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    There's always a lot of questions, or rather complaints, that come in the form of "How come X mastery can do this while Y mastery can do this". Eg. Why doesn't fire have any targeted jutsu, How come Gentle Fist has 100 CP cost and long cooldown on their main jutsu. This is going to be a short series explaining the design behind more unique masteries, or atleast the thought process when I designed them. Balancing Playstyles The idea behind each mastery being good at a different thing comes from classic table-top RPG archetypes. However, instead of building classes around Tanks, Supports, Damage classes. In the ninja world, every class is able to fight, but can also be built to be more tanky, or do more damage, or in some cases be built for utility. Eg. having a Earth Ninja that purely uses agility and chakra, standing behind his team mates in a group fight to quickly cast CCs for his team. Or having a fully attack medical ninja vs. having a fully support medical ninja or anything in between. While some of this is held back by meta, or by incompleteness in features. This is the vision™. We want each mastery to be different in not just how they fight, but how they are experienced on more fundamental levels, with each class having unique leveling experiences, focus in progression, and different improvements when they rank up and how they should traverse the world safely. Tools Ninja aka. Ten Ten Style The mastery is built with a different sustainability dynamic than other masteries. While Tools Ninja can only use their jutsu a limited amount of times before needing to restock up on tools, and become virtually useless when they don't have tools, Tools ninja jutsu cost half of what their non-tool ninja counter parts cost in terms of upfront Chakra Points. While a Fire mastery ninja would be able to last longer out of their village, a tool ninja who is well stocked can last twice as long in a single encounter without charging chakra if their stat distribution is done the same as their enemy. Their downtime would be much less, giving them more time to punish enemies who have ran out of chakra. At the cost of ryo, they get a more complete set of jutsu, being the only mastery that at full potential can utilize Stuns, AoEs and high damage potential. Like a Trapper in D&D, they can set up traps to prepare for fights ahead of time and will find their use more in situations like defending against incoming raids, and fights in the Forest of Death where they can hold their ground more. Traps will be increasingly useful as more possible scenarios are created in the game. In terms of game economy, they also serve the purpose of being ryo sinks where in-game currency is given an almost direct conversion into fighting power. As time goes on and there are more smaller villages in between to stock up on tools it may become more convenient, but for now, having your team members hold tools for you is one way to extend your usefulness without returning to villages. Sword Master Although a lot of people are going to like the idea of carrying around a sword, just because they look aesthetically pleasing. The overall design of the Sword Mastery play-style is based on giving players who love hunting gear in MMORPGs a class just for them! In Nin Online, gear are mostly cosmetic, because we don't want to force players to look a certain way in order to be PvP viable, or look a certain way to be optimally powerful. Looking how you want to look is a big part of giving people the ability to immerse themselves in their ninja identity and role play. The class is based around the way Suigetsu is going around the ninja world trying to collect all the swords of the 7 Swordsmen of the Mist, except on a larger scale, where you go around fighting different enemies to collect swords from all over the ninja world. Playing any hybrid of Sword Master with an elemental mastery will give you a hybrid of both, because having the best swords won't matter as much when only half your kit relies on it. As time goes on and more of the game is fleshed out, I hope to have hundreds of swords with unique abilities, so switching between them can be useful in different scenarios. There should be a good combination of swords you get in different ways. Ones which you can do by simply finishing missions. Ones where you have to hunt bosses for days or months, and when you get them, they are the rarest items in the game. Ones which you can just buy from a shop. Ones that you can only buy from a shop somewhere obscure. Ones that you can only earn from events like we did back in 2013 (and have honored till today. Only Shauri will ever hold a Tsuarigi sword as a player!) To be honest, the current state of Sword Master is something I'm quite unhappy with and am still hoping to distinguish their fighting style more. And... There's still a lot to be said regarding why things are a certain way, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them and I'll answer them in the next development log!
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    Dear Ninja, Happy New Year To celebrate the new year I made a new trailer for the game, so people who google the game will (hopefully) know what Nin Online is. It's been 4 years since the last trailer.. each time I've wanted to make a new one, I decided to use the time to work on the game itself. But if we never take the time to update our public image, then we won't have new players.. and there's no better time than the new year! Hopefully everyone likes it! Regards, Rory
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    Dear Ninja, Although the Clan system is still quite awhile away, since I'm making the changes to display name policy. I should quickly explain why we're going this route for Clans. It has been the plan all along for clans to be a selection of presets, unlike Organizations, which players can make and join. What Clans are in the Ninja World When designing the clan system, the first thing I want to look at is what clans are supposed to be. In most cases, a clan is a family. When there is a structure, a leader, an elder, and there is still a clan house or home. It's a bloodline in some cases, when there are few remaining ninja in your clan, and there is no longer a family structure, we know it as a bloodline. You trace your special abilities back to a bloodline lineage. We know ninja from a some clans can potentially learn special jutsu passed down through their clan, and ninja from other clans sometimes have bloodline limits that can give them special abilities naturally - like doujutsu (eye jutsu). Clans can be small, but they can also be large. They tend to stay within the village, but can decide as a whole to turn their backs on the village sometimes, and have small subsets remain. Clans don't pop out of nowhere. They are ingrained in a village's history, when generations die, generations below still continue their legacy. So I took all this into consideration for Nin Online's Clan system. What Clans will be like in Nin Online (Not Anytime Soon™) Do note: All of this is subject to changes, I am still deciding a lot of things regarding WHEN you choose clans. There is a chance we might do it later in the game and not at character creation for example. On character creation, you select from a variety of clans of that village. Each clan will have unique outfit(s), and a default hair color or eye color recommendation. Some clans will have fixed eye colors for their unique doujutsu (eye jutsu). Some clans don't have eye jutsu and do not limit your hair colors. (All of these colors are still changeable in-game with the premium eye color changer - take those as colored contact lenses and rainbow hair dye - hair dye literally, but your character's natural hair color is always your clan's) Having a manageable number of presets per village will allow me to give each clan unique