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    Since 2013, Nin Online development has been open to community members to make suggestions. Before the launch of the Ideas platform, over 3000+ ideas were submitted in our ideas forum. When Nin Online was first conceived, there was only plans to make the Leaf village, but because players wanted it, we turned Nin Online into a PvP, Faction-based game.

    Your ideas are important to us, and we hope to continue to work with the community to add ideas/suggestions that people want.

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    End-game Boss Design Improvements

    Disclaimer: While I have basic coding knowledge, I have never coded a game or any of it's mechanics. I am however suggesting mechanics that either already exist in nin online (spider boss, snake boss) along with some others that have been implemented in similar games. It is up to the game developers whether these mechanics are efficient/plausible to implement.
    While Land of iron (LOI) on release was very populated, the zone has been gradually declining to the point where, despite the high mission rewards and best in slot gear available from drops, it is rarely active. As someone who has done all the content this zone has to offer multiple times as well as killed both end game bosses (Nobu ~800 kills, Mitsuhide ~200 kills), I wanted to share my experience of the problem the zone has as well as some suggestions for improvement. 
    The Problem with LOI:
    Some of the content is very good; some missions like fill the bucket and haiku 575 offer a good change to normal missions and reward with good XP. While the kill missions IMO are bit overkill (due to very tanky mobs with a high kill requirement to complete), it is fine if you are grinding them for the build up to farm the end game bosses that have the best drops in the game. 
    The main problem lies here, with the END GAME bosses (General Nobu + Admiral Mitsuhide). There are several reasons for this, listed here:
    Boss design: These bosses offer little mechanics that provide a challenge to the player. They are basically just walking cannons that have so much HP (With full DPS builds, 2 full INT players would efficiently kill Nobu in ~25 minutes, Mitsuhide in ~50 minutes). They can be kited, however they both have unavoidable damage moves due to the room being so small Cheese strats: Because there is no limit to entering and leaving the boss rooms, and the fights offer no reward for playing correctly, no one kills this boss as intended. I highlight this because there is no incentive to do so, and instead of a challenging, end-game boss, you're left with people going outside the room, waiting for CD's, going in, bursting and walking out to repeat about 60-70 times before they finally get a kill. This is because even while playing perfectly, you can easily be RNG'd with unavoidable damage, leading to death and a reset of a VERY tanky boss, with all your progress lost.  No challenge: The bosses in all honestly, are not challenging. Yes, they are extremely difficult to kill properly, but that is because you cannot avoid damage, so it's not even a challenge, it's up to RNG. The small rooms add to this problem and the points mentioned above seal the coffin. Nobu is cheesed whenever it's killed nowadays and Mitsuhide has never been killed since the changes Erox implemented with Sushi. I could go on and list more reasons, but these 3 are the most important ones and cover the main reasons why this content is not explored by the majority of the playerbase.
    My suggestions are designed with the disclaimer in mind, and to make these bosses feel like challenging, end-game content with the highest difficulty, since they offer the best rewards in the game. Endgame PVE content at the highest level should be as challenging if not more than endgame PVP. 
    Instance the boss room: The boss should only be able to be entered with a party of up to 4 (this is based on the mechanic that the snake boss and spider boss both have). The reasoning behind this is to keep integrity of the boss's difficulty, so that you cannot just zerg it down with many people; it is an actual difficult encounter that must be prepared for accordingly. This also addresses the cheese strats that are used by going outside of the room and re-entering for easy boss kills. Reduce boss HP and auto-attack damage dramatically: Bosses indeed should be stronger as the difficulty gets harder, but just increasing HP and damage is not an elegant solution. Right now encounters take so long even with a full DPS team, that it is one of the reasons they are hardly killed. Boss fights should get harder due to the difficult mechanics the boss offers, which leads me to the final and most important suggestion. Add difficult, challenging mechanics to the boss so that it is fun and rewarding to kill: This point is up to the staff to implement how they see fit, but I have some suggestions below in more detail.  
    Boss Mechanic Suggestions:
    For these, I'm going to be using General Nobu as an example, but the same can be applied to Admiral Mitsuhide. These are just to show what kind of ideas I mean. To move between phases, if difficult to implement, can be replaced with a whole new coded boss that has the mechanics of that particular phase (with a cutscene or similar in between phase swaps). 

