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    Since 2013, Nin Online development has been open to community members to make suggestions. Before the launch of the Ideas platform, over 3000+ ideas were submitted in our ideas forum. When Nin Online was first conceived, there was only plans to make the Leaf village, but because players wanted it, we turned Nin Online into a PvP, Faction-based game.

    Your ideas are important to us, and we hope to continue to work with the community to add ideas/suggestions that people want.

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    This idea is going to be brought up in the next admin meeting, please vote up if it has your support.
    Allow for certain items to be dragged into multiple slots, when it makes sense.
    For example, here are some multi-slots that make sense:

    * Bandage Mask, Blood Medic Mask, Wanderer Scarf could go into both Mask and Accessory (If 3 slots +Headwear?)
    * The Visors, Eye Scope and the Blindfolds could both go into the "Mask"  slot and the "Headwear" (where the forehead protectors go) slot. (If 3 slots + Accessories?)
    * Face-paints, Curse Mark Tattoos could go into both Mask (where it is now), Accessory and Headwear.

    Opting for Two Slots or Three Slots entirely up to you of course.

    This could be a first step before having to go through the coding logistics of adding a whole new accessory slot.

    [As you can see in the comments to this post, this idea isn't possible right this second. But it will be brought up in the next admin meeting.]

    Players have voiced their concerns that they would like extra accessory slots.

    Or would like to have some items re-assigned in their slot. 

    This is my suggestion to tackle both problems.


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    More cosmetics!!

    Yo! I wanted to make this post to simply say that we need more cosmetics, specifically cash shop clothing. I made a newer more updated version of this Sasuke outfit, the people I have showed so far say that it appeals to them a bit more because this was the version of Sasuke when we didn't care about anything, just went crazy.

    I also would like to say that I am open to creating more clothes for the game, I don't need credit or anything like that, I just want to add things to the game, so if it benefits the community I got you. If anyone wants to have a chance at having their favorite clothes in the game hit me up on discord, if I like the idea I'll probably get around to it and maybe send it to Ueda.
    Also @Ueda you should totally add this outfit I think lots of people would like it!

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    Cursed Ninja

    Not everyone wishes to be a part of a village when they join the game. Some people like the idea of being a more "evil" type of character and the game doesn't really allow you to start out as that. 
    Currently the only way for that is to be a rogue but being a rogue is meant to be more of a punishment than something you choose to play. Rogues have no unique clothes, summons or masteries. If you are a Leaf rogue you still have a Leaf passive, Leaf summon, Leaf hidden mastery... 
    This makes it so that there is no real option to be a dedicated rogue player. 
    What I wish for is that there is an option to create a character that is more "hardcore" from the very beginning. An option to create a "rogue" character which is not tied to any village. 

    The idea is that cursed ninja would be the "actual" rogues while the exiled ones are village rogues. This would allow for cursed ninja to have things which are unique. Playing as cursed ninja would be a very hard way to start out and would not be recommended for new players (could even make it only possible after resetting a lvl 50 character). You start out in Cursed Lab which is hard to get into and hard to get out of, very little mobs are around and it is easy for a low level to die just trying to step out of host cave or to die to them while trying to go back in the Lab to hand in a mission. Just like normal rogues you would have friendly fire and wouldn't be able to team villagers. Your default and only spawn point would be the Cursed Lab. 

    You start out in the Cursed Laboratory, which is a part of a larger network of laboratories called Village Hidden in the Sound. In your thirst for power you have abandoned your past and origins and have come to serve Sarugami. You are one of the few ninja to have survived his cursed seal experiments. In order to strengthen your cursed seal you must set out in the ninja world.

    Cursed Seal - a cursed seal has been placed upon you which grows stronger over time. 
    Unlike villages which get a passive that is at full power right at the start, cursed ninja start with a quest called "The Growing Curse". The quest requirement at first would be to reach level 10 for example. After you complete it you get a "Weak Cursed Seal Activation" jutsu. It is a weak buff that drains your health while it is up. 
    After completing the current one you would get a new one which would have higher requirements but would award a stronger Cursed Seal jutsu. This would repeat until you get the strongest version of it.
    All of the Cursed Seals would share cooldown and be untradable.

