A Good Month


Hey Ninja,

Last month was a good month for Nin Online in a lot of ways, so I just want to express my thanks for the support and know that'll we're trying our best to make Nin Online a more complete game day by day.

It's a little bit of a stretch, but based on a number of factors, including financials, March 2019 was the best month for Nin Online since the launch of Open Beta in April 2017. It's the best month for new registrations in a year. It was the best month in terms of the size of the active player base hands down with days peaking at 100+ players (120+ even) and our slowest hours still having a strong 30-50 players online. In comparison, just a few months ago before solving the server issues plaguing the game, our player base was peaking at around 30-50 players.

I can't understate how important having a stable game service is and was for Nin Online, and I just want to let everyone know that the future looks bright for the game, and the things that people are excited for have never been closer.


Greetings from the Hidden Mist Village

I also can't understate how more fresh faces, fresh ninja, add so much to the experience because each ninja in the Nin Online world is a living, breathing person with their own original character, and behavior. So if you've recently joined us, welcome to Nin Online!

As many of you know, I've been sick for awhile (mostly better now). I've still been working, but I've not been handling as much support as I've used to. So it's surprised me that people are supporting the game so much. If anything, it's been reassuring.

Thank you,