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  2. Application: Name-CiroKurbaki Mastery-Medic (future adv. medic Level- 41 Reason you want to join (can be RP)-my clan is failing and ive met a few people in the clan
  3. Shark Skin was an exclusive skin we already have given, for referral contest we did several months back.
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  5. Besides eyes being asymmetrical it's pretty awesome ^^
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    I'm pretty sure uninstalling it through control panel is more than enough. If you haven't found the way to fix it ask your friend to send the whole game directory. That way there shouldn't be a single file missing if it works for him.
  7. Who knows, this may happen in the future.
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    Try now.
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    Hello! This post is specifically for a question, but are the servers down? I can't seem to join. Whenever i try joining the Toad server, it tells me "Connection Lost". If it is the server, that is down, what is happening right now? Are updates being implemented? Thank you for reading this post, please leave your answers down below.
  10. Congratulations to this week's winners. I announced the other day that past uploads could also be submitted, so they were also judged. 1st Place - 25 Event Coupons @Deidara 2nd Place - 15 Event Coupons @Sour Suwa 3rd Place - 10 Event Coupons @Pharaoh Congratulations winners, you can contact me whenever you see me in-game to claim your prize.
  11. Here is where I will sympathize with you @Seth and @Rory when it comes to balancing the game because of post like this where it clear what the difference is between the jutsus, which is the damage they do whereby one does 1 damage and the other scales with 90% of the users int and have an additional base damage on it also. The answer, because that's the only thing that wind mask does. Now here is my question to you @Kuraen Wilkor how long do you think a jutsu that does 1 damage should slow and snare the target/targets for?
  12. You can't compare those 2 jutsu alone you have to look at the whole mastery
  13. Most of the time they're both going to be used at targets in front of you, so there's really not much of a difference. And I said it has a"bit of a snare during the animation"
  14. Jutsu that hits everything around you and one that hits only in front of you and you need to stop moving to cast it not that diffrent? And what snare on mud river? It only knock backs if you count that as a snare then we had that forever in game it seems and not just new debuff added
  15. Idk what kind of game you are playing but it aint nin dude. 1 : There is no extra sub at all. 2 : our melee ''diagonal'' is the same as any 3 tile projectiles..that means that if im able to hit you with my 58 dmg melee attack, you can dmg me as well. 3 : getting hit doesnt cancel homings...only fan does..and guess what....a sword aint a god damn fan.
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    yeah whenever you are runing after the enemy (generally on the diagonally) its almost all the time that u don't hit with auto or sometimes the the tp jutsus , but i might just not be used to the timing of it or even the connection difference ..... its something that has happend quaite a few time to me :/
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    The ping spiking is due to the network, the more packets you send the worse network your packets travel. i will look into it though and see if there's something that can be done.
  18. Melee is good only when you have a good ping, if you do not have a good ping, do not even bother. If you have a good ping, melee will always be better than elements... Extra sub plus you cannot cast most jutsu in diagonals (only 4 directions), so just avoid facing the enemy in his four directions (up,down,left,right) and hit from his blind points (upper left, upper right, bottom left and bottom right) since melee does work in diagonal. At this point you can only be hit by prisons or homings, and those can be cancelled or subbed. I lost count of how many times my homing did not cast at the last second because I got poked, and this not only cancelled my casting but made me lose the whole jutsu that went on cooldown. So yeah...
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    There is to say that it's not just server distance... Some time ago Seth fixed something up with the code which drastically improved the ping for everybody, however, those changes improved the ping as far as you stand still and nothing is happening in the map you are currently in (jutsu casting, movement, etc.) If someone starts to move or cast jutsu, the ping starts to spike up, only to fall down again to it's "real" value, this I would bet is caused by the engine or something wrong in the code. ^If it wasn't for that, my ping would be around 150 all the time, which would be great/fair considering the server distance, and if other "optional" services improved it even further, all the better. What @Meth meant is probably regarding the ping spiking up, and the only way to fix this "bug" is a 3rd party tool.
  20. Well Mud River has a bit of a Snare during the animation of the technique, and they're both instant cast so they're really not that different. Also Mud River does damage so that might be why.
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  22. broke boy number 3
  23. lmao
  24. lol
  25. I very much agree with Indra, clearly it is that weapon (strenght) needs a good boost of jutsus. Since with the new patch, the stats of the hybrid classes are VIABLE, because the damage of jutsus based on the points of multiple statistics is not longer divided, but that does not mean that the weapon master (strenght) NEEDS A BOOST OF JUTSUS ( boost and rework) or both. End.
  26. All the broke boys got something to say
  27. Nomady has been Enlightened.
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