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    Shikate's Development Log Here we will talk about combining your shape and chakra manipulation to create awesome earth jutsus. Are you ready my dear doton users? I'm sure you can't wait to learn! But first, let me introduce myself. My age is 16 and I come from Poland. I have been spriting since 2009 and I'm chosen to take care of developing jutsus for Nin Online! Aren't you sleeping yet? I hope so. Let's get started! Doryuu Heki A basic defending technique. That's what earth jutsus are, aren't they? Just remember that trapping yourself is not a way to run! Doryuu Taiga Have you ever dreamed of getting drown in a milk chocolate river? The jutsu is quite similar, unfortunately, we have replaced chocolate with mud Doryuudan Of course some of you might be perfect at Doton style. What would you say about mixing your Katon and Doton chakra to create something even greater? Shakugaryugan That advanced type of chakra will win fights for you! Okay guys, I hope that I'm not that awful at learning! Be sure to comment my development log and keep the topic alive! Thank you for your attention
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    Friends list has been fixed. Social login for Twitter has been fixed. Removed display of title if it was ninja. Improved HUD positioning. Fix buffs sending on map transfer such as Cloak of Invisibility. Titles are now drawn on the left side of the status bar. Fix more game crashes. Fix after logging out, you could not be attacked. Chat channels have been reworked to reduce bugs. Raised the PvP timer for logout from 15 to 30 seconds upon being attacked while logging out. Fixed where debuffs could proc substitution. Fixed alignment of the message that went on the accept/decline window for trades/team invites. Return confirms server select and works on message box window. Added Combat Log. Added World Map.
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    Hey Ninja, This is going to be something different! Mostly because we've reached a point in development where I'm pretty happy with the amount of content in combat, besides the bugs we'd like sorted out as soon as we can, I'd like to take some time to talk about my plans for the game from here. This is going to be my first development log which has no pictures! Inspiration Reflection Direction If you have ideas, please do write about it in the suggestions section. I may not reply to all of them, but I look at them when it comes to times where I'm looking for inspiration. If you want to throw a fit of rage, comments!
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    Dear Ninja, First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates once again! Hopefully things will start picking back up soon. It's such a waste that we can't get Open Beta out quicker. I don't want to over hype whats coming, but we've been working on the new sub-paths for masteries, namely Kenjutsu (Sword Style), Gentle Fist and Fan Style. Sword Style This is one of the jutsus I've completed for Sword Style! It's called Risky Blade Technique. Why is it risky? You'll see! Gentle Fist Though it's name states it's gentle, the amount of power these techniques will push out will depend on the controlled strength of the user. Art by @Master Ant In addition to it's regular kit, Gentle Fist will be the first sub-style to include a Hidden Technique, which will be rare and not attainable through scribes. Fan Style Wind Mask Technique is a utility Jutsu for Fan Users that I think will come in handy for a lot of war/pvp situations. Art by @Master Ant I hope everyone continues to give us your support and patience as we try to make sure the game is ready for Open Beta! Also, do note that from now on we'll be trying our best to roll out large changes like entire new sub-paths at once. Also, new mob coming soon! Also, miss you guys! Regards, Rory
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    The EXP Struggle This topic has been weighing on my mind for a while and I finally figured out a way to explain it. I think that the experience gain in higher levels is a bit unbalanced in the sense that once you reach level 46, you cannot farm mobs any more, or at least efficiently. Let's be honest, Documents is the perfect way to get experience via missions, and if you get 2 or 3 in one mission setting, you're basically going to level up with missions alone. However, in the downtime between mission resets, I find myself lacking any motivation to grind my way through levels. I feel that the EXP gain is a bit underwhelming when you're grinding for 1.5 mil EXP and there are not very many mobs at cursed hosts, and also for the difficult level to farm them. Stats for EXP: Bears: 266 > 399 (under blessing) Cursed hosts: 317 > 451 (under blessing) In summary, the large player base consisting of higher level players is only active around midnight EST, for about an hour, just to do docs. The community is suffering and the game's revenue is suffering. I suggest that mission EXP be cut back dramatically in exchange for super buffed EXP from mobs. It would give the game more fluidity in leveling as opposed to grinding 8 hours a day for half a level (true story). Making a grinding game worth grinding can only be beneficial to the community and the developers - imagine a world where people want to spend more time playing and buy world blessings throughout the day instead of just once every night at midnight? To be honest, the flow of this game is backwards. Missions should be small EXP buffs and a day worth of grinding should supply you with more than 300k out of the one million or so exp required for high level players to level up.
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    1. Angry emoticone! Strangely, it was the first thing that came in my mind è_é Angry emoticone => 2. White flag when you are a peace maker like me (edit number 1) Version 1 after an update => version 2 => => () edit number 2 (animations in the white flag (effectively, it was hard to do lol)) I will add all the "frames" of the version 2later I will edit this post to add other emoticones when i will finish them
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    New GUI preview, it is not complete. Plans are to add combat log, center buttons around the hotbar, move other GUI elements in better locations. Added /leave command to exit Teams if it is bugged. This is the final draft when it is completed. Fix game crashes. Errors are now logged properly. Projectiles that don't move are limited to one per tile. Projectiles are sent to players on joining a map. Projectiles are no longer cleared when leaving a map. Tora spawn is fixed.
