An idea to give life to each village and improve the Rp of the game

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I have to say I did not expect to see these well thought out responses towards this topic (my experience from reading other topics). You all have positive and well thought out ideas. For some reason, this seems to me like the same exact conversation from a year ago. It is true practically all these ideas have been tried out before, and to me it was obvious that RP missions would not function as properly if there is no reward involved, putting to the side the occasional community service of hosting some RPs out of good will, many just see the purpose of hosting these missions to obtain Jonin. RP missions also heavily depend on activity, there are times when there are not enough people around to even host the mission. And not enough motivation for Chunins to even host the mission. It is very important to remember that the Chunin Rank is something to be determined in the exam itself it is how Rory wants it to be so what is done prior and post does not matter. His definition of the ranks is definitive and something he did not like to be challenged on. Some of the MMO aspects very much interfere with the idea of full RP. Nonetheless, we work with what is at hand, I remember stating and leaving blueprints of an economic system behind because I was aware an economic system will not come by anytime soon. Incorporation of village fees (Council fee, Chunin Exam Fee, etc..) in the future should be deposited into the village treasury, for RP purposes I believe distribution done by the Leaf Governing Administration is most appropriate RP-wise, so duties would include rewards (It was a given that a distribution of payment from Leaf Treasury would not work if there's no consistent income coming in..). But it was clear and confirmed by Rory that taxes will be a thing.

The idea of organizing the masses and scheduling missions or forming teams only managed to work when Chunin Exam was involved or something that included some sort of reward (which is also something I experimented with). Everything else like preparation for the exam with designed and well thought out teams did not work as much as I hoped for it too. That's because you need a strong purpose and something achievable for people to care for it, it was something we knew wouldn't function properly but it did not hurt to test it out to see the results.

My assistant @Kuraen Wilkor and I spent a lot of time and took a lot of suggestions from many people when creating these teams. As for incorporation of ranks and RP roles that's definitely something that is being worked on as I can see currently as well.

But it is very important to remember that the Chunin rank is only based on your performance in the Chunin Exam, it is how Rory wants it to be and I believe he would never challenge that idea. And it is not to be a removable rank. RP is not too successful because the MMO/OOC aspects currently are very much interfering/overtaking, meaning full-complete RP (some call it hardcore RP) will never be achieved. The reason I state that is because it's misleading to advertise this game as RP, there is just bits and pieces once in a blue moon it is not consistent. Nonetheless the ideas mentioned are definitely encouraged, I'm sure you've seen the waves of leaf ninjas login and help defend and protect the village, along with many others providing aid for those in need of help, that aspect is optional and you cannot be forced to do that but definitely encouraged to and considered for on RP roles/promotion (Jonin). On those circumstances, I believe some ranks (Jonin) and obviously, roles should maintain their duty as well set an example for the rest.

On that note, I love how RP is being brought up more via forums, this is good, we all wish for RP improvement.

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