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    @Rory Nerf gentle fist.
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    A New Era I regret to announce that our previous Kazekage the lord 4th Miki has quit his duties for the time being and has set his sights on a new set of goals. - It has become common knowledge that we’re indeed a monarchy and the previous Kage chooses their heir. - I accepted Mikis proposal as one of the candidates to becoming the next Kazekage. There were other people that seemed more «keen» on kazekage position to staff but I was the one to be approved as 5th Kazekage by them. Increase in responsibility There were a few cons in the position itself as I’ve witnessed four of our previous Kages to go by. One of them being the lack of Kazekages capability to moderate the Sand forums. - I was given limited moderator powers for the Sand forum by Rory. Not only that – I’m now in charge of moderating Sand villages organizations. These additions of responsibilities will cause everyone to start to feel Kages presence instead of "Kage" being only a «title» without an actual reason to exist. Future - Starting my career with a lot of new topics to our sand forum which I see will be of use for common knowledge and that help some on their way of becoming a top-notch ninja within our village. Some of the topics on my to-do list at first; Village History Village Rules At the same time I will start reforming our Council finally. I’m not looking for any praises until I’ve proven myself worthy of the title. Last but not the least I’d like to thank previous Kazekages and every loyal village member that has contributed for the Sand village. I will give it my everything to not let your legacy be in vain.
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    The EXP Struggle This topic has been weighing on my mind for a while and I finally figured out a way to explain it. I think that the experience gain in higher levels is a bit unbalanced in the sense that once you reach level 46, you cannot farm mobs any more, or at least efficiently. Let's be honest, Documents is the perfect way to get experience via missions, and if you get 2 or 3 in one mission setting, you're basically going to level up with missions alone. However, in the downtime between mission resets, I find myself lacking any motivation to grind my way through levels. I feel that the EXP gain is a bit underwhelming when you're grinding for 1.5 mil EXP and there are not very many mobs at cursed hosts, and also for the difficult level to farm them. Stats for EXP: Bears: 266 > 399 (under blessing) Cursed hosts: 317 > 451 (under blessing) In summary, the large player base consisting of higher level players is only active around midnight EST, for about an hour, just to do docs. The community is suffering and the game's revenue is suffering. I suggest that mission EXP be cut back dramatically in exchange for super buffed EXP from mobs. It would give the game more fluidity in leveling as opposed to grinding 8 hours a day for half a level (true story). Making a grinding game worth grinding can only be beneficial to the community and the developers - imagine a world where people want to spend more time playing and buy world blessings throughout the day instead of just once every night at midnight? To be honest, the flow of this game is backwards. Missions should be small EXP buffs and a day worth of grinding should supply you with more than 300k out of the one million or so exp required for high level players to level up.
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    The 3rd Chunin Exams has ended! Conclusions Unlike the first 2 chunin exams, this time the promotions will heavily be based on the choices made by the Kage of each village. As such, promotions will require some time to verify (Rules, Regulations, Abuses etc.) and approve (through Game Masters and myself). Some brief updates from a quick meeting with the Hokage and Kazekage. - Sand village will promote up to 5 Chunin immediately - Leaf village will promote 8 Chunin immediately - Sand village will be holding a second mini-exam to find more potential Chunin in the coming week. - Potential Jonin and Specialized Jonin Promotions for the Leaf Village are incoming. - The fate of the peace between both villages seems intact, but uncertain. I'd like to thank everyone who has participated today. It was definitely the hardest and longest Chunin Exam to host yet. This time round, my goal was to get more Chunin to populate both villages so that we can start promoting past Chunin Rank, and also to maintain a healthy population of ranked ninja. In a way, Chunin, Jonin and Specialized Jonin are all part of the team, when we run events like today, you will see our Chunin like @Konahri, @Zintosso and @Indra back to help run the event at a last minute notice. This is because once you promote, you have a certain increased responsibility to the village, in terms of RP! Good job to all our returning Chunins, returning participants and to the two Kage @Shirou and @Miki who did well and took a lot of initiatives today. RP in Nin Online has never been this rich, and I hope as we go on, players will continue to take initiatives to build on it the way our prominent players have been doing. I see a good direction for where RP is headed in the coming years, and it's all good signs. There is both drama and interesting positive relationships between players, organizations and villages. Check back here tomorrow to see a final update on promotions and the Sand village mini-exam!
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    Patch Notes 13/6/2017 Improved damage calculation for Advanced Lightning Cutter Technique. It was previously scaling with INT twice, now it only scales once on the AoE Damage. So now the target you land on gets dealt an base 38/40/42 damage, and everything gets dealt damage according to your INT (including the target). Changed Dance of the Crescent Moon to deal AoE damage that scales with INT equally across all enemies. The target that the hit was landed on does not receive more damage than the enemies hit by the AoE effect. Missing Ninja above level 15 can no longer rejoin the village through paying a fine. This was a feature added temporarily while there were no active leaders. Optimized texture loading. Fixed the famous crash with using Jutsus. Textures no longer display until they are loaded properly. Fixed Forum Moderator having powers in-game. Advanced Lightning Cutter Technique has been fixed to cast Lighting Current. Black Hooded Robe now hides hair. Fixed Dance of the Crescent Moon AoE effect on players. Fixed Dragon Fire Technique combo not working on players. Fixed Sand Ninjas from being able to enter Leaf Jonin Standby Station.
