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Hello Ninja,

As you have noticed, weekly events have kind of stopped. I kind of lost interest in doing it weekly, and felt like the feedback wasn't where I wanted it to be. So, I'm going to do less Community Events, but have them be more about quality rather than efficiency. (2-3 a month)

This event is a pretty basic one, we want a Group Photo with all of your organization members, friends, clan members, whoever! Just take a photo with a maximum of 10 players (minimum of 2). You need to have one person in your group submit the picture to this post, preferably tagging everyone in the photo.


This is how voting will work, and it's important you are active in your voting campaign, as your vote will be community based. To become the winner, you must have the most likes on your post. (We will check the likes and if any alts are caught voting, that vote will be removed - all accounts voting must be at least 1 week old).

Recommendations & Rules

I recommend the photo is 1920x1080 resolution, but doesn't have to be.

Your photo must be in-game. NO PHOTOSHOPPING!

You can have up to 10 players in your photo, any more than that will be disqualified. (We understand organizations are bigger than 10 players, but that's just our maximum for prizes.)

Dress your best, maybe match, whatever you think will get your post the most likes!

General Rules

  • Post your entry in this thread by making a reply.
  • You are only allowed to do 1 submission per contest.
  • Your entry should be 100% your own work. Plagiarism is very serious, you will be disqualified and warned.
  • You may use any form of art to express your entry (specifically for art-related events).
  • Your entry MUST have content related to Nin Online. Whether it be characters, symbols, logos, community relation, or anything. Just make sure it is related to Nin Online!
  • Your entry may not contain any offensive or rude comments or imagery. The entry should follow all community guidelines found here.
  • In the event one of our prizes is a Gold Ninja Rank, Gold and Silver Ninja will not be eligible for those prizes for obvious reasons, but may still attempt for other prizes.
  • Your entry should look like you put a bit of effort into it. (Stickmen, messy and quick sketches, etc.) (specifically for art-related events)
  • Should a tie occur between submissions, all who tied will split the winnings.
  • Honorable mentions may be rewarded as well, but that will be determined by the Event host.


The winning group will receive 10 Event Coupons each.

Special Dates

  • Entries begin immediately.
  • Entries will close on May 9 at 12:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time.
  • Prizes & Winners will be announced on May 9 at 1:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time.

Good Luck,

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2 hours ago, Booty Gang Pinku said:

can someone be in more than one group photo? ( as long as someone else posts it? ) @Jessica

No, just one photo, please, sorry.

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Cute Nins doing cute Stuff.  :O PS: I know there are more than 10 ppl . The Screenie is Still cute . I dont mind getting taken out in the Contest . 


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@Caio Mirana's submission won, I will try to get on in the next few days to give out rewards.

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