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  2. i buy tonfa 10k
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  4. I'm suggesting that they make a black yellow flash shirt, I really wanted 1 of that to buy for my character
  5. I get that he doesn't want people to blow through levels but once again we only get THREE missions a day. Getting missions that give very little exp when there is a huge exp cap you need to reach is off-putting. Certain missions just should not be given to players past a certain level. Having missions that accommodate your level will still make people go through the slow leveling grind but just in a more reasonable way.
  6. Agree, always wondered why you can't explain why you are reporting the player. I also have reported other characters by mistake several times due to a misclick
  7. Welcome to nin online :)


  8. You can now check your overall village score contribution towards Economy, Intel and Manpower from the Mission Assignment Desk. The contributions started recording on 17 January 2019.
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  10. Great Work!
  11. I think that report option needs a confirmation that says like, "are you sure you want to report this player?" and maybe have an optional text box to add why you are reporting someone. I've misclicked the report option a couple times already and got the "you have reported X." message when i did not mean to. I think a simple confirmation page could help reduce the load of reports the staff receives.
  12. Looking forward to another great year of Nin. Thanks for all the work you've put in this far and the work which is coming in 2019.
  13. Good Job Rory. Keep up the good work.
  14. Hmm idk about this system but in RP games such as this, I think Player made missions made into a formal system is an interesting concept. Allow people to formally request tasks for ryo, Collect x of this, Kill this person, etc. I honestly think placing this on mission boards around the each of the villages would fit in more with Nin than even an auction house considering the current player base. The real question is how many people would use it.
  15. Missing ninjas already can be “hired” just by ninjas paying them ryo to help them. I don’t think a system needs put in place to help facilitate this. For example a village ninja could pay a missing for help with killing a boss, escorts, assassinations, etc. and the party system removes the fear of friendly fire. However, I wish that this could be taken into account when war events are happening. I was unable to attend the last war event but from my understanding it was a series of smaller fights and the village that won more, won overall. Depending on the sizes of these skirmishes, the team system would be fine for stopping friendly fire. It’d be cool if a village felt that they could boost their chances by hiring mercernaries, then that could do that without needing to pardon them. Temporary Pardoning is a bandaid solution to this, because it restricts missing ninjas to only being hired by their origin village. This also limits RP because why would a rogue want to help a village they left. It makes more sense that they would help their origin village’s rival, most of the time.
  16. Keep going
  17. Dear Ninja, Maybe this is going to be a tradition, maybe not.. but since I did one for 2017. Let's keep it going! Our second year of service has gone by! It wasn't the smoothest year.. with unending crashes beginning in the middle of the year all the way to November. It feels sad knowing so much time was spent trying to fix it, and so many potential players turned off by the interrupted services. During the time, we continued working on content, at a slower pace, while spending a lot of time looking into fixing bugs. We learned a lot from this, and we're sure this won't happen again. If anything, it was a costly lesson, and I'm still very sorry for all the inconveniences caused. You can read about that dilemma here, Despite all this, and despite still being behind in the specific goals for 2018. We managed to achieve a lot in development during 2018. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to shift focus to more pressing matters and jump around to work on things that aren't what we initially planned for. But all I can say is that, what was planned to be released in 2018 is well under way. We started off the year by attempting (and deciding to keep) hiding player names by default, and only showing them when hovered on. We had a discussion with the community in late 2017 and most players were receptive of the idea as it promoted stealth, focus on player's avatars and recognizing people by their appearance instead of just a name. This was a great change and I love how much more immersive the game is from a simple tweak. We added Toad Mountain into the world and shortly after released the level 30 quest line for Toad village! We added Rogue Ninja titles, Glasses Shops, Utility Shop for Sand, Jutsu Limits by Level, we rebalanced Jutsu to use stat requirements, we added Slows, Snares and Silences and rebalanced the game around them, and made Youthful Spring Technique actually make you move faster and added sensory technique. We introduced Bounty Missions where you finish by claiming bounty rewards! Added Monks in both villages sell Blessings for ryo. We introduced messenger missions. We rebalanced