    I thought a lot about what would be a good and unique mastery to introduce in the game. Puppet mastery and genjutsu are something that have been talked about for ages, so why not add a mastery that is a combination of the two. 
    Demonic Flute Genjutsu - a mastery that utilizes a weapon called "Demonic Flute" to cast sound based genjutsu and control summoned creatures known as Doki. 
    The mastery would be based around the summon. Your flute melee would cause it to do a certain action like use an attack or to Flicker. You'd also have access to genjutsu which would be strong CC that deals little to no damage.
    Some jutsu could be:

    1.Illusionary Warrior Doki - you use your flute to create an illusionary warrior called Doki to fight in your place. This would be the main jutsu of the mastery. It would depend heavily on it's summon to fight. It could even be made so that rather than getting stronger flute weapons this mastery can drop stronger illusionary warrior jutsu scrolls.

    2.Phantom Chains - you use your flute to create an illusion for your opponent in which they are bound by chains. Single target CC that does little to no damage.

    3.Phantom Sound Wave - you use your flute to create a sound wave which commands your Doki to take a bite of their target's soul. Does moderate damage but saps a large chunk of chakra from the enemy. 
    Nue - a chimera that is able to sap your opponent's chakra. 


    The Sound Four - a team of elite cursed ninja which serve as bodyguards for Sarugami.
    Their base would be within Cursed Laboratory and their buff would be some strong cursed seal. 

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    Mist to Mainland Travel Idea

    Yesterday, there was a lot of discussion going on in discord about ways revitalize Mist Village. The biggest complaint was and has been for awhile the 4/5 minute boat ride everyone has to take. Most people are saying to just reduce the boat ride, but there were a few other points raised. I wanted to get them into the forums so there was at least a more permanent place to discuss. 
    Move Kraken a different location so low level and new players were not discouraged to not use the boat. If the Kraken map was either moved up or down a spot and the length of the run was shortened the pains of trying to get back to the mainland for Mist players would be greatly shortened.  Give Mist players more missions in their own area to make dailies easier. I started in Mist in and switched to Sand and one of the main reasons was the amount of times I had to go get that Samurai Drink from Sand Village and then not die on my way back... Give Mist an infirmary in the village with the doc mainland side so they don't have as far to travel when dying during a mission.  I think there were more ideas, but I can't remember them all so please post your ideas here as well!

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    Fame system & mission routes

    What is fame?
    "Fame" was added to Nin back in july 2022. This was inspired by Maplestory ,but even in that game, it wasn't very well received.

    This system imo, adds nothing to the game other than toxicity. I love the idea of giving players the power to do pretty much anything , but i dont think that should be the case for Fame. 

    What is considered famous // infamous? If im sitting in my village and suddenly get raided and mass unfamed ,  how does this make an "infamous" ninja in the world? How does this make me "infamous" for my village?
    The fact this adds nothing to the gameplay, doesn't help at all. The ammount of times players reported being cussed over a fame//defame are way too many.

    I don't think this is a bad addition tho. "Reputation" Systems have been a part of Mmos for a really long time.

    So,, the solution?

    Fame should be given by NPCS and GMS only, not players.

    Give existing and upcoming missions routes, a morally considered "good" route, and a "bad" route. Completing the mission following the "good", will give you the regular stuff, ryos, exp , items depending on the mission, and + X fame. While doing the "bad" route , will give you the regular stuff and - X fame. All of this could be done in many ways.     Gms could give + or - fame as well, for joining/winning Rp based events. Some examples!

    In Kiari's parcel, if you die, you drop the parcel. This can happen infinite ammount of times, until you deliver the parcel.

    How about we give a certain ammount of  "tolerance" to these missions. For example, if you die 3 times while carrying the parcel, you won't get it a 4th time, but you dont lose the mission either. You'd have to " Recover the stolen Parcel " from a bandit Npc.
     You have 2 options here, either talk with the bandit, and let him keep the parcel ( Bad ending/route - X fame ), or fight the bandit , and recover the parcel ( Good ending/Route + X fame ).

    In Lover's Quarrel, if you drop the flower, you permanently fail the mission. 
    Why dont we change the " fails " for negative fame?

    You died and lost the flower? Useless, Now go and find another flower that grows in a farther place. Once you get that flower and turn in the mission, you will get the regular rewards and negative fame ( Positive fame if you didn't die with the first flower ).