    Boss has "Phases" at different HP thresholds (These can be changed, but my recommendation is 80%, 60%, 40% and 20%). 
    1. 100% - 80%: No change, it's just fighting the boss normally with his current skills and movement

    2. 80% - 60%: The boss spawns 4 Golden Samurai/Penguins/Snow leopards periodically in all corners of the room until the end of the phase (marked by the blue crosses).

    3. 60% - 40%: The boss periodically drops fire on the ground, where you will take consistent damage if you stay on those tiles (this mechanic is not yet implemented in game as is, but I got the idea from the auto-kill rooms e.g. when you fail the slot bot challenge). An example is spikes appearing in the tiles marked in pink:

    These tiles frequently change during the course of this phase
    4. 40% - 20%: The boss occasionally does a charged up attack in an idle animation. The player party must do XXX amount of damage during this animation, or everyone will be killed (damage value can be modified, but I think 1000 damage in this time is reasonable). When doing this attack, he can have some sort of aura around him to signal the players, this is his DPS check. 
    If a DPS check is not possible with current game engine, simply mixing the mechanics mentioned in points 2. and 3. would suffice.
    5. 20% - 0%: The boss goes in rage mode, flickering more often, doing much higher damage and shooting jutsu out more frequently until the end of the kill (can even toggle the run option since most recent patch notes). 

    IMO the boss encounter should be finished by entering a sort of chest room. In this chest room, there are always guarenteed rewards inside chests (can be implemented like mailboxes) that can be looted, to reward a player party for finishing such a difficult encounter, and encouraging them to repeat it often. The drop table should be random and large, with items being rolled randomly at the end, such as:
    - 10 Blanks
    - Flat Ryo (100-1000)
    - Unique drops (Blood iron fan, Claymore)
    - 100x of a mob drop (e.g. snake venom, cocoons, iron pieces)

    As always please keep comments on point to the topic. I believe the addition of difficulty and a fun challenge using game mechanics already implemented (mostly :D) could revive this end-game content and really make it an integral, difficult challenge for PvE, with great rewards.

    Editors note: One of the main reasons I'm making this post is because difficult and fun PvE content with great rewards is a repeatable activity, which does not rely on many other players for content. Land of iron has the opportunity to do that with these bosses.
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    Danger Zones Suggestions

    Considering the danger zones as their own content (just as RP and Events would be considered a content category), it feels like there has been some neglect to what the zone offers, which can be seen in the recent decline of activity, specifically varied activity in the danger zones.
    By design, the danger zone accounts for all different forms of PvP, however as the game has evolved and the players' understanding with it, it feels like there is only one way to play inside these zones effectively, which at the moment is to bring as many numbers as possible (or not go out at all if you don't need to) and camp map swaps (which is by far the most effective strategy for winning fights). Personally I've played Nin for ~16 months actively, and during that time, played all kinds of content in the DZ (Solo hunting buffed/unbuffed, outnumbered fights, village raids, PvE, and missions to name a few).
    The problem:
    Gameplay is frustrating as it rewards clumped high numbers and mapswap camping, leaving other forms of DZ content neglected  Current danger zones have very little incentive (I want to emphasise this, as it is different from the point below and will expand on it later) to go into There is no punishment or sense or urgency to push danger zones (players can effectively wait as long as they like before heading out) I will expand on each of these points, and offer a glossary of suggestions. Please note, this is not a criticism of dangers zones, it is more of a forum to suggest improvements to bring life to them.
    Problem 1: High numbers (Clumped) + Mapswap camping
    Part 1: High numbers (Clumped)
    High numbers on their own are not an issue, infact they bring a more interesting outlook on the game. The problem is when large numbers are clumped. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is the 60 second death timer. The timer feels way too long considering the DZ maps are so small. A player can run from Dark spiders to South Tigers (a very significant coverage of the whole danger zone) in under 60 seconds.
    This becomes even more of a problem while fighting groups as once you are outnumbered, it does not matter how many people you kill as your kills can be revived with relative ease. Focusing medics is a viable strategy, however the punishment for running high medics in groups has no drawback since all groups are encouraged to have as many numbers as possible.
    Proposed solution: Reduce respawn timer in Danger zones from 60 seconds to 30 seconds. Safezone timers stay 60 seconds.
    Part 2: Mapswap camping
    Mapswap camping is by far the most efficient strategy to kill any sized groups. For clarity, mapswap camping is when you are waiting on the edge of a narrow map, ready to unload all your jutsus when the enemy swaps into the map. The reason this works is because the enemy coming in cannot react while they load in and many jutsus have no AoE limit. 
    This inherently is not a problem, as it means with proper flanking, you can also corner the people camping the mapswap, if pushed from the other side, as shown below:

