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    Dear Ninja, First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates once again! Hopefully things will start picking back up soon. It's such a waste that we can't get Open Beta out quicker. I don't want to over hype whats coming, but we've been working on the new sub-paths for masteries, namely Kenjutsu (Sword Style), Gentle Fist and Fan Style. Sword Style This is one of the jutsus I've completed for Sword Style! It's called Risky Blade Technique. Why is it risky? You'll see! Gentle Fist Though it's name states it's gentle, the amount of power these techniques will push out will depend on the controlled strength of the user. Art by @Master Ant In addition to it's regular kit, Gentle Fist will be the first sub-style to include a Hidden Technique, which will be rare and not attainable through scribes. Fan Style Wind Mask Technique is a utility Jutsu for Fan Users that I think will come in handy for a lot of war/pvp situations. Art by @Master Ant I hope everyone continues to give us your support and patience as we try to make sure the game is ready for Open Beta! Also, do note that from now on we'll be trying our best to roll out large changes like entire new sub-paths at once. Also, new mob coming soon! Also, miss you guys! Regards, Rory
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    Dear Ninjas, Due to the overwhelming about of work we've to do to prepare for a smooth Open Beta launch. We will need to delay the actual launch date for Open Beta substantially. Please give us a few weeks, your understanding and patience as we solve the outstanding issues as well as prepare additional content for launch. We meant to get a lot more done, including running trials of Events for Open Beta, but we've barely gotten the chance to! In the meanwhile, Closed Beta testers, on the 4th February I would like to enlist your help to test out War Events. So prepare to fight enemy villages! War Events Trial 4th February, 12pm EST Regards, Rory
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    By time you even get your first jutsu to 4 you'd already have your other jutsus. This is completely untrue. Like I stated before I don't have the time to play as often as most people meaning when I do have the chance to come on the only people to group up with are people under my level. And I literally played with @Omoi last night and seen him kill a Big scarab by himself simply from dodging the hits and throwing kunai and pressing ctrl AT LEVEL 8 which means even if it takes him 60 seconds or more to kill it at level 8 killing that is amazing for him and he can continue to fight them all the way up to 15 with no issues. For someone without a mastery he's doing perfectly fine compared to me a level 15 with 65 points into int. Untrue you can avoid damage, you dont have to stand in front of the mob and hold ctrl, If you do so that is your fault.
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    Thanks for the feedback ____________ This is how leaf ninjas are recruited
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    War Fashion Awards It may be a war but that's no excuse not to look good! @brae2120 Amazing color co-ordination and simplicity GOLD @Absolian Simple and neat. Netted shirt is so sexy. This is how I intended my art to be used. @kur @Wave Looking great running next to each other. Complementing colors. Also, Wave, good theming!! @Zintosso You belong as a Missing Ninja. I get some Kakuzu vibes. @Kyosagi Badass award Just wanted to recognize some people for their contribution to fashion in the Ninja world!
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    Doing events really wouldn't be a problem, but right now, I think it wouldn't be very fun since Closed Beta numbers are too limited. We'll do regular events in Open Beta, any time I can get now, I'll push for development instead. I think Seth has his hands full at the moment as well. Sorry TheVagabond
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    Weapon Master Int path (Bukijutsu) is currently have huge problem with Ammo, i was thinking about how Tenten use it in her battles and remember the Fūinjutsu Scrolls.. What i suggest is simple: Go to the Weapon shop with blank scroll and create Fūinjutsu Scrolls. once you run out of ammo during farm "use" the Fūinjutsu Scroll for pack of 100 or 200 (one time use), either Kunai, Shuriken, Tag or Senbon.. how you know what you get from the scroll?, i got few idea in mind but i think this will fit the best. you just choose what the scroll will contain > and only god know what other tools will be add in the future, like Makibishi or Flash Bomb, Smoke bomb or the Kunai Grenade or even bear trap for the lvl 30 jutsu. so for way down the road this system like the jutsu scroll system will have the RNG. 100% for low level tools (Kunai, Shuriken, Tag or Senbon). - pack of 100 or 200. 75% for mid level tools (Makibishi, Bear trap or Kunai Grenade). pack of 50 or 100. and 35% for high level tools (Flash Bomb, Smoke bomb, etc..) pack of 5 or 10. we will have to find the right balance for it, but this is what beta is for Note: if you like to counter people from abuse it for money, (blank scroll > transform > Fūinjutsu Scroll > Ammo > sell > Ryo..) make the ammo worth 0 in the shop. or make blank scroll worth 100 ryo at the store also see suggestion over the WM int and the discussion that follow about ammo issue.. ***i'd like to hear what you guys think about this. and ill put a poll above to see how many people on board for this idea.