    Imo, this is a way to give missions more depth and Npcs more personality.

    So.. what will fame be used for?
    Limited titles, limited items , achivements , locked missions, requirements for some orgs//items. Those are a couple of things that i can think of atm. 
    With the upcoming guild system , i feel this new Fame system would help guilds have a way better RP experience.

    Feel free to suggest anything!

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    Only enemies (red names)

    It would be excellent if the option to select opponents or companions, just change so that when the key is pressed it goes from enemy to enemy and not to friends also by default, if someone wants to select a village companion when they do it, use the mouse, like when it is done to give fame. Kakashi doesn't have to see all of his teammates before looking at Zabuza jeje

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    In Progress

    Anbu mask

    It would be excellent if something could be done with the anbu masks of all the villages, this so that they can hide their identity even if they are knocked down in battle and have a better role as undercover ninjas. since an anbu when he was wounded and knew that they were following him, they committed suicide so that the other villages do not know the information they had. in this case, the information... your player identity

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    Mist boat ride/population help

    (Fixed into idea section)
    Everybody is insisting that the boat ride is the problem in the village  so nobody will play in the mist village.
    I suggest something like adding oars to the boat that people can sit down at and help it go faster, that way the more people active in the village the faster the boat ride is when they go out to hunt or do dailies.
    Erox said it’s slavery but it’s not forced, you wouldn’t say someone helping you water your garden is slavery when they want you to hurry up so you two can go out to eat or whatever. Rp wise the captain will make more profit from people wanting to reduce their travel time which is their payoff for a little manual labor, and he makes more profit because he is transporting more people at a faster rate. Mechanically it makes sense, since adding oars to a boat helps it go faster especially when there’s a lack of wind.
    Yes, there should be a cap on how much the travel time is reduced to so it’s not a ten second ride or whatever.
    Lord Orochimaru

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    Can we get a ninja meditate or monk style meditate to regenerate health please. Waiting or sitting on a log is boring. I think a meditate would fit into the games theme and the ninja world. Plus it would make regenerating fun. Maybe a simple button press to meditate health instead of the current system would be good and make meditate take 5-10 seconds for health or something (make meditate a icon or state for it). Thanks. If u wanted to take this meditate suggestion to the next level, you could make meditate a button press and provide instant health regen (albeit low, tweak the number or balance it accordingly) to add a whole new dynamic to pvp. No longer is pvp just running around fighting and regening chakra, you could throw a meditate into the mix, for a whole new level of pvp.

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    New action bar

    Can we get another action bar please, two isn't enough. I'm running out of action bar space and a third one is needed. More action bars will definitely be needed especially if we get more jutsus. Two is cutting it close right now. Thanks. u could make it a turn off/on action bar too and maybe put it on the right side of the ui or something

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    Bo Staff

    1) Keep the current Bo Staff skin as a boss drop and add a regular Bo Staff to the shop.
    2) Adjust all weapons, making shop weapons better and hard drops worst. This should follow a vertical tier until a certain point where all weapons then become horizontal tier to create balance. Make jutsu better than sword for more skilled gameplay.
    3) Bo Staff currently equals having about 70 points in strength without the actual cost and this should not be a thing.
    4) Stupid grind should not = broken gameplay
    To Bo Staff Users:

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    Randomized DZ boss spawns

    I like the idea of random spawning bosses in various danger zones. A global message could appear on a spawn that says something like "An ominous wind blows from the east. The black knight has spawned." And it would appear in a random danger zone map. This would encourage exploring the danger zones to find the monster. Makes interesting PVE and PVP mechanics at the same time.

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    Sword melee rework

    Since every other weapon has a unique melee (pipe puts down a trap, fan shoots a projectile), I thought it would be cool if sword melee was reworked to be more unique from a regular fist melee (since it's basically just a fist melee with big damage right now).

    Sword melee should be slow like other weapon melees (fan and pipe are both 2+ sec speed) but slash in AoE. It could also possibly have a cast time but I am not sure if it's possible for melees to have a cast time atm.

    For example kyuketsuki currently has 1 second speed and 78 damage, that's 78 damage per second. With this change it would have 2 tile range AoE slash but it would have much slower speed, like 2.5 seconds. That would reduce it to 31 damage per second which is significantly lower damage output, but it would have extra range and AoE to compensate.

