• Ueda

    Updated Stance on Account Sharing / Transferring [From 2020]   03/09/2020
    By Ueda

    Dear Ninja,

    It has been a bit of a grey issue in the past where players have bought/traded/sold/transferred/lent accounts to be permanently or temporarily used by others. This is not usually enforced, because we simply do not have the manpower or will to investigate case by case whether an account has been transferred. Upon getting reports of scams, or accounts sold for real world currency however, we would ban the accounts. This will not change. We do not have the manpower to police such things.

    However, in cases where bans/punishments are being handed out for cheating, or breaking any rules. All accounts have a trace of whom has created it, accessed it and used in over it's entire time registered. So once an account has been logged in by a player other than yourself, and that player later goes on to create any sort of trouble, your account will be punished just the same, as if it belonged to that player (because they shared an IP address).

    Here is three examples:
    Eg. 1 
    PlayerA has been given a level 5 account named JohnDoe, and he renamed it to PlayerC.
    PlayerA is PlayerC but JohnDoe had another "main account" named John.
    PlayerC has done nothing wrong since then, and has trained his ninja to level 50 and gained a lot of items.
    John later is found 1 year later to have used exploits to gain Ryo on his account "John".
    PlayerC previously JohnDoe, will be banned.
    John will be banned.
    PlayerA will be banned.

    Eg. 2
    Peter and David are Nin Online players.
    For a tournament, Peter lends David his account to help participate because David has better skills (and ping).
    1 year later, David breaks the terms of service by attempting a PayPal chargeback on his cash shop items.
    Davids accounts and all accounts linked by IP traces will be banned permanently, including Peters.

    Eg. 3
    PlayerA logs into PlayerB's account once to help transfer an item or something.
    PlayerB is found 1 year later to have used exploits to gain Ryo.
    PlayerB's IP Logs have traces of PlayerA's IP.
    So all of PlayerA's accounts will be banned.

    If you share your accounts, or have any IP trace from someone else and they break the rules. Your account will go down with theirs.
    No exceptions.

    And starting today, 10th March 2020. In all future cases, this will be the standard going forward that we will adhere to.
    Therefore, if you are currently using an account you have not registered. Please stop using that account.
    If you are currently using an account you have previously lent to someone else to use Please stop using that account.
    You may choose not to, but do so at your own risk.


  • Ueda

    Village Leadership Rotation [Start 2020]   01/01/2020
    By Ueda

    As it is the start of a new year, we will be moving the story of Nin and it's inhabitants forward with a change of leadership. 

    Refer to these topics for more info!

    Sand village is a dictatorship / monarchy so the next leader will be hand picked by @Nauq

  • Ueda

    Let it Snow 2019   12/17/2019
    By Ueda


    Dear Ninja,

    It's the end of 2019! So here's celebrating another year of Nin Online!

    Let it Snow is our annual tradition now, where we try to end the year with some festivity. Last year we didn't have a Halloween event, so we merged it into one Zombie filled Christmas. This year we're going back to something more peaceful. So we've revamped the Hidden Village of Joy from back in 2017 and added both the old prizes, and new!

    Talk to the Good Snowmen / Holiday Event NPCs in each village to be transported to the Hidden Village of Joy and talk to the Info Sign for more information!

    We've also launched a new cash item that's a bit christmas-y but very ninja-y.
    Red Furred Armor

    Happy Holidays,

  • Ueda

    PSA: Don't buy accounts   12/01/2019
    By Ueda

    In the past month, numerous accounts that were reported as sold have been investigated and have been permanently disabled due to Terms of Service violations.

    On top of that, when player's contact support saying they have been 'hacked', they are able to retrieve their account and have their email/passwords changed back to the original registered email/password just by doing a preliminary confirmation. Therefore, any account sold is never truly yours.

    The only account you can and will own forever is one registered by yourself.

  • Ueda

    Best PvP Clip Event   07/22/2019
    By Ueda

    Hello Ninjas!

    I am pleased to announce to you my next event. Again, it will be forum event. To win you must show PvP skills on video!

    How To Participate

    To participate you must post a video/clip of you fighting another player/players and if it is impressive enough, you could win some humble prizes!


    • First place will receive 10 event coupons!
    • Second place will receive 7 event coupons! 
    • Third place will receive 4 event coupons!

    Event coupons are prizes won by participating in/ winning events. They can be used to buy Stat Resets, Daily Resets, Special event-only cosmetics, and more!

    The winners will be announced on Saturday (7/27/19). Good luck to everyone who decides to participate! 

    More information & Submission HERE!