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    Try now.
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    Yep morning peacock and whirlwind used to do 112 for me with YS now it's around 87 or so
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    And before it was higher i guess.
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    Yeah our moves with YS don't even break 90 damage
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    oh ok i see now, you are kind of bugged.
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    I'm not asking for a boost? This is in the bug reports sub forum. We got the damage bug GF had or something. Now we do hardly any damage at all with jutsu even though we never had high DPS to begin with. This mastery didn't need to be touched at all.
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    if you say soo, Mikecw, i mean when i see you fight, i dont think you should need a boost, you aldready on the top of the great fighters, but maybe its just vs me that you are good too, i dont know.
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    You are dead wrong. Agi tai uses more chakra than fire ffs, I have 260 chakra. Chasing your opponent with moves that have tiny hitboxes is harder and riskier than shooting from afar or using a homing. This mastery did not need a nerf. There are only 2 level 50s who are agi tai in the whole game. How is anyone even supposed to level with this? It takes forever just to farm rats as a level 50 now.
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    Lol, seriously... cause you dont need that much of chakra and you need to chase your opponent, and btw to me Taijutsu is good enought... but well, im not playing it but like every hard opponent are Tai soo, that's means something...
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    What are you even talking about? Agi tai has ALWAYS done the lowest damage. Now it's even worse. Fuck out of here with that. You need to enter my world if anything. YS puts my agi at 164, that means with 164 agility my strongest jutsu is doing 86 right now
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    Well, Welcome in my world boy. I guess you got patch too.
  14. Because no one do it, I will.
  15. Yesterday
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    It's really bad now. The melee damage is the same, but all of the jutsu do way less. Seismic Dash went from doing 75 yesterday to 55 today with 100 agility. My strongest move with Youthful Spring active only does 86 damage.
  17. well, i feel like where too soon into nin's story to become s-ranked criminal etc. We dont have any worthy famous spells or did anything worthy the fame. But yeah, your a nuisance for the leaf.
  18. I'm past A rank but its funny only people that don't like me think I'm not S tier.
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    So TRUE about our homings, they suck!!! xDD
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    Upgrading, evolving jutsu should be even more harder its too easy right now.. I cant imagine how easy it would be with multiplier...
  21. Me me!
  22. Hermit crabs?
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    It's easier for gentle fist to land there AOE stuns then it is for sword users to land hits. You keep saying 2 run cast homings but let's not forget that risky blade teleports you to the front of the user which enemies can take advantage of and actually stop my damage by hitting me with a jutsu knowing I will TP in front of them no matter the direction they face. And crescent moon is a 2 sec cast timer 1 sec self stun with a 3 tile pushback that CANT be combo'ed at all because of the self stun. I would gladly take a sword with gentle fist jutsu any day of the week over the sword jutsu. Half the reason sword is so bad is we have 1 effective jutsu in pvp/pve. Also stop complaining that wild slashes hits through subs it barely happens anymore.
  24. I will always be the strongest! Edit: Losing is for loser!
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    What a difference a few hours make. People were complaining about Gf being underpowered now it just seems even more op than it was before the nerf. Ive already said my peace about GF in another thread, I just want that mastery to play by the same rules other masteries have to. Then and only then will I have nothing to say about it. As it stands now its just broken comedy.
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    I kind of like the idea of disabling traps but try to think more imaginatively with this and dont just make it where you can run around and just disable traps willy nilly. That would be sort of silly(wow that rhymed sort of Killer Bee style lol). Give it a more thoughtful mechanic because consider this: Not every Ninja in the Naruto universe has the know how, skill or prowess to disable traps, bombs etc. So I dont think that everyone in Nin should be running around with the ability to disable traps. It should and has to take some sort of know-how, otherwise it will turn into a nonsensical war of attrition. I wouldnt want to see it turn into that.
  27. Cause The owner of the game, Sleep alot... that's simple
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