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    YAGYU CHAPTER 1 This page will be update
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    Yo! Something has to be done about Wind Mask, it's probably the strongest jutsu right now and I think that most of the people agree with me on that. It's an instant aoe knockback stun with super low cooldown and chakra cost.. You are able to use it after Body Flicker or after your or the enemies Substitution gets popped, which makes it super easy to land and almost unpredictable. There is no counterplay or downside to that jutsu and because of the 2 second stun you are able to follow up with a lot of free damage or maybe even another stun. How does that not sound overpowered and broken? Something like that definitely shouldn't exist in a pvp-heavy game like this, it kinda ruins the fun for me. There is a reason why so many people in sand go for the INT wind path. With that being said.. Adding a cast time (1 second?) would probably be the best solution for now. The jutsu would keep it's power that way, but at least there would be some way to counter it.
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    Before any of you mention it, yes I am water, yes I do exactly this in game. Discuss
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    April 2018 Promotions Leaf Village Chunin: @FR3D Lucha @Atrane @Leevi Sasayaki @Ishyn Sasayaki @Sour Suwa Sand Village Chunin: @Tresmorne Toitsu @Kenock Toitsu @Dio @Lumy Vongola @Mylu Vongola
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    First of all im playing nin since Open beta so i want to share about my opinion about Balance and other things in Nino. I have been playing all masteries in Nino. (6 lvl 50 Characters fire&earth, water&wind, Light&Tai, Medic&str wm, Int wm&water and Gf) @Rory i will not tell you about how you should fix all masteries but i will just give my opinion how does it work in my eyes. Fire Mastery (Burst, Good in mid range) i think that fire is in the right direction. It can do a lot of damage and Jutsu are not too fast or too slow so i will just pass this one but there is something wrong about Dragon fire but i will talk about it later when i mention about Bug(?)report. Wind Mastery (Long range mastery?) Wind suppose to be long range mastery and do a lot of damage like Fire mastery but lower. The thing about Wind mastery is all wind jutsu has the same range as other mastery. The only thing that make Wind mastery shine is because it has 6 tiles homing, just that . Earth Mastery (Group fighting mastery with cc, Yes this one is in the right way) We can say that Earth is the most balance mastery. Good in mass fight and has a lot of cc like what you want it to be. The only thing that seems like to be problem is Ravaging earth jutsu which is basically the same jutsu as lightning spear and piecing blade(this one is worse cuz of self-stun) but i will talk about all 3 jutsu later. Lightning Mastery (It suppose to be Stun mastery but it is not) I know you already have a plan for lighting but i find that all lightning jutsu doesn't match each other. You can't throwing projectile like other mastery cuz of you only have 1 projectile and it is 1 tile jutsu. You cant fight in close range because of you only have 1 decent jutsu in close range which is Current and you cant fight in long range because Cutter has 2s charge time the only way to make Cutter work is pair up with other player or fight in very small place. Water Mastery (All in one mastery but shouldn't be good in everything) Water is mastery that im playing the most. If we look at Water mastery alone it is perfected and outstanding than other mastery because All jutsu goes well with each other. You have one of the best stun, you have subs and do a lot of damage like Fire and Wind(actually more because you can set up the combo by Water prison). So yeah this is the reason why it become meta. ( i will talk about water+other mastery later) Medic Mastery (Staller, It is good in everything combat,healer) I like the way medic user playing this mastery but the only thing that might be a problem are Poison Scapel and Poison cloud, both jutsu have insane hitbox( I will talk about this on Bug?report) Weapon Master Int-path (Trapper) -Everything look good but Hidden explosive tag is meh. You can fight against 2-3 players at the time if you have trap prepared and if snare debuff come, bear trap is not a problem anymore. Str-path (Swordman, Tank) and Taijustu - This is how we play this mastery we make it be tanky because we have to fight in close range all the time but the thing is sometime auto-attack doesn't registered so 80% of times it miss and some jutsu are useless(But not tai, tai's jutsu is all good) and doesn't goes well with other jutsu. Fan mastery Fan mastery alone look totally ok but when it combine with other mastery it is too strong this one i have to tell you that separate wind and fan mastery. