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This thread is for players to submit their existing player-made RP clans to be considered to be made permanent families of their village.
Our priority is to allow people to continue their legacy and the impact they've made in our Ninja World into actual gameplay content. This is the evolution of your clan from RP-only to actual gameplay mechanics.

However, there are a lot we have to consider in regards to names, for example - it has to not be used in the Naruto series. It has to have good meaning and be a japanese word to be lore-friendly and the name of the clan will impact the abilities and clothing they get in the future.

Submit your village, your existing clan names (or new clan ideas) and tell us about your existing activity in-game, what you symbol is (if any), what your ideas for clothing are and just any information you have.

If a clan is added, it's name will become permanent and it will become a clan open to all new players in character creation.

Reply in this topic!

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Clan Name: Magatama

Affiliation: Missing


Magatama clan was founded by Great Sage Magatama, for many generations, our main activity was supervising local temples and helping normal people.

We bless people and help them resolve unnecessary conflicts.

As priests/monks we don't use violence even if it costs our life. 

We have huge Temple but most of our members is scattered across whole world. 

We get money from donations or little trades. 

One of current leaders is reincarnation of Great Sage Magatama


We usually wear used kimonos, ponchos or rarely on special events Monk robes(we would be grateful to wear blessing monk robes). 





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Kuraen Clan

Leader - Kuraen Elodin @Kuraen Elodin

Village- Leaf

Clan Name- Kuraen (Comes from combing word Kuro meaning black and Kaen meaning Flame)

Activity- Currently 12 active members, mainly participating in defending the Leaf village from enemies also hunting it’s enemies and other criminals. Also active in roleplay, helping out new people and hosting clan events. 

Clothing- Already exists in Leaf clothing shop

Information- Wolf clan inspired by Inuzuka and Jugo clan with ability to use senjutsu to transform in to wolf like creature known as Akuma no Okami

Link to clan page:





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Sasayaki | 囁き|"Whisper"


Brief Description: The land of fire serves as the primary residence for the kinsmen of the Sasayaki clan. Peering from the outside in, these shinobi can often mislead others into thinking they are the utmost lazy and most boring individuals listed in the bingo book(s). This, however, isn't the case at all. This unit is very active whenever their skills are applicable. Given the fact young shinobi are exposed to "rigged" shoji boards at early ages, the brain has already begun training in the arts of critical thinking. Typically an individual would spend one's lifetime figuring out how to win this unbeatable game of shoji. When the correct answer is finally figured out, the kinsmen are no longer required to play the game however in most cases, even though the game is won these shinobi typically continue to play it in addiction thus furthering their tactical capabilities which prove resourceful in the long run both on and off the board. In addition to their intellect, shinobi of Sasayaki bloodline are born with naturally developed keen vision and inhumane flash-like speeds. The combination of these attributes pose the Sasayaki kinsmen as ironical figures having to be so gifted yet "lazy". Even so, it is within these skills that these shinobi have developed a comfortable reputation not just around the leaf but around the shinobi world.

History: The Sasayaki bloodline runs deep with ties of a lot of the newly spawned clans in our modern shinobi world. In fact, the Sasayaki were one of the eldest clans to contribute to the leafs construction and/or development. All the forests north beyond the jungle belonged to the Sasayaki clan. These grounds were primarily the hunting areas in which they'd occupy. Typically the Sasayaki would hunt creatures through natural bio aids such as birds. With bird calls, the birds would return melodic whistled responses detailing where the nearest herds of prey were. It was in these actions the name, "Sasayaki" would be assigned to these shinobi which translates to "Whisper" from its Japanese origin. This name would serve as a metaphor detailing how the shinobi would "whisper" to the birds to aid them through targeting their foes. Gradually over time, these shinobi would encounter other shinobi that had ambitions for peace. The clan would then contribute to the cause thus spawning the era of youth for the modern day leaf village. It is in this the First Hokage holds the Sasayaki in favor of the noble deeds of their recent ancestors and has awarded them with the identity of nobility to commend them for their hard work. 



(White, Green, and Dark Navy Blue as well. Cool breeze clothing style.)











Achievements: (3rd, 4th, & 5th Hokage, 6 Jonins, 8 Chunins, 1 Specialized Jonin, & 8 Council Members).

