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The Sakeme Clan (Riptide)

Special Jutsu: Reflection style (explained in backstory)

Village: Hidden Mist Village

Leader: To be decided

Uniform: Tank top with high arm guards, going halfway up bicep


Long ago, as a method of reinforcing the mist's strength, the Kage ordered a special task force made, for eliminating the ninjas that their villages own shinobi did not

have the power to. Combining willing participants from the hunter nin and various swordsmen, the Sekeme force was formed in secret, as some would call it

unethical. The force grew over the years, taking out the biggest threats in the land. Moving like shadows, striking like snakes, Sekeme became a feared group across

many lands. The force, spending nearly all of their time together, became closer than brothers, forming one of the mist's clans. Members of the clan, from age four,

were taught how to use the sword like an extension of the body. Through grueling trainingand punishment, the members that came out alive became excellent

swordsmen. Though frowned upon, if a member desired a different destiny than was expected, they could seek special training from experts on their sought after

mastery. Despite the clan heavily relying on the skill of its men in combat with the blade, medics were much respected and honored. A few years after the clan being

formed, its leader Kushimaru was brutally murdered by Maight Dai. One of his close companions, Kaito, had a son, Fukahire, who was soon elected because of his skill

with the blade and enormous chakra bank. Fukahire quickly began research on a new style of jutsu, spending many nights meditating with his close advisors.

Confident in their skill with the blade, Fukahire sent out 10 shinobi of the clan to execute the leader of the Leaf Village's Suwa clan. Despite the power of the ninja sent,

after a long struggle in between the two forces, Suwa came out on top,murdering the remaining ninja. A few weeks later, news reached Fukahire. The leader sobbed,

as nearly half of his clan, including some of his closest friends, were now dead. Fearing the same outcome for his son's generation, he doubled the effort to train the

Sekeme shinobi to be unstoppable killing machines. The new method of training taught a sword technique never tested in battle, only discussed among the clan

elders. The technique required quick movement, using the blade as a distraction as well as a weapon. Fukahire was seeing progress in the young ones, but the blades

were unfit for the new way of battle. They required a light, yet strong sword, as to be swung fast as the wind and hit harder than an earthquake. Fukahire set out into

the mountains after a fabled blacksmith from the Land of Iron. A few weeks later, he stumbled across the cavern housing the man in question, Haruto. Knowing that

the lands remained safe because of this group of mist ninja, Haruto agreed to supply swords to the clan. To prove his worth to Fukahire, he crafted him a katana like

no other the leader had seen before. Light as air and stronger than titanium, Fukahire paid him in advance, providing a small group of men to escort Haruto to the

village. Returning to the village Fukahire was assassinated by a squad sent from the ANBU Black Ops. His son Kisuma, was brought his fathers sword by a messenger

ninja weeks later. Holding a tournament to determine the new leader, Akuma came out on top, popular for his unusual style of wielding two two-handed blades at

once, juggling them in the air and slashing in between, creating a barrage of attacks. Kisuma made a blood oath, using his fathers sword, to become leader and

avenge Fukahire. Putting in twice the effort as the other kids, all except Kurimu, his childhood rival, he rose in skill and strength. Akuma, as leader, began the tradition

of weekly tournaments, anyone above age 16 eligible to enter. Among master swordsmen, these one versus ones were high intensity, high speed tests of strength.

Already popular enough, Akuma finished Fukahire's studies, producing the Reflection style. Requiring both the enemy and user to be by a reflective surface, this style

also required precise timing and enormous amounts of chakra. The jutsu allowed users use the users reflection to control the opponents reflection, similar to shadow possession, and is highly useful in large expanses of water.  As members mastered the style, they began carrying vials of water, used to create reflections in any

situation. Kisuma and Kurimu, both now 16, began taking part in the tournaments. The two were a perfect display of how deadly the new sword technique was

combined with reflection style. The older members, who had been set in their ways, stood no chance against the two shinobi. In the final match, Kurimu and Kisuma

faced off in a fast paced display of skills. In the end, both ninja forfeit, strengthening the bonds they had built over the years. The corps of medics within the clan had

grown over the years, taking up almost half the clan. The healers had discovered an effective method of mixing combat and health of their fellow ninja. Akuma was

killed a few years later during an assassination mission, setting off a trap and revealing his location. The elders wanted a tournament, yet most already had a leader

in mind. Kisuma was quickly elected to leadership, as many had seen his skill in swordsmanship. Kisuma almost immediately promoted his former rival Kurimu to

elder, not being able to imagine leading without his closest ally. With Kisuma as leader the clan thrived, experiencing power they had always desired. Whispers on the

wind, shadows in the night, the Sakeme lives on....

