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    Since 2013, Nin Online development has been open to community members to make suggestions. Before the launch of the Ideas platform, over 3000+ ideas were submitted in our ideas forum. When Nin Online was first conceived, there was only plans to make the Leaf village, but because players wanted it, we turned Nin Online into a PvP, Faction-based game.

    Your ideas are important to us, and we hope to continue to work with the community to add ideas/suggestions that people want.

Content suggestions include things like Nerfs & Buff suggestions as well as ideas for new Jutsu, Monsters, Missions, Bosses, Maps.

When suggesting nerfs and buffs, please include specific ideas that players can review and comment/critique.

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    Academy student // tutorial // early lvl tweaks

    Lets start saying that Nin's tutorial is not bad at all. But it just feels...boring and short?  especially if we compare it with other Mmos, or with the mobile version of nin (Yeah, nin has a mobile version which is kinda abandoned ).
    The pacing also feels extremely weird for some reason. You're an academy student for 5 minutes, then a genin for months ( less or more if you get lucky with the CE ), and then Jonin/Sj if your kage likes you. 
    This mobile version is not a 1-1 port of the Pc version of nin. It comes with new features ( Which are extremely good, and i'll be making posts in the future to see if we can bring these features to Pc nin ) and different maps.
    One of these "features" , is the academy // tutorial area, being completely different. And i think we can 1-1 copy stuff from this and bring it to the Pc version of the game.
    Before i start, i apologize for the image spam lmao

    From the get-go, you can see you're not alone, there're Npcs that will be your academy classmates. 
    These classmates aren't just there for the looks. They all have dialogues, and interact with both the teacher and you ( the player ) throughout all your time at the academy.

    Sometimes, we also get to pick some dialogues ( Which dont add anything, but they're pretty cool to have since they make you feel part of the story )

    Your classmates aren't the only Npcs which kinda feel alive. Teachers also walk to us after some dialogues, announcing us the next lesson is about to start. 

    These classmates can be used for future content as well. Finding some of them in the village giving you missions, finding some in future arcs, maybe making a classmate turn evil and be part of an organization ( with a classmate of each village ) ,etc.

    A problem i think Pc nin has with the current academy//tutorial, is that i think the lessons are way too short and dont teach much. The combat lessons in all 3 villages are pretty much the same, you either fight a clone of the teacher, or some animals, you die at first, and then you proceed to kill it. 
    But i got pretty amazed when i got to the combat lesson of the mobile-version because you get to fight a classmate ( They'll chase you and actually fight back ) . It just makes the whole lesson feel more inmersive and not in a 2 minute class punching some soul-less Mob. It just makes you feel you're in an actual academy ( it also does a better job at explaining how combat works, fighting an actual human model, and making it not die with a single punch or 2 ) 

    To teach the player what BI are, we can just make the player fight the teacher first, insta die, ( Then you spawn in the infirmary,etc,etc), and then you get to fight your classmate.
    This also applies to range, jutsu practice and pretty much every lesson.

    There's no proper " Theory lesson" in the mobile version. But that doesn't mean it doesn't need some tweaks as well.
    The current Theory Lesson is just a black screen with text. Doesn't make a great job at explaining most stuff ( It's also missing a bunch of information ).
    Making a player that just downloaded the game read walls of text isn't that appealing imo. We can change this by replacing some of this text with videos!
    When teaching the masteries, showing some videos with battle simulations or some jutsus, would hype the player while teaching them on a more visual way.

    Somewhere in the middle of the tutorial, you get sent home, and the 2nd part of the academy gets level locked. This is great imo, its a good and short grind ( literally 5-10 minutes ), teaches more about how combat works, while making the whole "academy arc" last longer.

    If we make this right after we finish the "Jutsu lesson" it'd be a nice way to implement my past idea ( marked as planned ). Rewarding students with the Fuuma shuriken jutsu right after the jutsu lesson, and then making them grind the levels needed to continue.
    Just a personal note, but this could be done twice until lvl 10 ( lvl 1 - 2 academy lessons > lvl 5 -  2 academy lessons > lvl 10 - 2 academy lessons ) 

    Imo we should make the " Welcome to X village " current missions, a part of the academy, prior to the final exam ( And also PLEASE make the player WALK instead of insta teleporting them to the mission desk, this only makes the player feel extremely lost since they dont know the map )

    Finally, in the mobile version, after a timeskip, you graduate with all your classmates. 

    And here i do think that the Pc version of nin does a better job , ONLY with SAND's version of the academy.
    We have more than a simple written exam ( which everyone just skips ) , we have to kill scorpions and collect 10 tails in order to unlock the gate and take the exam. 
    Yeah , this might be extremely simple, but its a great start and way to make the FINAL exam, feel like it.