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game Mechanic -No Global cooldown between jutsu This is what i don't think it make sense therefore if you think that everyninja have to do finger tut to use jutsu but hey in Nino you can cast fireball and 0.1s after you can cast next jutsu and 0.1s after you can cast another one so yeah it doesn't make sense at all. -Auto melee attack and Running speed As Tai user or str wm, How can you hit enemy when you and enemy has the same running speed when you are chasing enemy. Yes we have flicker but if enemy is out of flicker range then it is depend on your and enemy ping which is not fair if Tai/str wm user have higher ping. -Cloaking It shouldn't scale with only int because this is basic skill everyninja should be able to cloak ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug(?) report -Vacuum sphere and Dragon fire's self-stun wont active if you cast it near enemy. I don't know if this is a bug or not but when this 2 jutsu land in close range(1-2 tiles) the user won't get self-stun -Poison scapel, I remember that this jutsu only had 2 tiles in front but now it is not. It has 2 diagonal tiles on both left and right. now it has insane hitbox and it doesnt make sense at least for me cuz you only use 1 hand but you can hit in 3 different ways. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestions(I'm so tired i will write detail later) -Organization's mission -Missing spawn in Land of fire(shouldn't be hard to code because we had been spawn in bounty before) -Make Casino village great again(higher bet) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thing that have to be fixed RIGHT NOW I make this topic be last because i have been arguing about this one with Rory many times it is stun after subs. This is worse than rubberband, back in the day we don't have stable ping cuz of we didn't use noping or pingzapper and now Seth has improved our ping. I still say the same words when i used noping i barely got rubberband and even if i got it enemy can not use rubberband as advantage as like Stun after subs So i want to the community to vote if we want it to stay like this or not. I feel limited everytime i play nino, i get stun everytime i subs enemy attack and their could use it as advantage such as free hits or combo you to dead which is not really fair at least for me so please reconsider about this. Thank you
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    Fix Agility making casting slower. Fix projectile disappearing and not clearing when entering a new map. Fix spamming Jutsus. Removed Upgrade ActiveX control from client, was causing Anti-Virus and crashes. Secret maps work again, should lessen server crashes as well. Fix paperdoll glitch with genders. Organizations don't have friendly fire except in War Zones. Fix a crash with targetting. Improve casting and interrupting Jutsus.
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    Summer Festival Xanax's Manga "A summer with Xanax ch.1!"
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    Adenium (Desert Rose) clan How it started: After the Great War of the clans, where everyone died, A rose of desert was born in the middle of the slaughter. Several years later after this all, there was only sand and the only one bush of brown roses. A lonely ninja wondered between the dunes. He was very tired of searching the place where he could take a break. And then, when he was close to give up, he found this bush. He sat beneath them listening the sounds of wind. At some point there was immeasurable silence. He heard only a sob behind the bush. It was a girl. She was scared and lonely. She told him that she was looking for a place where she can hide to be safe. She had no parents, friends, or anyone else. They started talk about things what happened here several years before. They sat together to watch the sun. He told her about his situation and why he was here alone in the desert. She was curious if there are more people like they. Alone. She said that she doesn't want to be lonely anymore. She wants to have a family. Since then they are coming back to this rose. Everyday searching for any new, alone and special petals. they created the last clan in honor of the Desert Rose. What was born from death, blood and silence. That's how into being came Adenium, for those ones who is tired of living in loneliness, for those ones who want change something for good. ~Each petal of a rose is one insurgent. We are joined together, and we won't let any of the petals fall out.~ The people mentioned above are: @Ketsueki Itama and @Aurora Adenium So far we found petals like: @Azuuki Adenium @Deviax @Nauq @Oiram @Jazzberry Jam @Cyprowolf If you are the alone petal who is tired of being lonely come to the Desert Rose. We will find you. Law/Itama#5636(Discord).