          Normal Swords:                                                                                                

         Adamantine Sword:   

          Kraken Hammer:

    Since Adamantine Sword and Kraken Hammer are big swords they could have bigger hitboxes but would be extremely slow (around 4 seconds per swing)

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    Ranks and roles to uphold and enhance RP

    Its a pretty simple idea.  Every month or so server gms can get together to create a story for the entire server to RP around. These stories can be tournaments, catastrophies, evil villians threatening ninja existence, you name it. This is essentially the setting. Next within each village, ranks can be created that can be obtained by vote, competition, or volunteer in order to uphold the scenario by playing specific positions centered around that setting. for example, an evil villains rank and their role would be to essentially play the part of the antagonist. Vice versa with protagonist ranks.  Alternatively, existing organizations within the game can fulfill these ranks.  Finally, with the setting and ranks of the rpserver rp scenario intact, players can freely choose to participate in the rp and create their own stories within the plot, culminating to an end after each month. Every so ofter we can wash rinse and repeat, and refine this and the community itself will be a self perpetuating rp  entity. Ive seen this done in the past on byond games.  This takes the involvement of the community morso than the involvement of those in charge of the servers like gms, but gms need to authorize and organize it.  An evil villian my need a tempory bup in his or her stats, in order to play out certain types of rp.  Of course, at the end of each month, rewards can be givin to participants such as jutsus or extra stat points etc. even cosmetic items.

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    Add Storage Crates and Straw Dummies Into the Furniture Store

    Adding things such as storage crates that would be placed in houses would make houses much more useful. Renting a house is a little overpriced considering it does not really add any purpose other than decoration. A training dummy would also be very nice. It would just be like the straw dummy on the boat that takes you to the Mist. This would allow you to level jutsu, test combo's, etc in the safety of your own home. 

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    RP Mission Rework

    I haven't seen anyone hosting RP missions and after finding out what they actually are, I can completely understand why. As it stands, RP missions are a one off mission for accounts. This means you can't host someone who has RP 1 (the most common one) with someone who has RP 2 or RP 3. So this makes hosting a pain, but on top of that you entirely rely on the honesty of the host. I think instead of this current system we should take a more modern approach. I think Chunin should be able to host an RP mission once a day and Jonin twice a day. These RP missions will determine the squad's level and give the host a choice to pick an appropriate mission.
    This new RP mission will have objectives for the host to complete. If we take the bell exam for example, the host would need to be killed in the bell exam map and drop the bells. Once that happens the mission would be completed like any other mission by turning it in. Another example of an RP missions (for leaf) would be to infiltrate an enemy village and killing 100 Tunnelers. The RP element doesn't always have to be so blatant. Simply planning a mission where you go behind enemy lines and planning on ways to combat enemy ninja if you see them is still a form of roleplay. This would also streamline RP missions so you don't have to introduce yourself every single time to the new sensei as well. To add onto this, I believe there should be a report option in case a player attempts to log off with the mission and complete it without the host. Possibly even remove the mission when logging off.
    RP missions are no longer 1-offs, they can now be hosted by a player (chunin) once every 24 hour period or by a higher ranking player (jonin) twice every 24 hour period. RP missions are no longer blatantly text only or story driven. Instead they will encompass the natural RP of Nin Online, playing the role of a ninja carrying out missions for your village. RP missions are selected by the host, the selection is determined by the level of the squad members they are in. When the host selects the RP mission, everyone receives that mission and will have specific objectives that will be tracked by the game. (Make your sensei drop the bells in the Bell Event map) The missions are then turned into the RP mission npc. (removes RP tokens entirely) Not only will these changes promote players to stay online longer, it will also promote higher level players with more end game content. It will also give more of a meaning to being a higher rank in the village. These changes are intended to bring about not only keeping newer players around longer, but also to allow them to connect to other players in their village. To create a bond with their village that will get them to come back and play the game more.
    Demon of the Leaf

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    Reinvigorated Idea: Adjustable Hotbars.... with pictures this time

    So as you can see, I'm watching Naruto and on the right is my hotbar. If I press H, it clears my HUD and I can't see it. The blessing covers my hotbar, which covers my move cool downs. It makes it slightly more difficult but not too difficult, it's just tedious that we can only customize and move around the chat screen (which in my opinion is perfectly done because now whenever I play I just close it and ignore everyone for the most part and it's beautiful. I hope that we can not only adjust the size but move around the hotbar and the blessing tab in the future. 

