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    Dear Ninja, This new year marks a special time for Nin Online, as it'll be our first year of game service completed. For us, this is an important milestone, as for the previous 3 years of development, the game was running through alpha test cycles, where we could afford to be sloppy, mess things up, and wipe everything again and again. Thanks to @Seth, and with the help of @Suirad and @Robin, since Open Beta launched in April, we've kept the server online without any maintenance lasting more than a day, and we've avoided any hiccups that would require a wipe or major rollback. Despite it being hard to balance both development and maintaining a game service. 2017 was a surprisingly good year for development. Starting with the launch of Closed Beta in January, which saw the released of Sand Village, Bingo Books, Reworked Masteries, Reworked Tutorials, an expanded world map and Daily Missions. We then took the server down a month, and launched Missing Ninjas, Takumi Village and fixed problems found in the Closed Beta. Throughout the remainder of the year, we released an Introduction Scene for both villages, RP Missions, ANBUs, Neo-Akatsuki, a new User Interface, support for larger resolutions, Rebindable Keys, 4 new sub-masteries, 25 new unique Jutsus, we've introduced NPCs which can use Jutsus which we've used to create ninja mobs, 50+ new Mobs & NPCs, 100+ new items, we've expanded old maps to work in larger resolutions and expanded the size of the world with a bunch of new areas, we've spent countless hours reworking features so that they scale with an ever growing player base. There's been so much smaller changes and new content that it's hard to list everything down. We also have a lot of content that's half-way in the works, and will eventually see the light of day. I'd like to thank @Stephen for expanding the game's content through existing art and constantly giving his ideas and time to the game. I'd like to thank @Sezu for creating tons of new content and art with me and without me. I'd like to thank and welcome back @Akiro who've been a big help in taking care of the community since his return, our composer Justin West who has contributed a large amount of new tracks this year (some released and some not), I'd like to thank the rest of the staff team and lastly I'd like to thank all the Gold Ninja, and those who monetarily support the project regularly. However, in all of this, we've not managed to spend enough time actively hosting events. We've only did one combined Chunin Exam, and one for the Sand village. We've had smaller events along the way, but nothing as grand as our live streamed spectacle of a salt fest. The reason for this has mostly been because of how rough the 3rd Chunin Exams went. Hopefully, in 2018, we'll have the time and resource to focus on running regular events as originally planned. I'm still thinking about how much of it I can automate while keeping the essence of what makes this big event what is is. Regardless, Nin Online has been going strong, and I can safely say that this has been the most productive year of development to date and it couldn't have been possible without everyone's support. My thoughts in closing.. Nin Online is an extremely niche game, made for Naruto fans who aren't content with the kind of games we keep getting, like the web game or mobile games. Online games in this shape and form, in general, are a dying breed. To game companies, the money has long moved to quickly developed auto-play games on mobile, which is why you will never see a real Naruto Online but instead get games like Ninja Voltage. Realistically speaking, a game like Nin Online should not be able to exist because Nin Online does not make enough money to justify it's existence. That being said, the game still exists thanks to everyone who has donated to the game, and everyone who is a positive impact on the community, and will continue to exist for as long as we have that! Thanks everyone for listening to my rant! Look forward to lots more in 2018. Regards, Rory
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    Hello there Nin Community, First of all I want to apologize to everyone that are still waiting for their custome stuffs. It's just I don't have that much time like I got befor, but i promise to all of you that i will definitely end what I started and so far I wont take any more requests. Then about why I don't have that much time? Eight hours normally work as electrician, then after that im travel to my "second" job wich is building my own house by my own, so like everything i do myself and sometimes help with my friends/parents. So as u know it takes a lot of my free time and when i come back at home I just dont have that much power in me to try something on PC wich is sad for me too. Im working hard now so me and my wife could be moving in befor vacation. Maybe later i will post some pictures about my progress there. Still sometimes i find a time to open PS and work some, like now I got one clothes almost finished, need a female version of it and its done. Hope you could understand my situation a little closer like this and be patience. Thx, and sorry again.