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    Dear Ninja, You are invited to join the 3rd Chunin Exams on the 10th June 2017. This will also be the 1st Joint Chunin Exam, where both Sand Ninja and Leaf Ninja will participate in! Chunin Exams details The event registration will take place at 1pm EST on 10th June and the entire event will commence at 2pm EST. It may last anywhere between 1 - 4 hours depending on how far our Genins make it. Participants are expected to stay throughout the event. The registration will take place in the Chunin Exam registration hall! Requirements You are to form your own teams of 3 before or during the registration phase. There is no level requirement! Academy Students are not allowed to participate, you have to promote to Genin rank if you want to participate. The entry fee for each team is 15,000 Ryo, prepare to hand over the in-game currency to Shiken during the registration phase after a GM has verified you through the gate. Teams that are registered along with a Chunin/Jonin Rank Sensei will have their entry fee waived. However, the Sensei must stay throughout the event and may only enter one team. Missing Ninja cannot participate in the Chunin Exams. Kages of each village have the right to debar ninja from their village from joining. Valid reasons include (but not limited to) misbehavior, breaking treaties, disobeying commands. Rules & Regulations In order to run the event smoothly, your cooperation is required, as such, rule breakers will be kicked from the event which may result in his/her entire team's disqualification. Stay in character Unless you need to ask a serious question, stay in character during the event. Remain online and active If you choose to go AFK and you miss calls for you, we will not wait for you. If you disconnect, quickly reconnect and inform a GM. Follow instructions The GMs and myself will be giving instructions to follow throughout the event Watching the Chunin Events Live We will be streaming the event Live on our Twitch channel, there will be live commentary by @HypnoMan who also covered the first Chunin Exam, which you can view on our Youtube Channel. Conclusion For participants of the previous chunin exams, you know how tricky everything can be, so be extra careful! What will change up this time? Who knows really? Will anyone even pass? Regards, Rory
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    Dear Ninja, As part of an initiative for us to focus more of the active staff onto in-game moderation, we've decided to start delegating the role of forum moderator to a non-staff role filled by dedicated members who want to help us out! This means that forum moderator is now a role for active community members, rather than lesser staff member. It will not be a very time consuming role, and we will not monitor your daily contributions. If you have time on your hands and would like to help out, we are looking for you! Send an application or a PM my way. Regards, Rory
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    Hi guys my name is Vibe, I'm going to explain to you why Ninja Bios could be Fun 1. If you have a ninja Bio you could Get to Build yourself a personality for your character. For instance, My name is Vibe I Recently Graduated The Ninja academy , My Goals are .... 2. People would know what kind of Person you are. You could be an grumpy ass person for all we know, but why... 2.1 add a Backstory to your character My parent's got killed and i want to avenge them 3. you can tell your Tale Just like me I like to do RolePlay mission so i add them to my Ninja Bio, this way you can remember things the way they exactly went 4. if You write down your actions people will know what you did This makes roleplay even more fun ofcourse 5. Check out my Bio It's not the best but hey, I'm not a writer and I'm my english sucks
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    I know this has been mentioned before. But the issue with missing ninja fighting along side each other and catching each and doing damage to each other with skills and causing friendly fire. Makes fighting the other villages very hard and at a disadvantage. Now I understand why we do not have a village chat system as we are all independent individuals and a collective chat for missing would A:Be breaking RP as we might all be missing but not have the same goals or aims. B:Allowing them to all communicate and banded together to fight would also not happen. So I get that. However when you have say 13 members of a approved organization having to completely not fight with each other or risk taking damage from AOE skills from each other, where as ninja from their respective villages can fight right next to each other and receive none of these effects from friendly ninja, it puts us at a disadvantage. Now even if we split into teams, that only protect four of us and lets be real, we cant say four member vs a whole village is right, So then we are still at risk of attacking a friendly team we'v set up and organised. My only suggestion is some how connecting the fact, that if you are a official member of a missing ninja organization on the website you can not do friendly fire damage to fellow organization members. As yes missing ninja in the same organization might hate each other, but they wouldn't decide in the middle of a battle to turn around and start taking out members of the org. Yes they might fight afterward or care less for them compared to sand or leaf ninja caring for their village members. But this need to be address as it causing a unfair advantage during missing vs village fights. Thank you. ^.^
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    So this is a small clip we did for fun. We wanted to have some fun and show everyone the might of the Leaf's Toku Sentai Forces. The video might contain a lot of flashes so beware of epileptic seizures. It lacks a lot of context at the moment, so in the future we will probably add an entire script for roleplaying purposes. I was kinda inspired to make a music video after seeing @Rory NinOnline - Ed Sheeran music video. My main motive was to make Rory feel assured that the Leaf Village is being safely protected by our most Elite of the Elite Warriors. During his absence we've worked hard to train together and push the Leaf Village to even greater heights, never to be seen before! Last but not least, I want to thank everyone who participated in this clip. Credits go to: Wilkor - for capturing/recording Kaguya Light - for amazingly editting and putting this together. (p.s: Here's a link to Light's channel: )
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    Dear Ninja, The 3rd Chunin Exam aka. First Joint Chunin Exams ended this Saturday 10th June. It was met with great turn out as usual with 20 teams participating. Despite a bumpy start, this was definitely one of the most fun events the game has seen! Instead of our traditional livestream, I took it upon myself to use the Exam stream to host a developer commentary and Q&A which a lot of people seemed to like, maybe more in the future?! This time round the exams were the same format as the first Chunin Exam both as a practice for myself in hosting a well-rehearsed event a second time around, and also because I felt the new players should have an opportunity to get this classic experience now that we just launched into open beta! The exams saw very high level plays in the Preliminary and Finals, some of which were unprecedented, with moments of shock and just people spamming "Amazing" "wow". I would like to personally praise the ninja @soulapparition for performing amazing plays in the preliminaries stage. Good job to all the contestants! With every Chunin exams comes a handful of promotions. For the first time ever, I was not the one deciding on these promotions, the Kages of each village were the ones watching the entire events and with certain guidelines for grading and compulsory points for PvP achievement, they decided on the following ninja! Leaf Village @Deathmall @Tsubaki Senju @KiwiiKat @Riley Haruno @kur @Wilkor @Godric Senju @Ifrit Special Promotion: @Saku Promoted to Specialized Jonin for outstanding survival abilities and medical abilities in 3 Chunin Exams. Specialized Jonin rank is awarded to Ninja who show specialized traits useful to the village. While it is an honor, it is not part of the regular Chunin/Jonin path and hence at times Specialized Jonins will not be treated as a Chunin or Jonin will (eg. They may not be the first choice for commanders in War Events). Specialized Jonins can continue to join Chunin Exams to gain a Chunin/Jonin Rank on top of their Specialized Jonin rank. Sand Village @Brae @Rainyer @Arashi Himitsu @Kaguya Light @Dareem As you can tell, the Sand village has less promotions. This is because there was not as many of them who made it into the preliminaries and finals. As such, the Sand village Kazekage will be hosting a Village-level exam to determine more suitable Chunin promotions! More details on this event will be announced soon! Congratulations to the promoted Ninja! You may upgrade your title in-game by talking to Gumi to claim a special Chunin Rank usable item. Regards, Rory
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    I am good in pixel art, but i am better in hand drawing! Here are some of my drawings that i want to share Now you will see my evolution in drawings It is all for now Sorry for the bad quality but i can't scan them for the moment. What do you think and what is your favorite image between all of them??