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    Cloud and Stone

    At this point most veteran players have explored the majority of the content loaded into the game, and as a result a lot of players are getting bored and leaving. Also at this point, we now have three templates to create the last two villages. Since the last three villages were Leaf, Sand and Mist, the last two villages should be Kumogakure aka Hidden Cloud Village located in the Land of Lightning led by the Raikage and his staff, and Iwagakure aka Hidden Stone Village located in the Land of Earth led by the Tsuchikage and his staff. With all five villages plus rogue life implemented into the game everyone will now migrate into other villages completely balancing everything. (Probably only Mist will be dead tbh but that might fix itself later with the Steam release). 

    In my personal opinion it probably would be better to work on this now before the steam release, since the villages appear to be a large scale project and require a lot of work. On top of that, too much content was promised before release, and now it's like; instead of all these cool things we get a slap in the face with the fishing feature and I kinda find it a little disrespectful. 
    This community has a lot of talented artists that I'm sure if asked would have no problem contributing to the game in order to help Rory and his team achieve updates faster in exchange for Silver Ninja, and I've seen some of these guys icon everything from clothing to weapons to even fan made jutsu. We want the game to progress and see cool things, and while fishing is nice and makes us a lot of ryo; it isn't like there are those of us that have forgotten about the other content like advanced masteries, clan techniques, other villages, level 100, the things that chads look forward to.

    The lack of jutsus (we've literally had the same ones for 10 years) contributes to the boredom. Getting new masteries correlated to lightning (Land of Lightning gets Black Lightning and Stone gets Particle Style) would contribute to the excitement of getting back into PvP, which I've literally given up on at this point because it's the same story different timezone. (I've leveled 25 accounts with 11 summons, don't question me on that). There is nothing to do on Nin anymore and fishing definitely isn't the solution. 

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    French Community

    Bonjour. J'ai vu que tu te lances sur steam. J'ai vu que les jeux étaient en anglais et en portugais sur steam, pourquoi ne pas toucher la communauté française ? 

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    Right click

    Is there any chance you can put right click as another move option for those who want to be able to move the character in-game? it would be excellent

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    Simple AFK Kage check-in system

    I think that kages should have a set timelimit personally between log in sessions, if a kage in a village doesn't log in within like a 10 day period, I personally believe that the kage should no longer be in office as it could potentially kill activity within the village itself and lead to what many players refer to as a "dead village".

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    "Secret Scroll" Jutsus

    Ok so I heard that Erox is planing on removing the Curse Seal from the Medical class... which actually makes sense I guess?  
    Well, I thought of this:

    They are Jutsus Scrolls that cannot be found in the normal village shops. Instead, they are sell by specific NPCs scattered across the map. 
    They can sell you their techniques after you complete their Quests, and each NPC sell a different "Secret Scroll". 

    These Scrolls can sell special and unique Jutsus that any mastery can learn, such as Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu and Rasengan. Or even some unique transformations from the show, like the Curse Seal itself, Sage Mode, Eight Gates, etc.
    Some could also sell specific Jutsus for specific masteries. Such as "Hirudora" for Taijutsu, and Kirin for Lightning Release.

    They should be unique by their own, or compliment well certain builds depending on the Jutsus. They should probably have high stat requeriments to be used too.

    For how this should look like In-game, I thought of 2 alternatives:


    - Find the NPC
    - Have required level
    - Accept their Quest
    - Complete their Quest

    - Now by interacting with this NPC, it will open a Scroll Shop with the Secret Jutsus this NPC can sell you.
    - In there, you can buy their "Secret Scroll Jutsu". The cost is a Sealable Scroll III (Sealable Scroll Level 3) 


    - Find the NPC
    - Have required level
    - Accept their Quest
    - Complete their Quest

    - The NPC can now craft you their Secret Jutsu Scrolls. 
    It will require a list of specific ingredients, and a Sealable Scroll III

    The NPCs should have some meaning in where they are located depending on what Secret Jutsu they can give to you. 