jutsu and outfits, because it will become a sustainable feature. If clans were player made, they would not be able to get these things because we cannot infinitely add more clothes into the game for every player clan made. This would be unsustainable for me as an artist and for our server which cannot infinitely add more items. Every clan outfit is one less important that everyone else can wear in-game. It will also allow us to create clan houses for each clan, where you could learn your new clan jutsu and get clan clothing pieces. Having preset clans will create belonging for new ninja, and make it so you have to work together as family. We'll be able to see special RP occurrences like an entire branch of a clan decided to leave their village and become a sub-set of their clan as criminal missing ninja. You might see that older players are less accepting of new members in a clan and do not work together to create a welcoming clan. This will cause splits in the clan. Whereas in clans where the senior family members have good structure and are welcoming will be more holistic and united. We will see clans that dominate the politics in their villages and clans that feel underappreciated and leave. New ninja who choose that clan in the future will also be more likely to join their kin as missing ninja as being a ninja from that clan would lead them to being ostracized by their village. The way "clans" in Nin Online are right now, you see players who form their family name and have people change their name to join them. It doesn't feel permanent, unlike what a family should be. Having a limited selection of permanent clans that will remain around indefinitely will make it so that each clan will potentially have a large number of family members. Instead of 5 or 6 player-made clans with 10+ members that see maybe 5-6 online at a time. I'd love to give the chance for current pre-made clans to have their clans turned into one of the preset clans for their village. This will most likely be the case. I will of course have my own ideas that I might want to impose onto the clan's overall aesthetic and name (got to keep them as lore friendly with the other clan names) and of course, I will be the one to decide what clan gets what jutsu as that falls into balance. I hope this gives you a better idea of the vision for the in-game clan system of the future. Don't get your hopes up on when you'll see any of this anytime soon! Regards, Rory
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    Sasayaki | 囁き|"Whisper" Logo: Brief Description: The land of fire serves as the primary residence for the kinsmen of the Sasayaki clan. Peering from the outside in, these shinobi can often mislead others into thinking they are the utmost lazy and most boring individuals listed in the bingo book(s). This, however, isn't the case at all. This unit is very active whenever their skills are applicable. Given the fact young shinobi are exposed to "rigged" shoji boards at early ages, the brain has already begun training in the arts of critical thinking. Typically an individual would spend one's lifetime figuring out how to win this unbeatable game of shoji. When the correct answer is finally figured out, the kinsmen are no longer required to play the game however in most cases, even though the game is won these shinobi typically continue to play it in addiction thus furthering their tactical capabilities which prove resourceful in the long run both on and off the board. In addition to their intellect, shinobi of Sasayaki bloodline are born with naturally developed keen vision and inhumane flash-like speeds. The combination of these attributes pose the Sasayaki kinsmen as ironical figures having to be so gifted yet "lazy". Even so, it is within these skills that these shinobi have developed a comfortable reputation not just around the leaf but around the shinobi world. History: The Sasayaki bloodline runs deep with ties of a lot of the newly spawned clans in our modern shinobi world. In fact, the Sasayaki were one of the eldest clans to contribute to the leafs construction and/or development. All the forests north beyond the jungle belonged to the Sasayaki clan. These grounds were primarily the hunting areas in which they'd occupy. Typically the Sasayaki would hunt creatures through natural bio aids such as birds. With bird calls, the birds would return melodic whistled responses detailing where the nearest herds of prey were. It was in these actions the name, "Sasayaki" would be assigned to these shinobi which translates to "Whisper" from its Japanese origin. This name would serve as a metaphor detailing how the shinobi would "whisper" to the birds to aid them through targeting their foes. Gradually over time, these shinobi would encounter other shinobi that had ambitions for peace. The clan would then contribute to the cause thus spawning the era of youth for the modern day leaf village. It is in this the First Hokage holds the Sasayaki in favor of the noble deeds of their recent ancestors and has awarded them with the identity of nobility to commend them for their hard work. Clothes: (White, Green, and Dark Navy Blue as well. Cool breeze clothing style.) Members: Achievements: (3rd and 4th Hokage, 3 Jonins, 4 Chunins, 1 Specialized Jonin, & 5 Council Members). The Sasayaki Clan members have individually and as a family has dedicated a lot of time to the well being of the Hidden Leaf Village. Clan Post: https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/6899-sasayaki- 囁き/
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    Introduction: Mirana was the first clan born inside of the Leaf Village and it is made of individuals genetically bred for the art of war. The members usually take the path of joining the Leaf Military Police Force where they can support the village by using their strenght and courage to bring justice and peace inside the Leaf territory. Mirana shinobis are also always ready to fight for the Hidden Leaf Village in any war against other villages or factions. Name (OUT OF RP): Since Mirana isnt a Japanese word, we decided to apply Mirana in here with a new name: MUTEKI wich means Invincible/Unbeatable.So if our clan submission is accepted, we will change the clan name to Muteki. Founding and Leadership: The clan founder and first leader is well known to be the strongest shinobi of all time, Aghila Mirana. The leadership of the family has been passed down to Shotoho Mirana and it's now held by Caio Mirana. Achievements: 3 Jonins, 5 Chunins. 2 Council members, 1 LMPF Leader, 7 LMPF members and Classified ANBU members. Lore: Details about the Mirana lore can be found in the clan post here Clan outfit: Started but never finished by Sezu unfortunately (The first version created by Sezu was in black/purple/red colors and i changed to black/purple/green later on just to create family pictures like this one below to our personal use). Main colors being Green and Purple (Applies to the hair that family members are born, and the clan outfit too). Mirana Moon Sage Mode (Fan Art still being developed):
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    Kuraen Clan Leader - Kuraen Elodin @Kuraen Elodin Village- Leaf Clan Name- Kuraen (Comes from combing word Kuro meaning black and Kaen meaning Flame) Activity- Currently 12 active members, mainly participating in defending the Leaf village from enemies also hunting it’s enemies and other criminals. Also active in roleplay, helping out new people and hosting clan events. Clothing- Already exists in Leaf clothing shop Information- Wolf clan inspired by Inuzuka and Jugo clan with ability to use senjutsu to transform in to wolf like creature known as Akuma no Okami Link to clan page:
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    Remove the stun from bears. The maps are way too cramped to have a ton of mobs that can stunlock you and ignore subs. PVPing there is an absolute nightmare.