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    Give me a loan of million ryo and I'll stay quiet. Hi, I am Weapon Wizard. A low level sand shinobi but also the upcoming best INT WM! Now I know while reading this you're thinking "why u do this?!?" but I like the strategic way of this mastery and the fact that you can be lethal without even laying a finger on your prey, physically. I could talk hours about how the abilities could use an upgrade or complete overhaul but the problem that I am facing right now the most is the cost of this sub-mastery. While Medics have to waste a lot on senbons, this little bad boy has to spend even more than that, "Word round the street is your friend got money, but I ain't no snitch." I propose a solution! Make 3 new buy-able items, in fact scrolls! Similar to Tenten from the Anime, weapon masters could buy/use a scroll that cost 50-100 ryo, containing the very needed 200 kunai, shuriken or explosive tags. "Weapon Master, the black market of weapon tools." Is what some who seek that spicy income would think, but I propose that these tools obtained from scrolls be binded to the user/buyer! Or simply be WM's tools, only for WM to use. A typical sword based WM would not benefit from lots of tools, from kunai perhaps, but their class is already very expensive and that's a minor problem I see no solution to. Thank you for reading, please comment what you think, "Why you gotta be so Rood? Don't you know INT weapon masters are humans too~!".
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    This is a weekly announcement of the updates within the Hidden Leaf brought to you by, The Hidden Leaf's Council™ The information below was discussed in the 1st Council Meeting with the 2nd Hokage of the Hidden Leaf (Shirou). The Council Members - Zintosso, Deathmall, and Indra. How will Yoru be dealt with? Well in this meeting we decided the following.. (there will be a next meeting to discuss about what is to be the fate of more individuals) - Agenda point 1: Exiling Some Yoru Members , 4 votes yes. Notes: Zintosso> Need to assign Jail Guard, who makes sure someone stays in jail. Village Donation System ( It is completely up to the person to donate at least 100 ryo no one is forced to) - This ryo will be used to fund new projects and improvements within the Hidden Leaf Village. - The Hidden Leaf will try to collect 50k Ryo in order to get our own first police building. (The Village Funds are handed to admins for projects) Upcoming Chunin Exam (Which was post-poned) - Entry was said to be 10k ryo it was pushed to be lowered to 5k Ryo - A meeting was held with the Kazekage to insure our newbies don't get attacked and prepare for the exam. Roles recently assigned by the Hokage The Hokage's Secretary - Montier The Hokage's Body-Guards - Wilkor, Caio, Godric Senju, and Shadow Current Organizations within the Village (That have been around for more then one week so far) Roots of Pride - Red Moon - Leaf Village Research Center - What was decided in the meeting with the Kazekage 1. How do we uphold our KoS list? A Strike System (If still hostile, please tell ReubenNick, Vaga, or Dona) - 1st offense(strike)- warning - 2nd offense(strike)- strike and notice of behavior - 3rd offense (strike)- added to KoS Notes (Things to keep in mind) Former Missing-Nins will go through hardcore screening by your Council and Hokage, there is a good chance they may not be forgiven (especially if they were or still are associated with Yoru). There will only be 1 announcement per 1-2weeks depending on the amount of changes, any changes within the week of the announcement will be added on to this post. Feel free to ask questions in-game or on this post, and add some suggestions to what things (changes you want to see) you think we should bring up on our next meeting. Last but not least, Congratulations to Shirou, our newly elected Hokage, we look forward to keep working with him. Kind regards, The Hidden Leaf's Council™
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    This is a weekly announcement of the updates within the Hidden Leaf brought to you by, The Hidden Leaf's Council™ The information below was discussed in the 2nd (2nd meeting was not announced due to the lack of details) and 3rd Meeting with the 2nd Hokage of the Hidden Leaf (@Shirou). The Council Members - @Deathmall @Zintosso @Indra. The Village Defense and Organizations - Leaf's defenses will be improved, we will be much more organized in terms of defense and strategies. Teams will be formed and partners will be assigned to those who wish to defend the Leaf. The Military Police Force will soon start to shine once the building if implemented, currently it's under construction. - There's a lot of current organizations that help ensure the safety of Hidden Leaf's ninjas, three essential ones are known as Roots of Pride, Red Moon, & Leaf Medical Logistics and Combat. They'll be co-operating with our defense as well. We will stand together to fight for our village and keep our enemies out of our territory. Village Donation System (Updates on how the Ryo is being used) - The first meeting we decided to collect Ryo to found our Police Building, which will be coming soon. - After collecting "Taxes" aka donations, the Leaf Village Funds is currently at 60,000 Ryo. - The next use of the funds will be for Blood Pill discounts. We're looking forward to reducing the price of these pills for everyone in Leaf. RP Mission III and above (Have been placed on hold till receiving a nod from the Hokage for all recent Chunins) This is to make sure that everyone will receive well thought-out and great amount of effort from the Chunin hosting the mission. The Chunins hosting the missions (RP I and RP II) are being observed and will be given the nod if they can proceed forward. It was discussed in the meeting that they're to report to the Hokage the missions that they host and details. We're here to ensure everyone has a great RP experience and to make sure others don't abuse this system! - Konahri has stepped up to help the new Chunins with the RP system and their missions in anyway possible. She's also lending her hand to work with the Chunins on what missions are appropriate for certain levels of RP, sharing her missions & writing missions for the Chunin to host. - Deathmall has been observing Chunins