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    Dear Ninja, We will be hosting a Free For All Tournament for our players to enjoy some great competition giving you all the oppurtunity to test and hone your PvP skills against all types of adversaries. The tournament will be held on this 21st January (Sunday) at 3PM EST. Tiers There will be two tiers, below Level 30 and 30 and above. We will start with the lower-level tier under Level 30. Afterwards we will continue with the higher-level tier over Level 30. Rules Please keep in mind that this is a Free For All Tournament, therefore creating parties will be prohibited as it will lead towards a direct disqualification. Prizes The winners of their respective tiers will receive a $10 dollar gift card + 2x World Blessings. @Anborn will be providing the gift cards for the tournament. I will also reward the two ''Most outstanding ninja'' from each tier. Please note that you don't necessarily have to win the tournament to earn this accolade and reward. The prize rewarded for the most outstanding player is down below: 1x Pink Folding Fan If we manage to get a decent amount of participants to join this tournament, I will celebrate this succesful tournament by dropping a World Blessing afterwards. Please make sure to follow our announcements regularly, because there will be more events to come. Thank you for your attention and hope to see you all this Sunday! Kind regards, Shirou (Emiya)
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    The Council and myself would like to thank everyone for participating in this successful event. We would like to mention (below) the 6 organizations who've participated in hosting activities. This festival was Organization themed to showcase what some of the organizations within the Leaf have to offer. The goal was to push ninjas and encourage them to apply to organizations and partake in their events. (I've never seen a player-count this high since the joint chunin exam months ago) It was a great pleasure seeing so many ninjas participating and working together. Order of the Golden Scrolls - Technique Lessons Skypen's School of Water Serving - Hide and Seek activity Medical Elite Division - First Aid Training Fukitsuna Yogen - Obstacle Course The Big Dogs of Leaf & Kurobaku - Tournament The final results of the Organization Festival Tournament - http://challonge.com/11i9rry6, 1st Place - @Shotoho Mirana (15k Ryo and 20$ Nin Credit), 2nd Place - @Masake (10k Ryo & 10$ Nin Credit) 3rd Place - @Ishyn Sasayaki (5k Ryo & 5$ Nin Credit) We would also like to thank the Hidden Leaf ANBU who escorted and defended the village while the festival was taking place. It lasted about 5 hours and 30 minutes. Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone (again) who participated in this Festival, it was a fun experience and we will certainly plan more events like this one in the future. Here are some pictures taken during the Festival (In order of activities) - Thank you @Pharaohfor making such a nice video of the event. (Look at the comment below to watch) Best Regards, Third Hokage and The Hidden Leaf's Council™
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    The Hidden Leaf's Village Rule Book It is forbidden to aid the enemy in any form of way that would endanger or give them an advantage against the Leaf. Giving the enemy information regarding the Leaf is prohibited. Do not assist an enemy “friendly” or Missing-Ninja “friendly” if he is under attack by our ninjas. You must always help a comrade if he/she is under attack by enemies. It's up to the individual if he wants to kill a “friendly” outsider. One must not question the decision made by the individual as long as it follows the rules. Do not place a bounty on a comrade. Respect and follow orders from higher ranked shinobis of your village. Leaf Ninjas must abide with the terms set by the Hokage and Council with other villages. Do not intentionally steal from other Leaf ninja. If you have an argument with a villager, try to solve it respectfully, if unable to come to an agreement contact your superiors. (If it's escalated go to GMs not us) Do not wear a mask inside the Leaf. Only exception is the ANBU within the Leaf. The Hokage’s orders are absolute, you must follow and respect them. (Alternative accounts of mains who are known to be trouble to the Hidden Leaf will not be accepted. Till admin policies are worked on making it clearer and universal) If you go missing... A short reminder - you are betraying our village. Unless you're leaving as a hermit with the Council and Hokage's approval. (The 2 points below apply regardless) You will be ineligible for certain ranks and roles (examples: Hokage, Jonin, Specialized Jonin and Council role). You could possibly be rejected upon entry to the upcoming Chunin Exam (if you were to be pardoned). If you wish to be pardoned you must keep in mind that if the strikes you received were of very high-level rules you've reached a dead end. If you had broken low-level rules there's a chance you could possibly be considered but in all pardons, you will receive a certain punishment (unless a hermit). With that being said also keep in mind your actions as a Missing-Ninja would also be counted. The One Chance Policy states those who have broken low-level rules, or have chosen the path of a Missing-Ninja, will only receive 1 Chance, you cannot let it go to waste because it will be your last, if you were to go missing again you've reached a dead-end. These rules were passed by the Hidden Leaf's 2nd Official Council and 3rd Hokage. 2nd Official Council - @Caio@Ishyn Sasayaki& @Hawt The Third Hokage - @Deathmall Sasayaki
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    Hey, Nin. I've already made an attempt at talking about this in Discord, but I'm going to talk about it here as well. I am going through some extremely tough times irl. I've tried many options, but they have all led me to dead ends. A few of you suggested that I start a fundraiser, so that's what I've done. I don't use Facebook or anything.. the only people I talk to are here on Nin. If any of you feel like sharing my fundraiser with friends, it would be much appreciated. I'm sorry to bother you all with this. ._. https://www.youcaring.com/mikakiyousei-1066377 I'm assuming I'm allowed to post this here. If it's an issue, I can take away the link and people can just ask me for it directly.