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    Before I start NinOnline is very limited to its Content right now, with a pretty open field of possibilitys. Back then in Alpha, we didn't need Missions or Sub-Paths to have fun, we just reached a good Level [30], to begin our unique Journey. I can bet, all of the Alpha testers got their own unique Story to tell, Leveling was a way of training, getting used to a Mastery and getting ready for the Challenge waiting for you. Once you reached level 30, you did pick a Sub Mastery, and you been ready to make a Name. Now, the real beginning got moved to level 50, wich makes the gameplay itself, pretty boring and a bit too stretched out. But thats not how it should stay, right? We all know Nin can do better. The Beginning of a Ninja and his experience Currently, your game does start with a pretty unique/fun setup. You're a Student, learning how the Ninja World works, and what exactly Ninja's can do. Once you passed the Genin Exam, you're leaving out to the world with big expectations. Well, you're exploring your Village, ask people where you should go to now. Sadly it doesn't take long to realise, that your actions are very limited, and you realise, that you're not even a true Ninja now. You still got 10 long levels to climb. Not many people stay motivated enough to endure this long Road. Those who do, got high hopes in their Mastery, sadly its not always good enough to carry you through the next levels past 10. Repeatable Solo/Team Missions I really do think, adding a bit of variety on your harsh road to become a true Ninja, would make the gameplay a bit more enjoyable. This is easy done, by adding a few mission-giver in the territorys of each village. Those missions don't have to be detailed, neither they should be Story heavy. The Ninja himself, is creating the Story in the way he plays. Each Mission should have the option to do them "Solo" or as a "Team". Solo Missions should have an amount of 30-50 Enemys to Hunt, Team Version 4x as much. A little example for Missions: Level 1 to 5 Larva Hunt An NPC could stand at the Academy of each Village, requesting the help of fresh Genins to fight off Larva's. Solo: Hunt 30 Larva's and Return. Team: Hunt 100 Larva's and Return Level 5-10 Scorpion/Spiderling Hunt An NPC at the Hospital of each Village could request to gather a set amount of Eggs/Tails for 'science' reasons. Solo: Gather 30 Eggs/Tails and return. Team: Gather 100 Eggs/Tails and return. Level 10-15 Scarab/Tiger A random Villager in the Center of the Village could hand out a "Challenge of strength" to hunt Scarabs/Tigers. Solo: Hunt 30 Scarabs/Tigers and return. Team: Hunt 100 Scarabs/Tigers and return. Level 15-20 Tunneler/White Tiger An NPC near the Account Manager could hand out the Mission to hunt Tunnelers/White Tigers, to defend the Borders of each Village. Solo: Hunt 30 Tunnelers/White Tigers Team: Hunt 100 Tunnelers/White Tigers Level 20-30 Big Scarab/Mutant Rats An NPC could Stand near the Scarab Cave/Sewers and hand out a Challenge to hunt down a set amount of Big Scarabs/Rats. Solo: Hunt 30 Big Scarabs/Rats Team: Hunt 100 Big Scarabs/Rats Level 30 to 40 Could be NPC's in Takumi Village, handing out Missions for Bears, Snakes & Cursed Hosts. Level 30 and above PvP Content We got something with amazing PvP potential created already, its the Event HQ! Now imagine the Event HQ would recieve a few changes, it would make it worth the time! Once you reach level 30, you could accept a Mission in your Village that leads you to Takumi Village, introducing you to the Event HQ. Making it a part of your "Journey". The Event HQ should be split up into 3 Ratings: Level 30 to 39, Level 40 to 49 and Level 50. The Maps should be made a little bigger as well, giving the Teams the chance to dodge attacks behind Chests, Pillars, Rocks or what ever. It would add a bit of Balance to the Event HQ, increasing the fun as well! On top of that, the Event HQ should have a "Wall of Fame", some kind of Leaderboard on a Wall inside the Event HQ, showing how many Victory's a Ninja has gained. At the end of every Month, the Top 3 of that Leaderboard, could recieve a reward & the Leaderboard resets. The Event HQ could hand out repeatable Challenge-Missions, as in Hunt down X amount of Ninjas inside the Event HQ. End of the Topic I know, a bunch of people might not like what I suggested here, feel free to add your doubts/ideas below the Topic, but keep it Civilized. This suggestion is simply an Idea of mine, on how to increase the gameplay experience a little bit. Thank you for reading.
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    FTFY @VestaOrion
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    As a little side message for those who have been here all this time. Thanks for the continuous support and thank you for making the game possible I know there are a lot of issues still prevailing and a lot left to be desired at this point in our development, but since you've been here for all this time, I think you'll be able to trust me when I say I won't stop working to make the game better! It's only a matter of time. I love all of you, the recent month have been a tough one for me, but the private messages you guys have been sending me to cheer me on has made all the difference. Thanks, looking forward to seeing you all at the Chunin Exams.
