World Blessing




Dear Ninja,

We've decided to release the Server Blessing feature early, which allows players to buy a mass experience boost across the entire server. This will allow players to reach level 30 easier right before the 2nd Chunin Exams. This will become available shortly, later today.


World  Blessing will cost $5 each and will last one entire hour. These items will be refunded when we wipe as a side note, so it is not a risk to buy it now if you are not level 30 yet! if the server gets taken down for some reason, the time will return when it comes back up! They also display you for 1 hour on all player's interface showing that it was you who helped them level.

The reason that Nin Online will never have exp boosts for individual players is because we are very against any features that are P2W. A global 1.5x experience boost will serve as a way to help out other players, more so than yourself we're sure!


Once we reach Beta our focus for the game is the journey, not reaching the max level cap. As such, the leveling experience is meant to be much much slower than it is now. We're promoting RP and progression of character more so than how high your level may be.


Quick Preview

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2nd Chunin Exams

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