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  2. Cool but useless in nin.. Tai/lightning i hope will will be able to have a mastery like that... That could be kumo's special mastery
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    i had the same bug. I had @Seth to fix me because no mission was giving me exp not even grinding on mobs.
  4. "Shin Sekai" - Trading Company

    Shin Sekai is an upcoming org that works like a company. It will give the opportunity to Ninjas to be able to trade,sell,promote or buy their stuff through our linked marked. The base of the company will be at leaf with representatives in each region,Suna and Takumi. The trades that will be done through the company will have a small tax.This tax will go to the Village that the trade takes place. Example: A Sand shinobi may sell his Venoms to a Leaf shinobi,he will be taxed a 10% that will go to the Village's Treasury. And vise-versa. This Org will also work as a promoter.A ninja may want to promote his items through us to every village to sell them faster,this service will be taxed a 10% as well. There will be a lot of services to pick as the company evolves. For now we are hiring and recruiting our staff and workers. Examples of services: -Trading between all regions and factions -Items Promotions -Selling services -Broker-People would leave as an item that they want to sell if they cant or dont have time,we will sell it for them and will keep just a small tax. -Special Orders- People will be able to order us to farm them stuff with a fee.The fee will be depended and will value for each order. -Loans with interests. Cons of the company: -Easy and safe trading. -Faster transactions. -Everyone would make some profit. -All factions are gaining from that since there will be agents in every region. -RP and more. PS: People would pick "missions" from our company as well,depending the jobs we need. *Will be updated soon" -Ishyn Sasayaki
  5. Thx bro
  6. I was fourth ;_;
  7. Game

    Basically since we're all limited to only having 15 jutsu now, I believe Body Flicker should not be considered in this limit. There are a reasonable amount of players who just don't use BUT we're kind of forced to have it if we want to reach content as it's required to use the teleport pads. I understand why the limit was added but not being able to access content because it takes one of your jutsu slot just isn't fair.
  8. Game

    I think an increase in dailies would be really helpful if we can't share anymore maybe 5 instead of 3 ? I always feel like when it comes to leveling(as someone who doesn't like to grind) after dailies there's nothing left for me to do to get my level up.
  9. Game

    YEAH. Party not worth for grinding. Only for help in missions
  10. Game

    I'm not really new to the community or the game but I do remember someone saying that the game is suppose to be team oriented if you're gonna take away shared missions partying up with people around your level should give bonus exp not split it in half, no?
  11. Game