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    So at start WELCOME EVERYONE ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* This post will be an auction house proposal, which can be a good convenience for players to read. (Legend will be at the bottom /y) ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* As you all know, there is a lot of mmorpg in which ah is the basic source of earnings, quest rewards, or even in the case of World of Warcraft transmogs they're used to purchase simple clothes and cosmetics, etc. This is a obviously better than the current system, due to the easy access it gives certain things that are needed at a given moment. However, it also makes people lazy, which they then stop looking to earn money. Therefore, I will present three ideas which I had in mind, that I believe will work. However, I think that the third one is the most successful one of the three. here 3 examples of ah in wow in albion and (old in diablo 3) Let's start this First Idea: The first offer will be a typical Auction House. Simply put, World of Warcrast ah. For people who has never had it in them, ah consist of two things, bo and bd. It is simple to use and doesn't require a lot to get the hang of. We come in, enter our names, select and choose bo or bd, and an item will appear in our eq or in the Post Office. Which we can then collect, losing the money from our eq and freely being able to enjoy the item. Second Idea: This idea was inspired by an old game that relied solely on bd. This is obviously a more difficult system as you'd have to stick to the time to get the item. For some, this system would be a hassle. but here it's about the thrill to bid for a given item. After a hard fight and long bidding, trust that satisfaction will be an unearthly feeling. Especially if nothing goes wrong during the bd. Third Idea: This is a system that was proposed by a friend of mine. It involves a system based on the bulletin board. If you require 30 or so snake venom for a mission of some sort, you can go to an npc ah, where you can then search for the item you are interested in. Here you may see for example adverts such as "Sukki sells 120 snake venom, 30ea", the further you look you may see "Dona sells 110 snake venom, 15ea", which you will then choose an offer, in this case Dona's as it's the most cheapest for you. You can start a chat and enter your nickname in msg, and write to Dona saying you'd like to meet since you're interested in his offer, and can then go to toad as its a no-zone. Once you've brought what you want from Dona, you will have what you need and it saves the trouble of having to run over multiple discord messages in order to find an offer you are interested in, or at least someone who actually sells what you need. This is especially good for people who are not from the same village but need to buy resources. This is an ah system to make life easier for us all, especially new players. Which idea is chosen or can be chosen depends on our developers and I hope that they could consider this proposal, because it is successful and beneficial to us all, in my opinion. It's also not difficult to embrace greetings and I am ready to see what people have to say about this, especially the devs. Regards, Sukki ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Legend Ah - Auction house Bo - Buy out Bd - Bid Eq - Equipment or just Inventory ************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Special thank's for @Kaitoo for correct in this post And for @fishermit for good ideas
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    Shizuka|静か|''Quiet'' (Was known as Vongolas) Leader : Darky Village: Sand History The first clan member was Kaikezu. Kaikezu was a Sand Genin, he wasn't one of the strongest of his class and failed plenty of exams. He was tired of being considered as a weak ninja and decided to go outside the village and find a way to become strong enough to protect his friend fast enough. During his journey, he found a Panda and noticed how his characteristics can help a ninja. Pandas are calm, and are trying to avoid unecessary conflicts. He studied the panda and implimented their characteristic to use it in combat. After that little journey, he learned that, mammals psychological characteristics are good to use in combat calm and good reflection help people to keep their poises. Since that day, he became one of the strongest ninja in Sand and made a bloodline named Shizuka.All members have pink hair and one of their abilities is to being fearless when danger arrives. Leadership: Lumy and Mylu were the leaders but left the Sand Village for political reasons and decided to join the Neo-Akatsuki afterwards. Darky, one of the most influent people in the clan took over the leadership. Doujutsu : Like mammals,Shizuka's members enter in the Wild Mode when someone in the clan get injured . Their eyes turn yellow, they become stronger. If a Shizuka dies in front of them, they lose their humanity and act like predators until they kill the enemy. In Wild Mode, they don't really control theirself so their movements are slow but their attack's damage increases by a lot. Achievements : 4 Chunins,2 SMPF General,2 SMPF Vice-general,2 SMPF Commander,Desert Pirates members,1 Medical corp Leader, 4 Classified ANBU members,1 team captain in ANBU,3 members went NEO-AKATSUKI and cut ties with the clan.
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    Hidden Leaf's Holiday Event Sasayaki This event will take place on the following date: December 29. There'll be three stages: First Stage: The Roll - 12:00 PM EST Winners: Kimuta - Veiled Sakkat Raiju - Blind Monk Robe Arubaro - Poncho Roei - Seji No Hani Charky - 5$ Nin Credit Second Stage: Korean Style Team PvP - 1:00 PM EST Team #2 Victorious (10-11 members) Each 1k Ryo MVPS: Team 1 - Dairuto (10$ Nin Credit) & Team 2 - Josh Suwa (10$ Nin Credit) Third Stage: 1v1 Tournament (Main Event) - 2:30 PM EST **Will be streamed on https://www.twitch.tv/deathmall** https://challonge.com/hzl2mjbd Rewards for 1v1 Tournament (May increase) #1 - Dairuto - 25$ + 5k Ryo + Veiled Sakkat + 25$ From Nalet #2 - Midnight Mirana - 15$ + 2.5k Ryo + Black Fan + 15$ From Nalet #3 - Heavy Mirana - 10$ + 1k Ryo + Gas Mask + 10$ From Nalet More event details will be posted and advertised before the event's date. Rewards will be definitive an hour before the event (if any changes they will not decrease only increase). (Example: Location/Rewards) We encourage all that are able to, to come on by and attend this event! We're placing a lot of effort on it hoping everyone will enjoy :). This event is also supported heavily by the Leaf's Administration. Also would like to thank all those who've decided to contribute to rewards/planning/facilitating the event. Sasayaki, Fritzo, Dayum Mirana, Midnight Mirana, Urso, & Nalet. Last but not least, we hope you all enjoy your holidays!
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    Hello my dear leafies, sandies and missings ninjas! Akatsuki wish you happy holidays and happy new year with this video of the "full force" of akatsuki vs the "full force" of leaf and Sand Anbu! It took me time to record all those videos because it is rare that we meet each other in the battlefield! But i finally made it! Enjoy the video and see you in game
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    Today, I teamed up with 3 guys and we lvled together at snakes. To be honest, i didnt had fun on Nin like this in a long time. The mini thrill when one of our comrade died and we needed to take those snakes away so our medic could revive him, the team work, the social part. Nin online is a community based experience and the best way to make bounds with others is to actually play anything related to the PVE with them. Leveling togheter, farming items , etc. So why the god damn potato is it so freaking unrewarding? It is 4 time faster by lvling alone for christ jellow! I get the point where you get less xp by teaming....but there is limits lol. The game forces us to be selfish rats in the need of their next shoot of xp. Its wrong! Teaming make the whole experience fun and it would be a good way to change the way we act toward eachother. (Beside for you bal. Id still hate you.) It has been stated many times that nin was about your journey as a ninja..wouldnt it be nicer to actually live it with others? I am making this post so we can all give ideas on how the teaming system could be enhanced when it come to lvling. Ex : grinding at 2 = 30% less xp. 3 = 40% less xp. 50% less xp. (50% being better than the actual numbers right now.) This could also have something to do with a sort of team"score". (Number of monster killed etc.) Anything promoting teaming with others is a good idea lol. Please keep this post centered on the topic and lets find the best idea Peace.( Die alone.)
