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    Dear Ninja, Recently we introduced a new introduction cutscene to the game, something which we lacked for years. While the tutorial was good at introducing your own character's story, there was never truly an introduction to the game's world. I've been wanting to do this for a long time.. which is why I got DaiKai to draw illustrations for us! I then coupled her amazing artwork with story writing to create slightly unique introductions for each village. It wouldn't be as exciting for me to showcase the entire opening here, but just for the players who have already finished the academy and won't see it otherwise. Here is how it looks in-game! This is just one of the many small attention to details I want for Nin Online. I believe this is a polish that will make the ninja world feel complete, add value to new player's starting experience and make them anticipate discovering the world and all it's contents. Regards, Rory
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    Dear Ninja, Nin Online is back online! We're proud to finally say, that after a long period of downtime, we're resuming our Closed Beta phase. If everything goes smoothly, we should be in Open Beta really soon as well. We've also made so much progress to the game, since we were last online Missions Daily missions that you can take from the Mission Assignment Desks Resolution Options & Fullscreen You can find these settings in the Updater settings tab Control Settings It's been one of the most requested feature by our veteran players. You can now change your control scheme in the updater settings tab! Gentle Fist Sub-path for Taijutsu STR Path for Taijutsu mastery. Leaf village hidden techniques. Fan Style Sub-path for Wind STR Path for Wind mastery. Sand village hidden techniques. Sword Style Sub-path for Weapon STR Path for Weapon mastery. Available for all. New and Redesigned Jutsus for other Masteries Including Chakra Scalpels for Medical ninjas, Fuuma Wind Shuriken for everyone and special combo style jutsus! New Enemies, Locations and more! We hope that our Gold/Silver members will return and help us prepare the game for everyone and hope to see you online soon! We'll be distributing special items to compensate for the time lost. Regards, Rory
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    Patch Notes 21/4/2017 Fixed Level 3 Treat wounds heal amount Fixed possibility of Tora the Missing Cat being completely lost in rare situations Fixed World Blessings, you may now continue to use them! Fixed Youthful Spring technique's Agility buff. 30 second cooldown on village chat, no more spamming! (only for important village related matters or finding teams etc.) Consecutive Jutsu casting. You can now cast jutsus immediately after one another without delay. Eg. Body Flicker + Lightning Current Jutsu. Ninja tools for all stat builds! (except AGI Tai) - Senbon for Medical ninjas. Senbon now scale with Chakra. - Shuriken for elemental masteries. Shuriken now scale with Intellect. - Kunai still scales with Strength. Health no longer regenerates when running! this prevents the cheap tactic to running to regenerate health mid-combat for PvP. If you want to regenerate HP, just walk for awhile or stand still.
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    @Marino Lead Choreographer @Saku @Niti @Brae @Zintosso
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    Dear Sand Villagers, As the Kage Assistant, I would like to update you on the current Status of the Sand Council. The current Organizations & the representatives inside the Council are: Pillars of the Sand, VestaOrion & Miki Rebellion, Niti & Saku EverCraze, MezPez & Shilo Desert Pirates, Dona & IeVagabond Shifting Dunes, Jazzberry Jam First decision: The REBELLION Organization asked us Sand Ninjas, to select our Enemys if we attack the Leaf Village. [That means: We do not attack Leaf Villagers below level 10.] In exchange, REBELLION offers assistance for our new Genins. Second decision: Shifting Dunes is trying to create a fair Trading environment for the Sand Village, if you like that idea, feel free to assist them! If you got questions about those Topics, feel free to send a Message to any of the Council member. Greetings, Konahri. [This is a Roleplay based Topic, please make sure to keep it that way.]