hosting their missions and taking notes to eventually give the Chunins advice and also write scripted Missions. He's known to take the students ratings after each mission and criticism to further investigate what missions the public would really like to see! Village RP Events (Festivals, Training Sessions, Classrooms, etc...) - This will be an effort for everyone to freely participate in RP events! (You will not earn RP Tokens for this) - Although it's a possibility to receive rewards like, Ryo, Scrolls and other items! - Last but not least, it'll be a fun experience for the members of this village! Roles recently assigned by the Hokage The Chief of Leaf's Military Police Force - Ifrit The Co-Chief of Leaf's Military Police Force - Mikecw (Congratulations to Both) Current Organizations within the Village (That have been around for more then one week so far, There is also a few more compared to the last announcement) Roots of Pride - Red Moon - Leaf Village Research Center - Leaf Medical Logistics and Combat - The Mob - The Big Dogs of Leaf - What was decided in the 1st meeting with the recently appointed Kazekage? The Hidden Sand Village and the Leaf Village have agreed on a truce (more like allies) - The Sand Village wishes to have something bigger than a truce. Fifth Kazekage stated "We would like to make a working system within both villages" Leaf Agrees. - The KoS System will be enforced, practically the same system as before. - Everyone in either village Leaf or Sand that was on the KoS list has been removed. Everyone is given a clean slate, KoS list has been fully-refreshed. Strike System (KoS method) - 1st offense(strike)- warning - 2nd offense(strike)- strike and notice of behavior - 3rd offense (strike)- added to KoS How can some one be added to the KoS list? KoS strike policy: 2 - 4 - 6 days (Strike 3 - 2 - 1) - Assisting the enemy (Reviving/Healing/Helping of any sort) - Attacking Hidden Leaf members (Vice-Versa) (In order to accuse some one and build a case against an individual to place him on KoS, evidence is required. Screenshots/Gifs/Videos would solidify your case against an individual, good reasoning and witnesses as well. Sand will remain neutral against Missing-Nins - But some Sand Ninjas will be assisting us when it comes to fighting Missing-Ninjas. - It was agreed that assistance towards a Missing-Ninja who is a wanted Criminal in Leaf could get you added to the KoS list and you'll be chased along with that missing-nin. (Those who align with the enemy, and assist in any way will be added to KoS. The KoS list will be posted on the forums and updated more often.) Content the Higher-Up (Council & Hokage) are pushing to be added for the Hidden Leaf Village (some require Ryo from our funds!)... - Leaf Military Police Force Building (and Jail) - The Hidden Leaf's Brothel - Special Medic Room - Council Meeting Room - Anbu HQ Notes (Things to keep in mind) There will only be another announcement in 1-2weeks depending on the amount of changes, any changes within the week of the announcement will be added on to this post. Only the Leaders of the Leaf Military Police force have been some-what officially decided for the organization. The people who wish to join this organization are able to apply once it's fully created, at this moment it's in progress and just a reminder the Leaders are the ones that accept/reject applications. Feel free to ask questions in-game or on this post, and add some suggestions to what things (changes you want to see) you think we should bring up on our next meeting. We all would like to congratulate our recent Chunins for successfully completing the 3rd Chunin Exams, and all who participated. Also we'd like to thank them for their contributions with RP missions recently. We've been observing you and you've all done well so far! Keep up the good work. @Deathmall @Tsubaki Senju @KiwiiKat @Riley Haruno @kur @Wilkor @Godric Senju @Ifrit Kind regards, The Hidden Leaf's Council™
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    Chat channels reworked more, they are fully functional now and back to how they were. Fix crashes and improve Combat Log. Added /report command. Added /ignore and /friend command.
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    Thank you all for your kind words. Lots of things happened in my life and although I really wanted to help and create lots of jutsus for Nin Online, I had to say goodbye to the team shortly after I've joined. I'm so amazed with all the positive feedback I've received, even though I made that small amount of sprites. So thank you all once more, I'm currently not working anymore on Nin Online and who knows, maybe it will change in the future? You guys are amazing!
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    From now on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will commence a War between the Sand and the Leaf Village starting from 1 PM EST till 7 pm EST. During these 6 hours all acts of crime will be entirely legal. This will be something similar to the Purge. This has been approved by both the Kazekage and Hokage, as well as our Council Members. The reason as to why we have decided to host this type of event is because our Shinobi from their respective villages have been lacking purpose and excitement. By setting up this structure; we will be encouraging high ranked Shinobi to participate in this war. This isn't just for the sole purpose of mindlessly massacring the enemy, but also to keep regular patrols to ensure the safety of low leveled Genins who might become exposed to imminent danger. Moreover we believe this game has been designed to have an on-going war with Sand as doing Missions should not be an easy task. Shinobi are supposed to work hard to fulfill their duties and missions. Therefore it is adviced to always bring a team or escorts when you are trying to do missions such as Retrieving Documents for instance. -The Rules are simple: ''There are no rules.'' -The KoS list will still remain intact for the rest of the week.
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    Errors have been improved. Friends list now shows upon login. Disconnect bugs fixed. Fixed an exploit with packets that could take down the server. Fixed chat scroll. Improved chat channels. Added /r. It will send a PM to the last person that messaged you.
