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    •     Leaf's Peaceful List Diary

      Fox Dre Idalia

      Chopza   Leaf's Pardon in-Process List
      Hashirama Cell   Side Note - It is not possible to be a self-proclaimed hermit. You must be approved by the Council (Including Kage). It may take some time for your case to be responded to. If the reasons you give to become a hermit are not solid you will not be granted it. (Requesting hermit status before has a higher chance of getting into the list rather than after) Coming back to the village will also be easier should you decide to do so if you were approved as a hermit prior to leaving.     **No loitering inside the Leaf Village. **The Peaceful list is meant to aid friendly missing ninja on completing missions and assisting Leaf during raids and defense scenarios. **Peaceful list members are only permitted to spar in the training ground map. (Pardon in-Process List excluded)
      **Being on that list does not protect you from enemy factions. Also notice that, attacking a Leaf Ninja or another member of the Peaceful list, while being on that list, would lead you out of it and you lose your one chance. **If you get attacked by a Leaf ninja or someone on the Peaceful list, while being on that list you should send proof to the officials. Attacking them back could put the blame on you. **In case you change your in-game name make sure to inform The Council or the Hokage so that we can update the list accordingly. **Depending on inactivity, the Council and the Hokage may decide to remove you from the list at any time.                                           

      *These rules have been updated and changed by:
      5th Official Council- @Ljones @Charky &  @Raw
      The Sixth Hokage - @Shotoho
    • @Deviax You can always hit me up for our late night talks like we used to do for 2 years
    • Seth said he will work on this, few months ago. Guess not yet.
    • Might be a nice new weapon for Tai users   Spin-  After killing enemy- Before killing enemy-
    • would be nice for certain hairstyles