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    I don't understand the first one! but thanks for he bug finding, appreciate the help. It's hard to spot these unless you really search or stumble on them while player, so thanks a lot!
  3. So possibly one could happen, I take from that. Well I won't play to much then. I can't handle another wipe..
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    Yeah, go smile for camera while Indra is at our turf actually doing stuff :-D
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    cause Captain Caps is hard to overlook?
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    This reads like "Could i get a once-for-free chance to change my starter-pokemon after beating Misty? I really like Charizard but Bulbasaur is way stronger vs all them early Arena-Bosses" :-D
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    and what would jutsu-clash be? i dont understand what "pairing jutsu" means at this point in the development i dont think a storage is neccessary. there a barely enough items in the game to fill your pockets. + is there even a way to actually lose ryos? if not...why would we need a way to store them? we had that, back in the days. but devs decided, and i kinda agree on that point, to NOT give stats on certain items. this way your itemization is completely a cosmetic kind of decision. its "how you wanna look" and not "i need to wear that blue shirt with the face of steve buscemi on it, because it grants me +2 on chakra" this one was announced somewhere, i think. more debuffs are about to be implemented, if i am not mistaken
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    some of u guys need to get their attitude straight. leave them devs alone and let them do their work. stop the constant whining. this is closed beta...the isnt meant to be perfect by now.
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    i totally agree on that one. we cant even see what village they are of, without tabbing tem, can we?
  10. Possible i can join?
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    So this new area with black wolfs is the place You can pass through the tree like open Leaf hospital,doubt you are supposed to sleep in bed like that "flower pot" down the alley from throwable item shop in leaf village Top of head cuts off leaf village clothing shop moving the way shown in image shows some texture buging through the vase or what ya call it Ik these are minor thigns but hey got to do what ya can ,right?
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    100 / 4 + 25% (75%) = 31.25 (43.75) compared to 100 - 90|80|70(%) = 90|80|70 a lot better than what we've got. EVEN HALVING IT WOULD BE BETTER AND LESS PUNISHING. Correct my math if I suck.
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    For bounties here are explications: You don't get a bounty if you kill a ninja of your own village. You have bounty only if you kill somebody of the other village in a danger/war zone. And it is not every kill who give big bounty. It depends of the lvl of the guy that you kill. I am not sure that it is 100% true
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    Achievements: We all know what these are - CoD is notorious for them. "Knifing 100 People In Scrotum While 360 No Scoping" for example. I think these little silly/more serious achievements would be nice to achieve. They could possibly give you titles (for RP'ing purposes) like in Fable (if you've never played it... if you kicked a certain amount of chickens you'd be called Chicken Chaser by town folk). They could give little bits of EXP/Ryo or both, and just be a nice addition. If anyone has any solid Achievements I could add them to a list. Bandit Raid Event: Have a bandit group attack... a bunch of Herobrine or whatever his name is, and a bunch of Henchmen. If you don't ward off the attack maybe the village could suffer a EXP rate cut for an hour? Rats: Make them aggro pls. Snakes: Bring them back, damnit. Medic Heal Change: Make it so that you have to activate it, then hold Spacebar to heal until you're sapped of chakra or healed entirely (of course you can deactivate it to recharge chakra). It's a little ridiculous that it takes 3-4 people to kill a medic because of their insane tankiness due to high chakra/self-heal. Level Gauge: I want to be able to more easily identify who is of high level or not without having to hit tab, even with mobs. Friend's List: Fix it, good lord. Fix the right clicking when I go to Private Message someone because in most cases it ends up selecting the Friend below the one I wanted to message. It also doesn't properly display who's online either. Bounties: This doesn't display properly either... I'm tired - I'll make a continuation thread after I sleep and think.
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    It is. ' -'
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    This has been fixed.
  17. Yesterday
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    Yup, but he can't know if your heal is on CD or not. ' -' so its easier to offer your help. :3c
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    I think it would be better if a person could use emote to show he needs a medic's help. Then you would know who needs your healing.
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  21. Just a little idea that got in mind after healing some people for quite a while. ' -';; I keep noticing that most people don't know who's a healer and who is. Even then, its hard to tell "is that healer going to heal me or not?" So I was just thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have some kind of emote that would symbolize "hey i want to heal you!" Could be just a small Smiley with a red + on it. ' -'; It's nothing important, just a thing I was thinking to be nice, for the release version in the future. :3
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    When people have at least 2x(your int) + 1 of chakra they can see you while using cloak of invisiblity
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  24. So recently everyone's crying about bad xp rates and stuff like that. I just want to make sh*t clear because nobody seems to understand it. You people complain about things like no missions etc. You say that Seth is screwing everything up and staff doesn't give a f**k about everything. Think about the staff first.. They have to live their lives not only create the game so you can enjoy it. Seth is the only one who writes the code at the moment. I'm pretty sure he barely gets some sleep and yet you can't stop complaining about how bad he is.. Rory is doing his best either. Next thing is that you can't understand the meaning of closed beta. It means that you got to test things. It isn't meant to level up your character so later you would have advantage on those newbie players.. Just stop being selfish and if you don't like the game just don't play it. Nobody's forcing you to play it
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    Always great to see how developers care about players
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