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    We need to bring this topic back to light. With what i have heard the game is going good and im looking forward to closed access. I feel the things lacking in game is one jutsu's and two villages. I was wondering what is going to be the next one and will we be able to pick which village we want to go to and if we do what are the benefits. For example if i join the village hidden in the stone do i get a buff in earth style jutsu's or leaf giving fire buff and so on. I think the next village should be the sand village and it should buff in earth style moves. what do you think?
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    Hey y'all I'm ValyrianIce, Ice if you prefer, (Or WolfMunster, that is a older name of mine). A little about me: I am currently in college I am a girl If you can't tell from "y'all", I was born and raised in the Deep South (Alabama) I have actively watched/read Naruto since it first premiered on Cartoon Network way-back-when I just happened to stumble upon the site and was blown away by the uniqueness of this game. I've finished the Naruto Manga and have already begun to miss it, so I am looking for way to continue exploring the Naruto universe. I think that is it... I can't wait to play the game when it opens!
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    If that were the case, I think that Sand village should boost wind element jutsu's.