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    Dear Ninja, As of today, we are introducing two of the most anticipated features for the game's world! ANBU stands for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai (暗殺戦術特殊部隊) which means Special Assassination and Tactical Squad. They are elite ninja from the village, who serve their Kage by hunting down ninja in the bingo book deemed a threat by their village. Each village will have an ANBU organization, which will serve identical purpose and follow similar structure. Leaf Sand Squads Each ANBU consists of squads of up to 8 members. However, on assassination missions, they will operate in 2 teams of 4, with their Kage appointed squad leaders. While not enforced, it is recommended that members of the same squad wear the same masks to differentiate themselves instantly. Individual ANBU members should not go alone on killing rampages, and should always do so on the command of squad leaders or Kage. Assassinations The goal of each ANBU is to clear the Bingo Book. ANBU operations should be stealthy. They should as little attention when leaving their village, so as not to be tailed or joined by non-ANBU members. This is to ensure that the enemy is not aware of an assassination, and to keep roleplay concentrated on ANBU only. Missing Ninja and enemy village ninja with zero bounty should not be targeted by ANBU. ANBU are allowed to kill at any location. This includes outside hospitals. Remember - Ninja with bounty are considered criminals. Membership The Kage of each village chooses squad leaders anytime they want, to a healthy amount. Though it is recommended to keep membership exclusive to facilitate better roleplay. The requirement for ANBU is level 30, atleast Genin rank. Squad leaders are incharge of choosing their members, and eventual promotions if there is opportunity to expand. While not wearing ANBU uniform (off duty), members retain their normal ninja rankings eg. Genin, Chunin, Jonin Members are not required to keep their identities a secret. However, they may choose to, or roleplay as such. ANBU members should be retired due to inactivity or long service to make way for new players. Looking forward to seeing you in-game! Regards, Rory
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    I hope you enjoy my new video.
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    Since I received some requests and questions about the ID-Card in my Ninja Bio, I decided to officially open a topic to make your own! I make ID-Cards both for Leaf and Sand villagers, even Missing ninjas. These are some samples I made (the first one is the one I have in my BG): How to make a request? To apply your request, you just need to reply to this topic filling out the following survey about your character: Village: Leaf or Sand Missing: Yes or No Name you want to display (e.g. Laguna Chinome) Ninja Rank: Student, Genin, Chunin, etc. Masteries (1st and 2nd) Avatar picture (full resolution) Stats: You can choose to (1) Write your stats here (if you don't mind anyone to see them), or (2) Send me pm w/ your stats (if you don't mind me to see them) or (3) Use the StatsGraph tutorial at the bottom of the topic (if you don't want anyone to know the numeric value of your stats). (optional) Your nickname (optional) Any clan/corporation you want to display (optional) One or two Team from past/future C.E (as a Sensei or member), a guild, etc. (you have to @tag in this post any Char on the team) (optional) Any affiliation or other feature StatsGraph tutorial (for privacy): Click and go to the Stats Graph calculator Download the file (you'll need Excel to open it) Change the stats values replacing the current ones w/ your own Take a screenshot ONLY of the graph, without editing anything else Attach the screenshot on your reply Work scheduling I'll take note publicly of the people who sent his request, ordered by date, so you'll be able to see who I'm currently serving (<). Jun Zakura Mikecw Caio Tag Magician Ishyn Daryon < Konahri Rohan VestaOrion < Shadow Sage Yousei Izanagi Made so far This is the gallery of the Id-Cards made so far (it takes a while to customize one of them, so be patient!). Ps: Over time, some of them in the gallery might be replaced by others. Payments NO PAYMENT IS REQUIRED, in or off game. Anyway, you can make anytime a donation to my PayPal to support me: All the money will be spent in NinOnline to buy Gold and other stuffs Ps: Credits in your bio are appreciated! For further questions and help, pm me. Enjoy.
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    A lot of us have been there, a lot of us will. A state of mind where we're not completely ourselves. In such times, it's completely acceptable to drown yourself in things that make you happy, because time heals a lot of problems. If you're experiencing tough times, and you feel pushed to a corner, Nin Online should be a place where people's feel safe to unwind. Although we're not a PG-13 gaming experience, and our community and game is open to swear words and NSFW talk, let's try to build a positive, non-toxic environment for everyone. When we're RP-ing, it's fine and dandy to behave any way you like. But when OOC, let's remember that life is short and in years to come, we will look back and remember everyone fondly for having added to the experience. Let's stay away from comments like "go kill urself" or "just die", if in a moment of heated conflict you say such things. Think to apologize afterwards, because words do hurt. Be bigger men. Enjoy!
