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Noroime Clan


Noroime is from two Japanese word -> "Noroi" – cursed , and "me" – eye .
(We are opened to new names for the clan)


Leaf village


Clan Activity

We help new genins with their missions. We are also active bounty hunters who protect our village from criminals.


Clan Ability

Cursed genjutsu (Noroi Genjutsu) – A strange technique that allows users to activate their cursed eye, which puts all surrounding enemies into genjutsu and stuns them for 7 seconds. The affected victims will see clones attacking on them with kunais while bleeding uncontrollably.

Clan History

The clan is young , but it all started during the reign of Lord 4th. One twisted leaf medic at the time kidnapped many young ninjas and experimented on them in the Abandoned Lair. He changed their DNAs to Cursed DNAs and produced the strongest warriors existed.


Due to his actions, the Hokage exiled him from the Leaf village and tried to rescue those experimented. However, no rescue teams made it back successfully because the warriors fought for the medic who controls them with genjutsu. These strong warriors use cursed eye techniques that were seriously fatal for their victims.


A few years later, the medic started a war with the Leaf Village using his warriors. As the medic’s genjutsu gradually became less effective in controlling the warriors, he lost the war. The survived warriors realized what they had done and became conscious of their actions. After they escaped from the crazy medic's hand and came back to the Leaf village, they created the cursed clan Noroime. The children of this clan possess the cursed eye passed down from their parents. Now, the first Noroime members became the elders, and the Noroime Clan became the protector of the Leaf Villlage that protects its villagers from the evil of the ninja world.


Clan Leader:  Noroime Tate

Elder: Steezo , Noroime Memsky

Clan's members: EdoTensei Tracer , Noroime Neet , Kazuga , Naples , Sasuquen , Noah , Lenaties , Izanami , xAttractive , Toyoma , Copy , Azhura , EZNinjaBaller


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On 1/8/2019 at 5:32 AM, Magatama said:

Clan Name: Magatama

Affiliation: Missing


Magatama clan was founded by Great Sage Magatama, for many generations, our main activity was supervising local temples and helping normal people.

We bless people and help them resolve unnecessary conflicts.

As priests/monks we don't use violence even if it costs our life. 

We have huge Temple but most of our members is scattered across whole world. 

We get money from donations or little trades. 

One of current leaders is reincarnation of Great Sage Magatama


We usually wear used kimonos, ponchos or rarely on special events Monk robes(we would be grateful to wear blessing monk robes). 





There is no such thing as clans affiliated only with Missings atm because you can't start as a Missing Ninja, your clan carries with you after you leave the village, you're just a different branch ie.

Also whats the meaning of the name, it has to be lore friendly

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On 1/8/2019 at 5:32 AM, Kuraen Ohiya said:

Kuraen Clan

Leader - Kuraen Elodin @Kuraen Elodin

Village- Leaf

Clan Name- Kuraen (Comes from combing word Kuro meaning black and Kaen meaning Flame)

Activity- Currently 12 active members, mainly participating in defending the Leaf village from enemies also hunting it’s enemies and other criminals. Also active in roleplay, helping out new people and hosting clan events. 

Clothing- Already exists in Leaf clothing shop

Information- Wolf clan inspired by Inuzuka and Jugo clan with ability to use senjutsu to transform in to wolf like creature known as Akuma no Okami

Link to clan page:





Very good so far, but I may need a better name

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On 1/8/2019 at 5:39 AM, Saito The Prodigy said:

