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      Added new rods
      Lots of rebalancing to do.


      Cheap Rods have a new skin, it's not a twig with string on it, sorry!


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      Issue with MySQL has been resolved by the host. An unfortunate side effect from this was that some players have received replenished (previously used) cash shop items back in their stash. This was due to a code bug and cannot be reversed unfortunately. We would like to appeal to players to let us know if you have received such items and in what quantities so we can remove them from your account.

      Items that are set to be binded will now only be able to be picked up by player who owns the item. Eg. If I kill a boss and it drops a binded item, even after 30s, that item will only belong to me.

      Fixed bug where binded items could not be picked up even by rightful owner.

      Fixed mail box not displaying mail

      Fixed Quick Login not working

      Hovering Buffs is now snappier and more optimized

      Optimized picking up items of same kind within range code

      Fixed In-game Guide not working

      Fixed a bug that caused Cash Shop items to become replenished if player logged in during a period where MySQL was inaccessible by the server

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      Today's update is meant to promote more accountability for Admins/GM accounts by exposing more moderation actions by admins to the public. In the coming days, we will be sharing a public log of all moderators where players can see every action taken on a GM/Admin account. Along with this, we've improved certain small annoyances like when a Developer edits a map live, it now announces to the map what has happened so as not to scare/confuse everyone as it always historically has.

      We've also added a lot of logging, and improved logging details to more easily track abusive behavior or any behavior in general in the game.


      Known Issues
      In-game Guide is completely broken in latest build
      We're currently experiencing MySQL Server Hosting issues causing cash items to not load and degraded login performance.

      Accountability Announcements

      • Announcing when a rare item is dropped
      • Announcing when a admins mails items to individual players
      • Announcing when player picks up an item that was dropped by a GM

      Logging Changes

      • Logs automatically save to years
      • Logging rare items dropped by mobs and what their drop rate was
      • Logging who or what NPC dropped the item players picked up in their logs
      • Logging where (map name and ID) items are dropped and picked up
      • Logging when events set/give/take items from players and the amount they had before that
      • Logging events leveling players up or setting their levels
      • All data saving (eg. Items, Spells) are saved to the individual player(admin) log.
      • Mails are logged better, showing who it was sent to by name, not just ID
      • Logging Item Pack results
      • Log all warps and getting warped in individual player's logs
      • All players logged actions are logged in both their "event" log and player's individual logs
      • Cleaned up buying and selling item logs (1 line instead of 2)
      • Logging trades within player's individual log files as well as global trade log
      • Starting missions and completing missions are logged
      • Mission rewards are logged

      Other changes

      • Prevent players from picking up items dropped by mobs that were killed by GMs
      • Map editing live is announced to server
      • Map editing live is broadcasted on edited map (so people don't panic every time there's a map edit)
      • Fixed items not belonging to right owner if player is concealed
      • Disabled separate LoginLog that was pretty useless

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      Leaf Village

      Jonin: @Abbyarashi @Kuroarashi
      Chunin: @Eymon Arashi @Xerith @Tommy @Momo Arashi @Genshin

      Sand Village

      Jonin: @Ridozuku @Mendez
      Chunin: @Slifer @Capitan @God Enel @Monkey D Dragon


      Mist Village

      Jonin: @Arufa @Helius
      Chunin: @Videl @Jinx @Sukki @Killer Beef
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