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    The core issue is that kages get every report, involving the ones that are material for Mods. Harassment/Hospital camp for example. That is only logical right? Kage right away reports all of the evidence to three in-game mods if the issue is indeed major toxicity etc. What happens is that maybe one mod replies with something. Currently people are facing ignoring from kages to developers due to the reason that nearly everyone "works" for free on this project. (Is there any better alternative to report someone than every ingame-mods DMs one by one? For example I get multiple reports and all that I can say is to "contact a ingame-mod" even if there is obviously enough evidence to move from there) I'm not fully aware how well the in-game reporting works since you can't add in screen shots. I have a few solutions how to fix the situation: 1. Create a report channel on discord where Kages can throw evidence for any available moderators that can deal with everything excluding only discord mods. Also all questions ETC. 2. Give each kage a mod whose top priority is to work together with the kage. 3. Make kages mods after they've served a long period of time to prove their loyalty/professionalism. Before people envied mods as kages because they didn't legit get their levels. Does this bring issues after Kages are done with their service? Absolutely not. An ex-kage that has proved his worth more than definitely should remain a mod. They could even become the next kages personal mod. Follow up suggestion: Give Kages mute verb in-game. It would be alot better to mute someone for a short while than hand out constant warnings/exiles to someone for misbehavior. @Seth @Rory
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    This is a true story.
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    Dear Ninja, As many of you may have noticed, we recently updated all the hair colors in-game to a more vibrant palette. We realize a lot of you may no longer like you hair color as much and have decided to make Hair Dyes available for free just for this week. They will disappear when you relogin, but you may claim it again when you need it within Hair Colors week. You can claim them from the Barber NPC in Takumi Village from 26th July till 2nd August! Regards, Rory
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    There are quite a few screenshots. Sorry about that :/ I got as much as I could recorded: Here are the participants that I have noticed: @Deathmall, @Booty Gang Captain, @Mikecw, @Itachi Uchiha, @Mavis Vermillion, @Leevi, @Mell, @Atrane, @nine, @Takashi Namikaze, @Reseda, @FR3D Lucha, @Mist Demon, @Michaelt8, @Biggie J, @DarkOmega, @DavidG, @Hope, @Dona, @Caio, @Meth The Leaf forces prep for war after a missing nin invasion: Leaf Shinobi receive a bit of backup. Booty Gang Captain takes point and DeathMall, the acting Kage, takes command of the leaf village forces. The leaf ninja forces slowly advance. Prepping for battle at every step of the way. Prepared for anything: The leaf army moves forward one one map at a time. As always, prepared for battle under the leadership of @Deathmall Upon entering dangerous territory, the local wildlife claims the lives of a few leaf shinobi. The ninja with greater power clear out the hostile wildlife to pave a path for the rest of the allied shinobi to follow: The allied shinobi Leaf forces change their attention from the Missing Nin's to the sand village: Dona attempts to face the entire leaf armada by himself. He dies: Leaf forces once again turn their attention to the missing nin: Leaf forces run in the wrong direction. The real enemy is on the sand village bridge where they just were... My intel states that Booty Gang Captain faces the enemy alone. DeathMall rallies his troops to reroute to the real threat. The leaf forces arrive back to the real battleground... the fight ensues on the next map over. Mikecw decides that the REAL enemy is the photographer. I love you Mike, but god are you a dense mother fucker at times: And so ends our story. The war was not recorded any further. Way to go Mike. Though by my intel states that the leaf shinobi achieved victory in the battle to follow. All thanks to the unrelenting fighting spirit of the allied leaf shinobi, the power of their determination, and the brilliant leadership of ViceKage Deathmall. Peace out everybody~
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    We are investigating an exploit used to attack the game server, it will come up when we make an announcement.
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    Dont worry, there will be new ones. Im always working on some new stuff There are already a few clothes finished and waiting for add to the game.
