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Fix Takumi Missions!!

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hi, i became a rogue ninja a few weeks ago and ive only been getting low EXP reward missions.. i get 30k missions on a daily basis and frankly im starting to lose interest. people that were the same level as me are now 4-5 levels above me because it takes me a week to get 1 level. its already hard enough to do them, but they arent even worth doing. it takes me hours to get enough bounty for those missions but they are at least rewarding.
i only have time to grind on weekends and i dont intend to spend a year to get to level 50.
getting 30k missions every day when im level 37 (been the same level for days now, took me a week to get there from 36) is getting ridiculous. and i know for a fact that im not the only one, ive spoken to other people..
pls fix this 

@Ueda @Seth

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14 minutes ago, Iryo said:

dont go missing

really helpful and insightful thank you what would this game do without bright minds like yourself

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