    With the Sand Village expansion we have decided to roll out new Sand Village infrastructure. 2 job factions and an rp student faction will be introduced on a trial basis(For practical reasons). The Sand Police This will be four man squads that will patrol the sand , do border petrol ,RP events ,Raids and other Stuff . They will also help with internal affairs like finding spys protecting ninjas during they missions and ensuring there is there is peace between villagers and in the village also to ensure all the Sand rules And KazeKage’s rules are not broken Requirement Level 25+ Sand shinobi Must be skilled in certain areas (role playing etc.) They will be different departments Next is Sand Academy(For Genin) The main focus of the academy is to build up strong shinobis that will help the sand village and also understand how the sand village works and later choose the right path and From level 20 they choose if they want to be a teacher at level 25 , join the police force , at level 30 become an anbu , all of the above or become just a ninja Teachers Requirement Level 25+ Sand shinobi Must be skilled in certain areas (role playing etc.) To get three students and make a three man team The Job They will teach rules of sand village Give you levelling tips Help you get items like (blank scrolls etc. ) They will take you throw RP events(not chunin RP missions) Help you build a good ninja From level 20 you help the choose if they want to be a teacher at level 25 , join the police force , at level 30 become an anbu , all of the above or become just a ninja Student Requirement Level 0+ Sand Shinobi These roles are Sand villages attempt to incorporate RP back into much of what we do here on Nin Online. We will see over time how well this goes and see if we will continue it. If you have any questions contact myself or @Ketsueki blackkage
  12. I hope you've all had fun during the event everyone. We had 20 participants for the Level 30 minus tier and 35 people on the Lvl30 plus tier. I hope to see you all on the next event, stay tuned for more! Also for those who would like to (re)watch the event, here's a link to Anborn's livestream:
  13. Remember the past is the role of villagers and leaders. All Mahiru clan members chose the way of the attack. We protect our friends but don't need to make our best for dance with our ennemys. And if after 200 years the tensions between the villages come back while the heroes of the old days had already settled the problem ... Who here really learns how to heal the future by looking at the past? (Sry for my english)
  14. What do you do when there is an evil you cannot defeat by just means? Do you stain your hands with evil to destroy evil? Or do you remain steadfastly just and righteous even if it means surrendering to evil? Personally, I commit evil deeds to defeat the greater evil. It's all in the name of true peace.
  15. Thanks. I updated my post
  16. @Itachi Uchiha in levels below 30, @Corgee Sasayaki was third
  17. Learning to let go must be learned before learning to achieve. Life must be touched, not strangled. You have to relax, let it happen, the rest moves with it .
  18. Why not? There is so many spots in nin that have monsters and are under cliffs, im not saying for this to be global but a proximity thing where if you are close to a drop it will have a yellow outline, it's not hard to code in so why not? o,o
  19. "Revival of Y."
  20. GG @Indra for 1st place winner, and @Hawt for 2nd place and MVP award, and @Corgee Sasayaki who took third place. You guys did great. (I don't remember fourth place though, so if someone could post below, that'd be great): for the level 30 and below FFA. For the level 31+ tier FFA: GG @Crowlock for 1st place and the MVP award, @Mell for 2nd place, *I took third*, and @Meth for 4th place. Clean sweep for Akatsuki (This post is for those that did not watch the stream or attend the event)
  21. Yesterday
  22. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it
  23. STORY The clan does not need a story. We are looking for a better future, so no need to look to the past. Remember one thing: Every weapon is born in a forge... You are a weapon that must remember only its home and family. GOAL Our role in konoha is very important. Using the kekkei genkai of the Mahiru clan, the "miraigan" we can see all the options that can take place in a time of the near future. Thanks to this ability, we are able to monitor and maintain the village while measuring the most hypotetic damage which connects us to the organisms of the hidden village of the leaf. KEKKEI GENKAI The miraigan allows its user to see several eventualities of what will happen in the next few seconds or minutes. Obviously, to predict the future, it is not very useful but in case of combat, the miraigan always allows 1 or even 2 shots in advance. The largest users of the miraigan can go up to 6 hours in advance but this requires a high concentration of chakra. The legend says that the ultimate awakening of the miraigan allows to project into a third alternative created by its user to escape a too dangerous situation. On the other hand, this one will never use his eye again. It seems that the Mahiru clan is a branch of the ancient Uchiha clan. This explains why the biggest Mahiru technique is similar to the Izanagi technique. On the other hand, we do not know where the perception of the future comes from. Miraigan wakes up in children from 5 years old. SYMBOL <<The ninja is the one who endures ... You too will endure, you will learn to swim in an ocean of blood, you will know death, it will turn around you, your enemies and your friends. You will go through trials, ninja. But when you reach the surface of this ocean of blood, you will see the sky that has remained blue. You will extend your hand and you will know how to split it in two>>
  24. Cool idea. Something innovative
  25. Game

    I completed the first mission from Momotomo and Hoshimoto in the Toad mission but for both first missions i got all the rewards except the exp. I got the experience for the second missions of each but not the promised experience for the first missions, i handed it in during toad blessing so maybe that has something do to with it as i didn't hand in the follow up missions during a blessing. Apparently i seem to be the only one to be affected by this, is there anyway I can get my exp back dring a toad blessing? Update: So its been 7 days since this problem, is still havent gotten any exp back and ive decided to move this topic to support, instead of bug reports. Now even when i handed in my daily mission, I did not get any exp. Ive lost over 50k exp now due to missions not working during blessings. It does not seem to happen when the blessing are off. I believe that when there is a blessing i wont get any of the exp of the missions I do. Can someone solve this problem and give me back my exp pls. Update: Ive tried to hand in a new mission (guard duty) in during blessing. Ive not gotten any exp. i do get the ryo and other rewards. I need around 60k exo back now.
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