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    Dear Ninja, As time goes on and screen technology becomes more insane, we want the game to look the way it should. It was quietly introduced, but if you see the settings in the Launcher, there is now a checkbox labelled "Zoom". This is a compatibility feature meant for people with resolutions 1440p and higher. If you have a 1440p or 4K monitor, you may want to consider player the game in this mode so that you can actually see your characters. What Zoom Mode does is that it renders half the amount of pixels eg instead of 2000x2000 pixels, just 1000x1000 pixels, and scales it to your full 2000x2000 display. This brings the game closer to you and lets you see characters in full detail rather than as ants on your high resolution display. This is similar to a feature commonly seen in other games known as Resolution Scale. Where the game engine renders only a percentage of the total number of pixels and scales it up to the full resolutions, and using anti-aliasing and other techniques to try to maintain fidelity. This is typically done to maintain a stable framerate as not many graphics cards can support games at high resolutions. For 1440p and 4K gaming, you typically need atleast a GTX1080 for 60fps gaming or it's AMD equivalent. Not many people have such hardware at their disposal. Sometimes less is more. Personally I use a 34inch 1440p Ultrawide monitor and with Nin Online in full screen, characters and jutsu become impossible to discern, everything just looks like ants. The issue isn't just high resolution, it's high pixel density. So I've begun using this Zoom Mode to be able to see the art clearer and also maintain a stable FPS. Nin Online was never meant to be played as an Ant Simulator!! If you find yourself in a situation like this where you characters are too tiny, you may consider ticking Zoom on your launcher! Good job @Seth Regards, Rory
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    Mahiru's, Dan's and Tsukinome's have merged to form one and the same family traffic. Today called Yagyu, it's more than just a family, it's a group of mercenaries ... Their goal? Money, power, drugs, alcohol, sex, money, power, money, power ... But most of all, they want the village of Kiri! And they will have it !! The stakes are high, they will propel this village towards wealth and victory ... They will shave everything in their path and will first reduce Konoha to ashes !! We must do something to stop them! We managed to get information on their genetic heritage, let me explain: Below the dark forest, located to the east is an old place looking like a jail full of snakes. It seems they met there a strange ninja surgeon 250 years old ... They would have undergone mutations allowing them to resist any rejection in case of transplant. To be clear, the Yagyu can own all Kekkei Genkai if they find them. The problem is not that they have the advent, it is especially that even without it, they are powerful assassins. On average, a 13-year-old Yagyu child has already killed 30 ninjas. At 16, he killed 100 ... At 20, he killed 500 ... I'm scared when we look at the reports we have about them. Seriously, did you know that these bastards boiled their water prisons ?! They are f****n' sadists who have no morals! They have a saying, besides, these bastards! << Today a new sun lights up a new Earth ... A red tinged earth whose painters are Yagyu >> Do you imagine ?! Gentlemen, let's close the borders momentarily, or we'll be in shit. We have until December to exterminate them one by one ...! If we do not do it, it's the Sasayaki's, the Mirana's the Kuraen's and the Suwa's who will die ... Actualy we know some members of them, Kaen Yagyu-Raider/Bounty Hunter Anatsu Yagyu-Raider/Bounty Hunter Amatizu Yagyu-Raider/Bounty Hunter Satoshidara Yagyu-Scoot/Raider Daroce Yagyu-Raider/Bounty Hunter Snake Yagyu-Raider/Bounty Hunter Vaga Yagyu-Raider/Bounty Hunter Zabu Yagyu-Raider/Bounty Hunter (Lil lava)Lava Yagyu-Raider/Bounty Hunter Shirou Yagyu-Raider/Bounty Hunter Luna Yagyu-Raider/Bounty Hunter Scaramouche Yagyu-Raider/Bounty Hunter ... -WILKOR SENSEI !! -N ... Nani ?! -I feel a chakra ... no ... 4 evil chakras ... -S..s..SH*T! They are theaaAAAAARGHLL'rrr WANNA JOIN US? So send us your resume with a photo and your professional experience ... No, we laugh, have a good bingo or send us your war! A small photo will suffice! Join the Yagyu and you will know the money, the victory and the women
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    Game client has been optimized. Should run about 20-30 FPS higher. Certain interfaces like Notice Board, Chat Bubbles and Mission Log cache the text making up to 20 FPS higher also.