Clan Name: Takahera 
Village: Leaf
Objective: The clan is aiming to be undying servants to the lead , as we aim to integrate ourselves into every aspect of the village so that we can better protect and serve the village and it's villagers. We have been forced into hiding from some time, but the clan is looking to come out of the shadows and once again serve the lead in plain view. 
Origin: The name Takahera is derived from hawks as we have gotten our name from our close relationship  with Hawk summons and have used them in a long partnership to Hunt for food and enemies before settling down in a village. and have gained abilities akin to a hawk as our eyes have been honed to be extremely keen and sharp , and in our strongest members after a month of complete darkness due to our ritual where they must go to the clan's secret grounds and spend the month blindfolded in complete darkness to train their other senese and see without seeing. Upon completion of this ritual their eyes evolve into the Takaeigan a dojutsu that allows them to see limits far beyond the limits of the normal human eye, as well as the ability to pinpoint the presence of chakra being able to see chakra as if it was  physically manifested. 
Symbol: Our Symbol Represents our clans connection to hawks 


Clothing Ideas: Our clan is usually associated with Hunting gear  like the black hermit cape, as anything that allows for mobility we normally wear cloaks as to keep our weapons and tools concealed and our color scheme is Blue and Yellow


clan eye.jpg

Leafs won't have Hawks

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On 1/8/2019 at 11:29 AM, Sin said:
Leader - Sin Tensei
Village- Leaf
Clan Name- Tensei (Means Reincarnation)
Members- Currently 10 members
Activity- Protecting the village, Helping players, Raids
Clothing- None
Background- The Tensei clan consists of a small group of elite assassins that have only one goal: “To protect the Leaf from its shadows.” The Tensei clan does not show mercy, as they have had a rough past and only want the Leaf to prosper. It all started in a time where there was peace in the ninja world. The Leaf and Sand were under a peace treaty, and the crime rate was low. The only ninja that were misbehaving, were the rogues. During this time three young genins from the Leaf trained long and hard to become strong shinobi.

A clan is like a family, calling an entire family an elite group of assassins is put kindly - weird. It's like saying all people in the Lee family are born natural killers etc.
A family is diverse, what's unique has to be something about their bloodline.

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On 1/8/2019 at 10:37 PM, Light said:


New clan entry /w new idea

Clan name: Ion
Clan leader: Light
Village: Sand Village

Aeon in Japanese Ion イオン
"An indefinite and very long period of time." Part of the ideals and norms are inherited from the ancestors of Sand Village. You have to know the past to understand the present to embrace the secrets within. -Carl Sagan


What makes this clan unique is the fact that your account has to be X-amount old and/or level capped to learn the secret forbidden jutsu if you were at first Non-Clan.

  • Clan jutsu being Doujutsu "Hikari" that turns their eyes blue momentarily as proof of their purity compared to other similar Doujutsu.
  • Their hairstyle is pure white as they've aged during their Nin-Online adventure and normally their eyes are gray as activation of Hikari decreases their regular sight.

With age comes great wisdom and their soul has been purified from darkness by light. The clan members are battle conditioned true veterans of different combat situations and shinobi wars. All this leads to the fact that they've studied every single taijutsu and ninjutsu -style carefully. 

  • Activation of Hikari decreases all incoming damage by -20% for 1-minute as their vision becomes more clear and they can read their opponents movements and act accordingly. Cooldown on the doujutsu is 3-minutes. Chakra cost is -55cp.


There will be more detailed clan introduction in case this clan is found appealing.

Families don't base their names on Hiragana from my knowledge. Ion is an english word and is just directly translated into japanese.

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On 1/9/2019 at 9:16 AM, Someone said:

Kōsoku/Speed of light

New Clan



Affliation : Missing

History&Past : Wars between villages and clans are common. Many clans are destroyed. Many survive. We make part of the second group. With the technique passed form generation to generation, the focus on our intellect, the oponent will probably underestimate us. We use the jutsus the best way there is, we mainly use body flicker. We are not absurdly strong, but there are prodigies. That way, we contradict the rule of "The strongest survives", because to us, the ones that survive are not the ones with better power. Your clan can be the best, but a great strategy war can be a even better, even stronger than a pure raw power. The ninjas and normal humans survived for years to strong animals thanks to the pure skill of intellect, while also becoming better in many areas. Because of that, our potential has to be reached, used and abused. With our great skill of furtivity, we prefer not to live in territories. We are nomads. But, within the camps we make, there are ones that prevail. So, we use that making we have a place to call home.