    While i do think this is extremely good, it could be pushed a little bit more. Maybe adding some puzzles, or stages to it. Maybe fighting another classmate like the combat lesson, but with jutsus and more hp included? We can just brainstorm here, but making the final exam feel a bit more challenging than just a " skip " button would be great. ( And adding this to every village, since its just a sand thing atm )

    Yeah, this all sounds like A LOT of work, but most villages academy already have some kind of unused map inside them. We can just use those maps, and make some village NPCS our classmates. ( Sand doesnt have any unused maps, but making some simple map will do )

    These academy tweaks would help a bit with that. Making the "Academy student" rank last more ( Maybe until lvl 15? ),  and making the early lvl experience not feel like a grinding simulator until you get your first mastery.

    As always, excuse my poopoo english and leave sum ideas//opinions if possible /y

    https://youtu.be/U3D2Xq3uYzA Rory recently reposted a review a youtuber made of the game, and i think we can clearly see when and how the tutorial fails on guiding the player

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    Secret Entrance into Sand & Mist

    Like the title suggests, there should be an alternative way inside the Sand and Mist village. Similar to Leaf, you must remove all the village seals to gain access to a specific room. This can be tied to the seals mission to gain access to a secret tunnel that leads into and out the village.

    This will primarily focus on lowbies trying to sneak into Sand or Mist to do their daily mission without having to deal with enemies guarding the 5 tiles into a village.

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    Organization Ideas

    So currently certain organizations have no upside to them outside of having bases in certain locations. Compared to other organizations this is a turn off to join the organizations because they lack buffs or perks and some even lack uniforms. 
    My idea 
    Yakuza - 0 cost for spawning in tanzaku since they control the town and reduced prices there when purchasing tools and gambling.
    Some kind of black suit pr uniform if possible or a new tattoo cosmetic.
    Hermits - Hermit Organization members should gain the perk of not popping up on bingo book even when they have a bounty since they are hermits and option to spawn in hermit base.
    Hermits should also get the Hermit Headband removed from coupon shop to be replaced with something else and make the Hermit Headband a purchasable clothing item for members of this organization.

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    Gathering missions, Fishing missions

    We have gathering and fishing in game now as a limited system and resource, lets expand on this just a small amount by at a minimum creating missions for these. 
    I think these would work best as either level increment missions, or another form of daily mission. 

    Level increment missions—
    Level 10 unlocks a mission where you turn in 10 specific fish(probably less rare fish) for ryo and experience. 
    New mission every 10th level(20, 30, 40, etc etc), raising the rarity on fish needed for the turn in. 

    Same example of increment missions can be used for gathering/crafting bandages, antidotes, etc. I would imagine these personalized for the players specific village, unless you want to allow players being able to do each villages mission similar to current deal missions.
    Daily mission format—
    Either an additional daily missions could be added to the current daily mission rotation, or an additional fifth/six could be created for gathering/fishing and provided by another NPC.
    Fishing collection I/II/II/IV/V - Bring in 5(or whatever number) of X specific fish. (Rarity of fish raising with each level) (Provides ryo and experience)
    Gathering collection I/II/III/IV/V - Bring in 10(or whatever number) of X specific resource(herb, cotton, whatever) (Provides half of whatever the crafted materials would be if turned in, and experience)

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    Instance bosses level cap & dungeons

    Most players don't get to experience instance bosses like Kumorui or Manda at all. There's not much info about them, and when you finally find out they exist, you've already exceeded the level cap to enter the instance. And in the case you do know about them, it's extremely hard to find a team.

    This is suuuch a waste of resources. Both bosses are extremely well made. Detailed, and with new mechanics ( which is something we dont usually see with most Mobs )
    There're a lot of solutions//Alternatives to this.
    Removing the level cap, but:
    Making the boss accessible once a week / every X time. A key is needed to enter. This key would be either craftable ( 200 venoms = 1 key ) , or a reward from X mission? The Mobs inside would modulate to the level of the player with the highest level.
    A lot of players also are expecting dungeons to be added in the future. Turning these instance bosses into mini-dungeons would be the easiest way to do so, while , at the same time, enhancing the experience a lot.

    Something like: 

    We already have everything in-game to make this possible.
    The doors locking//unlocking after completing a floor, are already on Sand's academy, for the final exam.

    Turning this into a mission ( Completing the Dung ), could reward the player with a new title & such.


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    Clan Masteries

    We've had Clans in game by name only up to this point, some are decked out with neat swag and most given cool housing environments, but the feature has been left mainly untouched up to this point while core gameplay and bug fixes have been implemented(thank you). 

    Ideas have been touted around regarding Clans for a long time, and in the grand scheme of things this is just another Clan suggestion-- but, I think this suggestion is fairly straight forward in its implementation. I'm still somewhat new, and these ideas have been around forever, so maybe I'll be repeating someone else but here we go: 

    Nin Online currently provides the players with two masteries:
    Hit level 10 you get your first mastery, level up and hit 50 you unlock your second mastery. 
    I do not think this should change at all.
    I believe players having two masteries in the long run helps balance gameplay. 
    What I would like to see implemented though is.. 