    The problem develops when you consider how dangers zones are layed out - there is a presence of corridors. A corridor is a map where once you have passed it, you cannot get back into any map above or below it until you pass it again. These are absolutely terrible for the danger zones and what facilitate mapswap camping as a viable strategy. The diagram below shows how corridors work:

    Each square represents a map in the danger zone. The red squares indicate corridors, and as shown, once you are holding one of these corridors, you cannot be flanked, and can effectively mapswap camp indefinitely, which leads to frustration and a stalemate from both sides.
    Proposed solution: Remove all corridors from DZ with the introduction of new maps. This would not only allow for outplay opportunity with big factions flanking one another, it would also allow for smaller hunting parties to use creative use of maps to evade opponents and bigger groups. IMO this is the single biggest change DZ's currently NEED. The diagram below shows an example of how new maps can be introduced to remove corridors:

    The full list of narrow corridors (these are the ones especially viable to be camped):
    Tanzaku Valley
    Leaf Tigers
    Bottom CF
    Dark bridge
    Mist Bears 3
    Mist Bears 4
    Mist Foxes
    Mist Dragonflies
    Bears 2
    Bandit Caves
    Bounty House (mainland)
    North Coyotes
    South Coyotes
    Takumi Tigers
    Takumi danger zone
    Problem 2: Current danger zones have very little incentive to go into
    Outside of missions (which become basically irrelevant once a player hits max level), bounty and the pure enjoyment for fighting, there is no incentive for the average player to enter a danger zone. This one I think can be fixed relatively quickly by offering more ryo incentives of going into danger zones without the requirement of players being in there.
    Proposed solution 1: @Ichika has already made a great post about this, I will link it here
    Proposed solution 2: Introduce a new mob map (suggestion would be the map left of snow wolves, but any new map equidistant from villages can suffice) where a relatively easy mob to kill (compare difficulty to between bears and hosts level). This mob drops an item exclusively used to sell to the shop for ryo (between 20-40 ryo) and commonly drops it (same way as hosts drop DNA). This would encourage players to actively leave the safezones to get consistent ryo rewards, at a higher risk - I use the word consistent because drops like DNA are not consistent, they must be sold to another player to make money.
    Problem 3: There is no punishment or sense or urgency to push danger zones (players can effectively wait as long as they like before heading out)
    There is no urgency at all to push danger zones. Compare this with for example raid points located at GD entrances, there is a sense of urgency where you must push, or lose something as a village. This applies to absolutely nothing inside the DZ (except gaining ground so they are not mapswap camped by another village :rofl:). 
    Proposed solution: Honestly, I'm not sure. I would suggest something like raidpoints, but I'd like the community help on this suggestion.
    The points mentioned above are in order of priority. I want to emphasise that these changes are very important to keep danger zones as enjoyable content. Many players enjoy nin specifically for content in danger zones and it's pretty much a part of every players gameplay. I hope you can give feedback on this forum post objectively and that relevant people like Rory and Erox as well as the other admin team not only see this, but give feedback on their thoughts about this, as well as the rest of the community. 