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The  Hattori Clan (服部)                                                                                                                       

     hanzo clan à¤à¥ लिठà¤à¤®à¥à¤ परिणाम currently logo will be reworked in pixel art nd get slight changes 

 clan Elder : @Amritv 

  Location : Land of fire 

village : (konohagakure) 

clan info :  

The Hattori are  master of subterfuge, assassination and the hidden knife in the dark. They are experts in the art of ninjutsu, and one of the families responsible for developing a school of murder and sabotage, the "Iga-ryu ninjutsu". Not surprisingly, then, they can recruit ninja warriors more cheaply than any other clan, and their ninja have more expertise, both on and off the battlefield. The Hattori are dangerous indeed and, as they look beyond the borders of land of fire , which is their home province. 

specializes in : reusing of things with new tactics  


clan  Genetic structure / body build  :

This clan has gone through  many  variations and as a result every member of this clan  has more  neurons than an average human, this makes them hyper active , the heart blood pumping rate  is also high which give access to inhale more o2 thus the muscle cells are able to breakdown more glucose (ATP) which gives the clan' genetic build kind of inhumane strength. however these drastic  changes in this human race is still a mystery. 

rna dna à¤à¥ लिठà¤à¤®à¥à¤ परिणाम

Ancient clan teachings :  meditation / yin yang balance / zen mastery / Buddhism and Confucianism / to be calm in nature and accept even the most Bitterest  or  even the most fruitful with no  hesitation .

Activity :  most intermediate usually focuses quests and are dedicated towards achievement , they are somewhat calm and less talkative in nature.

elders and og's  usually keep themselves aside from every illusion the world offers 







and Sloth

 they leave them behind and walk the path of delusion .


meditating 7 chakras à¤à¥ लिठà¤à¤®à¥à¤ परिणाम


@Ueda this idea of mine is based up on sevral concepts and the proper abilities are still not clear but everything is in development right . 


man wears traditional kimono for usual places  , inner clothing can be of any shade 

सà¤à¤¬à¤à¤§à¤¿à¤¤ à¤à¤®à¥à¤


  at war and for battle purpose:

a grey war armor just lookalike of the red war armor 



women :

casual : a japanese traditional kimono 


gintoki japanese traditional dress à¤à¥ लिठà¤à¤®à¥à¤ परिणाम

at war / battlefield

use any tight outfit for the time  (still thinking of that i aint got a girl in my team :/)

doujutsu in the clan a perception beyond physics  : 

The pineal gland, also refered as the 3rd eye,  conarium, or epiphysis cerebri, is a small endocrine gland in the brainof most vertebrates. The pineal gland produces melatonin, a serotonin-derived hormonewhich modulates sleep patterns in both circadian and seasonal cycles. The shape of the gland resembles a pine cone from which it derived its name.[1] The pineal gland is located in the epithalamus, near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two halves of the thalamus join.[2][3] The pineal gland is one of the neuroendocrine secretory circumventricular organs that are not part of the blood-brain-barrier.[4]

Nearly all vertebrate species possess a pineal gland. The most important exception is a primitive vertebrate, the hagfish. Even in the hagfish, however, there may be a "pineal equivalent" structure in the dorsal diencephalon.[5] The lancelet Branchiostoma lanceolatum, the nearest existing relative to vertebrates, also lacks a recognizable pineal gland.[6] The lamprey (another primitive vertebrate), however, does possess one.[6] A few more developed vertebrates lost pineal glands over the course of their evolution.[7]

The results of various scientific research in evolutionary biology, comparative neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, have explained the phylogeny of the pineal gland in different vertebrate species. From the point of view of biological evolution, the pineal gland represents a kind of atrophied photoreceptor. In the epithalamus of some species of amphibians and reptiles, it is linked to a light-sensing organ, known as the parientel eye which is also called the pineal eye or third eye.[8]

René Descartes believed the human pineal gland to be the "principal seat of the soul". Academic philosophy among his contemporaries considered the pineal gland as a neuroanatomical structure without special metaphysical qualities; science studied it as one endocrine gland among many. 