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    Deadly Ram Outfit Festival: Summer Since the first released seasonal festival item was a dragon mask, I wanted to keep the theme going; the design of these masks is based on the skull of a ram, which wikipedia tells me is one of the animals from the Chinese zodiac associated with summer. And they're skulls... because. The outfit on the left has more summery colors, while the outfit on the right is supposed to be more watery. The mask is unisex while the coat fits the female base.
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    Reworked current Jutsu with Silences and Snares Almost all long stun jutsu have been replaced with snares. While snared, you are still able to use jutsu, which provides time for counter play. Only jutsu that also incapacitate the user for an amount of time (Self Stun / End Cast Time) have stuns that are equal or slightly more rewarding. Such jutsu are designed to be more useful in team fights, where once you stun the enemy, your team mates can use that time to deal damage to the stunned enemy. Affected Jutsu are Water Prison Technique, Earth Prison Technique, Great Earth Prison Technique, Bear Trap Technique, Mud River Technique, 16 Palms Technique, Wind Mask Technique, New Event Prize Room Item "Hermit Forehead Protector" Fixed descriptions of Great Earth Prison Technique and Mud River Technique. Fixed description of Lightning Current Technique. Fixed Morning Peacock Technique stun being missing.
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    Title of Entry: The hot blooded killer Festival: Spring
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    As they are right now, clones are useless with the long cast time. I just suggest to change them into a 2s running cast.
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    @Rory - When is Mist Village going to be released? Any date guess? - Whats the plan on Lightning Mastery? Lightning Cutter 1 sec Cast for advance mastery? - Release date for Advance Tai,GF,WM ? If no do you have any guess when? - How many new jutsus will advance Tai,GF,WM each have? - Whats the plan on WM? Why is the Damage so low? Is it getting buffed? - How do you make money irl? lol - Puppet Mastery? Any release date? Whats the plan? - Why doesnt DOT apply on monsters? - Is Curse Mark getting removed off Medic? Whats the plan? Is there a replacement? - Rasengan and Yellow Flash teleportion? Whats the plan? Are they going to be drop from monsters? - How are ninja able to obtain Forbidden Justu? - Why do we get missions like kill snow wolves at Lv30+ when they can 1-2 shot us? - When will EU server come? Or even better, when will servers be fixed? - When will the afterimage get fixed? - When will server stop crashing? - New Engine? When is it coming out? Tell us something about it. - Does the game plan any bigger advertisements to get bigger playerbase as it is needed? - Will there be advance medic? If yes tell us about it? When its coming out? - How soon do you see advance masteries ( Elements) coming ? - Is there planned other way to level for medics? - Will kages be able to control NPC's in Future? AKA Guards? - Will Hokage be able to close the Entrance gate in the future? - Why doesn't Nin Online hire people that are willing to work for free? - How will clans ingame work? - Will we get skins like Shark skin in cash shop in future? - Will the combo system change in the future? If yes tell us something about it, how will it work? - Are you going to allow acc transfer to mist village when it comes out? - Last question that people always ask not only in forums but on discord aswell, is Nin online?
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    Having to buy 3rd party programs shouldn't be a thing just to play a god damn 2D game...
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    Congrats to the following 5 winners of the Sand Village Chunin exam. Lumy Vongola Dyan Toitsu Tresmorne Toitsu Dio Kenock Toitsu Congrats to them and the participants who made a great showing in the Sand CE!
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    The self-stun from substitution makes it so you can't move and people can use it on purpose to get free damage off on you. Something should be done about it, either shorten the self-stun or make it so subs don't warp you. Even if I used two subs here I would just get stunned a second time and get hit anyways.
