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    Since 2013, Nin Online development has been open to community members to make suggestions. Before the launch of the Ideas platform, over 3000+ ideas were submitted in our ideas forum. When Nin Online was first conceived, there was only plans to make the Leaf village, but because players wanted it, we turned Nin Online into a PvP, Faction-based game.

    Your ideas are important to us, and we hope to continue to work with the community to add ideas/suggestions that people want.


Ideas for Features for Nin Online.  Some example features include...

  • Guild System
  • Clothes Dyeing System

Some examples of Content, that are not features include...

  • Rebalancing Phoenix Fireball Jutsu
  • Nerf Wind
  • New Map North of Tanzaku Village

106 ideas

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    Splitting Bounty Rewards

    Would it be feasible to make it so teammates split the bounty rewards? Like 70% to the person who actually gets the last hit and 30% is split between the other teammates?
    I think this could really help increase danger zone activity across all levels since then we could team up with lower level players and help them in their bounty hunt missions while still being rewarded in a way. The BH and VMW missions right now encourage solo play more than anything else really. We already have this for wage war missions so having this work like that one would be a nice feature I think. The ryo amount rewarded total wouldn't change so I don't think it'd cause any problems on that side, but let me know what you all think!

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    Forum Trade Section

    Some people choose not to be around the toxicity in the discords, would make it worthwhile if we could have a forums trade section until the Global Trade Network is implemented in game. 
    Sand Champion Nik

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    Think it would be nice if we could maybe get a command that tells us how long the server has been up.
    Sand Champion Nik

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    To Make the Kage's More Active; Give Them Paperwork and Control over Mission Assignments

    The Problem

    I know the title is easier said than done, but I believe I have finally thought up a way to make it work; but before I explain how it works I must explain why I'm suggesting this in the first place. In my personal opinion, leveling is the easiest thing to do in the world right now but there are still moments that make certain missions a little impossible depending on the level, passive, village and time of play.

    For example, anyone with stat points into strength are not able to take advantage of cloaking missions. Early on hybrid builds aren't capable of completing waging war alone even if it is just two kills without some help, and you can't expect people to always hunt when they're in the middle of doing something and I think it's a little counter-productive to expect my level 32 art to go grind bears as a tai, but I do it anyway because I know I've got that skill in me. In fact, levels 1-34 shouldn't even have to worry about PvP missions because they have so much other stuff to worry about that takes HOURS. (Maxing Jutsus, other daily missions etc). At level 35 is when you should start getting waging war missions, because by then you should have all of your first mastery moves. 

    I've seen the way a lot of new level 50s are fighting lately. It's not the experienced players but there's no way three lowbies eliminated two chakra medic tais and a fire water last night in Sand Village, some of y'all are straight garbage and that's not to disrespect you; it's not your fault it's the FPS and the connection, which is going to lead me to my next point; FPS and ping. Like, there is just no way I cloaked away from two chakra medic tais and a fire water, lured you guys into the Sand Village and took you out with the Jonins. How??? The answer: they were missing everything due to their bad connection/setup

    You cannot expect lowbies let alone new players to perform PvP if the game overall around doesn't have a fair connection. I mean you can but it isn't fair, because they'll probably never get that stuff done unless they get super lucky, somehow manage to avoid Leaf/Sand Zergs (don't lie sand we do it too) and then take themselves over to an enemy village to kill a lowbie in a map full of mobs. (I.e Tunnelers or South Tigers) which they're not even guaranteed to win anyway. 

    We all know passives make the game unfair but for Sand Villagers especially we have the best passive in the game; free cloak. That gives Sand Ninja such a ridiculous advantage if they're leveling weapon masters or tais (like me, I'm not going to sleep on an easy decision). Go to Mist or Leaf and make a str or agi account and your passive is six times worse than your ability to PvP. 

    So, in conclusion; it is very difficult for lowbies and pure str users to perform their missions; and even more impossible for hybrid lowbies. 

    The Solution

    There are still missions with great EXP that can be done at these levels, but I think either the algorithm needs to change depending on the account's stats and masteries or the Kage needs to control who gets what missions directly. They should be able to do this under the Kage Panel. Under the Kage Panel, all ninja who logged into the village within the past week should show up on a little roster list. The Kage should be allowed to tweak the missions in the form of a checklist and the missions for that level character should update in the mission log whenever he advances, meaning your missions will still automatically change in the list if you are level 25, 30, 35, 40 etc. For example.