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    Clan name - Suwa Leader - Sour Village - Leaf Members - 15 Info - The Suwa clan is a militarized shinobi clan from Konohagakure. They are a combative people known for their strategic planning and sometimes savage battle tactics. Suwa members are genetically predisposed to high levels of intelligence and superior physical ability. A select few possess the shikotsumyaku, a kekkei genaki which gives its wielder the ability to manipulate their own skeletal structure. By infusing their calcium with their chakra they are able to weaponise their bones. Upbringing for young clan members is very strict. At the age of 6, two years before the academy, children are taken from their homes to begin training early. Suwa academy students are expected to finish at the top end of their class. They are also expected to graduate before the average 4 years. Suwa genin are expected to be assets for their village upon graduation. Clothing - Green war armor History - https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/12888-suwa-clan-updated/
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    Sashiba clan(Sa-Shiba) A group of Nomadic Shinobi tribes who have made the Sand village their home after Tragic events of the past. 3 Tribes have become one to set a Shining example of what is possible in the harshest Desert Climates. Being on top of the Food chain, many Birds of Prey find it advantageous to hunt in groups. In the Sashiba clan our Shinobi know that our survival is based on our ability to maintain the hunt. Another reason Birds of Prey stay together is to maintain our family unit. The nomadic Tribes of the Sashiba clan are eager not to puff their chests in battle, but to move with Purpose and only with purpose. In the past many of the Sashiba clan were nomads of the desert, Some Settled in the Village hidden in the Sand. Those who have over time called the Sand village their home have brought their culture and traditions there. Many of the trinkets, customs and even foods have become part of Sand Village life over time. When the Clans Founder TetsuHawk first settled in the Sand village, he never realized just how many of his own long lost relatives he would meet in the village. Communal hunting is not the only thing Sashiba are known for however...at the peril of those doubters, who all have fallen, many have been layed to waste as Carrion for Scavangers. So what role will YOU play Young Ninja of the Sand village? Join a clan of ninja fiercely Dedicated to the prosperity of the Sand village!
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    I think it would be cool if missings could default have takumi as their home but if they choose they could make a 1 time payment to move to another. For example with the villages we have now, we could choose to make a large payment to make tanzaku our default spawn and have it be free. While at the same time, takumi would become 25 ryo each time we spawn there. This system would probably work a lot better in the future once more minor villages are added.
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    This thread is for players to submit their existing player-made RP clans to be considered to be made permanent families of their village. Our priority is to allow people to continue their legacy and the impact they've made in our Ninja World into actual gameplay content. This is the evolution of your clan from RP-only to actual gameplay mechanics. However, there are a lot we have to consider in regards to names, for example - it has to not be used in the Naruto series. It has to have good meaning and be a japanese word to be lore-friendly and the name of the clan will impact the abilities and clothing they get in the future. Submit your village, your existing clan names (or new clan ideas) and tell us about your existing activity in-game, what you symbol is (if any), what your ideas for clothing are and just any information you have. If a clan is added, it's name will become permanent and it will become a clan open to all new players in character creation. Reply in this topic!
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    Level: I believe there should be a serious rework on what missions you can get past a certain level. There is no reason at level 35/40 you should be getting missions like "Abandoned Snake Lair" that only gives 25k exp when you need over 600k and 800k exp to level up. We only get 3 daily missions a day so they should atleast be rewarding. Some missions just need to be looked at as they should not be given to people past a certain level. This goes for "Bee infestation", Takumi Medical supplies( the 2 blood pills) and much more. I understand some missions are supposed to be worse than others or less rewarding but it shouldn't be this bad. Mission EXP buff: Missions like "Time Off" and "Guard duty" definitely need a buff in exp. Guard duty is a mission that takes 30 minutes which is half of a blessing for a measly 40k exp. End game players wont complain because they don't need exp but to everyone that isn't level 50 this is ridiculous. Time off gives even less than that as a Leaf ninja (its a bit higher for missings/sands as they have to sneak in). @Ueda
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    Scroll Bar on the Chatbox! Fist Type Weapons (Tonfas for now) We've added the capability for Taijutsu weapons! The game no longer limits you from learning the same jutsu multiple times. If you want, you can learn Earth Prison Technique twice and have of them from Rank 1-3 and another as Great Earth Prison Technique Rank 4-6. However, they both go on the SAME cooldown. So you can have different versions of the same jutsu, but you can still only use one before they all go on cooldown. This ties in to letting us to us now able to put certain jutsu on the same cooldown. This will be used to rebalance multiple Subs/Flickers soon. Improved Rain/Thunder/Sand Storm Effects in-game. Bounty rewards experience formula Reworked! You now game more exp for turning in bounties depending on your level. One step towards making other things besides just doing dailies rewarding! Tonfas are now weapons for Taijutsu ninja. You can cast Taijutsu while holding it. It scales damage based on Agility, provides some bonus damage, but fixes your attack speed at the weapon's base speed (1.1s) Reworked Explosive Kunai Technique & Added Great Explosive Kunai Technique No longer has AoE Range of 3 tiles. Both techniques explode and causes damage to the enemy and enemies around it. The explosion size is larger on Great Explosive Kunai Technique (25 Tiles of AoE) and does more damage as compared to Explosive Kunai Technique (9 Tiles of AoE). Fixed warp from Sand village northern entrance to Sand Nesting Ground
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    Missions like bounty hunter, waging war, cold blooded killer, etc. are all too difficult to complete. It can take hours just to find 1 player who will likely suicide to a mob. For the people worried about lowbies being killed, it gives higher leveled villagers a reason to leave their squares and actually defend the village. The way the system currently works, players on bounty just get messaged by other players trying to purchase their bounty, which really removes the immersion of the game.