Characteristics : People of our clan Usually have "Dazed" Eye style and Black Eyes

Clothes Idea :


Simple Clothes But great for mobility

(That's just a Concept, We also have the symbol on the back of the shirt )

About AbilitiesWe made some abilities but we are not posting them here, only if the clan is approved. Also the idea is on the history


All clans must be associated with a village, I explained above

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Leader: @Tameshi Hinode

Clan Name: Hinode(Sunrise)

Village: Leaf

Clothing: Long coats,wide,comfortable clothes in dark colors like black,grey,or blue,but also white.Alternatively,the colors could be changed to orange,red,white and yellow,to match the sun-theme of the clan.Another idea,would be to provide clothes with darker colors,for new clan members,and brighter ones,for higher ranked clan members.Below,you can see our attempt at designing a uniform for our clan.



Activity: We are regulary taking part in raids,or try to help defend the village against those.Furthermore,we are taking part in RP events(even without rewards)and try to help out fellow villagers,primary,new players.The goals for the future,would be,to host our own RP events and make sure that new players have a much better time getting into the game,and ofcourse,we want to serve the leaf as best as we can.   

Information: The hinode family values its traditions and rules,but also the principles of honor and loyalty.They are known for their iron will,when it comes to following orders and carrying out missions,but also for their warmth,when caring about a fellow clan member.

Our clan has its roots in our multigaming guild,that exists for a few years already,so some of our clan members know each other for a long time already.The hinode clan in nin,has currently 17 members.

Jutsus: I discussed this with other clan members for a while,to come up with some nice ideas.Our jutsus would be based on the power of the sun and its characteristics. Jutsus that could either burn close enemies,blind them,or make hidden opponents visible(it would work different from the sensoring jutsu).The main aspect though,would be blinding.Regarding this,i have 2 ideas:

1- If you are blinded,the next jutsu that you use in x seconds,will miss.

2- If you are blinded,the screen goes white for a few seconds,and you lose your,,target'',if you had one.

We got a lot more ideas for this,but i didnt want to make this post too confusing.

Link to clan page: 




Thats all,thanks for your time.

I hope its not too late yet,to submit a new clan.  



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Story: The yeet clan was a very proud clan, they almost cherished their pride more then their families. The yeet clan was known as a very deadly clan, harnesting the power of memes and the most dank. All of them are extinct, except for yeet man.

Justu: Yeet Style: Ya Justu. You whip and nae nae to a player and place your hand on their head and suck their soul.


Edited by YeetMan
To show my logo
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On 18.02.2019 at 3:52 AM, Ueda said:

Very good so far, but I may need a better name

If you have problem with the name you could talk with our leader about it and not ignore him

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Clan: The Yoake Clan (Means Rising Dawn)

Location: Leaf Village

Clan Leader: Myself, SiegeNinja

The Yoake Clan was once a very powerful clan. If they weren't fighting battles against other villages, they were fighting among themselves. They were the perfect embodiment of the Will of Fire that all Leaf ninja have inside of them. During the Great War, The Yoake Clan directly disobeyed orders by the fourth Hokage. The Hokage had commanded them to withdraw from the battle for their safety. Of course, they weren't listening. Obsessed with the heat of battle and the screams of men, the expert swordsman carried on, cutting all who stood in their way to ribbons, foe and ally alike. Although the had a great impact on the fate of the village, they had disobeyed direct orders. Many of the Yoake clan had fallen in battle, leaving only five members alive. The living members of the Yoake Clan were punished by being forced to live in the sewer system under the leaf village, becoming one with the darkness. But in the years following the punishment, the clan repopulated. The five remaining members became honored elders of the clan. And from the darkness, they began to rise.

