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    For some time I have been thinking, what if the kages every day gave a mission of Rp to each Chunin, Jonin and Specialist Jonin from the village? These missions would be something like: Caring for specific places near the village This would decrease the hunting of lowies in the villages and we would take measures against the raids could be faster It would be a great help if the villages have a guardian all the time there are many chunin and superiors in leaf boys if we assign them At least 1 hour to each person per day we could realize this idea Help new players Many people stop playing before they are lvl30 and leave the game because there is no one to help them or explain to them what life is like in the village and its missions. Now is when you tell me that in the wiki is everything that They need to know, but not all people will lose game time reading the things they have to do on the wiki, would be much easier the method that i recommend. It should be noted that I give many thanks to the people who took their time to fill the wiki of all this information, they helped me a lot when i was just starting to play and i'm eternally grateful Murders I know many of us are not made to be a guardian and take care of new players or take care of a place and be serious it's a waste of their ninja skills to have them perform tasks like the ones before, that's why this assassination task is i would assign the people who are good at this, so we would have more fun and not just work Train Genin Okay they will think that we will be raising some worthless genin by giving them so many comforts, for that reason if each genin is trained would be of great benefit to each village since they will have teachers to teach them how to survive in a time of danger and how to defend themselves Besides this it would be good for each Chunin and superiors the Kage to assign a fixed team of 3 Genin to help them with these missions I think it would give more life Rp to the game The teams would be assigned depending on the time zone of each player The hours of guard would be assigned to each player or team of 4 people "3 genin and 1 Chunin or higher" depending also of their time zone and their availability, they would choose at least 1 hour per week to take care of the assigned area Now they will think What do we gain by doing this? Simple with every mission that is done would have a good reward boys and for that we would need all the support of GM they would be responsible for giving each kage a good amount of ryos or good objects whether they are clothes weapons or tools for that this reward to each team that has realized its mission of the day Regarding guard missions, I know it could be a bit boring for a lot but remember YOU ARE A SHINOBI and it's your job watch over the good of your village no matter if you get bored or not. They will tell me what. "Everyone will take advantage of this to make millionaires but so that each team can claim this reward must have proof that his mission has been a success could be with an SS Well guys this is a simple idea of one more member of the community, I hope your opinions and thanks for taking your time to read me. I hope you get your Nindo Sorry my bad english
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    Updated Health/Chakra/Cast bars to be slightly translucent in the center. 10% less intrusive. PS: Good news everyone! The server has been stable without crashes for 90 hours!
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    I think Missing Ranks should be made to work differently. It should rank based on the amount of kills rather than ranking based on bounty. Instead of taking 1500 bounty for S-Rank it should take 1500 kills to get it this way. This way your rank can stay and it allows for stuff exclusive to S-Rank ninja. Exclusive missions, clothing or other benefits. In addition bounty gained should scale with rank: D-Rank 1x bounty per kill, C-Rank 1.25x bounty per kill, B-Rank 1.5x bounty per kill, A-Rank 1.75x bounty per kill, S-Rank 2x bounty per kill. This way killing a lvl 50 player as an S-Rank ninja would increase your bounty by 100 instead of 50 like it does now. Missing Ninja ranks should have more meaning to them since some people like playing without a village...
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    Thanks everyone! Doesn't deserve a whole dev log for this, but we've most likely indentified the cause of the Connection Lost error that causes you to not be able to login for a long time. It should be fixed within the next few days. Also, we know about Flicker and Flicker-type jutsu not teleporting you behind the player instead of the front if the front is blocked. Will be fixed together as well! We just want to keep the server online to see how long it can go, if it goes beyond a week, we can conclude that it's truly stable!
