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    Since 2013, Nin Online development has been open to community members to make suggestions. Before the launch of the Ideas platform, over 3000+ ideas were submitted in our ideas forum. When Nin Online was first conceived, there was only plans to make the Leaf village, but because players wanted it, we turned Nin Online into a PvP, Faction-based game.

    Your ideas are important to us, and we hope to continue to work with the community to add ideas/suggestions that people want.

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    Academy student // tutorial // early lvl tweaks

    Lets start saying that Nin's tutorial is not bad at all. But it just feels...boring and short?  especially if we compare it with other Mmos, or with the mobile version of nin (Yeah, nin has a mobile version which is kinda abandoned ).
    The pacing also feels extremely weird for some reason. You're an academy student for 5 minutes, then a genin for months ( less or more if you get lucky with the CE ), and then Jonin/Sj if your kage likes you. 
    This mobile version is not a 1-1 port of the Pc version of nin. It comes with new features ( Which are extremely good, and i'll be making posts in the future to see if we can bring these features to Pc nin ) and different maps.
    One of these "features" , is the academy // tutorial area, being completely different. And i think we can 1-1 copy stuff from this and bring it to the Pc version of the game.
    Before i start, i apologize for the image spam lmao

    From the get-go, you can see you're not alone, there're Npcs that will be your academy classmates. 
    These classmates aren't just there for the looks. They all have dialogues, and interact with both the teacher and you ( the player ) throughout all your time at the academy.

    Sometimes, we also get to pick some dialogues ( Which dont add anything, but they're pretty cool to have since they make you feel part of the story )

    Your classmates aren't the only Npcs which kinda feel alive. Teachers also walk to us after some dialogues, announcing us the next lesson is about to start. 

    These classmates can be used for future content as well. Finding some of them in the village giving you missions, finding some in future arcs, maybe making a classmate turn evil and be part of an organization ( with a classmate of each village ) ,etc.

    A problem i think Pc nin has with the current academy//tutorial, is that i think the lessons are way too short and dont teach much. The combat lessons in all 3 villages are pretty much the same, you either fight a clone of the teacher, or some animals, you die at first, and then you proceed to kill it. 
    But i got pretty amazed when i got to the combat lesson of the mobile-version because you get to fight a classmate ( They'll chase you and actually fight back ) . It just makes the whole lesson feel more inmersive and not in a 2 minute class punching some soul-less Mob. It just makes you feel you're in an actual academy ( it also does a better job at explaining how combat works, fighting an actual human model, and making it not die with a single punch or 2 ) 

    To teach the player what BI are, we can just make the player fight the teacher first, insta die, ( Then you spawn in the infirmary,etc,etc), and then you get to fight your classmate.
    This also applies to range, jutsu practice and pretty much every lesson.

    There's no proper " Theory lesson" in the mobile version. But that doesn't mean it doesn't need some tweaks as well.
    The current Theory Lesson is just a black screen with text. Doesn't make a great job at explaining most stuff ( It's also missing a bunch of information ).
    Making a player that just downloaded the game read walls of text isn't that appealing imo. We can change this by replacing some of this text with videos!
    When teaching the masteries, showing some videos with battle simulations or some jutsus, would hype the player while teaching them on a more visual way.

    Somewhere in the middle of the tutorial, you get sent home, and the 2nd part of the academy gets level locked. This is great imo, its a good and short grind ( literally 5-10 minutes ), teaches more about how combat works, while making the whole "academy arc" last longer.

    If we make this right after we finish the "Jutsu lesson" it'd be a nice way to implement my past idea ( marked as planned ). Rewarding students with the Fuuma shuriken jutsu right after the jutsu lesson, and then making them grind the levels needed to continue.
    Just a personal note, but this could be done twice until lvl 10 ( lvl 1 - 2 academy lessons > lvl 5 -  2 academy lessons > lvl 10 - 2 academy lessons ) 

    Imo we should make the " Welcome to X village " current missions, a part of the academy, prior to the final exam ( And also PLEASE make the player WALK instead of insta teleporting them to the mission desk, this only makes the player feel extremely lost since they dont know the map )

    Finally, in the mobile version, after a timeskip, you graduate with all your classmates. 