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    Dear Ninja, Without holding anything fancy launch events or publicity campaigns (yet). We're overwhelmed with joy to announce that we're finally opening up Nin Online. As of now, Open Beta is live! If you're new to the game, Nin Online is 2D Online RPG set in the ninja world. It's a game where community and roleplay are center stage, but player vs player combat determines your successes. Thus far, we have been a small community of avid supporters and developers, but we're finally opening our game up for everyone to enjoy. We pride ourselves in our constant expansion of the game world, it's contents and features and we're sure you will love the game. If you're a returning member, Nin Online has matured well over the past 3 years and we've finally come to a point where we feel that it's actually worth spending your time playing. The game world has more than tripled in size since alpha, and with the launch of new villages and the mission system, the gameplay is more varied, and the number of possible interactions you can have with other ninjas has increased greatly! We will soon begin operating as a service and bring to you scheduled events regularly. Thank you for all your support throughout the years. Our Gold and Silver ninja are our favorite bunch, and we welcome anyone to join us in-game and experience quality role-play and PvP with us. New Landing Page If you visit right now, it shows a simple landing page for new members to quickly reach the two most important things. Downloading the game and joining our community! Regards, Rory & the Nin Online Team
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    Hey Ninja, This is going to be something different! Mostly because we've reached a point in development where I'm pretty happy with the amount of content in combat, besides the bugs we'd like sorted out as soon as we can, I'd like to take some time to talk about my plans for the game from here. This is going to be my first development log which has no pictures! Inspiration Reflection Direction If you have ideas, please do write about it in the suggestions section. I may not reply to all of them, but I look at them when it comes to times where I'm looking for inspiration. If you want to throw a fit of rage, comments!
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    Dear Ninja, We're sorry to inform you that the server will be going down for a maintenance as we figure out a major issue that is causing player accounts to get corrupted. Most players will experience about 12 hours of rollback due to an error today. We're deeply sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your continued support in helping us weed out these issues. EDIT: Server is back online, and everything should function smoothly. Regards, Rory
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    Dear Ninja, First of all, I want to take some time to talk about the status of the beta phase. We really like it. We're almost done making Nin Me and Seth have been working hard enough to get things done, and slacked off enough to not get burnt out for the past 6 months and so after a good 6 months of hard work work.. without further ado.. The game world is basically complete as you can see, all we need to do is add some buildings and trees and what not and it'll be a full game I'm sure! Premium Masteries So we asked ourselves internally, what does a pancreas do exactly? We decided that it would be best to add new masteries for everyone, because 8 just wasn't doing it. Some of the ideas that we considered included Seals mastery, Genjutsu mastery and of course Puppet mastery. So presenting to you... Uchiha Mastery The mastery of Itachijutsu, Uchiha Mastery makes you a Itachi, a prodigy of the Leaf Village's Uchiha Clan, who became an international criminal after murdering his entire clan, sparing only his younger brother, Sasuke. Itachi-nin can learn jutsus such as Sharingan and Raven Fireball Technique. Scorpion Mastery Scorpion Mastery is the specialization of clawjutsu, it transforms you into a Scorpion and you get a variety of customization options for your scorpion-nin. I'm sure you guys will have a lot of questions, especially "why is there no red option?" We initially included a red scorpion option, but we eventually decided to remove it because it looked too much like a lobster. Which brings us to the final mastery! Lobster Mastery Unlike Scorpion Mastery, however, Lobster Mastery does not have customization, as we firmly believe that lobsters should remain red. Paid Masteries As we've hinted in the title of this development log, these masteries will be Cash Shop purchases. We've yet to set a price to unlock them, but we're looking at a subscription model. Thank you for taking your time to read this! Please leave us your feedback. Regards, Rory
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    We're pleased to introduce to you a new experimental feature which I've always wanted to try out. RP Missions Ranked ninja (Chunin and above) are now able to run RP Missions for other players in their village. RP Missions are player-ran missions that reward players to role-playing. The rewards for each mission are not substantial to the point where it is unfair if you just want to play the game without RPing, but is designed to encourage players to take a break from grinding and reward them for role-playing if they're already acquainted with the magic of it. For players who don't know the magic yet, it provides an incentive for them to give it a try. How does it work? All players can take RP Missions from the 2nd NPC at the Mission Assignment Desk (Koda for Leaf / Basho for Sand) You can take RP Missions at Levels 12, 17, 22 and 27. Each of which is a tier higher than the next. Ranked ninja (Chunin and Above) will announce their availability for an RP Mission in village chat. Ninja who want to attempt