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    Nin Online!!! Live your own ninja way ill edit it back to put a naruto instead of that blonde idiot.
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    Hello Leaf Village, I'm Caio, and i'm here on behalf of the Hidden Leaf's Council. The Hidden Leaf Village will be hosting the very first festival of the year on 1/20/2018 at 12PM EST. The festival is to be an event for organizations to showcase their talents, display what they have to offer and to give the villagers the opportunity to look through their options. On 1/19/2018 at 3PM EST a meeting will be held to prepare for the festival, all organization leaders and those who wish to suggest or to hear what is said are welcomed. Some of the major organizations within the leaf village will be present on the festival day, make sure to not miss out on this opportunity that has been brought to you by the 3rd Hokage, the village council and the organization leaders. Current Organizations within the Leaf Village: Leaf's Intelligence Division - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/gc/30-leafs-intelligence-division/ Medical Elite Division - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/gc/33-medical-elite-division/ Roots of Pride - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/gc/2-roots-of-pride/ Order of the Golden Scrolls - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/gc/41-order-of-the-golden-scrolls/ Leaf Academy - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/gc/16-leaf-academy/ Kurobaku - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/gc/59-kurobaku/ Skypen's School of Water Serving - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/gc/62-skypens-school-of-water-serving/ Fukitsuna Yogen -https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/gc/52-fukitsuna-yogen/ The Big Dogs of the Leaf - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/gc/38-the-big-dogs-of-the-leaf/ The Mob - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/gc/31-the-mob/ Crows Nest - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/gc/43-crows-nest/ The Order of the Phoenix - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/gc/49-the-order-of-the-phoenix/ If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Hidden Leaf's Council or the Third Hokage. Best Regards, Third Hokage and The Hidden Leaf's Council™
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    When Missing Ninja die, depending on their bounty, they will be given the rank of either Rogue Ninja or Hermit.
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    Basically since we're all limited to only having 15 jutsu now, I believe Body Flicker should not be considered in this limit. There are a reasonable amount of players who just don't use BUT we're kind of forced to have it if we want to reach content as it's required to use the teleport pads. I understand why the limit was added but not being able to access content because it takes one of your jutsu slot just isn't fair.
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    so I guess in the next patch that’s coming, there won’t be any more shared missions. I just don’t understand why??? like no one asked for this. instead of “balancing” this you could just balance op masteries like gentle fist. all this is going to do is make leveling a bigger pain than it already was. if you don’t care about what we have to say and do end up removing shared missions, can you at least make it so we get good missions when we are level 40 and such, instead of getting missions that give 40k exp, when we need like 1 million???
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    This annoy me so much. People are actually making detailed suggestion about lightning, medic, fan, and you are shitting on their long work with this useless post. If it was funny i would not be mad, but it is not even funny. It is literally just wasting the time of the devs. If you are not planning to make a serious suggestion, at least put it in "discussion". This is the dumbest things that i have read, i hope that one day your sense of humor will be good and you will stop to fake your personality
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    Optimized death process. Less loading time before back in hospital. As a Rogue Ninja, you now gain titles based on your bounty. (D-Rank Criminal, A-Rank Criminal etc.) New cutscenes! Completed all the missions for The Land of Toad. You can now earn "The Chosen One" title by completing Toad Mountain Storyline Raccoon Bandits now use a new ability. Removed white flashes from Meditation training in Toad Mountain. New "Reflection" enemy in the Toad Oil Fountain.
