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Greetings Leaf Ninja! I am here to gladly announce our last Event of our term. As you may all know, we are really close to the end of our term, so we are gonna give a farewell with this Event. 

The following Event will take place this Saturday, 10th of November 2018 at 1 PM EST.
It will be a two scaled Event. For the first part, we will have the Event that lot of people loved so far, a Korean Style Event which will have no more than 30 players that can register.

   Korean Style Rules:

  • There will be three teams which the members will be picked randomly.
  • Teams will have to be lined up, the players should follow the line's order.
  • Two ninja of two different Teams will fight each round.
  • Team's 1 ninja will fight Team's 2 ninja. The loser will go last in his line, while the winner will continue to fight but with the Health he has left from his fight, healing would lead to DQ. Then, if for example the ninja from Team 1 will win, with his current health will continue fighting the first ninja in line of Team 3. If the ninja from Team 1 would win again, he would fight the first ninja in line of Team 2. The goal of each team is to eliminate every ninja of the enemy teams. (More details will be announced during the preparations of the event, with everyone gathered up)
  • Since the line is made up, its prohibited to change it.
  • A ninja can keep fighting till he is dead.

Moving on, after the Korean Style Event will come to an end, we will give a 30 minute pause so the people will be able to get ready for the next part, which will be a 2v2 Tournament. No teams limit, everyone with a team of two can join.

2v2 Tournament Rules:

  • No oils, no pills
  • Minimum level will be lvl 30

This double-Event will be exclusive for Leaf only Ninja.

Korean Style rewards:

  • Each player of the winning team : 200 ryo
  • Each player of the losing team: 150 ryo
  • MVP: 5$ in Nin Cash

2v2 Tournament rewards:

  • First team: 5$ in Nin cash each player
  • Second team: 1500 ryo each player
  • Third team: 1000 ryo each player.

Since this will be the last event being hosted on my term, I want to give special thanks to the Council, @Atrane @Leevi Sasayaki and @Arashi for all their work so far. Also special thanks to the whole Leaf Village for helping me keep our village alive and fun and of course, safe. Was my pleasure serving Leaf, first as a Council member and now as the Hokage, hope you all had fun. I hope to see you all there, on this Event and have a really good time, spectators are welcome!



Best Regards,

Forth Hokage and The Hidden Leaf's Council

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I am sad your time as a Hokage has come to an end but I'm looking forward to joining this event. <3 

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