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With the latest balance update a lot of CC jutsu have gotten a cast time. This was a good change but it has made run cast homings rather hard to deal with. A lot of masteries can barely do anything to stop run cast homing spam and even masteries like GF/Tai which are supposed to disrupt have a hard time stopping them without the usage of Body Flicker (Which a lot of people want nerfed but that's a different issue).

Something needs to be done to prevent run cast homings and homings in general from being stronger than jutsus that actually have to be aimed. It is rather unfair for a homing jutsu to have the same cast time like an aimed projectile or aimed AoE jutsu.

Being able to run with a 6 tile run cast can effectively increase it's range to 14 tiles since you can run with it for around 8 tiles, stand cast homings with 1 second cast time have 8 tiles range only so this is a big balance flaw. I've thought up 3 different ways ways to fix it. One would be to make these homings slow run casts so that they can be avoided/stopped more easily, another fix would be to give them a 2 second cast time, the last one would be to reduce their range.

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Low damage, high cp, higher cooldown would be great.

Im talking about int homings not WMs.

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