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    KURAEN CLAN Background: Since time immemorial, mankind has fought among themselves. The history of the Kuraen clan precedes the history of shinobi, they were known as wolf children back then. They were unstoppable warriors who used to fight together with wolves accompanying them. The proximity of wolves allowed them to master the forces of nature, and the best of them managed to take the form of a wolf. The tradition of wolf children was put to the test when the chakra came to the world, and with it the mighty ninjutsu, but they also faced this challenge victorious. Under the leadership of the Black Wolf, they repelled the attack of the hostile Shinobi clan, and during that fight Black Wolf himself aimed at the opponents' leaders with the final blow of a fire assault. The Black Wolf since then was known as the Dark Flame, and Kuraen clan has taken the name they bear today. Their wolf powers weakened, but their wolf spirit was alive as ever. The Kuraen Clan has long maintained its independence from other clans and has continued to pursue the traditions in the ninja village era. However, the cruelty of the Great Ninja War forced them to overestimate their beliefs. Could you ask why an independent clan ever got involved in a village conflict? The truth is that the war itself forced them to choose the side. In this bloody conflict no one was safe and the land was devastated. Since the effects of the conflict have caught up with them, they could as well help it finish earlier for the benefit of all. During the conflict, however, internal conflict grew. A group of isolationists claimed that they should stay close to the forest from which they drew their strength before the dawn of the shinobi era and to avoid greater interaction with the villages. In turn, the young faction believed that the era of the forces of nature was over and that they should strive to improve their ninjutsu techniques, and that they needed access to the knowledge of one of the Ninja Villages. The dispute between them was to be settled by Kuraen Migifu known as the Wolf's Law. During one of the battles involving the clan, Migifu presented his now legendary technique. He managed not only to recreate Black Wolf's black flames, but also used them in combination with his wolf form. He astonish everyone with his power. "Some say that our true strength is that of a wolf. Other that it's exactly the opposite.Truth is both sids are right. We need ninjutsu for attack and defense, but that doesn't mean we must trow away our tradition. Exactly opposite! Our tradition can make our ninjutsu only more powerful! We will be strong in our past and future! " After the Second Hokage's death in the battle, a ceasefire came. Then Kuraen Migifu, the new clan leader, made a decision that forever changed their fate. The Kuraen Clan joined the Leaf Village and established their headquarters in the wooded area of the village, where they could still be near their wolves. During next wars Kuraen clan became famous as faithful Leaf warriors. Although their number has decreased, their wolf heart beat with strength as never before. They were not wild beasts in human skin, as was once accused by members of other clans. They were loyal warriors capable of tearing at anyone who wanted to hurt their companions. A major blow to the clan was the death of the now old Migifu during the Third Great Ninja War. After the conflict many young shinobi grew in the clan who have never knew war and only been raised on stories of legendary heroes. These young wolf warriors are ready to tell the world their story. Members: Clan Leader @Kuraen Elodin Clan Elders @Jellal Kuraen, @Kuraen Yashiro Clan Progenitor @Kuraen Wilkor Clan Deputy @Kuraen Arubaro, @Kuraen MacDom, @Kuraen Ohiya Clan Members @Kuraen Iori, @Zintosso, @Skypen Kuraen, @Kuraen BNJ, @Kuraen Vali, @Kuraen Eder, @Kuraen Hiroaki, @Kuraen Nine, @Kuraen Keen MIA @Daichi Kuraen, @Roodraak Kuraen Joining Kuraen Clan: We are currently not recruiting (except in special circumstances). Once recruitment opens up the page will be updated accordingly. Special thanks to Wilkor for the opportunity he gave me and all the effort he put into building this clan's legacy
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    The main problem with INT WM is that unlike other masteries that do have a lot of more options to use in a fight (even with higher CP Costs) it only has 1 and I repeat, 1 reliable ability to poke with. In a sense of being a solo mastery, comparing to Gentle Fist which does not require a secondary mastery to be strong, INT WM set of jutsu does not work well together, mostly ruined by shadow shuriken change which everyone agrees upon as it used to give players good use of hit-and-run strategy that worked the best for INT WM. And if we look in the future plans, it is supposed to be a solo mastery. So no, INT WM cannot fight for longer period of time than others, because they cannot put any pressure or even threaten the opponent as they used to. I also feel like hidden explosive tag jutsu is completely useless, it should be removed and replaced by some other jutsu that could compensate for the lack of long range poke that this mastery truly needs and not another suicide jutsu. Also as previously mentioned gazillion of times, the amount of ryo one must must must must spend, even with the changes to Takumi shop is abysmal. The amount of tools you can carry is too low for INT WM, Not to mention the damage nerf/scaling nerf to an already low base damage abilities that INT WM has, made its value far less than it was before. Problems: Lack of poke, a little to no sense of playstyle for a solo mastery, with the exception of pre-setting traps in areas. Has 1 completely useless jutsu and 1 jutsu that just doesnt fit the playstyle in a already empty and not well oiled kit. Abysmal cost of tools, could be solved with more solutions to the economy overall for players past 50. That does not include relying on alts. Amount of tools INT WM can equip. Saying your allies can hold them for you is not reliable option or answer to the problem. The ally can die before you, or you can run out of specific tool that the ally cannot hold by themselves already as they use the same tool. Low Base Damages, with the exception for exploding spike ball. The low CP cost on Shuriken and Kunai does not give this mastery an advantage over others. Unreasonable choice of mastery to choose as solo mastery. Not enough ways to grind with, again kunai the only reliable ability until exploding ball. Cost too high to level with, if it only goes advanced then you must pick INT WM at the start, I cant imagine new players who want to play ten-ten, come after all the advanced changes and see that it is impossible to level up with or even use, early on. As of now this mastery is only possible to play if it is your secondary account. Solutions: A good way to balance this mastery out would be an option to toggle the teleport of shadow shuriken on/off. Meaning when ON, your ability will teleport you. When OFF, your ability will not teleport you. This would make that Hybrids who do not mind to teleport can still do it, and INT WM's who dont really want this to happen, can be happy. Remove hidden explosive tag jutsu, could be replaced with a better trap jutsu like a set of explosive that are connected with a wire that triggers an explosion when passed over the wire. Something like a scroll that Ten Ten used, like many of us have asked before, that could hold tools (unknown capacity) would solve this issue. Increase Base Damages, Increase CP Costs. I think all can agree that this would be a lot better balance. Scrap entire thing and rework it.
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    January 2019 PromotionsLeaf Village Chunin: @Takami Suwa @Jiroubou @Hoseki @Sin Tensei Jonin: @Kuraen MacDom @DairutoSand Village Specialized Jonin: @Kayn Ketsueki the Sword Prodigy Chunin: @Itama Date @Raikuzu Hozuki @Nighma Hozuki
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    Clan Name: Takahera Village: Leaf Objective: The clan is aiming to be undying servants to the lead , as we aim to integrate ourselves into every aspect of the village so that we can better protect and serve the village and it's villagers. We have been forced into hiding from some time, but the clan is looking to come out of the shadows and once again serve the lead in plain view. Origin: The name Takahera is derived from hawks as we have gotten our name from our close relationship with Hawk summons and have used them in a long partnership to Hunt for food and enemies before settling down in a village. and have gained abilities akin to a hawk as our eyes have been honed to be extremely keen and sharp , and in our strongest members after a month of complete darkness due to our ritual where they must go to the clan's secret grounds and spend the month blindfolded in complete darkness to train their other senese and see without seeing. Upon completion of this ritual their eyes evolve into the Takaeigan a dojutsu that allows them to see limits far beyond the limits of the normal human eye, as well as the ability to pinpoint the presence of chakra being able to see chakra as if it was physically manifested. Symbol: Our Symbol Represents our clans connection to hawks Clothing Ideas: Our clan is usually associated with Hunting gear like the black hermit cape, as anything that allows for mobility we normally wear cloaks as to keep our weapons and tools concealed and our color scheme is Blue and Yellow
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    Your own contribution to the village's Economy, Intel and Manpower is now being recorded. (Resets if your character resets) Dark Clearing and Ledge Forest Encampment are now linked by pathways.
