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  2. This is why I don't even bother hunting anymore.
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  4. Matter of fact I don't think I've ever seen Mist take an L other than when people raid the lowbies but even then more Mist start to log on and we clap with like 5 people most of the time.
  5. You can call as many people as you want but like as I said. The majority of them got clapped to 3 level 50s a level 42 WM and me when I was level 18. The entire Mist Village is good in PvP; pluuuuuuuuuus we got Heaven and Heaven > all. Heaven is like the next Aghila.
  6. Before I call more sandies that are good, who is good in Mist?
  7. The only two people that can PvP in Sand atm are Lumy and Dona.
  8. Sand has better pvpers than Mist right now.
  9. Would be nice to see GM'S able to host war tournaments/events or something different and creative
  10. It does work. Just give a slight glow affect as they do for Akat.
  11. Stop hosting tournaments when game finally gets more than a few bingo book pages full. LET ME PLAY SOME NIN ONLINE and not TOURNAMENT ONLINE.
  12. Remember when you used to go around saying you were new and that you were born into "royalty"? Maybe they're just taking a page out of your book.
  13. All I'm saying is y'all mow down 70 pandas when y'all get that Bear Hunt mission. Seth ain't nerfing it so stop crying about it. Nahhh. Mist just has most of the top tier players. It's called hypocrisy. I don't even have a summon atm but I've seen how it works. Just like a regular bear. waffles > pancakes > toast Seth said no. I just made this post for the clout.
  14. How does anyone have items on a lowbie effect you in any negative way Akali? How? You can be lured and scammed by anyone, regardless if they're an alt or not. These aren't reasons.
  15. People be having gold furred armor, bandit pants, etc and be like oh I just started this game.. like bruh.. and then say new alt new life...or they say hey im new can u help me? then lead you to get jumped by ninjas camping danger zones which is abuse of new alt new life, or scam you. alts bring more negative than positive @Seth, or @Ueda and I asking you to atleast do something about it.
  16. No I say this because in the end even alts spying barely have any real impact in the game.
  17. you only say this cause you have alts.
  18. It's not nearly as big as a problem as you make it out to be. Maybe if you just played the game and weren't paranoid that everyone you see is an alt you'd feel better. You can only be annoyed by what you let annoy you.
  19. @Seth all im asking of you is to make some sort of symbol or icon next to our names to show if have 1 account u get like a red symbol, if you have more than 3 accounts you get a blue symbol so that will atleast give us insight.
  20. we wont have tht issue @Melfina, if @Seth would add some sort of tag on alts so people wont come up with assumptions but seth dont play the game and dont know how annoying these alts can be and does nothing.
  21. If people are logging alts to toxic dm, you report it. 80% of the time people cry alt spy it's not even accurate. How many times have you called me an alt alone Akali smh.
  22. I mean.. on one side it could be useful, on the other side, just as Mana said. It's kinda sad that too many people are obsessed with low level accounts being spies that if you log in at wrong time, you can even get jailed just because someone thinks you are alt spy.
  23. You can sub melee hits and tools and they aren't jutsu either? wtf? an attack at·tack /əˈtak/ verb take aggressive action against (a place or enemy forces) with weapons or armed force
  24. @Seth you got to do something about people who abuse alts and abuse the new alt new life. If you dont and you keep making people do this non sense you not enforcing the toc of this game and making people do what they want with no consequences.
  25. @Ueda
  26. I know you guys already keep track of IPs and Mac Address, but if it really becomes a strict thing where you guys enforce it heavily then players will start bypassing it if they're desperate to get away with things on other accounts
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