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  2. ana primal

    well a mmorpg must have solo content also the rpg part matters to but the issue isnt bragging but ppl simple never getting more skilled in dayums time it had more skill ninjas no offense to mist same with leaf in valis term hunting in numbers wont inprove 1vs1 hunting skills. the most ppl kill lowbies it a toxic part i already said could be fixed by making sf safe for player of a low lv but most ppl dont go fight a solo fight agains a lv 50 player becuase mostly that player is never alone for long.
  3. Bogdan

    Good idea
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  5. SaphV2

    everyone brag about kills, it just banter and shouldn't be taken serious because it just for laughs and every villages does it. Mostly when I see other villages solo hunt they're just spam killing lowbies and when they see a higher they try to suicide to mobs instead of fighting back. Anyway like I said before I respect the solo hunter, but as the player base rises solo-hunting will become non existent because more player=more groups getting formed up.
  6. antar86

    it depends on the jutsu i think and not all jutsu need to be high damage like there is a adv jutsu which decrease your jutsu
  7. ana primal

    i think advanced jutsu should be super high damage with 5 sec cast time at best or long cooldown but no jutsu really ned a longer cast time well maybe earth jutsu but the rest is fine .
  8. ana primal

    clearly the tai bandit failed at using earth jutsus and the bee are in a process of moving there home.
  9. antar86

    just wanted to show these two thinghs if i see more i will post them too
  10. ana primal

    yeah sumons are fun when you use them right
  11. antar86

    yeah people think using summon is bad nowadays I mean why should I not use it I sacrificed my Jutsu slot for it and also summons are a part of your build since you have 3 summon
  12. Ashina

    Would be nice to have Heterochromia Eyes to an additon for the Eye Style Changer. There could just be to simple versions of the color for the right eye like Red or Blue and the left eye stays as your orignial color. I thought of this quick idea when noticing the bandit living inside the small hut had Heterochromia having a red and blue eyes. Example:
  13. ana primal

    back in my starting day yami in cf was a nightmare that man woul kill vali/ohiya me raw and more ppl and still live because he know how to fight .Bu now solo hunting can only work if you go to kill lowbies and i know i kill 1200 mist lowbies and around 200 leaf but ppl also know when i was hunting they would bring 6 ppl to kill me then trash talk me and call me lowbie killer i found it funny becuase i would see giyu with 7smm sword comming then i move sz start a fight then 3 mist come after 1 min then kill you and i would be wtf i was gone die anyway a wm/water i wouldnt have made it but it ruins the fun whhen ppl act tought and kill you when the other guy did 90% of damage and you landed on hit then ou brag more the the guy who really did the damage and put in the work not only building your ego even if you only landed one hit but still downplaying the skill of the one who did 90 % off the damage .And it fun ppl say me chosing o base my fighting style around summon is cheating when most of the time i fight 1vs2
  14. antar86

    I hate big groups in hunting, for raids it's fine but for hunts, it just takes the enjoyment out for me I don't like how after a big group kill a player, for example, @Dona and get his bounty by doing 10 v 1 and then trash talk I am not saying the people who do this are bad and evil it's just that they experienced a similar thing done to them by others so they repeat and spread toxicity more. also sometimes I just want to travel in nin mainland and kill but people rarely move solo and I mostly encounter a big group who end up killing me and then say L over my body.because of this people start to move in big groups too since 1 v 2 is hard and kinda impossible for low skill players like me
  15. ana primal

    well problem ismost village try to undermine each ther prevent other form playing it cant change until a agreement is made but that not rory job is macdoms/peps/feinz job not rorys
  16. antar86

    yep its messed up this need to change
  17. ana primal

    well true but same for lowbies who do sand seals and leaf seal the village dont let you in ;-;
  18. antar86

    well I think I agree when we don't share our parts why will other let us do the same but the problem here is that there is a new mission for the content but any ninja who is not sand can't access it so that's why I mentioned it
  19. SparkZZ

    A decimal cast can be great, but poison senbon is fine
  20. ana primal

    solo hunting is ruined sadly now but the bigger problem is the ego it builds in false skills if oyu hunt in a group of 20 ppl you will be at best hardly useful and we all know hen a group kills anybody that boost there egos even if they didnt do anything mist brag about being good and best in pvp while to scared to solo hunt and that a dam shame seeing that something only before taka and leaf use to do and ppl mock the hell out of leaf. I can already see the sec mist dies and loses number you will see 100 posts of mist players saying how hunting in large groups is for losers or this mastery need nerf or sand is op becuase they hunt in numbers posts like leaf did .Honestly back in the day when i was leaf dona/yami and feinz where legends for solo hunting well feinz abused the 7smm sword but mist cant hutn with the 7smm lately that another problem but non the less amikami was a mastery in cf on a light/erath and 6 ppl couldnt kill him, dona was a tank and ppl ran when they saw him know he is alone the same ppl did to feinz (most becuase of the sword) ppl where afraid of them they names mean trouble but you will log to hutn them not becuase you affraid but you want to kill them to earn some fame and ppl did brag i tell you that , now ever time mist hunt ppl just stay inside the village or w8 40 min for all the other to log to try one fight then one side win or lose and that it after if that village won they would go to antoher village and same things you camp and w8 until ppl come and many times ppl just dont care it make the game more boring for th e village beign raided and make you rather ignore the enemies then to log to defend but when a group of 5 ppl raid then ppl will come .this was a bit long ;-; simple put i think the 20 ppl hunting is harming the mmo part of the game yes 20 ppl will hunt and get there ego twisted that they are skilled but the rest of the ppl will be bored to log .
  21. ana primal