    Clan Masteries

    Clan Jutsus have been asked for since day one of Nin Online I'm sure, and I bet @Ueda has his own ideas regarding this implementation of Clan Jutsus, but I think it best we keep the two player mastery system in tact and provide more Masteries to the player. 

    Specifically, players who create a character as a member of a Clan will get the typical level 10 mastery selection prompt and find an additional Mastery choice available, their Clan Mastery. 

    This provides all players with the same playing field as before of two masteries by level 50, and would not put Clans above non-Clan users. This also means Clan members do not have to choose their Clan Mastery, we can have a Fire-Med Jakusha or a Jakusha(Clan Mastery)-Med Jakusha(just an example clan). 
    Personally, my initial thoughts is this Clan Mastery option should only be available at the level 10 mastery selection and not available at the level 50 mastery selection, but thats up for discussion. 

    Of course this is a lot of work. We have five individual Clans per Village currently, and maybe @Ueda has worked on Clan Jutsu behind the scenes with his own thoughts on their implementation, but a soft roll out of one Clan Mastery per Village initially could be a nice place to start. 

    I know GMs are trying to run Clan events within the game, and its just hard to get people interested in that when Clans only purpose currently is for roleplay, and with the game not focusing on roleplay much these days this could give Clans the spark they need with pvp and bring interest back to them.

    This is just an idea for the implementation of Clan Jutsu's essentially. I know most people that have been around the community are aware of the Advanced Masteries discussion and are hard stuck on the thought that we need those next, but I dont think that is the case, I think giving players more options at the Mastery level itself is what can create more cultured play styles and unique ways to play over Advanced Masteries. 
    Lets leave Advanced Masteries for a future far away and look into building up the Clan features we have already. Provide each Village with a unique Clan Mastery each, giving players more masteries to build with(Sorry balance team). 

    If this implementation interest you in any way @Ueda please let the players know. Sprites, ideas, all of this can be worked on to help roll this out. Its hard to go into to much detail and theory crafting without knowing if this would work for your vision. 

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    Weekly missions. More missions.

    More missions similar to daily missions. Create something for the players to do on top of Daily Missions or NPC Missions. 
    I think Weekly missions could do just that. 
    Weekly Missions

    The idea is for these missions to be done on top of all the other missions you have. 
    Some ideas could be: 

    75 Danger Zone Kills in a week. 
    120 Minutes of spying on enemy Village's guard duty map(but does not reset upon death). 
    10 successful document steals in a week. 
    More examples can be given, and those are up for discussion. These are just ideas. 

    I believe rewards should a sizable chunk of experience, and 3 event coupons. Not a crazy amount of experience though. 
    My thoughts would be 500k experience, 500 Ryo, 3 event coupons. 

    Organization Missions

    Kill missions for Orgs. 
    I'm sure missions could be created for individual Orgs, but Anbu, Medical Corps, 12 Guardians, Seven Swordsman, and Puppet Brigade could all benefit from daily kill missions. This could help bring activity into Danger Zones. 
    Military Police could have extra Guard Duty missions, I'm sure theres many ideas that could come from tailoring missions to Orgs. 
    I'd like to imagine 4 kills in Danger Zone would work for kill missions, and these being on their own daily cooldown. 

    80k Experience, 150 Ryo. 

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    Kill Mission Danger Zone NPC/Mob

    General Idea:
    Add a mob that spawns at different points randomly in Danger Zones, and upon kill of this mob have it count towards a players kill mission objective. 

    Theres many variations of ways this can be done, and always up for discussion or interpretation-- but I'll be describing my take on it. 

    Rogue NPC's will be our mob of choice. 
    Customization of these mobs are another avenue. 
    Perfect outcome, I think these mobs should appear with random names, and random appearances-- If seen they would appear to look like players. 
    I think this may be to ambitious for the games system, though. 
    The other avenue, generic Rogue Ninja mobs, random names. Essentially like our Bandits we have currently. 

    I think two of these NPC's spawned at once should be the limit. Possibly three. 
    Able to spawn between any of the Danger Zone maps. (Not the ones protected or near Villages)

    Make these mobs somewhat strong. I think lower level players should be able to have a chance to kill one solo. Probably about as strong as 20 arc boss. 
    It would be cool to see them with random Mastery skills per the random player-like Rogue NPC idea, but again I understand we may not be there yet. 
    Giving them a normal skillset will work just as well. 

    Each mob will have a 10 Ryo bounty. 
    Each mob will count as 1 player kill, for kill missions. 

    I'm not sure best options for spawn time, but I think if they had a timer similar to boss timer, 20 minute timer might be best. 

    I think this addition will help bring more activity to Danger Zones. Players will try to search out these mobs to help with their kill missions, leading to more players in the Danger Zones, which I think is best for everyone. 

    Currently getting the Waging War or Bounty Hunting missions as a daily mission can create frustrating result when there are no players within the Danger Zone, bringing players to feel as if the game is empty. Obviously there are down town hours within this game and this idea will help the players playing within those down time hours continue with their kill missions without feeling helpless. 