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    Elemental Reactions

    Add elemental reaction to the game , as we know tai is strong mastery and much elements cant do much about it , so this is way ,how to help them . Every element will aply on target when they hit Them , Like you are water user , so they will aply by wet effect and someone with lighting came there and hit hiim , so he will slowed/stunned .
    Ideas of some reactions : 
    water/light = slow 
    fire /wind = burn bonus 
    med/water = poison bonus 
    water/fire = dmg bonus 

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    Anbu Weapon Requirements

    My suggestion is about Anbu Weapons, as they are now, nobody use them. i've been playing nin for like 1 year and the only times i see people using them, they got a troll build and use the weapon just for style. 
    The STR requirement to use the weapon make it useless for all masteries. 
    If any elemental put 35 points in STR to use it, they get +10 in all stats, but STR and AGI dont benefit them enough to waste 35 in STR. So they spend 35 to get 30 (int, fort, cha).
    Tai and Med dont need str too, and fighting with weapon make no sense to them.
    And last WM, any WM will get more than 40 STR and will use other weapons that are better.

    So i think the requirements need to change. 
    My suggestion is to remove the 40 STR requirement, but nerf the buffs a bit, cause 12 Guardians cloth give +10 to all. 
    So ANBU weapon should get +5 on all stats or get only +10 Fort and +10 Cha.
    I think that way it will be balanced.

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    Delete Pills or double/triple cooldown or give them a cast

    They make the game unfun when you fight someone level 60 that just eats 12 pills over the duration of a fight constantly running and healing 2k for no reason.

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    More Fans and Pipes in the WEAPONS SHOP


    Rainbow Fan/Pipe
    Orange Fan/Pipe
    Yellow Fan/Pipe
    Green Fan/Pipe
    Brown Fan/Pipe
    Gold Fan/Pipe
    Silver Fan/Pipe
    Bronze Fan/Pipe

    Scaling is not my area of expertise so I won't even try. Basic fan looks so bland, black fan drops from Gafuki and is too inaccessible to newbies. Seathorne Pipe is accessible to newbies. 

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    Revamping Village Raiding with Village capture-the-flag

    This idea is used to bring more engagement to Village raiding.

    Kage office would house what is considered a capture-the-flag type of object.  

    For the purposes of this idea I will be calling the object a flag. Doesn't have to be a flag, but we all get the idea this way. 

    Add two Village Jonin NPCs to each Kage office. 
    To pick up the flag there will be a cast timer of sorts for interacting with it. Probably about as long as the current revive timer. Maybe just a little less. 
    Player that picks up the flag cannot use any Jutsu or combat abilities. If done so, the flag is dropped. Flag on the ground for however long will return it back to its post in the Kage office. 

    Once you pick up the Village Flag either:
    A) Message goes out to all Village members that flag is been taken. Announcement similar to Toad Blessing announcement stating Village is under siege. 
    B) Message goes out to all those within Village borders that flag has been taken. From here players can use /v at Aviary to announce if they see fit. 

    Either way, Village goes into a sort of "alarm" mode, announcing Village is under siege and flag has been taken. 
    Village announcements for returning a dropped flag should also be announced, stating flag has returned and all is okay. 

    Moment flag has been taken, a timer starts. The enemy players cannot leave the Village for 10 or 15 minutes(The exact time depends on math of BI timer and what is seen fits best to give defending players the opportunity to defend without BI).
    If attacking players can wait out the Village defenses for 10-15 minutes, they can leave with the flag and return it to their Village. 

    I'd like to say this can be done at any time, but maybe the flags only can be taken during War time/Raid point taking time. This can be up in the air. 


    Issue comes down to rewards, I like the idea but unsure the best way to reward this. 
    Im not sure if we even need a reward, per say. I think a monthly counter that gets reset for how many flags a village captures would be nice. Possibly a monthly reward for that Village is all thats needed(something small). 

    Maybe the reward can be a addition to the raid points system as well. 

