Important Notice - Name Changes


Dear Ninja,

It is after deep consideration for the well-being of the game, that I've decided that, we will be changing our policy of name changes.

Starting today, Non-Gold/Silver ninja will no longer be eligible for name changes.
And as of February 2019 Gold and Silver ninja will be eligible to 1 name change per year. This might eventually phase out completely depending on how much trouble this feature continues to cost us.

I have observed that the ability to change names has been both a scourge to RP and Moderation.

One reason for this removal is due to the lack of weight it creates on having a name.
It has also become increasingly hard to track player reports due to name changes, and we simply do not have the resource to do that.
Another reason we've decided to remove this functionality is due to players buying/selling accounts and rebranding it for others to use them.

The reason why name changes were never regulated properly in the past was that the privileges were decided on when the game was still in closed alpha, where there was no game to play and where it was just a forum community. It has been one of the harder decisions to make because I know there will be backlash.

These changes are here to stay and hopefully, players will be forced to choose their names more wisely.

For players who frequently change names for "clans", we advice for you to remove your current clan names as eventually, when the actual clan system does arrive, it will add your real clan name in front of your username in-game. Eg. If your username is Kuro and your in-game clan name is Kishin, your display name will appear as Kishin Kuro automatically, while your username will be just Kuro.