Best PvP Clip Event

This announcement is no longer active


Hello Ninjas!

I am pleased to announce to you my next event. Again, it will be forum event. To win you must show PvP skills on video!

How To Participate

To participate you must post a video/clip of you fighting another player/players and if it is impressive enough, you could win some humble prizes!


  • First place will receive 10 event coupons!
  • Second place will receive 7 event coupons! 
  • Third place will receive 4 event coupons!

Event coupons are prizes won by participating in/ winning events. They can be used to buy Stat Resets, Daily Resets, Special event-only cosmetics, and more!

The winners will be announced on Saturday (7/27/19). Good luck to everyone who decides to participate! 

More information & Submission HERE!