• Ueda

    Limited Game Service due to issues   06/04/2019
    By Ueda

    Dear Ninja,

    Please expect heavy interruptions to gameplay within the next few hours or days due to unexpectedly high traffic causing us server stability issues.

    Atleast for a few hours, the server will be available to Gold/Silver Ninja only to test the new content while we solve these issues.

    I’m very sorry for the inconvenience caused.


  • Ueda

    Character Resets Notice   05/29/2019
    By Ueda

    Dear Ninja,

    As of the latest update, resetting your character will also reset your bounty.
    Do take note!


  • Ueda

    Mist Village Announcement   05/19/2019
    By Ueda


    Dear Ninja,

    Soon™ is finally here as we prepare to launch the Hidden Mist Village as the third playable starting village for Nin Online. This will be a game changing moment as it will be the biggest update since the launch of beta in 2017 (which introduced Sand village and Missing Ninja) in terms of content being introduced at the same time. because Mist village will launch with plenty of new content!

    The Land of Water

    Welcome to the Land of Water, a region ruled over by the Water Daimyo. The creatures and enemies roaming this new land is unique to it's shores. Even if you are not a Mist ninja, soon your missions will take you to the Land of Water, so you'll soon explore it yourself!

    Along with the Mist Village, a smaller village will also be present on launch, a small settlement on the edge of the Land of Water which will be used for storyline missions as time goes on. The Land of Water is a country ravaged by war. Bloody, and bloody poor, not everyone can afford to live in the biggest village.

    The mapping done for the Land of Water, including the Hidden Mist Village itself, is in my view, the finest of all the game so far. With detailed forest maps, and more details fit into each screen than ever before. The village is expansive, and all in all, we're introducing almost 50 new maps at once (including interiors of course).

    New Organization: Hunter-nin

    Hunter-nin are a concept unique to the Hidden Mist Village. Replacing the concept of an ANBU, hunter-nin stalk and kill missing Mist ninja to protect the secrets of the Mist. When the Leaf and Sand ANBU get ANBU swords, Hunter-nin will get water whips.

    New Organization: Mist Military Police Force

    Basically the equivalent of LMPF and SMPF for the Mist. The MMPF will be available at launch. However, due to the lack of Chunin in the village, there will not be much use for the organization early on.

    New Sub-mastery: Soap Bubble Style

    Just as the Leaf village has Gentle Fist style and the Sand village has Fan Style, the Mist village will launch with a complete and unique sub-mastery as well!

    New Politics

    With the introduction of a third village, a lot will change in terms of politics. Leaders will be hard pressed not to maintain a good relationship with at least one other village. Being in war with two villages will be hard for a village, so alliances will actually begin to matter.

    The Mist village will be ran as a militaristic dictatorship, where power will be challenged by others every few months. It will be a survival of the fittest. A battle to the death will determine the leader. This is very different from the Leaf village which is a democracy, and the Sand village which is a monarchy. With this, the kind of player who seeks for battles as a way to consolidate power should gravitate towards the bloody mist.

    The advisers of the Mist village will consist of 1 member of each clan in which the Mist leader favors. So once the victory has been won, as a check on power, the leader of the Mist village will choose 3 clans, which will each elect a respected member of the clan to become an adviser to the Mizukage. If all 3 clan leaders decide to, they can call for a battle to find a new leader at any time, but it has to be a Unanimous decision.

    As with any good dictatorship, we've already chosen that the village will be ran by no other than Mizukage @Kenock, with myself and @Sezu as the advisers to the Mizukage. We will work (mainly Kenock) to maintain some semblance of order while the village is in it's growth period without any proper ranks.

    New Soundtracks
    Of course, with a new location as major as this, we will be introducing new music to bring out the gloom of the Hidden Mist Village and the Land of Water.

    And even more..!
    The Mist will launch with just one unique summon, and more after, initial clans will be ready...
    I'll be detailing the work done for the village in further details in a development log post launch.

    New Launch Date
    We're here at a point we can safely announce that the launch date will be..


    5th June 2019


  • Ueda

    Ready, Snap, Go! (Screenshot Contest)   05/18/2019
    By Ueda


    Hey Ninja,

    Since 2013, we've ran two major competitions called "Ready, Set, Refer!". Those were referral contests.
    This time, it's going to be quite a different concept, but it's your chance to win a bunch of prizes. It's not as major as the referral contest, but it's going to be a lot easier to join in, so I hope there'll be more participants.

    Ready, Snap, Go is our first screenshot competition hosted by myself, where I'll be picking the best 6 screenshots, and each player will receive the following prizes!


    1st Place: Silver Ninja / $10 Ninja Credit / Shark Skin Changer
    2nd Place: $10 Ninja Credit / Shark Skin Changer
    3rd - 6th Place: Shark Skin Changer

    On top of these prizes, the screenshots will also be prominently displayed in the Official Screenshots section with a text saying "Screenshot submitted by YOURNAME" for probably the rest of time, which will be a neat legacy/mark to leave on Nin Online, if you're into that~

    The reason I'm including so many Shark Skin Changers may seem weird at first, but I'm sure you can make the connections yourself!

    Submit as many screenshots as you like of Nin Online

    • Screenshots should be of Nin Online (In-game, not login, not discord)
    • Screenshots should be 1920x1080 or 4K but in Zoomed Mode, don't crop your screenshot!
    • Screenshots should not be stretched in any way
    • Submit screenshots without any personal credits (we'll add that in ourselves, in a consistent style)
    • Editing must be done tastefully, as to not mislead potential players (and no memed images)
    • Submit your screenshots into this forum in the account you would like the prizes to be received on.
    • The Dateline is June 5th 2019!


    • Hidden UI Mode is preferred but not a requirement ("Tab" Key to Hide UI)
    • Empty scenes are boring, try getting a group involved
    • Less text on screen makes for a more appealing screenshot, chatboxes can be fine, but it's not appealing text, it'll be distracting
    • Choose an interesting map which means something to you or appeals to everyone
    • you can use ALT + PRT SCN to capture a image of your window, if you are playing in windowed mode. If you are playing in fullscreen mode, just PRT SCN will do. Once you have that, you can paste your clipboard into paint and save it as a .PNG for highest quality
    • Think about what you can use to attract potential players into the Nin world

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone submits!


    Entry Submission Forum HERE

  • Ueda

    Daizystripper - Setsubou no Freesia [NMV]   05/04/2019
    By Ueda

    NMV as in Nin Music Video! haha!

    Good work @Marino