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    Sup everyone. Imo Leaf need some improvements. I'm not always agreed with how Leaf's doing, so i'm gonna be the hater who will count what needs to be changed in our village: 1. I wonder who's buddy u need to be to join ANBU... That's only example, but the point is: the Leaf ninjas are not equal. I don't mean ranks. Imo there is some group of appreciated and respected ninja, and the others, who will never join them. I'm not saying that everyone should like everyone, but that's not okay when someone have less chance to join leaf organization, just because the boss of that org don't like him. 2. I'd like to see more events. Even mini events, like RP stuff Godric and Fred did. That would help improve the connection between ninja and village. 3. We have some organizations, who isn't seem to doing anything, like ANBU (lol, i guess it's a bad example cause they just working like that, but that's my feel) or Council. I've heard we have Police Force, but i've never met any members of it... 4. Leaf shouldn't continue the war. It makes lvling harder. I'm not saying that we should show a white flag, but continuing the war with sandies/missings is tiring. Ofc, we have some clans that hates everyone who aren't from Leaf (Kuraen, Suwa). Wilkor, Sour, think about it. 5. Teams of 3 genins and chuunin is a good idea. I'd like to see teamworking of these teams. That's just my thoughts about Leaf as a village. I know that not everyone will agree with all of them. Let's talk about it guys. (and rly sorry. I'm always saying that my english is bad)
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    About: The Mirana clan is praised as the most noble clan within the Hidden Leaf Village. Its shinobi consist of individuals genetically bred for the art of war. It is in thisthey have gained their rightful respect on the battlefield as some of the most formidable ninja in the world. While Mirana clan members stand as the standard of what a prodigious shinobi is capable of, very few are aware of the intense methods of training these shinobi deal with behind closed doors. Members must work hard and show greatness or be disowned, for nothing but the absolute best is accepted within the walls of the noble Mirana clan. The Mirana clan is one of the oldest active clans in the land and has held its title of being the strongest clan in the Leaf village despite it's small size. Mirana shinobi are typically built to manipulate the water element given the fact their bodies have a high tolerance to exposure to this substance both internally and externally, thus making it easier to comprehend how to mend this physical nature when exposed to them. They are said to posses immense amounts of determination to practice combat and pose as an enemy's worst nightmare on the battlefield. Clan Type: PvP Inspiration/Motivation: The Senju and Uzumaki clans of Naruto Founder and Origins: @Aghila Mirana - Aghila Mirana is Ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village. - Was a captain when the Anbu was first created. - He's the or one the strongest ninja that has ever lived in the Nin world and is known a God. - Joined the Akatsuki on a really high level mission to get Intel and important information about the Organization. - Served The 3rd Hokage @Deathmall Sasayaki secretly on high level missions. Aghila is an orphan from Hidden Leaf Village. His mother was from the Uzumaki clan and passed during his childbirth. His father, from the Senju clan, was a Leaf hero who died saving the village during the 1st Great War. Aghila was a genius in the Academy like his father and was considered a Jonin-tier shinobi at age 10. He mastered Sage mode at the age of 14 with the help of the massive amount of chakra he inherited from his father's side. Aghila became the first Captain of the Leaf ANBU at age 18 when it was created. He laid the foundation for how the ANBU cooperate and work together which was insturmental during the 3rd Great War. As Aghila grew older, he wanted to become stronger and master all ninjutsu, "but what's the point of becoming the strongest and mastering all jutsus if you're going to die anyway?" He experimented with immortality which he achieved at the age of 35. After the 3rd Great War ended, he traveled across the world to search for and restore the Senju and Uzumaki clans, but he was unable to find any remaining members. This is when he decided to form his own clan and named it the Mirana clan. It grew large and powerful, but many of the members died heroically during the 4th Great War. Many of the members scattered throughout the world, and it is now Aghila's goal to search for the remaining members of the clan and unite them again in the Leaf village. Requirements to join: The Mirana clan has strict requirements to join because it is meant to be filled with Loyal and feared shinobi. Members must: Be level 35 or over Name change to _____ Mirana Show skill in combat to Mirana clan members and determination to improve Application form: Name: Mastery or Masteries: Level: Reason to join: Bio relating to the Mirana clan: Affiliated: Founder: @Aghila Mirana Leader: @Aghila Mirana Co-Leader: @Shotoho Mirana WarLords: @Caio Mirana @Aramos Mirana @Kalibutan Mirana Warriors: @Nitche Mirana @Feinz Mirana @Jarko Mirana @Ursa Mirana @Gankuu Mirana @Soul Mirana @Senshi Mirana @Soul Mirana Trainees: @Aramis Mirana @Kaziro Mirana @Dayum Mirana Members:
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    August 2018 PromotionsLeaf VillageChunin: @Aramos Mirana @Zuh Jonin: @Persona Kurama Specialized Jonin: @Corgee SasayakiSand Village Chunin: @Bolan @Jun Suneku Jonin: @Sashiba Dyan
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    Name: Kaziro Mirana Mastery or Masteries: Pure Tai/ Gf Level: 38 Reason to join: My reason for joining the Mirana clan is so I myself can grow stronger as a Hidden Leaf Ninja through fighting those who are stronger than me so I can later utilize the strength I have obtained to protect the people of the Hidden Leaf Village against foes such as, Rogue Ninja’s, as well as Sand Ninja’s. I as a person who sincerely loves the Hidden Leaf Village wants to do what is best for the Hidden Leaf Village and what is best for the Hidden Leaf Village is protection against powerful foes who pose a threat. That way, low levels in the Hidden Leaf Village will feel more encouraged and reassured that the Hidden Leaf Village is a good place to stick with on Nin Online. Bio relating to the Mirana clan: Kaziro who had been born and raised a completely oblivious child with no recognition of what clan he had been born in, as well as his family, caused the child to become immensely skeptical at some point in his life. However, all of that curiosity and skepticalness would be put to rest once Kaziro reached the age of seven. Upon turning the age of seven, Kaziro would hear about a clan that had been said to be one of the most powerful yet noble clans ever to exist in the Hidden Leaf Village. This clan would be known as the Mirana clan and quite frankly, this clan, in particular, would spark a source of interest and dream into the seven-year-old kid’s mind. As Kaziro grew older and older, he continued to watch as the Mirana clan would bask in its own glory battle after battle. Eventually, once Kaziro had reached the the tender age of ten years old, he had already made up his mind and had decided that he would aim towards getting into the Mirana clan, which had essentially meant that from there on out, Kaziro would have to work ten times harder than his peers at the academy. When the time came, Kaziro would finally turn twelve years old and would now become a Genin. Becoming a Genin finally after Kaziro’s hard work would essentially act as a drive towards making his dream of joining the Mirana clan into a reality he could finally grasp with his own hands.