    @Imhotep opens up his Kage Panel

    He sees me as the first one because I'm on almost 24/7 with my disabled art

    I find a mission difficult and don't want it anymore

    "Hey Hotep can you untick Sand Spa for me in my mission log that way I don't get it anymore?"

    "Sure bro." 


    Sand Champion Nik
    Level 32
    Sand Village
    (Check)Waging War 2 <--- You get this mission because it has a check mark in the Kage's panel
    (Check)Medicine Supplies 2
    (Check)Bear Hunt
    (Check)Leaf Docs
    (Check)Leaf Survey
    (Check)Mist Survey
    (Check)Mist Docs
    (Unchecked)Sand Relaxation <--- You don't get this mission because the Kage unticked the box

    And, it'll never be abused because; even if you get nothing but back to back waging war missions; you still have to go earn those kills somehow and put the effort in it's not going to be super fast. You're still taking a risk of dying the second you step outside the hospital. It's a 24 hour PvP game, but at least its YOUR choice now instead of relying on a random algorithm and getting a mission you really don't want to do. 
    Sand Champion Nik

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    This idea is going to be brought up in the next admin meeting, please vote up if it has your support.
    Allow for certain items to be dragged into multiple slots, when it makes sense.
    For example, here are some multi-slots that make sense:

    * Bandage Mask, Blood Medic Mask, Wanderer Scarf could go into both Mask and Accessory (If 3 slots +Headwear?)
    * The Visors, Eye Scope and the Blindfolds could both go into the "Mask"  slot and the "Headwear" (where the forehead protectors go) slot. (If 3 slots + Accessories?)
    * Face-paints, Curse Mark Tattoos could go into both Mask (where it is now), Accessory and Headwear.

    Opting for Two Slots or Three Slots entirely up to you of course.

    This could be a first step before having to go through the coding logistics of adding a whole new accessory slot.

    [As you can see in the comments to this post, this idea isn't possible right this second. But it will be brought up in the next admin meeting.]

    Players have voiced their concerns that they would like extra accessory slots.

    Or would like to have some items re-assigned in their slot. 

    This is my suggestion to tackle both problems.


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    Can we get a ninja meditate or monk style meditate to regenerate health please. Waiting or sitting on a log is boring. I think a meditate would fit into the games theme and the ninja world. Plus it would make regenerating fun. Maybe a simple button press to meditate health instead of the current system would be good and make meditate take 5-10 seconds for health or something (make meditate a icon or state for it). Thanks. If u wanted to take this meditate suggestion to the next level, you could make meditate a button press and provide instant health regen (albeit low, tweak the number or balance it accordingly) to add a whole new dynamic to pvp. No longer is pvp just running around fighting and regening chakra, you could throw a meditate into the mix, for a whole new level of pvp.

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    New action bar

    Can we get another action bar please, two isn't enough. I'm running out of action bar space and a third one is needed. More action bars will definitely be needed especially if we get more jutsus. Two is cutting it close right now. Thanks. u could make it a turn off/on action bar too and maybe put it on the right side of the ui or something

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    Reinvigorated Idea: Adjustable Hotbars.... with pictures this time

    So as you can see, I'm watching Naruto and on the right is my hotbar. If I press H, it clears my HUD and I can't see it. The blessing covers my hotbar, which covers my move cool downs. It makes it slightly more difficult but not too difficult, it's just tedious that we can only customize and move around the chat screen (which in my opinion is perfectly done because now whenever I play I just close it and ignore everyone for the most part and it's beautiful. I hope that we can not only adjust the size but move around the hotbar and the blessing tab in the future. 

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    French Community

    Bonjour. J'ai vu que tu te lances sur steam. J'ai vu que les jeux étaient en anglais et en portugais sur steam, pourquoi ne pas toucher la communauté française ? 

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    Simple AFK Kage check-in system

    I think that kages should have a set timelimit personally between log in sessions, if a kage in a village doesn't log in within like a 10 day period, I personally believe that the kage should no longer be in office as it could potentially kill activity within the village itself and lead to what many players refer to as a "dead village".

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    Mouse buttons

    I just think it would be quite convenient to be able to bind some keys to my mouse as I'm not used to playing games with only a keyboard.

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    Gear Enhancement System.

