bf388a6a002ee98915.PNG   Origins:

During the earliest days of man, three tribes formed upon three mountain peaks each overlooking the Naka River. Each of the tribes fought for control of the River and its valuable resources. For centuries these clans fought, thousands upon thousands of bodies were piled up over the years. Eventually, the bodies counted too many to bury so a ritual was held at the formation of each full moon. where the Three clans would gather and send the departed down the Naka River to be carried to the afterlife. Despite this one sign of peace between the clans, the battles continued and whenever two of the clans met blood was sure to follow. 

One summer a heatwave struck the three mountains and lasted for months. The snow on the peaks melted and washed the clan's shelters down into the river valley, clansmen died not from war but from exhaustion trying to work the fields, and one day the Naka River Valley dried up. Each of the clans had an elder who had mastered their Chakra and had proven themselves in combat. These elders held a secret meeting to discuss the current state of the clans of the three peaks. A deal was struck, the war would end in order to survive the brutal summer. Unfortunately, war for the clans was not a simple choice, it was a way of life and the only way they knew. Rage and disdain flowed deep within each of the clansman blood. Murders and brawls were commonplace in this new settlement and the elders knew a simple treaty was not enough if they wanted their people to survive the calamity which had struck. If the clans were to survive more drastic measures had to be unleashed.

The elders once again met during the burial ceremony, during which the clansmen were now burying their comrades under the river bed, in hopes that the water would once again return to the Naka to carry them off. The elders decided that war could only be stopped if the old wounds of war were first washed away. For the next month, the elders drained their chakra until they were near the point of death in order to release their people from the specters of war. Eventually, when the physical bodies of the elders had far surpassed their breaking point the elders discovered a different chakra form which was created primarily from their spiritual energy. The elders released a jutsu so powerful it pulsated through the River Valley affecting every citizen enclosed by the three mountain peaks. This Yin Release Jutsu was known as "Risetto" and was quickly hidden away under the mountains so it could never be used again. This long-range genjutsu had not only wiped the minds of all the clansmen but replaced the memories with new ones. Old enemies had become brothers and sisters and those who had died were washed away once the river's water returned, just as easily as their memories had been destroyed.

Those who remained became the Hiruzen Clan which still remains as one of Konoha's oldest families. The story of the elders was maintained in their offspring and carried through the generations known only by the clans highest ranking members. Although many of the clans strongest members have passed on during the Great Ninja Wars the clan is on the rise with the newest generation. The Hiruzen Clan prides itself on its deception and cunning utilizing its jutsu to confound and mislead opposition. The Hiruzen clan now lends its ninja to the Konohagakure Intelligence Division. The Hiruzen are known for their ability to retrieve information no matter the cost and their genjutsu torture techniques which have yet to kill a captive before retrieving the required intel.


BulletPoint.PNG.b9487b7bff0953bf388a6a002ee98915.PNG   Requirements to join:

-Level 30

-Name Change to ____________ Hiruzen

-No affiliation with another clan

-Must be a leaf Ninja

BulletPoint.PNG.b9487b7bff0953bf388a6a002ee98915.PNG   Applications:




Brief Bio:


BulletPoint.PNG.b9487b7bff0953bf388a6a002ee98915.PNG   Ranks:

Elder: As in the earliest days of the Clan, the Hiruzens have three Elders who run all clan activities and serve as the clan's leaders. The Elders are selected periodically by the clan through an election during which everyone with the rank member or above may vote. If an Elder has neglected their duties an officer can recommend that the Elder is removed from the position. If the officer is justified is his accusations a council will be held to determine the Elders fate.

Commander: Commanders will be responsible for one of the three companies that compose the Clan.  Each company will have a weekly task that they must complete in conjunction with other clan activities. The Commander responsible for the completion of that task and the subordinates in their company. The Commanders report directly to the Elders. 

Lieutenant: Lieutenants are the administrators of their respective companies and guide the newer members. Lieutenants are selected periodically by the three ranking elders and are placed under the charge of a Commander. Lieutenants report directly to their Commander.

Private: Privates are recruits who have completed the Hiruzen Clan RP Mission and shown that they are worthy to officially join our ranks. Privates will be placed into a company (Hiru, Roku, or Zeni). They report directly to their assigned Officer. 

Recruit: Recruits are prospective Clan members who have met requirements and have been accepted through the application process.

Developer: Contribute to the Clan's image and goals. Developers report directly to the Elders and hold equal respect. 

BulletPoint.PNG.b9487b7bff0953bf388a6a002ee98915.PNG   Members:

Elders:  @Yin Hiruzen  @Godric Hiruzen @Jiroubou Hiruzen

Commanders:  @Maraki Hiruzen @Hoseki Hiruzen @Midnight Hiruzen

Lieutenants: @Venrox Hiruzen @Yhorm Hiruzen

Members: @Amai Hiruzen@Rho Hiruzen  @Rumaki Hiruzen @Amenophus Hiruzen @Shissei Hiruzen @Nathair Hiruzen @Alison Hiruzen

Recruits:@Yashin Hiruzen @Riokku Hiruzen @Shojirou Hiruzen @aMoN Hiruzen

Developers: @Amai Hiruzen  


BulletPoint.PNG.b9487b7bff0953bf388a6a002ee98915.PNG   Conclusion:

We wanted to make a clan with a cool story that players could join and build a story of their own. We are looking for active players who want to make a ninja of their own, with its own personality and backstory. Having a clan in Nin can be a great experience and we expect all members to assist and protect each other whenever the need arises. If you have any questions please contact @Jiroubou Hiruzen, @Godric Hiruzen Or @Yin HiruzenThis post will continue to be updated in the future with Ranks and Events for the clan.


Thanks for reading!



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Name: Hoseki

Mastery: Earth

Level: 36

Brief Bio: Hoseki was born to two Shinobi of Konohagakure, having the same affinity to earth nature as his father, his father began to train him at a young age. Graduating from the academy at 10, Hoseki hopes to continue and rise through the ranks of the village, desiring to protect it and his friends.

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Name:  aMoN

Mastery: Fire

Level: 32

Brief Bio: aMoN a Shinobi of the Uchiha, has figured to be a prodigy of many fire jutsu. The Village has been kept special in heart to protect his friends sense youth. The pride of stronger fighters always kept a flame under him to raise threw ranks of Leaf village clan and ignite force against all foe.

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Name: MrChubb The Kuraen 

Master: Gf/tai

breif bio: i no nub plz i want elder and mod in discord plz plz plz

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