    And here i do think that the Pc version of nin does a better job , ONLY with SAND's version of the academy.
    We have more than a simple written exam ( which everyone just skips ) , we have to kill scorpions and collect 10 tails in order to unlock the gate and take the exam. 
    Yeah , this might be extremely simple, but its a great start and way to make the FINAL exam, feel like it.

    While i do think this is extremely good, it could be pushed a little bit more. Maybe adding some puzzles, or stages to it. Maybe fighting another classmate like the combat lesson, but with jutsus and more hp included? We can just brainstorm here, but making the final exam feel a bit more challenging than just a " skip " button would be great. ( And adding this to every village, since its just a sand thing atm )

    Yeah, this all sounds like A LOT of work, but most villages academy already have some kind of unused map inside them. We can just use those maps, and make some village NPCS our classmates. ( Sand doesnt have any unused maps, but making some simple map will do )

    These academy tweaks would help a bit with that. Making the "Academy student" rank last more ( Maybe until lvl 15? ),  and making the early lvl experience not feel like a grinding simulator until you get your first mastery.

    As always, excuse my poopoo english and leave sum ideas//opinions if possible /y

    https://youtu.be/U3D2Xq3uYzA Rory recently reposted a review a youtuber made of the game, and i think we can clearly see when and how the tutorial fails on guiding the player

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    Earth Wall

    For a lvl 35 jutsu I feel like Earth Wall is not impactful enough. While it was instant cast you could at least instantly cast it when you got hit by Water Prison/Earth Prison and defend from some damage or use it to cancel casts. 
    It's supposed to be the ultimate jutsu of Earth mastery since it is lvl 35 (every mastery has a really powerful last jutsu), but it does not feel like it. Using it defensively became harder since it has a cast time so when people catch you in Water Prison/Earth Prison you don't really have enough time to cast and defend from damage. 
    Biggest issue I have with this jutsu is that even when it was instant it was never a proper defensive jutsu since a lot of jutsu can still hit you through the wall and melees can hit you on the diagonals. If the jutsu is going to be cast time it should be at least made powerful enough for the cast time to make sense since even the instant version of the jutsu was nothing special. 
    My idea for it is that Earth Wall works like a Sub that doesn't teleport. You cast for 1 second and get Earth Wall buff. When hit by a jutsu you negate it, get selfstunned for a short amount and summon the walls around you.  (Might be too strong for Water/Earth since it would have 3 subs but I feel like the cast time+self stun would make it not as effective as regular Sub.) 
    Since the instant version of the jutsu was mostly used for cheese cancels and wasn't that great of a defense I think that the focus of the jutsu now that it is cast time should be to make it the ultimate defensive move. Right now I would argue that Substitution type jutsu serve a better job at avoiding damage than Earth Wall does except Subs can also be used offensively due to teleporting to enemy. 


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    We got a Working House System, now... What?

    After the Village War event got announced, and the prizes were Trophies, I saw on Discord people discussing how and where could they place it, or what to do with it
    Since the Housing system it's still in an early stage and depends of other systems to be added to be more functional (Storage System for example), I was thinking about what  else could we do with our houses once we purchase it; then I saw my good friends @Hamuza @Eikyo and @Yashagoro talking about certain stuff that they'd love to see in a future regarding house system:

    → First thing would clearly be the Storage system
    → Being able to place our own Shop to sell stuff (Or a small business to sell goodies)
    → Being able to Purchase our own house and then getting the possibility of Renting it
    → Managing our own business and deciding if Selling or Auction it
    But first, a big step would be being able to purchase a permanent house, at the moment we cannot purchase one for ourselves, just renting; My proposal is to allow players to fully purchase a house in the Housing District, since they're pretty far away from the main village and can get another District added if anything, but the ones inside the village to be Rentals Only 
    And then stuff like making our own shop to sell items/consumables with a Shop System
    To wrap it up, the possibility for players to create signs to point down their store to other players
    Ty for reading it all sexi
    Don Tormenta

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    Removing Alpha wolfs from reain and chie bandit map

    Having six alpha wolfs on the map with two bosses where both can stun is difficult for low levels players. I believe removing them or swapping them with snow wolves or some other mob can be better.

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    Earth Spikes

    The new art for Earth Spikes jutsu made me think of an interesting way to change the jutsu to make it more unique. Instead of casting a 3x1 projectile it could cast a 1x5 projectile. 