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    Hello. Leaf and Sand have recently made an alliance, after a long war, this brings a very (much needed) fresh air in the game, however, other than not killing each other on sight and maybe some RP elements, there's not much else to play with the "Alliance" idea. I cannot team up and help sand newbies, I cannot team up with sands and back them up in a raid, etc. While most masteries can just choose to not target their allies, masteries like mine have mostly AoE attacks, meaning that if I wanted to help sand, I'd be better off just watching as I'd risk hitting them as well. Other than that, there are some other features that break the immersion by presuming that leaf is in constant war with sand, like NPC Guards. The weird thing is that I can easily team up and have no problems with missings that, ironically enough, are at war with us. Setting NPC Behavior, if it will ever happen, will probably be a feature added in a much distant future but it would be great if we could start by being able to team up with the opposite village since teaming up with missings is already a thing, it would make this alliance much more enjoyable.
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    I changed some stuff but yeah....heres my Ninjustice. (real resolution)
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    - After Casting Fast 3 Jutsus. The next jutsus will have 500-750 ms end cast time for the next 1-5sec. This will prevent 1 shot on players. Basically the limit on combo is 3 jutsus. We still have combos but it’s more balanced and fair. - Increase the fortitude scaling from 10 to 15-20. This will improve not only pvp but also pve. (AKA getting 2 shot by snow wolves is so fun right. We definitely don’t need more hp hue hue) - After 2 stuns you cannot be stunned again for 8 sec. But if the person stuns you once, that 8sec cooldown will run so it’ll recount the stun count after it finish, but if u get stunned while that 8 sec count is still going from that first stun then you cannot be stunned for 8 sec after
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    Rework to Youthful Spring Technique This is experimental, but as Youthful Spring Technique was too OP as a buff without repercussion, it now silences it's own user for the duration of the buff. Allowing them only to use melee hits. It now however increases Agility by a greater percentage. (10%/15%/25%) -> (25%/30%/35%)
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    I recently took a long break from Nin and during my break the devs released a game update where your Jutsus with a cast time go on cooldown if you are casting on a target and he runs out of range. When I was playing in the past, you were able to recast your jutsus, and it didn't go on cooldown until it went off. So now that there is this forced Jutsu cooldown on failed jutsu casts, lightning mastery has become a complete joke . All of the lightning mastery jutsus desperately needs to be relooked at because it is one of the masteries where most of it's jutsus depend on cast times. I'll go down the list and explain why the lightning jutsus are garbage now and what you can do to fix it. Chidori: The whole reason to play as a lightning ninja was to use Chidori. Chidori was every lightning ninja's bread and butter. But now its impossible to land if your target isn't already stunned. Before, ninjas were forced to save their substitutions to counter a lightning ninja's chidori and make it go on cooldown. But now all you have to do is run out of range and oooof congrats you completely countered the lightning ninja's best jutsu. And when I mean best jutsu I mean only jutsu, the other lightning jutsus are jokes. I thought they were bad before but now it has become even more apparent. As a Wind/Lightning ninja the only lightning jutsu on my hotbar is chidori, and I'm still contemplating removing it for something else. Just remember that Chidori has a 3 SECOND CAST TIME AT MAX RANK which is ridiculous. Water prison has a 1 second cast time and stuns for longer. How to fix: Lower cast time/increase range/increase stun duration. Way too easy to not get hit by chidori now. (hint: just run out of range lol). If anything just lower the cast time. Binding Pillars: Long cast time? Check. Small Area of effect? Check. Impossible to hit anyone? Check. MUST BE A LIGHTNING JUTSU! Not only does it take 3 long seconds to cast, it self stuns you after you cast it for another second, so you can't even combo anything even if you magically hit someone with it. This is the lightning mastery's highest level jutsu and all we get is some good for nothing pillars. How to fix: It's not a matter of fixing its a matter of completely revamping this skill. Absolute useless garbage (t3 skill btw). Just save us all some time and copy earth prison's or water prison's code and paste it over this jutsu. If you make it work like either of those I can die happy. Feast of lightning: Another cast time relient target-able jutsu like chidori, it needs a buff because it is way too hard to get a hit off since this cooldown update. How to fix: Make it castable while moving. Both earth and wind have skills like these why not lightning? This is something that should have been done a long time ago. Ligtning Spear: Useless jutsu just save time and remove from game. How to fix: Delete from game or make it instant cast and increase size, still no one is going to use it. Lightning Senbon: Very hard to hit, doesn't deal that much more damage than just throwing a shuriken. How to fix: Make it shoot 3 senbons at max rank, (Water/Wind/Fire masteries all have a jutsu like this why not lightning?) Lightning Current: The amount of chakra this jutsu costs doesn't warrant even using it. It's stun isn't even long enough to combo any jutsus from it. You also get stunned yourself after using it which is counter-intuitive. How to fix: Increase stun duration so you can use it to combo another jutsu or shuriken. Or just make it so you aren't stunned as well after casting it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep in mind that in my hayday when I was playing about a year ago, lightning was never considered a top tier mastery. So even then it deserved some buffs. But now more than ever it needs some buffs mainly because it's bread and butter (chidori) is impossible to hit anymore because of this forced cooldown update.