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    I really can't apologize enough that we're unable to achieve the original dateline we've set for Open Beta. As it is, the game is simply not ready to be opened for everyone else. Although there aren't any game breaking bugs, all the small things and exploits we already know about will take a bit more time to fix. The purpose of a testing phase is to get people to help us test the game, and gradually open it up to players. As it is currently, we already have a long list of bugs and changes to make based on the feedback from our Closed Beta testers. Opening it up to the masses to test now would not benefit us at all in testing. The only benefit I could see for opening the server to everyone now against our good judgement would be to milk the game for money when it's not ready to be enjoyed. I'd rather make sure the game is content ready and polished to the best of our knowledge before going further. Thanks for the understanding! Also, don't worry too much about the imbalance between the power of the villages at the moment. The reason I want to trial the events on Saturday is to see the viability of the events, and prepare guidelines for the future roster!
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    I really had fun watching the nin online gif stories! so i've decides to do the same think but not with only gifs but with also pictures! I hope that you will enjoy it ! Here is some memes to start the topic. I invite you to create yours! Lets start with those pictures who describe what people think ahaha My True story hahaha Those one are for @Indra hahaha this one is for @Niti, @Sakuand all the lightning master hahaha and my favorite one that a guy made: Post yours for more fun !
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    @Oniikage, I hope you're not being serious with that silly comment. Open Beta isn't something you can go easy with. They did mention unexpected issues that delayed the progress. Yes, you might want to play for free. but I can imagine as a player you would want some quality as well. Beside that, Gold/Silver members are not playing for free. This is why they get to test it early during the Closed Beta phase. Instead of going all offensive, you could show some respect yourself and ask nicely for a Closed Beta-Access Event.
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    Well I got a great idea for the game I only hope that the great gods divine ie the designers of the game rory and seth will accept it and add it in the game voila it is my idea! My idea is this: a arena pvp simply in each village or village players different or the same can be practiced in pvp without having injuries or bounty! And also to add a respawn point in this building! please accept this idea Rory or Seth !
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    Things moving a little slow due to Seth getting adjusted at a new school and me celebrating Lunar New Year! Sorry for the lack of updates
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    When the Pillars talk about Kazekage
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    I think im still more WM then you, considering i have played it way more then you. They arent behind in every aspect, later on they will become one of the strongest PvP masteries ( If played right). You have never played as a element user so how the hell you want to say they are easy from start? take this from somebody who played BOTH. And WMs were never a PvE class to begin with, more a PVP. What i said with people lvling with friends was only an example how SOME players play, meaning NOT everybody plays like that. Every ELE user you saw power leveled in hours? dunno what you saw but it took me and my friends over an Week for lvl 17 and 2 Weeks for lvl 20 and if you look at the averrage level of the players you can see that what you just said doesnt match.there are still alot of jutsu users that are under that level, because they gave up on leveling,you dont know the struggle and you fail to even sympathize how hard it is for jutsu users that play solo. you only think of yourself and your masterie.
