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  2. Click X to target them and use the skill from your hotbar.
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  4. So I Was Wondering How To Heal Other Players Since I Chose The Mastery 'Medical', And I Wanted To Know What I Needed To Press To Heal Another Person. Cause Whenever I Cast It, It Says I'm Casting It To Myself But Even Then It Says I Cant. Please Help Me. I'd Really Appreciate It. UwU.
  5. Title, don't think any other details are necessary to report this bug.
  6. @Woo Jakusha lvl ur wu tang alt boi
  7. Well it's a fact that before jakusha left sand finally had a decent amount of players again, now it's just 3 lvl 50's and some random lvl 15s. Imo jakusha leaving is a big loss for sand in manpower.
  8. Lmfao steezo where have u been? Make it happen cause it's once again more satisfying to raid takumi than sand, they have more 3 times more people on lol
  9. Well you can always fight alone, especially if you call yourself "God of Akatsuki"
  10. Hello Crowlock. Nice day isn't it?
  11. *whispers* Psssttt....I heard that Hozukis are Akatsuki and leaf alts : O ...
  12. Haha simpsons reference.
  13. It's been a long time since I uploaded a video, but I was really busy with real life. Here a small tutorial for the lowlevel ninjas on how to get to the hidden lair!
  14. I mean Hozuki sounds cool no? :v P.S RIP kiwi and woo,the true sand shinobi that fell blind.(chuckles I'm in danger)
  15. I don't know why, but I am starting to like the way you instigate things sometimes. Either way, I volunteered on this because I have a natural hatred for Sukki. I don't even know what a Himitsu is.
  16. The Hozuki have defended Sand in the past. A lot of us have been inactive due to personal reasons and more. If people are concerned about our population, AND OUR SKILL boy oh boy you all better start training your asses off because Hozuki aren't the only ones returning to Sand.
  17. how do you fix "your client is outdated"?

  18. fix't 4 u. jk ily.
  19. It was sad, but after so long of feeling mistreated it was hard not to leave. All of Sand wasn't to blame and we don't blame the whole village for the mistakes of higher-ups, who knows the clan might return one day. Until we do return though we will be sure to keep you Hozuki on your toes, after all, we have to make sure the newest defenders can stand up to the task like we once tried to.
  20. Honestly, it was actually sad to see some Jakusha go. I wish the best of luck to the Jakusha clan as well.
  21. When someone states that someone elses village is empty, most people would think that means "oh so there are no people in it", because ya know that is what the word 'empty' means. I don't know where you learned English, but empty doesn't mean 'skill'. How about ya stay on topic or take your salt elsewhere bb? Ignoring you is easy.
  22. I wish Sand the best of luck, I'm glad to see Hozuki is coming back and I look forward to seeing Sand revived again.
  23. Always need someone else to fight their battles. What a shame.
  24. Parcel delivery give 19,200 exp where as its counterpart Danger Dango gives 3200 exp , both similar mission but a huge gap in exp amount rewarded. One can argue that the Dango mission is harder even tho its less rewarding since you have to make it to takumi and back without dying, where as parcel mission you make it to takumi and you can freely die as a shortcut to get back to your village. There fore i propose that Danger Dango at least get buffed to a similar amount of exp as its counterpart or More
  25. You can “repopulate” all you want. Having numbers means nothing if there is no skill involved. The jakusha were atleast a new clan that gave it there all and actually show potential at being good players. Guess you didnt get the memo even though its been said countless times.
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