    EDIT 8/25/2022:
    There has been no feedback for this idea from staff, and Danger Zone activity is worse than ever.
    With the change to daily missions being bumped up to 4, with more chances at receiving kill missions, Danger Zone activity should be a focus point.
    Sadly the fishing update, while enjoyable and very well done, has no benefit for fishing in Danger Zones-- this has lead to even less players focusing on Danger Zone activity.

    "Some things take more time to consider fully the implications then others" - @Ueda on 6/16/2022, in reference to requesting feedback for this post.

    With only two Villages existing right now, and one of those two having a fishing spot in the middle of their Village(Leaf), can we not get some feedback on bringing engagement back to Danger Zones? A large portion of missions revolve around Danger Zone activity.

    EDIT 11/14/2022:

    I will pay money to see this worked on. Please reach out to me @Ueda I think we could work something out.

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    pixel shukaku

    hemlo, why is pixel kurama the only bijuu ingame? 

    petition to add this shukaku? 


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    Suggestions to Revive Nin playerbase and maintain it.

    Nin is going through a rough time regarding the playerbase at the moment, I am here to propose some solutions to this problem.
    Nin is not giving its players enough dopamine hits. In 2022 people have low attention spans because everything around us is designed to give instant short dopamine hits, TikTok is the best example of that. Even in grindy games there are ways to keep players engaged and there are systems so that players to not get bored.
    Too much grinding, too little rewards.
    Nin is based on a lot of grinding. All aspects of the game need a lot of grind, leveling, jutsus, getting equipment, summons, it all requires a lot of effort grinding. Grinding in this game mostly consists of killing thousands of mobs, that gets very repetitive and very boring. The fact that only blanks are valuable drops from low level mobs and the good drops at high level mobs are incredibly rare makes the game a pain to grind and it stops feeling like a game after a while. 
    Problem with grinding in Nin is that it's too repetitive. Heavy repetitive grinding in MMORPGs should be an extra for players that want to be the best, not be required for all aspects. There are not many people that will just stay and kill mobs 2/3 hours everyday just to progress, that's why it's hard for Nin to find players and maintain them. There also is no clear objective to the game. Nin has no clear end game, there is no clear destination, so there is no motivation to grind. 
    Why grinding in Nin is not fun and can't keep players playing.
    The main problem of Nin in my opinion is that it's too grind dependent and it's not giving players motivation to grind. People will not just find motivation to play Nin, Nin has to give players reasons to come back daily and grind.
    Daily mission are not enough. Dailies in Nin are actually just more grind, there are not a lot of fun missions. If you only grind just to be able to grind more that's not sustainable for a MMORPG.
    I understand that end game in Nin is a lot about PVP (as other games). PVP in Nin is very skill based and it is fun, but the way to get to max level is too long, too plain, too simple and without a lot of progression. In Nin you do the dailies for a lot of XP, then you have to grind mobs, that's almost all up to level 50+ when you're able to do real PVP. Dailies + mobs daily won't be fun for so long, so there needs to be more systems in place to keep players want to progress and there needs to be more stuff that makes players feel like their character really scales in power. That's why we play MMORPGs after all, to make our characters as cool and powerful as they can be.
    Also, there are not enough drops. I've never seen a MMORPG, where you party up with your friends, go fight a hard boss together, and it drops nothing. In all big games, all bosses drop little stuff. In Nin it's either a blank, some rare drop or some very very very rare 0.1% drop. There is no low tier drops for everyone that make the boss fight feel like it was worth it. Successful MMORPGs will make bosses drop a heck ton of stuff, that's when the dopamine hits. Searching through the drops and seeing "very rare" or nothing gives the dopamine boost that make players want to play on and grind more, even if there is no very rare drop, players will still be ok with the fact they got something out of their 10 minutes spent on killing the boss. In Nin you almost feel like you lose your time, there needs to be more drops and more rewards for fighting high level mobs.
    1. Daily Rewards
    Nin has to make a daily rewards system. Players will just boot their PC up and open the game just for daily rewards. That is the start, making people open up the game daily. There shouldn't be high tier rewards, just stuff that players want and would make them open up Nin for (maybe after 2 weeks of opening up the game daily they get a stat reset or something valuable, or nin cred). That will give motivation to players to play Nin daily and it will also give a small dopamine hits.
    2. Objectives
    Instead of having only dailies to do, there should be daily/weekly/monthly Nin wide objective. Those are periodic individual objectives for all players to do. If today objective is to kill 5 ninjas, you'll see all danger zones full of ninjas, cause everyone needs to kill 5 ninjas, not only random people that get WW or want bounty. If today objective is to fish 20 fishes, fishing sites would be full of players. Right now players do anything, there is no clear objective for them to do. That will bring in the feeling of community and it will make the players more active, while also giving them the motivation to play. Of course there needs to be a reward after you complete it, the harder the objective the bigger the reward.
    There can also be village wide weekly objective, that will give a boost to all of the players in that village when completed, global monthly objectives (like killing 1000 snow wolves in total will active a global reward, like 0.5% drop rate, or 5% success rates or something like that), you can get creative and create a lot of objectives. That would really revive the community as players will have to grind from themselves, their village, or the whole game. 
    It is not a system that's extremely hard to implement but it would have great benefits.
    3. Status items
    I can not stress this enough, MMORPGs players grind to be the best in the game, and they want to show it. Nin does a great job providing the feeling of status by having the Chunin, Jonin, and Kage ranks, and all the other stuff. There can be more added, like monthly PVP tournaments where the winner gets some unique cosmetic that will last the whole month, or some title or tag (like GMs have), just for the feeling of power and status. That will make players want to PVP and be the best, even for cosmetic items that expire after 1 month, it's a great feeling knowing you're the only one in the game that has that cosmetic item, even if it's only for a limited time. A lot of MMORPGs have that, it's clear that this system provides great player retention as the high level players will train and compete to be the best at PVP. Everyone will want to kill the guy that has "#1" above his head, this will add a whole new feeling to PVP and a new motivation to do it.
    In MMORPGs you start playing to level up and progress your character then you keep playing to get the status of being the best player, Nin needs to embrace this and add system that will make this possible.
    Other stuff:
    I'll add some other things that MMORPGs do to keep their players that are not that essential in Nin but they would help the game grow:
    1. Degrading items or items that expire after some time (this would keep players playing as they want to get the most out of that item).
    2. Periodic big global events with big rewards, like Trivia events, PVP tournaments, PVE tournaments. (this would make peak player numbers during the time of the events, if the rewards are big enough, 100 people would come to a Trivia event monthly if the reward was 20 nin cred or some crazy item for the winner)
    3. Ability to upgrade items using ryo + grinded items like (cocoons, ant feelers, bear paws, dna...). 90% of RPGs have a equipment upgrading systems, some of them take this as far as having a lower and lower change of the upgrade being successful and even deleting the item if the upgrade wasn't successful (mostly in pay2win MMORPGs)
    That's my solution for solving this game player population problem. Core game shouldn't change, it's just some slight content changes that would give motivation for players to play daily and come back to the game. Daily missions are not enough, they are good, but they can not carry the game alone, there should be a lot more systems to keep players playing. After implementing stuff like this, Hitspark can start investing in advertising and they'll have a huge Nin player population that will keep playing.