Illu pituitary pineal glands.jpg   

clan memebers :

none atm but i am sure of the success of this clan and imo people will show their trust toward us @Ueda please take your time and even if it require changes it would be for good. also @Indra how's it brada? 

i personally got inspired by the deeds of hattori hanzo in the sengoku era of japan's war history , that's where the clan name came from 

thank you for reading 

~ amritv


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(Cherry Trees in the Evening)

History: The Yōzakura Clan (夜桜一族, Yōzakura Ichizoku) is a hidden clan with origins in the Land of Water. The Clan was originally founded by a group of people who all came from a small remote village in the Land of Water. These people held many different jobs including many forms of teaching, cooking, hunting, etc. The ones who chose to become Ninja trained day and night and fought endlessly to perfect their craft. These Ninja banded together and called themselves "The Band of the Booty" or "Booty Gang" because their sole purpose was to collect money for their village. They were honorable mercenaries who effortlessly completed high-level missions from across the Land of Water in succession. The ones who would hire them knew of their skills and eventually, the entire Land knew of this group's Greatness. With such Greatness, people would show spite, jealousy, and even started to fear them. Despite their feelings, there was not much anyone could do because of "Booty Gang"'s prowess. After becoming more and more famous, they started accumulating major wealth. These mercenary Ninja would go on to start families within the original remote village, create hidden Jutsu, have customs, and develop their own culture. The group grew at an alarming rate, with members having many children and the men occasionally having multiple partners, some not even born inside the remote village. This would force the group to expand. The village grew to the point that they weren't just a group of Ninja; they were an entire family. This would ultimately lead them to forming the "Yōzakura Clan". As they expanded, they would set out to move to Kirigakure.

Unfortunately, during their migration, they were betrayed by those who hired them and were constantly ambushed throughout their journey. They already had enemies from foreign lands; but combined with enemies from the Land of Water, it was only a matter of time before the constant attacks would pose an actual threat to the Clan's survival. So instead of constantly fending off hundreds of Ninja in a large group, the Yōzakura would scatter across the Land of Water, making it seem as if they disappeared. This was to protect each other and keep the secrets of the Yōzakura Clan hidden. As they separated from each other, their end point was still Kirigakure. Before the Clan separated, they promised to survive and eventually unite with each other one day... but it's not known if they ever truly united. 

Not much was known about this Clan in recent times due to the fact that over generations, the Yōzakura Clan's former enemies would begin to erase any evidence of their existence. They raided their previous settlements, attempting to find hidden scrolls and would destroy their abandoned villages to make sure they were erased from history. This was done to ensure that any potential survivors would assume the entire Clan has died. The Yōzakura would seemingly become extinct until a young man met his father and unearthed his Clan's secrets. This young man would inherit his father's mindset and knows deep down that the Clansmen are still alive.

He would make it his sole duty to bring his clan back together and restore it to its former glory!

Affiliation:  User Image

Appearance: Despite being Shinobi, members of the Yōzakura Clan would often wear bright clothing and their hair colors would often stand out (red, pink, white), making them look very memorable. 

Clan Techniques: As mercenaries, they would usually fight in the night, using their many beautiful yet deadly fighting styles, making overseers of this mesmerizing performance refer to them as "The Cherry Trees in the Night". The Yōzakura would fight together as one, having phenomenal teamwork as their many combinations of Jutsu only made each other stronger. They are fearsome in combat and any enemy who was unlucky enough to face them head on in combat has never lived to tell the tale. Members of this clan have a vast array of Masteries, Specialties and fighting styles. The major similarity is that each of these fighting styles involves the use of Sakura Petals.

  • 5cf84ff82431a_ClanTechniqueLogo25x25.png.85258b5e858cc271e28f6653c9fe56de.png Cherry Blossom Clone (Sakura Bunshin no Jutsu) - Basic Substitution Jutsu that has an animation of Pink Sakura Petals.
  • 5cf84ff82431a_ClanTechniqueLogo25x25.png.85258b5e858cc271e28f6653c9fe56de.png Pillars of Yōzakura  - User creates a 4-sided wall of Pink Sakura Petals to defend against attacks. (Basically Earth Wall.)
  • 5cf84ff82431a_ClanTechniqueLogo25x25.png.85258b5e858cc271e28f6653c9fe56de.png Sakura Shuriken - User throws a Shuriken with a Pink Sakura Petal animation. (Basically like Shadow Shuriken.)