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    Since its an RP game, I dont think Character Level should be shown. People have to guess how powerful enemies are by fighting them. Unless they've seen the same person before. If it was in naruto anime. Ninjas wouldnt know how powerful they are until they fight them. @Rory it should only show their rank
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    Survey & Spy missions reduced to 2 minutes instead of 5 minutes. Water Prison stun duration decreased from (3/3/4) to (2/2/3). Added Sand village restaurant.
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    Dear Ninja, As a throwback to a competition held back in 2013, where the winner Shauri won a one-of-a-kind blade, and StylishNinja had a blade named after him, we're hosting a new Ready, Set, Refer! For this second edition, for an exclusive time, you can earn these exclusive skins (these skins won't be available in-game or in the cash shop). Prizes 30 Referral Points Anyone who participates and earns atleast 30 Referral Points will get a Kisame Skin. 1st Place & 2nd Place The top 2 winners will get a Zetsu skin! How to participate? In order to gain referrals, share you referral link found here. Each time a ninja registers, you gain 1 referral point. Share the link on social media, forums, gaming communities, friends etc. The competition will be judged based on how many legitimate referrals you earn. Which means making fake accounts and bots will not count. Referrals who end up acquiring either Gold ninja or Silver ninja within the competition period will count for 10 points! To view how many people have registered through your referral, click on your Profile > Referral tab. How to win? The winners will be chosen on 14th November based on the highest number of referral points, but we will personally filter our any accounts that seem to be fake accounts. All ninja who earn atleast 30 Referral Points will win their prize! Guidelines Illegitimate sign ups will be removed, in extreme cases it may warrant disqualification. Do not advertise your referral link through any illegal means Once the competition ends, referrals will not be counted and rewards will not be backlogged. Regards, Rory PS: Depending on the reception, I may throw in more exclusive prizes!
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    Added 8 new wandering NPCs in the Sand village. Northern entrance of the Sand village is now full HD ready. Added "Benkei's Tools" Mission in Takumi village. Added Benkei's "Making Things" Shop. Gafuki is now a fight-able boss in Takumi castle. Third Training Ground now hosts Capture the Bell event! (Chunins talk to the Log to host) Sand village Southern Gates now host Retrieve the Bell event! (Chunins talk to the Sign to host)
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    Revamped Land of Fire Bounty Station map. Fixed graphical glitches with water staircases near Takumi village. Added new field maps north-east of Land of Fire Bounty Station. Added WIP ANBU Headquarters (only accessible by players in ANBU organization) Added WIP Sand Assassins Headquarters (only accessible by players in Sand Assassins organization) Added Akatsuki Hideout (only accessible by players in Akatsuki organization) Fixed The 3rd Training ground for Full HD. Fixed stray warp in 3rd Training ground. Fixed stray wall in Entrance to Hidden Lair Removed cave entrance from The Forest Exit Unblocked off previously blocked off areas in the Leaf Village.
