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The Yagyu Clan, one of the powerful clans cultivated within the Mist Village, it is subdivided into several secondary branches, each having as the leader of each one of them those who would make up the council of the clan itself. The secondary branches have the power to move as an independent clan but always with the knowledge of their duty towards the village and of course with the clan that protects them within it.

One of the divisions of the Yagyu Clan is that of the Kot's, a group of warriors constantly prepared for combat and seeking to gain enough power to take over the main branch of the Yagyu Clan. In search of what they believe to be their destiny, their birthright have decided to cross out the bandanas of their own village in breach of the clan code with the promise that they will return to take what is rightfully theirs.

On their arrival in the Takumi village, home to exiles from all over the world, the Kot's were respected, despite being weak they are many so if you touch one you will touch all ... Today they are respected mercenaries who fulfill High-ranking commissions for the village that hosted these outlaws. Those who see them pass only murmur Kot's Company ...

Kot's Family Members:


  • Kotoba
  • Kotobe
  • Kotobi
  • Kotobo
  • Kotobu
  • Kotebi
  • Kotaba
  • Kotabe
  • Kotabu
  • Kotabi
  • Kotokokoro
  • Kotebu
  • Kotomaru
  • Koteba
  • Kotabu
  • Kotokoukatsu
  • Kotomatsukami


  • SpaceBones
  • Rivotril
  • Silach


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