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  2. Leaf's Peaceful List Diary Fox Dre Idalia Chopza Leaf's Pardon in-Process List Onii Luhan Hashirama Cell Side Note - It is not possible to be a self-proclaimed hermit. You must be approved by the Council (Including Kage). It may take some time for your case to be responded to. If the reasons you give to become a hermit are not solid you will not be granted it. (Requesting hermit status before has a higher chance of getting into the list rather than after) Coming back to the village will also be easier should you decide to do so if you were approved as a hermit prior to leaving. **No loitering inside the Leaf Village. **The Peaceful list is meant to aid friendly missing ninja on completing missions and assisting Leaf during raids and defense scenarios. **Peaceful list members are only permitted to spar in the training ground map. (Pardon in-Process List excluded) **Being on that list does not protect you from enemy factions. Also notice that, attacking a Leaf Ninja or another member of the Peaceful list, while being on that list, would lead you out of it and you lose your one chance. **If you get attacked by a Leaf ninja or someone on the Peaceful list, while being on that list you should send proof to the officials. Attacking them back could put the blame on you. **In case you change your in-game name make sure to inform The Council or the Hokage so that we can update the list accordingly. **Depending on inactivity, the Council and the Hokage may decide to remove you from the list at any time. *These rules have been updated and changed by:5th Official Council- @Ljones @Charky & @RawThe Sixth Hokage - @Shotoho
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  4. @Deviax You can always hit me up for our late night talks like we used to do for 2 years
  5. Seth said he will work on this, few months ago. Guess not yet.
  6. Might be a nice new weapon for Tai users Spin- After killing enemy- Before killing enemy-
  7. would be nice for certain hairstyles
  8. Friendlist and masked-party invite bugs are minor problems that cause major inconveniences for everyone. I think the game would just a little bit more enjoyable for everyone if they were fixed. Also a friendlist-wipe would be nice when that gets done.
  9. The more hairstyles the better
  10. Buying that instantly if it's released.
  11. Agree, we need more hairstyles anyways
  12. just made it in 10 min
  13. Damn, you're a machine to make good designs
  14. Check bears 1 and bears 2. Also I got it once on bears 3 which are on the way to mist @Mokuchi
  15. Its very Deidara Esk Would wear 100%
  16. I'm old as fuck

  17. I found this on google and I thought it would be great to have that samurai style hairstyle
  18. when it says its far south from the village its mostly at the cliff near the cave where the cursed hosts are. Or its at the 2nd bear map if you turn right and go down, Sometimes its even at dark spiders.
  19. I dont like it that the headbands right now are under the hair styles, it should be over the hair. Like Chunin Mist Headband one.
  20. There are a few spawns in leaf for tora the cat missions and everytime i had the far south from the village spawn (dark forest) the cat was never there...
  21. Love this idea minus the 10-12 second time to warp is should be alot shorter maybe 2-6 it beats having a weird clone move all around like the clone jutsu :x that nobody will fall for it. love the clone idea but being that mobs dont really run in nin seems like it wont work out so well
  22. this guy was killing me and my friend every time we left the village, we prevented us from upping things that ruined the game TOXICO
  23. Its fine either way would prefer it to be for chuunin and above anyways probably would probably motivate me to actual join a chuunin exam ^^
  24. Also would be cool if things like Remove friend worked as intended.
  25. It is not really important, but I think its time that we recieve friend request to accept or decline. Right now the friendlist is just a spyware.
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