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    Had an idea on how to improve substitution. So basically when you get hit you leave behind a clone that moves randomly or continues to follow your movement pattern and while the clone is up ( 2 seconds since stuns range from 1-3 seconds) you are stealthed and when you appear the clone turns into a wooden stump. This kind of substitution would be great since a person can't tell that he popped the sub. A well timed sub could then negate someones burst if he went for it. But to balance it a bit there should be a shorter window when the sub activates so you can't just turn it on mindlessly. 3-4 seconds would make the most sense since most jutsus that have a cast time cast in that window. And if the sub is not popped it goes on a shorter cooldown (so people can't just fake cast jutsus all the time). Let me know what you think
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    [PvP Event] 17th of August6PM EST! [PvP Event] 19th of August1PM EST!
  4. Yeah I really enjoy there
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    Can I join with this??
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    But its only for Sand villagers
  7. Wonderfull...but still you will fall in the darkness, like everyone else. I will be there to be sure of that. btw, i will destroy your clan... and i will spare one of your clan member alive and one day, when this member will be the powerfull ninja of this world, when he will be unstopable, i will use him to destroy the entire ninja world that you all know.... ashtag Sasuke, ashtag Uchiha Clan....
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    You forgot to put at the Secret first place....
  9. Lucky little baby :0, forsure just pm me Yasunaki
  10. Unless something comes up I should be on soon. I'm making applesauce so my baby can have it in his oatmeal tomorrow. Lol. xD
  11. Are you on right now ? I am lets train!:D
  12. Wow, that's better than me! I'm only level thirteen at the moment!
  13. Yeah I'm up for it forsure, I'm only level 18 though !
  14. Hahaha. Shame, shame!! Well when you're up for it, we can try to train together. :3
  15. I'm loving it so far! And I will forsure I tend to slack on training and focus on conversation alot... .-. See you in game! @Mikaele
  16. Hello there!! : D If you see me in game, feel free to come over and chat. I hope you enjoy it here, I know I do!
  17. Yesterday
  18. Hey ^^ @Kyakuya
  19. I'm returning but I guess I could consider myself new as well. Hi!
  20. Thanks everyone! I'm feeling welcome actually appreciate it guys, ill get to your level soon!
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    @Shirou Lets have our own.
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    Make a sand alt if you want to join in the fun
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    is there a need to answer? If they invite you then its best they invite leaf to enter and at that point it will just be no fun anymore and I for one will not want to be a part of it, so for the best no.
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    Can I join though?
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    [PvP Event] Today - 15th of August 6PM EST! 1st: Dareem 2nd: Tresmorne 3rd: Pervy Sage and Trill Smith
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    Hall of Fame 1. Dareem - 9 2. Tresmorne - 8 3. Pervy Sage / Trill Smith - 5 Challenger / Rating Tetsuhawk - 3 Dio - 3 Sorox - 3 Pugo - 3 Nau - 1 Denoskr - 1 Alfinite - 1 Suiko - 1 Bmore92 - 1 Ronaldinho UzumakiPL - 1 Kaguya Light - 1 Snoops - 1 Introducing PvP rating exclusively only for Sand villagers All of the participants are rewarded These events are official and hosted by the Kazekage or someone that is appointed to be the referee by the Kazekage at given time. The rating starts off from 0 and your rating can only move upwards. Everyones rating will be updated on this post. The referee will join the tournament if there's uneven number of the participants. Leaving during the event will count as a loss. -Referee will be rewarded with +1 rating for hosting the event Your presence in the events is highly appreciated You will be rewarded with +2 rating when you join the tournament. The tournament format itself is regular bo 1 1v1 fights. Each victory you achieve you will be rewarded with +2 rating. Loss during the event is -1 rating. Winning the whole tournament will gain you extra +1 rating. The matchups are decided with in-game /roll. There are "Seasons" meaning; after certain period of time the rankings will reset. There is no negative effect. Being active participant and having X rating gives a slight boost when you are to be promoted. Rankings are updated Manually. You can use this opportunity when we're gathered to RP your character to your hearts content. Top-3 will join the "Hall of Fame". Possibility to hold exclusive Sand-Discord Role. All of the future PvP events that involve rating will be announced on this topic, discord and in-game.
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    They have a bunch of stuff they could add but they choose to release it in small bits instead idk why *shrug*
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