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    I was a council member starting from May 2017, then followed by becoming 3rd Hokage after my council term. I will now officially retire from my role as a leader within the Leaf and a ninja (indefinitely). It was an honor being Hokage and being surrounded by such kind and admirable individuals within Leaf. I wasn't expecting to become Kage at first but you all gave me the opportunity and throughout my time as Council and Kage I can say I worked very hard to improve the Leaf the best I could. After all this time and connections it is sad that I have to let go, but to all, there is an end. When my Council term ended I passed on the Council guide to the 2nd Council and now it is their turn to pass down that guide (they've edited by now). I will also do the same with a Kage guide I've been working on. The system in place would be continued and tweaks are expected to be made by the next administration(s). My advice to the next generations of leaders would be to stay open-minded. Your flaws can be the strengths of those beside you and that's what Leaf is. Last but not least I would like to thank the 2nd Council, @Caio Mirana, @Ishyn Sasayaki & @Hawt. It was a pleasure. Thank You, 3rd Hokage - (Old man) Deathmall Sasayaki
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    A New Era The time has come for our Lord 6th Kazekage, Tetsuhawk, to step down. He has served his term graciously in full, and will forever be remembered in good stature. - It is tradition that the Prior Kazekage chooses their successor - I have accepted the position of Kazekage from Tetsuhawk. My siblings worked very hard over the last few months, but ultimately I was elected the most fit for the position. Increase in responsibility - Accepting this position will be granting me the responsibility to oversee all of your wellbeing, on top of constant efforts to increase our population and war efforts. I view everyone in Suna as family, so my door will always be open for any problems that may arise. You all are my main priority at all times. Future - I have many plans for the Sand Village. We will be revitalizing dead organizations, and expanding advertisement and recruitment.There will be an addition of several game guides for new/beginner players. - Some laws will be reviewed and revised -Ranked Ninja will have their own Ninja Info Cards I will make sure to work day and night for my village. Lastly, I'd like to thank my predecessors for laying the ground work and expanding our village to what it is today. You have all done wonderfully, and now it is my turn to continue in your stead. Yours truly, Lord 7th
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    Dear Ninja, First of all, I would like to congratulate and thank @TetsuHawk and @Deathmall Sasayaki as well as their council members on completing their time village leaders. They've both done a great job and will be awarded promotions to Jonin rank, and be permanently recorded in Ninja history as the 6th Kazekage and the 3rd Hokage. Beginning this June, we will be running the necessary events to pick out the new leaders of each village every 6 months. Once in June, and once in December. This will continue to be the case unless leaders lose their positions early due to any reason. This is to ensure that everyone continues to get the opportunity to step up and become ninja in power, and to keep the ninja world dynamic. Sand village As always, the Sand village is a monarch where the leader is picked from one of the 3 children of the current Kazekage to become the next Kazekage. The Kazekage then picks his council and Sand siblings from the ninja of the village. Leaf village In contrast, the Leaf village is a democracy, where any ninja of atleast Chunin rank can run for council member. 3 council members will be chosen, who will have to collectively decide on who becomes the next Hokage. Council Member Elections will take place on 30th May 2018 at 1PM EST Requirements for voting are to be atleast Genin rank and level 10. The election will take place in the Leaf village, and all ninja hoping to participate in the elections whether voting or as elects will have to stay online throughout. Attempting to use alternate/multiple accounts to vote will result in a permanent ban. Registration for Council Member elect is 1,000 ryo. Regards, Rory
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    Write my name down.
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    I would like to sign my name up as a Candidate for the Leaf Village Council.
