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Clan Noroime


CLAN NAME : Noroime ( Noroi – me , cursed - eye) this clan is dangerous for enemies, but is a protector of The Leaf Village



CLAN CLOTH : this Clan has a coat , on the back is a clan symbol , The clan's coat colors are and dark-blue ( work in progress)

CLAN HISTORY : The Clan is young , it was made after one crazy medic experimented in The Liar catacombs on young ninjas .He changed their DNA to Cursed DNA . He wanted to make the strongest warriors and after The first Noroime members were born , their strong techniques were seriously fatal for their enemies..After they escaped from crazy medic's hands and came back to The Leaf village ,they created The Clan. The children that were born from the cursed clan Noroime still have the Cursed Eye. The first members are the Elders now.This clan is a protector of The Leaf Villlage and the villagers,from Evil of the ninja world.

Clan's members: 

Leader : Noroime Tate

other members : TracerUwU , Steezo , mieczyko

If you want to join our clan , pm Noroime Tate on Discord , under the topic or in-game i will text you back with more informations.

With love , Noroime Tate .

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Just for info ( i wont edit topic :D:D ) : my Discord - Tate Hitake#6190 , we are fast grow up clan :) . 

With love , Noroime Tate

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