    While it wouldn't be 3 tile wide anymore it would have more instant range and could possibly lose the selfstun it currently has.

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    Clan Masteries

    We've had Clans in game by name only up to this point, some are decked out with neat swag and most given cool housing environments, but the feature has been left mainly untouched up to this point while core gameplay and bug fixes have been implemented(thank you). 

    Ideas have been touted around regarding Clans for a long time, and in the grand scheme of things this is just another Clan suggestion-- but, I think this suggestion is fairly straight forward in its implementation. I'm still somewhat new, and these ideas have been around forever, so maybe I'll be repeating someone else but here we go: 

    Nin Online currently provides the players with two masteries:
    Hit level 10 you get your first mastery, level up and hit 50 you unlock your second mastery. 
    I do not think this should change at all.
    I believe players having two masteries in the long run helps balance gameplay. 
    What I would like to see implemented though is.. 

    Clan Masteries

    Clan Jutsus have been asked for since day one of Nin Online I'm sure, and I bet @Ueda has his own ideas regarding this implementation of Clan Jutsus, but I think it best we keep the two player mastery system in tact and provide more Masteries to the player. 

    Specifically, players who create a character as a member of a Clan will get the typical level 10 mastery selection prompt and find an additional Mastery choice available, their Clan Mastery. 

    This provides all players with the same playing field as before of two masteries by level 50, and would not put Clans above non-Clan users. This also means Clan members do not have to choose their Clan Mastery, we can have a Fire-Med Jakusha or a Jakusha(Clan Mastery)-Med Jakusha(just an example clan). 
    Personally, my initial thoughts is this Clan Mastery option should only be available at the level 10 mastery selection and not available at the level 50 mastery selection, but thats up for discussion.

    Of course this is a lot of work. We have five individual Clans per Village currently, and maybe @Ueda has worked on Clan Jutsu behind the scenes with his own thoughts on their implementation, but a soft roll out of one Clan Mastery per Village initially could be a nice place to start. 

    I know GMs are trying to run Clan events within the game, and its just hard to get people interested in that when Clans only purpose currently is for roleplay, and with the game not focusing on roleplay much these days this could give Clans the spark they need with pvp and bring interest back to them.

    This is just an idea for the implementation of Clan Jutsu's essentially. I know most people that have been around the community are aware of the Advanced Masteries discussion and are hard stuck on the thought that we need those next, but I dont think that is the case, I think giving players more options at the Mastery level itself is what can create more cultured play styles and unique ways to play over Advanced Masteries. 
    Lets leave Advanced Masteries for a future far away and look into building up the Clan features we have already. Provide each Village with a unique Clan Mastery each, giving players more masteries to build with(Sorry balance team). 

    If this implementation interest you in any way @Ueda please let the players know. Sprites, ideas, all of this can be worked on to help roll this out. Its hard to go into to much detail and theory crafting without knowing if this would work for your vision. 

    1/16/2023 EDIT:
    If this is possible or something that can be considered please let it be known.
    Any sort of feedback would be appreciated, can even pay pixel artist to work on this as needed. Just need to know whats needed and how you'd like it to work.
    Even willing to discuss pay Hit Staff devs for work on this if its within the vision.

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    Mystical Palm animation on death screen

    Pretty straight forward, but it'd be nice to have some kind of animation//border while someone is reviving you.
    Might be useless for some people, but for lowbies that dont even know you can be revived it'd be a pretty nice QoL change ( It might also help on big battles, where a lot is happening at the same time )

    ( Quick ref i made )


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    Edo Tensei Summon

    Summons a Leaf, Sand or Mist Jonin NPC to your aid. Easy. 
    Nik Na

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    Silver forehead protector for silver ninja

    This item used to be in the game in the early days but was removed or never added to the global release.
    maybe we can bring it back for silver ninjas only?


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    Make A Nin Credit Token

    As it stands, buying/selling Nin credits is a very risky transaction that is entirely reliant on trust and faith. There is no need for it to be this way, here is the solution:

    Create a tradable, stackable and usable item(a ticket/coin/token) and add it to the Cash Shop, this item costs $1 Nin credit to purchase, and once purchased it is transferred to your in-game character's Stash to be withdrawn and traded at any time, this item will grant $1 Nin credit to your account when used(can either be a clickable item like a Scroll of Stat Reset, or you could create a NPC that does the conversion, ideally it should be a clickable item with a confirmation prompt, for simplicity and safety.
    The only problem I see with this is that it would create an exploitable loop in which people can continuously and infinitely buy and use this item potentially overloading store logs or something like that, in order to prevent this you could limit the amount of this item that can be purchased per day per account or IP address(if you have a way to limit it by IP address, otherwise per account should be good enough), you could limit it to 10, 20, 50, 100, or any amount that you believe your server/store logs/etc can withstand.