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    June 2018 PromotionsLeaf VillageChunin: @Nitche Ryokaku @Jellal Kuraen @Kamakura Suwa Sand Village Chunin: @Ketsueki BlackKage @Ketsueki Akoosh @Deviax Adenium
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    Hello everyone, basically I do this post to tell me your opinion about putting a ring in each village (takumi included), a ring 15x20 exclusively for pvp, if you die inside the ring you appear in the hospital of the village, but this time without battle injuries(or reduction bi), this only happens if you die inside, I think this would play for people who want to practice continuously without having to have a medic on the side or failing to stop the fight when one is low hp. The ideal would be a dojo, in which you enter and you find some tatamis(1,2 or 3)where you can do pvp and respect shifts. I leave the number of tatamis to administrators choice if this is approved of course, but the ideal would be 2. I think this is necessary and a very good idea, I have been playing these types of games for a long time and in all of them there is a rings for pvp. The 15x20 ring space for tatami would be exactly like this:
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    Basically I've been really bored lately and i don't know what to do and i'm basically just waiting for daily resets on nin SO. I did this for 'fun' But was bored almost immediately after because...uh idk So basically I want to do some pixel art for peoples (those who ask) profiles to practice nins art style and to kill my boredom (PM me -what you want -some sort of detailed description of what you want -and a pic of your nin character) I'll also be posting finished stuff under this thread Edit: it has come to my attention that people don't know what iconning is, it's a byond term for basically pixel 'art' which is all of nin online Edit2: If you want art done message me the stuff from before and I will come take a screenshot of you in game. I'll take ryo donations if you feel generous enough not required though. :I
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    @Deathmall, it’s been a long ride. Many of us have had amazing times with you, from slapping an L onto sandies countless times, to grinding at bandits late at night. You have had a huge impact on a lot of us, and we will definitely miss you, but not only as a Hokage. We will also miss as you as a friend, and for many of us, as a brother/father . We hate to see you go, and we wish you’d stay Hokage longer, but like you said yourself, “Gotta pass down the torch eventually”. We wish you the best of luck on your future endeavours, and we thank you for the time and dedication you have put in to make the Leaf Village prosper. We love you Deathmall, come back to visit us sometime :). @Arashi Well, I didn't think I would be writing this message to be honest, it seemed as though you would always be my friend and my leader. Since the very beginning you've been there for me; I don't know if you remember but 9 months ago when I reset, you were the first one to acknowledge me as a leaf shinobi and helped me all throughout my journey. Now look at me, because of you I have achieved so many great things in my village life and I owe it all to you. So thank you, the village is surely going to be different without you and I swear if you don't regularly visit I will track you down and visit you in person But yeah, all things aside you're amazing. Take your deserved break and rest easy knowing the village will be in good hands. Lot's of love from me and the best of luck with whatever you aspire to do next. @Aczinor Didn't think this day would come so soon. I was expecting another 20 days with you as our Hokage. It doesn't feel like 5 months have passed since you became the Hokage. It has been an honour serving under you. You have made us proud as a Council member handling the village in the absence of the Hokage and also as a Hokage. I have thoroughly enjoyed your company and I'm hoping you cut short your break and come back to us! Thank you for your commitment and hard work the the Leaf village, we will miss you! @Leevi Sasayaki NapKage, try to stay awake through all these messages... From serving as your ANBU Elite for the last 5 months and you accepting me into the Sasayaki clan last November, I finally realise why they call you "DadMall" (besides the trolls). You really watch over every- one in The Leaf and help us to achieve greater heights, like we're your kids Well now the kids are grown up and it's time to put your ass in a retirement home. Don't worry, we've got it from here old man. @Atrane Thanks for such a great run as Hokage, your leadership really made the village a better place. You really set the standard for what it means to be a good Kage and I hope that the next generations are able to meet it. @Reseda You’ll always be remembered as a great figure in Leaf. You’re the one that got some people calling me ‘Rosetta Stone’. You’ve made Red Moon feel less of an org and more of a family. You’ve pulled many people by the ear and late night farmed for drops. These are the moments I’ll cherish. I wish you all the best for whatever your future may hold. Even though your reign as Hokage may have been long and it’s time for a well-deserved break, we hope you’ll visit us sometime at the village gates! @Persona Kurama It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but we went through most of these experiences together. I know you didn't trust me at first, but I hope I at least gained your friendship throughout the course of your leadership and here on. Even though you won't be presiding over us as our Hokage anymore doesn't mean you can't lead us into battle once again! And of course, when you aren't there we will take what we learned from you, do what needs to be done and carry that torch onto future generations. Cheers man to your successful leadership, diplomacy, and tactical reign. @Kuraen Keen Deathmall it has been an great honour to serve under you and I was so glad that you accepted me into Red Moon. Working with you in Red Moon is the best and most fun thing which made NinOnline great I'll make sure to tell your stories to sand lowbies so they have nightmares about the Lightning God! @Kuraen Wilkor Thanks for all your hard work Old Man, just make sure you don't stay retired for to long Leaf still will need you for sure @Jellal Kuraen Death you have taught me ways on becoming a great shinobi I'll continue my goal and make you proud! @Skypen Kuraen Thank you for being a great Kage! Your time spent as Kage was 100%. If you ever need some