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                                 Sasayaki | 囁き                              

Brief Description: The land of fire serves as the primary residence for the kinsmen of the Sasayaki clan. Peering from the outside in, these shinobi can often mislead others into thinking they are the utmost lazy and most boring individuals listed in the bingo book(s). This, however, isn't the case at all. This unit is very active whenever their skills are applicable. Given the fact young shinobi are exposed to "rigged" shoji boards at early ages, the brain has already begun training in the arts of critical thinking. Typically an individual would spend one's lifetime figuring out how to win this unbeatable game of shoji. When the correct answer is finally figured out, the kinsmen are no longer required to play the game however in most cases, even though the game is won these shinobi typically continue to play it in addiction thus furthering their tactical capabilities which prove resourceful in the long run both on and off the board. In addition to their intellect, shinobi of Sasayaki bloodline are born with naturally developed keen vision and inhumane flash-like speeds. The combination of these attributes pose the Sasayaki kinsmen as ironical figures having to be so gifted yet "lazy". Even so, it is within these skills that these shinobi have developed a comfortable reputation not just around the leaf but around the shinobi world.

History: The Sasayaki bloodline runs deep with ties of a lot of the newly spawned clans in our modern shinobi world. In fact, the Sasayak were one of the eldest clans to contribute to the leafs construction and/or development. All the forests north beyond the jungle belonged to the Sasayaki clan. These grounds were primarily the hunting areas in which they'd occupy. Typically the Sasayaki would hunt creatures through natural bio aids such as birds. With bird calls, the birds would return melodic whistled responses detailing where the nearest herds of prey were. It was in these actions the name, "Sasayaki" would be assigned to these shinobi which translates to "Whisper" from its Japanese origin. This name would serve as a metaphor detailing how the shinobi would "whisper" to the birds to aid them through targeting their foes. Gradually over time, these shinobi would encounter other shinobi that had ambitions for peace. The clan would then contribute to the cause thus spawning the era of youth for the modern day leaf village. It is in this the First Hokage holds the Sasayaki in favor of the noble deeds of their recent ancestors and has awarded them with the identity of nobility to commend them for their hard work. 


Physical Characteristics:

  • Narrow Eyes (restless look)
  • Nara/Hatake Hair Textures (To resemble the cannon series character origins)
  • Headband Evident! (Though these shinobi are somewhat lazy they are proud of their village)
  • Clan Colors Pallete (optional) White, Green, and Dark Navy Blue (attire based)


Charismatic Characteristics:

Kinsmen of the Sasayaki are to be-

  • Laid back/ come across as lazy or just very chill
  • Good sportsmanship ought to be evident (We do not promote any foul play/ verbal abuse)
  • Willing to engage in new challenges/always looking to better ones self
  • Have the utmost loyalty to the leaf. 
  • Willing to roleplay!! :D (We're constantly trying to develop a new plotline for the NinO community. If you like roleplaying, being creative, or just wish to shroud yourself in an engaged environment then join us. We will make a Sasayaki out of you ;))


Criteria (Optional):

  • The clan's surname is to be EVIDENT after your forename. i.e. Deathmall Sasayaki; (note* for those of you who are unaware, every account may perform one free name change in a 30 day time period. Those who wish to join and have already consumed their 30 day time period name change may, however, will be instructed to change it whenever the opportunity presents itself)

That's all, we aren't too strict. Just log on whenever you can and have fun :D 


Note: Sasayaki is a family, you will never be removed once approved. (We're all good friends out of this game and in).  



(The clan is no longer recruiting, its reached the max and will never replace its members). IMPORTANT - This clan is outside of Nin, now the nin-related Sasayaki (now in Rory's hands) is welcoming all but the outside version is no longer recruiting and will no longer accept anyone else from Nin Online Image result for locked small transparent. Sasayaki is a gaming family.


Image result for locked small transparentMembers:Image result for locked small transparent












Related image


(Thank you @Yousei Izanagi for helping with clan details)



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Well that sounds so interesting.Specially if RP is part of this clan.



3.)Masteries:Water  / ?

4.)Activity:~4 hours working days / 4+ hours days off.

5.)Why do you wish to join:One of the reasons I want to join this clan,is the background story.It's really interesting and would really like to RP something like this.Morever,Ishyn's personality In-Game(and a bit IRL)is very similar to this clan's characteristics.Calm,bored,smart yet strong and always doing his best to help.Also,joining a fresh clan and building seems really interesting.Would like to take part in this.Ishyn's habbits are reading books,smoking and chilling in general,yet he is well trained and pretty strong,making him a trustful fighter.

6.)Roleplay:(Check my profile)


( @Yousei Izanagi You did an awesome job again as it seems :D )

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1 minute ago, Kuraen Wilkor said:

My guess would be that you letting every missing join and he prefer Leaf clan 

The ratio of missing to leaf members is 6:9


it’s pretty even

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Peace by making human consciouness shift the plates of the continents?  Interesting, wonder if missing-nins can join.

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*Stacks some papers on Deathmall's desk.* :)

1.)Name: Leevi

2.)Age: 19

3.)Masteries: Wind/Lightning

4.)Activity: Pretty much whenever I don't have class, trying to be more active now since that was one of the things that cost me a rank.

5.)Why do you wish to join: I've been looking for a clan to join for a while. None of them have seemed to peak my interest and feel like I'd be suited for it. I like the name and background of this clan and also feel like it will be engaging, acting like a family other than people running around with the same last name. I would also like improve my RP skills. Plus Deathmall made it and that the homie. 

6.)Roleplay: (You'll see it sooner or later, whenever I complete my profile.)

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  1. Name: Kobra
  2. Age: 14 (IRL) 17(RP)
  3. Masteries: Tai / ?
  4. Activeness: Mon-Thurs: 5PM-9PM PST Fri-Sun: 11AM - 8PM PST
  5. Why do you wish to join: This clan peaked my interest being resembled to the Nara clan which I always thought was the smartest but most infamous clan in the Naruto fanbase. Unlike the other clans it seem to really care about the Hidden Leaf and of course @Deathmall Sasayaki is in it so I have to join. 
  6. Brief roleplay segment: Check out my profile for an origin story. It's W.I.P

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Guest Glitch Yagyu
  1. Name: Yuko
  2. Age: 21 (21 RP)
  3. Mastery(-ies): Earth/Lightning
  4. Activeness: No Life
  5. Why do you wish to join? Cause I'm too cool for school, and I need to feel loved :( 
  6. Brief roleplay segment: I like cookies? :3

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  1. Name: Arashi
  2. Age: 17
  3. Mastery(-ies): Lightning (eventually Earth in a couple weeks)
  4. Activeness: Weekdays I am on here for around 4/5 hours every day, and on weekends I probably spend all day here.
  5. Why do I wish to join? I wish to join as I wholy believe in the ethics you guys believe in and I resonate with the qualities that this clan possesses. Every single member of this clan is a pillar of the Leaf village and without their kindness, strength and leadership the leaf would not be the flourishing village that it is today. I would like to join these efforts to make the village better as I am a proud to be apart of the leaf :D I also am inspired by the nara clan as they have such high amounts of intellect and wit which can mold any situation into their hands (and if shadow style was in the game right now I would 100% be neck-binding our enemies).
  6. Brief roleplay segment: Here is my character profile, fit with my roleplay segmentArashi

Thanks for even reading this application, see ya!

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