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  2. GF isn't a mastery. It's just Leaf-exclusive jutsu for Taijutsu, so yes, it would work.
  3. World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, MU Legend, Tree of Savior (Garbage nowadays). That's it xD
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  5. Would it work for GF/Lightning aswell? Looks awesome.
  6. Game

    man gtfo, nerf Poison Senbon's uneeded Stun, nerf Curse Seal's ridiculous boost or remove that shit, remove self heal from Cell Regen, nerf Water Prison's cast time you scrubs already nerfed Gentle Fist to the grave because all of you would cry about it even though it's probably a complete mastery already and the other Masteries are yet to be complete which makes no sense to nerf gentle fist and buff other Masteries but hey, a Piercing Sub Breaking, Double Stun Chidori is completely okay and Medic is totally balanced and a 2 sec cast and 4 sec Stun which you can combo for 600 dmg is also fine, GF is just too broken, right?
  7. Okay, awesome!
  8. Yes. It is not available yet though!
  9. Game

    This also happens sometimes with basic attacks. Its prob going to be fixed in the new engine.
  10. So what you're saying is that if we pick lightning and taijutsu as both our elements, then we can use that jutsu. Am I right?
  11. nice
  12. Game

    Hey, some of you may have noticed it yet, sometimes, when you swing your sword, it wont damage your target. All of this is caused by your melee attacks that get on cd after you cause any damage to any opponent. Example 1 : I burn my enemy with one of my fire spell, each burn thick will put my sword hits on cd(so even if the target isn't moving at all, my sword wont dmg him.) Example 2 : Shigure activate his cursed seal. Each damage dot that he receive for activating his technique will put his swords hit on cd. (meaning that he cant swing his sword at all.) Example 3 : When I damage my enemy with any spell, projectiles or even traps, my sword get on cd. I hope that this will get fixed because it kills some combo that we can do. (like lightning cutter + sword hit, etc)
  13. If there are any Fire and Weapon users can you pleas reply to this post Lvl requirements 30-50
  14. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... i shouldve went tai. It loooks so cool
  15. This is an advanced technique for Lightning and Taijutsu.
  16. that looks cool afk
  17. Could see it being used for a future chakra nature
  18. Hmm, are you talking about this?
  19. Hello there! I remember some time ago (probably around 2014) Rory made a development log with all kind of different jutsus. There was this one jutsu I found really interesting, it was the lightning armor or aura or whatever you want to call it. It was the jutsu that the raikage uses (image). I was really excited to see it ingame but it was never added. Does anyone know why?
  20. Order of the Golden Scrolls

    Order of the Golden Scrolls Introduction Since the dawn of ninja, knowledge of hidden techniques have been passed down from generations to generation. There are those who seek the knowledge of hidden and forbidden techniques. We are the keepers and guardians of these techniques, we are the Order of the Golden Scrolls. We safeguard our future by teaching young Leaf shinobi to master their mastery and become adapt ninja. Not only are we teachers of techniques, we are guardians of knowledge, that means taking up our ninja tools and protecting the village when needed. We are a group of masters and scholars, but we are Leaf shinobi first and always! Structure The Order of the Golden Scrolls will be composed of a leader known as the Master of Scrolls and an assistant known as The Guard. Under the Master of Scrolls and Guard will be a small inner council consisting of masters of elemental and non-elemental masteries. Members of the inner council will be known as the Masters. Masters will hold training sessions (events) to hone the skills of their respective pupils. Below the Masters are their pupils known as Sentinels. Sentinels will carry out most of the field missions and report to a Master of the inner council. Before becoming a Sentinel, all prospective members will be known as Initiates until they have proven themselves. The Order of the Golden Scrolls open their doors to all knowledge seekers within the walls of the Leaf village and offers a place where seasoned ninja can teach others. Goals: Develop ninja masters and Protecting the Leaf Village Master of the Scrolls: Godric Senju The Guard: VACANT Inner Council (Masters) Earth: @Kisame Hagane Fire: @Wilkor @Ifrit Lightning: @Shirou Medical: @nine Tai: VACANT Water: @Wave Weapon Master: VACANT Wind: @Leevi Sentinels: Initiates:
  21. Game

    I think this is a great idea, this will make the gameplay a lot more enjoyable and a lot less dull. Instead of the constant grind, this will give you a thing to look forward to when logging in every day. The reward from the RP mission doesn't have to be as big as the reward from the current RP missions, but a smaller one, similar to the rewards you get from a normal daily mission.
  22. Great guide, helped a lot!
  23. Game

    As a dedicated Daidera-apprentice I can verify that huge amount of ryo that goes away here. Other classes only use chakra with their skills, but wm is throwing 2 ryo away with each jutsu (or in case of the 3x explosive tag jutsu, its 6 ryo). If you might think that 2 rxo per attack isnt much, then let me tell you that having three 3 vs 3 matches at HQ did ripp 1200 ryo out of my flesh; and I was not hosting. I expected much from this 'Trapper'-path, but even at low level (10-15) it turned to be not able to get back the money that you used for your items. So it means throwing fuuma instead of your own mastery, because fuuma shuriken doesnt cost ryo for using. Also taking bribes is forced, if you dont want to make alts or nerf your dedication with str. (Guess I drifted, back to topic) I like that idea of having tenten-scrolls that create supplies. It would be cool to be able to carry multiple scrolls around and when you run out of one supply type, you can use it to restock. To prevent the black market to take over, make supplies created this way beeing bound. Alternative: There could be an int-scaled money stealing skill that goes for WM and is obtainable at level 10. I really love to free monsters or other ninjas from their suffering caused by the wight of too much ryo :3
  24. Dammm Dona you're gifted! This is awesome. I demand more Reminds me a lot of of "One Piece" art style.
  25. Game

    Personally as wm of strength e could observe the strength of that branch of wm This would be very helpful because we wp have the biggest cost to keep the characters, Since we not only have the cost of our swords
  26. Game

    There's a significant delay when using jutsu though that prevents you from even being able to react half the time (that I already made a thread on). Maybe when lightning cutter requires timing and skill to use, substitutions will too.
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