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    Hi:D So here is a small preview of how dope it would be if we had Tail Beast Fights, that will need 8 - ninja Squads (2 teams) and could reset about every 2 hours with a Global notification. These beast will have immense power and will need top lvl ninja and could drop, scrolls, ryo and rare loot (robes, swords ect.). Tell me what you guys think of a this possible future game feature Have an awesome day fellow ninja! Quadrax vs Son Gokū (4 tails):
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    This is a weekly announcement of the updates within the Hidden Leaf brought to you by, The Hidden Leaf's Council™ The information below was discussed in the 2nd (2nd meeting was not announced due to the lack of details) and 3rd Meeting with the 2nd Hokage of the Hidden Leaf (@Shirou). The Council Members - @Deathmall @Zintosso @Indra. The Village Defense and Organizations - Leaf's defenses will be improved, we will be much more organized in terms of defense and strategies. Teams will be formed and partners will be assigned to those who wish to defend the Leaf. The Military Police Force will soon start to shine once the building if implemented, currently it's under construction. - There's a lot of current organizations that help ensure the safety of Hidden Leaf's ninjas, three essential ones are known as Roots of Pride, Red Moon, & Leaf Medical Logistics and Combat. They'll be co-operating with our defense as well. We will stand together to fight for our village and keep our enemies out of our territory. Village Donation System (Updates on how the Ryo is being used) - The first meeting we decided to collect Ryo to found our Police Building, which will be coming soon. - After collecting "Taxes" aka donations, the Leaf Village Funds is currently at 60,000 Ryo. - The next use of the funds will be for Blood Pill discounts. We're looking forward to reducing the price of these pills for everyone in Leaf. RP Mission III and above (Have been placed on hold till receiving a nod from the Hokage for all recent Chunins) This is to make sure that everyone will receive well thought-out and great amount of effort from the Chunin hosting the mission. The Chunins hosting the missions (RP I and RP II) are being observed and will be given the nod if they can proceed forward. It was discussed in the meeting that they're to report to the Hokage the missions that they host and details. We're here to ensure everyone has a great RP experience and to make sure others don't abuse this system! - Konahri has stepped up to help the new Chunins with the RP system and their missions in anyway possible. She's also lending her hand to work with the Chunins on what missions are appropriate for certain levels of RP, sharing her missions & writing missions for the Chunin to host. - Deathmall has been observing Chunins hosting their missions and taking notes to eventually give the Chunins advice and also write scripted Missions. He's known to take the students ratings after each mission and criticism to further investigate what missions the public would really like to see! Village RP Events (Festivals, Training Sessions, Classrooms, etc...) - This will be an effort for everyone to freely participate in RP events! (You will not earn RP Tokens for this) - Although it's a possibility to receive rewards like, Ryo, Scrolls and other items! - Last but not least, it'll be a fun experience for the members of this village! Roles recently assigned by the Hokage The Chief of Leaf's Military Police Force - Ifrit The Co-Chief of Leaf's Military Police Force - Mikecw (Congratulations to Both) Current Organizations within the Village (That have been around for more then one week so far, There is also a few more compared to the last announcement) Roots of Pride - Red Moon - Leaf Village Research Center - Leaf Medical Logistics and Combat - The Mob - The Big Dogs of Leaf - What was decided in the 1st meeting with the recently appointed Kazekage? The Hidden Sand Village and the Leaf Village have agreed on a truce (more like allies) - The Sand Village wishes to have something bigger than a truce. Fifth Kazekage stated "We would like to make a working system within both villages" Leaf Agrees. - The KoS System will be enforced, practically the same system as before. - Everyone in either village Leaf or Sand that was on the KoS list has been removed. Everyone is given a clean slate, KoS list has been fully-refreshed. Strike System (KoS method) - 1st offense(strike)- warning - 2nd offense(strike)- strike and notice of behavior - 3rd offense (strike)- added to KoS How can some one be added to the KoS list? KoS strike policy: 2 - 4 - 6 days (Strike 3 - 2 - 1) - Assisting the enemy (Reviving/Healing/Helping of any sort) - Attacking Hidden Leaf members (Vice-Versa) (In order to accuse some one and build a case against an individual to place him on KoS, evidence is required. Screenshots/Gifs/Videos would solidify your case against an individual, good reasoning and witnesses as well. Sand will remain neutral against Missing-Nins - But some Sand Ninjas will be assisting us when it comes to fighting Missing-Ninjas. - It was agreed that assistance towards a Missing-Ninja who is a wanted Criminal in Leaf could get you added to the KoS list and you'll be chased along with that missing-nin. (Those who align with the enemy, and assist in any way will be added to KoS. The KoS list will be posted on the forums and updated more often.) Content the Higher-Up (Council & Hokage) are pushing to be added for the Hidden Leaf Village (some require Ryo from our funds!)... - Leaf Military Police Force Building (and Jail) - The Hidden Leaf's Brothel - Special Medic Room - Council Meeting Room - Anbu HQ Notes (Things to keep in mind) There will only be another announcement in 1-2weeks depending on the amount of changes, any changes within the week of the announcement will be added on to this post. Only the Leaders of the Leaf Military Police force have been some-what officially decided for the organization. The people who wish to join this organization are able to apply once it's fully created, at this moment it's in progress and just a reminder the Leaders are the ones that accept/reject applications. Feel free to ask questions in-game or on this post, and add some suggestions to what things (changes you want to see) you think we should bring up on our next meeting. We all would like to congratulate our recent Chunins for successfully completing the 3rd Chunin Exams, and all who participated. Also we'd like to thank them for their contributions with RP missions recently. We've been observing you and you've all done well so far! Keep up the good work. @Deathmall @Tsubaki Senju @KiwiiKat @Riley Haruno @kur @Wilkor @Godric Senju @Ifrit Kind regards, The Hidden Leaf's Council™
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    Hellow everyone! As the title implies, I suggest that ninjas of the same village have the ability to pick up and carry their severely injured (fainted) comrades, in hopes to save them before their clock stops ticking. I believe this small implementation would add significantly to the RP aspect of Nin Online, as well as cut down on the dreaded BI debuff that we all secretly love Imagine being ambushed by two enemy ninjas on your way back to the village, moments after completing an A-rank mission with your best friend. A grueling battle takes place, which pushes you both to your limit. Alas, the battle comes to an end, but you seem to be the only one standing. You look over to find your best friend lying motionless on the ground. Throwing him over your shoulder, you rush towards the village as fast as you possibly can. On your way, you come across two familiar faces heading your direction in the chakra forest, one of which is a profound medical ninja. She immediately grasps the situation and begins treatment. As his life nearly comes to an end, the process is completed with only seconds to spare. The mission is a success, and you've managed to help save your best friend from certain death. Sorry about the long RP example. It wasn't intended, but my creative mind took over and I couldn't stop typing, haha. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this long post. I believe you all get the gist of it. Let me know what you think! - Saggitch