water, just scream at the top of your voice and I will come. @Tobi Suwa Death, it's been a pleasure to serve you, to raid with you, laugh with you and all that stuff. You were always there to help out people no matter what, you've given yourself to this village and you deserve a huge respect from every shinobi out there. Legends will always live on..this is an old of one golden era, but a new one begins. Thank you for everything you've done for us. Sadly I've failed to become a chunin while you were still serving as the hokage. You'll be missed, thanks for the good times. Take a good rest old man.. @Senketsu Ever since I first started playing in January, you have made a lasting impact on me Dadmall. I wasn't surprised when I heard that you were the best hokage so far. I don't doubt that notion at all. I appreciate you for helping me, answering my dumb questions, leading us in raids, grinding late at night, etc. Most of all, I thank you for assisting me into becoming a proud and powerful shinobi of the leaf village. I wish you luck on your future endeavours, and I thank you for all the work you've put into this village. I didn't go to Joe's pizza yet tho MB. @Zintosso Death, It wouldn't be me if I didn't make a joke... I'm pregnant.. hahahaha just kidding it's not a joke.. fck my life. @Meids It was great experience, fun times. Hope you have have great time of your life. Good luck, relax and enjoy the life. @FR3D Lucha Aye Deathmall, you've been dope as Hokage. It has obviously been an exhausting 6 months for you since becoming Hokage and now it must all come to an end like many things in life, but remember all the good times you've had when you're on your way out and relaxing in a place where no one can PM you as soon as you appear. So enjoy your break and those beers and Twinkies you enjoy so much, but not too much or else you'll end up like Rood (because as he states it he's fat). @Roodraak Kuraen You are one of the first people I levelled along all the way to level 50 while defeating the old duo laqu&defyos that kept ambushing us. They were really funny moments, it has been a honour fighting along side you all this time and can't wait until you come back playing. @Caio Mirana Death, thanks for being this awesome player and later on awesome Kage, it was very nice to play with you, work with you, take care of the village with you. Me and the leaf village will sure miss you when you retire, i hope you have a great time and some peace after all these working months haha. Count on me for anything you may need, from your Red Mooner Buddy. Lots of love, Arashi and the rest of the Leaf village
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    This weekend I'll be hosting two, four hour long blessing events. One on Saturday and then one on Sunday! Feel free to take advantage and introduce new players to the game and help them train! Below I am listing the times in US timezones. SATURDAY EVENT 3:00 PM PDT - 7:00 PM PDT 4:00 PM MDT - 8:00 PM MDT 5:00 PM CDT - 9:00 PM CDT 6:00 PM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT SUNDAY EVENT 10:00 AM PDT - 2:00 PM PDT 11:00 AM MDT - 3:00 PM MDT 12:00 PM CDT - 4:00 PM CDT 1:00 PM EDT - 5:00 PM EDT * Times are subject to change based on server availability
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    Hello everyone! as you most likley have heard of the Desert Pirates one of the oldest and biggest Organizations in Sand and in NIN and their Captain Dona.. Well things are changing, I Bmore Ketsueki have officially taken over this legendary orginization. I will be more Sand focused I don't want to be split between Sand and Missing, I also would like to thank @Dona for all his hard work in this Orginization, he put his blood, sweat and tears into it for YEARS i learned alot from my Captain but now am ready to head im my own direction. I really hope to carry this Org as one of the best for years to come... thanks for reading my rant, see you soon on the battlefield or in the sushi shop. -Bmore
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    If you're gonna avoid your ban, at least don't repeat mistakes or cause more trouble.. come on.
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    I'll enter the race once again.
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    Origins: During the earliest days of man, three tribes formed upon three mountain peaks each overlooking the Naka River. Each of the tribes fought for control of the River and its valuable resources. For centuries these clans fought, thousands upon thousands of bodies were piled up over the years. Eventually, the bodies counted too many to bury so a ritual was held at the formation of each full moon. where the Three clans would gather and send the departed down the Naka River to be carried to the afterlife. Despite this one sign of peace between the clans, the battles continued and whenever two of the clans met blood was sure to follow. One summer a heatwave struck the three mountains and lasted for months. The snow on the peaks melted and washed the clan's shelters down into the river valley, clansmen died not from war but from exhaustion trying to work the fields, and one day the Naka River Valley dried up. Each of the clans had an elder who had mastered their Chakra and had proven themselves in combat. These elders held a secret meeting to discuss the current state of the clans of the three peaks. A deal was struck, the war would end in order to survive the brutal summer. Unfortunately, war for the clans was not a simple choice, it was a way of life and the only way they knew. Rage and disdain flowed deep within each of the clansman blood. Murders and brawls were commonplace in this new settlement and the elders knew a simple treaty was not enough if they wanted their people to survive the calamity which had struck. If the clans were to survive more drastic measures had to be unleashed. The elders once again met during the burial ceremony, during which the clansmen were now burying their comrades under the river bed, in hopes that the water would once again return to the Naka to carry them off. The elders decided that war could only be stopped if the old wounds of war were first washed away. For the next month, the elders drained their chakra until they were near the point of death in order to release their people from the specters of war. Eventually, when the physical bodies of the elders had far surpassed their breaking point the elders discovered a different chakra form which was created primarily from their spiritual energy. The elders released a jutsu so powerful it pulsated through