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    Ninja Weaponry update. Now Ive made a post about clothing that should give armor like qualities (extra fort, lil int, damage reduction) but it was rejected because "everyone will look the same" despite a simple overlay feature being able to fix such a petty issue. Benefits: Creates an economy for specific stat boost armor, Grinding has a purpose, staple MMO feature. Downfall: uhhhh everyone looks the same( Easily handled) Anyways I'm still a bit salty bout it so I had to mention it lol. The real reason I made this post is because Id like to see a variety of tools beyond kunai,senbon,shuriken,paper tags and swords being utilized. I know Rory has plans for more weapons because at the Sand only Chuunin he had some rad fans on his back (dual equip even) I see these as possible additions Sword Size matters: Looking at how swords go in the game, they just get bigger with more dmg. I think its a lazy approach to the whole style. Swords should be in two categories Broad- wider melle range, with decreased melle speed. Katanas-faster melle with lower damage boost Fans- This for me was difficult as Temari is the only user of a fan (aside from Madara's war fan) More fans need to be added. Sickles- Longer range of melle forward Chains-whip like melle stating from one direction across 3 tiles Scrolls- Now I wanted this more as a cosmetic than an actual weapon but I believe scrolls could be placed on your characters back like sage mode Naruto had it, it could give a small multiplier on your chakra stat giving you some extra chakra in the long run. Handheld Kunai- Equipable Kunai- Doesn't offer so much of a great damage boost but allows one to have extra melle damage stll being able to melle relatively fast(30 BASE DAMAGE) Chakra Blades- This could be quite the rare item that comes with an additional catch to fully utilize it. Similar to sumas blades or a subgenre of Katana you can channel Int through these blades in order to use Int melle. However to utilize this effect one must obtain the secret channel chakra scroll that would be a super rare drop along with these blades(MAKE GRINDING WORTH IT) the Jutsu could work as a buff that drains chakra as well. Bojutsu- long range weapon melle. Could gain an aoe melle technique swinging staff over head. Now these are intended to be drop only, It will be hella fun to grind if these items were in as it would give the whole task an award at the end of it all. Other drops can include rare jutsu scrolls that cannot be obtained through scribes at the scroll drop. This creates an opportunity for market creation because if I have a jutsu that benefits a strength user but as an Int user myself see no need for it, I'm tryna sell that hardd. Rare jutsu scrolls- Teleporation seals- Just like the marks at tigers and coyotes a ninja can place up to 3 when maxed around the map and teleport to them Summoning technique- Make a contract with a mob and summon later(if the mob were to die in combat new contract must be formed) Weapon cloning- Active buff that clones thrown weaponry for limited time Heightened Sense technique- Jutsu that temporarily boosts sensory skills pinpointing ninja locations on map( Great in Big areas such as chakra forest and dessert. Shadow Clones- Clones that do 1 base damage scaling with highest stat(must have mastered clone technique) Escape no Jutsu- Escape from binds ( this would sell for like 30000 ryo I could see people wilding lol) insta cast when mastered. Masters by actually escaping from binds. Shinigami- OHKO jutsu cooldown of 3600 seconds. Twice on BI time for both caster and affected, cannot be revived. Cursed seal- Remove CS for Medic- give them yin release( passive heals and 30% boost to fort and chakra only) ( cannot be stacked with other buffs) Chakra dash- Buff that increases movement speed( damn runners need to be caught) More cosmetics- Sennin Cloak, More color variants of the war armor, Ashura hair. White shirts(I don't know why white is so rare in game lol) Sandaime Armor(no love for my boy Hiruzen?) Long straight hair for male. Bandana (various colors). More Uzu shirts (part ii, boruto the last) More sasu shirts(part ii,the last, boruto) I see Sezu rocking that Otsu cloak put it innnnnn. Anyways that's my post. Honestly I just think this game has mad potential and been here since 2013 clicking the Ninonline site just floods me with feels and nostalgia. I wish these could inspire the game masters to just do more and shock me when they do release content. Love this game Highkey, I don't want nun except experiencing this soon to be masterpiece
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    Either the rules on killing in the vicinity of a spawn need to change or we need a new mechanic that solves this problem entirely. I don't think mods know how game breaking and RP breaking it is that people are essentially immortal when near spawns even if they didn't spawn there or haven't died in hours. I don't think they know how stupid it is to plan an entire attack on an enemy village just to have to turn around because the enemy ninja all stood next to a building. It kills all immersion and fun when people can just shit talk from a spawn while threatening to report players. Why can't we just make it so people can't be hurt for 10 seconds after exiting the spawn or make it impossible to place traps on certain tiles? Even if we ignore the previous complaints, the existing spawn rules are vague, easy as hell to abuse, and put a burden on staff. And considering that @Rory plans on placing multiple spawns all over the game for missing ninja, this problem will be even larger, you won't be able to fight without getting reported on several maps.
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    So Yesterday this guy named ''Zuh'' asked me ingame to do a 1v1 ''friendly'' spar. I'm a medic nin, and i didnt used either Cursed Mark or Self Heal and he won 2 combats. Today he asked me again to fight him, but this time, i used both of my jutsus and after loosing 3 combats the guy started raging at me and saying that i was using an exploit, just because this time i used my jutsus. So i would like to have more respect in this game as it its in the rules, because no one deserves to be called Scrub, cheater, trash, exploiter etc just because the guy couldnt beat me in a spar that he proposed. I even got a '' ill report it next time''. Funny how this kids ruin this game. Thanks for the atention and i would like to see something done about it. Because i'm not the only one that was offended by this toxic guy.
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    Hi Everyone! I Finally pushed out one more video. This time it involves a little something about our community and my personal story. I'm sorry to let some of you guys down... Nin-Online: Evolution does not involve any PvP clips. But a few wanted to see a little something involving my promotions, its nothing fancy but maybe you'll enjoy it. I will do more PvP vids when it doesn't feel as "forced". Probably I'll continue chronicles of crimson series, who knows!
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    Well, I tryed to represent my Character, like if it was in a anime, i did it fast.