    This is my idea of how a system to improve equipment and weapons could work in Nin Online, without having a system to craft brand new equipment from scratch:

    The first part to enhancing an item is discovering its quality. When you first purchase or earn a piece of clothing, accessory, or weapon (other than ninja tool) it should have a "???" for its quality. (With the exception of unique items like the 7 Legendary Swords of the Mist, Akatsuki Ring, and other similar items. These should automatically be classified as "Unique" in this system.)

    There would be five different qualities possible for all items, with a sixth tier specifically for special items.
    I: Common. This is the most basic tier, and no enhancement can be done on the item, consider this an item to throw away or sell.
    II: Uncommon. This is the first tier in which can have Enhancement be done to it. This tier does not allow for Augmentation.
    III: Rare. This is the first tier in which can have Enhancement and Augmentation. It may also be Enhanced twice.
    IV: Exceptional. This tier can be Enhanced to the maximum of three and given Augmentation.
    V: Legendary. This tier can be Enhanced to the maximum of three and can be given Augmentation. It also discovers a special effect such as increased stats, abnormal access to a Jutsu you don't know while wearing it, or otherwise.
    VI: Unique. This is reserved for special items like Akatsuki Ring. Exactly the same to Legendary quality, but the special effect is unique to the equipment in question and cannot be obtained otherwise.

    When you have an item with "???" for quality, it must first be scrutinized by an NPC, similar to the Jutsu Scroll shop, in order to begin Enhancing or Augmenting the item. When you go to get the item scrutinized, you'll need to exchange an item as a fee. Using more of the item will increase the chances of a better quality forcefully.

    Once your item has been scrutinized and is Uncommon or better, you can begin Enhancement.
    Enhancing an item will increase its overall stats, which are selected by the player on Enhancement. Enhancing an item simply costs Ryo.
    Rare, Exceptional, Legendary, and Unique items cannot have the same Enhancement twice at a time.
    Multiples of the same Enhancement can, however, exist on different equipped items. (IE: You have a Hat with +5 Agility Enhancement and Shoes with +5 Agility Enhancement, so you have +10 in total from equipment towards your Agility.)

    Examples of Enhancement effects:
    Increase Agility by 5.
    Increase Strength by 5.
    Increase Chakra by 5.
    Increase Fortitude by 5.
    Increase Intelligence by 5.
    Increase movement speed by 5%.
    Reduce damage taken from Fire Jutsu by 2.5%.
    Reduce damage taken from Ninja Tools by 2.5%.

    This is done in similar fashion to Enhancement, but requires specific materials in order to be performed, and only one of the same Augmentation will work across all of your equipment.
    Augmentations would be special, stronger buffs that you can apply to your equipment than Enhancement that could change your character in more dramatic ways.
    Traditionally, they would buff a Jutsu's effectiveness or empower your basic attacks in some way, but shouldn't be limited to just that.

    Examples of Augmentations:
    Prepared [Jutsu Name] - Your [Jutsu Name] has a reduced cooldown timer by 5 seconds.
    Empowered [Jutsu Name] - Your [Jutsu Name] has increased base damage by 10.
    Hastened [Jutsu Name] - Your [Jutsu Name] takes half as long to cast. 
    Poisoned Blade - Your basic attacks with Swords apply Poison I.
    Spirit of Youth - Your Taijutsu Techniques grant you 10% increased movespeed every time they successfully damage a target.
    Flowing Water - Your Water Techniques cost 25% less Chakra while standing on water tiles.

    Legendary Effects.
    Legendary quality items should have something special about them, determined immediately on them being scrutinized as a Legendary piece of equipment.
    This could vary from anywhere of allowing the player equipped with such an item to use a jutsu technique they normally wouldn't qualify for, such as a Wind Taijutsu user being allowed to cast Fire Wall Technique because they have a special Legendary piece of equipment, to other equally powerful effects.
    These special effects cannot be rerolled, and are set in stone about the piece of equipment in question, even if the items Augmentations and Enhancements are reset.
    Similar to Augmentations, these effects do not stack on multiple equipment.