The Sasayaki Clan members have individually and as a family has dedicated a lot of time to the well being of the Hidden Leaf Village. 
Clan Post: https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/6899-sasayaki- 囁き/





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Clan Name: Takahera 
Village: Leaf
Objective: The clan is aiming to be undying servants to the lead , as we aim to integrate ourselves into every aspect of the village so that we can better protect and serve the village and it's villagers. We have been forced into hiding from some time, but the clan is looking to come out of the shadows and once again serve the lead in plain view. 
Origin: The name Takahera is derived from hawks as we have gotten our name from our close relationship  with Hawk summons and have used them in a long partnership to Hunt for food and enemies before settling down in a village. and have gained abilities akin to a hawk as our eyes have been honed to be extremely keen and sharp , and in our strongest members after a month of complete darkness due to our ritual where they must go to the clan's secret grounds and spend the month blindfolded in complete darkness to train their other senese and see without seeing. Upon completion of this ritual their eyes evolve into the Takaeigan a dojutsu that allows them to see limits far beyond the limits of the normal human eye, as well as the ability to pinpoint the presence of chakra being able to see chakra as if it was  physically manifested. 
Symbol: Our Symbol Represents our clans connection to hawks 


Clothing Ideas: Our clan is usually associated with Hunting gear  like the black hermit cape, as anything that allows for mobility we normally wear cloaks as to keep our weapons and tools concealed and our color scheme is Blue and Yellow


clan eye.jpg

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                    Sashiba clan(Sa-Shiba)

A group of Nomadic Shinobi tribes who have made the Sand village their home after Tragic events of the past. 3 Tribes have become one to set a Shining example of what is possible in the harshest Desert Climates.

Being on top of the Food chain, many Birds of Prey find it advantageous to hunt in groups. In the Sashiba clan our Shinobi know that our survival is based on our ability to maintain the hunt. Another reason Birds of Prey stay together is to maintain our family unit. The nomadic Tribes of the Sashiba clan are eager not to puff their chests in battle, but to move with Purpose and only with purpose. In the past many of the Sashiba clan were nomads of the desert, Some Settled in the Village hidden in the Sand.

Those who have over time called the Sand village their home have brought their culture and traditions there. Many of the trinkets, customs and even foods have become part of Sand Village life over time. When the Clans Founder TetsuHawk first settled in the Sand village, he never realized just how many of his own long lost relatives he would meet in the village. Communal hunting is not the only thing Sashiba are known for however...at the peril of those doubters, who all have fallen, many have been layed to waste as Carrion for Scavangers. So what role will YOU play Young Ninja of the Sand village? Join a clan of ninja fiercely Dedicated to the prosperity of the Sand village!



Sashiba clan.jpg

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Introduction: Mirana was the first clan born inside of the Leaf Village and it is made of individuals genetically bred for the art of war. The members usually take the path of joining the Leaf Military Police Force where they can support the village by using their strenght and courage to bring justice and peace inside the Leaf territory. Mirana shinobis are also always ready to fight for the Hidden Leaf Village in any war against other villages or factions.

Name (OUT OF RP): Since Mirana isnt a Japanese word, we decided to apply Mirana in here with a new name that is yet to be decided. We are open to suggestions from both players and staff members.

Founding and Leadership: The clan founder and first leader is well known to be the strongest shinobi of all time, Aghila Mirana. The leadership of the family has been passed down to Shotoho Mirana and it's now held by Caio Mirana.

Achievements: 3 Jonins, 5 Chunins. 2 Council members, 1 LMPF Leader, 7 LMPF members and Classified ANBU members.

Lore: Details about the Mirana lore can be found in the clan post here

Clan outfit: Started but never finished by Sezu unfortunately (The first version created by Sezu was in black/purple/red colors and i changed to black/purple/green later on just to create family pictures like this one below to our personal use).


Main colors being Green and Purple (Applies to the hair that family members are born, and the clan outfit too).