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@Ueda I got a clan idea if I'm not too new to submit one....




Affiliation: Leaf Village

Founding: The Kuroneko Clan is a relatively new clan to Konoha, only having joined the village within the last century; however, their bloodline goes much further back. The Kuroneko began when a small village on the edge of the Country of Rain was wiped out during the Warring States Period. They escaped into the wilderness within the nearby Land of Fire. In an effort to continue their survival, the people became Nomadic, keeping to the cover of forests and never settling down for long.


The leader of that village, Tetsumi Karagi, had been a student of the cat sage, and he began to pass on what knowledge he could to the surviving members of his village. Soon enough, every villager knew the basics of a special Nintaijutsu performed by the cat sages of that time. The members of the village also began forming summoning contracts with ninja cats, so many in fact, that the cat sage and Tetsumi agreed on a "permanent bond" contract, where each member of the village would be bonded with a new kitten upon the start of their ninja training. It was during the forming of the contract that Tetsumi Karagi formally announced that they would be known as the "Kuroneko" from this day forward.

Joining the Leaf Village: The Neko Nintaijutsu the members of the Kuroneko became proficient in made them very fast and hard to detect. The pairing with their ninja cat partners also game them the ability to get eyes into heavily guarded places easily, as they could easily communicate with their feline friends, who would gain intel on their behalf. This made the Kuroneko Clan extraordinarily proficient as spies and even assassins. As their name began to be whispered more and more, the Leaf Village took notice, and the Hokage made the decision to approach the clan with an alliance offer in an effort to control what could potentially become a monstrous threat to the Leaf Village. The clan had been nomadic for many years, which was more dangerous now that the Warring States Period was over and shinobi villages were becoming more solidified, and distrusted any outsiders. The promise of a permanent safe home was too good to pass up, so the Kuroneko Clan officially became Hidden Leaf shinobi, and they were granted an area of land near the outskirts of the village where their ninja cat partners could roam freely.

Appearance: The Kuroneko wear dark clothing that gives them free use of their arms and legs. There is a paw print logo on the back of their clothing. The clothing also allows for tails to poke through, as some of their jutsus will give the members the eyes, claws, ears, and tails of a cat. In fact, some choose to keep those features activated permanently. A lot of members also choose to add red scratches to their headbands to reflect the claw marks in their clan symbol.

5d202c1c09e54_MaleFront.png.b0e490b7adbf0d7b0f0005295d642e6c.png5d202c1b44889_MaleFrontnocape.png.89681a1c88a85fea611de7193e33f076.png5d202c1a85c7f_MaleBack.png.b1c6b3452d9c7aa61d563f91432003be.png             5d202c19c166b_FemaleFront.png.624f092b28f63acb6980a034736b9623.png5d202c190835e_FemaleBack.png.ea2423a34bd9ba4d2e9c27a00849c804.png             headband.png.4c93c27294908226c52c82516780301c.png

Above is an example of their clothing with ears, tails, and eyes. I did a drawing without the cape on the male as an option, because I am currently unsure of how much work would be involved animating the cape during movement, so it's just an option.

The ears and tails can come in any color a normal cat may have, and their eyes can be any color, but when activated with the Neko Nintaijutsu, their pupils will become slit and their eyes can become any natural cat color.


      5d202c1533ca8_Combo1.png.5769d95d851feff708673d5eda795804.png1.png.86001339a5865ef2deabf7caf05420ef.png             5d202c15e9f89_combo2.png.769cadfa2e0b62ead85dbacdb2a1f471.png2.png.f812a90bcc15129a8ca1bd25d647d117.png       5d202c16b2aee_Combo3.png.ae68b55ac463f014dc8508ef6cb8d5e2.png4.png.a24e8aee05af8a630834128e54a860a8.png    5d202c1778821_Combo4.png.fe188b26bf8642443c032e35f0fdab0b.png3.png.58c0b0b839fdbae722a898fc10b230e5.png       5d202c183c68b_Combo5.png.0716c7f4a5f57bda4ae604cec7f95aaa.png5.png.fddfc10a4581ced647ffc28f4ceb1f24.png

   Orange Tabby                         White                       Black                Brown Tabby             Calico
       Yellow Eyes                         Blue Eyes                Red Eyes            Orange Eyes            Green Eyes


Abilities: Kuroneko Clan specializes in a form of Taijutsu mixed with Ninjutsu to give themselves the abilities of cats. When this special form of jutsu is activated, they can see better at night, become lightning fast with quicker reflexes, and they can grow claws and fangs to use as natural weapons. (Note: I am not a game developer and know next to nothing about balancing mechanics in a game, so I don't have any actual figures for in-game....I'll leave that to better minds than mine. I also suck at naming jutsus lol, so feel free to suggest changes to names...or anything really.)