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    Can no longer spam Jutsus together. This means Jutsus with cast times can't be bypassed by chaining them together. Can no longer interrupt a cast with another cast. Can't invite ninjas in a village by a missing. Drilling Air Bullet Technique rank 3 fixed to not have any casts required and current level set to 3. Big Scarab Shells were missing from drops.
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    Chapter I of Toad Mountain Arc is available in Leaf, Sand & Takumi village Mission Assignment rooms. Fixed Water Crossing map, there was water where there shouldn't have been. Fixed visual bugs in Rocky Cave.
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    Cursed Seal Activation now gives you actual seal marks on your body. The seal symbol above your head disappears right after casting it.
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    I've never uploaded photos in a post, so it may be a bit too big/small, will try to edit it if I can. My entry for the contest is a guide for doing docs: All characters and events are fictional and not based on real people. It was not made to ridicule something or offend people, it is made purely for fun! I do not own the rights for any of the art, I just did the editting. It took me a lot of time to make, but it was a lot of fun, so hope you like it!
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    The Rule Book's Strike System Currently the Leaf Village is using the three strike system for exiles. This reply is meant to clarify how many strikes one would receive after breaking certain rules and also taking into account some possible circumstances (although all may not be stated). The # of the rule from the post above will be mentioned with the # of strikes one would get for breaking it along with certain circumstances that may change the # of strikes to that specific rule. It is important to know that more is expected from a higher rank. (Note some rules are not mentioned due to them not having a absolute # of strikes for, since they are considered too minor. But that does not mean they'll be enforced, they'll add up eventually) Rule #1 - It is forbidden to aid the enemy in any form of way that would endanger or give them an advantage against the Leaf. (2 or 3 Strikes) Reviving the enemy (1, 2 or 3 Strikes Depending on the circumstances) - If the enemy is being revived as he approaches Leaf alone. (1 Strikes) - If the enemy is being revived during a battle, intentionally. (2 Strikes) Acting with the enemy during their orchestrated raid. (3 Strikes) Rule #2 - Giving the enemy information about the Leaf is prohibited. (1, 2, 3 strikes) Informing the enemy of a comrades whereabouts. (1 Strikes or 2 Strikes, even 3 Strikes depending on the circumstances) Handing the enemy classified information. (3 Strikes) Rule #3 - Do not assist an enemy “friendly” or Missing-Ninja “friendly” if he is under attack by our ninjas. If this becomes repetitive for one individual it could potential lead to a strike. Rule #6 - Do not place a bounty on a comrade. (1 Strike, 2 Strike or 3 Strikes depending on the circumstances) Rule #7 - Respect and follow orders from higher ranked shinobis of your village. If you are known to not follow orders and doing so has endangered some of your comrades. (Strikes may vary depending on case) Rule #8 - Leaf Ninjas must abide with the terms set by the Hokage and Council with other villages. (Strikes vary depending on terms) Rule #9 - Do not intentionally steal from other Leaf ninja. (If done more than once may get a strike) Rule #11 - Do not wear a mask inside the Leaf. Only exception is the ANBU within the Leaf Village. If asked to remove the mask by a high ranked ninja and you refuse to do so it may be punishable. (Strikes may vary depending on circumstances) Rule #12 - The Hokage’s orders are absolute, you must follow and respect them. (Like rule #7 if this becomes repetitive, strikes may vary) While this system is in place these two important posts will be used. It is important to remember that low-level strikes may fade after a length of time that'll be decided on case-by-case if appealed. But high-level strike rules will remain permanent to your record as a Leaf. If you have any question please feel free to contact your Council members or the Third Hokage.
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    Player names are now hidden until you hover over them or target them! Renamed Beastly Wave Technique to Wind Scythe Technique. Fixed minor mapping errors around Leaf village surrounding maps.