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    New tool - Flares

    I've had an idea for this tool ever since village chat changed from being able to be used globally. Basically the shop could sell flares that upon use would publish a message in the village chat. For example, I could be running through forest of ambushes and be attacked by a group of rogues. I would use the item on my hotbar to automatically submit a message like, "Enemies have been spotted at *map name*!" or "Atrane is requesting back up at *map name*!" etc.

    Ideally these items would have a cooldown similar to the 10 minute cooldown on charms, maybe longer to prevent spamming. Also, I think they should be limited to Leaf, Sand, and Mist because rogues don't really have the same support structure that a major village provides. If it were to be used for rogues as well, it could post a message in their corps chat maybe.
    Most players and groups rely on discord and voice chat to create an information advantage in raiding and moving around danger zones, so I think that a tool like this could be nice for solo players to replace what was lost in global village chat.

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    Enraged Mobs missions

    Hey! I think with recent content update which is including new enraged mobs we could have missions that require us to kill some of these mobs. For example 10-15lvl have to kill 2 enraged tigers and 1 huge white tiger or so
    I think it would create more of competetive aspect in dzs to fight over enraged mobs in busy areas + They could be nice improvment to actually existing daily missions pool.
    Example missions:

    Enraged Hunt IV
    Kill Giant Cursed Host 0/1
    KIll King Bear 0/3
    Enraged Hunt VII
    Kill Mad Emperor Penguin 0/3
    Kill Alpha Snow Leopard 0/2
    Reward: xp or/+ ryo
    Also some of lower tier Enraged Hunts like I/II/III could include to kill monsters from few locations as example:
    Enraged Hunt II
    Kill Fat Tunneler 0/1
    Kill Spirit Fox 0/1
    Kill Mad Wolf 0/1
    It would force people to travel and discover world more on low levels and have impact on dz activity

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    Kill Mission Danger Zone NPC/Mob

    General Idea:
    Add a mob that spawns at different points randomly in Danger Zones, and upon kill of this mob have it count towards a players kill mission objective. 

    Theres many variations of ways this can be done, and always up for discussion or interpretation-- but I'll be describing my take on it. 

    Rogue NPC's will be our mob of choice. 
    Customization of these mobs are another avenue. 
    Perfect outcome, I think these mobs should appear with random names, and random appearances-- If seen they would appear to look like players. 
    I think this may be to ambitious for the games system, though. 
    The other avenue, generic Rogue Ninja mobs, random names. Essentially like our Bandits we have currently. 

    I think two of these NPC's spawned at once should be the limit. Possibly three. 
    Able to spawn between any of the Danger Zone maps. (Not the ones protected or near Villages)

    Make these mobs somewhat strong. I think lower level players should be able to have a chance to kill one solo. Probably about as strong as 20 arc boss. 
    It would be cool to see them with random Mastery skills per the random player-like Rogue NPC idea, but again I understand we may not be there yet. 
    Giving them a normal skillset will work just as well. 

    Each mob will have a 10 Ryo bounty. 
    Each mob will count as 1 player kill, for kill missions. 

    I'm not sure best options for spawn time, but I think if they had a timer similar to boss timer, 20 minute timer might be best. 

    I think this addition will help bring more activity to Danger Zones. Players will try to search out these mobs to help with their kill missions, leading to more players in the Danger Zones, which I think is best for everyone. 

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    PvP Protection

    So we all know as a newbie leveling get frustrating due to being attack by several ninjas that it get you upset that when you tell your fellow ninjas that you were killed they sometimes don't respond or just don't care or it makes you wanna quit the game already, so to make things easier for them and don't have to worry about being killed.
    I think we should have a PvP Protection System from level 1-15, cause really.. they can't defend themself with only 2 jutsus and sometimes they don't get the help when they need it the most.

    This is just a random idea I came up with.

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    Redeeming Event Coupons for Sealable Scrolls

    5 event coupons for T1.
    10 event coupons for T2.
    15 event coupons for T3. 

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    Instanced Bosses with individual drops for each participant.