Mirana Moon Sage Mode (Fan Art still being developed):


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Leader - Sin Tensei
Village- Leaf
Clan Name- Tensei (Means Reincarnation)
Members- Currently 10 members
Activity- Protecting the village, Helping players, Raids
Clothing- None
Background- The Tensei clan  has only one goal: “To protect the Leaf from its shadows.” The Tensei clan does not show mercy, as they have had a rough past and only want the Leaf to prosper. It all started in a time where there was peace in the ninja world. The Leaf and Sand were under a peace treaty, and the crime rate was low. The only ninja that were misbehaving, were the rogues. During this time, three young genins from the leaf trained long and hard to become strong shinobi. While taking on this journey in life, they meet and recruit friends along the way, turning the Tensei clan into the family it is today
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New clan entry /w new idea

Clan name: Ion
Clan leader: Light
Village: Sand Village

Aeon in Japanese Ion イオン
"An indefinite and very long period of time." Part of the ideals and norms are inherited from the ancestors of Sand Village. You have to know the past to understand the present to embrace the secrets within. -Carl Sagan


What makes this clan unique is the fact that your account has to be X-amount old and/or level capped to learn the secret forbidden jutsu if you were at first Non-Clan.

  • Clan jutsu being Doujutsu "Hikari" that turns their eyes blue momentarily as proof of their purity compared to other similar Doujutsu.
  • Their hairstyle is pure white as they've aged during their Nin-Online adventure and normally their eyes are gray as activation of Hikari decreases their regular sight.

With age comes great wisdom and their soul has been purified from darkness by light. The clan members are battle conditioned true veterans of different combat situations and shinobi wars. All this leads to the fact that they've studied every single taijutsu and ninjutsu -style carefully. 

  • Activation of Hikari decreases all incoming damage by -20% for 1-minute as their vision becomes more clear and they can read their opponents movements and act accordingly. Cooldown on the doujutsu is 3-minutes. Chakra cost is -55cp.


There will be more detailed clan introduction in case this clan is found appealing.

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Clan name - Suwa

Leader - Sour

Village - Leaf

Members - 15 

Info - The Suwa clan is a militarized shinobi clan from Konohagakure. They are a combative people known for their strategic planning and sometimes savage battle tactics. Suwa members are genetically predisposed to high levels of intelligence and superior physical ability. A select few possess the shikotsumyaku, a kekkei genaki which gives its wielder the ability to manipulate their own skeletal structure. By infusing their calcium with their chakra they are able to weaponise their bones. Upbringing for young clan members is very strict. At the age of 6, two years before the academy, children are taken from their homes to begin training early. Suwa academy students are expected to finish at the top end of their class. They are also expected to graduate before the average 4 years.  Suwa genin are expected to be assets for their village upon graduation. 

Clothing - Green war armor

History -  https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/12888-suwa-clan-updated/



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Name: Ketsueki Karusu (meaning blood raven)

Clan heads: @ViceGeneral Ketsueki and @Bmore Ketsueki III

Village: Sand 

The clan was founded by many other clan's nobles who lost thier clan after the great clan war. This occurred before the formation of villages where they were a versatile clan. The nobles who founded the clan came from the land of lightning. Other nobles from the other lands such as fire, water, earth, and wind also joined. The original name of the clan was  Blood Phoenix later on the name was changed to blood raven because the raven represents interlect, strength and power now the the nobles of the sand due to the formation of the village ,teaching , law keepers and law enforcers 


Due to the mixture of clan three blood line techniques were formed . 

  1. Raven's blood- this jutsu creates a thick strong blood lay infused in they skin (this move gives a big agility buff and a minor fort buff with the side effect of fort debuff after and cool down 3min commonly  used by tai )
  2. Raven's beak - this jutsu creates a thick strong blood lay infused to your hand and feet which (this gives a major strength Buff and minor agility buff with a strength bebuff cool down of 3min commonly used by weapons masters)
  3. Raven's Mind - this jutsu speeds up the mental speed of the ninja  (this gives a major intelligence buff and major chakra buff cool down of 3min commonly used of int users )


SMPF General 

SMPF Vice general 


Advisory councillor 





For more lore :https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/11383-blood-raven-clan-ketsueki-karasu/




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(Was known as Vongolas) 

Leader : Darky

Village: Sand


The first clan member was Kaikezu.

Kaikezu was a Sand Genin, he wasn't one of the strongest of his class and failed plenty of exams. He was tired of being considered as a weak ninja and decided to go outside the village and find a way to become strong enough to protect his friend fast enough. During his journey, he found a Panda and noticed how his characteristics can help a ninja. Pandas are calm, and are trying to avoid unecessary conflicts. He studied the panda and implimented their characteristic to use it in combat. After that little journey, he learned that, mammals psychological characteristics are good to use in combat calm and good reflection help people to keep their poises. Since that day, he became one of the strongest ninja in Sand and made a bloodline named Shizuka.All members have pink hair and one of their abilities is to being fearless when danger arrives.