    a the 12 isnt a game problem but a community problem it up to sand to let you chose to let you in let not forget mist got a nice update with the tanuki boss and they didnt let ppl farm there also but tanzaku and mist have already been give stuff with mist having tanuki boss and leaf tanzaku having casinos and stuff at best add a the 2 guards as bosses to fight like in takumi but for mist i think mist is fine
  22. The suggestion is as simple as it sounds some jutsus feels odd with 1s cast time but at the same time instant would be too much we need the decimals at this point example of a jutsu that would do great with .5 sec : poison senbon
  23. Chalaka

    Map the Bug happened on: Type of Bug: Technical Description: Kunai Dagger requires 10 Intellect. I've been informed that it also scales off of Intellect but the item says Strength. Increasing Intellect does not increase weapon's damage. Steps to Reproduce the Bug: Equip item and increase Intellect.
  24. Push

    It would definitely be nice if the monsters list was updated with the new monsters added aka none of mist monsters on there or what they drop etc.
  25. SaphV2

    All solid ideas that I support expect for the limit place on ninja grouping up together. That idea will never ever work in a MMO especially when the player base goes up to like 250+ active player. I'm not trying to knockdown anyone solo hunt gains or whatever, but punishing villages faction for grouping up together in a MMO beats the purpose of the genre. Now what I suggest for all those die hard solo player getting frustrated by getting bodied by group is just adding some solo pvp/pve content. XP scaling on mobs would be nice getting 300 xp for killing a mob with 3k hp isn't pleasant. Sand has the best/multiple grinding spots for level 1-30 while every village should have the simliar spots to grind at.
  26. Eagly

