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  2. Im not talking about the kills for ww im just talking about your kill count i think it should count in any zone. It would be nice too if kills for ww and cbk counted for any zones too.
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  4. Warm welcome @Lycoris Nin-Online has alot to offer. Adventure which you seem to enjoy. It requires strategies to certain extend how to beat bosses or how to infiltrate into enemy village and much more!
  5. IGN: Kazuki Uchiha (Imma change it soon) Name: Shinsuke Uchiha Age: 12 Rank: Leaf Village Genin Titles N/A Introduction Shinsuke is a shinobi from the leaf village he is the strongest out of his group he even though he doesn’t realize it. In his free time he’s either training, playing video games or just hanging out with his friends. Shinsuke recently lost his parents during a war between the Hidden Leaf Village and the Hidden Sand Village once he found out that was the first time his sharingan awakened. Personality He is a good person to hang around with he’s pretty chill and he can be really comical at times he’s also not as dumb as he looks/acts during battles he is really serious and sometimes he cracks a joke during it Powers At the moment he barely became a genin so he doesn’t have that much experience so he only has one elemental mastery: Lightning
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    Same issue here bro as soon as i reinstalled windows i couldnt play the game.
  7. @. @ ill put a clean version next time XD
  8. Enjoy playing the game the way you like. People can be dicks here and like me there are blood thirsty pvpers out there but im turning a new leaf. Enjoy the game and try to make it pass those types of people so they don't spoil your fun in your way
  9. Good Ole Wondershare FIlmora. Rumaki don't feel bad I use to be just like that. editing nin videos was taking 30 minutes to an hour now it takes like 5 minutes to do or less lol. I enjoyed the video thought but I must say try to pick a song with less vulgar words about private parts lol
  10. Thank you all for the warm welcomes. Yours was especially warm :P.
  11. WELCOME TO NIN ONLINE! Hope you enjoy your time and have fun along the way.
  12. im on same position like maga i made 2 guides and i do tons of work in our wiki and what i get like upper man said middle finger. Im not saying its wrong move to give oriax silver ninja but its hurts me thats i spend almost 30h of working finding info checking everything and i get nothing and man after 1 guide get silver /slowclap (no offence oriax but its true) ppl working hard and getting nothing from it
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  14. Have fun
  15. there ya go
  16. Welcome to nin,hope you enjoy your stay ^_^
  17. I was just messing around in game a few minutes earlier, so far it seems really cool. Figured I'd make an introduction post. I'm not entirely confident in what to write here. So, I'll just put some stuff. I like reading and playing games. Strategy, 2D, Retro, Adventure, Fantasy, etc. I dislike horror to some extent (I scare easy). I enjoy the cold winter months, compared to the summer ones (I'm weird, I know, I'm not really a heat fan, burn easy). I'm not a very skilled PvP person. I've done very little of it. Still, I hope to meet you all in the game. Hope your future days are sunshine and happiness. -Lycoris
  18. Fucc you,people work hard for silvers and there is list of people that got it for 1 random shit,where is justice in it? I made 2 guides about seals some time after start of the beta(now outdated) and I got middle finger. This guy made guide too and got shit. Yeah show me your mod powers and delete answer and ban me for bad behaviour.
  19. who was the winner of the championship to collect again members in the organization? the current leader. for me this was a serious mistake not because I do not deserve it or is not responsible (I worked when he was and is very responsible) but he is a simple genin, when in this type of organization the ranges are important and more when they tell you that you need chunin + to be able to arrest, and you choose a leader who can not arrest? a little strange, is not it? about the sand players is not just to stop playing, there are at least 8 active players who have left sand for their bad performances, I have to know 4 to 5 who left sand to go to leaf due to inactivity and certain topics of which already I spoke with you (besides that the many that have left were very loyal to sand with very high ranges in sand) but tetsuhawk thinks that the organization of sand does not work well due to the fact that chunin + is needed to be able to take advantage of this organization and practically all are genin, in exchange for leaf they have enough chunins and assets to be able to arrest in any situation. I remember when I was a policeman and I did not stop spamming in the discord so that some chunin will be connected to be able to arrest there is when I saw the responsible thing that is mrchubb, in summary everything very exhilarating the truth.
  20. Don’t take punishment related issues here. Closing.
  21. @Yin Ketsuki sexy clan.
  22. Wow -_- I am really disappointed.
  23. That's it for another "secret" in game.
  24. my mind has been blown...kappa.
  25. Start a YouTube series about this p.s. If you do can I be in it
  26. I wish we could change our characters appearance without having to reset so I started a petition to be able to change your characters appearance without having to reset please share it
  27. I’m great at doing role plays if you need a member for your team (Like Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura) just ask me I’ll join :D

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