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    The Chinome clan literally translates to "Blood Eyes" or "Blood Enchanted eyes" depending on your translation. We are descendants of the long lost Uchiha Clan, fabled for its legendary ocular jutsu and their great warriors. Though we do not possess the sharingan like the Uchiha of old, most members of our clan are born with blood red eyes, however, a few members are born with different colored eyes... this is a rare occurrence, but it does happen every so often. Our clan is still a bit mysterious even to our own members, so only time will tell what this phenomenon really means. There has been speculation that some day, the sharingan could awaken once again, but no members of the Chinome clan have had this experience as of yet. Members of our clan are mainly recognized for their wisdom and kindness... although about half of our members have fallen prey to the temptation of evil... the tendency of our ancestors, the Uchiha Clan, to fall into darkness and hate, has impacted them even after so much time has passed. The symbol of our clan is the owl; a universal symbol of wisdom recognized throughout the world. However, we are not just any night time predators, our eyes are enchanted blood red to symbolize our connection to the Uchiha Clan and as a symbol of power for all those who peer into them. Those few of us with different colored eyes born into our clan may awaken a new power at some point... perhaps something never before seen. But anything else I could say about that would be purely speculation. Our members have a great variety of abilities and skill. Not all of us are gods on the battlefield. Some of us are advisers and wise men suited for politics, others are diplomats, however, there are others who have really taken after our ancestors and have unimaginable power that is rivaled by few others in this world. We are a very free people. Though we are a clan that originated in the hidden leaf village, about half of our members have fallen to the temptations of evil and abandoned their village... Though we are still loyal to our own, for the most part. We tend to act as we see fit. Since we are known for our wisdom and kindness, it is established that we are, for the most part, able to be trusted. Though that same free spirit has a tendency to cause some of our members to lose themselves in their power and fall into darkness. There is one "Requirement" to join. 1. You must either be a new player, or someone with a respectable reputation in the Nin Community (Don't hate me if I decline a request). (Low-key, I would definitely prefer it if you choose a red eye color if you are a new player or if you already have it) That's it. If you meet this one requirement, you're eligible to join. I am always very active in the community, the forums and discord, I check every day. And I'm on the discord pretty much 24/7. If you have questions, shoot me a pm. I also just obtained a shit ton of free time, so I am in-game A LOT now as well. While it is kind of a bummer that the Uchiha Clan will never be in the game, the devs have confirmed that numerous times, this clan is for those of you who want to get into the world of Nin Online and join a legitimate clan in this universe (And to scratch that itch of wanting to play as an Uchiha). We aren't the legendary Uchiha Clan, but we are legitimate and anybody is eligible to join provided you meet the one requirement. Keep in mind, that this is not an organization. We are a clan who's members are free to choose their own paths, so there is no official "Organization" that our clan can join. In fact, we are split about 50/50 between The Hidden Leaf Village and missing nin. Do what you want when you join us, but always remember, when you join we are related by blood. So we discourage the killing of our own clan members outside of sparring matches and duels of honor. To join all you have to do is shoot me a PM. We also have our own official discord as well that is very active. An invite will be sent to it upon joining the clan. Current clan members: Clan leader: @Itachi Chinome 1st Clan Member: @Kachiro 2nd Clan Member and Clan Elder: @Yashamaru Chinome 3rd Clan Member and Clan Elder: @Maj Chinome 4th Clan Member: @Daroce Chinome 5th Clan Member: @Laguna Chinome 6th Clan Member: @Logic Chinome 7th Clan Member: @Kage Chinome 8th Clan Member: @Ishyn 9th Clan Member: @Asagao Chinome Honorary clan members: 1. @Soul Apparition 2. @Marino 3. @Miki (Though he won't fracking admit it >:O ) 4. He who shall not be named until the time is right. 5. @Murigen Our clans Kekkei Genkai: Thought of, designed, and sent to me by @Yousei Izanagi: All credit for this goes to her
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    Guard no longer update all NPCs on map, but instead just the guard when they reset. Added shield AI for Jutsus. Damage scaling is more balanced for Taijutsu and Weapon Master. Arena maps drop items immediately, there's no delay that prevents you from picking items up. Expanded animation editor to include still frames, allowing for Jutsus such as Earth Wall to stay in the same frame for a set amount of time. We also plan to use this for other Jutsus in the future. Projectiles have been massively improved, code-wise and organization.
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    Dear Ninja, This month we're going to reward the top 3 Ninja Bios with Silver Ninja! Competition ends the last day of the month. If you want to participate, simply reply to this topic Tips Role-play Be Creative Profile BGs, Profile Banners are bonuses Profile Music in good taste If you don't know what a basic Ninja Bio looks like, you can refer to mine. If you already are a Silver Ninja, you can still join for fun, but this is for those who want to earn it! To edit your Ninja Bio, visit your profile and press "Edit Profile".