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    You have to understand that at the end of the day it is a game. People don't have the patience or will to stand guard, just screen-watching and doing nothing else. The game doesn't offer players with anything for screen-watching. People login to PvP or do missions (if they're not level 50). It just simply wouldn't work without heavy rewards from Kage's side, even then people would most likely just afk like they do on Guard Duty missions. This is something the game has to reward people for else it wouldn't work. Many people stop playing because they find the grind too hard and daily missions not rewarding enough. The game mechanics aren't difficult to understand that people need their hand held until they're over level 20-30. If players are asking for help, whether with missions or general questions, it's up to the villagers online to help them out. But as you may very well know, Jero, the game is pretty much dead during certain timezone because majority of the playerbase is from NA and Europe. If there are no people online to help, players cannot do anything about it, wiki would be the next best option to look for help. If something like this was implemented, Kages would have a better way to help people in the village by adding short tutorials or description about the most common missions new players ask about. This was attempted during Deathmall's time as Hokage but wasn't fruitful. Again, it's a game and people login when they have free time or when they feel like playing. Getting people online at the same time even if they're from the same timezone is not as easy as it sounds. This just doesn't happen. If it were to happen, you'd have even more people complaining about Kages giving out those rewards to their friends or people who don't deserve, whether true or not. Staff is very well aware of this and that's why Kages are not even given Event Coupons to give out as rewards during village events. Regarding RP missions to be conducted by ranked ninja, it's a whole different topic. A good RP missions takes a minimum of 30-40 minutes to conduct. If people are not being rewarded for it, they won't do it. Even people that ask for RP missions, if the missions didn't exist to give people exp, they wouldn't want to do it. So, it's harsh to blame ranked ninja for not conducting RP missions. It's easy to say that you would host lots of RP missions when you're Chunin, but when you actually attain the rank and power to host RP missions you realize it's exhausting and not rewarding enough. Ishyn tried to pay Chunins ryo for conducting most RP missions in a month, but again, it didn't work out because at the end of the day he would have to be paying out of his own pocket and without a system of taxes set up, personal ryo runs dry very soon. Most players aren't playing the game for its RP aspect, they are playing for its PvP. Without help from the staff RP missions will continue being held at the same rate they are being done at now.
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    These mobs can flicker, knockback with their normal attack, do 200 damage with a jutsu that goes through sub, and has the ability to stunlock you with genjutsu. I think that is quite overkill. This is really annoying especially at the level 30-40 range where you spend a lot of time fighting them.
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    I have to say I did not expect to see these well thought out responses towards this topic (my experience from reading other topics). You all have positive and well thought out ideas. For some reason, this seems to me like the same exact conversation from a year ago. It is true practically all these ideas have been tried out before, and to me it was obvious that RP missions would not function as properly if there is no reward involved, putting to the side the occasional community service of hosting some RPs out of good will, many just see the purpose of hosting these missions to obtain Jonin. RP missions also heavily depend on activity, there are times when there are not enough people around to even host the mission. And not enough motivation for Chunins to even host the mission. It is very important to remember that the Chunin Rank is something to be determined in the exam itself it is how Rory wants it to be so what is done prior and post does not matter. His definition of the ranks is definitive and something he did not like to be challenged on. Some of the MMO aspects very much interfere with the idea of full RP. Nonetheless, we work with what is at hand, I remember stating and leaving blueprints of an economic system behind because I was aware an economic system will not come by anytime soon. Incorporation of village fees (Council fee, Chunin Exam Fee, etc..) in the future should be deposited into the village treasury, for RP purposes I believe distribution done by the Leaf Governing Administration is most appropriate RP-wise, so duties would include rewards (It was a given that a distribution of payment from Leaf Treasury would not work if there's no consistent income coming in..). But it was clear and confirmed by Rory that taxes will be a thing. The idea of organizing the masses and scheduling missions or forming teams only managed to work when Chunin Exam was involved or something that included some sort of reward (which is also something I experimented with). Everything else like preparation for the exam with designed and well thought out teams did not work as much as I hoped for it too. That's because you need a strong purpose and something achievable for people to care for it, it was something we knew wouldn't function properly but it did not hurt to test it out to see the results. My assistant @Kuraen Wilkor and I spent a lot of time and took a lot of suggestions from many people when creating these teams. As for incorporation of ranks and RP roles that's definitely something that is being worked on as I can see currently as well. But it is very important to remember that the Chunin rank is only based on your performance in the Chunin Exam, it is how Rory wants it to be and I believe he would never challenge that idea. And it is not to be a removable rank. RP is not too successful because the MMO/OOC aspects currently are very much interfering/overtaking, meaning full-complete RP (some call it hardcore RP) will never be achieved. The reason I state that is because it's misleading to advertise this game as RP, there is just bits and pieces once in a blue moon it is not consistent. Nonetheless the ideas mentioned are definitely encouraged, I'm sure you've seen the waves of leaf ninjas login and help defend and protect the village, along with many others providing aid for those in need of help, that aspect is optional and you cannot be forced to do that but definitely encouraged to and considered for on RP roles/promotion (Jonin). On those circumstances, I believe some ranks (Jonin) and obviously, roles should maintain their duty as well set an example for the rest. On that note, I love how RP is being brought up more via forums, this is good, we all wish for RP improvement.
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    If a ranked shinobi does not have the will to do it then why do they deserve to have a rank in the first place. You may earn your stripes but you should also put in effort to keep them. I believe it is not only up to developers or mods to create in-game content. Everyone has to put effort and try to make the game more appealing to the old and especially new players.
