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  2. Bubble mastery is full str but if you go str you’re going to have a horrible time so just go int water with bubble tool you think attacking people off the boat is a good idea but it isn’t , it’s tiring people run back on the boat and you spend 5 minutes chasing them and when they get off the boat they go on the boat at the same time or they can just log off on the boat then log back in a few hours when no one is mobilized and kill lowbies who are forced to train in danger zones
  3. No one cares about defending when theres no people to defend it. Blame it on boat trip and blame it on the Mizukage for being unable to fulfill his duty as a kage.
  4. What do you mean by dont go full strength? Isn't bubble a strength mastery? And while it does sound kinda bad the whole boat thing and bear thing and kraken thing...there's also the fact that any enemy has to deal with pretty much the same thing when they come to mist. So if mist mobilizes properly, they will have used the bears to their advantage, trapped the port on both sides and they can just wait to ambush any enemy as soon as they step off of the boat in that little tiny space they spawn in, one at a time. Or they could also be doing boat rides to occupy the boat going towards mist, so whenever an enemy spawns there they can kill them on the boat. Honestly, so far i strongly believe mist is the most well naturally defended village , next in line being takumi which has a narrow entrance and a giant body of water to sap away chakra.
  5. Yes! I wish could vote this up a million times!! The life of Mist was so grueling that I had to leave.. Only seconds later was I instead harassed by a rogue Hyuuga who mastered water style! If only I had the will to keep pushing.. Do NOT lose hope Mist newbies!! You will build character from this!
  6. The last advice going to the wrong way. Not losing hope not going to strengthening the newbie, First he have accept the harass in this world Second is to choose his path as a ninja for a good or a bad purpose. Always keep in mind the harass of the shinobi world and also the quote "The righteous suffer and the wicked thrive." The world belong to the winners only, The lossers just losing intrest in the game and get bored, Only the villians riding to the glory and searching for action cheers
  7. 1) First things first, Do not go full str bubble mastery , Just dont chief that aint it. 2) We already have enough Wm's But play whatever you want 3) The worse moments in your gameplay will be spent waiting on a boat that takes 5 minutes in every direction it travels 4) After getting of the Horrific Vehicle mentioned in the previous rule you will have to go through the maps formally known as the bears of death, have your cloak ready people do like to camp this maps entrance from the port but even more dangerous than that is the group of bears sometimes left to troll people so always cloak. 5) Your main training zones will always be danger zones as a newbie no way around it so you will be ripe for the picking from other villages and without being a trusted member within the village who wont be able to alert the discord of an enemy, in this case you can use the Aviary (that finally works most people dont know this since we were so use to not having a village chat) and hope someone who is capable or aware of the discord can let others know 6) If you for some reason that is not obvious to people decide to not take the boat you have another option of running across the seas losing chakra by the time you reach the other end (also may i add ripe for the picking by enemies camping the other side) You run the risk of being killed by a undefeatable SSSSSSSSSS Rank monster do not attempt this route unless your FPS is above 100 or you have 10 other sacraficial pawns you can use to take the monsters aggro off of you, also running diagonally Helps 7) Do not let you frustrations of the design of this village get to you to the point that it makes you create an irrational but understandable posts about the current state of your village due to circumstances that you cannot control, we have lost many brothers because of this very fact. But most importantly, Do not Lose Hope This has been The Guide for Newbies to become a Succesful Ninja is this Harrassing World Signed, a Harassed Ninja
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  9. We received Intel that the Village Hidden within the Leaves were set to have a meeting within the coming times and most of the village would be insecure due to having to focus all security detail in the place of the gathering instead. Knowing that a chance like this doesn't come too often the Missing Organization Taka decided to take full advantage of the situation and show the Leaf village and other Organizations what a select group of people few in number could accomplish and have a large scale effect when a plan is executed correctly. Mission: To successfully assassinate the Kage by any means whether that means death or capture the main goal of this mission was to rid the village of their leader. The group headed from Takumi to the leaf village almost waltzing into the village without any repercussions we decided to set up shop tactically instead of rushing in without a plan. For some reason, there were no Anbu stationed within the Kage's Office After setting up shop (A whole lot of hidden traps) we patiently waited in the shadows for the Hokage to unknowingly walk into his office without the expectations of the gifts that awaited him while his meeting was going on. The Hokage seemingly walked into his office to pick up a bit of paperwork he needed for his meeting again I have no idea why his Anbu guard detail was not with him or at least his jonin/chunnin guards but not one to look a gift horse in the mouth we accepted the successful mission either way. With the combination of hidden traps and members lying in wait, the Org took the oblivious kage by surprise and defeated him swiftly. Mission Succesful: Kage Assassination Complete S rank Mission 555,000 exp gained. Requirements for Organization base Obtained Suggestion : Mission for Kage/Jonin Kill missions that are avaible to Organizations such as Missings orgs with a base, Hunter Nin, Anbu, Sandbu Only The Kage/Leader of the village/org is able to make a custom mission with simple verbs like Kill> (Player of Notable Ranking Name) (S class mission) Also Taka has been very active and creating alot of entertainment within the game that is undeniable and has posted numerous amount of videos in support of the game and trying to reach out to various media platform to extend the audience of Nin Online's reach, other orgs were rewarded with a base of their own i know we have done enough to recieve a similar honor. #Rp @Ueda @Reap@Michael
  10. I had enough of this.

    I don't know and i don't care if you people got beef with them, but i am tired of their crap. Each and everyday and time i log on or go AFK "Azure" appears, Spamkilling me countless times over something that was 2 months ago  


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      Join leaf ;) we'll try and protect you
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  11. A looooong time ago a gm took a look at my inventory and deemed my total close enough. He told me to destroy those tickets and traded me a new one. Dm Shirou or Kenuckle With 867 you’ll probably get traded a new one like I did, but if @Jazzberry Jam has something like 700 or less I’d guess not
  12. Yeah, i feel ya on this. I got some too.
  13. What?
  14. its not a new language, but rather a conversion from multiple languages into one language which i believe is going to be C#
  15. :eyes:
  16. Is this post about lag issues or making sure you can land flicker kunai? HHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.......
  17. I remember when nin use to be set to reboot by itself. Idk what happen to that but it was really nice.
  18. Last week
  19. A reset a day keeps the misdirection away.
  20. We still use it. All we need is to make it an official emote.
  21. I have 867 old event tickets and i don't know what to do with them. Can there be something implemented for me to get some use out of these things. i don't have enough to redeem them for a New ticket so now they just sit in my inventory. Anyone else think about this? Maybe sell them for ryo trade for less valuable items or a dispensary( almost like a gumball machine) i just didn't know how i feel about not having 1000 old tickets then they don't have any worth
  22. Restart just before Dailies maybe.
  23. a reset everyday indeed
  24. How is a 5 minute boat ride RP especially if you're the only one on it. And how does it makes sense for a mandatory 5m RP every time a ninja leaves/enter their land/island. Kraken is fine tho imo. I mean if it's made to be killable by a zerg that's cool I guess, but again water needs some lily pads.
  25. I was thinking about this, restart every day
  26. I think it is beyond obvious that there is some sort of a leak in the server code. When the server resets the game works perfectly, there is no misdirection at all and you will hit every Flicker+Kunai if you wanted to. As more time passes you can feel the game start to delay a lot more, a lot of misdirection will happen and projectiles will not hit when they are supposed to. After enough time has passed the server will crash. I heard that the server code might be redone in another language but I do not know how soon that will be. Would it be possible to restart the server every day in the time of the dailies reset to ensure that it doesn't delay as much as it did recently and in today's case lead to a crash?
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