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    So it seems today is the 2nd anniversary of me being member of NinO community. Damn how the time flies, I still remember days of Alpha where we always chilled at bounty or before that how everyone was chilling next to samurai while others tried to drop Shirokata and Twin Fangs from them, good times. But that's not what this topic is about. I am not gifted in any kind of art and yet I would like to see my character drawn, had a good story made with him or anything else similar. So I decided that till next Saturday (28th of October) 23:99 GMT any kind of art or story posted here that include in some more or less major part my NinO character and those that I will really like I will reward with gift cards to NinO shop. It's not a competition in a sense cos I don't plan on selecting best, just these which I will really like and reward them for that So if any of you are there are gifted to make this happen and would like to get some NinO credit on you please join in. Thank you for great 2 years. Wilkor
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    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY NERF THE SHIT OUT OF MEDICS!!! It's story time. Story time with Itachi. I fought Mavis yesterday. I dealt 3,250 damage to Mavis. Mavis survived. Mavis then one shot me with a single god damned combo (I have 1400 HP). Then Mavis wins the fight with double her full HP (Like 1500?) Stupid as shit. Not only are they unkillable and fu**ing immortal because of self heal, but they do a ridiculous amount of damage through Curse mark. 30 GOD DAMN PERCENT BONUS TO STATS? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? 5% okay. 10%? That's really fucking good. 15% boost to stats is broken. 30%???? This is not even worth fighting against a medic. There's no point. They go from no HP to full in 6 fucking seconds and there's nothing we can do to stop it UNLESS I get to them in in 1 second and cast a fireball that also takes a second because the game is unresponsive and takes at least a second to cast. Please. PLEASE @Rory @Seth nerf medic. Medics are support roles in games NOT GODS. They have more HP than me from one jutsu when I've put about 70% of my points into health. A medic with 1100 health who activates curse mark will immediately have more HP than me. That's 6 levels worth of points that no longer matters. For damage? If you have 150 points into chakra (Which is all you need honestly) that's 139 'ish' bonus damage with all attacks.. With curse mark? That's 181 EXTRA DAMAGE PER ATTACK ON EVERY ATTACK! Hello?? With self heal? Simple balance: Leave the map? It ends. Get damaged or take ANY status effects? It ENDS. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH NERF THIS!
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    Guard Duty mission resets if you faint in combat. Don't Leave your duty, and don't afk Spying and Surveying missions reset if you faint in combat. Be careful and don't die on your way back! Ninjas now wake up in different beds in Leaf and Sand hospital when they faint. Fixed Earth Split Technique not being able to rank up. Fixed Binding Lightning Pillars Technique not being able to rank up. Takumi village buildings have shadows now.
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    Hello guys, I'm here to tell you about NoPing. It is basically an app that you can use to reduce your in-game ping. Mine used to be 500+ but with NoPing it is 200+. No it is not for free, but you can try it for 3 days before having to subscribe. It's very simple to use. First go to this website: https://nptunnel.com/en/download. Download one of those two versions (I would recommend the Beta one, it looks better xD). After downloading just install it normally. Once its done, open it (it will take a while on the first time) go to settings (go to Advanced if you are using version 14) and tick the Routing Process box. Then search for "NinOnline" at the search bar and select the game. (Version 14 does not have a search bar, so you'll have to search manually x_x) Select the server based on your internet connection speed and then you are good to go! Just open Nin normally. Once you log in, you will be able to see "ninonline" application on NoPing: To check your ingame ping just type /ping on the chat. If u followed the tutorial, it should be working! Now you just have to enjoy your new ping If you have any problems, comment here on the topic or you can also PM me here or at discord. Thanks for the attention! And make sure to like, comment and subscribe! Love you all
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    The argument is warranted, but the solution doesn't lie with me. If what is said is true, he wasn't breaking game rules, but breaking the organization's code of conduct, which should come down to whether the Hokage and ANBU Leader want to punish, or enforce their code. If there is no honor in the organization or the uniform, then the value of even being in it just goes down the drain. If all it means to be ANBU is to be able to wear the armor for fun, then you devalue the meaning of people seeing an ANBU and being respectful. If you're going to raid villages alone, wear your normal clothes. (Unless the Hokage and ANBU Leader have decided that it's just a uniform to be worn at anytime for fun)
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    Weapon shops now sell "Kunai Dagger" weapon for INT users at early levels, giving a substantial amount of bonus melee damage. It is meant to help them at a lower level, but is not meant to be part of a good high level build. It cannot be used for Sword Jutsus.