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    Hello Leaf Village, I'm Caio, and i'm here on behalf of the new Council of the Leaf Village. Today, 12/23/2017, 2 major events happened on our village. The first event was the Council Election and the Hokage Promotion, and also had our first Jonin Promotion. Council Election As it was announced by Rory here in the forum, we had today a Council Election, which was by public vote, where the Leaf Village elected @Ishyn Sasayaki, @Hawt & I as the new Council Members. We would also like to thank @Deathmall Sasayaki, @Indra and @Zintosso , the former council, for all the work they did for our village and for the time they put on it. Hokage Promotion First of all we would like to thank @Shirou the 2nd Hokage of the Leaf Village for the excellent work on leading the village throughout these past months. Today after the Council Election, the new council members immediately had a meeting to decide on the new Hokage, @Deathmall Sasayaki was unanimously chosen as the 3rd Hokage of the Leaf Village. The new Council and the new Hokage are already working on improving systems within the Village. Jonin Promotion Last but not least, @Shirou, after steping down from the Kage position, was promoted to Jonin by our Lord 1st @Rory himself, in reward for all the time he worked as the 2nd Hokage of the Leaf Village. The Leaf Council would like to thank all of you for your attention, any doubt that someone may have, feel free to PM any Council member here on the forum or on Discord. Best Regards, The Hidden Leaf's Council™
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    It's been a while since my last video, so i recently filmed a video with @Indra which was pretty fun and kinda reminded me of the old days, so without further ado.. HERE it is.
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    Dear Ninja, This month we will have a special competition where players can send and share their best screenshots. We would like for our community and players to come up with creative and original ideas, giving us the oppurtunity to share these screenshots as promotional material. We will reward the Top 3 best screenshots taken. You can simply participate by replying to this topic and attach your screenshot. You're only allowed to submit one screenshot. The competition will end at the last day of the month, and the results will be published the following day. Tips Make sure the screenshots are taken at 1920x1080 resolution (you're allowed submit screenshots below these standards however Preferably hide the GUI by pressing F1 before you take a screenshot. Be creative and try to come up with entertaining screenshots Think about various Roleplay Events which you can participate in and capture great moments with your friends Capture great moments during PvP Battles Prizes We will give away prizes for the Top 3 best screenshots as following: First place: Bandit Mask Second place: Raging Bandit Jacket & Pants Third place: Two choices of the new Sunglasses (Note there is also a green/blue/pink coloured ones) Remember that the deadline is at the 31th of January. Also keep in mind that I'll be trying to host various other events in the future, so stay tuned everyone. We will be looking forward to see your great captures. I wish you all the best of luck with this competition. Kind regards, Shirou
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    Yo, I had an idea where dropped items from mobs have a yellow outline just so you can see the better quite often in snow wolves I see a lot furs just laying there because people can't see them and that's pretty sad to see to be honest haha so @Seth I don't know if I should tag you or someone else but please consider it ^^ I made an example of the outline \/
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    When you finally find the squad you belong in:
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    I have recently gotten into video editing and recording and decided to make some funny videos featuring nin and its player base Here is an example of my work(more text below): Update 1 Opening Test 1: Update 2: Nin Combat 1 This is my first try at a fight video I hope to make more vids like this or maybe start a mini series or sketch "show" based around nin. Since i am still very new when it comes to all this it would be great to get any suggestions for video ideas. Also if anyone wants to be in one of the videos DM me either here on the nin site or on discord i usual check those daily
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    New Mission from Satomo in Toad Mountain. Half complete mission from Great Toad Sage. You can try it! But you can't complete it yet. Fixed visual bug in Sand village arts theatre.
