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  2. I need a help to play, I install the game in macbook pro using wine, but it dont work, i get a white page and i hear the game sound, but the page still is white. Can anyone help me?
  3. Damn boi.. See ya Mich
  4. @Michael Kurama yo mans, hold up. How can you call it gg when u didnt join Akatsuki yet ? ; c
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  6. Good Night first person to obtain Muramasa at the Night I didn't grind.
  7. One Greek kage falls another Rises,wait for me and Imma prove it to you ;v
  8. Bye mich ;p
  9. Even tho I'm not a leafie, from what I saw people loved you as a kage, people keep saying you did a great job. Good luck on your next journey!! Great post btw
  10. GM burnt him out, FeelsBadMan
  11. Better to abnadon most of the missions, at least for sandies.
  12. So since I was kinda off for 2 months and I have no idea what happened and why you quitting.. But when we talked to each other ingame or outside the game, I realized I'm talking to a great and fun guy. You were hella nice and friendly (at least to me) and a great nin player. Hope we will see you again in the future!! Good luck (It's Lidor btw ): )
  13. Damn enjoy your life @Michael Kurama gonna miss u hating on me.. also no words for seth?
  14. bye cupid, always remember hentai=life
  15. Bear's hunting 70 bears kill gives you just 30k exp ya ok so now let's count exp without bless which you getting from this mobs 266exp per bear 266x70 (70 mobs to end mission) = 18,620k now let's count on blessing: 399exp per bear 399x70 = 27,930 so let's add it to end without blessing you getting 48,620k exp with blessing you getting 72,930k exp + you getting loot which you can use in another quest which is med supp or just sell it in vendor OR just sell it to people which gonna give you profit even if you gonna use tools in this hunting mission Med supp you getting it at lvl 15 ok but still it's gives tons of exp for your lvl around 11k if im not wrong so it's not low number for lvl 15 trust me especially that 40 cocns and 35 eggs is 10/15 min of farming (+ that's why i recommend to hold all stuff for missions for later in my guides i see not all readed it :D) so on lvl 15 you cant get exp from larves or spiderlings but still without blessing for 10/15 MAYBE max 20 min of work ~~11,000k exp with blessing around 16.500k exp Danger dangos ok this mission is hard because tons of missings or bears or even sands can just kill ya i agree but really its hard to buy x20 dangos when you going with escort of 10 leafs which raids takumi and put it on your alt and taking it 1 by 1 if you needed. 30 sec to relog and free ~~6k or 7k of exp /y Endanger Tigers II with tigers is another situation because you getting this mission and you will probably stay in leaf tigers you wont go to sand or missing tigers so you need to kill normal 13 lvl tigers and white 17lvl tigers let's suppose you gonna kill emm 50 normal and 50 white then from single 50 white tigers without blessing you getting 6350 exp on blessing 9500 exp + normal tigers which gives without blessing 4850 exp or with blessing 7250 exp I dont remember for sure exp from mission but its probably 7/8k something like this so let's suppose 8k so without blessing you getting 4850 + 6350 + 8000 = 19,200k exp from whole with blessing you getting 9500 + 7250 + 12.000 = 28,750k exp from whole i think it's not low exp for lowbie which dont even pass lvl 20 dont you think especially its almost 1/3 of your lvl if not much more Bad larves so with this mission I agree in 100% its useless mission which should never exist but let's be honest who is that dumb to taking missions from 1-10 if its 1h of exping max 1.5h if someone is my apologize that's he dont readed forum before he started playing
  16. see ya in 2019
  17. water medic 115 int 95 fort 50 chakra its enough for burst build im playing it from 1 year and ye water medic works for duels etc but for group fights its weak bcs you have just 1 long range aoe which is shark weave isnt weak but its too low range for gf cloud is really close range so it's wont works too in long range senbo is savier of everyrange atack in medic
  18. I'm sorry for telling you this but the invocations will be like pets and you will not be able to ride on them ....
  19. tbh its nonsense a bit with boosting range of jutsu like wind shuri etc defyos dmg is payment for range thats all wind shuri does +- 90 dmg on 70 int or lower shuri does 50+ so range is fine
  20. Whoever makes alternate accounts JUST to vote every six months definitely has WAAY too much time on their hands and probably takes the game more seriously then the most of us.