 Doujutsu: Through their many years living in the darkness, their eyes have developed almost perfect night vision, allowing them to see great distances in the dark without hindrance

Skills: The Yoake Clan members are excellent swordsman, wielding swords like an extension of their body

Clothing: They wear long trench coats and black face masks, depicting a demons mouth








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Clan Name: Nekone (Neko - cat and cats are cute and funny like our acts)

Village: Sand

Activity: Everywhere.

Clan Symbol:


Clan Clothes:



Nekone clan is a fresh one, but rising a lot because of their skills, that allow to manipulate the art they create. But the history here is more about a few of their memebers that wanted to change the habit of it. The history begin when a young one called Azuuki find out about a new theater that will be build in Sand Village.


In her head start rising a new way of living, to change that daily routine. With everything she planned, young Azuuki went to her friend Achai and start to describe the idea she had, about creating a new theater group!


They went to meeting with Kazekage to aks him if it will be able to use it after they finished the building, as he was courious what the young Shinobi wants to do there, he allowed them to use it as they want. After a few months the building was finished, Azuuki and Achai went there with much inspirations, and focus on what they wanted to do from now on, make smile on people faces and make them laugh more than its neccesary.

3a.png.96ed8b231e0f22f22620b5507f49489a.png           4a.png.719611f60c23362b673ee748525118db.png

Inside the building they find out about a boy called Gegarma when he secretly trying to performance himself at the stage.



As they saw he was a very good talented, and without any hesitation Azuuki invited him to the clan, and also to their theater group. He gladly accepted that offer and then they start cleaning theater to make it usable so they can make their first act of laugh for those who are still in fight and need a bit of rest.



If you wish to know more about Nekone clan itself, its not much to tell. They start rising in the last war between Sand and leaf with their skills of arts, like they could creating a lot of golems with clay. By increasing the army because of that they were able to rise rank in Sand village rather quicker than other clans.


Clan Members:






Clan Focus:


Well obviously, like in the history of clan we want to make people laugh and enjoy their shinobi life in this not safe world. We would like to make performances around the whole land of fire even in Konoha and Takumi Villages. Everyone deserve a bit of fun.


Special Ability:

(*Will be added if the clan will get accepted*)

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Shuku ... Konton ... Two nations that in the past have declared multiple wars and annexations ... 60 years ago, the conflict, at its peak, shaved the surface of both camps, following the creation of a forbidden technique, the "Gukoizan" which exterminated 99.98% of the population.

Today, the Yagyu clan, unique survivors of the conflict, has become integrated with the different populations of the five major ninja villages. If they are dividing, their goal remains the same ... Prevent the creation of a new Gukoizan! The methods diverge, but they are ninjas whose kekkei genkai is a dojutsu called "Miraigan" allowing them to easily predict the dangers in a fight ...


Even if the mentality has changed over time, the Yagyu remain close to theirs. phylosophical dogma. Death to the traitors.



Location : Kiri/Mist



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Murasame 村雨
(村雨 Murasame, literally "village rain", though often translated as "autumn rain")
Mist Clan
(Clan Logo Incoming)

(Clothing: not decided yet)

A clan of legendary sword-smiths from the mighty Village of the Mist. They are renown for their Swordsmen (although there are Ninjas from the clan who use other masteries). Koga Murasame is infamous for being called the "Mad Sword-smith" and has contributed to the propaganda pushed by other villages that his swords are yōtō (妖刀, "cursed katana"), saying that wielding a Murasame Katana is wielding a Demonic sword that has a hunger for blood that must be fed before being returned to the scabbard. This in turn often leads weaker warriors to run in fear and veterans to be cautious when facing a Ninja with a sword made from this clan.

Terrorist Cell
A splinter group of the Murasame Clan is known to form terrorist cells that are anti-Kage, hating the form of governance and likening it to slavery where the people on the bottom of the totem pole die for the ambitions of the ones on top of it. These unnamed Cells are Anarchy driven, saying that the true state of life is a state of chaos that is ever changing where no masters can dictate the destiny of men.

