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Lets get things started!


Alright so let me get right down to this, as of today I've decided to hold my final Golden Shinobi Competition of 2015 and more accurately the Alpha Phase of NinOnline. To some of you this might now seem like much, but to me this is as exciting as the new Call of Duty coming out every year.

The competition starts on October 20th 2015 and we're going… for the first time ever have an in-game competition of wits and strength. Overall this will help many of NinOnline's newcomers learn a bit about the map, the game and even it might even encourage a few of you to work together.

The Game

Starting on October 20th, the moment the gates open to the glorious world of NinOnline we'll be on a bit of a screen shot scavenger hunt. I'll be posting very vague details of places, npcs and even players/developers.


The rules are simple,

1. You're to figure out what place/npc/player/staff member I am vaguely referring too through your own uninhibited means.
2. Take a Screen Shot of your player in the general vicinity of the place/person/thing.
3. Send me a Private Message of ALL of the places/people/things I have reffered to.


The first one to send me an accurate collection of screen shots will win.

The Prizes

Of course, what is a game without prizes!?

Staff, Developers, Game Masters, and Moderators* are not to participate as entrants as some of you might very well be the person I am targeting as a notable person. The first player to complete the accurately collect all the screen shots will win either of the two following;

• A Golden Shinobi Membership
• 15 Dollars in Nin-Credit

Runner Up Prizes include;
• Ryo in various amounts (Through the National Bank of Yoshi will be grinding Wolves, donations are welcome)




The Targets?

As of October 17th 2015, I'd like to announce that the release of the first of nine targets... I understand this gives some of the member community a bit of a disadvantage, however; it can be safely assumed that those of you without current access to the game can research the first few clues,and safely procure the required screenshot upon launch day.

The First Clue, Target 1

  •  Fulfill the dream of the number one, hyperactive, knuckheaded ninja... sit in the chair where his desires rest.



Please feel free to submit screenshots in any form, although you might have an easier time using software such as Gyazo I understand that not all of us can freely download unknown software to our respective computers.

Alternatively you can also submit a written answer to every clue in numbers format via PM.(This might be easier than screenshots, but far less fun)

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Thanks for the effort :)

You might want to teach them to use Gyazo.

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notice the little note: Akiro is quadruple-banned from the competition. AHHAHAH XD What is happening in the game almost everywhere i see something with Akiro hahaha

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Damn, Why am i always banned from things you do. It's not my fault i win them all

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