• Rory

    4th Chunin Exams   02/12/2018
    By Rory


    Dear Ninja,

    You are invited to join the 4th Chunin Exams on the 3rd March 2018. This will be a Joint Chunin Exam, where both Sand Ninja and Leaf Ninja will participate in! Missing Ninja are not allowed to participate.

    Chunin Exams details
    The event registration will take place at 1pm EST on 3rd March and the entire event will commence at 1:30pm EST. It may last anywhere between 1 - 4 hours depending on how far our Genins make it. Participants are expected to stay throughout the event for the best chance at promotion. The registration will take place in the Sand village Chunin Exam registration hall, as it will be using the Sand village's facilities.


    • You are to form your own teams of 3 before or during the registration phase. There is no level requirement!
    • Academy Students are not allowed to participate, you have to promote to Genin rank if you want to participate.
    • The entry fee for each team is 15,000 Ryo, prepare to hand over the in-game currency to Shiken during the registration phase after a GM has verified you through the gate.
    • Teams that are registered along with a Chunin/Jonin Rank Sensei will have their entry fee waived. However, the Sensei must stay throughout the event and may only enter one team.
    • Missing Ninja cannot participate in the Chunin Exams.
    • Kages of each village have the right to debar ninja from their village from joining. Valid reasons include (but not limited to) misbehavior, breaking treaties, disobeying commands.

    Rules & Regulations
    In order to run the event smoothly, your cooperation is required, as such, rule breakers will be kicked from the event which may result in his/her entire team's disqualification.

    1. Stay in character
      Unless you need to ask a serious question,  stay in character during the event.
    2. Remain online and active
      If you choose to go AFK and you miss calls for you, we will not wait for you.
      If you disconnect, quickly reconnect and inform a GM.
    3. Follow instructions
      The GMs and myself will be giving instructions to follow throughout the event

    Watching the Chunin Events Live
    More info TBA

    This Chunin Exam is set to be a little more forgiving. Here's hoping that all the veterans and some newer players join the ranks as Chunins!
    Jonin Promotions inbound!


  • Rory

    PvP Tournaments   02/06/2018
    By Rory

    Hello everyone! PvP tournaments are going to be a lot more frequently on Nin from now on. This topic is going to explain how they are going to work.

    Event schedule:

    They will be hosted on Sundays every two weeks at 5 pm EST. The first event of every month will be a 1v1 tournament and the second one will be a team tournament (can be 2v2, 3v3, and even 4v4) and so it goes. I'll make posts annoucing the tournament a week in advance, telling what it is going to be.

    You can also check the Community calendar to see the dates.


    - Anyone can participate for free.

    - In case of team tournament, players should form teams consisting of ninjas from the same village.

    - It will be a Sudden Death tournament, the bracket spots will be randomly filled on a website. Everyone will be able to check the brackets at any time. 

    - How do you win? Beat everyone that get in your way :) 

    - Registration will happen via Discord and PM on forums. Just send me your nickname / your team nicknames and say that you want to participate.   

    What's the prize?

    First place - $20 Ninja Credit

    Second place - $10 Ninja Credit

    Third place - $5 Ninja Credit

    (In team tournaments, each member will receive the prize.)


    So thats it. I hope I can count with everyone's presence. See you all at the next tournament. ;)



    Kenock (Kanno)

  • Rory

    Let It Snow 2017 (Over)   12/19/2017
    By Rory


    Dear Ninja,

    It's that time of year again! Last year, right before closing our Alpha and launching into Beta, we made it snow throughout the world (which was at the time, just the Leaf village and it's surroundings). We've come far since then, and with the addition of the Sand village and the Missing Ninja village, Takumi village, we need a place to come together as one to celebrate!

    To visit the Hidden Village of Joy, where you can win time exclusive rewards just by playing Nin Online, talk to the Holiday Event NPC in the center of each village. Earn Holiday Tokens from killing mobs and completing Daily Missions to open 3 presents. Defeat "The Grinch" to unlock the final one. There are 4 free prizes to win!

    I hope you all enjoy the first big holiday event, and have a great end of year celebration with your friends and family!

    Gold War Armor (Limited Edition)

    PS: Nothing to do with the holidays, but there's a new time-exclusive war armor now available in the Cash Shop!
    Credit to @Caio for the suggestion :)

    Happy Holidays!

  • Rory

    Important Ranked Ninja Change   11/02/2017
    By Rory

    Dear Ninja,

    This change has been a long time coming. All ranks (chunin, jonin, s-jonin) will soon be village exclusive. Resetting your character and choosing another village will not allow you to instantly become their Jonin superior for example.

    IMPORTANT: All current ranks will be locked into Leaf unless you reply to this post that you want your rank to be for Sand. This is with the exception of those who earned their ranks from the Sand village Chunin Exams.


  • Rory

    Neo-Akatsuki   10/30/2017
    By Rory


    Dear Ninja,

    As we're soon to launch the Neo-Akatsuki organization, a missing ninja organization based on the original form of the early Akatsuki.

    About the Organization
    The Neo-Akatsuki believes in doing whatever it takes to bring peace and stability to the ninja realm, at any cost. Based on leadership, the means of doing so will change. However, to fund it's operations, the organization works as mercenary ninjas by collecting bounties placed on ninja in or out of the Bingo Book. The Neo-Akatsuki are not remnants of their predecessor, but instead, an organization born from the early ideals of their predecessor, or whatever they believe those ideals were.

    More information and Leader poll here!