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So.. instead of giving my opinion on the new fan change, I'll give my suggestions.

1) Tweak the scaling, 1 base damage on a level 40 fan doesn't make much sense, when all jutsus scale off weapon base damage. Either make jutsus scaling off strength alone or increase base damage on high strength requirement fans, so they aren't easily abusable by elements, and change the way melees scale instead, so they don't do as much as when they were close range.
I reset my stats to 130 strength to test, and all of my jutsus do 70 damage and below, which is roughly half what elements do with same value of intellect.

2) Tweak melee speed. 2 seconds melee on fan mastery, which is a melee range mastery, whatever people may say, doesn't make much sense. It leaves it vulnerable to melee masteries. Increasing the delay between melees by .5 seconds instead of a full second would be a lot more appropriate, in my opinion.

3) Since fan as a mastery can't really be considered a melee mastery anymore, tank builds don't really fit anymore. If a rework of the mastery was really needed, may as well go all the way and make it behave as a ranged mastery. Lower the selfstuns, make the projectiles more scale better and be less CC based, i.e. make tornados do more damage and travel faster and remove the stun and selfstun, or make it a snare. I haven't given it much thought, but a total rework of the mastery would make more sense with this change. Tornados in their current version require you to go really close range to hit, they move extremely slow and can easily be outran. It worked when fan was melee oriented, but not anymore.

Fan mastery was my favourite melee mastery, despite what many people think it was/is really fun to play, so I'm obviously upset that it has to be changed, but I'm hoping that the devs will see the flaws in its current state and the change will be for the better.


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Thanks for the feedback, the reason why we're reworking it is exactly your last sentence.
(favorite melee mastery)
But we all know Fans in the anime aren't melee weapons. It was always intended for this to be how it felt, we just didn't have the feature required for it until now..!

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