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    Hey guys, there have been a list of things that I have been thinking about for a while, and I understand that most of this will probably have to wait until the new engine (Priorities), but I thought I'd compile a small list of ideas: 1. Clan housing: For clans that are cemented in a village (Kuraen clan, Sasayaki clan, etc.) they should have their own building. Requirements to have it could include: Have a set amount of members, have a leader who has been active for x amount of time and had an account for x amount of time, a building fee (Insert large amount of ryo), and whatever other requirements you can think of. 2. An organization bank/storage: Features for the bank could include the following: A. A tab system with restrictions for each tab. For example; New members can withdraw and deposit items (With restrictions) in the "New member storage" tab or whatever their org would call it, whereas officers can withdraw and deposit in the "Officer" storage and everything below it (Including for example, from the "New member storage"). This gives reasons to promote people you trust and to gain rank within an org in order to access better items/gear. B. A withdraw limit. Newer players can only withdraw a certain amount of items per day/week/per whenever the org leader decides. Don't hardcode it, leave it up to the org leaders to decide who can and cannot access their hard earned materials. 3. A bank storage for everyone else: A simple bank which can be accessed upon reaching a certain level (30-35 perhaps? To prevent mass item hording from alts). Initially 10 slots are available, however, maybe you can pay 20k ryo to unlock 5 more. And then 30k for 10 more, and keep on increasing the cost. Conversely, add a cash shop item that increases the amount of spaces by 10. Make a cap of (Insert number) spaces in the new storage. 4. Change the cash shop item names. Please. They are far too Naruto'y'. And I believe they need to be renamed. It's a simple task that people won't like, but I believe it's necessary to further establish Nin Online as an independent existence from Naruto. 5. Implement quality of life cash shop items that do not affect gameplay. One was stated above (The bank space increases), this could be furthered to include clan and organization features. This will show who is committed to their org/clan. For example, clan/org housing could be locked behind a paywall. Doesn't affect gameplay, but massively improves quality of life. 6. Instance housing. When Nin becomes big (And I truly believe someday it will) there will need to be more space. More space than any village can currently handle. This can be done by all the housing building locations being instance based (New engine stuff most likely). Imagine it... Chinome and Kuraen's having the same clan house on the world map but in a different instance XD "GET OFF MY LAWN" "No u" -Joking. I did state that it should be for clans/orgs that are cemented into a village. It would be hard to give a clan house to a clan that is 50/50 lol (I can probably think of something to make that happen... Have @Soul Apparition/ Leaf Chinome Clan Elder/ make "His own clan" and invite all of the leaf chinome clan members while the missing half stays.... missing lol) 7. Fire dragon is useless. It does the same damage as the phoenix fire jutsu but self stuns you, moves slow as hell, and has horrible range... It doesn't shoot the second shot after impact on players anymore. It's even more useless than (Most) of lighting's jutsu. Please add back the second shot (The phoenix) after impact. 8. Lighting. Enough said.
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    We're going to be running a trial on a feature. We'll be hiding names by default, until you click on or hover over the player, and so more than ever, it's going to be crucial the way you dress - to be identified by your village members. The question is, do you think it would be better if certain signature clothing are limited to villages, like Sand's Robes and Utility Vests, or robes for missing ninja and ANBU. Let us know, and comment why.
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    Walking animation is smoother and doesn't pose idle while in walking animation. Reverted a lot of changes, to address disconnect bug. Optimized direction sending, to prevent packet spamming server. Server should lag less. Added a No Zone, which prohibits PvP.
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    I'd like to thank the 2nd Official Council for giving me this opportunity, I ensure you it won't go to waste. I'll be working with the council to make further improvements and tweaks to our current system. We wish only the best for the Hidden Leaf, with that being said we'll be having public meetings once in awhile. Also I would like to thank Shirou for being a great role model during his time as 2nd Hokage. Last but not least, enjoy your holidays! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The will of fire still burns.
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    Waging War - The First Great Battle
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    I think that if they made this change, it is because they want that the game become less oriented on dailies missions. They will obviously add more mission like the toads ones (snakes missions and hawk missions) so the dailies will be considered as a "bonus" to lvl up. Just think about it: the blank history of current event part I (finished) the snake lair mission (finished) the sealable tags mission (finished) toad missions (finished) daily missions (bonus) It is clear that it is too soon for an update like this, but the developer are thinking in long term and not in short term. I would rather do 2-3 missions like the toads ones than the same missions everyday with or without the ability to share them. I understand why the majority of the community is angry, they expect developers to tell them everything about the future of the game, it is understandable, and it is completely possible. The lack of communication is the main problem with huge updates like this. The next time, dev must say their point of views to avoid confusion.
