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  2. If someone makes a new idea. People could join if they wanted and it's just for testing luck. Anybody ig can make 100 ryo easily with daily mission. Or even just getting enough scorpion tails while grinding for example. There are many ways to get 100 ryo and join this. IF you want. But nobody force you to do it. My opinion is this is a good new idea and we need more ideas like this. I don't care if the owner gets rich while doing this. It's just all for fun for those who want to join. I just don't get why people want to put new ideas like this down insta, while at the same time crying for this game to have something new.. It's alright to ask questions and discuss about things. But why do people care if he gets some money from us to actually keep this thing going. It's all for fun and i like this new idea. Nobody forces you to join, but i personally did. Just for fun. To show i like this new idea and it would be cool people who actually have these kind of ideas. To share and do stuff. So this game stays alive and well. While we are actually waiting for new official things and updates. It doesn't hurt anybody joining these player made events for couple of ryo. If they want.
  3. The thing is i already restarded my computer and router, added the game to firewall and antivirus exceptions and still cant do it for some odd reason
  4. Please just compare villages, each of them has something that makes it unique. In addition to all that you have a 5-minute sea and a port with danger zone that serves enough to protect you To complete every time you go to mist, it's almost a trip with no return They are the strongest village in the game, all their lowies must learn to live life to the extreme xD
  5. To my black and mixed brothers and sisters, I'm SO sorry you had to be the ones that were called that.., and to @Law I completely understand and i hope you come back to this community to the ppl that care i'm sure we'll welcome you with open arms!
  6. Nice work with the limited pixels you had to work with. I'm honestly impressed, my suit pixel art with the snake belt doesn't compare to this..
  7. loved the demon slayer one
  8. You're lvl 50s should just hang out at the docks as if it were the village square and nobody will ever touch a mist lowbie ever. I mean I ain't against changing the zones to safe, but if you are the strongest shinobi village your lowbies should feel safe in your own danger zones.
  9. If we are doing a hostage event i'll volunteer! Also i can ask the other kages to agree to it so we don't get bored. We can have teams of 3 or more people to secure the hostage. If you have anymore event's/Idea's Pm me or other event hosts!
  10. #Justice4Lowbies
  11. Shippuden version on caara clontes
  12. All I'm saying Break from your daily afk patrol duties works miracles.
  13. @sasukeopl Ive had multiple people ask for Gaara's clothes so its definitely on the list. Im not too sure what version of Gaara's clothes you all would like so ill do a few different ones! Thanks for the feedback!
  14. Update on the clothing. I forgot to put the robe-less Demonslayer sprite in the pic and i also fixed some of the "off" pixels in the Cloud's shoes and pants. (its still not 1 to 1 but i did what i could with the amount of pixels i had lol) (please keep in mind i did this in like 10 min after i got home for work haha) Thank you! Hari Nogin
  15. Try caara sand clontes
  16. Omg this surprises me so much, he has always been a kind person. I didn't expect him to have that side of evil
  17. Our lowbies still square up when they have to, but would be nice having those areas protected.
  18. Really digging the Demon Slayer outfit, nice work!
  19. You can try restarting your computer. It is to do with your WiFi or ethernet. I had this issue with the updater and client when using my school's network.
  20. Clearly it was made like this cause they knew we can handle this shit! WE MIST! We got this!
  21. I agree completely we need justice / fairness for our lowbies! No longer shall mist lowbies be used like rags as ww kills in a training zone it’s not fair. My suggestion play around with the safe and danger zones in mist because the current ones are clearly upsetting people.
  22. The Comparisons Between Mist and Leaf Maps Mist Leaf DragonFlies - Danger Zone Spider - Safe Zone Foxes- Danger Zone Wolves- Safe Zone Boars - Safe Zone Tigers - Danger Zone Fire Ants - Danger Zone Rats - Safe Zone In other posts when players are requesting that kills be counted in every zone the staffs main response is that , they arent going to let safe zones be danger zones so that new players are protected. Where is this same argument when it comes to the mist lowbies, Lowbie maps such as Dragon flies and Foxes are blatantly made killing zones for players that cant protect theirselves yet and are grinding towards level 10 or just after hitting level 10. Yet they are still being use as cannon fodder to give the other villages free Waging War kills where as for mist and the current state of the game where our Oppositions are now allied and have no reason to come out of their villages we have barely anywhere to recieve any kills. Although, that is a fine point its not the main objective of this posts. The Zones should either be made similar so that we have the same choice of offense as the allied forces do, or our lowbies should be protected within safe zones and not used as mission completers. This was even more gruesome in the beggining stages of mist the idea that the main farming places for players within a newly established village to be danger zones was "Not it chief" but we still managed to become the current strongest village even with those challenges winning the Allied war even with no Level 50s. However, the current generation of the Bloody mist should not be faced with the same trials that we had to endure. Please fix! Peace Love Positivity
  23. Cloud's pants and shoes
  24. This is really nice!
  25. This post has so much truth in it I’m literally speechless @Deviax from your stat calc to your mock cE host you’re truly a pillar in this community I hope that in the future and continuation of this game us as players can learn to take these words and use them to change our perspective instead of taking offense to them thanks for this posts #peaceloveposotivity
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