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    Hidden Leaf's Holiday Event Sasayaki This event will take place on the following date: December 29. There'll be three stages: First Stage: The Roll - 12:00 PM EST Winners: Kimuta - Veiled Sakkat Raiju - Blind Monk Robe Arubaro - Poncho Roei - Seji No Hani Charky - 5$ Nin Credit Second Stage: Korean Style Team PvP - 1:00 PM EST Team #2 Victorious (10-11 members) Each 1k Ryo MVPS: Team 1 - Dairuto (10$ Nin Credit) & Team 2 - Josh Suwa (10$ Nin Credit) Third Stage: 1v1 Tournament (Main Event) - 2:30 PM EST **Will be streamed on https://www.twitch.tv/deathmall** https://challonge.com/hzl2mjbd Rewards for 1v1 Tournament (May increase) #1 - Dairuto - 25$ + 5k Ryo + Veiled Sakkat + 25$ From Nalet #2 - Midnight Mirana - 15$ + 2.5k Ryo + Black Fan + 15$ From Nalet #3 - Heavy Mirana - 10$ + 1k Ryo + Gas Mask + 10$ From Nalet More event details will be posted and advertised before the event's date. Rewards will be definitive an hour before the event (if any changes they will not decrease only increase). (Example: Location/Rewards) We encourage all that are able to, to come on by and attend this event! We're placing a lot of effort on it hoping everyone will enjoy :). This event is also supported heavily by the Leaf's Administration. Also would like to thank all those who've decided to contribute to rewards/planning/facilitating the event. Sasayaki, Fritzo, Dayum Mirana, Midnight Mirana, Urso, & Nalet. Last but not least, we hope you all enjoy your holidays!
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    Level 20-30 Team Boss Kumoroi now available in Dark Clearing (located in Dark Forests)
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    Alright guys to keep this short, on behalf of nin online staff and you lovely community, im going to be doing an all day (or most of the day since im not going to be awake 24 hours) blessing starting at 1-2 pm est (or sooner if im on) on christmas day. It will go on until I fall asleep. Hope to see you guys there for the xmas event http://prntscr.com/lxsr7x (shows 12 but I will do more if im on )
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    Just make that only str wind users can wear fans.
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    Make shadow shuriken have a .5 or 1 second stun so you can land a jutsu or move out of the way after teleporting and not get melted.
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    No. *''Niti has left the server.''*
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    No. *''Marino has left the server.''*
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    No. *''Mael Kyra has left the server.''*
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    Lightning Squad Rise up @Shotoho Mirana @Deathmall Sasayaki @Kamakura Suwa @Vali @Atrane
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    This is a cool idea but that is literally Flying Raijin...
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    tfw i reset from water/lightning(since never resetting since launch) a couple weeks before lightning buff....
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    Get better internet.
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    Medic not supposed to win duels? Stop.
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    Increase the travel speed back and remove the teleport.