an RP Mission should form a team of 3 and find a Ranked ninja (Chunin and above) to be their team leader and host their RP Mission. The Ranked ninja will assign an appropriate task, training or RP scenario which should take estimatedly 30 minutes, or longer (with prior notice) On completing the task, they will be handed RP Tokens to claim their rewards from the Mission Assignment Desk. Ninja are encouraged to write their experiences in the village board to thank their team leader for RPing with them. Rules & Regulations Players are not entitled to RP Missions, and ranked ninjas may choose to deny them at any time. If they want to RP, ranked ninja can announce that they have free time to take a team for an RP Mission. Ranked ninja are trusted to be fair and are encouraged to be lenient with the reward. More rules and regulations are explained in-game Ninja wanting to attempt an RP Mission will be explained the rules by the Mission Assignment Desk. Ranked ninja are explained the rules in the Jonin Standby Station. Conclusion Overall, this system is implemented to put our ranking system to work and establishing a use for it. It provides a self-less but respectable benefit to gaining Chunin rank, giving the players who attain this rank a responsibility (as it rightfully should) and not an unfair advantage. It empowers them, and makes their existence beneficial to the village and encourages roleplaying, to prepare new ninja for big RP events like the Chunin exam. I hope you all share the vision! Regards, Rory
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    we all know Guard Duty is just plain boring.. so i was thinking to spice it up little, so people won't go afk for 30 min and gain reward for it.. what if, wave of mobs / npc ("assassins", "bandits", "suspicious individuals", even known mobs like scop, wolf.. etc) will attempt to attack the gate and your job as "Guard" is to defeat them before they destroy the "gate" and enter the village. little "tower defence" if you will.. cus lets face it!.. people just go afk and enemy survey while people guard. both sides want to finish their missions so both sides give "free pass" to the other.. little notes: - only the player of the mission will be able to see or attack those mob/npc wave. - gate 500 hp, mob damage to gate is 5 and to player is 2 its only to make player active.
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    I think its really hard to tell whose a leaf when they come to the sand village, I usually have to wait for them to attack me before I actually realize if they are sand or not. I think there should be some better indication showing that they are leaf or not. Maybe have a small leaf icon next to there name and a small sand icon next to the sand!
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    Patch Notes 22/4/2017 Fixed Vacuum Palm technique skipping to level 3. Fixed NPCs spawning on walls of Leaf & Sand village. Prevented exploit of using Leaf arenas to escape combat. Opened up Sand Village medical department room. Fixed crash that occurred when talking to Shurui in the Sand Village hospital. Fixed access to water area in wolf forest area. Summoning Toad in Leaf & Sand village now allows players to spend ryo to summon supply boxes throughout the village for anyone to collect. Added minimum level (10) to use Summoning Toad to discourage low level players from being too generous (accidentally). Increased damage gap between ranks of Vacuum Palm Technique. Moved leaf sewer seal that was in the Chunin Exam Arena.
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    To keep it short water, earth and lighting need a slight buff. I have lightning and from experience I can say that lightning senbons should pierce or become 3-tile wide jutsu. As my level 23 jutsu is lighting cutter that won't help much with the mobs, compared to other classes. Every 15s lighting spear helps a little but not enough to cover the lack of damage from first jutsu. And as it is said in the description that lighting is for single target blahblah, I can't see it yet I just see it being worse compared. Fire and especially Wind are good elements to mob and probably even to PvP with, rest don't compare with them. (Under level 30)
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    So I've discovered something that I believe is creating unnecessary overhead for the server, and also making buff/debuff timers inaccurate. Observe this video and keep an eye on the Battle Injuries timer. Notice that after changing maps that my timer for Battle Injuries more than doubles. This actually indicates a lot about how timers in general were programmed. There are a few things that can be discerned from this: The client keeps track of the timer. The server is also ticking a timer. Due to the disparity between the two, the server is actually ticking a timer for every single person with any sort of buff/debuff rather than simply checking a timestamp. While a singular instance or even a few instances of this won't create much strain on the server's processor, once you have 150+ people online, it become a a lot for the server to keep track of. I certainly don't think this is the singular cause of lag, but I think it contributes and I think there are perhaps other procs that have unnecessary overhead coded into them. A simple fix for this: Still allow the client to keep it's own timer. Do not have the server tick a timer for every person. Instead at the end of the client's timer, have the server initiate a timestamp check. If the timestamp is correct remove the debuff. If the timestamp is wrong, adjust the client's timer to the correct time. Obviously, you wouldn't want the client to handle the buff/debuff alone as that would be exploitable. But having the server do the timestamp check at the end eliminates that possibility, while also having the client handle most of the work. I hope this made sense.