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    Nin is Dying

    The game is dying so here is a list of issues that could potentially help the players comeback and balance out between the villages if fixed.
    Game Changes
    1) Change Kage Term to 3 months instead of 6.
    2) Swap Mist GD and Totori Village. Swap Mist village and foxes.
    3) Make Totori a rogue spawn point.
    4) Add multiple drop off points for Mist Boat
    5) Allow Citizenship change with approval of Kage (w/ this village masteries become coded to be locked to village)
    6) Add village left of sands puppets for new rogue spawn.
    7) Boost xp to lv 1-19 mission. (i.e. find cat/hawk/dog. Get drink/dango/ramen. Deliver message. Pickup Trash)
    Raw PvP Changes
    1) Fix players clipping through each other when both running at each other with projectiles.
    2) Fix jutsus not registering if pushed too fast
    3) Fix tool delay if pressing on last second of CD
    4) Fix flicker randomly stunning
    5) Fix knockback not canceling heals if back against wall
    Weapon Changes
    1) Change base pipe to no longer snare
    2) Change all weapons to do a hard max for each level range. (Common lv 10 -> 10 dmg, uncommon lv 20 -> 20 dmg ...... ultra Legendary Lv 60 -> 60 dmg)
    3) Change weapons/basic to no longer auto face direction.
    4) Add wooden Bo staff (uglier skin of reg bo staff) to shop, available to everyone
    Mastery Changes
    1) Lock sub-paths completely. (i.e. You can either be full int wm or full str wm, can stat switch in-between, but only have access to full jutsu of one path)
    2) Possible str wm jutsu buff once weapons are balanced
    3) Implement Tai/GF Patch
    (There is more that could be added here, but I think this would enough to revive the game a bit. Give a like or comment to spread awareness)

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    Make female Purple War armor look like the Male version.

    The female armor meshe makes me look like a stick, would it be possible to change it to male  or at least have the option to choose which gender option we prefer?
    Thanks in advance~~

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    Eventually, the God @Ueda has planned that guilds will be replacing organizations and none of us can patiently wait fast enough for this feature due to the fact that friendly fire and teaming up are two of the most important aspects of the game; as well as the lore, fun and excitement of creating your own guild. I am willing to say that this is the only feature left that I really do care about when it comes to Nin Online because team work is one of the most important aspects of the game. With that being said, I am going to drop my idea and I really hope some aspects of it are considered, especially the tailed beast event and the color changer for gold ninja guild members.