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    Three Masteries Instead of Two Because This is Naruto Online

    No seriously. We're not getting advanced. We're seriously bored. The game is amazing. Now make it more fun. Our keybinds can most certainly handle it, I'm 100% confident that if you release level 75 we should be able to choose a third mastery. Imagine instead of being fire lightning you're fire weapon master lightning. Instead of being water wind, you're water lightning wind. Fire earth water. Chakra medic tai fire. So many combinations would be possible. This is called content. Best part? I'm sure it's just a couple lines of code. XD 
    Spider Man

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    Missions set to track on default/toggalable mission tracking on

    The mission tracking is a great feature that a lot of times is over looked.
    This feature could use a toggle to keep it on for new missions, currently you select missions in the menu individually to track-- It would be nice to see the tracking missions enabled and pop up for newly accepted missions as well.

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    Daily Monster Hunting Tasks

    This idea revolves around one or more NPCs that give out daily missions(or "tasks" in this case in order to differentiate them from actual daily missions) focused around monster hunting.
    You can ask this NPC for a task to kill a certain amount of a specific monster, the monster in question will be selected from a pool of monsters within your level range, they can be mainland monsters or Arc monsters, and ideally monsters that reside in Danger Zones. Finishing this daily task would reward you with a good amount of EXP(that justifies the amount of time and effort you invest into the task, and is different depending on the monsters you had to kill to complete it, which is determined by your level range) if you are below the current level cap(59 or lower), and something else, perhaps ryo, perhaps event tickets, perhaps something else, a new task-exclusive currency even, if you are at the level cap.
    Additionally, completing this daily task would grant you access to kill a boss once every time you complete this task(so, no more than once per day), this boss should ideally not be too hard, as it is considered part of the reward for the aforementioned task, the boss in question should be decently rewarding to kill, its drops should consist of something like a 100% chance to drop 200-300 ryo, a 20%-30% chance to drop 1 Blank Scroll, something like a 5% or even 10% chance to drop one of the relatively cheap, NPCable weapons such as Twin Blades and Iron Scythes, and a <1% chance to drop some very rare and coveted item(this should entice even the wealthy to pursuit these tasks for the very rare and coveted drop). Effectively netting you a daily average of around 300-700 ryo(or whatever other amount of ryo you deem fitting for the balanced economy that you have envisioned for the game).
    This suggestion would accomplish a couple of very important things:
    1. It would make hunting a variety of monsters all over the world on a daily basis actually rewarding and meaningful, this alone would give the players a very good amount of daily PVE content to perform.
    2. It would keep DZs very lively, since everyone would be seeking to complete their daily monster hunting tasks.
    For this suggestion to achieve its intended purposes it is essential that doing these tasks is rewarding enough to entice the playerbase, and I believe the rewards I have listed would do just that, however tweak them as you see fit, hopefully keeping it something that retains the interest of the majority of players.

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    Clone jutsu improvement

    It would be nice if the clones summomed by Clone jutsu copied chakra charge animation so that it is harder to tell who the real one is. 
    I think it would be an interesting counter to Flicker since the opponent would have a hard time guessing who to Flicker and it would also counter melee masteries since if you use it u can charge chakra much more easily. 
    Another change that could be nice is if it also copied jutsu animations like cutter and crescent animations so that if you manage to use the jutsu it is much harder to tell which one is the real person casting. This might be too strong though but the chakra charge thing would be a really nice addition. 

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    Danger Spots - Boss Mechanic

    First of all, apologies if this idea is already implemented somewhere in the game and I haven't seen it, since I haven't fought every boss available in the game.