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    Hello everyone, I am here to proudly announce that the Leaf Village will host a tournament dedicated for our young Genins. This tournament will determine our upcoming prodigies as our young protégés will duke it out in one-on-one combat for the top 2 spots. This contest is set up for the sole purpose of increasing Leaf and Sand's combat strenght by allowing our young Genins to gain as much combat experience as possible. This way our Genins will be better prepared for the hardships that is to come in the near future. This Tournament will be hosted by Kuraen Rumaki, sponsored by the Kuraen Clan. If you have any questions, you may contact Kuraen Rumaki. I will be supervising this Tournament personally as well. As mentioned before, both Leaf and Sand Shinobi's are invited in this tournament. The level range is between lvl1 till lvl19. We will give away two prizes. (One extra prize will be given as a surprise bonus). Please note that Alts are not allowed in this Tournament. The rewards are as following: Winner: -1k Ryo -2 Blank scrolls (Presumably 1 gift card of $10 dollars. For more info please message Kuraen Rumaki) Runner-Up: -500 Ryo -1 Blank scroll --------------------- The Tournament will be held this Saturday on the 14th of October at 2 PM EST. (That is 8 PM for GMT+1 European Timezone) I hope to see you all there! This Tournament is sponsored and made possible by the Kuraen Clan and Doritos! Always be sure to bring a snack and be aware of potential 3rd-degree burns by the Kuraen Family. Join at your own risk, we are not responsible for any casualties and/or deaths.
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    Added previews to Gumi
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    Hello fellow ninjas! I was thinking about bounty book with masks for a bit. I was playing with bounty book look in a PS for a lil and there is result with my idea; How about when u use mask (not counting ANBU ones), Your name will change to ???, level becomes Unknown and masteries hide - Your image will have last look u had before u used mask - Like they captured your image before u went unrecognizable (like it's on picture) I also removed Last Active status, really useless when ppl on bounty are showing only while online ' -' Anbu Masks Honestly using Anbu mask is now gettin you out of bingo book, that is right, but I think u should also not gain any bounty for killing people, they are not here for money on their personal bounty. While being hidden out of bounty book
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    Fix game server crashes. Optimizations to Bounty and fixes. Concealed Ninja will not display in the Bounty Book at all.
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    Hotbar current page didn't save when you logged out. Fixed a game crash. Attack speed for high AGI users should work now. Organizations are now in the game engine. Next step is content to be connected to the groups.
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    Rory just told us to try to be respectful. Lets try shall we? He want nin to be a fun place. So does everyone who PLAY the game.
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    People are already joining sand because of the fan stun that Wind users use just by putting 1 point into str which doesnt make sense. They should add stat requirements for SUB masteries like GF and Fan or for all mastery. It doesnt have to be that high so Hybrids can still use the jutsus of both masteries but it just doesnt make sense to just put 1 point into str and have access to all fan jutsus giving another mastery to Wind Int users in Sand and basically have 3 Masteries which is , Fan Wind/Int Wind/ Another Mastery. It is unfair for most people
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    Yoru Recruitment Requirements: Lvl 30+ (Exceptions if referred by member in high position) Combat Test. RP Test. Able to join Discord Voice Comms. Main Account. We are also accepting spies naturally but you will be limited with access to our content. PM ME Information: For those fortunate enough to have not encountered us, Yoru is a Missing Organisation with one simple goal: profit. We do anything for the right price. Assassinations, raids, escorts. The Kage making changes and the people feel powerless to revolt? The Kage will be no more. Need a village wiped? We'll send two of our finest. Yes, they will be enough. Want protection for your journey? Simply hiring us knocks out your greatest danger. We always take our toll - blood, or gold. Our Plans: Weekly RP Events(Held by @KiwiiKat) with Kazekage: @Kaguya Light or Hokage: @Shirou. If they don't mind, of course Weekly Tournaments with Ryo Prizes Raids w/ Comms. (English doesn't have to be your first language) Hosting RP Missions History: Suna vs Yoru Leaf vs Yoru How to Apply (Reply to Post, PM Here or Discord) Name: Mastery: Level: Why you left your village: Please apply in Forums as well under Organizations:
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    The abuse here is simply abusing his ANBU uniform. If it's true then shame
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    I agree that ANBU masks should remove you from bingo book while equipped..
