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  3. Why did you go through all the trouble lmao
  4. (Work in progress) Do you wish to apply for the Leaf Border Patrol? Then please apply in this thread! -state the name of the in-game character you want to apply -Your discord tag would be well appreciated and easier to get in contact and communication
  5. Through a friend named Deadzoom.
  6. True tho man btw comeback! Some peeps like Itama , akiro , balcoin cared but still let's accept whatever mood others got bruh good for them they will get a revised logo now and it's not like I was trynda make ppl bothered bout it it's just cuz of deathmall would never accept this in PM's and he don't know me properly so I made a topic just for nin's violation of guidelines by a official clan IG, is a moderate issue and that's Sasayaki clan bro , most newbies end up there , this gigantic clan got high Hope's for it in future.
  7. Literally no one even cared whether it was or wasnt
  8. Yesterday
  9. Leaf Border Patrol

    Info: (Work in progress) The Border Patrol will consist of people willing and dedicated to protect the village. We take defensive options such as holding down a map, camping a map or patrolling across maps (We are open for job requests). Our popular maps and choke points to hold are the map to the left of the statue warzone and Dark Bridge (DB). There are certain processes which we do during map camping which will be explained in RP section below. During patrols or map camps, you're allowed to go afk and chill........ It's just highly not recommended and not encouraged (Unless you are doing a solo patrol/camping and dont mind risking dying and invaders to pass by). Recruitment: OPEN (PM me on the forums, in-game if you see me as Yamamoto Takeshi or Lu Kang or PM me on discord Lu Xun#8917 ......or post in the applications of this forum or through the "Join organisation" button.) (Work in Progress) New recruits and hiring people has a process. Once you apply, you will be given tasks or join in to camp/patrol with The Chief, Deputy Chief or a Captain. Which upon finishing you will be reviewed, given back the review and then approved/denied Uniforms: (Work in progress) Regular officers will be made to wear a specific uniform while on duty The picture above will be the uniform as of now for officers on duty (work in progress) Higher ranking officers will have more leniency and freedom for their outfit, preferably following a certain color code (yellow, red, white) The Chief (aka me, aka Lu Kang my alt) will be wearing A red war armor set. RP: (Work in Progress) During our patrolling and map camping, we will be doing RP based stuff and processes. Some of these stuff include: -Asking for a passport -Body searches for contraband -Equipment Inspection -Conversations with people while doing a patrol -Skyrim Guard quotes -Shouting "HALT CRIMINAL!!!" etc. more specific details during application Ranks: (Work in Progress) -The Chief (Work in Progress) aka Me (Lu Kang, my alt). The Head of office, oversees the tasks and management, hosts and makes schedules and activities. All the ranks below answer to The Chief. Handles and approves all promotions, demotions, recruitment and firing. -The Deputy Chief (Work in Progress) The second in command, helps out with various tasks similar to The Chief and assists The Chief (essentialyl his right hand man). Involves some managing. Expected host regular activities. -Captains (Work in Progress) Officers with this rank can host and command their own squad in activities such as Patrolling or Map Camping. -Lieutenant (Work in Progress) Second-to-Captains. Every Captain will have a an option to choose a lieutenant (Lt). The Lt's assist the captain should they need and if a situation arises which the captain must be absent, the Lt will temporarily take command of the squad. -Officers (Work in Progress) Regular rank for the people in this office. Will be assigned to do various duties. Can also choose to patrol or secure a map in their own leisure time *note the -(work in progress)- means that the text, descriptions and content may not be the final decision and is due to change. (work in progress)
  10. Try the new client.
  11. same here fix nin please
  12. Cheak out the discord for convos of me , akiro and death Or ask from ppl there they all witnessed our convo Pls don't ping him here for now cuz I alredy did once and he choosed to talk in discord
  13. Reduced Larva base damage from 6 -> 4 Increased Spider base damage from 5 -> 6 Increased Scorpion base damage from 5 -> 6 Increased Bee Health from 155 to 165.
  14. agreed the past few days have been really laggy for me
  15. Thank you bro appreciate atleast one sasayaki came here xd even when they re overpopulated
  16. last couple of days have been unbearable, the lag is constant and crazy, my jutsus have a mad delay and on top of it all the misdirection is back in full force + if you use a tool and cast something it will cancel the cast automatically the game was smooth as hell about 7 days ago when there was a misdirection patch, but ever since then there have been more "fixes" and now it's legit unplayable fix this
  17. Senpou

    The Senpou organization is based on intelligent and trained Shinobis from Sunagakure. They are known for their strategic thinking and management. Senpou Art is based on the japanese samurais. They mastered their abilities with weapons and and have full control of it.
  18. Well, I can always just redraw it. It really doesn't matter. All the player submitted stuff are bound to change over time.
  19. Indeed. That logo can be easily reworked into a little bit different than the orginal one luckily.
  20. This is a serious mattter indeed i to have experienced the abuse and theft of the sasayaki in my own experience. One of their highest members bone sword ranked Ori Sasayaki in all but name is using my art without permission to make gruesome assumptions and spread propaganda about my appearance, this is a matter that should be dealt with immediately. this is just plain disrespectful i wish more awareness would be brought to the situation this type of behavior is not what i expect from the inner circle clan of leaf that has provided more than one hokage to the prestigous village we must do better as a community @Ori @Deathmall
  21. What if the artist resist or is not active recently. These kind of things slow you down, if you want everything to be smooth then you should not let this happened from the start.
  22. This is something game creator should be made aware of and possibly could contact the artist for fair use.
  23. Of course... how have I not noticed that we have a shitty river
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