    The suggestion is to add "danger spots" to boss mechanics, as it stands bosses are extremely simple and homogeneous, relying on flickers and absurdly high damage on simple, straightforward attacks. The "red spots" mechanic is one seen in many modern videogames: periodically throughout a boss fight, the boss will cast a powerful attack that is extraordinarily dangerous, ranging from powerful debuffs, critically damaging attacks, to outright one-shot attacks. The counterplay to these powerful attacks is that there will be color spots(usually red) on the floor, and the attack will only affect those spots, thus forcing all players to run away from the red spots to survive the attack and continue the boss fight.
    How often the boss uses these powerful attacks, how long is the period of time the player is given to get away from the danger spots(that is, the length of time between them appearing and the powerful attack actually going off), what the powerful attack is, and how powerful the attack in question is, are all up to the developer's discretion. A boss also doesn't have to be limited to one of those attacks, you could make a "blue danger square" attack that signals a powerful debuff, a red one for a very high damaging attack, and possibly, a black one for one-shot mechanics from the most powerful bosses.
    Here I attach some pictures displaying how this mechanic would look in a 2D pixel art videogame like Nin.

    Z Spammer

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    Remove early casting from tournaments

    Currently in tournaments you can "early" cast, or start casting before go. If you time it right you can fire the jutsu off the exact second the match starts.
    This is a problem whereas in some cases(such as chidori) even if you are spamming substitution, it will not register before the chidori lands.
    This results in a player being immediately removed from the match, without having any chance to actually play. This is an abuse of game mechanics and hopefully will just be removed to make it more fair for everyone.

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    Ideas to ninonline

    Good morning everyone, I would like to leave some ideas that would come in handy in the game and also make reminders.
    1. The truth is that being bubble we are tired of seeing only 2 pipes in the entire game for YEARS, so I suggest 2 types of pipes which could be created:
       - Wind pipe / crystal pipe: it could be introduced in Land of iron to drop it, it would be cool to put a bleed and damage it little more than the seathron pipe, 90 str and lvl 50 requirement. Adding +3 Chakra in stats.
      - pipe of fire: it could be inserted into Toads to drop it, it would come with a Burn effect and a much lower damage than the seathron pipe but more than the normal pipe, requirement of 60 Str and lvl 35.
      - about the Seathron pipe I suggest lowering the requirement level to 30 or even to lvl 25, and lowering the requirements from 80 Str to 70 Str, Besides, it would be nice if in the introduction it exposed the base damage of the pipe.
    2. I already exposed this idea but I would like to remember it because it is not difficult at all and it is very easy to create and it attracts many players, try to create trunks / chests for houses, this would stop people from creating bank accounts and there would finally be a use for home. that to this day people still do not understand what sense the houses have with the content that is in the game. I would put 2 types of chests / trunks:
      - the chest / small trunk. With a capacity of 15 slots for items that could be bought in furniture, I would put the price between 5,000 to 7,000 Ryo.
      - The chest / large trunk. with a capacity of 30 slots for items that are bought in the cash shop, and the price would have to be seen but between 7 to 10 dollars people would buy it.
    3. I know this is very repetitive but we are also sick of the Corps, to have an organization do you have to be good at pvp? and yes You and your friends have a bad computer, you screw each other and you will never have an organization, right? I speak on behalf of many players asking that you please introduce the organization system I don't care if it is the old one by forum or for the game but the players who take the corps today recruit only their circle of friends or for x intention. It's boring that if you want to leave the village to be misssing you cannot play with more than 3 more friends since that is what a Team allows.
    4. The idea of the clan jutsus, it's very cool that you want or plan to make clothes for the corps and things for the corps, but one question weren't the corps going to be temporary? Why spend time on it, and not finish something that is from the game? It has been saying that they are going to implement clan jutsus, 1 for each clan for YEARS and we are still waiting.
    5. I suggest modifying the dungeon system in the game, removing the max level from them and putting 3 ways to do the dungeons. easy, intermediate and difficult and that as a consequence of the mode the rate increases or the drop rate of the items decreases. then implement that every time you complete the dungeon you are rewarded with Ryo. Honestly, there are players who have entered the game new, they have reached lvl 40 to 50 and do not even know that dungeons exist. If you want SS of conversations you can ask me, because it is true. Right now the dungeons don't even have a clear sense of why. to do them and when you have found out you are no longer the level enough to do them.
    6. You should put a symbol or simply a question mark to the NPCS that offer missions on the maps, so people would know more for sure where there is a mission and what to do. This idea would facilitate the gameplay of new players and orientation to the game.
    7. When you reach level 10 you have open the missions of each village to do them, I suggest that as you reach level 10 there is a Communicative notice that they exist and where they are to make them, that type of help / Guide for the new ones would be very cool.
    I hope that everything is clear and understood, my English is not the best. Excuse me and thank you very much for reading! @Erox