LeadershipLumy and Mylu were the leaders but left the Sand Village for political reasons and decided to join the Neo-Akatsuki afterwards. Darky, one of the most influent people in the clan took over the leadership.


Dojutsu : Like mammals,Shizuka's members enter in the Wild Mode when someone in the clan get injured . Their eyes turn yellow, they become stronger. If a Shizuka dies in front of them, they lose their humanity and act like predators until they kill the enemy. In Wild Mode, they don't really control theirself so their movements are slow but their attack's damage increases by a lot.

Outfit : Image associée(the left one)

Achievements : 4 Chunins,2 SMPF General,2 SMPF Vice-general,2 SMPF Commander,Desert Pirates members,1 Medical corp Leader, 4 Classified ANBU members,1 team captain in ANBU,3 members went NEO-AKATSUKI and cut ties with the clan.




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Kōsoku/Speed of light

New Clan



Affliation :MissingLeaf

History&Past : Wars between villages and clans are common. Many clans are destroyed. Many survive. We make part of the second group. With the technique passed form generation to generation, the focus on our intellect, the oponent will probably underestimate us. We use the jutsus the best way there is, we mainly use body flicker. We are not absurdly strong, but there are prodigies. That way, we contradict the rule of "The strongest survives", because to us, the ones that survive are not the ones with better power. Your clan can be the best, but a great strategy war can be a even better, even stronger than a pure raw power. The ninjas and normal humans survived for years to strong animals thanks to the pure skill of intellect, while also becoming better in many areas. Because of that, our potential has to be reached, used and abused. With our great skill of furtivity, we prefer not to live in territories. We are nomads. But, within the camps we make, there are ones that prevail. So, we use that making we have a place to call home.


Characteristics : People of our clan Usually have "Dazed" Eye style and Black Eyes

Clothes Idea :


Simple Clothes But great for mobility

(That's just a Concept, We also have the symbol on the back of the shirt )

About AbilitiesWe made some abilities but we are not posting them here, only if the clan is approved. Also the idea is on the history


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I technically have a clan, but I've never done much with it due to some recent scheduling issues. This would be an official submission for a "new" clan.



Village: Technically any as this would be new.

Leadership: Makoto

Brief History: Clan was founded by Yuuma "Crimson Bolt" Inazuma. He built the clan from the bones of his Fathers clan, the Araki clan. The Araki clan worshipped power above all other things, but Yuuma would have hoped to lead the clan into a new era. Instead he conformed to the rule of his father. Over time he found the inextricable connect between chakra and life. Creating a set of trials he was able to draw on his own life forces to power his jutsu's. The first trial was "Flow", in this trial one must learn not to rely on chakra to make them strong. The second trial was "Preservation", surviving an onslaught with the flow of chakra halted. The final trial was, "Domination", overcome the reliance of chakra and using your own life force to power one deadly blow. After he himself completed the trial his lightning jutsu's took a blood red tint. He would go on to challenge his father, claim the clan, and rebuild it. Naming it Inazuma after the single blood red bolt that pierced his fathers chest.

Clan Ability: There would be two pathways to designing this clans abilities. Either would work fine. 

1. A status effect. The user surrenders all their chakra granting them a new form. Uses health to cast an ability. The abilities power would be increased, but it would obviously cost them health and they would have no access to chakra since the ability drained all of it at the very beginning. It could have some timer or not.

2. A select number of abilities are made with their color changed to some degree of red (Fire might have an issue with something like this, but I'm not sure how many specific abilities would be made. Each of these abilities would function just like their normal counter parts, but would require health to cast.


This is pretty much all I came up with today. I would like to add that if the clan was made the Trials of Three would be a legit RP event within the clan, and I could go into more detail as to how each of those trials would work. They would be the gateway to joining the clan officially or at least the upper management. I didn't include any ingame achievements mostly because I've been active at different points in the development of the game. If there were anymore questions feel free to ask.

