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    Weapon Master Int path (Bukijutsu) is currently have huge problem with Ammo, i was thinking about how Tenten use it in her battles and remember the Fūinjutsu Scrolls.. What i suggest is simple: Go to the Weapon shop with blank scroll and create Fūinjutsu Scrolls. once you run out of ammo during farm "use" the Fūinjutsu Scroll for pack of 100 or 200 (one time use), either Kunai, Shuriken, Tag or Senbon.. how you know what you get from the scroll?, i got few idea in mind but i think this will fit the best. you just choose what the scroll will contain > and only god know what other tools will be add in the future, like Makibishi or Flash Bomb, Smoke bomb or the Kunai Grenade or even bear trap for the lvl 30 jutsu. so for way down the road this system like the jutsu scroll system will have the RNG. 100% for low level tools (Kunai, Shuriken, Tag or Senbon). - pack of 100 or 200. 75% for mid level tools (Makibishi, Bear trap or Kunai Grenade). pack of 50 or 100. and 35% for high level tools (Flash Bomb, Smoke bomb, etc..) pack of 5 or 10. we will have to find the right balance for it, but this is what beta is for Note: if you like to counter people from abuse it for money, (blank scroll > transform > Fūinjutsu Scroll > Ammo > sell > Ryo..) make the ammo worth 0 in the shop. or make blank scroll worth 100 ryo at the store also see suggestion over the WM int and the discussion that follow about ammo issue.. ***i'd like to hear what you guys think about this. and ill put a poll above to see how many people on board for this idea.
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    Things moving a little slow due to Seth getting adjusted at a new school and me celebrating Lunar New Year! Sorry for the lack of updates
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    i spoke to @Rory about this few days ago, and he said the base damage is gonna be much lower then other jutsus for other masteries. average base damage for jutsu is about 25-30. str path will be 7-12. if that's still to high they gonna lower it even further, i told rory, str path need the effects of the jutsu more then the damage itself and he agree.. don't forget you need level 20 sword that cost 5k and 70 str to hit 50 with basic attack, you sacrifice a lot from Fort to hit just 50. also, no need to worry so much ill give detailed feedback to find the right balance, even if it's mean big nerf for my own mastery..
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