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    I have seen Browser and Mobile games that was insanely limited on the actions you can do. But NinOnline managed to get on their level. - Or even surpass them. You can choose 3 random Missions a day. - Good. You can grind, to a certain level. - If we're being realistic, Hosts and Snow Wolves are no Enemys you can use for a long grind. The fact that you get less exp per party Member just turns you into a solo player, and compete with your "ally's" over farming spots. The Farming spots themself are waaay too limited. You guys want your players to grind. Fine. - But I can't imagine 20 players farming on Bears. (example) If you guys plan to do big changes like that. - At least come up with a vision that 's understandable for players. You can't just take all their treats and expect them to stay. That makes no sense.
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    When Rory unleashes the great power of his fingers.....
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    5 New Missions now available in Toad Mountain from Hoshitomo and Momotomo!
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    To put it short, i'm running out of space in my inventory and I see many more people are in the same position... so? banks? either a item-shop for cash that is tradable or a item you can buy in-game for ryo or something... then maybe you need to pay ryo/cash to upgrade/expand the space in the bank? @Seth There was a bank in the alpha that wasn't really stable, i'm sure there is other ways to make it work without constant crashes.
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    Hard life of missing nin
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    Increased cooldown of Toad Oil from 30s to 90s. Prevented exploit of using Land of Toads to return to your village. Fixed Summoning Toad in Takumi Village.
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    LET CONTINU DIS!!! __________________________________________________ Oh no, ma frend :'( lets continue with things that everybody do hahaha for mah friends leafies lol: And my favorite haha: Don't forget to post your own memes
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    I wouldn't like this idea at all. There's so many trees in ninonline, no way am I gonna hover my mouse over every tree just to avoid getting blindsided by a technique. This idea worked in GOA, because there was a macro with auto-targetting, and not much terrain to hide behind. Just imagining this mechanic being applied in chakra forest, I don't think anyone below the level of 40 would ever make it out of there alive lol.
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    Added hitboxes to mobs. This allows for big boss battles. Added where NPCs can do combos!
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    With the Sand Village expansion we have decided to roll out new Sand Village infrastructure. 2 job factions and an rp student faction will be introduced on a trial basis(For practical reasons). The Sand Police This will be four man squads that will patrol the sand , do border petrol ,RP events ,Raids and other Stuff . They will also help with internal affairs like finding spys protecting ninjas during they missions and ensuring there is there is peace between villagers and in the village also to ensure all the Sand rules And KazeKage’s rules are not broken Requirement Level 25+ Sand shinobi Must be skilled in certain areas (role playing etc.) They will be different departments Next is Sand Academy(For Genin) The main focus of the academy is to build up strong shinobis that will help the sand village and also understand how the sand village works and later choose the right path and From level 20 they choose if they want to be a teacher at level 25 , join the police force , at level 30 become an anbu , all of the above or become just a ninja Teachers Requirement Level 25+ Sand shinobi Must be skilled in certain areas (role playing etc.) To get three students and make a three man team The Job They will teach rules of sand village Give you levelling tips Help you get items like (blank scrolls etc. ) They will take you throw RP events(not chunin RP missions) Help you build a good ninja From level 20 you help the choose if they want to be a teacher at level 25 , join the police force , at level 30 become an anbu , all of the above or become just a ninja Student Requirement Level 0+ Sand Shinobi These roles are Sand villages attempt to incorporate RP back into much of what we do here on Nin Online. We will see over time how well this goes and see if we will continue it. If you have any questions contact myself or @Ketsueki blackkage
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    I'm still trying to understand the idea behind this change. This will only make it harder for newer players to catch up cause lets be fair, level 50 is a must to compete in PvP. It's not a horrible change( game design and longevity wise) but problem is that you cannot progress without reliable missions cuz PvE is non existant after 40 like Mist Demon said so there is no alternative. Should've first created an alternative before removing it in my opinion. "Create your own ninja " But progress is totally RNG
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    Locking this as it's just a troll post/not an actual suggestion and before the toxic levels rise. If you're going to make posts like these, please do so in the correct forum section.
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    Server crash fixed. Earth Wall no longer can damage.