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    Felt like making a post about the moment battle injuries end. How it looks like: How it feels like:
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    So me and @Ifrit were talking on Discord about the fact that there should maybe be some more events for the Leaf & Sand to participate, in an attempt to promote peace and roleplay. So I had the amazing idea of a Roleplay specific area, a place where peace and cooperation between the villages would be welcomed and promoted. This roleplay area would obviously not allow pvp between the villages. While some may think this to be a dumb idea, I feel as if it'd encourage the roleplay aspect of the game.
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    The current state of relations with Sand village is that we're having a truce to not attack them unless provoked. We will be holding a joint Chunin Exam in the coming month. As a show of power, let us hold our grudges until then to showcase our might, instead of attacking them - let us focus on preparing for the exam. Additional orders: All killing missions to be focused on Missing Ninja or spars agreed to by Sand ninja If our ninja attack the Sand first, they will retaliate rightfully.. @Indra @Zintosso
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    Firstly Apologize for my english So i created my Nin online Trailer Sorry for this quality but to make this video i had to download videos from nin online yt channel It was simple edit if you wanna see better video from nin online send to me videos to edit I have a lot free time so if you like it i can make more videos from nin online At the moment this video is unpublic only people who have link can see this video:) Enjoy!
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    Lol... Irony at it's finest. Edit: 10/10 community we got here. FeelsGreatMan
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    This is going to be our universal changelog post where we update what is new in the game. Check on this topic frequently to see what's changed! We will go into as much details as we can.
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    I don't disagree with you, but if you think about it that way all the time then you would not even help at all lol. And tbh, I feel like you seem pissed because that was an example, you are changing the topic of this thread completely Indra, relax. And about the bear pass, they do get missions to go to Takumi Village and some cannot pass maybe a little help can be offered there, lets not forget you can't really abandon missions (yet).
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    Because we dont HAVE to show every new player 100% of the sewers/scarabs secret. We worked for it and we found it. Why would everyone get it free now? Its the same thing when someone ask the location of the takumi village. Just explore the game a little. Also when ppl ask for help to pass trough bears maps. If you cannot pass you are just not ready for what's after it. Refusing to help a player doesnt make you less friendly. It just show that you dont want ppl who want everything free and only rely on help to be your friend.(last part is rude i know)
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    Well, let me give my personal opinion about the points you brought up. 1. Server Quality - Many people are having the issues, but Rory stated several times already that they are constantly working on it. 2. Tutorial - I completely disagree. Since Nin became Open I have seen so many Genins! asking things like "How do I get scrolls?" "How do I pick up items". If you make the tutorial even simpler it ruins the experience for others by always seeing the ridiculous questions in the chat. 3. The grind - Or, crazy Idea, you find some friends or people who are willing to help (there are a lot of those) and focus on the build you actually wanna do. 3.1. The grind Part 2 - Same things as point number 3, get some help. I dunno the situation in Sand, but Leaf members are constantly helping out newcomers with the early struggle. I spend 30 minutes just constantly healing the new players at larvae and spiders next to the village. I admit it if you wanna be a lone wolf you will have a hard time at first. 4. Weapon Diversity - "It is iconic for grind games to provide weapons" Well, goof thing NinOnline is a role-play focused game. Sure the grind exists, but you are not forced to constantly do it. There are secrets to reveal and many people to interact with. it also doesn't really fit the setting, to be honest. 5. Missions - Rory already gave a statement about that, and one I agree with, so I won't go further into this one. 6. Lock-in feature - I think this is just personal preference, cause I love the new target things, sometimes when chaos in the Sand area breaks out it can get a bit blurry, but otherwise, it seems fine to me. But again, probably depends on the player. 7. Bots - If you actually see bots you should report them and the team will take care of it. Also, that second part is kinda insulting, if you dislike it that much why not quit? Edit + 1 - I think it is the last question of the Genin exam that can answer you this question. That is just part of the game. Believe it or not, everyone had to go trough this. And from my experience, if someone sees Sandies approaching usually higher leveled players try to get rid of them. Edit + 2 - Battle Injuries are rough, I agree. But just wait till some support Medics manage to get to Level 20. At that point, they will be able to learn Mystical palm and revive you if needed. And before someone says "What if there is no Medic around though?" Well that goes back to point 3 and 4. Get a good grinding group that can withstand attacks. Edit + 3 - You can't really, they have to pay attention since it's their job to help out. But I do like the Idea of some kind of signal you could send out to help Medics doing their job. Keep in mind that I just replied to every point based on what I saw. Don't take it personal cause it wasn't, just giving my input.