the River Valley affecting every citizen enclosed by the three mountain peaks. This Yin Release Jutsu was known as "Risetto" and was quickly hidden away under the mountains so it could never be used again. This long-range genjutsu had not only wiped the minds of all the clansmen but replaced the memories with new ones. Old enemies had become brothers and sisters and those who had died were washed away once the river's water returned, just as easily as their memories had been destroyed. Those who remained became the Hiruzen Clan which still remains as one of Konoha's oldest families. The story of the elders was maintained in their offspring and carried through the generations known only by the clans highest ranking members. Although many of the clans strongest members have passed on during the Great Ninja Wars the clan is on the rise with the newest generation. The Hiruzen Clan prides itself on its deception and cunning utilizing its jutsu to confound and mislead opposition. The Hiruzen clan now lends its ninja to the Konohagakure Intelligence Division. The Hiruzen are known for their ability to retrieve information no matter the cost and their genjutsu torture techniques which have yet to kill a captive before retrieving the required intel. Requirements to join: -Level 20 -Name Change to ____________ Hiruzen -No affiliation with another clan -Must be a leaf Ninja Applications: Name: Mastery: Level: Brief Bio: Ranks: Elder: As in the earliest days of the Clan, the Hiruzens have three Elders who run all clan activities and serve as the clan's leaders. The Elders are selected periodically by the clan through an election during which everyone with the rank member or above may vote. If an Elder has neglected their duties an officer can recommend that the Elder is removed from the position. If the officer is justified is his accusations a council will be held to determine the Elders fate. Officer: Officers are the administrators of the clan and guide the newer members, Officers are selected periodically by the three ranking elders. Member: Members are recruits who have completed the Hiruzen Clan RP Mission. Recruit: Recruits are Clan members who have met requirements and have been accepted through the application process. Members: Elders: @Yin Hiruzen @Godric Senju Officers: @Jiroubou Hiruzen Members: @Venrox Hiruzen @Amenophus Hiruzen @Katara Hiruzen @Amai Hiruzen Recruits: @Ashido Hiruzen @Omu Hiruzen @Iesu Hiruzen @Velocity @Hatsue Seki @Jinichi @Shojiro Conclusion: We wanted to make a clan with a cool story that players could join and build a story of their own. We are looking for active players who want to make a ninja of their own, with its own personality and backstory. Having a clan in Nin can be a great experience and we expect all members to assist and protect each other whenever the need arises. If you have any questions please contact @Jiroubou Hiruzen Or @Yin Hiruzen. This post will continue to be updated in the future with Ranks and Events for the clan. Thanks for reading!
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    Dear Ninja, Here's another wall of text, this one talking about the core game designs and philosophy behind.. Daily Missions! Before there was daily missions, the only way to level up was to grind. Killing enemies repeatedly. When initially designing Nin Online, one of the hardest problems was trying to create a variety of ways for players to level up. One of the ideas was to make it so open-world PvP gave experience. Another idea was to reward medical ninja for healing players. This would turn out to be a big headache because of all the ways this would cause huge infinitely experience exploits. Preventing Exploits As simple as it sounds, giving experience to ninja for killing other ninja, or healing other ninja is not possible because it opens up better ways to train with no risk, opening up exploits where you can just stand outside a hospital and make one character kill another to level up, or you can pay high level ninja to let you kill them for hours to level up. Or you could just use a bot to do all those things. One of the things that having missions that limit the amount you can do such things is that you can't plan to just "cheat" the system to the top. The missions tell you to kill X players, and once you're done with that, your next goal is collect X bounty. This way, you can't just AFK near the hospital and bot for hours getting XP from killing people. We still want to reward players for open world pvp, but we don't want to do it carelessly or replace killing mobs, or actually doing missions. So we make the rewards part of the missions system. Where who and why you kill. Is it just any enemy? or is it somebody with a bounty? As time goes on, we can make it increasingly more specific. Eg. missions that tell you to kill 1 Mist village ninja. Kill 1 Sand village ninja. Kill 3 Missing Ninja. Kill 1 ninja from Level 10-30. These are all tasks that both reward for open world pvp, and prevent you from exploiting or just repeatedly paying the highest level player around to AFK and let you kill him for hours to level up. Variety While preventing infinite experience loops is an important function. It is far from the main purpose of the system. The main purpose in the system is to create variety in the game play experience and the journey to becoming a powerful ninja. Instead of a repetitive grind, the daily missions give you a random journey to go on. A mission like "Collect 30 Something" provides you with more options than just going out and killing for XP. If you have spare Ryo, you can buy it from somebody. Your journey then becomes meeting up with this player in a location to make the exchange happen. A mission like "Kill X Enemy Ninja" lets you take a break from the endless grind to interact with other players. Team up. Explore the larger world. Infiltrate the enemy villages. Although not encouraged, it also allows you to attempt to negotiate exchanges with enemy village ninja. A mission like "Collect X Bounty Rewards" let's you open up your bingo book and find players who are enemies of the village, then track them down based on where you think they'd likely be for their level range, or based on their village. A mission like "Time off!" puts you in a place where you can relax and where you have time to burn, to socialize. Although the reward is low, it is there, and doing nothing but socializing for a few minutes can be seen as a good break from grinding. If you're not up to it, then better luck on the RNG, but getting experience for doing little to nothing and just appreciating the world