    - Might Guy can be find in the Training Field (Leaf Village), and would give Eight Gates and/or Hirudora. 
    - Orochimaru can be find somewhere in the Cursed Laboratory, and would give Cursed Seal Activation
    - In the Land of Toads, a NPC can teach you the Toad-Sage Mode, while somewhere in the Abandoned Lair you could learn Snake-Sage Mode.

    Well, that's my idea, what do you guys think?
    This my first post here. I hope I didn't break any rules. 

    If this idea is well recieved, I will probably make separated posts about how I think the quests of each Jutsu I mentioned should look like, as well as a bit of how I think the skills should look like too.

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    Kill Mission Danger Zone NPC/Mob

    General Idea:
    Add a mob that spawns at different points randomly in Danger Zones, and upon kill of this mob have it count towards a players kill mission objective. 

    Theres many variations of ways this can be done, and always up for discussion or interpretation-- but I'll be describing my take on it. 

    Rogue NPC's will be our mob of choice. 
    Customization of these mobs are another avenue. 
    Perfect outcome, I think these mobs should appear with random names, and random appearances-- If seen they would appear to look like players. 
    I think this may be to ambitious for the games system, though. 
    The other avenue, generic Rogue Ninja mobs, random names. Essentially like our Bandits we have currently. 

    I think two of these NPC's spawned at once should be the limit. Possibly three. 
    Able to spawn between any of the Danger Zone maps. (Not the ones protected or near Villages)

    Make these mobs somewhat strong. I think lower level players should be able to have a chance to kill one solo. Probably about as strong as 20 arc boss. 
    It would be cool to see them with random Mastery skills per the random player-like Rogue NPC idea, but again I understand we may not be there yet. 
    Giving them a normal skillset will work just as well. 

    Each mob will have a 10 Ryo bounty. 
    Each mob will count as 1 player kill, for kill missions. 

    I'm not sure best options for spawn time, but I think if they had a timer similar to boss timer, 20 minute timer might be best. 

    I think this addition will help bring more activity to Danger Zones. Players will try to search out these mobs to help with their kill missions, leading to more players in the Danger Zones, which I think is best for everyone. 

    Currently getting the Waging War or Bounty Hunting missions as a daily mission can create frustrating result when there are no players within the Danger Zone, bringing players to feel as if the game is empty. Obviously there are down town hours within this game and this idea will help the players playing within those down time hours continue with their kill missions without feeling helpless. 

    EDIT 8/25/2022:
    There has been no feedback for this idea from staff, and Danger Zone activity is worse than ever.
    With the change to daily missions being bumped up to 4, with more chances at receiving kill missions, Danger Zone activity should be a focus point.
    Sadly the fishing update, while enjoyable and very well done, has no benefit for fishing in Danger Zones-- this has lead to even less players focusing on Danger Zone activity.

    "Some things take more time to consider fully the implications then others" - @Ueda on 6/16/2022, in reference to requesting feedback for this post.

    With only two Villages existing right now, and one of those two having a fishing spot in the middle of their Village(Leaf), can we not get some feedback on bringing engagement back to Danger Zones? A large portion of missions revolve around Danger Zone activity.

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    Mouse buttons

    I just think it would be quite convenient to be able to bind some keys to my mouse as I'm not used to playing games with only a keyboard.

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    Puppet Rework.

    This is my proposal on a possible rework to the Puppeteer system to both make it more viable, and to make it more accessible.

    The first part is removing the need to use a summon contract to be allowed to even go down this path, though that doesn't mean it won't be blank scroll heavy of a technique.
    Secondly, change all the different puppet types in the Puppeteer's Den from the six that exist into three categories:
    Special Puppet
    Weapon Puppet
    Jutsu Puppet