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    Most sit animations implemented to sitting locations (benches, chairs, couches, etc.) in Nin. (Please contact us if you find any seats that do not add sit animation. There are a few exceptions that can't be sat in.) Added Leaf & Sand War Advisors in Village Squares for Event. New "War Enrollment Document" to enter into the War map for the War event. Will be used in future war events as well.
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    Remove optimizations on client and server, to reduce server and client crashes. This may come at the expense of lower FPS. We're going to be optimizing the client more soon! Fix kickback stun, it wasn't working. Fix Wild Slash exploit. Fix event stuck, where the character would become stuck while talking about certain events in the game world. New sit and hit pose. Sit pose will not work until we update maps to make use of this new feature. Added new skins to Skin Dye! These are exclusive. Added 2x Zoom option in updater, for 4k Displays. Organizations can PvP in Arena maps.
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    It's very hard to kill guy who doesn't log in at all
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    Days of Yoru are gone, you only were able to pull that stuff cos you were highest lvl around, now there is lots of lvl 50 players to stop you
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    yagyu is an anagram for yu gay
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    The #4 PvP Tournament was a 2v2. It was great! Thanks everyone for coming. First Place - @Aghila Mirana & @Boira Jun Second Place - @Johan Toitsu & @Zelda Toitsu Third Place - @Hawt & @Dairuto The brackets: https://challonge.com/9qoe61xf Thanks to @Anborn for the stream! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/242808184
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    Why is Water Prison being compared to Earth Prison, regarding the 2s cast time? Let's be honest, regardless of your mastery, you're all pretty much biased towards your respective masteries. But let's compare Water Prison to what it actually makes sense to compare it to - Lightning Cutter. They're both jutsu that a SINGLE enemy, with the main differences being the cast time, tile range and the teleport from cutter. Why is it fair that cutter is 2s cast time? They pretty much do the same thing, apart from the teleportation. Now you might mention that Lightning is just overall useless, to which I disagree. But even if that's what you believe, shouldn't the balance of the masteries revolve around one another, rather than having 1-2 top tier masteries? Now I see that wind mask was mentioned too... Wonderful! Another thing I can compare to another Lightning jutsu - Lightning Current. I understand that Wind mask is a Hidden technique, and should by all means, be a better jutsu than a regular Lightning jutsu. But just for the comparison, have you actually noticed how similar the two are, yet how much weaker Lightning Current is? They're both AoE stuns, however, Wind mask costs less chakra, has a lower cast time and doesn't self-stun. Yes, Lightning Current stuns yourself and the enemy... for the same amount of time. How does that even make any sense? Is it just meant to deal damage and try to reduce all of your jutsu cooldowns by 1s? To summarize, I'm trying to say that, in comparison to their counterparts, both Water Prison and Wind Mask are just a bit too powerful. And I quite frankly don't believe the overall kit of either mastery would be hurt too badly, simply by having one jutsu nerfed, respectively. PS: Water Prison has no specific animation, so it's much easier to bait players by pretending to cast WP, when you are actually casting another jutsu, unlike Lightning Cutter. Water Prison: 1s Cast time, 6-7 tile range (Seems fair to me. Same range as Feast of Lightning, but with a stun on top). Wind Mask: 1s Cast time
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    Hey everyone. I think it would really be dope if we could get a barbershop or barber npc to change hairstyles in return for Ryo - (like the new blessing monk). Now to make this fair, I recommend only making basic hairstyles available (options in character creation) at this npc, so that the cash shop hairstyles still stay classy and premium. Also, since hair dye is a cash shop item, this npc, (to be fair) , cannot change hair color. "Prices can be 500/ryo per cut for example" This feature will honestly improve the game and give a bit of variety. I cant remember how many times I reset or created alts because I got tired of my hairstyle. xD Let me know if you guys agree with me Quad