    Guild Features in the Chat Bar

    - Guild Name before Regular Name (white for regular ninja)
    - Guild Name Before Regular Name (with HTML in it) (basically makes it pretty colors. If you use a program like https://www.vex.net your guild name will look something like this before you chat): 

    (I think it is down at the moment though)
    - Guild Chat Tab

    In Game Guild Features

    The in game guild features should prevent friendly fire and include a structural ranking system that would allow players to use their guild rank as their new title thus creating an opportunity for people to roleplay as the titles they want. The guild should also feature a cosmetic flag that players can wave around for fun during guild raids and guild events to represent some kind of "school spirit" for their guild. The Guild Leader should be allowed to, once he creates the guild add in a custom uniform that he iconned and a flag that he also iconned for the guild members, and anyone in a guild should get the opportunity to implement their own costume into the game as well. (I also think that implementing your own outfit should be a feature for Gold Ninja but I figured I'd suggest it here too.)

    Automatic Guild Events

    Guild vs Guild FFA

    Winning guild gets ryo or event coupons (their choice)

    Guild vs Guild Automatic 3v3s with Brackets

    Winning guild gets ryo or event coupons (their choice)

    Tri-Monthly Guild Events
    The point of it being tri-monthly is so that it doesn't always fall into the same month as the Chunin Exams, but also to spice things up in the same month to keep the fun and the activity going. 
    The Tailed Beast Raid

    Guilds will have an opportunity to team up against each tailed beast. For every W, that's a summoning scroll that they can use to absorb the tailed beast in the end and then unleash it once before the scroll is finished wherever the guild pleases. (For example if a Sand Guild beats Kurama and wants to unleash it on Leaf they could but they could only do it once every time they won) (This also allows people to directly compete with the Neo-Akatsuki and gives them more purpose)

    Edo Tensei Raid

    Guilds face off against former Kages, their Council and their ANBU Rosters now turned NPCs. I think that this is a fantastic and humorous way to honor those who no longer play but salute them as well, and it also allows players to feel the nostalgia of seeing old players they remember, respect look up to or hate. Guild members who are successful and do not die during this raid receive the edo tensei manual. 

    Edo Tensei Manual

    A legendary forbidden scroll sealed with the power to reanimate the dead rewarded to players who survived the Edo Tensei Raids. 

    How it Works

    >Press Jutsu
    >Panel Pops up that says "Type in Name of Ninja"
    >You bring them up from the ground for 10 seconds and the animation is that they run out of the casket after your opponent. Shares a cooldown with summon. 
    >Cooldown 500 seconds (it should be an OP move for an OP event and since everyone can earn it it helps balance out the game a bit)

    Waterfall of Truth Event

    Guild members face off against shadow clones of themselves that replicate their stats almost perfectly with dark red eyes with HP and damage buffs. If members win, each guild member that participated for their team should receive 5 event coupons while the last standing players get ten. 

    In conclusion, the events should be randomized and anonymous so that people don't know what to prepare for ahead of time and the mysteriousness prepares ninja to train with each other as much as possible. 

    The teams mechanic should not be changed.

    The guilds should stick to their respective village or area and not recruit outsiders unless that individual is a rogue from that village. 

    Nin has been missing an itch for some time and that itch is major team fight wars. Without friendly fire avoiding guilds like this, players keep stealing Bandits and Hermits from each other and everyone wants to be apart of something whether it's 7SM ANBU PB 12G whatever. The major events of 2018-2019 were player made organizations going 30 vs 30 at each other; and I'd appreciate it if that was brought back. It was hectic. It was chaotic. It was FUN. It made players that didn't like each other stop beefing with each other in order to contribute to a greater cause; the enemy's L.

    Edit: Instead of allowing the guild leader to maintain the scroll require at least 10 people from the guild to unleash the tailed beast. 

  15. 19 votes
    Guests cannot vote

    Early levels

    The first impressions of every single game ( Especially RPGS ) are the most valuable. If you grab the player's attention for their first period of the game, there's more % that they will keep playing.

    Think we can all agree that leveling in nin is not "hard", it's way easier than before and im p grateful for that.
    But the pacing feels extremely weird. The fact you have to play 2+ hours until you get your first jutsu sounds extremely bad. 2 hours in which you'll be PUNCHING hundreds of mobs nonstop. After that it gets way easier, then it gets harder again, etc , etc.
    There's undeniably something wrong with early level missions ( dailies ) . Veterans telling newbies to " not do dailies until lvl 16 " SHOULDN'T be a thing at all.

    Something as simple as giving players a kunai or the fuuma shuriken jutsu ( or both ) when they finish the academy would help A LOT ( Kudos to @Eroxfor increasing the ryo for starter missions + adding tips tho ) & would fix the early level experience imo.

    ( This would also help with masteries that are not 100% combat focused. Giving them something to make their journey easier until they find a team that can fill the dps role )

    As always, excuse my english lol. 2nd language

  16. 5 votes
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    Straw Dummy

    Is it possible that some dummies can be placed in the clan houses or somewhere in the village to train skills and not use the jonin npc or the villagers? that would be more logical for the game, of course it is not very important, but I think that this would not be so complicated to locate them in the game, it could also be in a house

  17. 13 votes
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    More cosmetics!!