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    Sand Village Recap I Dear Sand Villagers and everyone else. I'm going to present a short recap of recent events and what has happened during my era as kazekage so far. Also explaining what does the future hold for the Sand village. The previous kazekage Miki quit his duties 16th of June and I was seen as the most fit to continue the fray. After his service for a few weeks, but thankfully he didn't leave me empty handed and we already had a Discord channel and I inherit some of his ideals. Soon after I immediately reformed our Advisory Council. Everything went smoothly at first but soon after I noticed that in the future we have to be more careful with who are to be picked to represent Sand village. With the collaboration of our newly organised Council we picked our first Organization Leaders. Military- and Medical corps were created. The main objective to me was always to build a path everyone could choose to walk on to reach the very top in village rankings and titles. Sand Village History was created Sand Village law foundation was created Truce took a place after Hokage and Kazekage agreed on it which lasted for a good month OG Chunin Exam Weekend wars took place Weekend wars were cancelled Multiple KoS resets Why do we agree on truces? We currently face a no-balance mechanic in village populations to put it bluntly. Currently numbers heavily "out-do" skill factor. Why weekend wars took place? People were crowing tired of no end game content plus there is no one to PvP with. In the end it turned out as we had predicted: Sand was heavily out numbered and Leaf still had no one to PvP with, as after killing Sand villagers a few times would cause them to log out. In the near future We're reforming our council for obvious reasons. This time around I need to consider more carefully who are accepted to these positions. Sand siblings aka Kage successors are to be picked. There are a few obstacles. Chunin Exams. No updates for now. Specialized Jonin promotions. We're filled. Jonin promotions. Kages will get information later on is there some sort of tests that developers want to run or do actually the kages that have observed from close their villagers do the promotions ultimately. In the end Jonin are the Shinobi that the whole village recognizes. Sand Assassins. All we know is that they were supposed to be released after the joint Chunin Exams which seems to be a long wait indeed. We have the organization itself done already we're waiting on developers. Sorry on my behalf if anyone was kept in the dark in our lovely community. Leave any questions you have below!
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    Removed Barber due to the end of Hair Week. Rank 2 of Cell Regeneration cast time increased to 1 second. Fix more crashes. Friends list buttons have been fixed for scrolling up and down. Fixed Ko.
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    If yer all done measuring yer dicks, I'd like to point out that you all have broken af masteries. Dona is a fan stun spamming medic, Vaga is fan/water, and booty is Gentle Dick/water. You undoubtedly all have skill, but I love how you talk shit to people with other masteries that are actually balanced and then claim that you're better. While fan style isn't usually so bad, it gets super annoying when all you do with it is spam the stun. Gentle dick has 3 subs (4 Subs if you choose water, booty). And medic has self heal which can take a 1 HP medic back up to full in a matter of seconds. Water has water prison which is a 4 second stun, 9 tile range, and 1 second cast time. Come back and tell me you're the best when all of your shit is fixed.
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    Brothel should come first. @Riley Haruno, @Tsubaki Senju, @Wingless And I have a business to run.
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    Hello guys, this is the official post of the desert's pirates! You wanted it? Here it is! I will be serious this time. Before I start to give informations about my crew, I want to prevent you that I don't want you in my crew if you don't want to spamkill our ennemies. I want you only if you know when to be serious! If you are poor, I will give you money. If you are weak, I will make you become strong. If you need help, the crew will be here for you. Just remember that if a member of the crew has a problem, you stop what you do, and you help him. No matter what. Goal: Rule the sand village. Captain: Dona Second: Thevagabond Third: Blackthunder1 Backstory: f*ck the long backstory just join! Members: We are 15 for the moment. Unfortunately, it is not enough to control the sand village. Go here to join the desert's pirates and have more informations about the crew: *sorry for my bad english, my first language is french*
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    Clan Founder: @Aghila Mirana History The Mirana Clan is an active clan founded by Aghila from the Hidden Leaf Village. Mirana Clan is the first if not, one of the earliest clan in the Hidden Leaf Village. Mirana Clan is filled with Highly skilled ninjas and known to use a Hidden Technique whom created by Aghila. They have such high amount of Chakra and known to have green hair that came from Aghila's DNA that he implanted to his Clan members to give them high amount of Chakra. Clan Founder's BackGround @Aghila(Eagle) is from Takigakure and transferred to Konohagakure to find his own path in life. No one knows who his parents were, but hes somewhat related to an S - Rank Missing Ninja that was part of an organization called Akatsuki from Takigakure name Kakuzu who held a violent hatred for Takigakure killing the village elders and taking their own heart leaving the village after with knowledge of the village's most prized forbidden techniques. Just like Kakuzu, Aghila likes to do things thatll benefit him, whether its money, power etc. He usually joins as much tournaments he can due to the amount of money he can get from it. Aghila is one of Leaf's best fighter. He was also known as hero to some Leaf Ninjas for avenging and killing ninjas that killed Leaf Ninjas. Aghila didn't have have parents or never met his parents so he decided to make his own family and made his own clan, a way stronger and feared clan. Requirements The Clan has such strict requirements because Aghila wants it filled with loyal,feared and skilled shinobi's. - Stat Reset - Green Hair " Optional" - Lv50 Outfit: Once you get in the clan, you will be taught how to fight, taught techniques and Hidden Techniques that Aghila has invented. Note: I dont teach players in game. If You wanna be my student, you have to join my clan and have these requirements. If you're planning to join, Id recommend you message me in game or let/tell other members of this clan. Members @Aghila Mirana " Clan Leader " @Pugo Mirana " Member " @Rambutan Mirana " Member "
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    In my opinion I think that everyone should be able to do friendly fire, firstly it makes no sense why your attacks would fly through other villagers. Secondly I think it would really help the game evolve in a different way. Making it more team based, and learning to fight in Squads which is somewhat what the game is based on. With this I also think that some changes need to be done to Zones. Safe Zones and the rules associated with it, should be kept the same but the only Safe Zones should be the Hospital. The Ninja world is a dangerous world so I believe all maps should be changed to Danger and War Zones. With this change it would also help Missing-Nin have more of a purpose raiding, as they will be able to earn bounty and it would give more of a fair fight, without having people 8-16 people just firing off their Techniques with no care.