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    @Katsu Chikara, @Akoosh and @YhItsBLurR welcome in the crew! I don't really know your motivation, but i will see it in game
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    When you just beat the sandies and take a break.
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    One of the reason why us sand is having such a hard time beating them is because of the masterys that we picked. at low levels fire mastery does lots of damage which means that the 5+ leaf ninjas that comes to our village can almost 2 hit most of us. Lightning mastery can't do a thing before level 23 and earth is slow which means that the sand ninjas that has them two masterys in the sand village cant even help defend the village from attacks. Fan is also a bit weak apart from they lvl 15 jutsus which we have a good number of ninjas using in the sand village which means that at our low levels we will have a hard time defending ourselves. The main reason why the leaf ninjas try to stop us from leveling is because they fear us getting powerful and being able to overpower them when we get stronger so they try to stop use from leveling now but they cant stop the inevitable.
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    Relaxing with some friends. @Saku @Shirou @Wilkor
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    Seth to be honest the way you answered it's just feels to me like showing middle finger to European player base, sorry to write it like that but that's just what I feel
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    I love the Medic Mastery and in every Naruto game I am always a Medic and most MMOs I've played I have chosen the Healer role, and the thing they have in common is you're not just stuck playing in a support role. If you chose to be an offensive Medic then you should be able to play as an offensive Medic. Right now that part of the medic path is limited. We get a 1 tile Poison Senbon which costs 2 ryo each time you miss. Poison Cloud, slow good luck using that in PvP, just remove the cast time. Chakra Scalpels, they don't last long enough and that cooldown is brutal especially if you're only source of damage is the Scalpels, if they had the target range of Poison Scalpels, they could actually be useful. Poison Scalpels, only good technique. We need better more offensive Jutsu. Poison Senbon needs to get it's 3 tile back or change to a Poison Dart technique where you spit concentrated poison in the shape of darts from your mouth so we can remove that ryo cost too. Poison Stream, kind of like Poison fog but it's a 1 tile and shoots as fast as Water Slash. More Chakra Techniques, Chakra Enhanced Strength Techniques. That's all. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Also a note, Medic used to be OP because we could use Self Heal and dish out heavy damage. Now that Heals and Poisons are split between Chakra and Intellect we're kind of underpowered with the split stats. You either go full Support or Damage with 1 good Technique.
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    So my ninja team just completed the first RP missions in Suna led by Konahri.. Let me tell you it was a ton of fun and a hell of a lot better then the boring fetch this kill that quests!! This is exactly what this game needs, it was filled with liberal RP and some dueling, along with advice and rewards... People serious about becoming Chunin that haven't been around for a while should defiantly considering this training/missions.. Excellent job Kona Sensei I look forward to the next ones!!
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    After defending sand numerous times, a big flaw with battle injuries has been popping up defending your village is near impossible when your stats are halved and let's face it sand at the moment is out numbered and out leveled. I think this change to BI will help not only sand when we get raided, but also leaf if the power switches. here's my suggestion: If you die in your village, or the gates ( the zone before your village) you don't get battle injuries. An example of how useful it can be, tonight we had a massive army of leafies at least numbering in the 30 + ( it was epic, not complaining) attack sand with its 10-15 defenders, the fight was difficult enough but to have our stats halved when defending made it harder(still had a blast.), if we were at full strength we could have pushed them out after the 3rd wave but because our stats were halved we couldn't fight on equal terms.