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    Look,I see your problem and I can assure you the same things were happening to me like 8 months ago,not only in sand,but in leaf too,I happened to start as leaf instead of sand for 10 levels :v and the same shit was happening to me. And now I can understand how it is to be treated like that,so I believe people should treat every other player equally and not calling them alts or spies,this lacks RP bc basically it's New alt New life... Plus nik u better stop acting like an arrogant dickhead :v reply to the god damn question like a real person ffs :v
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    Summons now have a baby stage from Rank 1-3. Weasels have Weasel Kits and Toads have Tadpoles. If you had already ranked up your jutsu, and were on rank 6, you now need to get it to rank 7 for it to reach adult! Sorry for the false hope! Slug Summon has been added, but they don't heal yet! Fixed Shadow Clones having blood in the tutorial. Thank you @RengS!
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    Dear Ninja, It is after deep consideration for the well-being of the game, that I've decided that, we will be changing our policy of name changes. Starting February 2019, Non-Gold/Silver ninja will no longer be eligible for name changes and Gold and Silver ninja will be eligible to 1 name change per year. This might eventually phase out completely depending on how much trouble this feature continues to cost us. I have observed that the ability to change names has been both a scourge to RP and Moderation. One reason for this removal is due to the lack of weight it creates on having a name. It has also become increasingly hard to track player reports due to name changes, and we simply do not have the resource to do that. Another reason we've decided to remove this functionality is due to players buying/selling accounts and rebranding it for others to use them. The reason why name changes were never regulated properly in the past was that the privileges were decided on when the game was still in closed alpha, where there was no game to play and where it was just a forum community. It has been one of the harder decisions to make because I know there will be backlash. These changes are here to stay and hopefully, players will be forced to choose their names more wisely. Important For players who frequently change names for "clans", we advice for you to remove your current clan names as eventually, when the actual clan system does arrive, it will add your real clan name in front of your username in-game. Eg. If your username is Kuro and your in-game clan name is Kishin, your display name will appear as Kishin Kuro automatically, while your username will be just Kuro. Regards, Rory
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    I came up with a few suggestions concerning summons: 1. No chakra cost to retrieve them 2. Nicknames 3. Summons shouldn't get hit by team members 4. Our own summon should have a hp bar displaying like if we were in a team Gracias pepito for reading.
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    Order of the Golden Scrolls weekly RP Event The Golden Scrolls hosted a RP Event on January 18th (1pm - 3pm). Below are the mission reports from the event. Part 1 The first part of our mission began with a brief history of the Order of The Golden Scrolls and an introduction to our Masters and our affiliates. We were also graced by Lord Hokage Fritzo. After are opening remarks and introductions we held a draft for teams. These teams were tasked with picking a location to hide before the start of the event. Once all teams were in place they had 15 minutes to SEARCH and DESTROY. All teams survived the 15 mins. Part 2 After Search and Destroy the teams made their way to the Training Field where they competed in a Knockout Tournament. Each team went against another in team vs team sparring matches. Winning teams advanced to the finals. Team vs Team 3- way Deathmatch (every team for themselves) Championship Finals The winning team was lead by Kuraean MacDom. This concludes my mission report. All ninja who participated are able and willing to protect the Leaf at all cost. I recommend everyone attend the RP Event next FRIDAY Jan.25th @ 1pm EST. Homepage:
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    Kitsune clan Ancient Kitsune From countless millennia worth of war amongst Earth's population, the bloodshed lead to the planet's God Tree absorbing it to subsequently grow a Chakra Fruit, which was forbidden for humans to touch. The God Tree was worshiped as a sacred pillar that extended into the heavens and remained ambivalent to all conflict. However, alongside this belief, there were people who didn't want to submit to the God Tree, instead believing in their traditions from before the countless wars. These people decided to come together and make a family together. The Kitsune Clan one of the very first formed clans, driven by members of the Shinobi society across all Shino Nations. They worshipped the foxes in which they had lived alongside for millennia. The stories of this clan depicted these foxes as intellectual beings who possessed paranormal abilities that increased with their age and wisdom. People who did not believe in this deity, instead believed the people of the Kitsune and other small Clans who worshiped this fox, were under Kitsunetsuki. This was known as "the state of being possessed by a fox", and therefore decided to exterminate their ideals and beliefs by killing their founder and leader. Regardless of the worlds belief, the worshippers of the fox continued to spread their knowledge onto their children for decades, in hope that their ideals will be rekindled by a group of young Shinobi. New Age Kitsune In the new age, the peace loving ninja, Zetsyuu, decided to remake the Clan however, a lot of their beliefs had changed since their ancestors time. They no longer believe in sacrificing people and instead work towards the goal of making their bonds stronger and allowing no one to stand in their way. The Kitsune continue to work in small groups as their ancestors did in the past, making small divisions across the Five Great Nations. They are born with a strong will and immaculate wisdom in which they use to make themselves stronger and make the world they're living in peaceful for themselves. They turn each situation into a beneficial circumstance and learn from their mistakes by relying on one another. Each member is pushed to their limits in order to become stronger and be able to fight for what they believe to protect their Clan which has become their family, and push all barriers of the Shinobi World by bringing people together. Requirments In order to join, you must show that you are willing to bring utmost loyalty to the Clan; and if this loyalty is proven to be weak it will be considered as betrayal and you will be automatically removed from the Clan. You may ask one of the members to lead you to our Leader who will then make the decision. As we are a Clan who will accept all Ninjas from Sand and Takumi, we urge you to help those who are from your village and stick to your goals in which you may have, such as becoming a Chunin.