I have tasted the blood of the holy kitsune! The architecture of its blood! Death is coming! I am the ravager of souls, the grim reaper of the mist! GIVE ME YOUR SOUL!!!! - Koga Murasame

Pathway: Weapon Masters who are know for their ability in Kenjutsu (剣術) , their Kekkei Genkei will have to do with that. I must of course discuss with Rory to know exactly what I have the right to put here since I do not want to overstep. But the idea I had is the technique of Battōjutsu (抜刀術 battō-jutsu)
("the craft of drawing out the sword")  Basically the skill revolves around the art of drawing your sword and striking in one swift motion, the friction of the sword within the scabbard increases the speed of the attack, often called a "chambered blast" by the receiving end since the blinding speed seems to smash trough the barrier of sound.




Edited by VestaOrion
Changing name from Muramasa to Murasame

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1 hour ago, Moixo no Ryuta said:



Afilliation: Missing

Clan Leaders: Takashi "Akatatsu" and Moixo "Seiryû"


Known as a warrior clan, the Ryuta Clan has been formed by two brothers trained specially in Taijutsu since their parents were kidnaped by Rory when they were 6 years old, and have been seeking for them since today, being both of them 19 years old now.

In seek of power they became criminals in the Hidden Leaf village, making them get exiled by the hokage Shirou. They have been fighting each other for moths, so one day, a sage dragon noticed an overwhelming potential on them, so decided to train them in dragon sage arts, what brought them a blood bond by summoning, beginning the first days of the Ryuta Clan.


No such thing as missing clan, Rory said so already in this topic 

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Affiliation: Leaf

Clan Leaders: Takashi "Akatatsu" and Moixo "Seiryû"



Known as a warrior clan, the Ryuta Clan has been formed by two brothers trained specially in Taijutsu since their parents werekidnaped by Rory when they were 6 years old, and have been seeking for them since today, being both of them 19 years old now.

In seek of power they became criminals in the Hidden Leaf village, making them get exiled by the hokage Shirou. They have been fighting each other for moths, so one day, a sage dragon noticed an overwhelming potential on them, so decided to train them in dragon sage arts, what brought them a blood bond by summoning, beginning the first days of the Ryuta Clan.


There are two types of clothing colours in the clan, that consist in Red(As a symbol for Akatatsu the Red Dragon), or in Blue(As a symbol for Seiryû the Blue Dragon) .

Special Abilites: 

Ryuken: The most known Jutsu of the Ryuta Clan, is a fist that scales on scaled on the user's best stat not counting Fortitude.

Dragon Sage Mode: A secret Jutsu that will grant the user 30% Chakra, and 30% to the highest offensive stat of the user(Agi, Str or Int).


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Name:  Seiryoku 勢力 (Force; Power; Strength)

Clan Elder: Shissei

Village: Sand

Description: Seiryoku is a warring clan that has been considered as the protector of the Land of Wind for many generations. The kinsmen of this clan are trained to become great warriors from the moment of their birth, shaped into resilient and powerful men and women in the most ferocious parts of the Great Desert. Sole objective of this clan is the protection of Land of Wind against all outside threats. The clansmen of Seiryoku are considered upmost loyal to their village and their duties. They do not seek to inflict harm or conquer lands beyond the desert but will slaughter anyone who dares to threaten their homeland.

History: Generations ago during the age of the very first Great Ninja War, Land of Wind found itself in dire situation. Nearing a brink of complete annihilation by the outside forces the village of Sunagakure had almost lost all their hopes in protecting their village, the lack of resources and greatly desired manpower was nowhere to be found to defend in dire times of need. Until one day a great warrior who claimed to come from the ''Demon's Desert'' appeared in the village. Concerned about the state of crisis in the village, he proposed to the Kazekage ''the leader of Sunagakure'' to allow him and his kinsmen to fight for their homeland. The Kazekage gladly accepted the offer but was worried when the clan arrived with but a mere number of one hundred men but against all odds the warrior and his clan, after months of holding the line in passage of the Great Gates of Sunagakure, invaded by thousands, repelled the outside threats and saved the village. After such heroic act, the Kazekage requested the great warrior and his kinsmen to move into the village and unite their people, to protect and fight for one-another, since that day the clan ''Seiryoku'' became a part of Sand.

