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  2. Si, me gusta el tacos
  3. Hello, I'm mgss and would like to request permission to create a team for all Brazilians and Spaniards in the game. We are many and we want support for us too, we are big, we are ninjas and we want to have our space, so I want to ask to create a group for these countries. #somostodosninonline
  4. I got guilty pleasure sand style twice, and Med Supplies II, missions should be tweaked again.
  5. Call me elite King Dona
  6. Water prison is more of an interrupt cuz of the 1s cast that you forgot to mention.
  7. i have same problem!
  8. man fr i got guity pleasure sand style, curse host mission, then this damn blood pill smh
  9. I still have direction bug when using tornado after flicker/sub. Will u ever repair it?
  10. I feel you. I'm level 48 and I got Guilty Pleasure, Guilty Pleasure Sand Style, and Massage Time today.
  11. So you have to waste flicker for going out of WP, cool Flicker is meta right? Cutter is the most easy counterable homing in the game right now. You are slowed + 2sec react time... If you sub a Cutter, imagine what you can use after... Cutter is always a selfstun while some other homings are not. WP isnt a selfstun. But since you are the WP caster you can know which direction his sub will go. So you can change direction to punish WAYYYY easier.
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  13. You're clearly defending cutter despite everything else that is mentioned. 1 second cast time extra but it's nullified with the walking and extra range . What makes it OP is that it stuns, it doesn't snare, so you can combo up like crazy with this homing ability unlike water prison you can just flicker out easily. Plus water prison damage for an homing ability is 8 while cutter is above 40 lol. Can you not see how broken it is compared to other homings? I think to balance cutter it needs to be changed to snare just like all homings, why wp and do changed to snare while cutter remains the same is not fair.
  14. Now you totally remove the skill from casting Cutter. Sometimes you have to walk the other side while casting Cutter so they dont try to cancel it. You can run 7tiles per second. 7+7 = 14 (Longer than Cutter range) 7 = 7 (Shorter than WP range)
  15. Cutter has 11 tiles but you can also walk while it's charging meaning it actually has 13-14 tiles range and you can predict where you opponent is going. Plus the base damage that cutter does is insane, look at water prison 8 base damage single target while cutter is AoE. And Cutter is a proper stun compared to water prison snare lol. Cutter is just too powerful of an ability it has stun, damage and range
  16. you could say the same with any mastery, counter 5-6 crecents, counter 5-6 wind Homings, counter 5-6 Fire/water users with their 3 tile projectiles. you cant expect a mastery to take on number advantage otherwise it would be meta like the melee masteries.
  17. Go try to counter 5 6 Earth Pillars at the same time gl xd Go try to counter 5 6 Hurricane Blades at the same time gl xd You cant compare anything with high numbers.
  18. Lets compare. WaterPrison Cutter 1sec 2sec 9Tile Range 11 Tiles Range Snare Stun Cutter easier to outrun & easier to counter cast. So the Lightning user has to train his fingers to change direction while you dont. Because if you sub you are behind me. Anyways, if you think Lighting is good use it.
  19. You can literally have it up all time.
  20. Hi I am buying a blue long coat  .

    1. anteprs


      pm me if you are selling :)

  21. Once that jutsu is maxed, the duration is much longer and almost in perfect sync with the cd, so you could always have it on
  22. You're not the only one who's getting shit missions at high level. It's just rNg gOd huh. But with whole seriousness, the missions at level 40+ should get some rework. I've been getting missions which gave me 40k-75k exp for like 1.5 week, while I needed 1.3 mil exp. They definitely need rework.
  23. Well it seems your an alt but you're right about the suggestion you gave above and if they can't do that,they should
  24. Hmmmm to me it seems a bug, @Ueda i'm having the same problem too im on lvl 33 but i still get this mission.
  25. Patch note from June 28 : All Attacking Homing Jutsu across the board have added Cooldown of around 2-5 seconds. every homing get longer Cooldown but Body Flicker didn't get, in this case is like buff for Flicker.
  26. Yes, I just meant that I like how they look. Darui is probably my favorite, though. I really like Killer Bee and Omoi too!
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