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    Clan: Miyama 美山 "Beautiful Mountain" Clan Leader: Hoseki Village: Leaf Activity: Currently, the Miyama clan includes 10 members, 3 Chunin, 1 LMPF. Members of the Miyama clan are first responders! They're the first to respond to any threats or raids that the Leaf village may face. Our clan members eagerly assist other clans and Leaf ninja with training, missions, and other day to day activities. Clan Miyama is a very active role-playing clan. We created our own Clan Techniques (battle formations), we host daily clan meetings, and facilitate clan training that includes ( RP fights, Chunin Exam preparations, and leadership skills development). The Miyama's frequently host clan tournaments between our village clans. Also we partnered with other Leaf organisations such as the Order of the Golden Scrolls. All Miyama Recruits must complete the mission (Retrieve The Kimono). This is a clan Miyama exclusive mission. Details CONFIDENTIAL. Clothing: Hooded Hermit cape (Black and White), with the clan symbol on the back. History: Three tribes living atop three mountains overlooking the Naka river fought for control over the river and its valuable resources for centuries. Each tribe was ruled over by an elder and after countless wars and deaths, the elders of each tribe would gather their tribes to send the dead down the Naka river and into the afterlife, this gathering was the only time of peace for the three tribes. One summer the three mountains experienced a terrible heatwave, the snow peaks melted and washed away the clans shelter. Eventually, the fields dried up and so did the river. Men were dying not from war, but from exhaustion trying to mend the fields. The three elders met once again during the ceremony, but with no river to carry off their dead. Instead they buried them in the river bed in hopes the river would return to carry them off to the afterlife. These three elders came to an agreement to end the warring in order to survive this brutal drought. The elders decided that war could only be stopped if the old wounds of war were first washed away. For the next month, the elders drained their chakra until they were near the point of death in order to release their people from the specters of war. Eventually, the elders released a jutsu so powerful it pulsated through the River Valley affecting every citizen enclosed by the three mountain peaks. This Jutsu was quickly hidden away under the mountains so it could never be used again. This long-range genjutsu had not only wiped the minds of all the clansmen but replaced the memories with new ones. Old enemies had become brothers and sisters and those who had died were washed away once the river's water returned, just as easily as their memories had been destroyed. Those that remained of the three tribes were now one clan called The Miyama Clan. Old Clan Page: Hiruzen
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    New clan entry /w new idea Clan name: Ion Clan leader: Light Village: Sand Village Aeon in Japanese Ion イオン "An indefinite and very long period of time." Part of the ideals and norms are inherited from the ancestors of Sand Village. You have to know the past to understand the present to embrace the secrets within. -Carl Sagan What makes this clan unique is the fact that your account has to be X-amount old and/or level capped to learn the secret forbidden jutsu if you were at first Non-Clan. Clan jutsu being Doujutsu "Hikari" that turns their eyes blue momentarily as proof of their purity compared to other similar Doujutsu. Their hairstyle is pure white as they've aged during their Nin-Online adventure and normally their eyes are gray as activation of Hikari decreases their regular sight. With age comes great wisdom and their soul has been purified from darkness by light. The clan members are battle conditioned true veterans of different combat situations and shinobi wars. All this leads to the fact that they've studied every single taijutsu and ninjutsu -style carefully. Activation of Hikari decreases all incoming damage by -20% for 1-minute as their vision becomes more clear and they can read their opponents movements and act accordingly. Cooldown on the doujutsu is 3-minutes. Chakra cost is -55cp. There will be more detailed clan introduction in case this clan is found appealing.
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    Hi everyone! Some of you might know me some of you don't I used to create videos about Nin-online and still do in alot slower phase since I'm not into releasing half asset videos anymore. Either way please take your time and click on any of the videos below and leave a subscription and a like if you have the time. Upcoming 2019 summer means that it has been two years since I started creating content for Nin-Online. Journey has been long and I've learned through trial and error. What most of you might be upset about is that I've only managed to create the trailer for chronicles of crimson IV, do not worry I will finish the story eventually. Couldn't be more thankful for achieving such big audience for my videos. I would have never imagined to reach such milestone with this type of content. Over five thousand views along with twenty subscribers. Where my character began its growth towards the future... Chronicles of Crimson I Kaguya Light found out he wasn't fit for the duty just yet... He would continue chasing after his dreams Chronicles of Crimson II With his perseverance and dedication he was able to become the greatest Kazekage of all time. He led an army of ninja to victory in biggest war in entire Nin-Online history. Chronicles of Crimson III Eventually his time was up. He would cherish those memories he had created with his own folk and set sight for new set of goals. Chronicles of Crimson IV [Trailer] ( 1:33 still gives me the goosebumps ) Finally I would like to wish all of you Happy New year 2019! And special thanks to everyone that are shown in the clips! Meet you in-game, Light
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    Suggestion to end this clown fiesta once and for all. With recent changes to cast times, this has become even more noticeable how flicker makes all problems go away for many players who do not want to rely on aim. Add 0.5 - 1s silence to player after flicker use. With this change you can still use flicker to escape, disposition or as an offensive move but with enough time for counterplay from opponent's point of view. If this change does not see light, I demand to give cast time to all instant cast stuns, melee-homing knockbacks and high-damage jutsu.
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    Pills/Oil Cooldowns Fixed! Chakra Pills and Blood Pills now go on CD if either is used. Toad Oils have been reworked. "A small flask of toad oil from toad mountain. Takes 2 seconds to use, heals 240 HP over 9 seconds. However, the whole bottle is lost if it fails to be used." Poison Senbon Technique Rank I damage increased to 14. Poison Cloud Technique now run cast without slow run at all ranks.
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    Another neat thing would be if the final form of each summon had randomized color variants. Not everyone would be happy with this (and I dont know how much effort this would be) but having 2-3 different colors for the final forms of summons might make them feel more unique to the user. For example the slug can have blue stripes, red or green. Just something like that.
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    Hawk Summoning Contract now available in the Sand Aviary. Added Toad Summoning Contract NPC in Toad Village.
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    Its weird, none of you ever told me that è_é
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    Fixed exploit at Hidden Lair Entrance. Removed Chakra Regeneration granted by Shirokata's scaling to by Chakra. This was a decision made by a rogue developer. Sorry for the inconvenience. Fixed Whirlwind Kick Technique being 2 tile range instead of 3 on Ranks I and II. Renamed "The Chosen One" Title to "Hero of the Toads" Earth Split Technique Ranking up reworked to match other jutsu. Earth Split Technique now stuns enemies by 2 seconds on all ranks. Earth Split Technique Chakra Cost reduced from 38 to 28 on all ranks. Earth Split Technique is now a run cast. Earth Split Technique damage changed from 30/40/50 to 32/34/34. Ravaging Earth Spike Technique no longer stuns targets by 1 second. Ravaging Earth Spike Technique damage increased from 30/32/34 to 40/40/44.
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    Improved Readability of Chat Fonts in-game! New Chat Bubble Graphics Added Premium Eye Styles! You can now get 3 premium eye styles if you own an eye style changer. 1. Closed Smiley Style 2. Kimimaro Style 3. Orochimaru Style Village Chat Reworked To reduce players using village chat for non-village related matters, we've reworked how Village chat works. -Kage can send /v every 10 seconds. -Other ninjas can send /v every 2 minutes (Non Ranked) or 1 minute (Ranked). -/v Should still ONLY be used for matters that require the entire village's attention eg. asking for help from fellow ninja, calling out a raid incoming etc. -Ninja can no longer use /v while imprisoned. Fixed Tutorial Combat Lesson not working. Improved the Chatbox Scrolling & Scroll Bar positioning.