    This would probably take a lot of work to be introduced but I think that it's worth bringing up. Basically, I think that one of the worst feelings about the current bossing system is that there is a lack of reward to justify the difficulty of most bosses. Instanced maps have been added to the game for a while now and I think they could be used to make the bossing system more fun for the average player.

    The way that this would work is rather than having major bosses spawn within the game world, there could be dungeon entrances spread throughout the danger zones similar to manda or spider boss. 1 team (max 4 players) would be allowed join at a time and each member would get their own rewards if they manage to defeat the boss. Similar to other mmos, there could be a chest or box that spawns if the boss is defeated and every member of the team would talk to it and have their own roll for rewards.
    I'll use Manda as an example to help explain my idea a bit better. Right now for Manda you enter a map with a maximum of 4 players and they all have to be within a certain level range. The 4 players would eventually kill the boss and then each get their own drops with their own rolls for Shirokata, Snake belt, Blank scroll, Ryo, etc.
    With the current bossing system it causes a lot of resentment from players because of how little reward is offered from so much commitment when aiming for the best end game items. You have to deal with things like the potential of being attacked by enemies and having your kill/drops stolen. Also, if you were to defeat a boss with a team of 4 or more people and the rare item drops then 1 player would walk away with it and the other 3 are left with nothing but disappointment. For the average player these elements of the game are very demotivating. The current drop system is very risky and causes players to farm with their own groups or people that they trust because there is the chance that if an item drops, a player could just run up and grab it without respecting /rolls.

    I can see that there might be some worry about how this would effect danger zones becoming more "dead" but I think that this could actually drive more activity by having people feeling more motivated to do bosses since there is a better chance for individual rewards. Also for bosses I believe that only 1 team should be allowed in at a time, this could result in teams hanging out in danger zones waiting for their turn and giving more opportunities for confrontation between rival factions. Some other things that could be considered are cooldowns after a boss is successfully defeated. For example if someone enters a dungeon and defeats dark monkey, there could be a message for future teams trying to enter. Something like, "The Dark Monkey is currently recovering from a recent defeat, he will be ready for challengers in 23 minutes"

    TLDR; I think that using the instanced map feature to rework the bossing aspect of the game to be similar to dungeons and raids in other MMOs is something worth considering to make the PvE aspect of the game more rewarding for the average player.

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    Player Kill Record and NPC Kill Counter

    @Itachi Uchiha suggested something similar in the past before this whole new forum suggestion idea vote thingy, so I'm just going to repost and revise in my own words and sketches because I think it was a very smart idea. As the title reads, I am suggesting an NPC/Player Record Kill Counter.

    NPC/Player Record Kill Counter

    So, there are a few ways I see it working, and by all means I am not an experienced programmer I've really only done light work so I have no idea how to personally implement it, this is just a suggestion, but I really like the way the bingo book is made, so perhaps it could simply be an expansion of the bingo book like a google chrome tab. 

    Rough Sketch Example of Players Killed Tab

    As you can see, this is how it could look. This is an example of what you would theoretically see if you were in the Players Killed tab.

    Rough Sketch Example of Mobs Killed Tab

    I really don't have anything else to add other than, if this doesn't work, perhaps two new buttons on the HUD display can be created for this feature.

    I was going to say it could be added here in the bounty station.. but.. I don't see how that's really possible tbh. My imagination has its limits. 



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    Medical Corps

    Hi! So I've been playing Nin for about a month now and I love the game and all of the ideas it brings, especially when it comes to the organizations! I have been a fan of medical ninja in the show for a long time now so I was excited when joining the Medical Corps of my village. With that being said, I was hoping to make the Medical Corps mean a bit more to each village. The idea was to give them the ability to create medicines like Blood Pills, Chakra Pills, Antidotes, Bandages or Honey (maybe even a new item) by providing materials.
    I understand that there are respective NPC's that are able to do this in the game, especially as of recently. We could differentiate it but allowing med corps to create in higher quantities. It would be cool if Med Corps could do the same to give them a little more purpose other than a name as well as force a bit more player interaction for things other than just pvp. We  If possible, maybe the addition of a Hospital Storage even to hold materials for the corps members.