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    So from what I know, the kekkei genkais and advanced masteries are each getting 3 jutsus, but doesnt that mean that kekkei genkai users gonna have a lot more jutsus in total? I mean fire + fire would get 3 additional jutsus, while a fire + water would have 3 kekkei genkai jutsus and the water jutsus too. Are the advanced masteries getting more jutsus in the future? If not, you could also let users have advanced masteries, while having two different masteries. So at the cap we could then decide wether we want to actually get kekkei genkais or advance in one of the two masteries. Would also make the mastery combinations that dont have kekkei genkais more usefull instead of forcing ppl to create their character according to the viable combinations.
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    From my personal experience what @Deathmall Sasayaki tried to achieve was something that a lot of players expected or wanted to experience when thinking of a Naruto game. It is what I sought at first during Shirou's time but was dumbfound when I realized that the system was not used. To me it just appears that if there's not an inbuilt system for these things then people won't seek to do them by themselves. While I am more known to be a criminal or the greatest evil known to Leaf (rip my hope of pardon) I do jump on my Leaf account from time to time and the image I see is repetitive, a lower level asks for help and higher levels simply ignore them, why? Because they don't gain anything from it. Which is why it is to my belief as I said previously, you might earn your stripes but you should put effort in to keep them. There should be certain criteria of a point system of some sort to maintain a certain rank + accumulate points for promotion, if desired. If not done so, you should simply get demoted. Games like these are meant for people to interact with each other.
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    To make it even for a ninja that is part of a village, killing a S rank should give some good amounts too
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    Lmao, guess you never been in sand then. Yea there's is toxicity, yea sand isn't active like leaf village, but the people in sand showing way more love than the leafies. The toxicity in leaf is something else. I keep seeing lowbies asking for help and no one helps them, while in sand, we have less players and everyone helping the people that needs help. You can't just throw things to the air to look smart, doesn't work like that.
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    You shouldn’t try to get a rank if you’re not ready to respect the duty that comes with it.
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    Idea is good, but also requires some work. Too much for kages to deal with, i think these missions should be carried out every week, so ppl focus on their tasks during 1 week period and then the shift will change. Also Council and ppl right under Kage should be able to assist him with that. Good idea would be for Kages to prepare some kind of a Round Graph. Appoint people to certain groups and areas(tasks) and after a week, certain groups move into another task(like ina clock). So its somehow being managed automatically, and the only work kage would have to do is to assign those groups. @Jero good idea overall ^^
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    If true it's still better than pass writen exam to get chunin in Sand
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    my is windows defender
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    @Lumy What other way would you recommend to obtain the ryos and pay each team for their work? @Marise Miraju @Kuraen MacDom In part you are right, but it would not be obligatory for each Chunin or superiors along with his team of Genin, Who does not want to do it will not do it alone that does not collect his salary. So we will see the commitment of each Chunin and if it deserves to be acceded to Jonin @Kuraen Wilkor Brother, this comment has nothing to do with this topic, please be thankful not to initiate an argument between villages unnecessarily I would like the current Kages and their council to give their opinion on this idea @Fritzo @Dyan Sashiba You guys also mention in this pulicacion those who believe they could contribute so that this idea can be effectively realized
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    I had a same problem with windows defender.
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    Please post your antivirus you use that has problems with the game. If someone else has already posted the same one, please like their post.
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    yeah i see when he walking on the water!!!! oh wait...
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    It's not a bug, it is meant to affect their power. So by doing that mission you hinder the Leafs manpower whilst increasing Sands manpower. It is a point system, so you are basically making them lose points whilst gaining points for your village. I hope that made sense, I am not very good at explaining these things XD It is that way for most missions that have something to do with the rivalling village.
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    Most of the chunnins/jonins not suppose to even get these ranks. But that's how it is.
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    Sounds abusable. Easy ryo if you have alts/friends that have missing alt with a high kill count. But it does sound nice
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    Forcing people? Are you kidding me? Why you're a chunin then? Ranks should be given to those who are more willing to put an effort into the game, to make it better. That's why RP is dead in this game. It only takes a little of your time, but even then you're lazy. Jero gave an excellent idea on how to change things and how to improve the game, yet chunins like you, who are supposed to carry out their duties are lazy to do their tasks and think they're being forced to do it. If you don't enjoy it, give your rank to someone else who will do a better job. At this point, ranks are useless, they're just there to make you look good.
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    @Camosabe We'll see how you feel in a few months. Love quickly turn into hate in the leaf.
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    i think they don't need a nerf. It's just harder for like Tai users ( agi ) and Weapon Users ( str ) its easy to solo when your a element.
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    Glad the issue is resolved. Glad yall took the time out of your everyday lives to no life in finding the issue. I Jun may have to make a rap about the hard work and dedication. Even though Mist and advanced masteries aren't coming I know some other things that are coming before the year ends; Hopefully summons and a change in pvp things in general. None the less keep up the hardwork. I can gladly say I've been a Nin Onliner and a Nin Rapper for 2 years/ 1 year now :P.