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    Battle/Regen indicator

    Those who played Tibia will understand this reference quickly: We need a more clear indicator that you are in battle, or outside of it (life regen active). 
    Currently there is an animation over players heads, that not every new player may understand (nor is it explained in the tutorials), but specially with the Snow season, the white cross over your head becomes way harder to visualize. 
    Also, I don't believe every player fully understands what it means to Sit to rest faster, or that sometimes even doing so, doesnt regen instantly (X sign over your head).

    To maybe facilitate those who farm and do PvE constantly, my suggestion is to add an indicator (used for PvE but also PvP, so you dont slam your head against a map switch just to see 10 red chat notifications). That way players are able to time their actions more consistently.

    For reference, I've attached both the animation over our head against the current snow tiles, and also one suggestion for the indicator icon, much alike the Run indicator (currently I believe mostly players dont see use for it). I represented it with a kunai alongside the char name... Pardon my bad drawing skills.



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    Add additional information to Organization member board

    +Add "Last Logged on: [12/3/22 @ 2 PM Ninja Time]" for each member.
    +Make ranks within Orgs customizable "recruit, officer, Lt, Leader".
    +Change promote/demote function to a symbol that opens a list that allows you to skip ranks in promotion/demotion and make a confirmation at the end.
    +Make the organization function an icon that opens a tab you can always open at the bottom right of your screen.

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    12 Guardians Buff Rework

    I made an akatsuki buff rework post recently and decided to share my idea for 12 guardians as well. I'm getting tired though so hopefully people will come up with their own ideas and just consider this a template. First I'll state 3 major things that should be always in effect regardless of their individual buffs.
    1st: The twelve guardian ninja buff should be amplified by +20% while within Leaf territory (Every safe zone in the hidden leaf village).
    2nd: Unlike my akatsuki suggestion, these buffs are not locked to individual members. You can change your buff every time you receive a new sash.
    3rd: When in a full squad of 4 guardian ninja within Leaf territory, each individual's buff is increased to a total of +10%.

    Now for the buff ideas:
    1. Guardian of Stone: Earth ninjutsu cooldowns are reduced by 15% and earth ninjutsu base damage is increased by 15%.
    2. Guardian of the Wild: While outside of any village, gain 20% additional move speed. +25 agility.
    3. Guardian of the Day and Night: (This one I thought would be really cool. I don't know if it is possible with engine limitations, but I love this one). During in-game daylight hours, gain +20 fortitude and +20 chakra. During in-game night hours, gain +15% damage scaling. When the time switches from day to night or night to day, instantly regenerate all missing hitpoints and gain a boost of +15 fortitude that lasts for 10 minutes.
    4. Guardian of the Deep: Passively regenerates chakra on water equal to +15 chakra every 15 seconds. Can charge chakra on water and does not lose chakra on water. Water ninjutsu each have a reduced cooldown of 5 seconds if on a water tile.
    5. Guardian of Vengeance: For every 100 points of hitpoints missing from their hitpoint maximum (Stacks with antibodies and charms), deal 5% additional damage on every attack. +20 fortitude
    6. Guardian of the Will of Fire: Will of fire chance of triggering is increased by 30%. +10 to all stats
    7. Guardian of the Weak: When in a party with a ninja of a lower level than you, they gain +20 fortitude. +10 to all stats.
    8. Guardian of Power: 10% random chance to knockback with each melee. +20 strength and +20 agility 
    9. Guardian of Life: Antibodies cast instantly and last an additional 15 seconds. +20 chakra. 
    10. Guardian of the Village: While inside of the Hidden Leaf Village, all cooldowns are reduced by 3 seconds. Grants access to youthful springs if you did not already have it and increased the move speed buff from youthful springs by 15% total. This guardian does not benefit from the base buff all guardians receive while inside of the Hidden Leaf Village. +10 to all stats
    11. Guardian of Knowledge: While in a party with this guardian, experience gain is increased by 10%. This bonus is increased by 2.5% for every member of their party not including the guardian. +10 to all stats.
    12. Guardian of Mercy: +35% healing given and received if they do not deal damage. When they deal damage to something the buff is nullified for 10 seconds. +20 chakra