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Synposis: The Ukiyo Clan (憂き世, "Floating World") is a renowned shinobi clan famous to the Land of Fire. Originating south of the continent on a remote island used to ship weapons to and from hidden villages their name reigned supreme in the Land of Fire; homing The Hidden Demon Village. Known for their plethora of talents and unwaverable skill, ("commonly identified with their ability to sing, dance, drum, paint, and sculpt") the Ukiyo Clan would celebrate the day of their creation, holding festivles that consist of bountiful food, fighting, dancing, and the sharing of battle stories. Deemed ruthless and unmerciful due to their isolation of the land, their were many who were killed off as a sign of accomplishment using it as a title to show their strength. With only a small pool of accessible knowledge and fundamental techniques the clan thrived and prospered upon a long history of both smiting and crafting/weapon designing - to profit off other villages supplying on-going war. Unfortunately due time shinobi stole and mimic their iron casting skills to a watered down degree making their services no longer needed. Due to this a great depression fell upon their village causing them to move up north where they became infamous and known for their crimson red eyes and majestic blond hair. Ukiyo that have remained in the village slowly began to die off due to illness, starvation, and simple invasion which led to experimentation and the stealing of the knowledge of the clan which had began slowly decaying. Currently standing the Ukiyo are of Konoha and all of the knowledge of their blood filled history has been passed down to the final successor who now leads the clan to salvation.


Clan Leader: @Ayane (綾音, "Colorful Sound") - Ayane is humble and down to earth, his unshakable will makes him one of the most analytical and focused person one will ever meet. Considered by his family and other villagers to be mature for his age, the young prophetic shinobi tends to live his life loving and caring for others; combining his compassionate sensibility and unbiased point of view to better emphasize and relate to those around him. In hindsight Ayane is more than likely to comfort a dying foe that is classified as  an enemy to the Village before turning someone away dismissing them as a bad person. Instead of labeling someone he usually chooses to listen to them, following his heart to where it may take him whether it damage him from being naive or not. The young prodigy's feelings and thoughts have given him understanding which turned into wisdom as he grew older; all giving him a still yet omnipotent philosophical air. Ayane doesn't believe in words such as "good" and "evil", those words according to him are used by ignorant individuals who use them in the wrong context, he prefers to take things for what they truly are in the nature it was intended to be in.

Clan Members:  @Jero @Hizuke @Wuseng @Mikado @Sasuki @Maraki @Asami Yui @Geji

Clan Colors: Red, White, Black, & Gold

Clansmen Characteristics: Majestic blonde hair and crimson red eyes. Ukiyo have fairly white skin due to the cold climates of their land, though it isn't uncommon to see tanned or bronzed clansmen. They're skillful enough to speak in multiple languages and have a distinct glow about their chakra which flows our of their body; radiating. Some deemed them to be halo'd or favored by an omnipotent being.


Brief History: Originating in the Demon Country the Ukiyo Clan was birthed from two clans, one native, the other galatic. During times of war, upon the ending age of power seeking and total destruction, the clan was one of the most profited clans amongst the five nations. They supplied most countries with advanced weapons and technology which drew in many clients, two prominent villages being the villages hidden in the sky and rain. However as time passed the secrets of their creation and product were given through trade and information thanks to the hidden grass village shinobi which specialized in intelligence and spying. Nearing poverty the clan began dying off in vast numbers leaving a few who were commonly known as Serafima ("Literally Meaning; "The Burning Ones"") who possessed great skill in not only gathering information but prolonging the tradition of former clansmen. Low on profit the elders of the village decided to build and train a very selected few shinobi who were brought up to be the village's saviors as the chosen children of the Akajin Clan. Upon teenage years very few that did learn the ways of the Akajin and branded blood tithes were shipped across the countries as prophets who all rose up through the ranks of their assigned village to become known as esteemed ninja. Today the Ukiyo left remaining are those true soul survivors, leading lives of their own, traveling the world as monks or hermits. One being a male who was known for his intellect and had became very profitable and sought to become the richest shinobi in the world, Ayane. The other was a woman who was skilled and a master surgeon who left the village to pursue her way of life, having prophetically learned the ways of complex medical ninjutsu without the help of systematic schools. Seeking refuge in Konoha it was almost common to see one of these familiars. Though not always accepted the clan sought to build and change the place that they now call their home.


Kekkei Genkai: Kamigan ("Literally Meaning; "God's Eye"") - N/A

Clan Abilities: ??? N/A

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New clan entry



Village / Mist Village

Name/ Tora 

Clothing / Similar to this http://prntscr.com/m4qfqf with Tora sign on the back.