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    This new Hozuki Clan is a clan of Sand/Mist/Missing Ninja, descendants of the Hozuki Clan from Kirigakure, lots of them specialized in WM or Water release. However now most of its members can be found within Sunagakure or Takumi. We have replaced the ancient Hozuki Clan in the past, however, we are still practising the Hydrification techniques and other special and traditional Hozuki clan techniques, such as the water gun technique, which was used by our ancestors. The Clan is known for their amazing Weapon Masters and their special clan techniques, but also hold a large amount of ninja talented in other masteries and releases. Now they mainly live in Suna, adapting to the customs of this village, and changing the use of their techniques in order not to evaporate in the boiling desert. Hozuki's enjoy a shaded and cool temperature in their special clan quarters, made for our clan so that we can still practise our special hydrification techniques without evaporating or being dehydrated in a short time. Motto: "We are more than just water..." After the fall of the Blood Mist village in the last great ninja war, only 2 villages were left; Sunagakure, ruled by the Kazekage, located in the vast deserts of the Land of Wind. And Konohagakure, ruled by the Hokage, located in the deep forests of the Land of Fire. Neither villages would ever be as a perfect match for the Hozuki Clan, and many other clans, which all revolved around Water jutsu and marine environments. Konohagakure, was the natural choice for most mist clans as it still had a plentiful water supply and moderate temperature compared to the demon desert of Sunagakure. Forward went the survivors of the Hozuki Clan and many other clans. Towards the leaf village, they went in a massive horde of ex-mist villagers fleeing the destruction of their home. However, the Konoha guards mistook this massive movement as a threat and launched an ambush on the refugee clans, leading to the extinction of several clans, and those who survived were either imprisoned or has to flee yet again, and this time the Mist villagers were dispersed across the world. Many people still have the Mist Village blood running through their veins and have an urge to return to their rightful homeland. The Hozuki Clan thought to be extinct, received a spark of hope as on a fateful evening a young boy named Hideo Hozuki, together with his cousin MrChubb the Hozuki, realized their Hozuki heritage, and trained themselves in the Special techniques of the Hozuki Clan. Their grandparents had migrated together to Suna, unlike the rest of the Hozuki Clan and given up their name to start a new life. However, Suna was not the best place to practise these techniques as the burning sun quickly evaporated any water found in the desert. Thus the Hozuki's had to adapt, to live in Suna. Suna welcomed the Mist refugees that had come and the reborn clan, as they were welcomed due to their common enemy; Konoha. As the Clan was reborn, it grew little by little, expanding into the Sand Village community, where they were not seen as foreigners but as extended family. Slowly ninjas in Takumi discovered their Hozuki heritage and were adopted into the clan. The Hozuki Clan still sees an adoption of a new family member as a joyful and sacred ritual. Just like the Kazekage had adopted the Hozuki Clan into the village. Now, the Hozuki Clan still shares there blood with adopted family to give them the special Hozuki Clan Techniques and in order to teach it to them. Some Hozuki's still hold a grudge against Kohonagakure for massacring their clan. Suna their new home will forever be in their hearts, but still, a part of the Hozuk Clan desires to go back to their ancestral seat in the Blood Mist village. Clan Head: @MrChubb The Hozuki Elder Hozuki: @Shin Hozuki @alba hozuki Hozuki Captains: @Datsuji Hozuki Hozuki Members: @Opal Hozuki @Sabaki, Hozuki @Tri Hozuki @Lewis New Hozuki: @Hinata Hozuki @Laskian @Exploit @Hozuki Deemo @Ryu @Nomady Hozuki @Kiwasame Missing Hozuki: @Suigetsine Be at least level 25 on your main Join the clan discord with your main account (No alts in the discord.) Change the name of your main account to (insert name) Hozuki or under special circumstances and you are already in another clan; your alts name + Hozuki Be a Sand, Missing or Mist ninja. PM: @MrChubb The Hozuki or @alba hozuki me, but you can also contact any other Hozuki member, however, it is prefered to contact us. Then add: Level: Name: Village: or you can fill it in below in the replies ^^.
