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The Leaf Secret Legion is an old ninja group , they have established this legion to protect and help the Leaf Village and their ninjas, who needs help in any shape or way possible. Right after the Ninja War had ended, the Legion decided to help Genins with their training and also to protect the Leaf Village outside the village. This is our legion, this is what we are.


1. PvP is allowed ,  but if one does not want to, we will not force

2.  Help another ninjas with anything , unless if other ninjas want you to help to become missing, then in no case is this allowed

3. we are Legion , it means , we protect our ninja comrades and our friends 

before missing and sand ninjas (unless we're at war)

4.   If you spot the enemy Missing or Sand Ninja and you're alone or helpless, you will immediately notify the members of the organization and the whole village to know where it is

5.  We are a secret organization so no one can know who belongs to this organization



Our history is somewhat mysterious, no one knows what its origin is, but it is known by the Leaf Village. Initially the team was called the Legion, this team was cruel and murderous but after the death of the team (during the Ninja War). Gradually everyone forgot the cruelty of the whole team and then across the country, after 1 year the Legion Organization appears, this organization took over the name of the team and they want to help other ninja from anything


Our ambitions?


Our ambitions? we want to protect the village, but we also want to build a good community to be its security, to be the village's insurance, to protect the weak from the strong, to help with the training of the weak, to become good counselors. However this is not all. We want to be support for novice ninja, protect them in training and PvP duels against enemy raiders,

System rank

Leader: the Leader guides the entire organization, give tasks and orders to his subordinates, he protects the village himself and helps ninjas with their training, their tasks, and protects them.

Leader's right hand: Has the same rights as the leader, represents the leader, unless the leader is present, also protects the village and helps ninjas

Captain: The captain leads his Ninja Protection Unit, He has 3 shinobi under his command, he gives orders and is their advisor and their role model. He shows the correct example by being their mentor.

Shinobi: Anyone who joins the organization will pass through this rank, shinobi are under the command of captain, protect and help others in training, fulfill the missions they accept

(special Rank) Secret Shinobi: this shinobi serves as a spy for the leaf village and reports to his superior, which is the right hand or the leader


How can you join our Organization?

you can not just come in and think I'll take you right away, we're looking for someone who's experienced or at least promising shinobi, and you have to be at least 15 levels or higher


We watch over other Shinobi , Those who are good for the Organization