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    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The leaf deny us snake lair, last night they attacked us, today I saw my village burn. Face it kazekage WE ARE AT WAR. while you shake hands with the hokage I saw our medic slaughtered while trying to revive a young academy student IN OUR OWN VILLAGE. I demand revenge! I demand answers! I AM TIRED OF BENDING OVER BACKWARDS FOR LEAFIES, they slaughter our young(lvl 10 below) while they sit on our council! If this continues you may soon face a rebellion lord kazekage. Edit: added rp tags to the discussion.
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    The Sand have a mission requiring us to go to the snakes and get 30 venoms, so those of us unlucky enough to get that mission HAVE to go to that spot and farm snakes.. As long as the only snakes in the game are at the ONE spot this conflict will never end, we will have people fighting over that spot on a personal level and then as we have seen in the past that personal conflict turns into one involving people that have nothing to do with it.. People seem to get attacked by specific people and then hold entire villages at fault for the actions of a few, this then expands the conflict because people have friends that are will to stick up and fight for them.. This in turn ends up breeding more conflict because those friends have friends so on and so fourth.. How do we solve this issue then? Giving a snake spawn in Sand and giving the leaf a NPC that is similar to big scarabs in the Leaf, this will balance the spawns and leaf can stay in there cave and farm and sand can stay in there cave and farm.. Having played open world pvp games in the past(Age of Wushu) this problem will only get worse from here and the divide between the sand and the leaf will grow further, the community will then become toxic filled with hatred for someone just because they are in a certain village.. Having only 1 spawn will always conflict between the 2 sides fighting to control it.. If it was designed to have this effect then I suggest this: No Truce at the Snakes, simple as that.. You wanna duke it out with people over that spot, keep it at that spot.. Dont go around swinging your epeen killing lowbie to prove how strong you are.. Dont let the actions of a few high level people that have nothing better todo then start drama and pvp ruin the game for new players just trying to figure out how to play.. If you want to have big battles fight them in the war zones provided, or you know out in the empty giant desert map.. Raiding lowbie zones says ALOT about the people that are doing it.. Dont get me wrong I had fun in these fights and really enjoy pvp, but maybe all you children needed a adult perspective on the situation..
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    10/10 would world bless for mature community again
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    Hello, Nickname & Work: Mimou - Trainee & Computer scientist Man / Woman: Man From : Turkey (I live elsewhere) Age: 24 years Passions IRL: First of all I love sports, music, and especially especially online games, internet, development, ... etc How did you get to know the game? : Thanks "GOOGLE" by typing exactly: "MMORPG of naruto" Experiences of MMO's Games : I like Rpg's games, I have already tested Pokemon of course (since my childhood), Egyptus and more and more ... Out-of-school activities: school ? really ? basket-ball & fitness Favorite village(s) and character(s): Leaf Village & Naruto-Itachi-Kakashi That's all for now, i hope join you all IG and have fun Best Regard.
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    Bring back 3 tiles on lvl 10 bullet jutsus. Revert lvl 15 wind jutsu to the old one as the new one is way worse. Get rid of self stuns as it just weakens nin users and restricts their mobility. Even lvl 20 wind jutsu has a self stun. Reduce the cooldowns to some realistic numbers.
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    Hey there, I'm starting to notice the struggles of the System, the more you play, the worse your luck, the worse your game experience. In my opinion. That won't keep people active for long. I mean, Yes, lag happens, lag is decreasing the motivation to do something. But lag should NOT be the end. Same with Daily missions, or the pain of a grind, if you don't play an offensive Chakra Nature. My Idea to fix it, is an exp reward for everyone who Roleplays. You're getting rewarded for Grinding, for PvPing and for afking with Dailys. So why not giving the Roleplayers a little reward themself? I'm sure its tough to do, thats why I don't expect wonders to happen. But, would it be possible to create a toggle like the PvP button, for RPing? Having it deactivated would be considered as OOC, having it activated would be considered as RP. With the mode activated, the RPers would get a set amount of EXP every 5 to 10 minutes. I just think, that would motivate people to actually explore the Ninja world, and "life the Ninja life", even if they're not Masters at Grinding. Greetings, For the Community: This is just a simple suggestion, please handle it like that.