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    Right click -> Ignore /ignore <name>.
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    It will be a long way off, because it will pass through areas that aren't planned to be added yet. But Tanzaku is a village in the Land of Fire so it's to be expected. There will be smaller villages in the Land of Wind eventually.
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    Bears stun ability cool down increased from 10s to 16s. Added Animated Grass and more trees to Forest Near the Ledge. Fixed being able to cast the following jutsu on yourself to train them (exploit) Water Prison Technique Seismic Dash Technique Hurricane Blade Technique Task of the Dragon Technique Feast of Lightning Technique 16 Palms Technique Risky Blade Dance Technique Dance of the Crescent Moon Technique Lightning Cutter Technique Advanced Lightning Cutter Technique Mountain Crusher Technique Thank you @mankZz Senpou Animation for Bear stun ability fixed. (used to show stars on top the player's head for 3s instead of duration of stun which is 1s).
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    Can’t start off 2019 right without saying Happy New Year to my Nin Familia. Let’s hope 2019 on Nin brings in more content, more players, and less “fixed server crash”. I also made this post so y’all can show your favorite or funniest moments you had on Nin in 2018. I got 2. (Jan.) (Nov.)
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    Mission Name: (Cant think of a name lol) Mission Rank: D Level Requirement: 4-5 Mission Details: Pick up the scroll and learn flicker, complete the obstacle coarse by targeting the dummies on the moving platforms and flickering to them at the right moment. Miss timing will cause you to have to start over from the beginning. (If you some how manage to leave the obstacle coarse after learning flicker the jutsu will be removed from your jutsu list.) Just thought of this to help out sand with having a low level mission to be able to learn flicker like leaf has Hide and Seek. Couldn't think of a name to call the mission though lol.
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    Lately I've been seeing a lot of hate posts towards our village so I thought it would be nice to make a complete thread about the Sand Village that has absolutely nothing to do with hate, so here we go. My name is Sanda, and today I would like to have a conversation about my experiences in Sand with people and why I stay here to protect this village. The first experience I've had with a sand shinobi was @TetsuHawk Sashiba. This man was always nice to me no matter what, this man has taught me many things including patience, morality and even assists me with PvP from time to time. He is one of my teachers and to be honest I have absolutely no regrets meeting Tetsu. Amazing guy. I'd also like to give some recognition to our 9th Kazekage @Slaughter, and our Advisory Council @Raikuzu Hozuki. In a sense, these guys have both taught me a lot and to be honest these two are some of my greatest friends on Nin, they make it worth playing every time I get on. They are still teaching me things to this day. I'd like to give some recognition to @Deviax, @Itama Date, and @Aikya for the Adenium clan, one of the best experiences of my lifetime and I honestly wish we could go back to those days. Some more recognition goes to @Yuma, @Dodai, @Dyan Sashiba, @Rainier, @Zabu, @Ketsueki Akoosh, @Kayn Ketsueki, @Nighma Hozuki. These guys have always been respectable and have always defended the village whenever it has been needed, these guys are amazing people with amazing personalities. I'd also like to mention @Booty Gang Pinku because even though he's not a sand shinobi, he is the one missing that hasn't and will never be twofaced and that deserves respect within itself. I'd like to mention @MrChubb because of the humor he brings to Sand, @Tresmorne Oleander deserves some recognition too. @Kadek, @Cash Tokumei, and all of our Jonin, Chunin and Genin that are currently logged off, we miss you and we hope you come back to the village someday. @Pawn I'd like to give some recognition to specifically because Because I can't @these people, I'd like to mention the Sand Military Police Force and the Sand Assassins as well as the Sand Medical Corps! Keep it up guys, the point of this post was to show that we are all doing a good job and because people don't say it enough, I thought I'd make a forum post about it. We are a village, we are THE Sand Village, and all of us work together towards the same goal; protecting the future of our village. Good work, Suna!
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    This suggestion would only work if the cast time was reduced. 20 seconds is simply not enough time. Also, all Yamikami suggestions should be ignored because he only wants his own masterys to be stronger.
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    Name: Ketsueki Karusu (meaning blood raven) Clan heads: @ViceGeneral Ketsueki and @Bmore Ketsueki III Village: Sand Introduction The clan founded many clan's nobles who lost they clan after the great clan war before the formation villages they are a versatile clan as the nobles who builded the clan came from land of lightning on they why to the land of wind to go settle other clans from the land of fire , water , earth and wind joined the clan the clan was named blood phoenix. Later the name was changed to blood raven because the raven represents interlect, strength and power now the the nobles of the sand due to the formation of the village ,teaching , law keepers and law enforcers Paths Due to the mixture of clan three blood line techniques were formed . Raven's blood- this jutsu creates a thick strong blood lay infused in they skin (this move gives a big agility buff and a minor fort buff with the side effect of fort debuff after and cool down 3min commonly used by tai ) Raven's beak - this jutsu creates a thick strong blood lay infused to your hand and feet which (this gives a major strength Buff and minor agility buff with a strength bebuff cool down of 3min commonly used by weapons masters) Raven's Mind - this jutsu speeds up the mental speed of the ninja (this gives a major intelligence buff and major chakra buff cool down of 3min commonly used of int users ) Achevement SMPF General SMPF Vice general SMPF COMMANDERS Advisory councillor Chunin Jonin ANBU (SORRY CAN TELL YOU THAT ) For more lore :https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/11383-blood-raven-clan-ketsueki-karasu/
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    If clans do get their own jutsu I could only tolerate clans with extra abilities being made if they are not to access for example, forbidden jutsu. I wouldn't want to be at disadvantage just because I am not in a clan. Also, there's nothing really wrong like you try to point out with the current ones. The large clans that were made example Kuraen, Hozuki, Mirana, Sasayaki all function and were large/semi- sized groups that became more than just an ingame clan. Some even already have their own uniforms. So in my opinion forcing players to only choose from selected few clans instead of creating their own, limits the possibilities of imagination and rp and simply amassing a horde of players into few clans isnt really good idea. Also Name-changes do not affect gameplay in anyway since the game is rp/pvp, again taking out the freedom and possibilities just to make some ban-tracking job easier... Joining a clan will never feel permanent if you dont commune with other members and just do it for the name change or for some "ability"... sigh PS. Game already feels limited because of certain "rules", don't make it less so. Also I am in no way trying to disrespect or bad mouth the ideas set by the development team and am simply stating my honest opinion on the case.