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    Rework Gentle Fist skills

    Currently I think that Gf is the only village mastery that is kind of out of control and without identity, the mastery of the wind with fan and, mastery of the bubble with bubble blower, has its own characteristics, I think a little of this is because the kit of skills that limit your mechanics, I think a mechanic focusing on chakra removal with the melee buff (which today only increases the damage of punches), AOE skills and having more options for skills that lock the opponent's chakra is a good one way to change the Skill kit. I think I'm not the only one who thinks this way, Gf doesn't have a good big fight or in small fights and has a very reasonable 1v1.
    Comparing to its rival mastery, Taijutsu AGI, with the GF nerfs, AGI does basically everything that Gf does today, only better and more useful in teams fights, the only good difference for Gf would be the Chakra Lock skill  (16 Palms). 
    Concluding, the Rework that I think, would be skills with more effects and less damage and something that would give identity to the GF of the other mastery,  something like  FAN and BUBBLE, maybe this would give a better face to the mastery that is basically the face of Leaf  Village.

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    New Items in Shops (Weapons) - Make Economy and Players motivation great again

    Hey! In the game, we have a lot of cosmetic items that are added on a regular basis, but unfortunately, with the development of the game, most of the weapons available for purchase from npc do not apply to current playstyles/meta. Unfortunately, it has an impact on the economy because, for example, such popular swords as "twin blades" or "religious katana" are ridiculously cheap, easy to spot, incredibly strong and hardly anyone buys them regularly. On the other hand, we have such spots as Land Of Iron where, after passing the mission, we unlock a store that offers absolutely zero. Cosmetic items available for purchase at this store are not attractive enough.
    Therefore, I come with the idea of introducing weapons in stores at ordinary npc and such as, for example, Bandit Questline hideout or also Land Of Iron, which would directly compete with the weapons that are currently available for purchase or drop. For example, in the shop unlocked after completing the mission in Land Of Iron, we could buy Rebel Katana or Rebel Kunai (npcs in land of iron wear them) for a huge price of 200k ryo +. This would increase interest in the questline itself and make players spend/farm ryo. (s/o @Strength and @Elevenswords)
    The same could be introduced to other lands, such as the villages of bandits or ordinary npc. For example, a weapon for taijutsu requiring 40 agility which would be worse than the base tonfas could be sold at some npc for 60-80k. The players themselves do not want to put millions of ryo on the cosmetic items themselves anymore, and seeing how low the probability of receiving certain items, they simply skip missions. I believe that such a move would strengthen the economy - there is a lot of money in the game that no one wants to spend or has anything to do and at the same time encouraged players to perform the mission.


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    Offset Directional AoE jutsu

    Since it's possible to offset jutsu now I think that all directional AoE jutsu should get offset to cast from the front of your character rather than casting from on top of you.
    A lot of hitboxes don't match how the jutsu hit you and it feels kinda unfair to get hit from the sides when projectiles which are directional will only cast from the front of your character.
    Some examples of this:

    This is a thing with every directional AoE jutsu, so basically stuff like Morning Peacock, Binding Pillars, Mud River, Wind Claw, Breaking Kick etc.

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    Summoning & Creativity

    Now that mini-bosses are a thing in some areas of the game, and potentially in the future in other areas as well, I would like to propose an idea that's been on my mind every since the suggestion for mini-bosses was made; make the mini-bosses bindable in summoning scrolls. In the source material, a summoning contract was either made by subjugating the potential summon into subservience, or making a contract to pact with it. We already have one kind, so why not have the other as well? Provided the player who fells the mini-boss is right next to its corpse, you could make it so that they can use the summoning scroll in their inventory to make the mini-boss into a summon. I mean, imagine how much more the meta will expand if we get bee summons, boar summons, spider summons, etc. It would also give characters more variety to choose from.
    Thank you for your time. Drink plenty of water.