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    Im suggesting to form an official police force (or whatever you want to name it) whos tasked with preserving the inner piece of the leaf village. Their duties would mainly be to monitor activities of leaf villagers and organizations, and take action against those with ill-minded intentions and tracherous actions, be it actively helping an enemy villager or passively by not interfering into any ongoing fights. The way it would work is simple. First we need a pinned thread here with leaf village rules, confirmed or written by the hokage. The police force leader creates another thread, which lists offenders with proof of the offense. Once an amount of offenses are noted, depending on the severity of the offenses, the ninja is exiled. Also you could add punishments for each individual offense (tho I cant really think of any punishments other than ryo and exile). Also I dont mean it should be added asap. Just a suggestion for the future, especially open beta. On another note, I think the anbu leader and the police force leader (if it was to be formed, that is) should have an council seat by default.
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    So I've tested up to level 15 so far with fan style, and I thought I'd give some honest feedback. I'll keep this updated as I continue to level up. At a Glance: Pros Has the potential to be one of the most balanced specs in the game for several reasons to follow Damage stat also gives deflect, giving a means of defense Finally gives double mastery synergy between two masteries other than double elemental Can hit hard (more to follow on this in cons though) Really cool looking jutsu Gives a unique quirky style to play Has the option of throwing decent damage senbons/kunai/shuriken while jutsu are on CD leaving minimal downtime Can be respecced to an int build and use regular wind jutsu if you want to do something different Cons The bug that causes projectiles to fly through targets hurts this mastery A LOT It is damn near IMPOSSIBLE to land a melee hit on a moving target Basic attack cooldown is extremely slow, and in conjuction with it being impossible to land you won't stand a chance against a melee class of any sort The knockback on a successful melee attack fails more often than it succeeds At 70 int, the jutsu hit for 77 damage as opposed to most other elemental jutsu hitting for around 100 at the same int Filling in the gaps between jutsu cooldowns will wind up costing you all your ryo to pay for throwables The level 10 jutsu travels at an incredibly slow rate (Almost decent for PvE, and abysmal for PvP) How to Improve This: Well, like I said, this mastery has amazing potential. This could be the most balanced mastery this game has with a few fixes. Overall, I've fallen in love with the style of it and the viability this could have with some tweeks. The projectile bug needs to be fixed for everyone's sake. In fact, I'm not even entirely sure it's exclusively a projectile bug. Melee attacks even miss from time to time somehow. This should be a priority fix for the sake of all masteries. The melee attack wind-up time makes it completely useless on any sort of moving target. Mobs seem to have somewhere around a 500 ms sleep timer in their movement proc, and do not move very fast at all, but even landing a melee attack on them is incredibly hard. Even if the target of your attack hasn't completed it's movement into the next tile, and has only just started flicking through it's animation to move, the attack will miss. In fact with this considered, I believe this may be the cause of missing projectiles on a target it passes through. My only programming language is dream maker, so hopefully these terms I'm about to use will make sense. Rather than using a bump-like procedure on projectiles, it would seem that all projectile-objects instead, seem to check the tile which they're entering and damage a mob that is within it's location. But that's just my speculation. So basically, a projectile leaves tile X, enters tile Y which the mob is in, but the mob has already begun flicking through the animation for it's next step and thus is considered to be in tile X already, even though it isn't. This creates small windows in which objects that are moving towards each other don't actually collide. And the slower the projectile moves, the higher chance it has to miss. Hence why me saying this hurts fan style more than any other mastery. For a small sample, out of 25 tries, it's passing through the target without hitting about 15 times, when the projectile and the mob are moving towards each other. The knockback should be 100 percent. I mean they're either getting hit with a tornado, or they aren't. But I always see that they are. Basic common sense mechanics of using a fan should imply that it creates a knockback effect without being at the mercy of RNG. At level 15, there is only 1 jutsu I can consistently land, and that's task of the dragon. But doing so already comes with the huge risk of needing to be within 5 tiles of your target. Considering the inconsistency of all other sources of damage, and considering this has no sort of crowd control effect, this needs to do damage on par with other elemental jutsu. Even if the projectile bug is fixed, either one of two things need to happen with Slashing Tornado Technique: Either increase it's speed, or give it a 3 tile hit box. It has 0 viability in PvP as is. Personally I think the best solution would be to allow the tornado to suck mobs/players in that are within a tile of it, and give it a slightly faster move speed. So far this is all I have. I hope you won't take this as a bashing on this particular mastery. I think it's really awesome, but it needs some work right now. As mentioned before, I'll keep posting updates as I continue to test through the levels. Thank you for all your hard work team.
