Weekly RP Mission

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Weekly RP Mission

First I would like to say the why of my suggestion.Today, the game is great in relation to the PVP but in relation to the RP it is a bit empty, after doing the RP IV and the Chuunin Exam, we have no other options for RP.

Thinking about it came my idea, to have weekly RP missions, where on one day of the week we will have the Kazekage and the Hokage along with the gms and mods would have the role of promoting RP working / thinking together.


Kazekage recived the mission to escorting a merchant, so he ranks the mission with Rank C/Rank B and sends a team formed by a Chuunin / SJounin / Jounin as Leader and 3 Genins to escort the merchant, at the same time the Hokage recived the mission to capture / kill that same merchant so he sends an equally balanced team in relation to the Sand team.

Once everything is ready, the 2 teams are teleported to closed maps, where they will do the RP being observed by the gms and mods of the game and will not have any type of external interruption of other players.

The teams will be teleported to 2 different points and will have a third point, which is the destination of the merchant. so the escort team has the mission to reach the destination while the capture / death team has to find them before arriving at the destination, if the teams meet we will have a fight, where narratives and counting will be necessary before the fight begins, the capture / death team can only capture / attack after defeating the escort team and the same goes for the escort team can only continue the trip after defeating the other team, after narrative and counting the fight will be totally PVP , when finishing the mission the winning team will have a great reward being in ryos and those ninjacards.

This was only a suggestion of a mission, but another mission can be done, where one team has to find a secret scroll, while the other team has to defend it.

We can also make narratives that involve the missig nin / akatsuki.
A good example is the Akatsuki steal important documents from both villages, and the Leaf and sand make a deal, where they sent 2 teams together (1 from each village) to find those documents stolen by Akatsuki.
Well this is my suggestion, anyone who wanted to supplement something, feel free.
Thank you.
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