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    Danger Zone kills/mob suicide rework

    Currently if you fight someone and get them to 1 Health and they suicide to any mob they die and you are awarded nothing for the work. 
    With the mobs In game being o. Al.ost every danger zone map it is very easy to suicide when low hp.
    My idea is; when you deal atleast 50% of the damage or more and they suicide to a mob on the same map as you before the combat timer ends the kill and bounty should be awarded to said person.

  21. 1 vote
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    Antidotes, Honey, and bandage rework

    So recently Honey was made to cure burn, bandages for bleeding, and antidotes for poison which have to be crafted to get the consumable which is a good concept. 
    My idea is to make this strictly for medic corp to be able tocraft to give the corp some actual use other than just being a group with a uniform. It also makes it more useful to them to sell/make it since they can use "cleanse" to cure alignments.
    With the Corps being able to crafted the item only it doesn't take away from the cleanse ability like it does currently since anyone can craft items to get rid of alignments. 

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    Different HP bar color for enemies with BI

    It is sometimes hard to see the red lines on ennemies.
    Having a hp bar color dedicated to it would make it much more obvious.

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    Randomizer Options and Variety

    Randomizer mode; you start off with a choice of one out of three techniques from random disciplines at level 5, another at 10, 15, 20, 25, and so on. To amend for the limitation that we currently have in terms of build paths, this could be an interesting way to make people who are interested in really stress-testing many different ideas go for it freely. Granted, the idea wouldn't be complete without leaning into the benefit of going randomizer-mode for a character. Give them a slightly faster EXP rate but make them start out as rogues to balance out the faster EXP gain. When a randomized character gets to level 60, they will be able to pick a Village to join.

    If you want to be extra cruel to them, or accentuate the difficulty of such a path, you could also give them a limited amount of lives after which they will have to either give up on the character, or start out at the level of their final death in a Village of their choosing. After that point, they wouldn't have the EXP boost but they would retain their various techniques and they would not be allowed to go rogue again. A way to roleplay such an engagement is as follows; you are a powerful rogue knowing various techniques from different disciplines, but you are brought to heel nevertheless by X Village. From this point on, the Village that captured you is your new allegiance. After all, the strong are the ones who lead the shinobi world.

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    hemlo 🕊️

    Been playing Pirate souls for a bit and found some small features that could actually be really cute in nin!
    Not suggestin we copy-paste them lol but we can base some ideas around these already existing features.

    - Crafting and gathering:
    Seen some old posts talking about this already, but in PS you can cut trees, which will drop wood usable for crafting weapons & stuff. ( If im not mistaken, cutting the tree gives u small ammounts of exp ).
    This could be added alongside herbs, plants,etc. It'd not only help with the economy ( being able to craft pills, tags, etc ) but it'd also help people level up faster ( since it gives small ammounts of exp ), and give them a motive to leave the village and actually explore the world. This could lead up to new Missions too.

    - Treasures:
    In PS, there are treasure chests hidden in the world that you can open with a certain key.. We *kinda* have this in nin, with the tool boxes, but it'd be nice to have some hidden stuff for people to explore the village and surroundings. They could give ryo, tools , materials ( from the gathering system ), etc. This could also lead up to new missions. ( We could maybe add some puzzles or somethin instead of the keys, and replace the "treasure chest" with scrolls )

    I'm pretty sure this will eventually be added lol , but having "mini bosses" in certain areas would be a nice feature, because currently i feel there's areas that are just way too similar. For example the 2nd "level"/floor of big scarabs in sand, or the 2/3 map with tigers. These mini-bosses would have a shorter spawn time than regular bosses ( somethin like 5 min maybe? )


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    Fix Slug

    This Should be self explanatory, Make my moving lump of toothpaste actually do something rather than just slugging along being a squishy meat shield that can only take 3 hits before dying. 

    - Its slow

    - Doesn't heal (Which even when it use to heal before it broke,  it wasn't reliable for because it had to be in combat and chase an enemy in order to heal you, which did i mention it was squishy?)

    -Barely does damage