    Yo! I wanted to make this post to simply say that we need more cosmetics, specifically cash shop clothing. I made a newer more updated version of this Sasuke outfit, the people I have showed so far say that it appeals to them a bit more because this was the version of Sasuke when we didn't care about anything, just went crazy.

    I also would like to say that I am open to creating more clothes for the game, I don't need credit or anything like that, I just want to add things to the game, so if it benefits the community I got you. If anyone wants to have a chance at having their favorite clothes in the game hit me up on discord, if I like the idea I'll probably get around to it and maybe send it to Ueda.
    Also @Ueda you should totally add this outfit I think lots of people would like it!

  18. 9 votes
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    Cursed Ninja

    Not everyone wishes to be a part of a village when they join the game. Some people like the idea of being a more "evil" type of character and the game doesn't really allow you to start out as that. 
    Currently the only way for that is to be a rogue but being a rogue is meant to be more of a punishment than something you choose to play. Rogues have no unique clothes, summons or masteries. If you are a Leaf rogue you still have a Leaf passive, Leaf summon, Leaf hidden mastery... 
    This makes it so that there is no real option to be a dedicated rogue player. 
    What I wish for is that there is an option to create a character that is more "hardcore" from the very beginning. An option to create a "rogue" character which is not tied to any village. 

    The idea is that cursed ninja would be the "actual" rogues while the exiled ones are village rogues. This would allow for cursed ninja to have things which are unique. Playing as cursed ninja would be a very hard way to start out and would not be recommended for new players (could even make it only possible after resetting a lvl 50 character). You start out in Cursed Lab which is hard to get into and hard to get out of, very little mobs are around and it is easy for a low level to die just trying to step out of host cave or to die to them while trying to go back in the Lab to hand in a mission. Just like normal rogues you would have friendly fire and wouldn't be able to team villagers. Your default and only spawn point would be the Cursed Lab. 

    You start out in the Cursed Laboratory, which is a part of a larger network of laboratories called Village Hidden in the Sound. In your thirst for power you have abandoned your past and origins and have come to serve Sarugami. You are one of the few ninja to have survived his cursed seal experiments. In order to strengthen your cursed seal you must set out in the ninja world.

    Cursed Seal - a cursed seal has been placed upon you which grows stronger over time. 
    Unlike villages which get a passive that is at full power right at the start, cursed ninja start with a quest called "The Growing Curse". The quest requirement at first would be to reach level 10 for example. After you complete it you get a "Weak Cursed Seal Activation" jutsu. It is a weak buff that drains your health while it is up. 
    After completing the current one you would get a new one which would have higher requirements but would award a stronger Cursed Seal jutsu. This would repeat until you get the strongest version of it.
    All of the Cursed Seals would share cooldown and be untradable.

    I thought a lot about what would be a good and unique mastery to introduce in the game. Puppet mastery and genjutsu are something that have been talked about for ages, so why not add a mastery that is a combination of the two. 
    Demonic Flute Genjutsu - a mastery that utilizes a weapon called "Demonic Flute" to cast sound based genjutsu and control summoned creatures known as Doki. 
    The mastery would be based around the summon. Your flute melee would cause it to do a certain action like use an attack or to Flicker. You'd also have access to genjutsu which would be strong CC that deals little to no damage.
    Some jutsu could be:

    1.Illusionary Warrior Doki - you use your flute to create an illusionary warrior called Doki to fight in your place. This would be the main jutsu of the mastery. It would depend heavily on it's summon to fight. It could even be made so that rather than getting stronger flute weapons this mastery can drop stronger illusionary warrior jutsu scrolls.

    2.Phantom Chains - you use your flute to create an illusion for your opponent in which they are bound by chains. Single target CC that does little to no damage.

    3.Phantom Sound Wave - you use your flute to create a sound wave which commands your Doki to take a bite of their target's soul. Does moderate damage but saps a large chunk of chakra from the enemy. 
    Nue - a chimera that is able to sap your opponent's chakra. 


    The Sound Four - a team of elite cursed ninja which serve as bodyguards for Sarugami.
    Their base would be within Cursed Laboratory and their buff would be some strong cursed seal. 

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    Mist to Mainland Travel Idea

    Yesterday, there was a lot of discussion going on in discord about ways revitalize Mist Village. The biggest complaint was and has been for awhile the 4/5 minute boat ride everyone has to take. Most people are saying to just reduce the boat ride, but there were a few other points raised. I wanted to get them into the forums so there was at least a more permanent place to discuss. 
    Move Kraken a different location so low level and new players were not discouraged to not use the boat. If the Kraken map was either moved up or down a spot and the length of the run was shortened the pains of trying to get back to the mainland for Mist players would be greatly shortened.  Give Mist players more missions in their own area to make dailies easier. I started in Mist in and switched to Sand and one of the main reasons was the amount of times I had to go get that Samurai Drink from Sand Village and then not die on my way back... Give Mist an infirmary in the village with the doc mainland side so they don't have as far to travel when dying during a mission.  I think there were more ideas, but I can't remember them all so please post your ideas here as well!