Possible Clan-Only Jutsu

Black Cat Cloak: Temporarily raises the strength and agility of ninja. (Similar to Gentle Fist)

Claw Transformation: Basically like claws in DnD...where it counts as having a weapon, though you are technically unarmed.

Catslit Eyes: Makes it easier to detect stealthed ninja and ?find items? (Not sure if there is a detect skill for items in-game or not)

Cat-Man Combo: Your cat companion (see below) attacks with you.

Cat-Man Transformation: Temporarily transform into tiger. (I know this one's a longshot, but I wanted to put it in there lol)


Clan only Feature - Cat Companion!

I wasn't sure how well this would be received, or if it'd even be possible, but I would love for members of the clan to have an animal companion...even if only cosmetically, as I don't know if it's possible to have it attack with you. You would get the cat at character creation, and though I'd love to be able to put your own stats into the cat as you both level, I realize that may be quite the undertaking, so even if just cosmetic or if it has automatically scaling stats...

I didn't do any pixel art for this one because I didn't even know if it was possible, but I will create some sprite sheets for the companion if you are interested. I also didn't animate the ears or tail or anything yet because I'd rather put all the work into it once I know that it's actually going to be implemented.

Clan Theme Song! (lol)


Thank you for the consideration! I think it'd be a really fun clan to have in-game!

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                                                                                                                   CLAN :- SHIZUKANA { 静かな }


VILLAGE : Kirigakure { "霧隠れの里" Meaning "Village Hidden By The Mist" }


                    A small clan that went into hiding during the civil wars' period in The Land Of Water, Shizukana { "静かな" meaning "Tranquil" } was a peaceful clan owning a small village in one of the Islands of the Land of Water but their village was soon attacked by the possessors of an special Kekkei Genkai named "Venom", the village was destroyed and with great efforts by the elders of the clan, they managed to defend against the Venom and pushed them out but the whole clan was endangered due to the grievous losses of their fighters, left with no choice they have to leave the village, during their journey to find a safe haven to reside in, they faced many chaotic situations and fights which lead to more losses, the remaining elders of the clans decided to head to Kirigakure { "霧隠れの里" meaning "Village Hidden By The Mist" } after crossing many seas and climbing the mountains, they managed to catch a glimpse of the village, yet fate was still cruel to them, the clan faced yet another dangerous situation as they were unknowingly surrounded by Leaf Shinobi, attacked from the dark and without prior warning lead to another few of them dying, the last remaining elder of the clan sacrificed himself by activating and burning his own Kekkai Genkai, the noise from the battle alerted Mist Shinobi as they headed out to hunt the Leaf down while leaving some behind to protect the worn out family.


                         The family that has lost all of its elders were now in a situation where they could've only depended on their younger generation, two young clansmen whose talent were the highest in the clan were then declared their young masters, they were named Leiting and Mattson respectively, but one of them lead the clan where the other one headed back to the island where their previous home existed for the search of their lost legacy, Leiting along with his fellow clan members were admitted into the Ninja Academy Of Kirigakure and because of their innate talents, they were able to successfully become genins ranked ninjas of Kirigakure in few months of time and started taking on missions for their new home village. The fate of the second young master has yet to be known.


 1. All Clan members have special Dojutsu called "Draegis" which are special eyes belonging to the clan members, this dojutsu can increase the casting speed of all the jutsus for 5 seconds. ( 30 Seconds cooldown. ) (Casting speed can be decided by developers on being buffed. )

  2. A special defensive type justu called "Coiling Dragon", in this jutsu a water dragon coils around the member making him invulnerable to attacks for 3 seconds
(Poison skills can still hit the user.) ( There's a 1 second cast time.) (Jutsu cooldown 25 seconds.)



If we are not too late @Ueda ;)

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