Clothing: A sand colored plated armor with a tint of red, that covers the torso but leaves arms and legs open for better movement.




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Clan: Noragami (stray God)
Village: sand / missing


Jikan Eye:

The Noragami Clan Is a clan from another continent that fled to the land of wind, the descendant 
of the Noragami clan now live in the shinobi wold as ninja. 
The eye is awakened at a random point in someones life, and once it is, it can not be turned off.
Visions of the future can be seen through the user's dreams or through concentration. It may also happen at random. 
The stronger the eye is in someone, the more accurate and further someone can see into the future. 


Temporal Sight The user can see any point all throughout time, whether that be along their own timelines or along the timelines of others however this happens at random to the Noragami clan without long term concentration. 

Fourth dimension manipulation - User can stop time while being unaffected themselves. If the user moves before this ability ceases, it would appear to everyone that the user teleport-ed.  The user makes a small or medium sphere around them self that stops time for all inside for a short time.


Roxies, Miku, Kushkaga, Yato Noragami, Mika, Laws


The Noragami Clan existed for many years, watching the world evolve before their eyes.
Since they first came into existence back when the world was new, they had predicted the future with the Jikan eye. 
The first of the clan was said to be a woman who used her amazing power of the eye to lead the first people
into a new world. When they lived in fear of the the darkness, she gave them fire. When they were starving with nothing to eat, she showed them how to hunt and farm.
And when they were attacked, she showed them how to kill. It was even said that she taught them the potential of chakra and its many forms.

As time went on the Noragami clan began to thrive, using their power as a light to shine the way for mankind, pulling them from the dark ages.
However they were not some heavenly sent creators. They were simply people trying to survive along side others. So when they had seen what awaited them in the 
distant future the leaders of the clan decided they should seclude themselves for hundreds of years from the rest of the world to change the future laid out before them.

Though as country and kingdoms rise so too does the need for power. Not the power to guide but the kind to completely destroy an enemy at any turn.
This lead to people seeking out the Noragami clan members and asking for there aid in battles time and time again.

Since the Noragami clan feared the outside world, it lead to them refusing and cutting all ties with those that ask for help. As a result,
since they were not allies of those people, they were seen as enemies. It was the very people that asked for aid 
that decided to make the Noragami clan serve them by force.

So they were hunted down by most of them and were killed as others were taken as slaves for the selfish purpose of 
gaining an advantage over other country's clans or even villages, forcing them to use their power to kill and conquer.

As they did not excel in violence, the Noragami clan was almost all wiped out or taken as prisoners. 
As for the members of the clan that escaped, they fled across the Coral Ocean to the Land of Wind and hid among the people of the sand.

It has been many years since the Noragami have come to the sand and the new generation have decided not to make the same mistake as there ancestors.
Instead, they will not let fear make them inactive and allow others to control them. It is this very ideal
that gives them their mentality to train harder then most, pushing themselves to there limits even though they don't specialize in any jutsu or form of combat. They use their
wit and perseverance to overcome enemies on this new continent.

"Even if you can see the future, that does not mean it's set in stone"

Past activity
Since the time of the 1st Kazekage, the Noragami clan has travelled from village to village all over the Shinobi world. They have helped with raids, spying, stealing,
selling info, whatever it takes to survive. Not all Noragami are guilty of these crimes though. Most act on a individual level but recently they've been coming together and
warn the sand village of attacks , raids, spy's, and traitors. We plan to do more but we have to show our existence first.








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