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  2. Cool video! Keep them coming
  3. An org full of C tier players.
  4. and they said taka had numbers lol
  5. It's okay to cry primal, sometimes we just have to accept the fact that we take L's and this time everyone except for Seigi caught an L.
  6. Gold Ceramic war armor is beautiful, wym is horrendous
  7. Lol, lord knows yall wouldn't dare try this in Mist.
  8. I agree
  9. I wouldn't mind having some chakra if Wof procs.
  10. Having more number then sand and leaf at that time and bragging aobut beign ti best (that some taka lv shit ) to bad you dont try that when most players are on .
  11. Yesterday
  12. EzClap OO AA OO AA
  13. Why you tripping. You and Raw both got WoF twice in 1 fight.
  14. SEIGI TAKING LEAF AND SAND CAMPING HOSPITAL ROOF AND TAKING THEM DOWN TY FOR @Lumy@VipeRz@Sukki@Hauru@Booty Gang Pinku@Dona@laqu@Panda@Hashirama Cell@Bolan@Kuzan@SparkZZ@Ryujin Goto@Irksoy and others
  15. Oh no...
  16. @Ueda look how good these look my man
  17. make pancakes not war ;(
  18. Tbh yours is good, i did do one on my style, but looks very similar to yours imo'
  19. I agree on WoF needing some kind of buff/change, but I think that the RNG is what needs to be adjusted. I've had WoF proc for me like 2-3 times since it has been released and I died too many times to count.. and it was never in a situation where I actually needed it (it activated when I took the bear taxi). But somehow I've seen it proc for missing leaf ninjas several times in a single fight, even though it doesn't even make any sense rp-wise. "The Will of Fire states that the entire village is like a large family unit and every Konoha shinobi with the Will of Fire loves, believes, cherishes, and fights to protect the village, as previous generations had done before them."
  20. ngl this is cute monkey he react fast like Hollow Knight
  21. wow,nice
  22. @Asuma Sarutobi Nice bro.
  23. Question,Why no?
  24. I say they re work it and make it to where Will of fire has a great chance of working if you were killed with battle injuries on. so say you are running to go do a mission and you get killed in the danger zone with battle injuries by a douche player you have a high chance at getting back up for your mission or whatever the case may be. from what i noticed, will of fire only really works whenever you dont want it to or need it to.
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