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    The other thing is, Weapon have it SUPER easy from 1-10, since they can tank and attack mobs for a lot more damage than any Element user. We have to hit for a damage output of "2" to hit level 10, if we want to grind solo. Tell me how much you hit for, @Absolian? (At the levels 1-10) Next, if we keep going by Solo grinding: Yes, we can regen chakra.. But it requires 2-3 jutsus to kill a mob, requiring 24-36 seconds to kill ONE mob. How many seconds does it take a WM? I'd like to say less. If you die, is your HP so low that you get oneshot by mobs and you have to use 4-5 jutsus to kill mobs? How many seconds are we at now? - I'll answer that one too: 48-60 seconds for ONE silly mob with our amazing kiting. Different masteries have different advantages and disadvantages, Absolian. You clearly fail to realize this.
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    In the future how about we (and when I say we, I mostly, and 100% mean the coders) add a right click action that allows you to Duel with out penalty. As of now you can just Flag up for PvP and fight who ever you want in a safe zone (even same Villages) but when you die, you have a debuff for 500 Seconds (8 minutes 20 seconds) which is quite annoying. Now how this would work is that it'd be an instant resurrection instead of having to to go the hospital as well as eliminate the function of Battle Injuries. This would allow fights ranging from 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 and 5v5s as well as everything in between to allow sparring and training your skillset / testing new combos to your hearts desire with out having to wait for a 500 second debuff to clear to fight at full function again to only have to wait another 8 minutes and 20 seconds for it to clear again after your partner dies. It's a simple concept and I could of just said lets add a sparring button but I wanted to elaborate on this idea because I personally would enjoy this feature a lot, and I can assume most of the community would as well.
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    i spoke to @Rory about this few days ago, and he said the base damage is gonna be much lower then other jutsus for other masteries. average base damage for jutsu is about 25-30. str path will be 7-12. if that's still to high they gonna lower it even further, i told rory, str path need the effects of the jutsu more then the damage itself and he agree.. don't forget you need level 20 sword that cost 5k and 70 str to hit 50 with basic attack, you sacrifice a lot from Fort to hit just 50. also, no need to worry so much ill give detailed feedback to find the right balance, even if it's mean big nerf for my own mastery..
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    Just wondering if face and body details would be something (without much detail of course) we like. just wanna here what you guys think about it. I know there are plenty of characters we would love to resemble because we genuinely love those characters from the naruto series. Like the lines beneath itachi's eyes (I believe thats from stress not sure) Or hidans skeleton like appearance. Tell me what you guys think.
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    I would love to do more customization options like that soon
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    We're working on it. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Leveling will be more fun during Open Beta. I am sorry dailies have taken so long to add. This is the next big feature we're working on as well as more features for Jutsus.
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    You keep telling me that you're a WM with int build, the only source I'm using for my information on that one is you. It's the same as when you're assuming that no elemental user in the entire world has any points in fort, see? As for the Lightning thing. Somewhere on the 1st page of this topic, the very last post.
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    Not hard at all? coming from a WM who just had to use his CTRL the first lvls, do you even know how hard the first 15-20 levels are? of COURSE NOT your a WM, you got ONE projectile jutsu you can use every 12-16 seconds depending on your ELEMENT.In the first levels you wont be able to one shot them,means you gotta wait 24-36 seconds to use it again, you saying this with the mere assumption that there are always people that are higher levels then you and willing to help YOU what IS NOT the case, not everybody getting helped and most people play together with friends that are the same lvl as them.
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    medics while farming....
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    I know the wait has been long but a lot of you(new or old), need to understand the size of the project and the size of the team. Also you have to a understand that the creators have life and responsibilities outside of nin. We all need to have patience and wait it out because if we rush the creators we will get and unfinished and mostly likely unpolished/unfun version of the game that turns off many people.
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    It's not about your post or you. It's about to evade these things how they could implement a solution. For example: Passive button, which could be next to PvP button and it makes you unable to kill and unable to attack by/to other players. And in combat you can't turn it on
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    So a player can't do absolutely any leveling because of a guy keeps fucking him up and because of how fucking retarded EXP rates are, we should blame it on the guy that's getting killed? OK Count slowly from 1 to 10, Hecarim.