    A new type of Jutsu Scroll would come into existence from this, which would enable the use of most jutsu and techniques in the game. Puppets would be changed from summons to be a new weapon type called "Puppeteer Threads"; we already have an example of this with the Puppet Coffin that would just need to be adjusted to fit the reworked system. Puppeteer Scrolls would come in two flavors: Scrolls to learn to summon different puppets and scrolls to make those puppets use different jutsu and techniques. The Scrolls to summon puppets would not require any mastery and would only be limited to being level 10 and having Puppeteer Thread type weapon equipped. This whole system would still only be for the Sand ninja, as they're the only ones who know these techniques.
    Puppet Scrolls are exact copies of the normal technique scrolls, but originate from the puppet rather than the Ninja, cast times are also used by the puppet, allowing the Ninja to multitask.
    The Puppeteer Den NPC would change dramatically, becoming similar to the Jutsu Scroll Shop NPC with several different pages of options.
    An additional Puppeteer Den NPC would sell Puppet Thread weapons to enable the use of Puppeteer Jutsu.
    While using Puppeteer Threads as a weapon, you cannot use normal Jutsu except for Substitutions, Flash Step, and other similar techniques. Kunai Clone and Demon Wind Shuriken are both techniques that do not fall into this exemption category as you'd need to use your hands to cast both.

    This would be one of the most difficult paths to master as a player, as you'll need to manage yourself and your puppet(s) position accordingly to survive and overcome your opponent successfully.

    Weapon Puppet - No Mastery Required, Level 10, Sand Only, Puppeteer Strings. Tier I
    Uses Puppet Threads to summon a singular Weapon Puppet. The Weapon Puppet is equipped with sharp blades on its body and specializes in dealing direct melee damage and can be equipped to handle ninja tools. Its damage scales with Strength stat, and its health scales at 33% effectiveness of the user's Fortitude stat, with a base HP of 80.
    Weapon Puppets can be used in conjunction with Weapon Puppet Techniques if the Ninja controlling the puppet has Weapon Mastery.
    Examples of Weapon Puppet Techniques are Blade Piercing Technique (Puppet), and Explosive Kunai Technique (Puppet). 
    As this technique increases in level, the stat scaling grows stronger, and the puppet can be further from its owner. (33%/36%/40% Fortitude, Damage from Strength)

    Jutsu Puppet - No Mastery Required, Level 10, Sand Only, Puppeteer Strings. Tier I
    Uses Puppet Threads to summon a singular Jutsu Puppet. The Jutsu Puppet seems plain in its exterior appearance but has been created with the intent to use as a conduit to cast Ninjutsu. Jutsu puppets are not made for dealing close range damage, and thus do not do much melee damage. Its damage for Jutsu scales directly with the Jutsu in question, its health scales at 33% effectiveness of the user's Fortitude stat, with a base of 80 HP.
    Jutsu Puppets can be used in conjunction with Jutsu Puppet Techniques if the Ninja controlling the puppet has any corresponding Elemental Mastery.
    Examples of Jutsu Puppet Techniques are Big Flame Bullet Technique (Puppet), Feast of Lightning (Puppet), and Colliding Wave Technique (Puppet).
    As this technique increases in level, the stat scaling grows stronger, and the puppet can be further from its owner. (33%/36%/40% Fortitude, Base damage on Jutsu)

    Special Puppet - No Mastery Required, Level 10, Sand Only, Puppeteer Strings. Tier I 
    Uses Puppet Threads to summon a singular Special Puppet. Special Puppets vary and are clearly not ordinary puppets; some may not even look human in form. Its limbs may be built for close range combat, or it may be built to harbor extra chakra reserves for other purposes such as medical techniques. As such, its melee damage scales with Agility stat of the Ninja in question, and its health scales at 33% effectiveness of the user's Fortitude stat, with a base of 80 HP.
    Special Puppets can be used in conjunction with Special Puppet Techniques if the Ninja controlling the puppet has Medical Mastery and/or Taijutsu Mastery.
    Examples of Special Puppet Techniques are Whirlwind Kick Technique (Puppet), Poison Cloud Technique (Puppet), and Treat Wounds Technique (Puppet).

    Please note that Puppets are not organic, and thus cannot be healed by any means. To recover their hp, they must be resummoned. No amount of Cell Regeneration Technique can make refined metal and wood regenerate.