    Examples of Legendary Effects:
    Hidden Technique: [Jutsu Name] - You can use [Jutsu Name] even if you do not meet the requirements to use it; you also know it while equipped.
    Limitless Supply - Your Ninja Tools are endless, using a ninja tool or casting a jutsu requiring that tool will not use up the ninja tool.
    Medicinal Duplication - Your Medical Pills never run out, using a medical pill does not use up the pill.
    Extreme Speed - You have 20% increased Agility at all times while this is equipped.
    Extreme Strength - You have 20% increased Strength at all times while this is equipped.
    Boundless Chakra - The first time you would run out of Chakra every 600 seconds, fully refill your Chakra.
    Secret Technique: [Jutsu Name] - You can use the secret technique not known to other ninja, [Jutsu Name], while this is equipped. This would be a special jutsu only obtainable while wearing the corresponding Legendary, not linked to scrolls. Requiring the correct element may be required.
    Aura of Complete and Absolute Supremacy - While wearing this piece of equipment, your bounty is increased by 10,000 Ryo, increasing by 10,000 for every 24 hours it has been worn. On death, this equipment drops and is sealed from being equipped for one week. Produces a special glimmering aura on the wearer that gets increasingly absurd looking for every 24 hours it has been worn. After being worn for an entire month, the item no longer drops on death. (Does not include inactive time while the player is logged off.)

    Unique items effects are considered "Legendary Effects" and are treated as such, but are not in the "Legendary" pool of effects.

    Equipment Reset.
    This would be a special function you can do for the cost of a large sum of Ryo to reset all special qualities about an item from Enhancement and Augmentation, allowing new choices to be made. This does not reset the quality of the item, nor does it remove Unique or Legendary effects from an item. Once an item's quality is discovered, it is permanently that quality and will never change. 

    Equipment Binding.
    Once an item has been Enhanced or Augmented, it is bound to you. Using an Equipment Reset will unbind the item, allowing it to be traded and sold once again.

    This suggestion would need at least one new NPC in every village/town to be the one you interact with for all of these effects.


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    A reason to enter peace mode between villages + a change to Chunin Exams.

    I believe there should be some reason to enter peace with other villages, even if it's for a brief period.
    One way I suggest this happens is for Chunin exams to begin. Chunin exams in the source content of Naruto happen only when different villages agree to hold the competition together to pit their rising talented ninja against eachother to determine their worth. The same should be in Nin Online, and Chunin exams should be only when at least three villages are at peace with eachother, allowing the exams to take place between themselves.
    This would incentivize villages to go into peace once in a while rather than just being permanently in war and waiting for that time of the month for Chunin exam event to begin. It'd also build more of a relation between villages, as it does in the Naruto series. People who normally are enemies are able to socialize, interact, and are able to explore the other village without consequence.

    Now, I've never reached Chunin, Special Jonin, or Jonin rank, but I assume they don't have much of a difference or reason to even become them other than better dailies. If I'm wrong, great. If I'm right, that should be the first thing that changes before the above suggestion; make it more impactful for villages to have Chunin and Jonin. I've seen a ton of level 50-60 Genin, and it's really odd.
    It could even be that to reach level 70 and 80 while part of a village you must qualify as a Chunin or Special Jonin, and to reach 90 and 100 Special Jonin or Jonin. Have there be a reason to progress your rank in the village that's apparent and appealing to players. Could also instead be that to have access to higher tier Jutsu than III, you must be Chunin or higher.

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    RGB Color Slider for certain Jutsus and Clothes and In Game Features

    An RGB Color Slider is an item that allows you to customize the color of an item, and I think it was done before with the hair color changer. The cosmetics are too plain, and with the addition of spring, and how high I love getting, I love looking at color when I play a video game.  Here are the following things in game which could feature in the RGB Slider. (Yes I realize how long this idea could take, but I also realize how fast this idea could be if it's as simple as adding in a color slider to these items)


    Cosmetics are obviously a very important feature to the game.

    Baggy Pants
    Sleeveless Shirts
    All basic shirts, all basic pants, all basic shoes
    Bandit Pants (Takumi Shop not literal drop)
    Arm Bandages (Takumi Shop)
    Veiled Sakkat
    Bandit Shoes (Takumi Shop)
    Blind Monk Robe (Takumi Shop)
    Basic Gloves
    All basic shorts
    Long Shirt (Takumi Shop
    Netted Shirt
    Black Turtle Neck Shirt
    White Shirt 
    Utility Vest (Leaf Still Doesn't HAVE ONE)
    Basic Fan
    Basic Pipe's Bubble Color
    Basic Pipe
    Blank Scrolls
    Basic Tools (Paper Bombs, Kunai, Shurikens, Senbons)

    I am suggesting jutsus because since we were told to practically give up on the advanced idea, this could spice things up possibly. 