is a good break nevertheless. The balance in how much experience it should give you is important, and maybe we haven't quite got it right. It should be enough so that you have the choice between just grinding - or doing nothing and getting a lesser reward, but hey, the RNG village mission assigners told you to do it so might as well just chill for awhile. We also send enemies potentially your way, so it's not always completely peaceful. There's also tons of missions that provide short stories and ask you to go on small adventures like finding a missing cat, or retrieving a hawk. You may bump into other players during the time, or you can ask people for help on where they would likely be, creating a way for experienced players to help new players in a way besides letting people kill you for XP (back to Preventing Exploits). Variety in experience for these missions can be drastic, but the way we balance it is so that your journey to maximum level is only a matter of time. If you just complete your dailies, eventually you will get to maximum level. Sometimes that journey might give you more experience, or sometimes it will give you less. But it's balanced so that eventually your luck will get you there at the same rate as everyone else, so that you don't feel the pressure to just grind your way to max level. The Limit The limit on daily mission exists so that we can provide the option to abandon missions. We want ninja to complete their missions. But we also don't want them to be stuck on a mission forever when it's not possible for them to finish it if there's no players online. The way we balance missions to give you experienced fairly so that all missions are worth doing, is by limiting it. We don't want players just abandoning the low experience missions to reroll for high experience missions. If given a choice, nobody wants to do the lower experience missions because you start to see Time vs. Reward. Of course it's meaningless to take a break and do "Guard Duty" if the Documents Mission is just more productive. But thats not fun. Feeling as if the only viable way to play is if you abandon your guard duty to get documents just kills variety. Then you're stupid not to! Back in earlier versions of the game, we could already see this behavior when we allowed players to share missions (this was an experiment that Seth did). What happened was the entire game play became a matter of finding players with the high experience missions and begging them to share it with you. Because you'd be stupid not to! Why waste your time doing something like "Guard Duty", when you could do "Retrieve Documents" which gives you more experience in less time? But the entire balance of rewards is designed to take you to max level eventually. The high XP missions exist because the low XP missions exist. If the game let you choose to only do the currently high XP missions, then those high XP missions would have to be nerfed to the point where it still takes you about the same time to get to max level. We want ninja to take their time to get to max level, because at every level tier, there is opportunity for unique RP, unique battles and unique experiences. (But this topic is for another design development log!) Lore The final case for daily missions being the way they are is the lore. It's clear in the Naruto series that ninja just don't choose what missions they're assigned to. The story of any ninja in Nin Online shouldn't be "I completed Retrieve Documents 1000 times to become a Jonin". The variety in experiences is what made your ninja the powerful ninja he is. To paint a fuller picture, daily missions are supposed to be the grind that you don't see ninja in the Naruto series do. It's mentioned and shown many times in the series that when you're not watching team InoShikaCho doing a crazy mission arc, they are out serving the village in less epic ways. The Toad village Arc at level 30 in Nin Online is a storyline arc that took a long time to do, and creates a one-time off story arc that is something that would be showcased in the anime series. While daily missions are the missions you don't see. But in Nin Online, you play as one ninja all the way, you see his full picture. Him doing epic adventures, and also taking time off! Eventually what we want is for there to be an interesting Toad village arc-like story mission for every village at every 10 levels. I'm currently planning level 20 arcs for the Leaf village to be something like a Zabuza arc for example. Conclusion It's 7am in the morning and I'm sure I've missed out a lot of points. I might be all over the place with my explanation, and I'm sure it'll still leave some questions unanswered, or it might have completely went over your head and you still don't understand why Daily Missions are random and how the solve the grind mobs problem. In which case, I'll probably do a second version of this dev log when I'm less sleepy! Regards, Rory
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    I remember playing way back in 2013 when there was talk about Transformation Jutsu (Henge-no-Jutsu). Although it was confusing because people were talking about transforming into trees or rocks becoming quite complex with everything I find that it's now 2018 and still there is no Transformation Jutsu. Seeing as it's one of the most basic academy jutsu one needed to even graduate in some cases I'm quite shocked. I understand that Genjutsu also one of the three pillars of Naruto in any form could be quite difficult to implement at this level, considering there are B ranked missions that require killing or spying in some cases you'd think Transforming into an enemy ninja or a friend of a ninja would be considered sneaky. Say I obtain a Rank B Survey Leaf Entrance Mission, the best way to do so would be to find a leaf ninja and transform into them thus completing my mission with brains. Below is my suggestion for such a jutsu which could be implemented quite easily, a mixture of several in-game elements. Transformation Jutsu (Henge-No-Jutsu) Scroll Description: The transformation technique is considered to be among the most difficult of the basic ninja jutsu. Draining the user's chakra throughout the duration of the transformation. Mostly used as a form of infiltration and deception by high ranked shinobi. Maximum Level : 3 Cast Time x Level 1 Chakra Drain x Cooldown x Chakra Cost x Mastery Ability ( Appearance) Level 2 Chakra Drain x-1 Cooldown x-1 Chakra Cost x-1 Mastery Ability (Appearance, Name) Level 3 (Max) Chakra Drain x-2 Cooldown x-2 Chakra Cost x-2 Mastery Ability (Appearance, Name, Village Affiliation.)
