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  2. Just like in tittle, i was hear people can choose "no clan member" so, what you think about add orphanage for those players? Something like one big house for non clan members. This thing will explain why people aren't in clans (+10 RP for game).
  3. i don't have too much pride to beg.
  4. i dont make 5k a month i make 7k now :3

    1. Greasy


      did they nerf agi tai 


  5. I noticed that if u have equiped a fan and u throw a kunai it does less dmg than throwing the kunai without the fan equiped or with a sword, idk if this is a bug or it is intencional, but it's weird so im gonna post it just in case. @Ueda.
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  7. design

    Ok, I have to admit this is a pretty cool change. Thanks Rory.
  8. I really dig it! Do mine next
  9. Battle injuries really hurt a gal...... I got bored and decided to try my hand at drawing my character. I'm in a drawing mood so uhhhh if you want me to draw yours or whatever go crazy! I won't uh... be doing all of them because art is a process :'))))
  10. Medical Supplies are a faulty mission that isn't worth the time to complete. For example if you're a level 14 who gets MS1, why would anyone bother to collect 40 cocoons and 30 spider eggs when they get no exp from killing those mobs? You'd get a total of 5k from completing the mission. With the time to collect that much, you'd gain more grinding tigers. It's a complete waste of a daily. My suggestion is to at least make MS missions contain the collection of items realistically obtainable and gain the appropriate amount of xp. For example lv's 1-10 cocoons and spiders, 11-19 -> wolves and tigers, 20-30 -> rats and bees, then bears and snakes -> 31-36, Hosts and snow wolves -> 37-40. *Increase the experience and FIX THE RATS IN SEWERS* *Get rid of obtaining from the mobs in sand* Comment and Like below. @Ueda
  11. This balance change has been honestly incredible. I enjoy fan a lot more now than I ever did before. Due to the nature of the game, close-quarters combat is obviously the preference for a lot of players, but fan users dominated against elemental users because of a guaranteed knock-back and canceling of jutsu. This change is one of the best I've seen on Nin Online and just wanted to voice my appreciation to the change since I've seen some negative reception.
  12. Fixed bug with Bingo Book.
  13. design

    I agree , Fan makes alot more sense now, good update.
  14. design

    Honestly the content is really cool, like it feels better to throw projectiles. BUT, you should take a look into the fan kit, if you can. It’s full of selfstun/cast time. The fan hit used to compensate for that. + now basically it’s just better to use the black fan/normal fan because they’re both more useful. So going pure str fan isn’t really a good path at all. but great change honestly takes more skill to knockback people now.
  15. design

