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The Suwa clan has always had a level requirement of 30 to join. However, we are now implementing the idea of prospecting. This will be a trial period for both parties. Players gain the benefits of being in the clan (help in game/socialization of a clan), but aren’t official members yet. Those accepted will gain restricted access to the discord. They are also welcome to all clan activities, but may not wear the tag. When the prospect reaches level 30 the clan elders will evaluate their performance and accept or reject them. Our goal is to acquire ninja dedicated to defending the village. We look for those interested in gaining rank within the village & becoming members of official leaf organization. Please know in advance that the screening process to becoming a prospect is selective. Something we want is people who are active. Also, calling out raids and enemy positions are traits we look for. 


  • Lvl 10-29
  • No alts mains only
  • Leaf Ninja
  • Approval of Clan Elders

How to apply:

  1. Reply to this post and include your name, mastery, and level.
  2. Message myself or @Kamakura Suwa @Biggie J Suwa on discord.

arrowdown.png.81c3556937df2f2295f0ac11877b4d8f.pngFor more information on the Suwa clanarrowdown.png.81c3556937df2f2295f0ac11877b4d8f.png






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