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    I don't think Taki is a girl.....:v
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    Map the Bug happened on: Sand Village Type of Bug: Technical Description: Taki moves and goes around her desk. I don't know if she's supposed to move. The last time i saw her she was just standing still, now she moves even when you're not in the building. Steps to Reproduce the Bug: Take the genin exam, quit the building and go back in.
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    Exactly! But they're basic jutsus that all Shinobi know... but Sai's painting was unique, Konan's origami too...
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    Oh there's already those kind of jutsus like substitution and cloak of invisibility.
  7. I know the wait has been long but a lot of you(new or old), need to understand the size of the project and the size of the team. Also you have to a understand that the creators have life and responsibilities outside of nin. We all need to have patience and wait it out because if we rush the creators we will get and unfinished and mostly likely unpolished/unfun version of the game that turns off many people.

  8. No updates for 1 month, sorry to sound rude but that is rather shocking!

    1. sasori okanin

      sasori okanin

      Yes i think so too, took a full month,but do you think that this is too much


    2. sasori okanin

      sasori okanin

      But we can not do anything to

    3. Ghoul


      It isn't shocking, there are only a few people working on the game currently.

  9. Add me in your Nin Online *** tape.
  10. I haven't got the jutsu but I agree with you dareem we cant know which mastery to choose because we dont know all the jutsu that come with it.
  11. is the game done sone cus i really wanna play