Purpose / A battle prowess hierarchy in Mist

Leadership / Those at the top 3 of the hierachy

Elder / Advisor on how to lead the first generation : Savagelli








Origin : The bloodline is said to have started in abandoned small missing villages. Tora, the first clan member, the ancestor, named after the tiger was born with Godly physical powers along with telepathic powers allowing him to dominate land battles. This power was passed down to through the bloodline giving each child enhanced physical and mental strength and the ability to tame and connect with tigers which grants them sight through the eye of a tiger. It is said that Tora initially lived in the hidden mist village but left after having discovered his connection with tigers during a mission. He felt no regret for leaving as there was a great absence of connection with his fellow ninjas and had always felt unexplainable deep emptiness inside. After he left, there were rumors saying that he was behind the idea of the Hunter Nin Corps and that he was a leading member of this faction but he did not stay there for a long time. He eventually decided to seek a greater purpose thus roamed from the Hidden Sand Village to the Hidden Leaf Village but realised his answers were home all along, so he eventually returned to the Mist Village and further his bloodline.

Today : The clan is said to be in the Hidden Mist Village but still hold some mysterious connections to the other villages. It has built its own Palace named after the ancestor “Tora” where clan members meet every year ( x weeks in game). Some ninjas passing by have said to hear clashing swords, others have felt inexplicable events such as heavy earthquakes or humane weird sounds of bells ringing in that area. People have concluded it to be a place not to visit. Those part of the clan know that it is a home where tournaments and battles are held. Not much else is known about this clan apart from there only being a few bloodlines left in the Hidden Village of Mist. 



Members of the Tora clan are hard to recognize as there is no trace of one belonging to the clan aside from their fighting skills. Their battle capabilities are extraordinaire from an young age which allows each clan member to master the art of combat in their own way before reaching adulthood. Some have chosen the pure strength path, to subdue their enemy in power and others have chosen the intellectual path, to control the environment and pace of the fight. A typical individual would either want to show his surroundings the limits of his powers by challenging the strongest current ninjas in the village or stay quiet in order to reserve that element of surprise. The latter would be usually one that has chosen the intellectual path. The strongest clan members attend the annual meetings and participate in monthly held tournaments. The winners are given clan titles starting from number 0 being the strongest, to 5 ( choice in  Japanese ). Zero – Saisho – Niban – Sanban – Dai 4 – Gobanme. This will display their overall battle prowess in their hierarchy. Whether it is a small or large fight, Tora clan members will dominate the battlefield.  So be careful when you face one..





The abilities of each clan member depends on which path they have chosen. They will be based mainly on their highest stats between Str/Int/Fort and Agility. Those that focus more on their chosen path, the strong their innate ability will be. 


1) Tora Aura 

*Channel 1 second to concentrate all your trained innate powers and focus it to your chosen path. This will act as a temporary stat buff.

After channeling, the user will have a continuous aura ( mix of red aura from first picture and blue aura from second picture ) flowing at a specific body part depending on the chosen path. 

The Strenght path will have its aura flow around the arms area / The Intelligence around the upper body to head area / The Fortitude around the chest area / The Agility path around the legs.

Aura Boost

 The lower the fortitude the higher the buff will be for the Str/Int and Agi path. The fortitude path will have a higher buff the lower stats in the 3 other paths.


2) Spirit of Tora

* Call the spirit of the ancestor to aid you in times of despair. *Ability can only be used when the user is below 50% hp and the lower the hp the stronger the ability  ( the longer it lasts ).

*Channel all your ancestral powers for 2 seconds to summon the spirit of Tora. While channeling the innate aura gradually moves through all inner paths ( Combined animation of all the aura boost ). The spirit of the ancestor, Tora, thus requires a control over the totality of all the paths.  It requires someone who can manage the flow of chakra through all the paths. Therefore, the higher the chakra the user has, the better control and the stronger the Summoning ( A tiger ) will be and last for.

The summoned tiger will be stationary giving its power to the user but it can be destroyed by enemies, its hp is based on the user's chakra.


Strenght Path: Your next attacks will deal x % more depending on your current hp

Intelligence Path: Remove all your cooldowns by x % upon activation and gain chakra per second from the summon.

Fortitude Path: Damage reduction by a x % during the duration of the summon, increases a bit depending on current hp.

Agility Path: Upon activation you have will an immunity to any cc but your summon gets much weaker by the second so it is easier to destroy.



Clan knowledge







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Leader : @Raikuzu Hozuki

: Quick introduction :

Tendō is a clan in Suna's new era,born from the ashes of the desert,Tendō is rising as a strong and loyal Clan,standing up for it's village and mates.Tendō is a clan specialized to gravity jutsu.