    On top of the puppet type specific jutsu that require masteries to use, puppet masters also have access to the following non-mastery jutsu from the Puppet Den NPC:

    Send [Type] Puppet - No Mastery, Any Level, Sand Only, Puppeteer Strings. Tier I
    This jutsu orders all of your [Type] Puppets to quickly dash towards your target (Must be locked on). This ability costs Chakra and has a cooldown; acts like Flash Step, but has a limited range of how far the puppet(s) in question may move from their master based on the level of Jutsu used to summon them.
    Increasing the level reduces the Chakra cost and cooldown. 1 Sec Charge time. (Cast by the Puppeteer)
    There would be a version for Weapon, Jutsu, and Special Puppet that do not share cooldowns with each other and can be used one after the other if the Ninja desires.
    There would also be a version that sends all puppets, regardless of type towards the target.
    This puts the puppet(s) in question into the "Send" state, following the target they were sent to to stay in melee range if possible. If the target moves out of range of movement for the puppet, it will stand still until the puppet master adjusts their own position to match the target.

    Return [Type] Puppet - No Mastery, Any Level, Sand Only, Puppeteer Strings. Tier I
    This jutsu orders all of your [Type] Puppets to quickly dash back in melee range of their puppeteer. This ability costs no Chakra, but has a cooldown; acts like Flash Step, but will only send the puppet type in question back to its puppeteer within 1 tile.
    Increasing the level reduces the cooldown and charge time. 1 Sec Charge time (Cast by the Puppeteer)
    Similar to Send Puppet, there would be a version for each unique puppet type as well as one that sends all puppets regardless of type.
    This puts the puppet(s) in question into the "Return" state, following the puppeteer as closely as they can.

    These two jutsu would be integral to being a Puppet Master, as controlling where your Puppets are is key to your success as one.
    Regardless of state, if the puppet is three tiles too far from its master, it will automatically Flash Step to its master ignoring distance rules and enter the "Return" state. The Return Puppet jutsu is not needed to have this occur.
    A puppet will move towards whoever the puppeteer is targeting with lock on within its range of movement, if they are in the "Return" state, having no target will make the puppet return to its master.
    When a Puppeteer presses the "Attack" button, the Ninja's Puppet(s) will attack instead of the Ninja.

    Multiple Puppets:
    This is not a specific Jutsu, but rather an explanation on how using multiple puppets is possible, and its limitations.
    At Level 3, the corresponding Puppet Summon technique evolves into Tier II, allowing the Jutsu to be cast again to summon a second Puppet, or to be used alongside a different puppet type of the same Tier. This happens again at Tier II level 3, allowing the puppet master to summon up to three of the same Puppet at once, or two of the same and one other type.
    To summon two different puppets, or three different puppets, all the summon techniques used must be Tier II or III. To summon two of one puppet and one of another type, both must be Tier III.
    If you are using three puppets at once, truly consider yourself a "Puppet Master" and not just an ordinary Puppeteer. By this point as a player, you will have mastered the movement of multiple puppets at one time, the spacing needed to use them effectively, and controlling your own movement to stay safe and use your puppets to your maximum benefit.

    Ranges of movement for puppets is determined both by the Puppeteer Threads you have equipped, as well as the level of the Puppet Summon technique; the puppet does not gain more movement range after level 3 Tier I. (If it was allowed to gain more after this, then you might as well just let players zoom out the entire map and snipe people with puppets from masters that are a map away. This decision is for balance purpose) I'd suggest a maximum of 10 tiles for normal Puppeteer Threads + Level 3 Summon, 13 at most if they have the best possible Puppeteer Threads in the game. This is 10/13 tiles away from the user that Jutsu and basic attacks can be the origin of.

    Ultimately, to even BEGIN your journey as a Puppet Master, you'd need at least level 10, enough Ryo to buy a Puppeteer Thread, and the Tier 1 Enchanted Scroll you gain at Level 10 from the Scroll Sage. To start being effective, you'd need three more Enchanted Scrolls to get Send and Return, as well as one Technique for your puppet to use.
    If anything, this suggestion makes it more laborious to become a true puppet master but makes it easier to begin that journey.

    This would, by far, be the most complex way to play the game. You could make it even more complex by going some absurd build like Taijutsu Fire Mastery, using both a Special Puppet and a Jutsu puppet, managing the movement of your Special Puppet to pressure enemies with melee attacks and managing the movement of your Jutsu puppets to use Fire Jutsu, on top of your own Ninja's movement.

    This of course, would be a major undertaking by the development staff and should be put on the back-burner if it's accepted to eventually be added.