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Sick and tired of the ill-treatment from the sand village, the once dedicated clan kenned as Jakusha fought back. During a meeting held for the sand siblings, two of the clans' members jailed the Kazekage and two high ranking officials afore forsaking the once beloved home they had. Arriving in Takumi, expected of being met with scorn or hate, word of the uprising had already permeated to the ears of the Land of the Missing. The Jakusha were welcomed with open arms. Upset with the rigorous treatment and constant backlash for solely protecting and dying for the Sand village, they had fresh goals in mind. Takumi is the genuine home for them, this is the place they would die to defend now. Live, breathe, and die together like they always had and always would.

The main goal for the newest arrivals in Takumi is simple, get revenge. They will not rest until Sand has paid for the misdeeds against them, once its most vigorous allies they were now its most vigorous enemies. Never bite the hand that feeds you is a common phrase, and Sand had done just that. Along with this newfound hate for sand, they had a newfound love for their new companions and allies. Fiercely loyal to those that treat them well, and a deep hatred for those imbecilic enough to cross them.