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  3. Yuh Jasmine char looks like a hot blond.

  4. I noticed it too lately, constantly when i flicker my character turns the other way instead of facing the enemy. Sometimes even if its facing the enemy, jutsus fly other way. Also Firewall is still bugged, sometimes it hits on its sides away from the animation. Its really annoying.
  5. This has been happening to me ever since i started using flicker in my combos. Whenever i would use flicker and a jutsu right after, the jutsu would aim the opposite direction from me or move to the side. This is one example as to what using a jutsu would look like after flicker. Of course it also has been happening with other jutsus such as mud river and poison jab where it would move the opposite way from the caster after flicker. Please can you start working on this problem @Seth.
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  7. My taskbar is hidden, there is no smaller version than the original (1024 x 768) , and Full Screen lags my computer currently.
  8. This is by design. You need to play windowed fullscreen, a smaller resolution, or auto-hide your taskbar.
  9. The first resolution is 1024 x 768. As you can see, there is no exp bar. I play the game in 1024 x 768 because it lags less for me, but seeing no exp bar lessens my motivation for grinding. The second screenshot shows the second one down which is 1152 x 864, in this point I don't even have the menu. The third screenshot shows my screen resolution. I plan on getting Gold and donating once I get paid but like, pls gimme exp bar. (added this for motivation lmao) I do not have it in anything other than Full Screen Mode and Full Screen Mode lags me soooo much man. There are two places that I think would be a great place to put it. For example, one can be up top and the other can be in the Ninja Tab like I suggested earlier. Of course, you don't have to do it because I'm not your boss. (I don't want to come off as telling you something to do) I think this might help some other players too tbh, especially because not everyone has the same size monitor. At the end of the day though, what you say goes and if you tell me no I can't do anything about it.
  10. Can you send a full screenshot of your game so I can understand what you mean by does not appear? Are you playing the game in windowed mode on a resolution bigger than your monitor?
  11. Charizard... char.. izard. The Japanese name is: Lizardon Zuh wants a..Dragon..? But.. shows a lizard.. brain does not compute.. error 404: dragon not found YOU FOOO0L!!!
  12. An important note is I will be updating the list of members of the clan as time moves on. If their name is on the list they are legitimately part of the clan. If they are using the Inazuma name without consulting me first they are not officially part of the clan.
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  14. It's a Mega Charizard X very tasty dragon.
  15. thank you, a lot of ppl getting it confused for charizard but its not. charizard is orange. my dragon blue and black
  16. Such talent.
  17. Nice Charizard dragon
  18. Assassination requests [ ONLY FOR SAND VILLAGERS ] You are being killed the second time or more by the same person (leaf / missing) ? [NEED HELP ?] -Collect all possible information about him you can get. -Screenshots, name,masteries, cloths at last time, village, level, last place, time. PM-ME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sand Assassins Tresmorne Toitsu Lord Kazekage 7th Leader Anbu - Sashiba Dyan
  19. btw that is not charizard that is my summon dragon ok.
  20. well uhm, summons are coming to nin?? so here is how i think im gonna look on my sick dragon!
  21. Nothing to re-evaluate when it's already implemented in the way everyone knows. 0 IQ again.
  22. Hi Everyone ^^. I'm back with the third part of my builds of Naruto's Characters. So I won't roll up much more and I'll start, lets go: Butsuma Senju: The Senju's leader We begin this part with the father of Hashirama,Tobirama,Kawarama and Itama. There is not much information about him. We know that he was the Senju's leader before Hashirama and that he was a very respected man among his comrades and his enemies. The only known battle that we could see was against Tajima Uchiha, Madara and Izuna's father. For what we know, he used a sword, so he was a Kenjutsu User. His mastery would be Weapon Master Strength, using also the Religious Katana, for his similarity with Butsuma's sword. Stats: 120 Str 5 Agi 5 Int 45 Chak 95 Fort C: The Raikage's Bodyguard Now we have one of the most powerful shinobis in Kumogakure, C. One of the Raikage's bodyguards and a powerful Jonin who stands out for his powerful Lighting Techniques and because of his Sensorial and Medical jutsus. His masteries would be Light/Medic, and also you could use the Sensory jutsu in your skills. Stats: 5 Str 5 Agi 85 Int 80 Chak 85 Fort Chino: The last Chinoike The next is Chino, a shinobi with the appearance of a 10 years old girl. The last member of the Chinoike clan, an almost extinguished clan due to the combined efforts of Konoha, Kirigakure and Kumogakure. She is a vengeful and sadic shinobi who enjoys killing her victims. She is a Water user and user of the Ketsuryuugan, a Dojutsu present only in a few members of the Chinoikes who lets the user to control every item that have a high quantity of Iron. His mastery would be Water. Stats: 5 Str 5 Agi 110 Int 55 Chak 95 Fort Chiyo: The Medic Puppet Master Now we have the Granny Chiyo, one of the ''Honorable Brothers of Sand'' along with his brother Ebizo. She was an expert in all types of Poison and Puppets, the creator of the ''Reencarnation of the own Life'' jutsu and the responsible of sealing the Shukaku inside Gaara. His principal techniques consisted of Puppet jutsus but since the Puppet Mastery isn't available yet, her mastery would be Medic/Tai or Inner Strength. This is because of her great knowledge on Poisons and her use of some Taijutsu techniques. Stats: 5 Str 55 Agi 75 Int 40 Chak 95 Fort Chōchō Akimichi: Choji's Daughter I'll close this part with Chōchō, Choji and Karui's daughter. Member of the Moegi Team, member of the new Ino-Shika-Cho generation and the best friend of Sarada. She assembles a lot like his father, and she also likes to eat great quantities of food. She has dominated some of the Akimichi clan's techniques and is capable of using some Lighting techniques such as the Thunder Punch. Since the ''Multi Partial Size'' isn't available yet, her build should be Tai/Light, thanks to her extremely strength and her lighting jutsus. Stats: 5 Str 85 Agi 45 Int 40 Chak 95 Fort Well, that's all for now. I hope that you all guys enjoy it and like I always say, this is my opinion of the stats. You can make your builds also .
  23. We all make bad choices in life,but there's always a new open path to walk
  24. Lmao how did he get there!?
  25. Rats like to play hide and seek
  26. The entrance is fine, its ex for sand to block us outside so we dont enter and it's ez for us leafies to block thrm inside. Stop come in the forum to cry each time u taking Ls booty u never saw a leafie crying about the bridges sand block so easily inside our village ?
  27. Is the green the extent of the entire new map? If so, do you mean that the teleportation tiles, teleport to a new map? I dont agree with the added Jonin, jonin are not in the leaf guard duty map and thus should not be in the sand guard duty map. Lets try and solve this without the changing of NPC Jonin.
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