May 2018 Promotions


May 2018 Promotions

LeafSymbolX.pngLeaf Village

Chunin: @Kuraen Senketsu @Fritzo @Persona Kurama
Jonin: @Caio Mirana @Atrane @Ishyn Sasayaki

SandSymbolX.pngSand Village

Chunin: @Booty Gang Pinku @Zelda @Huranza

Specialized Jonin: @Nomady Hozuki the Adaptive Ninja
Jonin: @Tresmorne Toitsu @Kenock Toitsu @Booty the Great

Special Message
It's always a privilege to watch amazing fights go down. That being said, I have to say that this exam probably had one of the more disappointing RP levels in the finals. I think it's very important to build your character and relationships with people in the community so that you have a story for yourself, and also with the people around you. Let's aim for that for the next exam :) 

We also had the first Tie in a Chunin Exam match up during the Sand village chunin exam between Booty Gang Pinku vs. Zelda. An amazing moment!

It's always a hard decision to not promote everyone who deserves it, for me, assigning ranks is an easy task, and I know it is a big deal to you. So trust me when I say, it's harder for me not to just feel like giving everyone the Chunin/Jonin ranks. It's hard to see people lose. It's hard to see people win and not get promoted, but it's also what makes for a better story for everyone, and to maintain the rank system in the game. Getting Chunin rank will always mean something really big in Nin Online, and I hope that everyone understands the vision for why I have to hold back on giving everyone ranks..!