• Rory

    Important Ranked Ninja Change   11/02/2017
    By Rory

    Dear Ninja,

    This change has been a long time coming. All ranks (chunin, jonin, s-jonin) will soon be village exclusive. Resetting your character and choosing another village will not allow you to instantly become their Jonin superior for example.

    IMPORTANT: All current ranks will be locked into Leaf unless you reply to this post that you want your rank to be for Sand. This is with the exception of those who earned their ranks from the Sand village Chunin Exams.


  • Rory

    Neo-Akatsuki   10/30/2017
    By Rory


    Dear Ninja,

    As we're soon to launch the Neo-Akatsuki organization, a missing ninja organization based on the original form of the early Akatsuki.

    About the Organization
    The Neo-Akatsuki believes in doing whatever it takes to bring peace and stability to the ninja realm, at any cost. Based on leadership, the means of doing so will change. However, to fund it's operations, the organization works as mercenary ninjas by collecting bounties placed on ninja in or out of the Bingo Book. The Neo-Akatsuki are not remnants of their predecessor, but instead, an organization born from the early ideals of their predecessor, or whatever they believe those ideals were.

    More information and Leader poll here!

  • Rory

    Ready, Set, Refer 2   10/19/2017
    By Rory


    Dear Ninja,

    As a throwback to a competition held back in 2013, where the winner Shauri won a one-of-a-kind blade, and StylishNinja had a blade named after him, we're hosting a new Ready, Set, Refer!
    For this second edition, for an exclusive time, you can earn these exclusive skins (these skins won't be available in-game or in the cash shop).


    30 Referral Points
    Anyone who participates and earns atleast 30 Referral Points will get a Kisame Skin.

    1st Place & 2nd Place
    The top 2 winners will get a Zetsu skin!

    How to participate?
    In order to gain referrals, share you referral link found here. Each time a ninja registers, you gain 1 referral point.
    Share the link on social media, forums, gaming communities, friends etc.
    The competition will be judged based on how many legitimate referrals you earn. Which means making fake accounts and bots will not count.
    Referrals who end up acquiring either Gold ninja or Silver ninja within the competition period will count for 10 points!

    To view how many people have registered through your referral, click on your Profile > Referral tab.

    How to win?
    The winners will be chosen on 14th November based on the highest number of referral points, but we will personally filter our any accounts that seem to be fake accounts.
    All ninja who earn atleast 30 Referral Points will win their prize!


    1. Illegitimate sign ups will be removed, in extreme cases it may warrant disqualification.
    2. Do not advertise your referral link through any illegal means
    3. Once the competition ends, referrals will not be counted and rewards will not be backlogged.


    PS: Depending on the reception, I may throw in more exclusive prizes!

  • Rory

    Changes to Exchanges   10/17/2017
    By Rory

    Dear Ninja,

    Since starting beta, a large portion of my time has gone to helping players change 1 cash shop item for another, and it's become really hard to maintain such a system. As such, we're phasing out exchanges, and changing cash refunds period to 24 hours.

    I will still honor the system for items bought before this change.


  • Rory

    Introducing ANBU   10/14/2017
    By Rory


    Dear Ninja,

    As of today, we are introducing two of the most anticipated features for the game's world!
    ANBU stands for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai (暗殺戦術特殊部隊) which means Special Assassination and Tactical Squad.
    They are elite ninja from the village, who serve their Kage by hunting down ninja in the bingo book deemed a threat by their village.

    Each village will have an ANBU organization, which will serve identical purpose and follow similar structure.



    1. Each ANBU consists of squads of up to 8 members. However, on assassination missions, they will operate in 2 teams of 4, with their Kage appointed squad leaders.
    2. While not enforced, it is recommended that members of the same squad wear the same masks to differentiate themselves instantly. Individual
    3. ANBU members should not go alone on killing rampages, and should always do so on the command of squad leaders or Kage.


    1. The goal of each ANBU is to clear the Bingo Book.
    2. ANBU operations should be stealthy. They should as little attention when leaving their village, so as not to be tailed or joined by non-ANBU members. This is to ensure that the enemy is not aware of an assassination, and to keep roleplay concentrated on ANBU only.
    3. Missing Ninja and enemy village ninja with zero bounty should not be targeted by ANBU.
    4. ANBU are allowed to kill at any location. This includes outside hospitals. Remember - Ninja with bounty are considered criminals.


    1. The Kage of each village chooses squad leaders anytime they want, to a healthy amount. Though it is recommended to keep membership exclusive to facilitate better roleplay.
    2. The requirement for ANBU is level 30, atleast Genin rank.
    3. Squad leaders are incharge of choosing their members, and eventual promotions if there is opportunity to expand.
    4. While not wearing ANBU uniform (off duty), members retain their normal ninja rankings eg. Genin, Chunin, Jonin
    5. Members are not required to keep their identities a secret. However, they may choose to, or roleplay as such.
    6. ANBU members should be retired due to inactivity or long service to make way for new players.

    Looking forward to seeing you in-game!