    Well, there are my ideas. Hope they're not terrible, I need to go to bed lol

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    Complete Neo-Akatsuki buff rework

    Hi, I think the buffs in Nin Online could be far more interesting than they are currently, and this is my idea to make Akatsuki feel more unique and more accurate to how they were in the anime without being blatantly overpowered. Some of these ideas will sound crazy OP, but first let me explain the details and my idea to mitigate this problem.
    1st: Instead of a single ring that gives +25 to all stats, I think there should be 10 different rings that bind to the member that chooses it for the remainder of their term in akatsuki (More on that below). After a member has selected a ring, that ring will be greyed out and unselectable by new members..
    2nd: Akatsuki members will be put on a 6 month cool down upon leaving or being removed from the organization. This ensures members can't just swap out and remove the above limitation.
    3rd: This is the most important limitation that I can conjure up in my mind. Each of these unique buffs will retain their full effect if no more than one additional akatsuki member is on the same map. For each additional akatsuki member present past their duo partner, their buff diminishes by a flat 20%. This encourages duo hunting as akatsuki does in the anime and will ensure that they are still able to compete even while outnumbered by a full squad of enemy ninja. Of course, personal skill level ultimately dictates success or failure. These buffs have in mind players of equal skill levels competing with a team of akatsuki. Ideally, a duo akatsuki team should be able to more often than not succeed in a battle where they are outnumbered 2:1. That said, Nin Online, from a gameplay perspective, is all about group pvp. And not even the akatsuki from the anime (Most of them anyways) were able to defeat more than a squad of skilled shinobi.
    4th: These are my ideas for unique individual ring buffs.
    1. Zetsu ring (The Observer): Movement speed is increased by 35% and they are able to cloak in 1 second. Cloak is active for an additional 3 seconds. No stat boosts
    2. Kakuzu ring (The Dark Physician): Once every two minutes (Charging chakra does not reduce the cooldown) this character can instantly revive a downed ninja with 30% chakra and HP. In addition, healing ninjutsu effects are increased by a flat 35%.  No stat boosts.
    3. Hidan ring (The Immortal): Flat 75 extra fortitude. Once every 3.5 minutes will auto revive instantly upon knock out. They will recover with 30% chakra and fortitude immediately. Every 5 additional seconds they remain undamaged after this effect ends, they will regain an additional 5% hitpoints. The effect ends when damage is received. The cooldown of the 3.5 minutes cannot be reduced by charging.
    4. Deidara ring (Art is an Explosion): Damage scaling of all ninjutsu is increased by 35%. No stat boosts.
    5. Sasori ring (The puppet master): Immediately grants access to every puppet available to sand ninja (Besides puppet brigade organization puppet). Up to 3 summons can be deployed at once. All summons are now run cast. +10 chakra and +10 fortitude.
    6. Konan ring (Origami Angel): All intelligence weapon master placable trap jutsu (Triple explosive tags, hidden tag, bear trap) can be cast instantly and have a 5 second reduced cooldown on each jutsu. In addition, store bought barrier tags and explosive tags also have a 5 second reduced cooldown and can be placed instantly. +10 intelligence and +10 chakra.
    7.Pain ring (The Almighty): Every 30 seconds, any jutsu that lands has a 5 tile knockback that deals an additional 35% damage. When this effect occurs, body flicker technique is immediately taken off cooldown and each other jutsu's cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds. +10 agility and +10 strength.
    Obito ring (The untouchable): Every 25 seconds when a base substitution jutsu is triggered (Does not include speed mirage or water substitution), substitution's cooldown will be immediately finished. +20 chakra.
    8. Orochimaru ring (The serpent): Grants access to a special summon, Manda, the boss monster. Manda can summon up to 6 additional snakes as he does in the boss room that are friendly to the members of the akatsuki. Manda is a 2 second stand cast with a 3.5 minute cooldown (This cooldown can be reduced by charging). In addition, can summon the snake sword at will with a 1 second cast time. The snake sword is bound and cannot be dropped, traded, or stored in the bank, only destroyed. If the ring is unequipped, the snake sword is removed from the member's inventory. snake sword's stats are 45 base damage, applies bleed 2 every melee, and has a .5 second attack speed. No stat boosts.
    9. Kisame ring (The Shark God): Grants access to water shark jutsu if this member does not already have it. Water shark's cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds and can be cast instantly. It deals 50% additional damage, its move speed is increased by 50%, and it has +5 tile range. Grants access to Water prison technique if they do not already have it. Water prison technique becomes a stun that lasts for 2 seconds. +10 chakra.
    10. Itachi ring (Peerless Genius): Ninja tools have a global cooldown of .5 seconds and two tools are thrown at once instead of one. Fuuma wind shuriken is now a 1 second run cast that stuns for 1 second. Thrown ninja tools are not consumed. (Jutsu will still consume tools). +75 intelligence.