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    It has water, grass and trees. But sand only has sand and few trees. @Ishyn Sasayaki is hokage (he is hot) It is the home of @Aghila the strongest ninja that has ever lived. It is also the home of @Niti , the only true akatsuki leader of Nin Online. Leaf rekts everyone in group pvp and defending against raids. Leaf has @Caio Mirana and @Roodraak Kuraen Leaf would have never accepted @Jun Pachi again. All missing make leaf alt to know the warmth of their numbers and lack of friendly fire. Rory likes leaf more.
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    Sand Military Police Force & Leaf Military Police Force are now fully functional! Fixed overfilling dialogue messages with Kaito's Tool Shop.
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    Major Balance Change Decrease stat -> damage scaling by 30% across the board. Enemies/NPCs are also affected dealing less damage and having less HP. Free stat resets available from now until 30 Jun 2018! Cell Regeneration healing amount fixed, base healing at Rank 1 will actually be 90 as stated in the description instead of 165.
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    Added No Trap tiles throughout Tanzaku Quarters entrance area. Increased XP Reward for "Time Off!?" and "Guilty Pleasure" daily missions. Removed Laceration/Bleeding from Scorpions and Wolves (this was a bug - yes).
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    Possible fix for disconnect bug. Trade and team invite clear properly, preventing stuck busy. Concealment/??? add friend bugs have been fixed. Improve NPC cast animation. NPC spells are more random and don't always do the first one. Debuffs play cast animation each time damage occurs. Fix server crash. Support for music for all 4 stages of the day: day, night, dusk and dawn. Support full feature parity of projectile as players for mobs. Support for custom eye and eye colors. Added autotile disable option - /autotile. Support for inventory expansion - 2x slots. Support for items which allow missing and their village to use them or not - as well as just missing by themselves.
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    The story.. The date is 6.11.2018 early morning I'm browsing through discord as the sun is rising. What I didn't know is that what would happen to me on this fateful day.. I read something that catched my eye, something that would change Nin-Online for good. Every single jutsu has become static. Suddenly I cringe and a large smirk starts to grown on my face. Finally... Finally everyone will feel the frustration that I've felt since the game was officially launched. Large schadenfreude erupts... That felt really good, shared pain is the best there is they say in the army. What didn't feel as good to me was afterwards when a developer tells us it is only a bug. "A bug" they say, tsk. Try playing my mastery; Lightning, do you treat that as a bug? No. I resort to my final straw.. And approach the topic at hand with my own Toxic / Sarcastic manner as described in the developers final note to me. The last Discord message I will ever be able to send to Nin-General chat was as follows: "Making Lightning feast work like rest of the homings would be too reasonable". We finally have their attention.. We are Lightning-users. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. Minus a large variety of people that already reset because it is THAT bad. Truly yours, one and only Light
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    It'd be cool if the hotsprings were so relaxing that you healed faster. Maybe not by much, but faster. I dunno if you've ever been to a hotsprings IRL, but that shit's therapeutic It's an advantage to leaf to be sure. And sand and missings would therefor be put at a disadvantage, but this might set up future locations in-game of this sort. Example could be walking into a dojo in the hidden mist village buffs your strength by a bit if you "train" long enough before a mission.
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    I couldn't ask for a better village. I hope you all keep having fun and thank you, it was truly a pleasure.
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    As time passes by, everything changes, and with that it's time for new faces to shine. Today is the last day of the 3rd Leaf Village Council ( @Caio Mirana, @Ishyn Sasayaki, @Hawt ). As a councilman of the 3rd Hokage, it was an honor to serve him and the leaf village. I’m sure the other council members can say the same. We had an amazing time working for the benefit of our villagers and our great democracy. We would like to thank the Leaf Villagers for being patient with us, believing in our potential and working with us to build the great village we have today. On behalf of the 3rd Council, I would like to congratulate @Deathmall Sasayaki for completing his cycle as a hokage, and for being the most beloved Hokage we had so far. With that, the 3rd Leaf Village Council says goodbye and may our village continue to prosper, as our terms end, and the torch gets passed down to the new Council Members and the new Hokage. Best Regards, The Hidden Leaf's Third Council™.