: Clan Clothing :
Clan's clothing is basically Gaara's clothing but in black

Clan colors are basically black and a color of choice.

: Old clan page :


: New clan page :


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 Miyama 美山 "Beautiful Mountain"

Clan Leader: Hoseki 


Village: Leaf

BulletPoint.PNG.b9487b7bff0953bf388a6a002ee98915.PNG Activity:

Currently, the Miyama clan includes 10 members, 3 Chunin, 1 LMPF. Members of the Miyama clan are first responders! They're the first to respond to any threats or raids that the Leaf village may face. Our clan members eagerly assist other clans and Leaf ninja with training, missions, and other day to day activities.

Clan Miyama is a very active role-playing clan. We created our own Clan Techniques (battle formations), we host daily clan meetings, and facilitate clan training that includes ( RP fights, Chunin Exam preparations, and leadership skills development).  The Miyama's frequently host clan tournaments between our village clans. Also we partnered with other Leaf organisations such as the Order of the Golden Scrolls. All Miyama Recruits must complete the mission (Retrieve The Kimono). This is a clan Miyama exclusive mission. Details CONFIDENTIAL.


Clothing: Hooded Hermit cape (Black and White), with the clan symbol on the back.


BulletPoint.PNG.b9487b7bff0953bf388a6a002ee98915.PNG History:

Three tribes living atop three mountains overlooking the Naka river fought for control over the river and its valuable resources for centuries. Each tribe was ruled over by an elder and after countless wars and deaths, the elders of each tribe would gather their tribes to send the dead down the Naka river and into the afterlife, this gathering was the only time of peace for the three tribes.

One summer the three mountains experienced a terrible heatwave, the snow peaks melted and washed away the clans shelter. Eventually, the fields dried up and so did the river. Men were dying not from war, but from exhaustion trying to mend the fields. The three elders met once again during the ceremony, but with no river to carry off their dead. Instead they buried them in the river bed in hopes the river would return to carry them off to the afterlife. These three elders came to an agreement to end the warring in order to survive this brutal drought. The elders decided that war could only be stopped if the old wounds of war were first washed away.

For the next month, the elders drained their chakra until they were near the point of death in order to release their people from the specters of war. Eventually, the elders released a jutsu so powerful it pulsated through the River Valley affecting every citizen enclosed by the three mountain peaks. This Jutsu was quickly hidden away under the mountains so it could never be used again. This long-range genjutsu had not only wiped the minds of all the clansmen but replaced the memories with new ones. Old enemies had become brothers and sisters and those who had died were washed away once the river's water returned, just as easily as their memories had been destroyed. Those that remained of the three tribes were now one clan called The Miyama Clan.

Old Clan Page: Hiruzen

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Clan: Jakusha (The Weak)

Sand Village

Clan Leader: Woo

We have 10 active members including the second in command and the leader.

We have two Jonins, four Chunins.

Jonin: Kishi and Toxzon

Chunin: Deadzoom, Lucifer, Melfina, and Woo

Clothes: A jet black ceramic with gold lining


The clan was formed by two clans joining back before the creation of the villages. The two combined clans were nothing truly special, they were average ninja who excelled in the use of weapons and the use of fire elemental jutsu. The weapons clan was named Mikadzuki, and the clan of fire specialist was named Kasai. The joining between the two clans was for many reasons, all the two clans did was survive during the constant fights that happened. For them, survival was the number one goal, and since both clans were known as being weak they decided that combining the clans would be best. With the combination of the clans, they decided to take on a new name, the new name was chosen to be ironic. Jakusha was the chosen name the clan adopted for its combined members.

Of course, the two leaders couldn’t decide on who would take over the new clan so a deal was made. The first born child from the clans combining would be the true leader and until then the two of them would rule over the clan together. The firstborn child happened a year later and his name was Ren Jakusha. The first true-born Jakusha clan member and he embodied it truthfully by excelling in both weapons use and the fire element. As he grew so did his power and reputation among the wandering clans. Eventually earning the nickname of Hinokami in the clan. He brought the clan together and lead it to more glory than the two clans had ever held separately. This, of course, brought other small clans like the Mikadzuki and Kasai used to be before they became the Jakusha. Being ruthless on the battlefield didn’t mean he was unfair or cruel off of it, asking only one thing of the smaller clans that were now asking to join the Jakusha and that was for them to believe in him and any successor he chooses that will rule over the Jakusha. Of course, some weren’t happy while others readily agreed. What was once only a clan that excelled in two certain types of fighting now held a wide range of members that excelled in different paths of being a ninja.