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    Nin Online In-Game Rules *Please note that all rules are subject to change The Core Aspects of the Rules *Note that all rules may not currently be written to specifics, however; if any action taken is found to be in violation of the core rules listed below you are subject to punishment 1. Respect any and all players, staff members and NPCs 2. Do not harass anyone in any way, shape or form. 3. Do not use racially charged statements towards another player (includes religion, gender, etc) 4. Do not knowingly abuse a bug, exploit or feature 5. Do not use multiple accounts/clients/computers to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players 6. Do not intentionally ruin another person’s Nin-Online gaming experience The "Precedential" Rules 1. Do not spawn camp another factions territory, meaning you are not to intentionally hang around a spawn point for the purpose of killing another factions players 2. Do not abuse any form of bug, including but not limited unfinished gameplay mechanics or programmer oversights. 3. Do not obstruct another players path through the usage of multiple accounts, clients or machines. The Punishment Clause All punishments are to be decided on a case by case basis, all reports will be read and treated as equal with only a player’s reputation being used as a reference for the severity of the punishment. If a player is known to be a problem then they will receive a much harsher punishment for less serious offenses. If an offense goes unreported then it may not be used as evidence in an attempt to avoid being punished. **** Just because a rule does not currently exist does not mean that it will not be enforced on the basis of the Core Aspects.
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    This is more of a "shine the light" on information kind of post. The Hidden Leaf's Council has decided to bring this topic up to debate. Should we keep this in place or not?.. A meeting was held recently by the person placed in command (Deathmall) while the Hokage is away, 11 out of the 13 people who attended voted yes for the removal of the War Event. Now why would they possibly vote for it's removal? 1. Sand's population is not encouraging. We can all agree Leaf's numbers are great, having to run into certain places looking for a fight with around 10+ ninjas with no Sand Ninjas in sight.. 2. So when the Leaf Ninjas DO encounter a Sand Ninja, they do not care whether he's a newbie or not. The terms decided were not meant to protect any newbies on either side (See the terms agreed to below) 3. Recently it's been much more of a waste of time and thought when there hasn't been much going on. The war should not be every weekend or be that long. 4. There's been confusion lately with the terms as a whole. It's hard to enforce a KoS list when we have times of war. False evidence can easily be fabricated and has led to many small troubles. (This was some of the reasoning behind the votes) What was agreed between the Hokage (Shirou) and the Kazekage (Kaguya Light) - "From now on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will commence a War between the Sand and the Leaf Village starting from 1 PM EST till 7 pm EST. During these 6 hours all acts of crime will be entirely legal. This will be something similar to the Purge. This has been approved by both the Kazekage and Hokage, as well as our Council Members. The reason as to why we have decided to host this type of event is because our Shinobi from their respective villages have been lacking purpose and excitement. By setting up this structure; we will be encouraging high ranked Shinobi to participate in this war. This isn't just for the sole purpose of mindlessly massacring the enemy, but also to keep regular patrols to ensure the safety of low leveled Genins who might become exposed to imminent danger. Moreover we believe this game has been designed to have an on-going war with Sand as doing Missions should not be an easy task. Shinobi are supposed to work hard to fulfill their duties and missions. Therefore it is adviced to always bring a team or escorts when you are trying to do missions such as Retrieving Documents for instance. -The Rules are simple: ''There are no rules.'' -The KoS list will still remain intact for the rest of the week." Recently, Deathmall and Kaguya Light agreed to making villages a safe zone at all times and also reset the KoS list. The Hidden Leaf Council is looking forward to hearing more of your opinions on this topic and also make sure to vote! War has been a very important topic it's been going back and forth and we hope to hear a lot of voices.
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    I think it would be better if you guys raised the amount of Strength Required to Learn a Hidden Sand or Hidden Leaf Jutsu. Why? Because having a Ninja only needing 6 Strength for every level Hidden Sand/Leaf Jutsu (10-30) is kind of ridiculous. We're going to focus on Hidden Sand Jutsu because I've been seeing things; Literally no one is using the pure STR Fan Wind Build which defeats the purpose of even adding it to the game if no one is using that Sub-Path how it was designed to be used. The only STR Fan Wind Jutsu being used (at all) is Wind Mask by INT Wind users just to abuse the Stun, which was designed to make it possible for Fan Users to combo STR Fan Jutsu. People are doing the bare minimum and adding 1 point to their STR just to obtain a move (which was designed to give STR Fan Wind the bit strength it needs) just to abuse it and not use the other Jutsu from the Sub Path at all. There's a simple fix to this problem; Increase the Strength requirements of all Fan Jutsu... Slashing Tornado (Lv.10) 6 Strength Task of the Dragon (Lv.15) 12 Strength Slicing Wind (Lv.20) 24 Strength Wind Mask (Lv.25) 48 Strength Wind Barrage (Lv.30) 72 Strength This would lead to people actually taking initiative to use the Wind Sub-Path like how it was designed. Of course, I would like to request the same thing for Gentle Fist since it is also a Sub-Path... and to all future Sub-Paths coming soon. @Seth @Rory
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    I do remember Larva Online. Sometimes it's hard to motivate myself when I only look forward to the amount of things I want to do and not back at when there was almost nothing. Thanks for the push!