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    Great Ninja war The war between the hidden leaf and the hidden sand was always be since the existence of NInO. we kill each other again and again we hate each other and the hate chain will never be broken. The battles are more and more bloody the power of the hidden sand sometimes overthrow the leaf ninjas. And sometimes leaf Ninja dominate the hidden sand. No one can tell who is the best, Leaf ninja think they are best and sand ninja think they are the best. The akatsuki think they are legends and old yoru members think no org will be as powerful as they were. Everyone think he is the best and the fight never end even if sometimes we make some peace treaties but too much hate we can’t control ourselves and we just broke them and start killing each other again. We raid everyday and it doesn’t really matter but since i’m in the world of NInO i’ve been searching toward the forum or others things related to us and i never really found a great battle stocked in the memories of NinO where our new Ninja can see how talented the ancient were. The only one i’ve found was made by @Light So what i suggest !? I suggest that we have organized battles between villages for example we could have a battle at the bounty station where both village will bring their ninjas and each battle may be led by a jonin this will give the kage and the council an idea of the jonin in term of leading battles and maybe this will help to choose next kage the fight will be recorded and stocked somewhere in the forum and NinO will have some nice memories for our future players. Peace.
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    Sand Military Police Building added!
  29. 9 likes
    Many of us spend grueling hours trying to grind for mob drops. I feel like adding a 5$ Drop Rate Blessing for people to buy for the entire server would be effective in helping players farm for drops faster obviously, and bring in more money for the developers. Nothing bad can come from this. It's not even P2W either because EVERYONE is experiencing the same benefit at the expense of one person's wallet.
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    @Jessica weren't you banned from sand? And continually asking to be pardoned back into the village? Must have forgot about that with all this excitement going on. Secondly, @Lord Jashin in the future please report this to me directly rather than a forum post. This is something I can handle in game
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    Being on top of the Food chain, many Birds of Prey find it advantageous to hunt in groups. In the Sashiba clan our Shinobi know that our survival is based on our ability to maintain the hunt. Another reason Birds of Prey stay together is to maintain our family unit. The nomadic Tribes of the Sashiba clan are eager not to puff their chests in battle, but to move with Purpose and only with purpose. In the past many of the Sashiba clan were nomads of the desert, Some Settled in the Village hidden in the Sand. Those who have over time called the Sand village their home have brought their culture and traditions there. Many of the trinkets, customs and even foods have become part of Sand Village life over time. When the Clans Founder TetsuHawk first settled in the Sand village, he never realized just how many of his own long lost relatives he would meet in the village. Communal hunting is not the only thing Sashiba are known for however...at the peril of those doubters, who all have fallen many have been layed to waste as Carrion for Scavangers. So what role will YOU play Young Ninja of the Sand village? Join a clan of ninja fiercely Dedicated to the prosperity of the Sand village! Sashiba clan(Sa-Shiba) Abilities Doujutsu: Base Torigan: 10% movement speed increase Living things focused on in the gaze are lightly coated in a warm glowing aura around them only the user can see,even when obstructed by objects or terrain. Doujutsu: Torigan stage 2: 10% movement speed increase Aura view on living things 2 second slow on attacked opponent Doujutsu: Torigan stage 3: 15% movement speed increase Aura View on living things. Attacked enemy leaves glowing trail 2 second slow on attacked opponent 1 second slow on enemy approach(standing still) Stun Enemy target on every 7th Shuriken thrown The requirements for being in the clan currently are 1. Be from Sand village. 2. Be loyal to Sand Village 3. Enjoy duels, Rp and Pvp Sashiba Clan members 1. Founder: TetsuHawk Sashiba 2. Shaman: Pawn Sashiba 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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    Fix DoTs apply on self target. Engine now supports offset hitboxes for bosses. Jutsus can now require a village target such as a Leaf Ninja. Eye change has been added to engine for future cosmetic item.
  33. 9 likes
    We're removing /fps next patch. You caught us.
  34. 9 likes
    Make it activate a 1 second global cooldown upon use because there are a lot of overpowered stuff you can pull off with flicker that take absolutely 0 skill to use. I can get free combos off of flicker, people can flicker->firewall/earth spikes which goes through subs. There is no way to defend against this and I don't even have to aim.
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    I would like some guaranted Ryo reward for killing bosses. Guren and Gafuki have something like this but they have slower respawn that's why they drop guaranted 200-250 Ryo. I think bandits bosses should have something similar to it but with reward 5-10 Ryo. I played many MMOs and there were always some drops, even some little Ryo can be enough for players not to feel like shit after grinding 5 hours and not dropping anything. Only thing I gained from doing bosses is disappointment and depression(joke, had it before )
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    Leaf and sand circle each other with murderous intent... A brawl is surely brewing Akatsuki arrives in fashion @Atrane engages the enemy with fire style ninjutsu... a ferocious barrage Lord 6th Kazekage @TetsuHawk cripples enemy combatants with lightning style while @Lumy Vongola cheers him on @mav lookin fly af while @Roodraak Kuraen searches for enemy combatants behind enemy lines @Tresmorne Toitsu takes one for the team while @Yamikami uses his shady hit and run tactics to turn the tide of battle! The lowbies enter the fray A united missing army (4 guys) enter the battle to pick off whoever is left A faction has secured victory! A monumental and triumphant feat that will go down in nin history! At the end of the day, we're still friends! Just kidding, the losers are gonna be salty as hell and discord will be lit af
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    I think yall already know about it. My fav rapper xxxtentacion got killed while he was buying stuff to do a charity event in florida I also heard that a white boy killed his entire family this morning cuz of x's death. If u got a friend that is fan of x pls try to talk to him/her and calm this down Pray for x and like this post. Rest in Paradise xxxtentacion.