As time went on and the creation of the villages happened the Jakusha clan decided to join with the sand village. The desert was a place they enjoyed, and it seemed like sand was more accepting at the time compared to the leaf. Now the clan had something to work towards that meant more, the members dedicated themselves to the protection of the sand village and all of its members. As time went by the clan slowly lost the reputation it once held, now most in the sand don’t know much about the Jakusha. Now with the current war the clan leader was ill and getting old, he was chosen by the last leader and it was time for him to choose a new one as well. Old as he was Furui went to the clans current younger members and looked them over, watching as they trained. The Jakusha numbers had severely dropped due to wars and clan members not having kids. Noticing one particular ninja practicing his medical skills he pointed him out and asked for him to come over. Kiwi walked over with a smile and greeted the elderly clan leader. After Furui asked for his name the younger boy answered with Kiwi. Without saying anything else Furui walked off and that was the last time the two of them talked. When Furui died of his sickness two months later in his will Kiwi Jakusha was named as his successor to the position of the clan leader. Outrage from the older members of the clan came but they were ignored as the tradition was for the Leader to pick the next one. Over time Kiwi had proven his leadership and the name of him and his right hand man Woo had spread throughout the ears of many.



Old Page:


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Cold Blood - 冷血


Lore: Long ago ancient beings dictated over the course of human affairs from the shadows. Those humans -- our ancestors lived under bondage serving the ancient beings and fighting needlessly under their control. The strongest of the ancient beings dwelled within the Land of Fire, controlling more humans than any other. These were dark times for the history of humans and yet there was one man who dared defy the ancients who ruled over them all. This man was the first of the Reiketsu. Once a common thrall to the ancients, this man rose up against the mightiest of the ancients, the one who ruled in the Land of Fire to free the people of its control. 

The fight did not go as the man hoped for however. For how can one man kill an ancient being alone? Severely injuring the ancient being of the Land of Fire, he freed the people of its control. Yes, that would seem an invaluable victory, but the story did not end with the man banishing the ancient being. As the ancient set out to flee for his life he let out a final curse upon the man. The ancient said, 'Let your blood run cold.' Thus, the man's blood felt as ice and his skin pealed as he was involuntarily transformed into a creature resembling the ancients.

The transformation of the Reiketsu was not permanent, but it lasted long enough for the people to see the man as one of those who controlled them. Weapons were raised both to protect the man and to slaughter him. There were those who saw his accomplishment as a hero who defeated the strongest ancient and made the rest flee in horror and there were those who saw him as a man who shared their blood. In hope to ease the tension between the people, the Reiketsu vanished from their presence. 

Now a days, the Reiketsu have slowly simulated back into the Land of Fire. In fact they have been suspected as never to have left. The clan blood has grown strong and has spread to many new Shinobi. Reiketsu have held many titles and achieved many things. There are those who still hate the Reiketsu, those who love them, and those who altogether have forgotten about them. No matter, the Reiketsu are still there for days to come.



Clan abilities:

1) Last Resort: At 0 hp, you go on fighting for an additional 5 seconds. (Your character is transformed to a more undead appearance to show ability is activated)

Fun facts:

  • Reiketsu are cold to the touch!
  • Their skin slightly glows in the light.
  • Their eyes slightly glow in the dark.


Black and Red

Logo explained:

The clan are sort of like vampires, cold blooded and cursed for days to come so a bat is taken up in remembrance. The moon signifies the restless nights and curse. 

(I lost a lot of stuff for this clan, but I want the memory to live on even if it does in a new way. Special thanks to @Yousei Reiketsu for creating it and being my friend.)

P.S. We were a mixed clan, but our origins and lore were the Land of Fire (Leaf) so that's where we shall stay if Rory permits.

Old Roster: 

Arty Reiketsu

Yousei Reiketsu

Wolfskin Reiketsu

Yen Reiketsu

Smokez Reiketsu

Mystogan Reiketsu

Nagashi Reiketsu

Maj Reiketsu

Riley Reiketsu

Niti Reiketsu

Kur Reiketsu

...and more!



Wolfskin Reiketsu

Letsco Reiketsu

Tri Reiketsu

Yousei Reiketsu


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