    I'm super tired and I don't know if these ideas are any good, but I just want organization members to be unique and interesting. Nobody likes making ring builds and they just don't work well. Let me know what you think~

  22. 23 votes
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    Secret Entrance into Sand & Mist

    Like the title suggests, there should be an alternative way inside the Sand and Mist village. Similar to Leaf, you must remove all the village seals to gain access to a specific room. This can be tied to the seals mission to gain access to a secret tunnel that leads into and out the village.

    This will primarily focus on lowbies trying to sneak into Sand or Mist to do their daily mission without having to deal with enemies guarding the 5 tiles into a village.

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    Organization Ideas

    So currently certain organizations have no upside to them outside of having bases in certain locations. Compared to other organizations this is a turn off to join the organizations because they lack buffs or perks and some even lack uniforms. 
    My idea 
    Yakuza - 0 cost for spawning in tanzaku since they control the town and reduced prices there when purchasing tools and gambling.
    Some kind of black suit pr uniform if possible or a new tattoo cosmetic.
    Hermits - Hermit Organization members should gain the perk of not popping up on bingo book even when they have a bounty since they are hermits and option to spawn in hermit base.
    Hermits should also get the Hermit Headband removed from coupon shop to be replaced with something else and make the Hermit Headband a purchasable clothing item for members of this organization.
    Benimaru Shinmon

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    Gathering missions, Fishing missions

    We have gathering and fishing in game now as a limited system and resource, lets expand on this just a small amount by at a minimum creating missions for these. 
    I think these would work best as either level increment missions, or another form of daily mission. 

    Level increment missions—
    Level 10 unlocks a mission where you turn in 10 specific fish(probably less rare fish) for ryo and experience. 
    New mission every 10th level(20, 30, 40, etc etc), raising the rarity on fish needed for the turn in. 

    Same example of increment missions can be used for gathering/crafting bandages, antidotes, etc. I would imagine these personalized for the players specific village, unless you want to allow players being able to do each villages mission similar to current deal missions.
    Daily mission format—
    Either an additional daily missions could be added to the current daily mission rotation, or an additional fifth/six could be created for gathering/fishing and provided by another NPC.
    Fishing collection I/II/II/IV/V - Bring in 5(or whatever number) of X specific fish. (Rarity of fish raising with each level) (Provides ryo and experience)
    Gathering collection I/II/III/IV/V - Bring in 10(or whatever number) of X specific resource(herb, cotton, whatever) (Provides half of whatever the crafted materials would be if turned in, and experience)

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    Instance bosses level cap & dungeons

    Most players don't get to experience instance bosses like Kumorui or Manda at all. There's not much info about them, and when you finally find out they exist, you've already exceeded the level cap to enter the instance. And in the case you do know about them, it's extremely hard to find a team.

    This is suuuch a waste of resources. Both bosses are extremely well made. Detailed, and with new mechanics ( which is something we dont usually see with most Mobs )
    There're a lot of solutions//Alternatives to this.
    Removing the level cap, but:
    Making the boss accessible once a week / every X time. A key is needed to enter. This key would be either craftable ( 200 venoms = 1 key ) , or a reward from X mission? The Mobs inside would modulate to the level of the player with the highest level.
    A lot of players also are expecting dungeons to be added in the future. Turning these instance bosses into mini-dungeons would be the easiest way to do so, while , at the same time, enhancing the experience a lot.

    Something like: 

    We already have everything in-game to make this possible.
    The doors locking//unlocking after completing a floor, are already on Sand's academy, for the final exam.

    Turning this into a mission ( Completing the Dung ), could reward the player with a new title & such.