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    3 days, for 6hours per day. sounds silly to me. At least during the Weekend. On the time most people got actually time to play the game, will be the time they get hunt down by bored high levels? I don't know if thats that great. xP
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    Jutsu Transformation Jutsu Give us the option to Transform into someone else to fool enemies for 10 seconds. Like, make it possible to not only copy looks, but have their username shown above yours to fool enemies. Although the Jutsu would work like Cloak of Invisibility and disperse after you charge chakra, press the melee attack button, or even use Jutsu. This could even be expanded upon and allow you to change into Bears or Snakes. Maybe have a "/transform (insert username)" command that would use the Jutsu once you press enter. Clone Jutsu Could really be completely revamped and/or worked on. Could add Shadow Clone Jutsu (learn by anyone) with the Clones behaving like Enemies in Mobs and have like 1 HP and able to use Melee attacks. The Shadow Clone melee would do same damage as your character's melee. They would of course poof after 7 seconds after activation. Maybe make Shadow Clone instant cast or 1 second cast at max. If possible, give Fire and Lightning Mastery special Shadow Clones which give status (burns or 1 sec stun) when the clones are destroyed by regular Melee. Although the Fire/Lightning Shadow Clones would have to be restricted to having 1 or 2 Clones out at a time. Sensing An instant cast Jutsu able to dispell Cloak of invisibility on your screen and instead of making the targets completely invisible, they turn transparent. Rasengan Make Rasengan for Wind Mastery and have it work exactly like 16 Palms, but only knock back opponent and deal damage. Could also add Rasenshuriken, making it a projectile that explodes when it hits target. Earth/Water Wall An instant cast 3 or 4 tile wall that pops up in front of user that protects user from attacks. Maybe the wall could act like a immobile enemy with 10 HP. Tools Smoke Bomb Like the Medic's poison cloud, have an Item that sprays a cloud of Smoke in the area (for like 5 secs) that covers a small range so the user can escape. It would cause anyone who already has you targeted to not target you and on everyone else's screen, a thick dark colored smoke would be present. But on your screen, you could see your character and have the chance to escape through the fog. Mobile Kunai Make it possible to equip Kunai as an Item which would boost everyone's Melee by let's say 15 points every time you punch. Make it limited to like 5 melee attacks and then you lose one of your Kunai. Would really help out early game farming. Explosive Kunai Make it accessible to every Kunai user and not just weapon Masters; like how the Demon Wind Shuriken Jutsu is. Have a basic Jutsu where when you throw a Kunai, and it explodes, causing a knockback and dealing 20 damage scaled with STR. Uses an explosive tag and a Kunai upon every use. Triple Shuriken This move lets you throw three Shuriken instead of one (like the Anime) and takes up 3 of your Shuriken. Other (not expecting these to be added atm, just random ideas i have) Byakugan When activated you have option of having your screen zoom out, making it possible to see more things on Map/Can see inside buildings/Increases Critical hit rate Sharingan Increases rate of dodging and deflecting Melee attacks Flying Thunder God A Jutsu where you place one Teleport Seal on the ground and then place one more on another area on the same Map. The Jutsu becomes activated and starts cd. During the duration of the move, you become able to Teleport between both Seals for a short time before they both disappear. Summoning Jutsu/Summoning Mastery/Summoning Contracts Summons who act like aggro mobs with different HP and Damage. Made a thread on it earlier but I think it got ignored.
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    I dont think Damage over time like Burn and poison should be taking down subs. For example poison, this thing is like 20sec long and can be stacked with another one, you basically cant use sub for 20 sec what made you guys think this is balance,fair or acceptable? Cuz i disagree. With Burn you cant use sub nor do chakra charging like what the hell? When you get hit with DOT, it last for 20 sec. That means you cant use sub for 20sec, meaning you cannot dodge or sub anything including the next poison. In that 20 seconds ur opponents stun and poison is up again and hits you with it again and guess what? you cant sub it because youre still poisoned from the last one, thats another 20seconds of poison and not using sub again. Do it over and over again, basically you dont have subs.
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    Dear Ninja, The server will be down for a few hours on 28th July, 22:00 EST for us to test and release some updates. You can see the updates here. Regards, Seth
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    Combat-logging is a really big deal. Maybe there could be an update that ensures that an attacked player stays logged in for 10-20 seconds after they got attacked and logged off.
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    Now when I say the reality of Mastery Balance. Im not making this thread to complain about my personal mastery(Lightning yes it sucks and is gimped). Im more talking about the issues that happen when someone complains something is broken, The staff nerfs it and the resulting effect on the game is a horrific imbalance in the pvp in the game. Now Im not even talking about just the fact that WMs were nerfed or this mastery was nerfed or that mastery. I want Rory and the staff to watch this video. Even though it pertains to fighting games, It effects all games that have action and hitboxing in them. The fact of the matter is you guys need to learn more about the combat as it pertains to pvp and the delicate balancing of what fighting games do to balance them is a good lesson to take something away from. The reality is by omission the Broken Jutus that are left untouched(Gentle Fist,Medic,etc) leave the game in a state of broken mess. Why? its simple. The abilities in this game afford certain masteries better hit boxing and attack range and accuracy than others. Watch the video. This applies to Nin Online too!
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    Portuguese Seth, portuguese
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    We went missing cuz we need no lord