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    Added NPCs to ANBU HQ Improved Sand Assassins HQ Removed stray Leaf Jonin NPC in the Leaf village Removed stray Sand Jonin NPC in the Sand village
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    So Below is a crappy rough sketch of an issue that needs to be dealt with when it comes to Sand. The problem is how the hospital is layed out in comparison to how it is in Leaf village. I understand that it may have been done for Aesthetic reasons but on a practical level for players in the Sand village this is now a problem. Very often during raids the hospital gets camped. Theres no unofficial line drawn to show where fighting can be or cant like there is in leaf. In other words Sand village Hospital doesnt have a proper gated area around it like leaf does. In Pvp Leaf Hospital is used as a counter attack point with walls. So then why is this option not afforded to Sand as well? This is an issue that goes beyond Pvp also, why? Because theres no noticeable landmark showing that that building is the hospital for new players to tell where they are. I believe that the hospital should be separated from other buildings and gated like the sketch below. It would mitigate problems for players in Sand village and allow for there to be a definitive no battle area in front of the door of the hospital. This needs to get implemented asap!
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    I think it would be cool if blessings applied to leveling jutsu and increased the drop rate of items (Riley's idea). You can release a second type of blessing for the same price or add to the benefits of the old one. This would give max level players a reason to continue using and buying them. It's just an idea. What do you guys think? Would it be an improvement or making the game too easy? Sour
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    Pinned. Approved 3rd party program
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    "Need a village wiped? We'll send two of our finest. Yes, they will be enough."
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    Teams of 4.... lol all of Sand getting together for a raid might produce 4 ninja in total. Never mind having 4 ANBU online playing at the same time. Leaf seems to have younger players that have far more time to commit to the game then Sand does. I think the problem wasn't that Sour was the only ANBU there but he equipped his outfit and mask to exploit a safe zone without ANBU gear. I'd love to be able to have 4 man teams constantly but that is just unrealistic, people have lives, live in different time zones and can't always be around. If he showed up to takumi in ANBU gear to kill bounties then I feel he did no wrong. If he equipped it after the fact to attack in a safe zone then that is abuse.
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    I find this post ironic when @Jun Zakura abuses the bounty system. There is proof as well. How are ANBU supposed to do their job with cheaters? Hmm
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    Okay fellas, here is my top 10 pick (Including who I believe deserves leader) and why I think they deserve it: I'm hoping to see other's top 10's So please post here too! Keep in mind, that the people I have chosen were MAINLY chosen on their RP ability. Combat skill is secondary, but still important. Activity in the community is also important! So a lot of people who I thought were excellent choices were disregarded based on their inactivity. I'll include honorable mentions at the end. Here goes! Member 1: @laqu: He was a missing for a very long time and was the #1 raider in Red Lotus. He's excellent in pvp, and has proven that he can also be pretty damn good at RP when he wants to be. He's very active in-game. Member 2: @Crowlock: He's been a loyal missing nin, is great at pvp, and was a pretty good raider while in Red Lotus. Although ability to raid is not why he is on this list. He was chosen because he is a true missing and has been for a long time. His ability to RP is also surprisingly very good. He doesn't show it as much as I'd like, but he's very good at it. He mainly RP's with people he likes, but that doesn't change the fact that when he does, he's good. Member 3: @Kakazu: Working in the shadows, he has proven that he is an excellent choice as a member. He's not the best in pvp, but he's definitely above average. He has shown a LOT of dedication recently, and has yet to be acknowledged for it. Seriously, he's up to almost a thousand kills now. That's pretty good. And the fact that he does NOT brag about how good he is, or talk shit... Shows that he knows how to be secretive, frightening, and mysterious. 