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    Leaf's Medical Elite Division. @Senketsu @XXXRUMAKI @Nitche (Combat Force) @mav @Fritzo (Support Squad) @Caio Mirana (Leader)
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    Let's Drink Some Tea! Pirates in the photo: @Dona, @Deviax Adenium, @Ketsueki Akoosh , @Lumy Vongola, @Nomady Hozuki, @Mylu Vongola
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    Added more Danger Zones. Now only Villages and starting areas are Safe Zones. Fixed missing blocks on several maps.
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    Fuksuki Gang @Michael Toitsu @Atrane @Jellal Kuraen @Roodraak Kuraen @FR3D Lucha @Biggie Suwa @ParagonRyan @Creamy @Senpai (SS was took a long time ago)
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    Snow Field maps now use new Additive/Subtractive rendering mode to give bright effect instead of normal rendering. Giving a more vibrant and less washed out look! Added Bee Hives that drop Honey Combs. Added Bee Infestation and Hornet Infestation daily missions! Fixed Takumi River being an indoor map.
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    Added additive and subtractive rendering for many parts of the game engine. This will allow us to apply fancy effects such as what the light uses currently. Fix donator color when relog for Server Bless. Add 250ms duration to base animation and spells. This is to prevent animations from not playing if your ping is low.