    It makes sense and i love the change.
  16. design

    Quality Content UwU We luh yu Rory-Sama
  17. Not going to write a full dev log for this update. But basically, if you don't know already, Fan weapons got a huge update, they now shoot ranged projectiles instead of normal melee attacks. This has been planned for a long time, and the goal is to make Fan ninja feel like a ranged class rather than just another kind of WM. This feature also allows us to make guns basically. We could have a weapon that shoots bullets. Which I really wanted to do for the Christmas event (so you could shoot zombies) but we didn't have the feature out in time. Ah well, maybe we can shoot something else this Halloween. There's more to come in the future in terms of what each fan can do, right now all the fan attacks are very general basic wind projectiles, but we've coded a very broad feature which will allow us to use weapons to cast jutsu on attack, which we can use for more than just fans. But for the most part, it will be quite a unique thing. Don't expect swords to ever shoot anything. It's a Fan thing. Eventually, I hope to implement elemental fans like the Bashōsen (ōsen) But not exactly like that, more like for example a Fire fan that contains elemental chakra stored within it, giving you a basic fire tornado projectile for example. So Fan ninja will be able to explore having burns for example. Even for non-elemental fans, we'll still be reworking their normal projectiles once we have a better idea of where to go from here in terms of Fan balance. Hopefully this piques the interest for Fans and Sands a little more and hey - maybe you're a bit of a fan of mine now. ay.
  18. Rebalanced the uniqueness of each fan
  19. This has been resolved via PMs
  20. Thanks for the feedback, I understand the salt on the balance, because it's quite a radical shift. It has been the intention for years for Fan users to feel like they do in the anime, where it's a completely ranged weapon ninja. But god knows when you're used to something, people will be uncomfortable to changes, so I understand and we'll be continuing to find ways for it to feel better.
  21. Thanks for the feedback, the reason why we're reworking it is exactly your last sentence. (favorite melee mastery) But we all know Fans in the anime aren't melee weapons. It was always intended for this to be how it felt, we just didn't have the feature required for it until now..!
  22. Last week
  23. Still waiting for the 6th int wind jutsu
  24. Yesterday,my shirokata was regenerating 10 chakra each time,today it went up to 32,without me changing anything. Then i equipped it again,to see if it will make a difference....and it did,it went back to 10.This seems to happen to other people aswell. PS:My max chakra is 250. Went back to 10,right after equipping it again.
  25. I also want to add that I notice that the fan Is slower than before too, like, now you can't do, melee, tornado, melee, cuz its slower, its like 0.5 seconds faster than the normal fan but still beeing slower than before.
  26. I have been a wind user since I started, and I would like to be a wind user forever, but since I started I have only seen how wind dies, first I was a hybrid, and shortly after they were nerfed, this change caused that I change from hybrid to full str, it was not a very important change but I would not like it much, however I let it go, but now with the new change of fan, not only is it more difficult to give something as basic as a melee, but also being full str my melees do even less damage, so since I've seen this change I've been quite frustrated, seeing how it changes from being hybrid to str because they nerfed it and now they go and nerfed something very important like the fan melee, which is the grace of being hybrid or full str now? I would like to be wind / wind, but knowing how useless it was lately the mastery I did not intend to do it, but now it is much worse, now if you are just wind like me, it is much more complicated to do very basic things like the melee combo, tornado, melee, if it is already complicated to do when you have 200 ping because you live in Europe, now that the fan melee is a projectile is even more, I know that I'm just being salty about it, that this has its advantages and that many people love the change, but it bothers me that only see how the mastery become more and more complicated to use, as I said I know that I'm just being salty, but I would like at least to give a stat reset scroll, and I know that this change does not affect the statistics at all (if we do not take into account that the melee does less damage than before) but I would like to have the stat reset scroll because my only mastery is dying slowly and I want to be able to at least change to int wind. Thanks for your attention. @Ueda.
  27. So.. instead of giving my opinion on the new fan change, I'll give my suggestions. 1) Tweak the scaling, 1 base damage on a level 40 fan doesn't make much sense, when all jutsus scale off weapon base damage. Either make jutsus scaling off strength alone or increase base damage on high strength requirement fans, so they aren't easily abusable by elements, and change the way melees scale instead, so they don't do as much as when they were close range. I reset my stats to 130 strength to test, and all of my jutsus do 70 damage and below, which is roughly half what elements do with same value of intellect. 2) Tweak melee speed. 2 seconds melee on fan mastery, which is a melee range mastery, whatever people may say, doesn't make much sense. It leaves it vulnerable to melee masteries. Increasing the delay between melees by .5 seconds instead of a full second would be a lot more appropriate, in my opinion. 3) Since fan as a mastery can't really be considered a melee mastery anymore, tank builds don't really fit anymore. If a rework of the mastery was really needed, may as well go all the way and make it behave as a ranged mastery. Lower the selfstuns, make the projectiles more scale better and be less CC based, i.e. make tornados do more damage and travel faster and remove the stun and selfstun, or make it a snare. I haven't given it much thought, but a total rework of the mastery would make more sense with this change. Tornados in their current version require you to go really close range to hit, they move extremely slow and can easily be outran. It worked when fan was melee oriented, but not anymore. Fan mastery was my favourite melee mastery, despite what many people think it was/is really fun to play, so I'm obviously upset that it has to be changed, but I'm hoping that the devs will see the flaws in its current state and the change will be for the better. @Ueda
  28. Honestly it's something that can always be put on the back burner until new level cap. But more monsters and more missions revolving their drops or their deaths.
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