3 very good traits for an Akatsuki member. Member 4: @Kuraen Wilkor: This list goes to people who deserve the spot. Whether or not they choose to accept it is their call. Wilkor is an excellent RP'er, is above average in pvp, and is extremely active in the community. He's a good choice. Member 5: @Windy/ @Mell: He is very good at PVP and has also shown that he is very creative in his style. Seriously, you should see Mell's water prison + Bear trap combo. Nobody had ever tried that before. Member 6: @Niti(If he decides to play the game more regularly). He's desired to be in the Akatsuki since the alpha (Just like me) and even though he doesn't play AS MUCH anymore, he's my only real rival when it comes to fire style ninjutsu (Not trying to sound fat headed). And I believe if he is offered a spot, he will once again be very active in-game. That said, he checks the forums very regularly. He doesn't post very much, but I've seen him browsing the major topics very often. Member 7: @Yukimura I could totally see him as the Hidan of the Akatsuki haha. He's funny, good at pvp and when I say funny and good at pvp, they go hand in hand. He does the most dick moves in fighting haha. "Lemme just place a million tags on this map and watch the mayhem. He's shown a lot of dedication to the game, and is very active in the community. Member 8: @Dona let's face it. He's really friggin good at killing stuff haha. He has good combos and can dish out lots of damage. He can also take on multiple people at once with ease (Most of the time). Yes, he's very cocky, but that cockiness is well earned. This is under the assumption that he would leave the sand village and take the position. Keep in mind that this is a list of the people who I believe deserve the spot. Whether or not they choose the spot is irrelevant. He is also surprisingly pretty good at RP as well. Member 9: @Mavis Cold-hearted and broken as hell. Seriously, she didn't revive me after a friendly duel.... thas cold. A broken medic needed to be somewhere on this list, let's be honest. This is the one of the only people on this list who was not chosen mainly for her ability to RP. She was a missing nin for a good long while, and is dedicated to the game and the community. Akatsuki Leader: I chose this spot specifically for the person who I believe is the best at RP, active in the community, good in pvp. Though this spot is not chosen for the person who is the best at pvp, but rather the one who has proven that they can lead a team, RP VERY well, and hold together a decently sized group. I believe this spot should go to @Vaga Igarashi. Yes, I know he is sand and is conflicted about joining Akatsuki. But this spot is chosen, again, for the person who DESERVES it the most. Vaga is an excellent choice. AND he is extremely good at pvp to boot. But I chose him because of his excellent RP abilities. If you don't believe that, you have not known him the way I have. He started an org in the very beginning of the game, and all of us were sworn to secrecy. But for the sake of my reasoning, and to prove a point, I'll lecha know what I know. He started an organization that its members referred to as "The Nameless Men" we wore masks everywhere we went, always had pvp on, had secret meetings, and each member was a puppet on his strings. None of the members really knew who each other was, but Vaga proved that he could keep us together, RP with us, and to boot... He did not brag about who we were. Akatsuki is an organization that is MEANT to be secretive. I believe that Vaga can keep the secret not only from the rest of the server, but from HIS OWN MEMBERS and pull the strings from the shadows. This keeps akatsuki interesting and I believe with him, an excellent RP'er, he can keep the organization alive. Honorable mentions: 1. @Booty the Great. Yes, I know he's not the fan favorite, BUT he is good at pvp and is actually pretty good at RP. He's cocky, and brags waaay too much. But even still, he deserves an honorable mention. 2. @Defyos Igarashi. He's inactive for the most part, but this is an honorable mention. 3. @Endeavor: Good at RP, been here since the Alpha, reeeeally wants a spot, and is good at pvp. 4. Me. I did not want to add myself in the top 10 list because I wanted to give credit to others who deserve it too. Here's why: I'm very good at RP, very active in the community, been here since the alpha, am the best in my mastery (Although nowhere near the best PVP'er), and was the second missing in Nin history... day 1. 5. @Artwork: cannot believe I didn't add him when I posted this.' 6. @Aghila Mirana: Sorry, updated again haha. Honorable mention to be sure. Excellent at pvp (Macros are annoying, but he's amazing without them too), and is good at RP. Here's my list. Please keep salt out of the comments. Add in your top 10, and respect others opinions Peace~
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    Hey, I just noticed that using the Cash Shop mask hides you from the Bingo Book. In my opinion thats a feature that shouldn't happen. I understand that the Sand Assassin and Anbu masks are hiding you from the Bingo book to keep the RP alive. But having a 10$ Mask hiding you from the Bingo book and keeping you safe from SA/Anbu's is kind of P2W, and shouldn't be a thing. From what I remember, NinOnline never meant to give people advantages for Cash, yet that is quite the advantage over to f2p players. thats all. Greetings o/
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    Added Hide & Seek Mission (Level 4) in the Leaf village. Vending Machines in the Sand village now sell two kinds of soda!
