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A thread like this probably already exists, or even multiple of them, but it's still not a thing, so.. let us reroll zodiac signs. It isn't a tremendous stat boost, obviously, but it's still lame that it's RNG and certain people get the right charms and others are stuck with something that they can't even use. 5 points in HP or damage stat can be the difference between winning and losing a fight. If you're gonna introduce stat boosts, let everyone benefit from them equally. Make it like 1k or 5k or whatever for reroll, or increasing cost with every reroll.
Before someone says "it's not RP to change signs", there probably isn't even zodiac signs in Naruto and if there are, they would be completely different. And my RP character can change zodiac signs at will, how about that?

Also, for the record, I've only gotten the sign on 1 account and I got % chakra, which is useful for every mastery. I'd just rather be able to have the option to decide what charm to get.

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Something that can be either useful or totally useless should not be determined by rng or whatever kind of system they have.

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