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[RP] Hidden Leaf's Academy (HIS 101)

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 Hidden Leaf's Academy Class HIS 101     


Throughout the years Leaf Ninjas have gone through very difficult times that are left sometimes untold or incorrectly (biased opinions). And so I bring to you, History 101, class that will be taught at the Leaf Academy. Lectures and discussions of our system throughout the years will be taking place. Lectures will also include, influential/important Leaf Ninjas who've had a great impact on our system, negotiations with Sand and Sand's history through the eyes of a Leaf Ninja, demonstrations and presentations, and we will also have occasional special guest appearances. Systems aren't always deemed to be fair to all, and the manner in which developments have been made will be spoken of and the question of what more can we do to improve our own current system will be asked during the final sessions, and together as a class we'll bring up the final statements to the Council and Hokage.


Information on Class Sessions:

  • There will be 10 sessions, possibly 2 per week (schedule has yet to be arranged). 
  • A calendar with session dates and times will be posted. (TBA)
  • Each session will be about 25 minutes. 
  • Attendance will be taken. (Part of your grade % TBA)
  • This class welcomes all Leaf Ninjas.
  • Exams/Pop Quizzes based on the discussions, will be graded (# and % TBA). 
  • Each student will get a grade at the end of the term, factors are, Participation, Exam Scores, and Attendance
  • (Those 3 factors above will be broken down and explain further later on when the first session date is announced).
  • Throughout the term, there'll be three optional individual conference days you can attend to talk to the professor about your grade.
  • At the end of the term, based on the grade you receive it will deem if you're eligible for rewards (which are TBA).


This class would serve as a documentation as well as help the students understand more about the Leaf Village and its people/systems. It would serve as a tool so that down the years' people do not forget about the origins of the village and it's people, also using that knowledge to further improve our system.


It will be taught by Professor @Deathmall Sasayaki,

Assistant - @Fritzo

Assistant - @Kuraen Wilkor

Assistant - 

The professor and his assistants will be working on the lesson plans and announce the first session on this post. 

(If you wish to be an assistant please feel free to message me or PM in-game)


Other Details: 

Originally the idea was to make more use of our academy, RP Wise. Hoping more "subjects" in the future are brought up. The goal is to obviously stray away from stale lectures (don't worry I got jokes for days). An attempt in giving you a classroom experience, in a fun manner. There will be days where a class might get pushed/ canceled, interruptions by village affairs etc, also do expect group activities. We will push for communication between students.

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That surely sounds like a great idea. Definitely gonna join some of those sessions ;) 

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Always love to rp, am about to make a post about it myself. I'll be there if I get the chance to! 

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I'll be there but i'm a bad student   :<


i'll do my best  for learn  the history of the hiddin leaft  village  è_é

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