stat scalings in June. We rebalanced chakra charging and then did the biggest rebalancing of jutsu and masteries since Open Beta launched in 2017. Besides expanding the world with Toad village, we also expanded it with Tanzaku Quarters, and all the maps leading up to it, like the Valley of the End map! We improved exploration by making sure all doors you see that are open, are enter-able. We improved the design of the Sand village by revamping a large number of buildings with unique exteriors so they stood out from others. Introduced the Event Prize Room. We added Kumoroi's Lair and the Level 20-30 Boss Fight. We expanded your character's depth by introducing the Fortune Teller. To make it easier to navigate the larger world, we added World Maps and village Maps to help people get a better sense of directions! We also filled villages with trash - literally. We expanded RP by added the special Military Police Forces, which added a new village dynamic by giving a group of players power to detain other ninja. We also introduced all the Sand village Chunin Exam facilities. We added sitting animations so players could sit on chairs and RP scenes like being in a meeting. We added features like 0.5s, 0.1s stuns instead of the minimum stuns being 1s in the past. Battle injuries became visible graphically for everyone, with scars appearing on your body. Additive/Subtractive graphics allowed for us to make day look more vibrant and fogs look more evil. We added global variables to our server, which then allowed us to create cool features like Village Scores, Boss Dungeons and in-game election polls. We added larger than 1 tile hitboxes for enemies so we could give bosses large bodies. We added the feature to allow us to play different music for different times of day, which made our villages feel more alive in the day and peaceful at night. We added NPC vs NPC combat which allowed us to create Summons and Summoning jutsu! We normalized audios for the game to give the game a more consistent audio level and made all maps 1080p ready! We added Zoom functionality for better compatibility with large monitor resolutions. Misc. features like Twinking, Inventory Slots Expansions, Eye Changers, Walking Sounds, Hotkey Bar going grey when you're unable to cast, Taijutsu Weapons, Slowed Run Casts, Shared Cooldowns for similar Jutsu, Barrier Tags. We fixed Rubberbanding! Made the client work with DirectX9! We fixed the worst server crash that was plaguing Nin Online ever. and finally, we ended off the year with a one time Christmas X Halloween mash up event! In total we added 100+ new items including cosmetics, 30+ Maps , 50+ NPCs. This is only a brief overview of some of the more interesting things introduced in 2018. We have hundreds of other bug fixes, changes and additions you can read about in our Patch Notes starting on page 12! I also excluded content that is unavailable to players as of today, even though they are added. To end this all, I just want to thank everyone for sticking with us through 2018, and for joining us in 2018. Welcome to Nin Online! Regards, Ueda
  18. Sounds like something leaf would abuse for their missing alts.
  19. that was b4 sand stabbed Akatsuki in the back to get an alliance with leaf that didn't last nearly as long
  20. Sand has allied with Akatsuki multiple times in the past.
  21. seems like a decent idea but why would rogues be interested in working for a village that hates us for pocket change??
  22. Idk why something like this isnt ingame already. Basicaly it should enable villages to ally themselves with missing nin orgs for money or w/e and not be able to hit each other.
  23. Today i see nin online with a lot stun cc jutsu and few slow cc jutsu, i think could be have more slow on game, if im not wrong actually we have only 2 or 3 slow jutsu on game.Why i think slow important? so as stun, slow help the pvp of game, more dynamics and the combos will have more options , slow , Stun, silence, are Cc that help to improve the game mechanic and at moment, nin online we have only stun and somes slows. We need more options on game .
  24. War Toad can hurt itself with its fire jutsu Summons randomly despawn when changing maps (Happens in snake lair 100% of the time) Sometimes it doesn't summon at all but it still drains chakra Summon will not attack enemy ninja if they have PVP on unless you also have PVP on Ninja in the same village cannot attack summons even if they both have PVP on You don't get the kill if a summon lands the final hit
  25. Name: Orochi Himitsu Age:17 Rank: Rouge Ninja Chakra Nature: Wind
  26. I like the idea of having less wasted time watching over a dead body, so making the death timer 30 seconds instead of 60 is a good idea. But I also understand Atrane's point of view, so what if we reduce death timer to 30 seconds, but then also reduce rev's cast time down to 6-6.5 seconds from 10 seconds? So that Medics aren't sitting ducks for so long, and also killers don't need to waste time watching a dead body.
  27. It's not the admins problem. It's just a coding error, and I'm sure Seth has already looked into it; it's just a problematic error to debug since it only happens to some people and not all.
  28. Gentle Fists are Hyuga. And aren't you sand? You wont even get the sharingan if u really want it since sharingan was for leafs in konoha.
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