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    Dear Ninja, Manda's Lair only allows one team of up to 4 ninja to enter at once. All ninja must be level 30-40. Find a team with a good strategy and challenge Manda in the deepest corner of the Abandoned Lair, past all the mazes. Once you enter, you'll be greeted by Manda, who spits poison into the air and sends his spawn out at you in all directions. Manda has a 10% chance of dropping a new, rare sword or cosmetic. Fight amongst yourselves who keeps it! This has been something that I've been working on, on and off, for a very long time. It's the culmination of a bunch of very big features combined into one that has allowed for me to create this. I'll be talking about the features that have been added to the engine over the past year that has allowed for us to finally do our first team boss fight in a development log soon! But for now, enjoy! Regards, Rory
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    This jutsu is one of my favorite and inspired me to picked Fan mastery after i reset, and then i realize that im the only one pure str fan (not alt) in this game. Lets talk about this jutsu This jutsu is one of the coolest jutsu imo and it could be core jutsu for Str fan mastery but unfortunately the self stun of this jutsu is too long. It is 1.5s self stun with 20s cd and 26 base damage You can't even use this to grind because it is not worth to do small damage and get attacked by mobs once you use it My suggestion is simple -Reduce self stun to 0.5s - 1s Reason: To make this jutsu viable in actual fight and pve since it deal very low damage(low base damage and low scaling of str) and has high cd
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    Added Ninja Tool shop in between Sand village, Leaf village & Takumi village.
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    Akatsuki is organization not village, every change is done inside. Normal people don't need to know what's happening and if you will brag about not changing members they do. If you want informations go tell kage to send his Intel find some. Be useful and start playing as ninja not a God.
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    Oh come on, you can get to lvl 10 in like few hours, there should be at least 20 cos only grown up should be allowed to vote
  43. 7 likes
    I feel that after a kage steps down, they should receive silver due to the time and work they put into running the village.
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    Welcome. Hello, My name is Ashir but in game i'm known as Ashido Hiruzen. I've been broadcasting my work and would like to display what I do aswell as assist the community with a better quality of art. Profiles can be a bother so if you wish to have something that remotely relates to your character feel free to make a request here, i'll send or post it within the thread or send it directly to your email. If you wish to contact me please feel free to use the resource Nin Online has provided via message. If not i'm mostly on discord. Thank you for reading this message and welcome to the shop of the Hiruzen Clan. GRAPHIC PRICES!!!!!! Full Body Roleplay Characters: 7k Ryo - 10 Dollars Profile Pictures: 3k Ryo - 5 Dollars Personal Tabs/Dividers: 2.5k Ryo - 3 Dollars Name Tags/Clan Tags: 4k Ryo - 4 Dollars Deluxe Package [Consisting of all the above is negotionable] Roleplay Characters Example: Roleplay Characters are seemingly enough scarce and are hard to find, I've a team of line artist that make looking just a little easier. We're great at not only re coloring characters but crafting and making original shinobi just for you! Please take the time to browse through this section to view a few of my personal works. Profile Pictures Examples: Personal Tabs/Dividers: Name Tags/Clan Tags: Deluxe Packaging!!!!!! Discord: Ashido #3022 Nin-Online Acc: Ashido Hiruzen Email: BrownAshido@Gmail.com
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    This coming from a former "Community manager". There's an old saying my grandad told me once that goes "The guilty dog howls the loudest"
  46. 7 likes
    That's the whole point. For the people who reset earlier, they were testing out and forming the new meta. The next one is given out for a second attempt at that with more idea on what works now. If you stocked up two now that would defeat the purpose. It's exactly how I want it to work and all our stat reset events will work if ever done.
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    The Council Member Elections has ended! The new Leaf village council will be @Leevi Sasayaki @Atrane @Arashi They will discuss and come up with a candidate for Hokage as soon as possible. Thank you for participating @Fritzo!
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    I like the new changes, the fights are better, it balances the PvPs, now landing a combo has less influence during a fight. But healing is now ''OP'', we should decreased the hp we're getting from healing. I have fought many medics and now they're not trying to avoid jutsus as much (as before) while being selfhealed, it doesnt really bother them since they will still have a good amount of hp. Our damages got decreased, healing should too. EDIT : Sorry for my bad english. Hope you guys understand what I am trying to say.
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    Fixed Saita saying Hokage instead of Kazekage in Academy Scrolls daily mission.
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    Thank you for great mass murders @Deathmall Sasayaki and @TetsuHawk