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    Hey guys this was Rp mission II where I and my fellow nin had to take the bells from "Ifrit", this Mission was somewhat special because we didn't have 1 Chuunin, we Had 2 Yes. 2 I would like to Thank @Ifrit and @Deathmall for their support in this mission also my fellow Nin @Takachi and @Leaf Gaara for their outstanding efforts. (downloading videos from here doesn't seem to be working to pictures will do. The Team! Pretty much after this you'll have to introduce yourself and get to know your fellow Nin, their Specializations, and their back stories and Goals Believe me some of us have a pretty nice one. as for mine, i will write it in my Bio... some day. (we tried to immobalize or Sensei, so our strongest member could take the bell) (in this picture, we had 1 minute left so the last option was to use Formation tactics) (Killed on the last second.) (Bells) (In the end we completed the mission)
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    Hello! I've been around about a week now, but I'm not very good in social settings so I was a bit hesitant to make a introduction post. I do feel now is the time however so I decided to give it a try. My names Kanaya, I'm currently level 24 playing as a Medical Ninja in the Leaf. A friend of mine a week or two ago poked me on Steam and linked me to this place saying we should try the game out, as it would probably be something I would enjoy. So that night we downloaded and here I am. I'm not exactly sure where he found out about this place, though he's not really playing it anymore. Guess it wasn't for him! I'm not very comfortable with public roleplaying, and I know it's very apparent that this community is heavily centered around roleplaying, but as of now I'm mostly just hanging around and observing. I have a bit of an awkward personality, I'm pretty quiet and usually keep to myself. Though I've already met a couple of you and talked to a few of you and most of you have made me feel very welcome and I appreciate you guys who have helped already, and I look forward to getting to know most of you as I continue my time playing this game! Thanks for reading! I know I'm pretty bad at these. - Kanaya Moonfallow *From the shy corner in the back of the village
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    Hello Nin Online Players, it's been said that Nin online will not use, any Dojutsu's like Sharingan, rinnegan, or any cannon or non-cannon Dojutsu's, but I have come with a dojutsu the only cannon to Nin online and nothing else. Dojutsu Information The Eye Dojutsu name will be, Zetsubo no me, how it looks will be below. The dojutsu will have 3 stages, each stage will add a new power/ use to the eye, to unlock the eye you have to be Chunin or higher, kill a Kage in battle, and have a kill count of 200 or more. Dojutsu Uses At Stage one, on activation, your eye pixels turn purple and a purple pupil spins over your characters head. At stage one there are only state rise perks, no abilities, stage 1 only last for 15 minutes upon activation and cooldown is about 3minutes, does not cooldown while being used stage (1); grants user +10 intellect, +10 chakra, -5 fortitude, -2 Agility after 55 uses of stage (1), your eyes develop and advance to stage (2), on activation, your eye pixels turn purple and a purple pupil spins over your characters head. Stage 2 unlocks 1 ability and increase your perk rise, Can be used for 30 minutes, cooldown is 15minutes, does not cooldown while being used stage (2); grants user chakra vision,+15 intellect, +15 chakra, -10 fortitude, -4 Agility Chakra Vision: Allows user to tell real from fake such as shadow clones, can tell if an opponent is using a substitution Jutsu. Allows user to increase range of each jutsu in Arsenal by 1 tile. After 200 Uses of Stage (2) your eye develops into its final stage, Zetsubo no me, you unlock an ability and a state rise, Can be used for 60 minutes, cooldown is 30 minutes, does not cooldown while being used Stage (3): Grants User Chakra lock,+20 intellect, +20 chakra, -15 fortitude, -8 Agility Chakra Lock: a chance hit where it locks the opponent's chakra and they can't cast a jutsu for a brief 10 seconds, the higher your intellect the higher the chance of chakra lock ENDING INFORMATION Zetsubo no me , Means Eye Of Despair in Japanese please spam this thread to get rory-san to notice , MADE BY FUUKA
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    Don't pick a 2nd Mastery based on how strong it is right now. If we nerf it, we will not give you any refund on your mastery. Each mastery will be strong in one area. It will take time for us to perfect it for all the different builds that are possible. Only pick a mastery that you like to play as, not how strong it is. You have been warned ahead of time to not pick a build because it is the monthly flavor.
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    Takashi Namikaze (Me) /10 min Half-Masked Man (I just love it) /1 hour Cursed Ninja /15 min The Missing Uchiha /15-30 min I'd love adding my own one, to NinOnline Manga
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    Server was acting funny, so decided to take a nice picture to honour the broken server as we're striking a beautiful pose right before the server crashed.
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    Hello everyone. I want to hold an event... Helps players get some ryo for the chunin exam...:/ first prize: 10k ryo +1 kimono (1 people) second prize: 6k ryo +1 kimono (2 people) consolation prizes: 4k ryo +1 kimono (4 people) Everyone join will gets 2k ryo If the number of participants is low then the reward may increase. The event takes place at 21:00 (Wednesday, 7 June 2017) *time Washington DC* Watch time here: This is where the event takes place: Desert Exit map Everyone can participate.(lvl1-lvl50) Thanks everyone!!! Come on time!!!
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    Give me a loan of million ryo and I'll stay quiet. Hi, I am Weapon Wizard. A low level sand shinobi but also the upcoming best INT WM! Now I know while reading this you're thinking "why u do this?!?" but I like the strategic way of this mastery and the fact that you can be lethal without even laying a finger on your prey, physically. I could talk hours about how the abilities could use an upgrade or complete overhaul but the problem that I am facing right now the most is the cost of this sub-mastery. While Medics have to waste a lot on senbons, this little bad boy has to spend even more than that, "Word round the street is your friend got money, but I ain't no snitch." I propose a solution! Make 3 new buy-able items, in fact scrolls! Similar to Tenten from the Anime, weapon masters could buy/use a scroll that cost 50-100 ryo, containing the very needed 200 kunai, shuriken or explosive tags. "Weapon Master, the black market of weapon tools." Is what some who seek that spicy income would think, but I propose that these tools obtained from scrolls be binded to the user/buyer! Or simply be WM's tools, only for WM to use. A typical sword based WM would not benefit from lots of tools, from kunai perhaps, but their class is already very expensive and that's a minor problem I see no solution to. Thank you for reading, please comment what you think, "Why you gotta be so Rood? Don't you know INT weapon masters are humans too~!".