    Honestly, what I’d like to see from the game are some new quest lines (not just dailies). This game has some beautiful scenery and some great art work but it’s totally lacking in purpose. I’m not offering to have a quest line like other widely known mmorpgs where your only goal is to go from one checkpoint to the next. But you should have more quests like the innkeeper one in the leaf village. Quests that are relevant to the game and always keeps you exploring.
  27. I got a bunch of ideas some of them are my own while some I have seen other say but never mention them in a suggestion post so I will write all the things I will like the game to implement these the list of suggestions -> removal of old missions as you level up: I think leveling is a bit hard in nin but I do understand why is it like that way but one of the problems I think is that after ppl level up to 50 they start to get the same mission again and again in start we get the different mission and then don't get them again but as we level up we are just given the same mission, for example, I get tired by doing spa for the 500th time or doing docs. I think the new mission being added is good but retiring the old one is also good and should be considered. nerf to some certain mastery: I think this is already talked by people but certain mastery like wind, Tai, gentle fist and every ninja using tornado just with 20 str is to op, for example, some of the wind just like the drilling air bullets can hit you all 3 times and every ninja tornado can do 700 dmg combo with the tornado. new passive pressure: I always wanted to post about this but I think something like a passive that is given to all players will be nice that makes the mobs 15 LVL under you not aggro you until you attack first. different routes being added: I think what nin can have or lacks is that there are not many different routes to reach somewhere for example if you block the dark bridge map with 20 ninjas there is not an alternative route to leave the place or enter or maybe just take sand their gd is small and make it easy to trap it quicky also sand just go AFK there and whenever a person comes they kill them easily mostly lowbies suffer from this and reset to sand because it's near impossible to do sand mission nowadays until they are not camping their gd so, in the end, different routes to access different location will be ten-time better and will add a lot of strategies and thinking into the game. (note: the only example in-game now is the maps around snake if someone is camping snakes then you can just go around it by going to spiders and then taking a left so I will like to see something similar to this) unbalanced safe zone: I strongly believe that sand got the best farming spots and the main reason for that is that they all are in safe zone sand farming danger zone are always empty in the sand so I will like to suggest that excluding some farming zone every other farming zone should be turned into a danger zone instead I mean just compare leaf farming zone and mist farming zones to sand and you will get an idea why is this so unbalanced and make ppl want to reset just because if the farming zone. justice for int med adv: I don' care about adv because I want the developers to take their time and launch it properly finished rather the incomplete but I saw more and more ppl not go int med + elemental because they don't want to level up an acc which is not getting adv in future personally I have just a bit info that Ueda said that you guys will be fine after adv come I am not sure about that but if its the case can we get a hint so people who want to make an int med + elemental acc can have some insurance or rather this might sound crazy but can int med + elemental get the cs 2 I think that will be cool and make more sense. the different mission of medics: it always felt odd that why would the Kage of the village give a medic a mission to go and grind cursed hosts I think there should be a different mission for medics or rather mission like RP mission specially designed to teach how to become a better medic which can be hosted by med corp members. improvements to jailing system: I think the jailing jutsu should be given according to the rank, not chunnin status since if your military police don't have any chunnin actives it's kind of becomes useless since you can't do much. group hunting: we all know that all players nowadays only go do things in huge groups since it's so easy and if you encounter these group alone its certain that you will die that leads to making them want to go in groups too from now on I think some new system should be added so only 4 or fewer ppl go together. I read this from ninja post and he suggested many good ideas like making every zone war zone or something similar so this can be avoided small goals: the thing I enjoy the most in this game is having small goals like for example doing toad boss or Kraken or making poison kunai all these goals are good and keep you busy and invested to do something so I will like to suggest to add goals like these in 40-50 LVL limit will be much better because as it's now ppl hate LVL 40 -50 because all you can do is wait until you get to 50 so you can get second mastery while doing grinding mission which makes ppl mentally exhausted and want to make them leave the game I think if the small goal can be added like toad mission then people will be happier as they can get the impression of growth rather then just simple grind. new content added to tatori village in mist and the tanzaku in leaf: after seeing how sand receives the new farming spot it will be pretty cool if mist and leaf get something similar. not able to access the new grinding spot for LVL 50: I loved the new update but the problem is that I am not able to check it out yet because sand is camping it day and night I am not saying that's a bad thing but if its location gets changed a bit then it will be better or as many said to make it a no-zone so non-sand can farm it because as of now it's impossible to do the new mission alone also even if I try when no one is awake to camp it if some person saw me he can bring 10 ninjas more with him and if I reached there and I start grinding and someone saw me I either need to log out or leave because first of all its at the end of sand so they can just come there and if I kill them they can bi warrior me until I die also sand design gives them more benefits in it new mob for hiding and seek: I think there is not much to do in the village most of the time so why not add a mob which spawns in a different area inside the village so if you want to kill and get his drop you will first need to find it around the village the spawn time can be lower so even others can have fun finding it in a different location inside village also the mob should only attack if someone hits it so lowbies don't get killed by it. new bosses farming spot near mist: I hate how bandits and other bosses are so far away from mist so I think new bosses that are a bit closer to mist can be nice for example the asoki port scares me when the game is in nighttime like it goes from peaceful too so dark just with the noises that you hear so having boss there or maybe even new mission can be pretty cool while also adding some back story to that small village. a new mission for grinding in toad: a toad is a nice place and I like it but what I hate is that after you do complete toad mission there is nothing to do there so adding a mission for going to toad and killing bandit raccoon 25 times or so can be helpful to solve this problem not getting same mission after you abandon it: one of the most frustrating things for me is that when I abandon a mission thinking I can't do it so I abandon it but after I get new mission I receive the same mission again this makes me angry I know the probability of it is low but still when I get it it makes me close the game 100% of the time and is annoying even by RP since why would kage give you the mission again just right after you abandon it. make the toad boss area non-water-based: toad boss is hard but not because it's super strong but because if you are not a mist you can't charge chakra on it and your only dmg option is shuriken, senbon, and kunai I wish if something like a small area where you can charge chakra or make it non-water-based so other villages ninja can fight it with their justu rather then their projectiles. give more thing to strength stats: all stats have something they increase for example hp and chakra is obvious and agility gives speed and various other effect and int might seem like its just damage but it also gives you a better cloak, but strength is just alone that doesn't give anything I think if it gives a boost like other then it will be better and makes much more sense. new refugee system: I think its time we make this since it already been done in-game we just need to make it official. as we all know if you are in the peace list of a village you can't do much with them also when the Kage said not to kill them the jonin bot still attack which seems a bit weird to me so maybe a new system like refugee can be added which is better then peace list. here are some things that it should have or can have: a. able to team that village ppl and rogue b. can not attack other villagers until they turn PVP on or you c. jonin bots don't attack you d. you can spawn in their village but other spawning points that you have access to as rogue gets taken e. military police force can jail you f. once removed from the refugee list you become a normal rogue g. while you are a refugee you can't join their org like Anbu or military police force also you can't become a chunnin in that village h. also this means that you can take a mission in that village 20.officials org for Takumi: Takumi is a weird place but there is potential to add official org there I have these two ideas for now: a. Orochimaru org(name not decided): this org main motive can be that it wants to serve their lord and have special boost given to them by their lord also some ppl might ask since there is not an official power in charge who will be the leader so I think in Takumi we can hold a tournament which will decide the leader or some other things. b. daimyo org(name not decided): this org main work is too serve their lord daimyo this is a counterpart of Orochimaru org and do the same things as them just for lord daimyo instead. I am aware that some of these ideas if wrote in their different post will be better but this is more of a test post to see ppl reaction. by the way, I hope you liked some of these ideas
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