  12. What is hope? "Hope is wanting something to happen", when we hope for something that's unseen then with patience we wait on it and so it was for me when I waited for level 28 to obtain Feast of Lightning. Hope was the word I used when lightning users said that lightning masterie needed more AoEs. "Our only hope before we get Current at level 35 is Feast of Lightning" was what I said thinking that it would of been an AoE but after getting it and 10 hours and over 1500 dead Big Scarabs later and nothing. I was given even more hope when I saw the description of the jutsu say "This Lightning Technique allows the user to cast thunderbolts down on their enemy" so it motivated me to push on. I said all of that to say that I fail to understand the purpose or reason why Feast of Lightning was made, every jutsu I could find a reason and a situation in which it can be used, all but Feast of Lightning and for all of you that don't know what it does, well it is like Earth Pillar but it has a 2 sec cast, does not have a stun and it has a tell (you know when someone is using it) so you can get out of its 6 tile range and cloak does not even hide its tell but would just make players know where you are. One of the mean reasons why I fail to understand its purpose is because lightning users gets Lightning Cutter at level 23 and Feast at level 28 whereby Cutter does everything Feast does but way better even at level 1 with feast at max. It is no even a chain jutsu because it does not stun with its 2 sec cast and as a chain breaker it easier to walk to your enemy and use Lightning Senbon. Their are ninjas out there crying about Lightning Cutter and saying that its overpowered and I myself started to think that way, that was before I faced it in the form of Indra and after some battles I slowly started to see his weakness and in turn my own weakness, I have now even came up with a strategy to not only beat it but to also never get hit from a Lightning ninjas and now I think that the jutsu don't need a nerf but the minds of ninjas need a buff because I myself don't know how to counter it outside of using current. This is just a theory but I have used a little bit of it in the battles I had and I have found that the more we battled the harder it was for him to win and for that reason is why I think it will work and if it does then other ninjas will indeed cut and feast on lightning mastery users for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One thing that some players are failing to realize is that this in no longer the Alpha and no longer the age of only 1vs1 PvP, so to think that a single target jutsu is overpowered in a war of 20+ ninjas is taking it beyond too far, yes their will be the unlucky that will take a cutter to the face but if he cant depend on his teammates to save him then he need to ask his teammates to get a buff in their team work. I fully understand that Cutter seems powerful now but when most ninjas get to level 50 and have 900+ HP, what is a 150 damage single target jutsu going to do to the outcome of the war? This is close beta and we are the testers so that's the reason why i'm making this post, I have tested the new jutsu and the advance form of cutter and I felt the need to give my thoughts on the two of them. One I can tell is incomplete (I hope) and the other may be the most powerful single target jutsu in the game (one had to be better than the others) if fighting an unwise ninja. Lightning Cutter One fix I can see happening is the range of Cutter going down from 11 tiles to 9 that way players can have a bit of breathing room to counter it but apart from that, the pain it takes to get it to that level of power, it is within its right to be that why. We will all have to wait and see how powerful other jutsu will be when they become their advance stage. Feast of Lightning This is a hard one , I think that it was intended to be an AoE and thats what I want to see it become, with a bigger range (maybe 8 tiles), with keeping the 2 sec cast and the 16 sec cooldown or even a 20-25 sec cooldown and a 1 sec cast making it useful in PvP and PvE whereby it does not need a stun.
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    Having clay birds to disengage from battle would be awesome.
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    And KenJutsu - I know but I said that it can be just single jutsus.
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    No disrespect but it feels like you didn't read what I said on this forum, They're level 31 I am currently 13. Telling me to build more tanky is like telling a baby to pick up a shield against an adult that is constantly attacking them, I cannot build tanky without points and I cannot get points without leveling I am being stalked and followed to each mob area. I was helping indra level at wolves today while I normally fight tigers If I fight larva it'll take a legit 3 days of full grinding which I shouldn't have to deal with because of people who have nothing else to do lol. It'll be a year in april since i've been playing this game so its not that I dont know how to build or don't know how to play. They literally stood in front of the leaf hospital and spawn killed indra(that was yesterday) today they wont let him level and killed him again. Although he isn't as annoyed as I am I know it bothers him that he simply cant play a game he enjoys. They have literally searched for me once they see im online(The bingo book tells the opposite villages which members are online) I decided to chill in the village and I just die still even when not trying to level. I do agree with the server situation the community is too small right now but you do know I'm currently not online because of them and so are 2 friends I made get gold and play? so essentially they wasted their money to die although they think the game is good this wont be the last you hear about this. During open beta people who legit beg to know when the game is going to be released on the website and fb page will leave because they cant level up in a "MMORPG".
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    No pve server(s). 1 server with current population is equal to.. like 10 players AT MOST during the day. Game is quite dead at the moment while the Dev team is slowing down again. If the community picks up again, like it did in open alpha with 200+ people on, then I purpose a second server, like they did last time. But PvE servers are shitty, as they split the community even more. Take a break and watch a youtube video and go somewhere else, don't continue going to the same mob if he continues to get killed there. There's 3 maps with wolves, 2 with spiders. Gotta think out side the box as to where to level sometimes and just go into sand territory to level. Go to the Hidden village mobs, there a few places where people don't go just because no one goes there, because there's nothing to do over there. If you get killed again, take another break let your wounds wear off and then find another spot. Casters can pretty much level ANYWHERE they want. Taijutsu is a different story and needs a specific build to fight higher level mobs etc, but you'll learn over time. Being killed as a noob in a game you're new to (Being a noob) is an experience, yes you got killed a lot but learn from it and move forward with your knowledge. Let people in this thread, if they are, help you. Learn to fight back instead of just going full burst Caster, build tankier so you can fight back. There's multiple ways to approach your problem. IE: ^ Read above. Edit: I wanted to quote specifically 'Noone enjoys being spam killed' nothing more, rest of his comment is kinda
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    You're an idiot for being closed minded. This has nothing to do with anyone being better than anyone else, if I was the same level as the person and I continued to die then people could argue "get better at the game" but the thing is I have 1 jutsu to defend myself with and I can't get more because I cant level. Do you not see the problem here? So for being close minded yes you're an idiot.
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    You are right. You are so much better than me. Please forgive me for having a voice Master Ghoul. Please dont hurt me Lord scrubness.
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    It's simply because you're an idiot, stop responding you're an actual idiot lol.
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    I think the hotkeys suggestion is a pretty good idea, but others are not interesting in my opinion. There's already non-element masteries : taijutsu and medic.
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    lol nice idea good job!
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    It's not about your post or you. It's about to evade these things how they could implement a solution. For example: Passive button, which could be next to PvP button and it makes you unable to kill and unable to attack by/to other players. And in combat you can't turn it on
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    If it is thevagabond and kirikuzu who are spamkilling you, i can stop the spamkill for you. Go here for more informations about desert's pirates services
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    Is this just a leaf shinobi issue cause I am not having any problems? This thread really should just be cut. This is just turning into one large complaint ABOUT someones complaint. Apparently my opinion makes me look like a terrible person. So hey let me put it out there. IM A SAND SHINOBI LVLING ON LARVA COME KILL ME POR FAVOR! If I die too will you be happy Ghoul?... Jeepers people need to calm down.
  26. Finally did! Here's Naruto from The Last movie. 


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    Hello Community! Here I stand, once again, with few few new ideas. Quick Messages Very simple system. I mean creating few hotkeys, that could help with fast messaging in Team fights. For example hotkeys from F5 to F8 and messages like ,,Retreat!", "I need heal", "Thanks!" or something like that. In the heat of fight, there is no time for writing messages and I think that something like that will be very useful. Religion and Canibalism I was reading someone's idea about Religion/Jashin Style like Hidan's and I think that idea is great, so I wanted to write 'bout it. Also i though about Hidan's partner - Kakuzu. I don't know how to name his abillity and I just went with ,,Canibalism". I know it would take some time, before Dev Team even think about new styles but I've came up with one. Non-elemental Masteries (or single jutsus) I mean techniques to use only requires the ability to control chakra. Something like Asuma's knifes, Sai's painting, Karin's sensor abillity or Konan's origami. Of course there's no need to create masteries. Only jutsus. Flying Techniques I mean techniques that let player to TEMPORARY move above ,,Roof" layer. I don't mean Ohnoki's flying abillity because it's Kekkei Touta. I mean something like Sai's/Deidara's birds, or just summoning giant birds like Sasuke or Pain (Nagato) That's all thank you for reading, see ya in Open Beta!
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