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    General law of Sand Village "Sand is a symbol of time and of infinite possibility. In its most common form, sand is seen either on a beach or in an hourglass. Sand running through the fingers or an hourglass is the most direct symbol of time." Respect Sand village and its members. You have to be able to understand that we're all on the same side. Arguing among village members causes groups to divide, ninjas will leave the village and overall disorder. Approach your Organization leader or someone who possesses high status within Sand village if someone is giving you a hard time. Do not kill anyone that is a Sand village member. This is the most severe rule you can break. You are not to attack anyone from your own village unless you're sparring. Village killing has several forms such as - simply blocking someone intentionally that he/she would die to mobs, anything that gets another village member killed. Listen to your superiors at all times. It is essential to listen to those who are in charge for the village to function properly. If you're not in any organization that does not mean you don't have any superiors. Anyone above your rank can give you orders in this case. Failure to cooperate with orders ( minor or major case ) from a superior will lead to disciplinary action if the case is severe the Kazekage will take the charge of the disciplinary action. You're not to take any form of bribes from anyone that might bring disadvantage to Sand village. Political betrayal is considered as a crime, looking for your own benefit over Sand villages has severe consequences. For example someone offers you a "spying"-role for 5 000 ryo that's a no no. ( Waging War - Mission is not related to this ) Questions Not sure about something? Ask either Council, a faction leader, a superior or the Kazekage. The kazekage is constantly looking for messages on forums/discord/in-game and is always willing to answer questions. Breaking these rules won't pass by unnoticed.
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    Dear Sand Villagers, You are all invited to join the 1st and maybe the last "Mini-Chunin exam" for Sand village! It is indeed the first time that we've a chunin exam held exclusively for the Sand Village members only! Chunin Exams detailsThe event registration will take place at 1pm EST on 1st July and the entire event will commence at 2pm EST. It may last anywhere between 1 - 4 hours depending on how far our Genins make it. Participants are expected to stay throughout the event. The registration will take place in the Sand Village ( Chunin Exam registration hall! ). Requirements You are to form your own teams of 3 before or during the registration phase. There is no level requirement! Academy Students are not allowed to participate, you have to promote to Genin rank if you want to participate. The entry fee for each team is 6,000 Ryo, prepare to hand over the in-game currency to GM during the registration phase after a GM has verified you through the gate. Teams that are registered along with a Chunin/Jonin Rank Sensei will have their entry fee waived. However, the Sensei must stay throughout the event and may only enter one team. Missing/Leaf Ninja cannot participate in the Mini-Chunin Exam held for Sand Village. Kazekage has the right to debar ninja from their village from joining. Valid reasons include (but not limited to) misbehavior, breaking treaties, disobeying commands. Rules & Regulations In order to run the event smoothly, your cooperation is required, as such, rule breakers will be kicked from the event which may result in his/her entire team's disqualification. Stay in character Unless you need to ask a serious question, stay in character during the event. Remain online and active If you choose to go AFK and you miss calls for you, we will not wait for you. If you disconnect, quickly reconnect and inform a GM. Follow instructions The GMs and Rory will be giving instructions to follow throughout the event. ConclusionEveryone that has participated in the previous chunin exams know exactly how hard the exam can be!! Pay close attention to not get tricked during the CE. What challenges our village will face? Will anyone even pass? Good luck! Regards, Kaguya Light
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    On June 15th the Leaf and Sand village have initiated a full fledged war as both Villages have commenced multiple raids onto each other. There has been an on-going frustration with our truce as both villages had numerous issues to keep a truce intact from those who wished to act against the agreements. Therefore it has been concluded that it takes far less energy to work with the flow, than to spend all of our efforts against the flow. After things had slightly subsided, Brae and myself have discussed several new agreements in regards to our terms of war. Brae took the initiative as Sand's spokesperson since the village does not have a Kazekage to rule over. Therefore we have come up with the following agreements: Agreement #1: The Leaf and Sand village will uphold a Non-Hostility Agreement inside the both villages. Raids are completely prohibited within the Village gates. No Shinobi shall be harmed inside their respective villages. Offenders of this agreement will be noted down and punished accordingly. (Our 3 Strike KoS Policy system is still intact) Multiple offenses will result to an official war/raid whereas retaliation is accepted for an hour. During a declaration of war; ninjas risk the chance of being raided inside their village for a total maximum of 1 hour. Agreement #2: We will uphold a No-Mask Policy within the village gates. Masked Shinobi will be attacked and killed on sight if they are caught . If a Patrol has been set up; You are also required to state your reason of entering the village. Shinobi who wish to carry out their mission are also required to state their reasoning if they wish to enter the village gates. Agreement #3: If a Raid is carried out; Shinobi are only permitted to launch attacks within Danger Zones. This means that the map at Bears/Snakes will commonly be used as battlefields. Proceed Danger Zones with caution and at your own risk. Hostile Shinobi within Danger Zones will not be held responsible nor be put on the KoS List. You will be held accountable if you are reported killing Shinobi outside of Danger Zones. Agreement #4: If a Shinobi is put on the KoS list, they risk the chance of being executed in Safe Zones with the exception of their respective villages. It is entirely possible to be executed at Larvae/Scorpions for example. Agreement#5: Shinobi under the level of 12 should not be harmed under any given moment. (Give new players a chance to progress in peace) Edit: There is a high possibility that these terms will be dropped if the entire Leaf Village issues a vote of No-Confidence of Sand holding their end of the bargain.
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    Hi guys! I wanted to share with you my work with pixels... I'm going to reedit this post with my newest. I just want you opinion about them... Here they are: 10.06.2017 This is Tenten's Sweater from Naruto Shippuden. This is Kakuzu's Mask from Naruto Shippuden as well. 11.06.2017 Still not finished, but this is Yagura (4th Mizukage) from Naruto Shippuden. 15.06.2017 Not finished yet - Sai's Blouse from Naruto Shippuden. 16.06.2017 I made Yagura's back, now sides are the ones left. Finished Sai's Blouse. Kabuto's Blouse from Naruto. 17.06.2017 Suit's Front and Back from @Fuuka's post (You can find it here) Thanks for your time and please leave a comment More of them will join here in time.
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    Welcome to world PvP. It is rare to see nowadays in MMOs, it is not meant to be balanced. It is meant to motivate you to reach max level. I remember during World of Warcraft days, being a low level and getting ganked. it would make me so mad, but I never quit that game because of it. If anything, it made me want to level more, because it gave me thrill like feelings of being killed by a higher level. Just team up at a higher level and protect the low levels. That's how the game is meant to be played.