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    Concealment will remove you from Bounty Book next patch.
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    Lack of enforcement in-game and on discord, and favoritism along the lines when enforcing. Rules are being selectively enforced and the fact that punishments instead of making people afraid of breaking rules are doing the opposite. Perm Ban has to be a thing, I don't know if it is right now but it doesn't look like it.
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    What you are saying is not the subject of this suggestion my dear Mirana u.U
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    Itori is off duty now, he stands near the gates waiting for your danger dango, but isn't the actual guard. Sand Village Arts Theatre is open to be used now. Guards in Leaf Village each have unique looks now.
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    Can't move while dead. Fixed a bug with for having a strike or having your Bounty halved when being killed by a NPC. Fixed bugs with some Jutsus for NPCs, they are also smarter. This means we can use more Jutsus with upcoming bosses. Added guards. Guards are Jonin that are specialized to defend the village from outside attacks. They are the most powerful NPC in the game as of right now.
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    Just started playing around Photoshop for 2 days now. Ill be posting what I did in photoshop here. Sometimes I play around in photoshop live. If you wanna watch this is my channel https://www.twitch.tv/12joshua10 . These swords are out of place on character. I have to move them up a little bit more. More coming soon.
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    Wait so its the responsibility of a player who gets pked to guess weather their killer or other killers are right outside the hospital door? All I hear is "That guy broke a rule it so Im justified in whatever rules i break now or in the future". Kinda sounds nonsensical to me. I can understand regulars putting up with this but what about new players that get spawn killed. Do you think they will stay playing this game if their first impression is getting spawn camped at a hospital door? Ive heard this complaint from friends Ive invited to this game. Think about all the people you dont hear about. Those guys most likely just left the game and arent coming back. Great job!
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    I had an idea for implementing the 8 Gates for taijutsu. To start off it should only be accessible to people who have taijutsu as both their first and second mastery. The way I would see it work would be as a single buff that you would have to use multiple times to get to the later gates, with each gate giving a stronger buff and damage over time to the user. It should have 8 ranks that you have to train to be able to open the next gate. It wouldn't have a specific time limit, but would go off either when the user dies or manually turns it off by right clicking the buff as with all buffs. The specific variables are up for debate if I made them too high or too low, but in general I think the numbers should be around where I have them. I think using the gates should be risky, so I made the damage over time high. Whether or not you like the numbers, I think it's important to NOT put a time limit on the 8 Gates and make it a decision for how long they want it to last, because the DoT is so high you can't keep it on forever without dying. @Rory First Gate= 5% agility buff and 5 damage per tic Second Gate= 10% agility buff and 7 damage per tic Third Gate= 15% agility buff, 10 damage per tic, slight movement speed increase, skin turns red from here on out, Battle injuries debuff for 15 seconds when turned off Fourth Gate= 20% agility buff, 15 damage per tic, slight movement speed increase, Battle injuries for 30 seconds when turned off Fifth Gate= 25% agility buff, 20 damage per tic, slight movement speed increase, Battle injuries for 50 seconds when turned off Sixth Gate= 30% agility buff, 25 damage per tic, moderate movement speed increase, battle injuries for 70 seconds when turned off Seventh Gate= 40% agility buff, 35 damage per tic, moderate movement speed increase, battle injuries for 100 seconds when turned off. Eighth Gate= 60% agility buff, 50 damage per tic, major movement speed increase, dies when turned off
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    I AM HERE BEFORE YOU TODAY TO SUGGEST MY GREATEST IDEA YET. TO WIPE THE NIN SERVER! New lives for all! This could help balance out the villages! and help make it a more fun game!!!!!!!!!!
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    there really needs to be a higher stat requirements to use fan wind justu. same with gf jutsu. sand users can just freely use a move that was supposed to be used by a person with a lot of str and its pretty annoying. same with gf users but whatever
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    RP "Shirou and genins come to Takumi to hunt a criminal. Sour the only ANBU operative present joins the hunt. Shirou and folk confront the villain but find him in a special safe-zone barrier that only ANBU can break. Sour notices this and just like any other super-hero, quickly dashes into an back alley-way to remove his clothes and put on his costume." ANBU: "Your hero has arrived." Shirou: "Uhm, where are your pants?" Everyone: "o_o so small..."