    Fire Style
     - Purple Fire
    - Green Fire
    - Blue Fire
    - Red Fire
    - Black Fire

    Earth Style
    - White (Clay)
    - Brown (Dirt)
    - Gray (Dust)
    - Yellow (Gold)

    Lightning Style 
    (Every color of the rainbow according to google)

    Water Style
    (Every color of the rainbow, but that's with dyes or environmental effects)


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    Org stat buffs bypass stat requirements

    It would be neat if stat buffs from org items bypassed jutsu stat requirements. For example; if I have a base 5 points of intelligence as a weapon master and I put on a guardian sash (+10 to all stats) to have 15 points of intelligence, I should then be able to use explosive kunai.

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    Poison Fish (Legendary Fish)

    I would like to see the poison fish turn into an int weapon like the pkunai. It could have a slapping animation and a wet slapping sounds when you hit someone with it. Everything else would be the same as a poison kunai. 

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    Stat reset on level 50

    We get a stat reset on level 10 when you unlock your first mastery, so it would make sense we get this on level 50 as well since you unlock your second mastery. For some reason this is not the case. Which I find weird because builds vary so much depending on your masteries. Eg. I level a strength weapon master in the leaf village, and I select water for my second mastery. Since I put no points into intellect since I am leveling a strength weapon master I am forced to buy a stat reset. You could argue that the event coupons you get by the 'Reach Level X' missions can be used for this, but then why do we get a free stat reset on level 10? 

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    Treestride & Ideas Surrounding

    The Pitch
    A big part of the charm of Naruto for me during its earlier years was the significance of tree travel. I had thoughts, therefore, on how to implement something like that in the game. The main idea is to make the option available for players to climb a tree and use that extra plane to their own benefit. The purpose; both immersion and PvP utility.
    For this feature to work, I propose the following;
    I. Make it similar to water travel, where players will have to sacrifice something to use the space freely. My particular thought is that to climb a tree initially, one would expend 5 Chakra. To move onto an adjacent tree, or the nearest tree depending on how staff chooses to implement the feature, one would need to expend an extra 5 Chakra. That way, the cost is minor enough not to matter but noticeable enough to be flavourful.
    II. Players on trees can only attack players on other trees. Once on that plane, one can only interact with others on the same plane. Similarly, players on the ground cannot target players aboveground unless they also choose to climb a tree. That would introduce an extra dimension to overworld PvP activity, and give lowbies the chance to evade instant death by retreating onto a tree and back down again- playing mind games with the hunter. It would give them at least a chance to complete their travel-focused dailies without needing a bodyguard or a meticulously timed route relying solely on dumb luck.
    III. Running out of Chakra while on a tree dismounts the player from said tree, and stuns them for a number of seconds that the balance team would have to optimise.
    IV. Players will be unable to change maps while on a tree. I would say I am conflicted over this rule personally, since in the future after implementing the feature we could find ways to spawn on another tree in the adjacent map without hiccups. Still, it wouldn't work when traveling to maps without trees- like Bridge for example.
    Feel free to add your own suggestions!

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    Making Stealth Actually Stealthy

    I propose a change to the Cloak of Invisibility Technique, as well as other similar techniques if they exist. By making it so that if your character is fully hidden behind an object, such as a tree, building, or wall, the invisibility effect's duration lasts indefinitely until you move out of cover or do any other normal action that would end the jutsu.

    This would allow players to actually use it for stealth ambushes or hiding from opponents, rather than just kind of using it to avoid confrontation.

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    Please let us abandon story missions.

    I don't care about Yozo the Bozo for example, these missions are just clogging up space on my screen and I don't care about them.
    Tao Ren

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    Provide a toggle / option to partially hide hair behind the vest layer (if the collar overlaps with the hair)

    It would be nice if we have a toggle or option for this so that vests / jackets with high collars can partially hide the hair of a short haired character (or long haired characters if they want to). Right now the hair layer will always be on top of the vest layer but having the option to interchange that will come a long way in terms of character customization.
    Remy Lebeau

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    There was an option to pick "None" as a title and now its gone. Bring it back @Ueda !

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    Make wood katana usable

    Change scalling wood katana cous kunai is better than wood katana .This weapon is usseles and is just for cosplay ;/. 
    Nao Hyuuga

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    Self Castable Treat Wounds


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    Make Humanoid NPC Kills Count for Waging War

    Everyone is always suggesting that we make an NPC in order for Waging War kills to count. Why don't we just make bandit kills or any human NPC kill count toward that? We already have them in the game.