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    Hokage 1st: Rory 2nd: Shirou 3rd: Deathmall Sasayaki 4th: Ishyn Sasayaki 5th: Fritzo 6th: Kuraen Vali
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    Make a consumable hawk item you can buy from aviaries that allow you to send one message over village chat wherever you are. If they're expensive people will think twice before abusing them.
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    Order of the Golden Scrolls weekly RP Event The Order of the Golden Scrolls hosted a RP Event on February 8th (2pm - 4:30pm). Below are the mission reports from the event. Part 1: Welcome/Opening Ceremony Our event began outside the Leaf Academy. Ninja gathered in preparation for the event Once everyone was escorted inside the Academy, we started with out Ascension Ceremony. The Ascension Ceremony is where members of the Golden Scrolls become Masters who will go to lead events, run organization missions, and mentor Leaf ninja. Master of Fire: Hoseki Master of Water: Jiroubou Part 2: Lectures 1 & 2: Tai & Fire After the ceremony, Master @FR3D Lucha lead the lectures with his lecture on various taijutsu skills to include seismic dash, breaking kick, speed mirage, youthful spring, morning peacock, and whirlwind kick. After Master Fred, newly appointed Master Hoseki lead a class covering fire techniques such as triple phoenix, big flame bullet, great fireball, fire wall, combusting vortex, and dragon. Part 3: Banquet After the first two lectures, we exited the classroom to attend a lunch banquet prepared by the Masters. Part 4: Lectures 3 & Pop Quiz: Wind We finished our event with a lecture lead by guest speaker Dairuto which covered wind style jutsu including Wind Shuriken, Wind Scythe,Drilling Air Bullets,hurricane blade, and vacuum spheres. This concludes our mission report. The Order of the Golden Scrolls look forward to our event next week and are always looking for new recruits.
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    When you logout of Akatsuki's Cave now you respawn right outside. This is to prevent players who are no longer in the Neo-Akatsuki from staying inside if they're kicked while logged out inside the map. Fix to Manda's Lair - in the past, if you left the map right away after you killed Manda instead of waiting for the 30s timer to kick you out, the next time you entered, you would be kicked out. Temp fix for exploit that allowed players to see who is in an organization
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    Its really annoying when you get into a fight,get your opponent to low hp,and he runs into a group of mobs,just so you dont get the kill/bounty,it takes away all the risk besides BI for agressors who,lets say,show up at tigers and then use the warp field just so they can die to mobs,it happens all the time.You dont want newbies to get ambushed while fighting mobs i guess,but this solution is horrible. Alternative solution 1:If you die to mobs,the last player who attacked you gets the kill and bounty. Alternative solution 2:If you lose at least xx% of your hp to players before getting killed by mobs,the last player who attacked you,gets the kill and bounty.
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    I luv dis game!
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    This is a point that I would be willing to bend on if a large number of players want it. I like randoms in games, and it adds an element of surprise for me. I've also considered a crit system where it only crits if you're lower level than the other ninja. To close the gap between different level encounters. It also would keep things fair for the max level ninja, and most arena fights. It would be a way of forcing higher level ninja to "not underestimate" lower level ninja. But its just an idea and my original design for Nin Online included as little RNG in terms of combat so as to focus more on skill, but in recent years I've become increasingly convinced that some element of RNG would be fun.
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    Sexy no Jutsu exploit fixed. Summons won't attack friendly guards. Summons shouldn't attack friendly players. If PvP Mode is on, they will.
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    As a pvper, I must say that I wouldn't like to have such factors influencing the outcome of a fight, especially if I have no control over them. Predict a critical hit is needed. Being lucky in a fight shouldn't be a thing
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    When the damage scaling was nerfed high damage builds became a really bad option to go for in most cases. I think that a good way to make high damage builds worth it again would be to enable all jutsu to critically strike. The critical strike chance of each jutsu would take into account the main damage stat that the jutsu uses. So for example if a Water/Tai user with a 100 INT and 50 Agility uses Water Prison and Seismic Dash, Water Prison has 20% chance to critically strike and Seismic Dash has 10% chance to critically strike. This would mean critical strike chance was equal to 20% of the jutsu damage stat, with the final level cap supposedly being level 100, someone would have to put all 100 levels worth of stat points into their jutsu damage stat to get exactly 100% critical chance so I think the numbers I suggested are fair. I think this would be a good way to seperate assassin and tank builds. Low damage gets you higher health but low crit chance while high damage means lower health but higher critical chance allowing for a high risk high reward type of play.