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    Some one had to say it, Thank you. (coming from a Leaf Ninja) I believe if the game were to fix those mistakes you mentioned it'll be a lot more fun. It's tough for new-players it really is, practically they hold their hand during the tutorial afterwards you're screwed. It seems like you've had enough with the disadvantage as a sand and the constant raids, just grinding alone is what hits people. Hundreds have left before reaching Level 15 from what I've seen. The grind is super hard just to get level 10, people try to reach that level in hope of getting a mastery, and it's techniques to help them big time with the grind. Turns out they can only get 1 technique and it's practically almost the speed as training without one (if you're a ninjutsu user it's even worse repeating the same technique waiting for the cooldown and keeping your distance from the mob running around and spamming that 1 technique till you kill it. And they suggest you to buy Shurikens, well you can miss many shurikens and also who has the money to do that when you starting lol) the grind gets a lot worse so players leave. Newbies aren't encouraged, many are just doing this cause they have friends around. All my friends that I met outside this game, IRL/Internet have left this. Don't think I'd be advertising this game till it becomes more newbie-friendly. (Game is Beta yeah everyone has to understand that that's why we're here creating topics for them to fix in the future , but there's just been some confusion on points where to focus on. You have to focus on Newbie Content first in my opinion.)
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    Masteries are not meant to be balanced 1v1. Each mastery is strong at something. If the mastery sucks in a general area, it means we're still working on it.
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    Hi everyone! ~ Chronicles of Crimson II is what I worked on for this weekend, hopefully you all enjoy yet again another PvP Video ~ - I tried to focus on the highlights as requested! ( No more shuriken spam for 2minutes ) *Sorry the video cuts out short in the end. HD Will be up shortly*
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    Dear Ninja, This month is Nin Online's 4th Anniversary month, which means 4 years ago, I began development on the game you are experiencing live now. We have come so far since then, and still have a lot more planned. This month, we will run the 1st Joint Chunin Exam as well as launch ANBU, Sand Assassins and the Akatsuki, which we are very excited for. To celebrate our 4th Anniversary, we are going to be selling a limited time only cosmetic item - Ceramic War Armor! While it may look like the Red War Armor, it features improved animations and some small golden embroidery. The Ceramic War Armor will be on sale from 1st June - 30th June. As with any future time-exclusive cosmetics, after it's sale period, it will not be available for purchase anymore, but will be tradeable in-game so that it may be passed on. We hope that you continue playing Nin Online, and look forward to more updates soon! Regards, Rory
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    I always thought that "Time off!" as a mission does not make much sense (At least RP-wise), it is not a "Mission" and it should be something that you do at the end of your missions to rest up, not something that can happen at the beginning before you even start doing any real job or simply happen 3 times in a row because of randomness. As of now, "Time off!" is a quite unlucky and stressful thing to get, no one likes it (at least if you are leaf and a higher level than 20), but I am sure things would change if there was a special "Fourth mission" which could be aimed to make the player take the fatigue off (so not a real mission but something that happens after the three dailies). That fourth special "mission", rather than give experience, could give a small buff, something like "well rested"-type of buff so that the player could get a small bonus of experience for the three dailies the day later (and a de-buff/normal experience if he does not?); Because if kept with a simple experience reward, the player would simply skip the fourth mission. To add variety, that special fourth "mission" could simply have different ways for the player to take the fatigue off, from hotsprings as currently is, to rest in an oasis near suna or whatever.
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    Revert the change on the bounty system. A really fun aspect of Nin was RPing as a bounty hunter. But now, all bounties are way too low to even go out and get a group of friends to bounty hunt. If you respect the RP of this game please buff bounty rewards or revert the change you made that nerfed it too oblivion. Revert the change in event hq. It now costs 50 ryo to enter regardless if someone payed the 100 ryo to host. Because of this 50 ryo fee which was previously 0 ryo, the event hq is now dead. It is impossible to find a 5v5. Also, if you host an event you will still have to pay the 50 ryo entry fee on top of the 100 ryo. This fee was added because of leeches, but this can be solved if you make the level requirement for event hq lvl 30+ since anyone below that level will be useless for the team it joins. Adding to the point above, if abuse is concerned you can remove the daily reset scrolls from the reward box and further reduce the cost to host of 100 ryo to 50 ryo with a 0 ryo entry fee. With a low hosting cost of 50 ryo I am sure the event hq will remain active even if there is only cosmetics as a reward. People just want to have fun and pvp in the event hq but as of now it is impossible. -------------- Some other suggestions--- Make kages have exile powers. They can pardon missing nin but not exile them which is counter intuitive. It will give kages more power to control their village and deepen the RP of this game. Missing nin needs a /v chat. Was suggested before but was never implemented. Another better way is to create an organization system where you can invite people to your orgs. Once invited, under your name it will state which org you are in. Basically a guild/faction system and it will obviously have a /o chat. This suggestion will make nin online not so reliant on discord. Add a referral rewards system. If you haven't noticed the sand village player base is steadily declining and its almost a ghost town compared to leaf. Give incentives to advertise your game to make a more healthy player base. Something not abusable but also appealing. Maybe offer nin cash shop credit for every player you recruit that reaches level 30. This maybe not be a suggestion of nin particuraly but to the developers. Frequently balance your game on a weekly basis. It doesn't have to be new jutsus/content. Just change values on certain jutsus that the community have been constantly suggesting. Experiment with the balance and the community will provide feedback. I for one am excited everytime a certain justu gets nerfed/buff.The game is currently stale right now with the lack of updates but with every nerf/buff on balance it shifts the meta of nin online entirely and with every meta shift it gives the players of your game a new fun playground. Thanks for reading and I'm shamelessly tagging @Rory and @Seth for more exposure.
