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     The Peace Keepers was an organization formed in the beginning of the closed beta. We were the original missing ninjas, the first to leave their village and become rogue ninja. Our goal was to keep the peace by defending those that could not defend themselves... But that ideology was flawed.


     We have reformed the organization with the same end goal, but with different methods. We will bring balance to the ninja world by thinning out the numbers of the hidden villages shinobi. 


Requirements to join: 

1. Have to be a missing nin.

2. Have to be level 40+


How to join:

Ask any current member and we'll discuss it.


Why to join:

1. By joining this organization, you will no longer be able to be attacked by any member of our org unless both players have pvp enabled. It's a built in game mechanic that makes it easier for us to team up without the worry of hitting each other. Same thing as village invulnerability with friendly fire, but with a maximum of 20 missing ninjas.


Actively recruiting members! 



@Itachi Uchiha (Leader)

Current members:

1. @Tomura Shigaraki (Founder)

2. @Niti (Member)

3. @Shissei (Member)

4. @Zetsyuu (Founder)

5. @Kaitoo Himitsu (Member)

6. @Onimaro Himitsu (Co-Leader)

7. @Dabi Himitsu (Member)

8. @mankZz Senpou (Member)