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    Misc. bug fixes to game engine. Add Snare and Silence to game engine. Switch IP with multiple client to Mac Address.
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    I get making it so you can't multi-client, but the recent patch also made it a pain to single client. What I mean is when I am logged in on one character on one client I can't switch to another without having to wait a duration. Even when I failed to login to the other character, I then can't log back into original character I was playing at as well for the same duration. Can you fix it so we can at least switch to the characters we want to level, grind or w.e. when we want to on the same client? @Seth
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    Fix game server crash. Fix items dropping/disappearing. Game ping improved. Can't use the same IP address, meaning multiple clients per computer is prohibited.
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    Death timer was 1 second off. Fixed random animations appearing. Running animation will stop when you press return. Fix menu crash if minimized. Other misc. client optimizations. Up to 30 FPS increase if you have FPS unlocked. Fix Bounty displaying correct amount when going to claim. Fix Secret maps causing you to go to the first tile on a map. Revive could be casted on a different map. Fix where strikes could happen from different villages. Decline trade request when traded. Added Render Mode to updater in Settings, select a new render mode if you can't play or have bad FPS!
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    Yuko seeing it unfair because it will give her disadvantage. That's why just "No." (You can't say someone view is one sided if your is clearly one sided too) I personally agree that Kages should have some control over guards and it's targets.
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    Exactly as the title suggests. Make the chat bubble dissapear when you cloak. It’s kind of a bummer when you say “Good luck” or most commonly “Ready” before a duel starts, and you have to wait before you can cloak. Simple suggestion, but I think it would be a nice little change (And yes, I know about the emotes you can use). Makes sense in an RP sense too. If someone interrupts a secret meeting with members of the Anbu Black Ops (For example), and you don’t want people to see what you previously wrote (Like if you were in a small room for the meeting) then you could quickly cloak and hope that they couldn’t read your messages in time. @Rory On top if this suggestion, I’ll add another related one so as to not make multiple forum posts for the same topic: Make cloak a 1.5 second cast instead of 2 seconds. That .5 second reduction will make the jutsu much better to escape an enemy combatant and also help with the first suggestion in this post. To make up for the reduction in casting speed, perhaps give it an additional 5~ second cooldown to balance out the change.
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    "Streetwear for every season" Festival: (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) @alba hozuki @Itama Date @bmore92 @Moira @Ketsueki blackkage @Bloody Steez @IKAGE
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    Idk what kind of game you are playing but it aint nin dude. 1 : There is no extra sub at all. 2 : our melee ''diagonal'' is the same as any 3 tile projectiles..that means that if im able to hit you with my 58 dmg melee attack, you can dmg me as well. 3 : getting hit doesnt cancel homings...only fan does..and guess what....a sword aint a god damn fan.
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    If you where nowhere near scorpion then how did you hit a scorpion right after he hit you?
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    This all happen in one combo so about in 2s Conclusion its way to easy to combo stuff and kill people in one hit Solution Make it impossible to spam jutsu one after the other in such a short time interval
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    You don't even have a view other than saying "no" when you don't even make decisions on changes like these. How about you stay out of it?
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    You want sand to kos missing nins?
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    I have a suggestion for event. Recently there has been an uprising of clans in NinO. There are many in leaf, sand and even amongst missings there are clans with good playerbase. I suggest to host a Clan War Event. This could be a three-way tournament, 1v1, 4v4 and clan vs clan or something of similar sort. @Kenock