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Me and a couple other people discussed ways to make the Grind to 50 more fun without speeding up the leveling. 

@Eriones and @Makoto suggested that we make official squads with 3 Genin and 1 Jonin/Chunin that can do one daily RP mission together to help bring connections between players and help them level up with missions that let them interact with each other.

I suggested that mob drops become slightly more common, so there’s more to grinding mobs than just killing them for exp and very rare drops. 

Leave your own suggestions below and we’ll see how we can improve this in the future!


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It is pretty simple idea. I do not know anything about implementing such as things into game, but the most of mechanic of this idea depends from us - players.

Each village make their official squads consisting of three genins and one chunin/jonin - same as in Naruto universe.
Each squad will has their own number. The main plan is that, each squad should be able to do one RP mission per day,
lead by their leader or sometimes even Kage - this will encourage people to do RP and just empathize with their own roles.
Except from 4. RP missions which are in game already, there will be another reason to do RP and just logging into game.
The 4 RP missions depend from level cap, but this one won't be same. There won't be any level cap for this missions. Just one per day.

Of course one chunin/jonin may have more than one team.

The experience gained from these missions will depend from the rank of the mission. The rank will be imposed by Kage or leader ifself.
This is the examples:
Rank D - 9k exp
Rank C - 20k exp
Rank B - 38k exp
Rank A - 72k exp
Rank S - 154k exp.

Of course the 1. level should not be able to join to any squad immediately. The 15 or 20 level should be enough to be able to join.

Overall, the main reason is to make leveling more fun and easier, and of course encourage people to be more communitive and make some bonds between them.

That's all. I apologize in advance If something is not understandable.


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I remember some old topic or discord chat about special missions for 3 genins and 1 chunin/jonin, most of people disagreed.

Beceause It would require us to be bound to 1 jonin and we all know that Real life can drop on us some unexpected shit that won't let us log in on Nin.

If Jonin/chunin could have more than 1 team it could be pretty easy to gain rewards.

I would just find some shady c/j and pay him for teaming up.

Also something like this could easily increase military power of one village.

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It could just be the way it kinda is now, but like you said. It can go level base:

lvl 2-9 players E

lvl 10-19 players D

lvl 20-29 players C

lvl 30-39 PLayer B

lvl 40+ players A/S

Just once a day, any 3 random genin can go grab a C rank mission, they are all level like 21, 26, 24. Then a jounin/Chu will lead that mission e.t.c like you already explained

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