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  2. I did say something because the topic is going out of control. You just quoted me to show ppl there was a contradiction in what i was saying. Wich is provocation after i try to calm everything down. U didnt had to say anything.
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    Today, I completed the RP Mission I with Jazzberry-Jam, Alphonse and YungMachete. It was fun and nice to complete the RP mission and Jazzyberry led the mission well and had us meet and get to know ourselves to put us into our characters before we completed the mission. It was going pretty well until the end when Alphonse decided to take Yung's prize. It wasn't cool and he had no reason to do that. But regardless, I feel like to have better chemistry with the RP experience, Genins should get into groups of three with their friends or people they talk to often and complete the missions together and ensure the best experience possible for the Genins and the Chuunin and etc. Also, it should be that the three of them have to show up to the chuunin/jounin in a party and then invite the chuunin/jounin so they know they are in a party together which could somewhat ensure that people don't easily get screwed out of doing the RP mission because the genins would have to at least put in an effort of getting two other people besides themselves to go to the chuunin/jounin to host the mission. All in all, it was a fun mission.
  4. I didn't say anything. You did.
  5. I was just trying to calm down everything @Master Ko But u clearly proved my first point.
  6. It's called logs, the game has logs, however I doubt an admin would check a log just for a topic like this. Just sayin' blaming people, even if they did do it, won't help. It'll start to get bigger and bigger. Only thing that could help is when there is a truce there should be kage punishing people who DID do it. It doesn't matter who starts it first. Let me explain myself further. Y and X villages are at peace. X villager killed Y villager, Y villager gets mad tells everyone in Y. Y villagers are now attacking that X villager and his friends, time goes by it just goes ping, pong, ping, pong. An endless loop of murder, not stopping unless the people doing it is dealt with.
  7. This is why I keep trying to do a bunch of Mission I's before i start doign Mission II's :3c
  8. It matters for several reasons, sadly: At level 12, 11k experience is a massive help. At level 35, it's miniscule. It's a new system that is supposed to encourage RP, and to a degree it does...for 4 people at a time. People will naturally feel left out. Particularly considering the disclaimer upon accepting the mission that basically says "Hey, you may not ever get to do this mission." It will ultimately exhaust your chunin.
  9. I agree with that, doesn't mean its permanent tho. You should also know, RP Missions are limited. If you do them now, or with level 35. Doesn't really matter. o.o; And automatic Chunin selections like @Skytea2 mentioned, shouldn't happen. The Chunin Exam is like the first and only big Event wich lasts over a few hours. It should stay manually.
  10. I'm aware. It's not an attack on you. It's just reality right now. We don't have any chuunin on during NA's prime time, so a lot of the players never see you. Not your fault. That's just how it panned out.
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    could be nice!
  12. Sorry, I already did alot of RP Missions, I keep announcing if I host a RP Mission, first comes, first serve. You have to see, every Mission has a duration of a minimum of 30minutes. We do it because we want to do it, we don't get anything for doing that Mission. So please understand if we're not hosting Missions from morning to late evening. You also should know, RP Missions don't run away. If you can't do them today, wait for tomorrow. No need to rush them. @Master Ko Well, I'm doing Missions at the early morning (my time) too. I can't ruin my sleeping shedule to do missions for americans o.o;
  13. Sadly, all of our Chuunin are EU, so NA players rarely see them.
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    Yep pretty much what this topic is about. Either route for Medic is kind of meh.
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    And you just made me regret going chakra medic. Then they should make it so it does hit diagonal and have the cooldown last as long as the scalpels last themselves that would make them a lot more viable.
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    Chakra Scalpels can hit hard if you build Chakra but it has a one tile range and can't hit diagonals so your target literally needs to stand in front of you and it will only last 50 seconds which your opponent can just run away because after they end you have to wait 70 more seconds after that to use them again.
  18. Pm konarhi i heard that she is hosting nice rp missions
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    @Niap Just use scroll thats on a desk
  20. Hi. I think I have my character bugged in the academy. I've finished all the lesson with I can't see no NPC in the academy and when I try to leave it tells me I haven't still graduated.
  21. So to complete this mission I need to find another Chunin willing to do this mission with me? I've been asking in Village chat for multiple days now but it seems there are barely any Chunins in my village (sand village btw). Also when I did see another Chunin in game he completely ignored my request to do an RP mission and just went off to do his own thing. The admins need to make a system where people can get Chunin automatically to increase the amount of Chunins in the game. Because hand picking Chunins is not enough to fulfill all of the Genins requests for the RP missions.
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    Excuse my ignorance but in what way is chakra medic not viable? I thought that Chakra scalpel combined with high chakra actually has decent damage output and ofcourse healing skills scale with chakra.
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    That's the main question, maybe by the bridge that connects the two villages, or if possibly the village could have an npc that by interacting with him could instantly take you there, that would allow the area to not be directly connected with anything.
  24. Saku and his organization called "Rebellion" are playing both sides. Their main goal is to control both villages. They are already in the sand council. And their next move will be to take a leadership position inside the leaf village, be it by trying to get into the leaf council or more likely by trying to get Saku appointed as the next Hokage. We cant have a Hokage with divided loyalties. If youre loyal to both sides, youre loyal to none.
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