Nin Online Beta



Dear Ninjas,

Happy New Year from all of us in the Nin Online Team! We have so much planned for the coming year, it's definitely going to be the most exciting and eventful year yet. Here I'll try to explain what we have in store for everyone.


Starting today, Open Alpha and Alpha phase in general is officially over! It's been a pretty long time coming, over a year of development has gone into making it possible, but we're finally confident that we've met the criteria initially set years ago for what I would consider a beta phase of Nin Online!

Sand Village
Beta Phase will introduce the 2nd Village in the Nin Online world, The Hidden Village of Sand. There will be an ever on-going war between the Sand and Leaf Village, with world PvP, raiding and all sorts of toxicity (in roleplay).

Bounty System aka. Bingo Book
The biggest incentive to an on-going war besides roleplay is a bounty system that encourages players to kill enemy village ninjas to gain Bounty and become the most fearsome ninja in the enemy's books. You also gain experience and Ryo from claiming the bounties on enemy ninja's heads.

Missing Ninjas
Village Ninjas will be given the choice (or their Kages will) to be exiled from their villages. As a missing ninja, you can collect bounties from ninjas of all villages, and rise the ranks as a criminal in the Ninja world, or simply live as a hermit with no connection to any Ninja Village.

Expanded World
The ninja world is larger than ever with the addition of new hidden maps, new dungeons and the Sand Desert. Our developers have been hard at work expanding the world, leaving small details and easter eggs around. I'm still trying to expand the world and the distance between the two main villages at the moment!

New Jutsus
The 1st Tier Masteries have been expanded on and re-balanced. In addition to this, there are new paths you can take. For example, if you choose to go Taijutsu, you have two sub-paths to choose from, Speed Style or Gentle Fist. Medical Ninjas can a sub-path into darker ninja arts, mastering poison and cursed seals.

From Open Beta onward, roleplay will be more greatly emphasized on, with a roster of events that allow players to bond with the rest of the community, form friendships and make memories with one another. We hope to encourage players to write their ninja's biographies and let other players learn about your characters through the forum!

ANBU & Sand Assassins
From Open Beta onward, the elite ninja organizations known as the ANBU and Sand Assassins will be open to ninjas between level 30-50 of the respective villages. As an ANBU or Sand Assassin, you will be able to adorn the famous uniforms of each group, and participate in weekly events.

During the Open Beta, the first player Hokage will be selected through a democratic process, 4 council members will be elected from the village by the players, and the 4 council members will collectively elect a Hokage. As the Sand Village is a monarch, there will be no elections, and Kazekage will choose the next Kazekage after him. Stay tuned to find out who the first Kazekage will be!

Nin Online Manga
I just wanted to bring this up even though there isn't much progress! I wrote about the possibility for a Nin Online manga awhile back, I've written a script I'm pretty happy about but it'll take me some time to illustrate it all out. If any artists are interested in giving it a go, please contact me via PM with some examples of your art!

The entire team is working around the clock trying to make sure phasing into beta goes as smoothly as possible. Which is why we've decided it will be best to soft-launch it over the coming month. We have quite a large base of Gold and Silver ninjas, so we hope that you guys can return to help us test and make sure everything is good before we open it to the public and start advertising the game to the rest of the world.

With all these new features coming, we hope you continue to support the game we have and will continue to be pouring so much time and effort into in the following weeks. Thank you for all the great times we've had together during Alpha phase. We hope to see you when we relaunch in Closed Beta!