  21. totally agree, put that only one vote is allowed for each computer. In the hypothetical case that there are 2 brothers in the same computer, I think you have to prevent these things so that they get upset and decide according to who they vote for. @Ueda
  22. We have every weapon too like swords and fans shirokata tonfas and blue fan is already added you just need search better thats all
  23. All mobs from lvl 1 till lvl 50 have correct info bcs i checked their hp loot and dmg exp giving so please dont TOUCH IT or i will kill you bro if you gonna destroy it you can add this new spider boss from mobs @mav just dont forget to add my links to wiki ty here you have my change's if you want change jutsu talk with @fix fire dragon bcs he is core changer of jutsu if you want add something to main page talk with @mav and for sure talk with @Magatama bcs he is core changer in wiki dont destroy our work if you can bcs we made it with hard working checking etc ty magatama change's
  24. When i readed that's chakra medic are weak emmm i cant stop laugh perfect example mav its person which i can bet 80% of nin players wont even get to half hp xd chakra medic are monsters When you know how to use it in duels /y
  25. the truth, I never thought that you were one of those who would tire of the game, I hope to see you when the game ends.. Good bye¡¡¡¡¡¡
  26. Well, as the title of this thread says, it's time for me to say goodbye to Nin Online. Now, I realize that this post probably won't be seen with all of the "___ NEEDS TO BE BALANCED RIGHT AWAY" types of posts, but I thought that it would be necessary for me to say goodbye to a game I played for over a year. Playing Nin was for a very long time, really fun. I met tons of great people and had fun doing it. To start I'd like to go over some of my favorite moments playing. The first thing is kind of a brag. I would like to brag about being the only player to be in both Leaf and Sand anbu. Heh. Anyway, joining Yoru was very fun, and being a damn staff member was insane to me. When I first started playing I would have never thought in a million years that I would be a staff member for this game, rather a game in general. It was a great experience. (Even though it wasn't the most fun thing ever..) Almost being a council member for Sand was another big moment for me. It was fun. Now, I'd like to thank some people who have made playing this game a joyride for me. (not in any specific order.) 1. @R I L E Y the loml. You're funny as hell, generous as hell, and nice as hell. Thank you for everything you did for me. Especially joining Yoru, I loved every minute of being in that org while it was active. 2. @Desert Mouse aka Mika. You are literally the nicest person that I have met in this game. Thanks for everything. 3. @Deathmall Sasayaki so like, you were basically the guy who helped me the most in leaf. Even after I left, you remained cool to me. It was great to be around you and know you. Good luck in the future, man. 4. @Oriax Himitsu ur cute, luv u. Thanks for making the game fun for me. 5. @Tresmorne Oleander even though you don't play the game and probably won't see this, you were a great guy to vc with 6. @Kenock you are the greatest BR ever. Greatest staff member ever. Hottest man ever. Love u. 7. @Ueda Last but not least Rory. Thank you for creating this game. Even though I got burnt out in the end, I had a helluva lot of fun playing this game. You are doing very well for having such a small staff team to help you develop the game. Thank you for letting me be on the staff team. Even though it was a small amount of time, it was a good time. Thanks for making this game, cause even though people may complain about stuff, they are still playing it. And I don't see why people would play a game they don't like and appreciate. Love you Rory. Sooo uh yeah. That was my goodbye post. I may login to the forums from time to time to check on updates and see how the game is going. But I doubt that I'll login. I promise this isn't an Itachi goodbye post. (luv u itachi). So yeah. Thanks guys, and gooooodbye!
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  28. lol fake name Saa


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