  20. 5 votes
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    Fame system & mission routes

    What is fame?
    "Fame" was added to Nin back in july 2022. This was inspired by Maplestory ,but even in that game, it wasn't very well received.

    This system imo, adds nothing to the game other than toxicity. I love the idea of giving players the power to do pretty much anything , but i dont think that should be the case for Fame. 

    What is considered famous // infamous? If im sitting in my village and suddenly get raided and mass unfamed ,  how does this make an "infamous" ninja in the world? How does this make me "infamous" for my village?
    The fact this adds nothing to the gameplay, doesn't help at all. The ammount of times players reported being cussed over a fame//defame are way too many.

    I don't think this is a bad addition tho. "Reputation" Systems have been a part of Mmos for a really long time.

    So,, the solution?

    Fame should be given by NPCS and GMS only, not players.

    Give existing and upcoming missions routes, a morally considered "good" route, and a "bad" route. Completing the mission following the "good", will give you the regular stuff, ryos, exp , items depending on the mission, and + X fame. While doing the "bad" route , will give you the regular stuff and - X fame. All of this could be done in many ways.     Gms could give + or - fame as well, for joining/winning Rp based events. Some examples!

    In Kiari's parcel, if you die, you drop the parcel. This can happen infinite ammount of times, until you deliver the parcel.

    How about we give a certain ammount of  "tolerance" to these missions. For example, if you die 3 times while carrying the parcel, you won't get it a 4th time, but you dont lose the mission either. You'd have to " Recover the stolen Parcel " from a bandit Npc.
     You have 2 options here, either talk with the bandit, and let him keep the parcel ( Bad ending/route - X fame ), or fight the bandit , and recover the parcel ( Good ending/Route + X fame ).

    In Lover's Quarrel, if you drop the flower, you permanently fail the mission. 
    Why dont we change the " fails " for negative fame?

    You died and lost the flower? Useless, Now go and find another flower that grows in a farther place. Once you get that flower and turn in the mission, you will get the regular rewards and negative fame ( Positive fame if you didn't die with the first flower ).

    Imo, this is a way to give missions more depth and Npcs more personality.

    So.. what will fame be used for?
    Limited titles, limited items , achivements , locked missions, requirements for some orgs//items. Those are a couple of things that i can think of atm. 
    With the upcoming guild system , i feel this new Fame system would help guilds have a way better RP experience.

    Feel free to suggest anything!

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    Only enemies (red names)

    It would be excellent if the option to select opponents or companions, just change so that when the key is pressed it goes from enemy to enemy and not to friends also by default, if someone wants to select a village companion when they do it, use the mouse, like when it is done to give fame. Kakashi doesn't have to see all of his teammates before looking at Zabuza jeje

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    In Progress

    Anbu mask

    It would be excellent if something could be done with the anbu masks of all the villages, this so that they can hide their identity even if they are knocked down in battle and have a better role as undercover ninjas. since an anbu when he was wounded and knew that they were following him, they committed suicide so that the other villages do not know the information they had. in this case, the information... your player identity

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    Mist boat ride/population help

    (Fixed into idea section)
    Everybody is insisting that the boat ride is the problem in the village  so nobody will play in the mist village.
    I suggest something like adding oars to the boat that people can sit down at and help it go faster, that way the more people active in the village the faster the boat ride is when they go out to hunt or do dailies.
    Erox said it’s slavery but it’s not forced, you wouldn’t say someone helping you water your garden is slavery when they want you to hurry up so you two can go out to eat or whatever. Rp wise the captain will make more profit from people wanting to reduce their travel time which is their payoff for a little manual labor, and he makes more profit because he is transporting more people at a faster rate. Mechanically it makes sense, since adding oars to a boat helps it go faster especially when there’s a lack of wind.
    Yes, there should be a cap on how much the travel time is reduced to so it’s not a ten second ride or whatever.
    Lord Orochimaru

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    Bo Staff

    1) Keep the current Bo Staff skin as a boss drop and add a regular Bo Staff to the shop.
    2) Adjust all weapons, making shop weapons better and hard drops worst. This should follow a vertical tier until a certain point where all weapons then become horizontal tier to create balance. Make jutsu better than sword for more skilled gameplay.
    3) Bo Staff currently equals having about 70 points in strength without the actual cost and this should not be a thing.
    4) Stupid grind should not = broken gameplay
    To Bo Staff Users:

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    Randomized DZ boss spawns

    I like the idea of random spawning bosses in various danger zones. A global message could appear on a spawn that says something like "An ominous wind blows from the east. The black knight has spawned." And it would appear in a random danger zone map. This would encourage exploring the danger zones to find the monster. Makes interesting PVE and PVP mechanics at the same time.