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    Hello everyone. Here's my suggestion on how the clan system should work: First, select a certain house as a place to register a clan ... need a certain amount of money to create a clan (eg 200,000 RYO / 1 clan) ... Second, we will name the clan ... invite players into the clan ... each clan has a separate outfit ... maybe players to design or purchase from the forum ... have a meeting place for the clan ... after each completed task people will gathered there to distribute rewards (ryo, exp ... ect) ... each person will receive 10-20% exp while in clan ... Third, the head of the clan will join with game master building and informed about some the event ... I think it's not bad... :)) (If it coincides with a previous post I will delete it....xD) My english is not good...:( Hope people like it Thanks everyone.
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    I think that PvP should start at level 15 because that's the level where most masteries get their first 2 jutsu and it gives ninjas the ability to fight back. I know that some people will want to PvP at lower levels and that's why it has the PvP mode that you can turned on. The reason why i'm saying this is because if player at low levels keeps getting spam killed, their is a high chance that they will not want to play the game which would mean that not only the community will suffer but also the games income which should be important to all players because its what keeps the game alive.
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    I think the problem with a Clan System right now would be that it would easily conflict with the creations of Organizations. To add to that the game still needs to develop and get a real solid structure or else the Dev Team can just kiss their motivation goodbye. To easy to get burned out if your working on something even if it is something you love. Do to much and you lose motivation.
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    Since we have no option of choosing to create our characters within a clan, we could then have a more choice than just Elements or Taijutsu or Doctor. Example: Religion. In this ninja way you can choose to "convert" to Jashinism, and believe in the god Jashin, using the jutsus like those of Hidan in the anime. So, what do you think?
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    I understand and thanks for understanding hope to make things move asap
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    Hi i think we could add some passives in the game to make things better, i suggest some here : Weapon : Having a scroll which summon weapons (Tenten like) (no need to buy them anymore after that) Medic : Healing someone also heal the healer (a little) Fire : Fire justu put the ground on fire for some secondes, deal damage of course. Water : Water jutsu put water on ground, water users are faster runing on it and regen chakra. Earth : Hitting someone give you a shield, the shield have a life bar and is destroyed if his HP is 0 or after 3 secondes. Lighting : Hitting someone with lighting jutsu incrase your speed and dodge a lot. Wind : A fan (Temari like) wind jutsu cast is faster and cost less chakra. Taijutsu : Hitting someone incrase the next taijutsu damage on him, you have 2 secondes use taijutsu on him, after that you have to hit him again to use ur passiv again.
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    Ahh, yes this is a problem o_O I like the way you placed the collage.
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    I personally think these meetings should still happen even though we only going to have two kages because this would add to the rp of the game The meeting place should be on the border of the two villages and the Kages can only take three people with them max and the kage should be wearing their kage hats like in the anime and the escorts wear anbu masks so even if you lock onto them their level and name is unknown . These meeting should happen to discuss : Power in terms of what we want from eachother Revenue What are the problems of one village towards the other How to deal with rogue organisation eg. Akasuki where all village where needed to take them out
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    This is a top priority for us to fix sorry for the inconvenience.
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    There are people in Leaf. That can't even find a team, and you say there are not people like that? You forget people that are not in the spotlight that often. Not to consider Leaf has like 50 billion people than Sand.
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    Actually Rory has already said that he will try to fix the issues/problems Jutsu users have at the start of the game. So far i know WM hasnt changed from the last days of the alpha and the start of the Closed Beta.
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    Once Im owner I will make teaming give 10x Exp for each team member you have. PLUS, up to 10 ppl in the same team. #Shadow4Owner2017
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    This is really cool
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    Remember when we actually wanted to help each other out? #MakeTeamsGreatAgain
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    No. That's a legit strat.