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    Fun fact~! All INT WM jutsu already crit because they are listed as tool projectile like normal shuriken/senbon/kunai that do crit as well. (Something I have asked to change with traps, because once you reach max limit of tool projectile for example. You set 25 amount of tool projectile (explosive tag, bear trap) on the ground and after you do you cannot use other projectile jutsu like shadow shuriken etc.* Tags and Tool Projectile should be separated) Back to RNG. I come from Runescape, which is like RNG at its fullest and it was always fun to try out new and discover new tactics and builds to PvP in the wilderness. But I feel like NiN Online community would not appreciate the RNG fact to their PvP system (Even though we already have it) at first. But eventually get used to it because its not like your opponent will always crit you, no you will crit as well and when you do, it will always be fun and sort of element of surprise. Imagine a situation where you are about to die, enemy has 200 more hp left and that lucky crit saves you. But with that in mind, I feel like crits should be extremely rare based on NiN Online stats, fortitude is not that high, players can already burn through it with amount of offensive jutsu everyone has at 50. So if we take that in consideration, crits could become a bit of a too large change to make but the idea to allow lower level players to have crit % against higher levels, is amazing and would help out balance and maybe make the game feel more fun towards PvP without having to get 50 first.
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    Fixed Crescent Moon Beheading Technique being usable without holding a sword.
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    Nice idea. Or even a flare type item that you can shoot off and just vchats specific text. "Mikecw lights flare in Bears 1" something like that.
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    Suggestion: Add a message in map chat informing everyone present on the map when somebody dies with docs or parcels. Let the killer know that he has successfully prevented an enemy from returning stolen intel/war effort supplies back to his village. Bonus: Maybe give a tiny experience boost for killing an enemy with important documents/war supplies and or a flavor message for doing so. Adds to RP a little bit, which this game needs.
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    I agree with sparkZZ,RNG should be kept to a minimum in a pvp heavy mmo.Its bad enough already that you can miss with basic attacks or get deflected....
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    thanks for inviting me guys!
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    Fixed Poison Cloud Technique on both players and NPCs broken hitbox (NPCs were more broken) Fixed descriptions for Bounty type missions!
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    Welcome to the hinode clan,you two!
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    Thanks for letting me join the Hinode Clan. it is a great honor for me to be a member of this clan, i also dedicated my self to this clan and the leaf. I deserve it because of the personality, goals and to be a future kenjutsu user that i will become soon or later, so i will do my best to become a great friendly and loyalty member of the Hinode Clan. -Menma Hinode
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    Thank you very much for your kindness to let me join Hinode Clan. It is a great honor and pleasure for me to be a member of this clan. I will try my best to improve myself to support people with love and loyalty. -Hinata Hinode
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    RNG is fun for spectators, not players. There is nothing fun about losing to something you have absolutely no control over and having to wait for 10 minutes so you can play the game again. As long as world PVP isn't opt-out, RNG should be kept to an absolute minimum. I would go a step further and remove critical hits from tai melee and projectiles.
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    We're talking about RNG in pvp combat though
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    I wish sword attacks crit more
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    This was sooooo fun! Looking forward to the next one
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    hey Tameshi, this topic comes up by new players every couple of months. Last time I believe Seth tried to fix this and implement something like you recommended. I think it was more difficult to add then he had expected so he made some post comparing the technique of feeding yourself to bears as denying a creep in a moba. Its a good idea just thought you should have some further context on this particular topic.
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    Godric, you have earned my respect. This looks like a great RP event and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your posts, if they are anything like this one.
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    Im not saying get rid of BI,but if you use a bed while having BI,maybe it lasts 100 seconds less.It would make the world more immersive if people actually slept in those beds,instead of running out of the hospital right away like nothing happened.Even with 100 seconds less,it would still be enough of a punishment+players wont be able to move while using those beds,so its not always a good idea to use them.
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    Crits should indeed be removed
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    Hmm I am bad with luck , which leads me to being bad with RNG aswell but it still sounds kinda cool to me
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    How about making beds inside a hospital,speed up your recovery from a BI,while using them?Would give it a nice RP flavour