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    Everyone love's Toad's blessing. It's an amazing source of revenue for the game, and a necessary tool for the grind. But the fact that it's called toad's blessing, leaves a glaring hole that needs to be filled with love for the other Sannin. My proposition: Snake's Blessing Gives a 50% boost to justu leveling experience Slug's Blessing Gives a 10% increase drop rate on all items This can both increases the game's revenue, and ease up some more of our grind, slightly.
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    Hi @Rory while I know you're looking to expand more on Non-Combat aspects of the game, most of these suggestions do focus on that where maybe one or two things might tie into some Combat areas. So to begin... Story Missions Economy Jobs
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    The server will be in Canada near East Coast close to the United States. The ping is really good for the United States and Singapore where Rory lives, so it is good and better than our previous server. It is in between Europe and North America. The ping is the best for both player bases. The France servers we were using were not that great for the majority of people except those that lived around Europe.
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    I think it would be nice to see a custom mission system in the future. You could have a database where the kage would essentially just write the mission details, the player name(s) and wether it was complited or not. To avoid abusing, there wouldnt be any exp nor money given out. Instead reputation points would be auto awarded upon the kage confirming the completion. There would be a set amount of rep a kage can give out within a time period and also a set rep cap for any player in that time period. Wether the whole or part of the database would be publicly viewable would be up to the kage/councils. The kage would also be able to reduce/reset his villagers reps, however it would be shown in the database. No kage should be able to wipe the database. The reps could also be tied to the various orgs, so you could see the overall rep of the org.
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    Hey Ikari I really hope that we get to implement this soon, it's somewhere on the to-do list but we still have a lot more important things we'd like to do first.
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    We already know everything about sub path. Once you go for a mastery that has a sub path, you can go for it.(so lvl 10 you can have your sub path) Lets say im weapon master, there will be 2 ways to build it. Weapon tool and weapon kenjutsu. both are the same mastery. so you can basically play with both path at the same time. It just not recommended to split dmg into strength and intel equally . sub path jutsus are just not scaling with the same stats. (weapon tool = intel and kenjutsu = strenght) Sub path are free once you take the mastery. Also, there is some sub path that will be only available for its village. Tai sub path(gentle fist) will be for leaf village only and wind sub path(fan user) will be for sand village only . To make it easier, forget the sub path as another class.....Just think about it as an other way to build your mastery. I hope this could help
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    Yeah, i agree. There is no truce. Me and Ryuza were a trading caravan going from leaf back to sand and we got attacked for no reason whatsoever by two people. We were nice, we asked them to stop, mentioned the truce, nothing. After we revived, we encountered the two again, as they specifically came all the way to sand to kill us again. So no truce. Why? Because there is absolutely no reason to have one. Leafs gain nothing from it. Outnumbering the sand already, if they continue "bullying" us, they're only furthering their advantage for the upcoming chunin exam. There is no punishment whatsoever (so far at least, haven't seen anyone getting punished) for breaking the truce. Also, the side that breaks the truce first is rewarded (getting the first hit in on someone with guard lowered). So if anything, people are encouraged to kill others more than ever, not the other way around.
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    I think the point of being a ninja is to be stealthy and aware of the surroundings.
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    I honestly like that idea. Not sure if it will work for closed beta, but by the time open hits the villages should be decently populated with people already established in the game. Have the players start in a non-war village (inaccessible to people over 12) where the mobs give higher xp to kill ratio to make the first part of leveling easier. This allows the players to get acquainted and a feel for the game. It also keeps low levels from getting mass killed at the beginning and allows them to level in peace. Upon leaving they will be spawned somewhere to explore the world. Make missions at the kage hall that allow these players to go through a series of quests to become a member. Ideally this will be missions acquainting them to the village and where everything is.