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    So me and @Shirou were thinking Both villages could use a village board located right outside the kage house or inside. These will work as a MOTD but only for villages, this is really important because it allows everyone in the village to be informed about important things going on. ( Basically like a daily news/mail ) Also all organisations or only official organisations that will have a role i.e military police force in leaf, could also have their own information board. ( a political newsletter ? ) It's a small thing but has enormous impact ingame. Thanks
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    Sunagakure's Military Corps The Military Corps Unit is the backbone and the physical representation of Sunagakure's strength. It is what stands between the enemies/villainous organizations and the gates of Sunagakure. The Military Corps involves various tasks and roles such as; ⦁ Patrolling the lands of Sunagakure. ⦁ Defending against attacks and raids on Suna. ⦁ Gathering intel on enemy villages and organizations. ⦁ Enforcing village rules. ⦁ Assisting villagers with various problems. ⦁ Essential Rp ⦁ Investigation and reporting. The Military Corps will specialize in quick and effective responses to various occurrences within the lands of Sunagakure. We will work closely with our brother in arms; The Medical Corps and therefore, we will maintain a closely knit relationship with them. In order to join the Suna's Military Corps message @Prox/ @Proxied in-game or dm on discord. Enrollment into The Military Unit- one must simply contact a Shouho or a Rikushou after you've met the following requirements; ⦁ Reached level twenty-five ⦁ Passed the physical test "A dropout will beat a genius through hard work.” Within the Military Corps there are various stages which one can go through: Stage 1. Recruit: As a recruit you will learn the rules and objectives of the organization. You'll get to know your fellow members, superiors and learn how everything's done accordingly. Your seasoning will start here. Stage 2. Private: As a private you will be relatively seasoned and experienced within the organization. Your tasks and roles will take a more serious path and much more will be expected of you than a recruit. Stage 3. Leader: These are the highest-ranking members of the organization. Their tasks will vary according to their ranks. Stage 3 can also be seen as a further step towards joining the Sand Assassins. You will be promoted based on your achievements and devotion to the village, its members and how well you carry out assigned roles and tasks. N.B You are not required to stay in character throughout your gameplay of Ninonline at all times. Only assume character when relevant and necessary. Squadrons You will be organized into squadrons in order to compensate for what you lack as an individual in combat. Ideally a squad of 4 consisting of: ⦁ Healer ⦁ Binder/CC ⦁ Burst You will be organized into squads based on your mastery in order to promote and boost combat efficiency and effectiveness. It is expected of you to maintain a good relationship with your squad mates. Some things to be noted: •If you manage to get past stage 3, you will receive a strong recommendation for entry into the Assassin trainee-faction. •Get used to communicating and forming bonds with your comrades as well as your allies from other organisations and general villagers. • Be respectful of your fellow comrades and Sunagakure villagers. Disrespect and ignorance will not be tolerated whatsoever; squash any beef you may have had with any sand villager. • You are expected to learn, adhear to and enforce Sunagakure's village rules. • Leave your ego at the doorstep before joining the Military Corps or prepare to have your ego deflated. Within Sunagakure's Military Corps elitism does not exist, every ninja is equal. ⦁ You will be required to rp and stay in character during military meetings and events ⦁ Be relatively active Hierarchy Supreme Leader @Prox/Proxied Rikushou ( General ) Shouhou ( General ) Private Recruit Simplified rules: ⦁ Never turn your blade on your own villagers; you will be hunted like the rabid dog you are. ⦁ Respect your village and its members as well as members from opposing villages and organizations. ⦁ Be punctual to your military meetings and events; if you will be absent then notify your superiors before hand. ⦁ Adhear to your superiors at ALL times. ⦁ Ask questions before acting on your own accord. ⦁ Never abandon your brothers in combat. In conclusion, steel your will and prepare to devote your time and lay down your lives for the betterment of Sunagakure. As brothers in arms we will train together, fight together, be victorious together and in defeat, die together. "Sure in the world of shinobi those who disobey rules are regarded as scum, but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum."~ Kakashi Hatake
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    If equipment had stats, everyone would need to gear up in the same ideal way to maximize their pvp potential, result - everyone looks like this. Level 50 Fire Mastery Ninja equipped with Red Shirt (+3 Int, C/D Reduction, Armor) with Tiger Summon (+5 Int, C/D Reduction)
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    This Topic has been discussed quite often, we had stats on Armors back then. Even tho the stats been low, it was quite the advantage for those wearing them. NinOnline is (even if it doesn't look like it right now) a skill based game. You don't need Stat boosting gears to fight your opponent. You gain your strength with your Levels and your Training. Not by lucky monster drops. This is how it is and how it should be.
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    I made a small application that lets you set your in-game settings more easily. I've talked to Seth about this, you don't have to worry about this program not being allowed. DOWNLOAD: I don't know on which operation systems this works. I've only got Windows 10. HOW TO USE: Run the program (admin login required to edit the .ini) Click on "Load Config" Select your config.ini inside your NinOnline folder (default should be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Nin Online\bin\data files) You can now change your settings. To set a different key to a keybinding, simply click on the button and press the new key. Changes will automatically be saved to your config.ini. KNOWN ISSUES: - crashes, if config.ini contains invalid data (e.g a letter for music volume) - crashes, if the file loaded isn't a NinOnline .ini Please report bugs you find to me by sending a PM.
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    Patch Notes 6/6/2017 Moderators no longer can kick, ban, etc. in-game. Fixed server instability. DoS Protection improved.
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    So three times this week I have used a blessing during my leveling. So far everytime about 15 mins into my using it the servers go down. After the server come back up the blessing is gone. I would like to know what is happening. As I'm all for spending money. But not when I'm just instantly losing it. @Rory or @Seth Can I get some info or any chance of getting these blessing back? I can accept it once but three times in one week losing $15 is frustrating. thank you!
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    When you only have one forum rule and dont follow it yourself...
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    Well, I tryed to represent my Character, like if it was in a anime, i did it fast.
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    So this is a pretty straight-forward suggestion. It's pretty easy to miss-click Share and Abandoning. So I would like to suggest that players should get a Yes/No confirmation after deciding to abandon or share a mission. I've just had the most painful experience of abandoning Document missions after I had a full party waiting for me to share it. Oh.. the pain
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    - [Leaf][Jounin]Rory: Sup This is to improve RP and for the new villagers to know with whom they're dealing with in the vsay. More of a reason to feel the need to rank up. ( Currently there are only RP-Missions which don't feel that rewarding ) - Kages Exile/invite power Don't have much to add, current system is really bad for RP and there's basically no need to follow village rules which adds its own great twist into the game. Possibility to mute players? As kages are not trolls and are educated by staff [GMs]. For cases if someone is spamming racism or have a bad day, mute instead of exiling. - Remove buy-in system! ( We players have already witnessed that it does not work and is not justified to join back after you've killed alot of people from your old village ) -> Immigration organizations are born. ( More RP ) - Immigration Everyone should be able to join any village as they're missing. In the future when we get more villages into the game it is not fun to have fights with villages that got no population or active players and the list goes on... Villages without population feel deserted and on the other side within villages that got population its boring because you can't have decent wars. On the side note we get chunin vest collectors which try to speak their way into all of the villages -> More RP, again. These little improvements would alone make everyone enjoy more of their game play. Of course, players can report kages that abuse their powers to GM's.