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  2. Woah, I like your profile song, what's the name of it?

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  4. And easy fix would be that IF you use the lvl 15 tai jutsu, the lvl 15 GF jutsu goes on cd as well. Same for the others
  5. Welcome to the family,kotaro. Also uploading our first group picture that we took a while ago,was fun
  6. Was fun
  7. :thumbsup:
  8. Thanks for inviting me to the clan, Ill try to be there for it as much as i can.
  9. oof time spent on duty really hurts bruv
  10. Congrats dude, will there be the buffet?!?
  11. When you initiate conversation with Tanaka when you press "Next" to get to the 40-69 options, it just ends the dialogue. However, when enchanting a blank scroll, you get the dialogue options for level 40-69 and the summon "Next" options.
  12. Waiting for the fountain of blood made out of piled shinobi corpses!
  13. @General Ketsueki Is Kayn no Kyan
  14. This should be a HitSpark sponsored event. Rory break out the pixel streamers and booze. KEK IS 50, the leaf is doomed.
  15. One of the main things that bothers me about Taijutsu and Gentle Fist is how alike their Palm Bottom/Breaking Kick and Seismic Dash/Mountain Crusher play. I think a good way to make them "feel" different would be to increase how much these jutsu knockback for Gentle Fist users. Since Gentle Fist is the hard hitting mastery I think that giving it 3-4 tile knockback on Palm Bottom and Mountain Crusher would be cool way to make it feel more hard hitting and also prevent Flicker+Palm Bottom combos to be instantly landable since you'd knock the opponent out of your other jutsu range. Another thing I think should be changed is the fact that Mountain Crusher teleports you to the opponent. Seismic Dash is like the jutsu says, a dash, and the description says that it teleports to enemy, but Mountain Crusher doesn't say anywhere that it teleports, it only says that it hits the target at close range. Which is why I think that this jutsu should just do damage and knockback without teleporting to opponent.
  16. Izanami Lightning Level 34 I have been around for a while but usually playing solo, which is not all that fun on Nin. I like to PvP, however, it is not the easiest thing with Lightning at all. I want to improve and train with somebody, essentially.
  17. Thank you,thats very nice of you
  18. I am a stranger to clans, but I am here to commend these fellows after I met a few last night. They are a helpful bunch. If you meet them around, just know that you can count on them. Keep it up, you all.
  19. Hey guys! Whenever I launch the game and type my pass and username and click login and then click select after a sec it says Connection Lost and this usually happens so is there any problem with my internet or is it a game bug or somethin?
  20. Congratulations keki! I will be there. PS:I expect this to end in a bloodbath.
  21. Oh damn,and i missed out on this
  22. So I've got just enough bounty to get me to lvl 50 I think and I thought I would make a big deal out of it, and share it with the nin online community. You are ALL invited to the bounty station at 8PM CET, and thats about it.
  23. Well since those two styles are total opposities, my idea for splitting those 2 masteries was the choice at 10 lvl. Depends which jutsu u learn first - from tai or gf - will determine the tree you have chosen, thus making you unable to learn the other jutsu tree. Like you either get used to Strong Fist (agi tai) or Gentle Fist (gf) as a ninja.
  24. Cant believe you actually posted this^^ PS:Where is my cola? @YamaTakeshi Hinode
  25. No esports please.Im glad it exists,and it can be fun to watch,but in mmorpg,s it tends to ruin the community or even the game itself.Look what happened to wow,s pvp after they wanted to get into esports.... We would see even more tai/gf users(maybe also lightning)in tournaments than now,the playerbase will be more toxic,and it will take the focus away from the RP(and theres not a lot of RP going on right now anyway).I also dont think that the playerbase is big enough for this or that 100/200$ as price money would be a nice idea,since the devs propably already struggle with the server costs.This leads us to the next problem:the servers.As long as there is no EU server or at least a better host for the server we have now,you will have to pay for software like exit lag or pingzapper to get a advantage.And this is not a good foundation for esports,where everyone should have the same chances in a competition. About,,exclusive items''...this may sound nice at first,but i think it was rory who said once,that the server can only,,carry''a certain ammount of items,there is a limit.Thats why he wants to avoid adding items that only a few players will use.
  26. Hey guys! I was wondering that this game should have a event like esports or tournaments and the person who wins it gets an amount of money like 100/200 $ or stuff like that because this game is not that advanced or great YET! Or they should give an event item that only a single player can have in the game! So guys tell me your honest wonders or opinions about this topic!
  27. Welcome everyone Congratulations!!!! to @YamaTakeshi Hinode to be first elder!! also gladly meet our lovely new member boko and jeroken, Hope we can play together soon haha. Wish you peaceful life in leaf village
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